The Youth Of America Intro Indy / Tab One Lefty [Prod By: Sinopsis of Kooley High], New Ears New Eyes / Lefty Tab One, Smash 101 / Tab One Lefty, Victory / Verbal Kent Lefty & Oneself Davinci [Prod By: Mix], Never Knew Me / Lefty [Prod By: Dextah], Tell Us The Truth / Tab One [Prod By: Kash], Something Called Grass Interlude, Sign Of The Times / Lefty Tab One (Cuts By: DJ Icewater), Ole / Tab One [Prod By: Sunshine J], Street Walk / Lefty Very & Tab One [Prod By: Style Misia], Who's Up Next / Lefty & Tab One feat. Bambu Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) & Charlie Smarts (Kooley High)