According to a familiar cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your favorite celebrities—including rappers—are doing less and less press, but luckily their thumbs and smartphones still work. Instagram has provided a way for them to document their lives and/or thoroughly embarrass themselves for our collective enjoyment. The beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to join Instagram, as most rappers are perfectly fine leaving their feeds open for public viewing. And if you’d rather avoid the IG life altogether, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s pictures and videos and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, Action Bronson makes our stomachs growl because of his food porn, Chance The Rapper is back to performing after illness and 2 Chainz gets a personalized jersey so he could root for his home team. Check the rest of the week’s top Instagram posts below.

Future Names His Son, Future

While out in London, Action Bronson decided to blast our timelines with the juiciest BBQ sauce-slathered food porn ever. "THE GREATEST RIB OF ANY ANIMAL IVE EVER HAD via PIT CUE #London #fuckthatsdelicious," he wrote as the caption for the saucy meat-on-bone combination. So I did a little google image search on the Pit Cue, a US style BBQ joint in London, and got this and this and this and basically, it was sweet torture for foodie S&M enthusiasts. If you're out of the loop with #fuckthatsdelicious, it's the name of Bronson's food-focused web series. Watch an episode (at your own risk) here.


2 Chainz Is An Official Atlanta Hawks Player

Watching it on TV was creepy, seeing it in person might have been double the creepy. Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban sat fairly close to the stage at the Billboard Awards this past weekend and took a video of Michael Jackson's 3D hologram performing "Slave To The Rhythym." As you can see, the hologram looks extremely lifelike and the light around the hologram just makes it look like there is a spotlight on the performer. The moves, the walking around the stage, the finger points, all look eerily real. I wonder if any of the Jacksons where there to witness it but I do know that Janet Jackson wishes she could have performed with her brother.


Ludacris On The Set Of Fast & Furious 7

Nicki MInaj's been wearing this toned down look for a month or two now and it's suiting her well. The days of the neon pink, blue, green and rainbow wigs are over. The exaggerated makeup is gone. Everything about her has turned down ten notches (except the raps because the tracks that she's been releasing have been fire). The look seems to be part of her rap makeover, since she said she was done making pop songs (for now). In an interview with MTV, she was asked if fans will see another track like "Starships" or "Super Bass," to which she replied, "Hell no." Her upcoming album, The Pink Print, has not set release date and Nicki has no plans in rushing it.


Lenticular Art By 50 Cent