Ahsan The Golden Child & DJ 4 5 6 Intro, Dart Gun [prod. The Beatnikz], Cymarshall Law - Hold You Down (Freestyle), Luck of Lucien (Freestyle), Ride and Bump [prod. The Beatnikz], Cymarshall Law - Shut Ya Boodclaat (Freestyle), What Should He Do [prod T.A.S.K.], Box in Hand (Freestyle), Where the Fun Go [prod. The Beatnikz], Stay Cool [prod. The Beatnikz], Cymarshall Law - Buck 'em Down (Freestyle), Skit Slam - No Surrender [prod. Kemistry], Get Up Stand Up (Snippet) [prod. The Beatnikz], Lick Wounds [prod. The Beatnikz], French Connection [prod. Depor], Don't Ready [prod. The Beatnikz], Cymarshall Law & Hakim Green- Roll Light & Burn [prod. Scanz], US to UK [prod. JV], Skit Slam - Born to Rock [prod. Kemistry], Cymarshall Law - Dropping Bombs [prod. Marv], Turf War (ft. Reef The Lost Cauze) [prod. Mr. Joeker], Cymarshall Law - Say It (Freestyle), Skit Slam - Swell Feet [prod. Kemistry], Skit Slam - I'm Free [prod. Abnormal], Top of Our Game [prod. Mr. Joeker], We - [prod. Pry], Mr. and Mrs. Right (ft. Lola Maxwell & RATheMC) [prod. Mr. Joeker], Travel The World, ONI (ft. Nwabe) [prod. Nwabe]