10 Infamous Joe Budden Battle Bars

In anticipation of Saturday's "Total Slaughter" battle against Hollow Da Don, here are 10 instances of Joe Budden engaging in lyrical warfare with his competition.

Given that he’s a partner in Saturday’s “Total Slaughter” battle, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Joe Budden is winning regardless of what happens when he and Hollow Da Don square off. But the game of life is judged separately from what happens in the sport of Battle Rap. And Budden is quite familiar with competitive emceeing.

“We all come from that cyphers,” Budden told Elliott Wilson during a “The Truth” interview for Life+Times.com. “We all come from having to solidify our spots. Me personally, I was hopping out of every cypher in Jersey. That’s how I made my name—to the point where people had to ask who this kid Mouse was… I battled DMX when they were shooting Belly.”

Perhaps it’s only right Budden return to his pre-Def Jam days as Mouse, given the renewed popularity of emcees squaring off against each other. Fans will get a chance to see just how or if history repeats itself during “Total Slaughter.” With a matter of hours before the proceedings begin, keep yourself informed on all the build up between Joe and Hollow by visiting BattleRap.com. In the meantime, here are 10 of Joe’s hardest battle bars in no particular order.

Battle: Joe Budden vs. Jay Z

Track: “Talk To Em”
Notable Bars: “From the sounds of everything I hear you lost it / Still rap a’ight, but your peers exhausted / Fuck ya bunch of money, put your ego to the side / And maybe it’s time to study your understudy / I mean are we hustling or are we grown up / Everytime I hear you, you changing your tone up / When the new generation think about Jordan / All they remember is when Iverson crossed him / Take off the blazer, loosen up the tie / Nigga fell in love and Superman died...”
Context: Consider Jumpoff Joey one of several former Def Jam artists unhappy with Jay Z’s tenure as the president of the label. There were rumors Budden felt Jigga was the reason his sophomore Def Jam project was shelved. Add insult to injury by Jay throwing what could be perceived as subliminal jabs over Budden’s own “Pump It Up” instrumental, and you have all the necessary elements for a beef.

Battle: Joe Budden vs. Game

Track: “Game Over”
Notable Bars: “Dude wanna be Dre, Ren, Ice Cube or Eazy / But you ain't them, a’ight dude, believe me / Your sound’s type trash, tell Banks to ghostwrite / But then you sound like Fab, get a sound like blat / Not real, never heard a sound like that / He’s a bitch, prolly sleep in a gown and nightcap / Got a big chrome friend that I tuck along with me / And I brung that since you like suckin on 50’s / You's not Big and ‘Pac, not East vs. West/ Nigga, this is least vs. best...”
Context: Blame DJ Clue or nah? This one was likely sparked by Joe calling G-Unit “gangster actors” on a the DJ Clue mixtape track “Cross Country” during more unified times when 50 and the Gorilla Unit were quick to retaliate on anything that remotely sounded like beef. Chalk it up to one of the many verbal salvos lobbied back and forth between Budden and G-Unit. These two settled their differences around 2008 and made the truce public with a performance at New York’s Fillmore.

Battle: Joe Budden vs. Royce Da 5’9

Track: “Thou Shall Not Fall”
Notable Bars: “I tried to told dudes way back in ‘02 / That eventually the game would go back to being soul food / I mean soulful while everything is woeful / I try to stay fresh like whole foods on the pro tool / But Mistah F.A.B. wanna mention him / Fell the fuck off I won’t mention him / Only respect one Fab and I’m friends with him / Phonte backed out, I guess nigga pumped sense in him / They went in pumped slugs in my little brother / But dog, I still love Little Brother…”
Context: Before being in Slaughterhouse together, Joe poked fun at Royce supposedly taking an L to Mistah F.A.B. in an AllHipHop.com battle. Royce wasn’t having it, and before these two foes squashed their beef and joined forces, he responded with “I’m Nice.” It all became irrelevant in 2008 when they appeared with Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Nino Bless on the track “Slaughterhouse.”

Battle: Joe Budden vs. Esther Baxter

Track: “Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3”
Notable Bars: “The fuck else I do but go right back to Tahiry / I’m sleeping on her couch, not discussing shit / Staring at the fattest ass, not fuckin it / I guess despite everything that she showed me / It felt good to be around a broad that really knows me / I missed all the arguing and yapping / Percocet and muscle relaxers in a napkin / Can’t believe that it happened / I lost my unborn daughter when we fought / I’m thinking I killed Aspen!”
Context: There’s a thin line between love and hate. It’s safe to say Budden drove his Benz several miles over the line when he publicized the sordid details of his dissolved union with video vixen Esther Baxter. Listeners probably didn’t need to know the details of Budden and Baxter’s lost child, but Joe said he needed closure.

Battle: Joe Budden vs. Kendrick Lamar

Track: “Lost Control”
Notable Bars: “Outrhyming A$AP ain’t showing me where your weight at / I'm on my shit today, you the king of New York / You might as well had spit on Biggie's grave, couldn't let that slip away / I'm in the court of public opinion, ready to click and spray / Light Jay Elec ass up, that's my Exhibit A / Bitch kill my vibe is what you wanna get into / Drown em all in a swimming pool, full of phlegm and drool…”
Context: Joe repeatedly said this wasn’t a beef, but rather a matter of restoring the competition to Hip Hop and taking up for K.Dot’s “Control” claims as the “king of New York.” As for the matter of Joe Budden being from New Jersey? Why sweat the details.

Battle: Joe Budden vs. Lloyd Banks

Track: “Dumb Out”
Notable Bars: “And these young mother fuckers is about to fuck up / Like leaving they whole career in some bitch car / No name, but it's no sublime / Nigga, you know who you are, I'll end it before it goes too far...”
Context: The Punch Line King got caught in Joe Budden’s feud with G-Unit. Budden said he’d end things before he took it too far, but alas, he did not. And while casual listeners didn’t initially get the reference, Banks admitted he indeed lost a disc of unmastered tracks from what was supposed to be his sophomore album, The Big Withdraw after a wild night with a groupie or two. This one also gets filed under squashed beef, as Budden and Banks have recorded together several times since these bars.


Battle: Joe Budden vs. 50 Cent & G-Unit

Track: “Big Shot”
Notable Bars: “But it's not beneath me, really I gives a fuck / I could put the whole Unit on the next Nip & Tuck but / He keep his dudes in check, I keep it real with him / Punched Banks in the face and he still with him / Don't worry 'bout me putting clips in the 40 / To pistol whip Lloyd when 50 will do it for me..”
Context: This would be the third G-Unit diss on the list for those keeping count. Sometimes you gotta let the beef cook.


Battle: Joe Budden vs. Ransom

Track: “Heart Of The City”
Notable Bars: “Fuck how your glock pop off, how your flock not soft / You getting nowhere fast being a Lox knock off / I'll clear your mental / You signed to a nigga on radio all week and he barely spin you / Like Every bar about some shit he rarely been through…”
Context: First the A-Team breaks up, the Joe allegedly put Ransom’s vocals with Hitchcock’s on Mood Muzik 3’s “Family Reunion” without permission. You can’t exactly shrug off allegations of Ransom defecting to DJ Clue’s label and issuing some slick talk about Joe’s then-girlfriend Tahiry Jose. Before you know it, Ransom and his crew are tumbling with Joe and some of his boys on camera and a gun comes out. So yeah, this one got personal.


Battle: Joe Budden vs. Prodigy

Track: “Blood On The Wall”
Notable Bars: “Four-fifths and snubs, what’s that about / Nigga you can’t lift the guns that you rapping 'bout / But real talk I can't front on your old shit / Now you just old as shit, nah old and sick / Instead of holding my dick, here’s a better way / Never mind me, worry about your Medicaid…”
Context: No one knows exactly why P took the bait when asked who was the worst rapper on the planet. But he called out Joe as being “on the edge” of being the worst and called Mood Muzik “bullshit” and “not poppin’.” Joe responded with the above bars, and by the time he dropped his No Love Lost album and Prodigy was back home, the two had reconciled.


Battle: Joe Budden vs. Saigon

Track: “Letter To Saigon”
Notable Bars: “I see a nigga stay talking bout the kids / But wanted nothing to do with one when it was his / You would take her phone calls ‘til she said it's yours / That's when they got crisscrossed, you started getting ignore / I see a nigga just fiending for scrutiny / So he show us pics of how musclebound he used to be…”
Context: Suffice it to say Saigon didn’t appreciate Joe referencing his skirmish with Mobb Deep at the 2007 Hot 97 Who’s Next showcase as a “hit and run.” This was during that grey area in between hood DVDs and social media, and Saigon took to the former to show his displeasure. The result was two decent diss tracks—Joe’s “Underachiever and Saigon’s “Pushin’ Buddens”—followed by a bunch of lower quality follow ups. Eventually, Just Blaze help mediate the conflict, and there was a time when both emcees simultaneously logged time on the label Amalgam Digital.


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  • Jayke Junior BeTrue

    when joeBudden talks. He makes everybody inthe world smell his butt!!!! #CleanYourMessUpAndShutTheFuckUp

  • Loquiall

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  • jerem

    Budden definately lost the battle to Saigon. Saigon COOKED him on the response. I remember that because I'm a budden fan and didnt think saigon had it in him to respond with anything comparable. I was wild wrong. lol

    • wra

      TBH that was a pretty close battle..but yeah i think Saigon went a lil bit harder with the punchlines...but Budden provided the facts

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion Saigon the only rapper that bested Joey in on wax. Maybe Ransom but that's a close call. Too many dude's slept on his bars because "Pump It Up." Can't wait to see what happens tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Niggas slept on Sai'

  • Loquiall

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  • denny ray

    pretty sure that royce one was meant for mistah fab, considering that it was mistah fab who called out buddens for not showing. hence the "i only respect one fab and i'm friends with him" line referring to fabolous.

    • Anonymous

      "Fell the fuck off I wont mention him." Fell the fuck off was referring to Royce. He's saying he won't mention Royce

  • Anonymous

    Saigon an Prodigy got smacked really bad by Joey

  • Anonymous

    Joe lost everyone of those battles

    • Anonymous

      ^ Calm down BAD GIRL it's not worth getting upset about

    • stfuuignants

      Royce has better bars and flow

    • kato5209

      Is yall is crazy or what?! Joe is one of the nicest dudes to ever touch the mic. SMH, all the mood muzik's was dope, besides all that internet posting and blogging shit, hands down this dude is in the top 20 all time, I'm sorry! If he was promoted correctly, this dude would've arguably been top 10. But for him to go through the shit he went is what probably made his music better. Yall muhfuckas losing yall mind out here! His mixtapes and albums are garbage?!?! Fuck is yall listening to?!


      ^ Sometimes it's better Keep your thoughts to yourself as the foolish are better seen than heard.

    • Anonymous

      He's not overrated, I don't know anyone that even rates him at all. The only people I know who rate him at all are the people who like him for his lyrical ability. Shame he can't really make songs, his albums/tapes are pretty trash too, but the guy has some nice bars and occasionally lays them well. This is coming from a Budden fan, I think his cyphers and freestyles and maybe a handful of his tracks from his releases all together are nice. But other than that, he's not that great and Slaughterhouse' other members do have stronger verses more often than not.


      "I sit in front of my computer all day every day I comment on everything. I'm an expert on everything. Everything sucks."

    • tcruz

      def overrated..joe budden is not that lyrical lol i dunno why his fans think so, he clearly is out rapped 9 out of 10 of every slaughterhouse song lol... and any fan saying he won the above battles....half the ppl didn't even take joe serious enough to respond...jay never gave him a real response, kendrick didn't, prodigy didn't, 50 didn't, obviously esther didn't haha who has he really beaten in a battle?....only ransom and saigon truly went back and forth with him and i won't say he lost but he didn't clearly win either. and he def took an L from the game...200 bars killed him

    • Anonymous

      Its really frustrating being a Joe Budden fan.Seriously....."overrated"?!?!

    • Mally

      No way he lost every battle on this list. He gave Prodigy and Saigon the business.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign, he's so fuckin' overrated!

  • Anonymous

    Nigga can spit but makes mediocre albums

  • Anonymous

    buddens had like 5 better lines against saigon, you chose the weakest one.

    • Anonymous

      "Makin' homo jokes? Hardy har har/ But it's your son playin' wit Barbie dolls par/ Joey you better get 'em a basketball/ 'Fore you catch the little nigga suckin' dick in a bathroom stall/" Saigon Murked Joey....