10 Of The Biggest "Best Rap Album" Grammy Award Snubs

Macklemore's win over Kendrick Lamar wasn't the first time the Grammy Committee got it wrong. Here are 10 other times we disagreed with the "Best Rap Album" Award.

Suffice it to say, there have been a few oversights on the part of the National Academy of Recording and Sciences when it comes to Hip Hop. Many fans were in an uproar Sunday night when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took home the “Best Rap Album” Grammy Award over Kendrick Lamar. You could hear the sound of dozens of hack writers cuing up The Heist jokes as Macklemore posted a text message he sent to Kendrick Lamar telling him, “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It’s weird and it sucks that I robbed you…”

If you’ve been following the Grammys since the inception of the “Best Rap Album” award at the 38th Grammy Awards, you know there have been plenty of oversights. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince decided to boycott the 31st Grammy ceremony because the presentation of the “Best Rap Performance” award was not televised. The following year, Chubb Rock and Howie Tee named their album, And the Winner Is… and included the following shots at the Grammy Academy on the title track:

“That’s some shit / What our raps ain’t valid / Whitney sang some B.S. ballad / Our records could’ve sold 50 million if it had to / But they won’t give us no statue, that’s the Grammys…”

HipHopDX’s staff looked back at the history of the “Best Rap Album” award with 10 of the biggest snubs since the category was instituted in 1995. Individual staff members weighed in with their own picks using the same criteria as the Grammy Academy. Picks were made by DX’s Features Editor, Omar Burgess; DX’s News Editor, Soren Baker; and DX’s Senior News Writer, Andres Tardio. Albums must have been released during the Grammy eligibility window. For the 2013 Grammys, that window was from October 1, 2011 through November 30, 2012. An eligible album must contain at least 51% playing time of tracks with newly recorded rapped performances. And voters shall not be influenced by personal friendships, company loyalties, regional preferences or mass sales. With that said, you’ll find our picks below. Not that you’ve ever needed an invitation, but feel free to disagree and/or include your picks in the comment section.

38th Annual Grammy Awards: Naughty By Nature Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Naughty By Nature - Poverty’s Paradise
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Bone thugs-n-harmony - E. 1999 Eternal
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Mobb Deep - The Infamous
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Nas - Illmatic

40th Annual Grammy Awards: Puff Daddy Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Puff Daddy & The Family - No Way Out
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Wyclef Jean Featuring Refugee Allstars - The Carnival
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death


41st Annual Grammy Awards: Jay Z Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Jay Z - Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): OutKast - Aquemini
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): OutKast - Aquemini
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): OutKast - Aquemini


42nd Annual Grammy Awards: Eminem Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Eminem - The Slim Shady LP
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): The Roots - Things Fall Apart
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Eminem - The Slim Shady LP


45th Annual Grammy Awards: Eminem Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Eminem - The Eminem Show
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Talib Kweli - Quality
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Cee-Lo - Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly


49th Annual Grammy Awards: Ludacris Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Ludacris - Release Therapy
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): The Roots - Game Theory


51st Annual Grammy Awards: Lil Wayne Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Nas - Untitled
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken feat. Cynic - Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken feat. Cynic - Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin


52nd Annual Grammy Awards: Eminem Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Eminem - Relapse
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Part II
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Part II
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Brother Ali - Us


53rd Annual Grammy Awards: Eminem Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Eminem - Recovery
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Reflection Eternal - Revolutions Per Minute
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): The Roots - How I Got Over


56th Annual Grammy Awards: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Wins “Best Rap Album”

Grammy Winner: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist
HipHopDX Staff Picks:
Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city
Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city


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  • Rocky

    Whoever made this is a fucking retard. You shot down every Eminem album but MMLP. They all deserved it but relapse maybe and he didn't win album of the year for it you fuck ass he won best rap duo for him and dre

  • a

    Eminem deserved all of them.. Such a stupid funk,who made this thread

  • Anonymous

    Not 2 sound racist but it seems as tho if ur a white rapper, u have a far greater shot at getting a Grammy over anybody else, even if ur album's not as good as others.. smh.

  • Anonymous

    Just a lot of Eminem hating tbh, he deserved it for recovery, slim shady lp and the eniem show which is probably his best effort. Didn't for relapse.

  • Anonymous

    Is Andres Tardio retarded? How could Illmatic win the 1996 Grammys when it dropped in 1994?

  • Anonymous

    Slim Shady LP and Eminem Show deserved to win. Relapse and Recovery certainly did not.

  • Starmani

    Yea the Grammy's almost NEVER get it right.

  • Anonymous

    well at least we already know who winning rap album next year...eminem....he can rap the phone book and he would win

  • Rob

    I don't know why people are surprised that Macklemore won that Grammy or Eminem winning with Recovery or Relapse. We already know how the world works, instead of complaining about it do something about it. Stand up and push back against the corporations that push this shit down our throats and demand that the real music be heard. Take that one step further and lets push back all together against these money hungry pigs. This is our world, not theirs.

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors should have won this year.

    • zach

      hell no that should not of won that shit wasnt even hip hop 2 me malca how eva u spell that either they were equal sonically this is the grammys tho its not really anbout the music

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Big ups for recognizing The Legend of the Mask & The Assassin though shit is beyond slept on

  • David Bunz

    Not really the "biggest Grammy snubs" when there's not a general consensus even among the DX staff on most of these. I still think "The Eminem Show" is one of the best produced albums of all time. "Relapse" was amazing lyrically and conceptually. I think most Roots and Lil Wayne albums are hit-and-miss. And I thought Big Boi's, Cee-Lo's, and the DJ Muggs album were all pretty weak entries. Competition is usually tight though for every category, a wins a win though.

    • Hiliscion

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  • RHX

    SSLP & The Eminem Show are the only valid wins here. The biggest snubs were OB4CL2, Aquemini and shit u can take your pick for the 38th Grammy award

  • -

    Eminem won for Recovery and Relapse? The fuck?

  • T

    50 got robbed when Get Rich or Die Tryin didnt win.

  • thisum

    57th Annual Grammy Awards:Eminem wins Best Rap Album Grammy winner:Eminem -Marshall Mathers LP2

  • Anonymous

    fat joe j.o.s.e big pun capital punishment terror squad the album and the beatnuts a musical massacre should have won Grammys

  • Y

    E. 1999 Eternal definitely should have won the grammy in '95

  • Anonymous

    Sensing a lot of hate towards eminem lol

    • Anonymous

      they did win for stankonia dumb ass

    • Anonymous

      black people didn't feel that cd as much

    • NinjaBz

      especially on Slim Shady LP.. how is the first classic dropped by one of rap's biggest name a snub? I'd say SSLP was one of the few very deserving and very hip-hop albums that actually did win. and some of these people like sick jacken or atmosphere is never going to win the grammy's, it's not that type of award and they don't have a big enough impact... I'd say the most valid snub I agree with was OutKast's Aquemini or whatever year they dropped Stankonia... I don't know if they've ever won one, but they should have.

  • Anonymous

    the reason macklemore won the grammy is because his fanbase spends money...all the hiphop heads spend there money on weed and download shit for free. im a hiphop head!.......i only support a certain few,peace! im of to buy weed

  • Funkiest

    Remember when Dr.Dre drop The Aftermath CD with East Coast/West Coast Killaz with KRS-One, B-Real, RBX and Nas called Group Therapy. Snoop Dogg,B-Real, Redman and Methood Man should release an album call Monunt Kushmore and bring the funky rhymes back from the golden age era.

  • Lori Harper

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  • Anonymous

    Fucking faggots "Oh yeah Cee-Lo should have won"

  • Puppet Masters

    Detox album is most likely to be release that a Psycho Realm with B-Real. Puppet Masters (Dr. Dre and B-Real from the Soul Assassin Chapter 1 album) Crazy Video

  • Dr. Greenthumb

    Dr. Greenthumb is the greatest song ever from Cypress Hill IV Album and Los Grandes Existos En Espanol , English and in Spanish.


    Hiphop DX got right on the bong with DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken feat. Cynic - Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin. Straight Up Streets Music Looking foward to hear the Cypress Hill Album with DJ Muggs as the producer. Can't wait for new Funkdoobiest Album The Golden B-Boys 2 featuring the Soul Assassin Family. Hope to see a new Psycho Realm Album with Sick Jacken, B-Real, Cynic, Big Duke on production and Bobo on percusion. Soul Assassins All Day

  • Macklemore!!! hahahaha

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis deserved this waaay more than Kendrick. Hip hop shouldnt be branded around blacks hispanics or whites, it should be whoever made the best album, not who had the coolest beats and features. The Heist deserved a Grammy, and maybe now fuck-ass rappers will step their lyrics up. The white boy took yall, easy.

    • Bryce Huffman

      saying Macklemore deserved this grammy more than Kendrick is like if the Broncos beat the Seahawks 50-0 in the superbowl but they give the superbowl trophy to the Seahawks. not even close dude. GKMC was the better album, not just because of beats and features, but it told a better story, was more original (yeah even more original than wack ass songs like thrift shop, who knew) and it showed that Kendrick can out rap just about anybody living on a song. it's not a race issue, it's an issue about how the grammy's doesn't respect hip hop and what it has to offer. Macklemore is a pop artist, which isn't an insult, but clearly Kendrick proved to be the better and more captivating mc

  • dcdog76

    Parrish Smith put it best: "The funk tracks produced by EPMD But it's a fat jam, that will never win a grammy Unless we sellout and kill the black movement dead Which means swallow our pride and become flunkies instead"

  • Anonymous

    Dx stop it! there's not even enough trolls on here to back you up on jokes saying eminem show and slim shady lp shouldn't have gotten a Grammy.. Come on now stop trying.. Grammys are usually trash on rap but those 2 weren't like macklemore this year for real ...I agree with most of the rest

    • Anonymous

      Things Fall Apart is a classic for sure, but it didn't have the impact that SSLP did, and it's not as unique. Things Fall Apart took the jazz hip hop genre and perfected it, but SSLP created something completely new.

    • cinavenom

      That was Em's best shit by far but it still isn't anywhere near The Roots' "Thing Fall Apart" The fact that one a Grammy over the Root multiple times just shows how ridiculous those awards are. Its all about album sales not music.

  • SMH

    Seriously people get over it. Its the fucking Grammys not the BET awards. Face it Macklemore had more exposure than Kendrick, just like each winner that you disagreed with and then picked your favorite lesser main stream artist (because thats the hip and cool thing to do) didn't win.

  • Skylivedk

    Nice to know that only Tardio has a taste I can identify with.

  • Anonymous

    Guys!! You all sleep on relapse. Give it a listen. It's great, fucking awesome with refill tracs. One of his best!!

  • Pedantic

    "Albums must have been released during the Grammy eligibility window. For the 2013 Grammys, that window was from October 1, 2011 through November 30, 2012." That would be 14 months. The window for the 2013 Grammys was Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012.

  • Andre.CO

    LOL at half the list being white rapper albums. Yeah that doesn't come across bad at all man, haha. Em deserved it for SSLP, MMLP, Eminem Show, and Recovery. How I Got Over could have beaten Recovery, sure. Murda Muzik and Things Fall Apart could have beaten SSLP, but there's no quarrels with him winning those. And Eminem Show should 100% have won that year. And not including Drake winning over Nas is ridiculous. Nas should have three Best Rap Albums (Illmatic, Untitled, and Life is Good). Em should have 3-4.

  • Hmm

    HHDX calling Captain Hindsight to the rescue!

  • jerryc

    ahh the years when albums like Aquemeni and hell hath no fury were coming out. We have nothing nowadays in terms of classic albums with replay value.

  • YB

    Guess I'm gonna have to check that DJ Muggs joint. Can't go wrong with this if the same dude picked Brother Ali's joint for album of the year, too.

  • DX Staff


  • Clifford

    wow you guys actually knew that that dj muggs and Sick jacken album exists. I'm actually impressed by you guys making that choice.

  • ETK

    it's funny cause in 2006 everybody was trippin about T.I. getting snubbed by Ludacris. that was the story, and not any of those. Roots are great but they don't capture enough audience for the Grammys and Lupe's record hadn't been fully appreciated yet at the time

  • Haha

    Wow! Haha this site proves it hates on eminem once again. Dude is close to the greatest ever and you writers don't think he should've won 4 Grammys. Y'all need to look in the mirror and get rid of that hate. It's bad for your soul and business.

    • A Person

      Eminem is dope, but there is no way he is in the top 5. Nas, Rakim, Masta Ace, KRS, and Kool G/Melle Mel/Grandmaster Caz/Kool Moe Dee (pick one) are all higher. Em is in my top 30.

    • Anonymous

      Haha true but Dx usually never gives any popular mcs love they and everyone know he's top 5 ..dx gotta stay showing that there all underground and not mainstream but when Em whips his ass its a headline on the front page... He and Nas are the 2 mainstream MCs that never dumbed it down on the rhymes and lyrics real talk

  • Nave

    So 5 out of 10 award snubs are because of white rappers, you racist fucks? 4 Eminem albums. Wow, real creative. The Eminem Show deserved it that year. Slim Shady LP is a great album too, so while I don't think it was the best of the year it's not exactly a snub either. And you don't have Take Care winning over Life is Good?

    • Nave

      I'm not saying Recovery and Relapse should have won it. Sir Luscious Left Foot and OBFCL2 should have won it those years, respectively. Encore never won a grammy. But are you saying The Eminem Show didn't deserve it? Look at the nominees for that year, and then talk to me. Quality? Never nominated, and I don't think it's as good as TES anyway. I'd have given Reflection Eternal it the year Slim Shady LP won, but again, it was never nominated. I think the biggest travesty is Nas never winning a Grammy, not Eminem winning em.

    • Anonymous

      recovery > relapse. relapse shouldnt have won over ob4cl2 every other grammy he won wasnt a snub

    • YB

      There's no way that Relapse/Recovery should have gotten the Grammy. Not even sure about the Eminem Show. Slim Shady LP and Marshal Mathers LP? Fuck yes.

    • Anonymous

      Stop it. You know damn well that, at the very least, Em did NOT deserve Rap Album Grammys for Encore, Recovery, and Relapse.

  • Bar lordz

    This just goes to show you how idiotic the people that write for hip hop dx are, eminem deserved every one of these grammys. you mad bro? lmao

  • D_True

    get rich or die tryin should've won in 04 over Speakerboxxx/Love below. Food n Liquor should've won over release fuckin therapy in '07.. and how the fuck Nas, snoop, run dmc, public enemy, b.i.g, n pac aint never won a single grammy between all of em? the fuck? but they gon give eminem best rap album every year no matter what he release

  • Chris Etrata

    "DX Staff getting hella salty and unprofessional on here. The comments section should be for readers to debate and offer up opinions, not for DX staff to shoot down and criticize those who don't agree with all of their opinions." That ain't the real staff at all. Even you should know they don't comment on here. That's dentalbitch in disguise. It has his fingerprints over it.

    • Anonymous

      Lmaooo at anyone who actually thinks that's the real Dx staff in these comments

    • Anonymous

      I know that some of HHDX decisions pissed people off, in fact, Eminem show at least deserved its award. However, the staff would never attack them in comments.

    • onelove

      I hope that's not real staff. they should certainly realize that some ppl aren't gonna agree with them...

  • onelove

    so basically, your saying that Eminem never should have won a best rap album?? ever? that's stupid! and soren baker...on what planet does wyclef win over Life After Death? that alone ruins the credibility of this whole article...stupid. I want the last 5 minutes of my life back

    • Anonymous

      Wtf u talking about mostly every hip hop fan and more importantly MCs in the game have Em in the top 5 or at least top 10 does that make every single one of them Stans?? His first 3 Lps are all classic albums. Encore was weak to average to me and most fans I know think the same.. There no denying that eminem show and sslp deserved the Grammys even though the award doesn't mean much

    • Anonymous

      You stans have no objectivity, yo. ANY album with "Big Weenie" on it doesn't deserve awards. Relapse is trash with the accents and lazy lyrics, and Recovery is all sorts of corny.

    • Anonymous

      "How I Got Over", is a grammy worthy album sorry to tell you this.

    • onelove

      im not white DUDE! and im not saying he deserved every award. I don't think he's the best rapper ever either so...WTF u talking about? what I did say, is it seems like HHDX was shitting on him. anyway, the craziest thing abt the article was the Wyclef Jean pick over B.I.G.

    • onelove

      plus, the year recovery won, the competition was weak. so hard to argue against it. and I love the roots, but still, recovery deserved!

    • the truth

      its mad embarrassing when white people argue about eminem yo.. We kno u dickride and think u kno hip hop and no one can EVER be better than Em etc., etc.. But chill.

    • onelove

      correction...Recovery is great, not encore. encore and relapse are trash....

    • imho

      MMLP1 and TES are his 2 best albums. relapse is slept on. sslp is cool rest are average at best or just suck.

    • onelove

      agree on relapse and recovery, but Encore was a great album, as were his other winners!plus, why is DX Staff so sensitive on this topic? they are cursing at and calling their own readers words like "fucking idiots"...im sensing hate!

    • Anonymous

      If you noticed, MMLP isn't included on this list. And objectively (I'm an Em fan), Encore, Relapse, and Recovery are subpar albums.

  • truth

    slimshady lp is ems best album hands down but i dont see how murda musizk dint win?

  • Anonymous

    tons of hate for eminem rofl bet all yall haters are black and just bein racist cuz macklemore stole kendricks award...

  • World War Z

    C3 worst rap grammy winner ever?

  • Napalm

    I can see all of these except The Eminem Show. White America is incredibly culturally relevant. Soldier and 'Till I Collapse go hard.

  • Anonymous

    Lets be honest here. the eminem show and slim shap lp Deserved the win for many reasons along with the lyrical content although (the other albums mentioned were good)and it seems many people on here agree. Dx just wants to go against Em lately as much as they can when he's usually the only mainstream rapper they love . Relapse and recovery def did not deserve the wins although relapse isn't as bad as people say they just compare it to his first 3 albums. Besides that every other winner up there was bullshit another reason why I don't get why people were so shocked kendrick lost .the Grammys usually get rap wrong

  • keepinit1000

    the year ludacris won T.I. had best rap album hands down wit that "KING" album

  • Soul Assassin

    Dj Muggs vs Sick Jacken is a masterpiece Soul Assassin All Day

  • nuc

    HHDX snubbed DISTANT RELATIVES..... that is one GRAMMY SNUB that is BONKERS AS HELL!

  • CP

    hhdx.com would be legendary if it wasn't for all the racist comments and straight idiots spouting incoherent nonsense, should have an age limit, hiphopsite.com is a much frienlier place to be, hhdx, go ask pizzo how to bring in some intelligent commenters

  • john mickins

    all of this is fucking funny LMFAO

  • papoose

    the Best rap album ever is Its dark and hell is hot by DMX

  • Anonymous

    we need a very authentic hiphopdx music video award show for hiphop culture. dx is the most respected in the community and consistent everyone needs to humble themselves and come together for this . we are mocked for our willy lench syndrome in rap and they ( grammy people , outsiders ) will continue to psychologically abuse the hiphop community . the award show should be mandatory dress code to carry on a certain standard. we should have learned from our source awards fiascos , what an embarrassment. our power is in participation , grammys is only about exposure, but we must seriously consider building some solid foundations. the "DX" SHOULD BE THE EQUIVALENT TO A GRAMMY IN EVERY WAY . LETS GET IT POPPIN!!!! RT

    • Devin Diatres

      I have been thinking the same thing for the past couple of days. Hip Hop, specifically black artists, need a proper representation of our culture. We need at least a handful of our own people casting ballots in the votes. I'm not being racists by mentioning that aspect, I just think that more than anyone, we understand our own culture more than anyone else...especially our Hip Hop culture.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dx rides Ems dick all year long and now they stay putting up shit trying to show the opposite...I agree relapse and recovery shouldn't have won but damn eminem show ?? Slim shady lp?? There were other good albums but Wtf cut the shit already . Ems first 3 all deserved the award never heard anyone bitch about it ..stop frontIn

  • DX Staff

    "Half of Drake's songs about women are all about how they need to be "saved" for some stupid ass reason, like they can't take care of themselves, but if they had Drake in their lives, then everything would be better. That's patronizing." And women do need help in life. "Not to mention that Drake's been on plenty of songs that treat women like shit. "Bitches love me" comes to mind pretty quick." And its true. Women and bitches are interchangeable words but they describe women. Bitch isn't an offensive term in this context.

    • Anonymous

      I'd say I've met more pathetic, thirsty ass dudes who need more help in life than women. Not to mention that "Bitches Love Me" is basically another song about how Drake, Future, and Wayne keep women around like loyal pets or some shit, which is offensive.

    • Anonymous

      forever my nigga forever

    • Anonymous

      How long can Drake last doing the same thing all the time?

  • Anonymous

    Someone tell me if I'm missing something. But Illmatic came out in april of 94. So how would that have been eligible Andres Tardio? The date for the first grammys would've been October 94 to November 95.

  • Anonymous

    E. 1999 Eternal over illmatic? Come on son.

  • Anonymous

    Em is prolly sipping fine wine with one of those grammys right now. Halie is kicking another around the house. Kim is masturbating with the other. Debbie matters is using one is a candle stool. Nathan is doing his special flavour weed and coke with the last one. That's 5, right? Now suck it DX

  • Agustin

    Funny how every time eminem wins it is considered a snub. If he is considered one of the best rappers of all time then why is it weird for him to win all the Grammys? Don't be foolish people

  • Chris Etrata

    Are these commentators idiots? They can't tell that "DX Staff" is actually dentaldambitch in disguise? That guy keeps praising drake. I'm surprised that you are all too stupid to realize that.

  • bigface09

    Do you remember, when Missy Elliot won instead of The Game? It would have appear on the list.

  • fac

    most of these arent snubs?...other than Aquemini obv

  • carter187

    FUCK THE GRAMMYS - THEY HATE BLACK PEOPLE!! BOB MARLEY NEVER WON A GRAMMY Why was snoop doggs first album not mention ps Jay z is soooo overated!!!! I disagree with DX Staff picks apart from the 56th grammys K-dot killed err one in the game

  • hartman

    What about get rich or die trying? That shouldve won a Grammy, anyway awards are opinions, fuck them

    • Anonymous

      Get Rich is one of the best rap albums ever but Speakerboxxx/Love Below won the Grammy that year. That is totally alright. It even won the general Album Of The Year category.

    • Bill

      If Get Rich sucked on every level, why did you guys put out this review when it came out: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/album-reviews/id.259/title.50-cent-get-rich-or-die-tryin seems to say the opposite of it "sucked". In fact, this review (4/5), put out by this website says the opposite. says the hooks get tiresome, but the rest is pretty great. the fact is, it's easy to hate on 50 now, he's no longer popular. when he was, hiphopdx ate it up.

    • Anonymous

      GRODT is one of the best albums to ever come out in the 2000s but the Grammys would never glorify and album like that. they don't like black gangster takeover. They want something less threatening with a message

    • DX Staff

      Get Rich sucked on almost every level except for the occassional hook. Don't be mad just because we criticized your favorite artist.

    • steven

      Get Rich had great production, awesome hooks, but 50 overall has always been lyrically weak. Nothing impressive. Rick Ross is still trash tho.

    • carter187

      thank you ma nigga hartman!!! many niggas out there like to overlook fif for get rich die tryin that is one of hip hops greatest album!!!!! ps F*** YOU DX STAFF you ain't know s***

    • DX Staff

      That was shit. Rick Ross was more lyrical than him.

  • Sam Snead

    Eminem show deserved it over the others.Relapse never

  • R.Pgh

    The fact that you have a staff member that thought that Wyclef's The Carnival should have beat Biggie and Wu-Tang tells me all I need to know about the people you hire. Carnival was good potentially great. Forever and Life After Death were classics.

  • Anonymous

    If you are a white rapper you good to go and wining a grammy, out of all the grammy Eminem only really win one the rest was giving to him for being white, F the grammy

  • Anonymous

    damn, hiphopdx editors have shit taste on most of these

  • Anonymous

    52nd Eminem did not deserve

  • Anonymous

    lmao, if your a white rapper and you won a grammy, your on the list. How was The Eminem Show not COMPLETELY deserving for the grammy? IMO, it's his best album.

    • DX Staff

      Look, black rappers aren't getting enough praise. And we did not include MMLP on the list. We just thought there were better albums on it. Though dope, I can honestly think that 500 degrees from wayne challenges it.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck does only one staff member think that the 38th grammy deserved to go to Illmatic... Not to mention one dude thought that WYCLEF deserved a grammy over BIGGIE? I get it. People have their opinions, but those are some sus picks.

    • Anonymous

      @Resign Dude's a troll, not actual DX Staff.

    • Resign

      NAS fell off???? And thats from a DX Staff??? Wow man.. and then you mention Drake in the same argument. The F outta here... rappers like Nas have to dumb it down to the square root in order for you critics and 90% of hip hop listeners to understand. I'm sick of this Drake 2 chainz high school music.

    • DX Staff

      Out of 100 staff people, 98 went for illmatic. We just wanted diversity with selections. Nas fell off big after illmatic. Drake's albums are the closest thing to illmatic.


    I agree on all the snubs "EXCEPT" the ones on Eminem. I think people in the hip-hop community forget that the Grammy award's who every makes the biggest impact on the music culture aka (pop culture) and none of the albums come close to doing that.The albums you listed where good but there is no honest way you can say that they made a bigger impact on the "Culture" on sales,hits,lyricism to the point that they got snub aka "Robbed" out of a Grammy. Out of anything they where a good second or third . tell me what you think.

  • DX Staff

    We totally forgot about Gucci Mane. He should have won a grammy for realest rapper of all time

    • DX Staff

      Thank you loyal staff member. Gucci is a very underrated rapper that's just misunderstood by law enforcement.

  • Anonymous

    c'mon guys...Let's be serious a minute

  • Susan Raines

    until I saw the draft which was of $4634 , I didn't believe ...that...my neighbours mother was like realie bringing home money in there spare time on their apple laptop. . there uncles cousin has been doing this less than twenty two months and just took care of the debts on their apartment and got a new Audi Quattro . view website... www.Fb39.COm Funny how we're the so called editors getting paid a great salary and you're still a lowly, minimum wage drone.

  • El

    And "Life Is Good" is a great album.

    • Anonymous

      Half of Drake's songs about women are all about how they need to be "saved" for some stupid ass reason, like they can't take care of themselves, but if they had Drake in their lives, then everything would be better. That's patronizing. Not to mention that Drake's been on plenty of songs that treat women like shit. "Bitches love me" comes to mind pretty quick.

    • Anonymous

      Drake objectifies and patronizes women. You're also really bad at trolling.

    • DX Staff

      No one's telling you to agree fucktard. We just think Drake advanced hiphop further than Nas. His big moment came with illmatic and then the rest of his albums were ok at best.

    • Joe

      DAH FUKK?? I can't believe you just put Drake over Nas. You have poor taste.

    • DX Staff

      He is a terrific singer and speaks about how to please women. You don't see eminem doing that. "Nas is overrated??? Yet here I was actually thinking your comments are worth reading. What an Idiot, going on and on about Drake yet you can claim Nas is overrated." Someone's feelings got hurt today.

    • Anonymous

      Take Care is respectful? Gotta be trolling.

    • DX Staff

      Like we said, its ok. Just not the 5/5 album almost everyone gives it. It's more like 3/5. Take Care is a lot closer to 5/5. It's respectful hiphop without soley dedicating to money and cars.

  • chris

    dammit soren baker. you are my new arch nemisis. you always had to be that guy.

    • DX Staff

      I see a bunch of people being pissed off just because their favorite rapper is being snubbed. Biggie made a great album but Puff Daddy had a fantastic debut with memorable lines and great guests.

    • Anonymous

      Who the fuck puts The Carnival over Life After Death? The Carnival is one album that's more cluttered than Biggie's double album.

    • uhh...

      You mean... the guy with an actual opinion? You hate those types? Figures..

  • Anonymous

    Any year Eminem won best album was fluke and there were better albums out. I do agree with Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury over Release Therapy. wth was that?? P.S. Fishscale and More Fish are very slept on Wu albums

  • june.sandefur

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  • GOOB

    Kendrick's album was better obviously, but Macklemore had WAY MORE IMPACT commercially than Good Kid did. It's pretty easy to see why Macklemore won.

    • Anonymous

      Mack's album did not register on anywhere near the same level that Kendrick's did within the Hip-Hop community.

  • C'mon Son


  • Its sharp

    Slim Shady LP deserved the win cant believe Naughty by Nature beat Illmatic Infamous and e.1999 that's fuckin insane. Matter fact all them are apart from shady lp

  • bpitts

    I don't agree The Roots - Things Fall Apart should have received something. Same with outkast~!

  • zivaldo

    How about Drake's R&B album beating out Nas last year?

    • Anonymous

      Just stop yo

    • DX Staff

      Yes Drake does. His song, Hold on We're Going Home illustrates that. He's a tough nigga yet soft enough for women.

    • Anonymous

      SON. Drake does NOT treat women like equal human beings.

    • DX Staff

      Wow, u mad right now? Nas's "love song" is more of a diss against kelis after he initally complimented her. Eminem talked about killing his wife and as for andre 3k, he ain't hiphop. Drake complimented women and treated them as human beings. True there's the money and hoes songs but he also has a soft side. Life is Good is ok but nothing to write home about. His only great album was ILlmatic and everything else is ok at best.

    • El

      And "Life Is Good" is a great album. "Illmatic" is obviously his best, but "Life Is Good"'s a solid second imo.

    • El

      That's not the DX staff sayin' that.

    • ryan

      wow dx staff is retarded, and i'm a fan of drake. nas also had a love song on there. singing and rapping has been done for forever. andre 3k would do it all the time, eminem did it all the time. drake just combined r&b elements with hip-hop because 808s & heartbreaks was his shit. nas came out with a great album, production-wise, lyrical-wise, and skill-wise. very overlooked. how is it overrated if no one even talks about it.

    • DX Staff

      Drake is more than just rapping about lifestlye and money. He also rapped love songs about girls, something most rappers don't do today. Nas, in comparison, seems too critical of Kelis. Drake's ability to blend singing and rap changed hiphop landscape, not this former wannabe gangster.

    • Mac

      DX Staff ur fucking retarted, Life is Good was the first album from a veteran (fully grown up) MC that actually showed the real life struggle of a man going through divorce, parenthood, and other real life situations, rather than bragging about how much money he's made over his career and about a lavish lifestyle no one can relate to. Life is Good did more for hip hop than take care, not even comparable

    • DX Staff

      We told you, life is good was overrated. Ok I guess but Take Care did more for hiphop by taking it in a new direction.

  • Come On

    I don't see a problem with any of those picks,,, Other than this year from the example Hiphopdx showed the Grammys surprisingly got it right for the most part.

  • Ice Cassidy

    Carter III was sick as fuck too! FOH. Shit deserved it

  • Ice Cassidy

    Eminem Show was Sick! Release Therapy was Sick!! Marshall Mather LP was sick! those 3 were deserving. Other Eminem albums was Macklemorish

  • anonymous

    the eminem show should have absolutely won at the 45th grammy awards you faggots

  • Stephen A. Smith

    The Kendrick dick-riding is unbelievable. HHDX and everyone acting like Kendrick had "best rap album" locked, like it was light-years better than Yeezus and Nothing Was The Same. GKMC is crazy overrated. Any of those albums (outside of Macklemore) could have rightfully won the award, not just GKMC.

    • Stephen A. Smith.

      DX Staff getting hella salty and unprofessional on here. The comments section should be for readers to debate and offer up opinions, not for DX staff to shoot down and criticize those who don't agree with all of their opinions.

    • DX Staff

      Would Kendrick have given you money if he won? No, so shut up.

    • Skip Bayless

      Have to disagree there, I definitely feel you about GKMC being overrated but the other 2 you mentioned were even worse. Drake should not ever be brought up & Kanye seems to have lost his creative mind. Mackelmore was also Pop music so really none of those albums are worthy.

  • gun di liro

    I still can't believe Em won albums of the year for Relapse and Recovery...smh/lol. Em could put out a blank CD and he'd still win.

  • Anonymous

    soren doesnt know his ass from his face.

  • Anonymous

    Not just critical acclaim or cult boys opinions are considered when awarding grammys. Adele won AOTY in 2012, but there were dozens of albums better than hers imo.

  • Anonymous

    This one has got to be the funniest shit any of these clowns has ever been a part of: Grammy Winner: Eminem - The Eminem Show HipHopDX Staff Picks: Omar Burgess (@omarburgess): Talib Kweli - Quality Soren Baker (@SorenBaker): Cee-Lo - Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites): Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly None of those albums are even remotely close the that Em album, I can see it for his other albums but this one made me laugh.

    • Anonymous

      He's right and I have heard all those albums there all great but not eminem show damn dx hates on Em when they want to seem more underground still and they dick ride him when they want people on the site

    • Steve

      You have to have heard those albums to actually comment, clown.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, so Eminem should have never won a grammy, just keep stirring that pot DX

    • Dashing

      NO. They didn't include his Grammy for Marshall Mathers LP so obviously they agree he should have won for that.

  • DX Staff

    We all felt drake deserved that award. He took hiphop into a more relatable direction to women and all you want to do is hate on drake. Nas is overrated BTW.

  • Chris Etrata

    I'm surprised hhdx did not mention that nas should have won over drake.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that these so called editors got different opinions means is subjective.

    • DX Staff

      Funny how we're the so called editors getting paid a great salary and you're still a lowly, minimum wage drone.

  • Anonymous

    this is why people shouldnt take these awards so seriously

  • Anonymous

    Lol...@ sslp, TeS and recovery not deserving. Suck it DX.

  • Floss

    Who REALLY should have won the rap categories this year http://sofa-kinghiphop.tumblr.com/post/75056575223/who-should-have-won-the-grammys-for-rap

  • joe

    eminem and lil wayne pretty much deserved those awards

  • Anonymous

    HHDX turning into Eminem haters lately... wtf

    • Anonymous

      They have been hating on him lately..he's usually the only mainstream rapper that doesn't get much hate on here cus he can still spit anyone denying that is lying but recently the hate on him is just so they seem more underground and against the mainstream

    • Anonymous

      ^ Recovery is one of the two worst albums of Em's career. Don't even start putting that shit up like its actually good.

    • Anonymous

      They also called Marshal Mathers LP 2 the biggest let down of 2013. That, and the fact that they couldn't even agree that the Grammy's actually had it right with Recovery as best rap album, I would say that I smell a little bit of hate for Eminem lately

    • Anonymous

      I doubt those album were better.

    • Anonymous

      saying someone else had a better album doesnt mean they're hating

  • Anonymous

    are you fucking kidding me with SSLP and Eminem show not deserving??

  • CulturesClothing

    The Grammy Committee gets it wrong pretty much every year. Macklemore's more talented than people give him credit for (check out his 2005 album "Language of My World" for proof...real Seattle Soul Hip-Hop)...but I don't think Macklemore or Kendrick should have won Hip-Hop Album of the year. No disrespect to Kendrick...I think that he's dope and his album was better than "The Heist"...but there were just better Hip-Hop albums in 2012: -Trophies O.C. & Apollo Brown -Monochrome Skies Epidemic -Skelethon Aesop Rock -The Idea of Beautiful Rapsody And these albums were dope too: -Home Is Where The Art Is Substantial -First Of A Living Breed Homeboy Sandman -3 Typical Cats -Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them Blu & Exile -Detroit Revolutions Clear Soul Forces -Magna Carta Melanin 9 -Control System Ab-Soul -Cancer 4 Cure EL-P -Beats For Brothels Vol. 2 The Doppelgangaz -Self Sacrifice Mello Music Group -The Purpose Of Confidence Purpose & Confidence ^^^No hate...I like Kendrick. He's really talented. There were just better albums in 2012 in my humble opinion

    • D-Train

      My man you know your hip hop and I like most of the albums that you placed... Kdot is cool for the radio but heads arent going crazy over him.....He raps over terrible radio beats and his flow doesn't cat me but he can rap... All the Grammy winners have been bad and the HHDX choices have been bad as well... The Mobb Deep Nas one is the only won they hit on the head and I loved both albums....

  • Anonymous

    It's not called Aquemeni.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I agree with the Eminem and Lil Wayne picks but everything else is retarded, how does some no name beat out Illmatic or Pdiddy beatin out Biggie. And lastly Macklemore beating Kdot smh

  • Anonymous

    How about when the Black Album lost?!

  • real rap

    Killer mike should have one, fuck all that commercial shit.