History of the Grill

We answer the infamous question "Who Started the Grill?" Was it the South? Does having a grill mean you're tough? Where did they come from? All questions answered!

Who shot JFK?


  • dj king david

    Brooklyn/bronx legend, just-ice, was the 1st hip hop artist to display a partial grill in '86 on his "back to the oldschool" lp artwork. He did it again in '87 on his "kool & deadly" album cover

  • Quintin

    Even tho I'm years late I'm goin give alll y'all the truth. Grillz has nothing to do with hip hop. Now days its a sign yu gettn money or yu from the avenue. Most ppl think it came from the south cause when southern rap really started poppin yu saw a lot of they artist with fronts in. I'm from baltimore and its so many ol heads even women with gold in they mouth its crazy. My father was born in 42 he said that was the cheap way to get cavitys filled or a chip tooth fixed back then and that was big on the east coast. Now they two completely different things. As far as the south I don't really know they gold teeth orgin.

  • tits

    gold teeth have been around for thousands of years, skulls w "grills" have been discovered from over 5000 years ago. so yeah,

  • Rob11

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned "jaws' from the James Bond series. As far as I can tell, he was the first person in pop culture (ie TV) to rock the grill. This was back in 1977 (the spy who loved me). I cannot recall someone wearing them earlier than this. I think its necessary to include a pop culture reference because while grills may have been around throughout history (http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3425500239.html, read under Permanent Decorations. This is just one example), their reemergence was likely tied to something accessible to everyone at the time, ie, television.