According to a familiar cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your favorite celebrities—including rappers—are doing less and less press, but luckily their thumbs and smartphones still work. Instagram has provided a way for them to document their lives and/or thoroughly embarrass themselves for our collective enjoyment. The beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to join Instagram, as most rappers are perfectly fine leaving their feeds open for public viewing. And if you’d rather avoid the IG life altogether, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s pictures and videos and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, Drake thanks Kanye West for playing his music while he was out sick, Wale proves that he supports Meek Mill, and Snoop Dogg trolls LeBron James' return to Cleveland. Check the rest of the week’s top Instagram posts below.

Drake Thanks Kanye West For Covering His Shift

Last night (July 11) during the Carters' "On The Run" tour stop at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Jay Z altered a line from "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt" and according to reports he said, "Come Shmoney Dance with the Goodfellas." The Shmoney Dance, popularized by up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda, has become a viral dance. Jay Z recognized the dance but Beyonce gave her stamp of approval when she quickly Shmoney shimmied on stage during her performance of "Flawless." The Carters' co-sign is pretty much gold.

Wale Proves That He Supports Meek Mill

Rick Ross isn't the only celeb in the rap world showing off his slim summer figure. DJ Khaled has also been shedding weight and sharing his before-and-after success story with his fans. In an interview with MTV News earlier this year, Khaled shared that he's been in the gym and has challenged himself to lose weight. His goal is to "inspire others" through his change. The interview took place back in April and months later, we can see a noticeable difference in the hitmaker (or whatever the term is for what Khaled does).I Changed Alot, the name of his upcoming album, definitely suits his recent fitness transformation.

Joe Budden & Hollow Da Don Do Press Before The Showdown

Yesterday (July 11), LeBron James announced that he's returning to Cleveland, Ohio to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he left after seven seasons to go win championships with the Miami Heat. When he left Cleveland four seasons ago, there was an uproar with the Cavs fanbase because James left the team. Jerseys were set on fire and the internet spewed hate at the 6-foot-8-inch basketball player. Four years later, it looks like Cleveland has left the bitterness in the past and even once angry fans like Cleveland emcee Machine Gun Kelly are happy about LeBron James' return.

Meanwhile Snoop Dogg Is Like...

Coldplay, U2, One Direction and Green Day have all performed at Wembley Stadium in London since George Michael first performed there in 2007. Somehow rap hadn't made its way to the grand ol' stadium, until Eminem made history last night (July 11) by being the first rapper to headline a show at the venue. He even brought out his good friend Dr. Dre to perform a medley of classic hits. Dre was the only guest to join Em last night so for those that were hoping to see Rihanna join him, they will have to wait until "The Monster Tour."

Chris Brown & Drake In The Studio

In case you were too distracted by the plethora of selfies she was throwing on her Instagram account, Nicki Minaj joined HSN host Colleen Lopez on the small screen to convince everyone to buy her latest bottle of perfume, the Minajesty Exotic Edition. Minaj appeared on HSN on Thursday (July 10) and Friday (July 11) and of course, looked her best on both days. The Young Money emcee and entrepreneur joined the likes of 50 Cent and Mariah Carey, who have also tried convincing people to buy their products on HSN. If you want to put Nicki's sales pitch to the test, check out one of her entire appearances here.

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