HipHopDX's 10 Most Popular Interviews Of 2014 (So Far)

From Krayzie Bone to DJ Yella, here are the 10 most popular HipHopDX interviews based on what you and other readers viewed the most.

Fun fact: HipHopDX has published roughly 115 interviews in 2014 alone. Artists are prone to talk and join the promotional cycle when they have an album they’d like you to purchase. And 2014 has been no exception as everyone from Krayzie Bone to Wiz Khalifa, Tech N9ne, Pharrell, Madlib and Freddie Gibbs has weighed in on their artistic merits and why you should give them your hard-earned cash. In that regard, the Q&A interview isn’t particularly unique, and that fact alone helps explain why artists hold press junkets and conduct dozens of interviews in one day. But we do appreciate those of you who specifically come to DX for the conversations we facilitate with artists about their music.

Sometimes, it’s more than just music. Before Dame Dash called out several high-ranking major label executives for being what he deemed “culture vultures,” he was holding court with DX about the importance of independence. You may have noticed that’s a sticking point with Dame. Prior to working on House Slippers, Joell Ortiz wasn’t specifically talking about music. But he was more than happy to chop it up about the lifestyle changes he made (including dropping upwards of 30 pounds) and how that impacted his music. The same applies to Jack Thriller, who recounted how being teased about his eye and his schoolmates “whooping [his] ass all over the bus” molded him into who he is today.

You likely don’t have time to sit and read all 115 of DX’s Q&As from 2014. But here, ranked in order of traffic by readers like you, are the 10 most popular interviews of the year thus far. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed conducting them.

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