Dr Demento-Hebrew Rap, Meshugah Hill Gang-Rabbi's Delight, SephardicCyde-Passover Me By, Beastie Boys-Passover the Mic, Yiddish Ebonics, Brand Jewbian-Schlep to the Rear, Jew Tang Clan-Shame on a Meshugganah, Souls of Mitzvah-93 til Yontifinity, Main Schwartz Nasty Nashkenazi Achenyele-Live at the Bar Mitzvah, Biggie Schmaltz-Jewcy, Dr Dreidel Schtoop Doggy Dogg-Nothin but a Jew Thang, Ol Dirty Mamzer-Shimmy Shimmy Yahweh, Craig Maccabee-Flava in Yahrzeit, Jerusalem The Damaja-Brooklyn Tuchus, Method Manischevitz_Mary Jew Blige-I'll Be There for Jew, Queen Haifa-Jew.N.I.T.Y., The Lox Lil Yom Kimpur-Gelt Power & Respect, 2 Live Jews-Oy It's So Humid, Hasheminem aka Slim Zadie-I Just Don't Give a Schmuck, Lauryn Hillel-To Zion