Stray Shots: Ray J's "Gift" To KimYe & The Return Of Ma$e (Again)

This week, Ray J made headlines by offering to donate some of the profits from his sextape with Kim Kardashian, and Ma$e makes yet another comeback.

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As such, we’re reserving this space for a weekly reaction to Hip Hop’s current events. Or whatever else we deem worthy. And the “we” in question is myself, Omar Burgess and Andre Grant. Collectively we serve as HipHopDX’s Features Staff. Aside from tackling stray topics, we may invite artists and other personalities in Hip Hop to join the conversation. Without further delay, here are this week’s “Stray Shots.”

What Do We Make Of Ray J’s Rumored Wedding Gift To Kanye & Kim?


  • I like when y'all listen to me HHDX

    While ago I was bitching about y'all lame articles like the 15 reasons blah blah and this article still a lil hipPOPdx biut salute HHDX for writing some original shit and having the convo open to the public , the past week and a half y'all stepped up these articles like the Lauren hill and more. I don't be reading about kanye Kim but mase is good discussion..bro a scumbag but made some real cuts and put ye on back in the day my guy ghostface the reaso. He be acting like a preacher man but that's neither mere nor there... Anyway HHDX the 50 editorial good y'all editorials well written just quit parroting Vlad and wired set the tone complacency might fill the tanks (remember me fuck nigga hahaha) but true hiphop is eternal now yall

  • joyce taylor

    mase was a mediocre rapper back in the day. a str8 slouch. like they said ,you can be around other greats and percieve to be great when youre wacked..and wacked he was

  • Anonymous

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  • Jon Holmes

    This Omar Burgess dude is trippin', Mase in his prime was on the same level as the greats.

  • ccc

    Oh nevermind, that was something 50 said in the past.

  • ccc

    Oh nevermind that was something 50 said in the past.

  • ccc

    Oh nevermind about 50, he was talking about something he said in the past. This website twists everything around.

  • ccc

    Mase was looking for attention by dissing Em. And 50's just mad that Mase isn't fucking with him.

  • Anonymous


  • Wow really

    Ma$e isn't elite? The songs you named are classics off of the same cd. You praise Eminem for his flow, cadence, intelligence, and believe it or not Mase can bring emotion as well. On Double up, same Niggas and Start From Scratch he used Emotion, instead of spewing the stunt/gangsta raps i enjoyed him for he let you in on what was going on behind the scenes like Em does. Jesus, no one gives Mase any respect, you guys treat him as if he's some old school Soulja Boy. He was so far ahead of Jay-Z at the yime as far as careers go, and Ma$e did it without a Biggie feature. He birthed a new flow that other rappers try to imitate, No Way Out was originally his demo, Big L even took some lines from him and Double Up was supposed to be $2 mil + if he would have promoted it, that cd has hits. He was an extremely good underground rapper that went commercial, he had hits before he made his cd, they he dropped 3 hits in the top 10. Don't even pretend those singles weren't good. Day he was just rhyming and I'll ask you what he was doing on Tell Me What You Want. He killed a girl song because he was lyrical enough to do it. I might be biased since Harlem World is my first cd but you guys are favorite hiphop site and its weird you guys don't recognize him as an elite simply because he was commercial and no one else does it. Mase IS a monster, its a shame how you guys don't see it

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