Infographic - Precious Medals: The 2013 Hip Hop Gold & Platinum Plaques

From Jay Z & Samsung's multi-platium partnership to Pharrell's chart domination, HipHopDX details the artists who brought home plaques this year.

Each year, HipHopDX looks back at the accomplishments of the producers, emcees and artists that helped make the past 365 days memorable. Whether it’s revisiting club classics like Ace Hood’s “Bugatti” or experimental projects like Kanye West’s Yeezus, the soundtrack to 2013 was a varied one. Hip Hop saw J. Cole’s rise to superstar status and the continued world domination of Jay Z.

To make decoding the commercial success of Magna Carta Holy Grail and all of last year’s releases easier for you, we’ve created a list of all of the best-selling singles and albums that dropped between December 7, 2012 and December 7, 2013. Speaking of decoding, we’re using two methods to calculate sales for this year’s edition of “Precious Medals.” Nielsen—which is a global information and management company—produces a weekly SoundScan report we use to verify album sales. Our annual tally of album and single sales are also substantiated by the Recording Industry Association of America—the trade organization that supports and promotes the creative and financial vitality of the major music companies. These are two completely separate entities, and that may help explain why the math in albums sales can get so confusing. The RIAA instituted the practice of issuing gold and platinum awards based upon sales; hence the name “Precious Medals.”

Take a look at the artists who helped make 2013 another successful year for Hip Hop.

2013 Rap Albums And Singles That Went Gold And Platinum


Infographic - Precious Medals: The 2012 Hip Hop Gold & Platinum Plaques

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  • RealTalk

    get lucky is trash. The worst single daft punk have put out.

  • RealTalk

    Also why is beautiful there? Miguel and Mariah don't do hip hop.

  • q

    where is rick Ross and his group

  • Rene Sevier

    up to I looked at the draft which was of $9739, I did not believe that my sister was like actualey receiving money in their spare time from their computer.. there neighbour had bean doing this 4 only about twenty three months and at present cleard the loans on their house and bourt a gorgeous Lotus Elan. you could check here... www.Tec80.Com Damn!! this nigga was doing it back then, and Drake is supposed to have better rhyme skills than this dude? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GTFOH.

  • C

    Rich as Fuck is double platinum and Love Me is platinum.

  • Theove

    before I saw the paycheck which had said $9291, I didn't believe that my mom in-law woz like they say actualey earning money part time from there pretty old laptop.. there brothers friend has done this for only ten months and just repayed the dept on there mini mansion and got a top of the range Land Rover Defender. check here,,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

    Ace Hood Bugatti is actually platinum, dumbasses

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy got that gold single but wheres Ricky Ross? I thought they said Officer Ricky ended Jeezy's career?

    • Anonymous

      no games is a commercial single, don't tell me that trash was hip hop

    • John Blaze

      To make it worse Jeezy wasn't even in an album promo cycle when R.I.P. popped off nigga just dropped on a mixtape and kept it movin'....

    • Anonymous

      devil is a lie with jay-z aint a commercial single? Ross has 3 singles all on itunes all were announced as Mastermind singles! just cause it flops dont make them not commercial singles all of a sudden

    • Anonymous

      only idiots said that you cant end someones career if their last album sells more than yours a year after you start dissing them...n ross only released box chevy n no games this year those arent commercial singles