Pushed Aside: How Kanye West Failed Pusha T As An Executive Producer

Pusha T is a better rapper, artist, personality and creative force than was shown on "My Name Is My Name." A "G.O.O.D." deal of the blame lies with the album's executive producer, Kanye West.

Quite possibly the first mainstream, urban musical genius of the 21st century, Kanye West is gifted at many things. However, as a new-school Atlas, he recently shrugged and a very bad thing happened. Of the many things for which 2013 should be best remembered, the most poignant of these is West starting to show strain from bearing the gravity of a new school globe. In re-imagining his own career from that of supremely focused and goal-oriented emcee to that of the architect of an aggressively next-level society, his level of focus and dedication to creating this environment is impressive. However, in being the creator and initial beneficiary of his own creation, it’s arguable that Mr. West (and only Mr. West) is ultimately best served in a creative space crafted in his personal passions and motivations. There may be no better proof of this argument than in studying G.O.O.D. Music—the label founded in the image of Kanye’s re-branding of the universe—and namely G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T’s 2013 release My Name Is My Name. As executive producer of the project, the lack of synergy between Kanye’s influence and Pusha’s obstinate, iconic style created what I felt was a highly underwhelming album. Is Kanye West a genius best beholden to his own career? Or, is he an enfant terrible reaching his terrible twos in need of time to learn how to walk in a better defined direction? Either way, it’s this columnist’s belief that save some amazing moments, My Name Is My Name was underwhelming, hot garbage and Kanye needs to get his act together, or just become a selfish monster of a creative left to his own amazing devices.

The Case For Pusha T As Gangster Rap’s Last Best Hope

Aside from the moments when Kendrick Lamar put the Rap game on alert with “Control” and mentioned, “Your career ain’t shit unless you got some Kendrick in it” during Top Dawg Entertainment’s “BET Hip Hop Awards” cypher, the choice for the most compelling emcee of 2013 begins (and ends) with Pusha T. “Numbers On The Boards” leaked as a single in April with an official release a month later, and the game was on.

At present, Rap’s an industry wherein young emcees make the starting five and old emcees sit on the bench. To continue the basketball analogy, the Rap industry has become a fundamentally unsound game defined by gimmicky fast-break offenses without much of a thought as to defensive measures being taken at any point. Young performers excel here because they are literally playing an (depending on who you ask) evolved sport. Old performers sit on the bench and grumble, yet they cannot leave the game, because by name (but not by actual fact) it’s all they know. It’s a sad, pathetic notion to consider, but it’s entirely true.

Pusha T is the realest rapper left in the game, the guy who sat on the bench for a bit, but before resigning himself to anger, got everyone in the league strung out on dope and rendered inactive for the rest of their careers. Amazingly enough, Schoolboy Q recently told MTV, “There are no more gangster rappers.” However, Q’s statements (which also included calling himself a “gangster rapper”) would appear to be short-sighted and entirely self-serving in the context of what Pusha says on the lyrical slaughter that is “Numbers On The Boards,” as well as “Nosestalgia,” his September released duet with Kendrick Lamar (intriguingly the de facto team leader of Schoolboy Q’s TDE camp). Between head butting his side bitch, contemplating dealing drugs for the fuck of it, discussing how dope his is at dealing dope, and the nature of dying (either as a dealer or an abuser) from the drug game, Pusha T isn’t just the best gangster rapper left, he’s clearly angling to be the best gangster rapper ever.

Revisiting The “Kanye West Process” Of Executive Production

If curious as to what the job of executive producer on a music album entails, and moreover, how Kanye failed Pusha, there’s no better place to examine than the Discovery Channel’s curiosity.com, which states the following in their entry:

George Martin, executive producer of the Beatles, said that an executive producer is like a movie producer and a director all rolled into one. Except for those who work for large record labels, most executive producers focus on the creative side and let music agents make the deals. The executive producer usually chooses the musicians and technicians for a record, decides where and when to record, and manages the production budget and timetable. Sometimes one gets the title of executive producer just because he's footing the bill. When a producer is independent or works for a small label, he may handle things like songwriting, vocal arrangements and sound engineering. He may also approve what the album cover looks like, as well as working on the distribution and marketing of the albums.

Now that we have clarity regarding the scope of this situation, let’s introduce Kanye West, 21st century creative genius-as-executive producer into the scene. It’s an entirely arguable point that at no point of Kanye’s career has he ever expressed a desire to learn about, or shown a particular wealth of previous knowledge of either the drug trade or gangsterism. Unlike Pharrell Williams (Pusha T’s former label head and producer/mentor), Kanye’s also not shown himself to be particularly adept at listening to and developing an artist based around first separating his own creativity from that of his artist. Every great moment of late for a Kanye West-branded artist (meaning those signed to G.O.O.D. Music) has involved Kanye attempting to outshine them. West’s appearances on songs like “Clique” could easily feel like West behaving in a manner similar to a stage parent attempting to live out their stalled dreams through their begrudgingly willing offspring. In some moments in the history of G.O.O.D. Music, the label feels as though it would be better served being known as “G.O.M.D. Music”—“getting out our dreams” being replaced by “getting out my (Kanye’s) dreams”—that reflects what actually is happening.

In discussing the weaknesses of Kanye West as Executive Producer of Pusha T’s album, it may be of value to visit an interview that “King Push” had with Josh Phelps of Washington, DC blog Brightest Young Things regarding working with Kanye West:

“The single’s ready to go, but the single has to go through the ‘Kanye West’ process of production. And, you know, you’ve heard about it, you see it every time with his albums, and at the end of the day, he’s so involved in my project that now I go through the ‘Kanye West’ process of marking off all the boxes before the album drops, the single drops, or the date is released.

I just left him with the single. It’s funny, man…I go to Paris and we go through the album and he’s like, ‘Man, here’s what I love. Here’s what I don’t love.’ And [he tells me] what he himself wants to add production wise. It’s his whole executive producer process...We go through the whole album, he listens to the lyrics—he listens to everything—and he says to me, ‘I want you to re-spit this line. I can tell you got a cold.’ And I say, ‘Alright, you know, I really did.’ And his biggest thing with me is: ‘Pusha, your biggest asset is your voice, which is your best instrument. I’d love to have a voice that cuts through music the way that yours cuts through.’

“It’s really different than what I’ve done, but I can say this: He lets me do the body of my work. He gives me the full scope of what he thinks about it, and when he’s adamant about something then he just is, and that’s just it. I’m a student when it comes to this. When I work with Kanye West, when I work with Pharrell, when I work with The-Dream, when I work with Swizz, I’m a student. I’ve never claimed to be the best song-maker, or best album-maker. I always claimed to be one of the best rappers, you know what I’m sayin’? I think that’s the difference. It’s like, man, if I’m the best rapper, I can wear that. I feel like I can go toe to toe with anybody in that. But when it comes to making records, I have no clue what the production side of life is about, especially the executive producer side of life. So, I back out…If I act like I know everything, I see myself losing.”

Before continuing, it may be wise to contrast Pusha T’s thoughts about working with Kanye against those regarding working with Pharrell Williams. He said the following in an interview with French website booska-p.com:

“‘Kanye West, a lot of times, he gives me the skeleton of a beat,’ he said. ‘He’ll play either a sample or he’ll play me like, just an idea and he’ll ask me to write a verse to what I like in that idea…I’ll lay that verse down on that part of the beat, and then he takes the record and creates around my verse, versus Pharrell, a lot of times, I’ll go into the studio and he already has the beat, and then I lay a verse to the beat and it’s a done deal."

“He added, ‘Both of these guys are perfectionists in their own right. Pharrell, I think he works a little bit off of feeling, and I think Kanye is a master of structure and a master of tapping into knowing what people are going to reaction to and respond to. He’s really like a hit-maker and having that knowledge of what’s going on in America and…the world and exploiting that.’”

Pusha T is arguably one of the few legendary emcees still relevant in the current era. In working with his caliber of emcee, is it wiser to allow them the ability to tell their own story with a minimal filter (as seems to be the case of his time with Pharrell Williams); or, do you do as Kanye did on My Name Is My Name, and color their socially, culturally and verbally with what West called “the vernacular of the times” in his interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe? Clearly, both of these conceptual constructs have worth, but one certainly may have a more populist appeal.

Pinpointing Where Kanye & Pusha T’s Union Went Wrong

The last time Pusha T rapped on a project featuring executive production by Pharrell Williams was 2009’s Clipse release Til The Casket Drops. According to data from Nielsen SoundScan, the album sold 31,000 copies in its first week. The prior recording that featured a Williams/Pusha T connection was 2006’s very well received Hell Hath No Fury, which sold 78,000 copies in its initial week of sale. Comparatively, the Kanye/Pusha T executive producer/artist connection teamed for 74,000 first week sales. Usually, with album sales figures, rules of attrition for numbers of records moved are necessary. However, consider that since 2006, album sales figures have stagnated, while it can be argued that Pusha T’s level of renown has grown. Thus, one could feasibly extrapolate that My Name Is My Name—given the extraordinarily strong performances on the tracks leading into the album’s release—should have been the album that catapulted him on a level of sales figures alone to a level closer to the 793,000 album first week recently achieved by Eminem. Pusha himself may believe that he released the year’s best Rap album. However, as a solid number two artist on the G.O.O.D. Music roster, having the type of year that Pusha T is having lyrically on some of the most stark and creative Rap landscapes of the year—with a well-known label and high marketing potential behind him–selling roughly 1/11th as many albums in week one as Slim Shady should be considered an absolute and complete fail by all parties involved in the production and marketing of the album.

These three things are true: Hindsight is 20/20, I have no first-degree knowledge of Pharrell Williams, and I do not know the current emotional state of Pusha T. However, I can’t imagine that the one-two punch of rapping in a manner similar to once-popular Bad Boy rhymer Ma$e and having Kelly Rowland sing a hook on his song are two things that are within the wheelhouse of Pusha T’s set of talents and/or expectations of his fanbase. However, on “Let Me Love You,” both of these things occur—both under the executive production of Kanye West. It’s clear that there are other moments as well that are meant to use Pusha T’s clear, distinct and distinguished voice as a dissonant instrument. The Ab-Liva collaboration “Suicide” features production with minimalist squelches that sound akin to a minor-key “Ni**as in Paris.” The combo of sour and salty that Kanye likely wanted is certainly progressive, but does not work as Pusha ain’t salty about shit. With or without Rap money, I think he’s still the one of the hardest and realest artists in the industry. These are two of many examples of seemingly inexcusable errors by Kanye West in executive producing this album. In misrepresenting the creative strengths of his own artist, Kanye created unnecessary imperfections on by what all means—given the level of talent and consistently top-tier creative output of the artist involved—should be a perfect album.

Pusha T is a better rapper, artist, personality and creative force than was shown on My Name Is My Name. It can be argued that he is to street reality what Kanye West is to avant-garde showmanship. Thus, it may have been best if these two artists on the same level worked with and not for each other to achieve best results. However, instead of a duet, Kanye executive produced Pusha T. The one question that must be asked then, is why this would need to happen? If you listen to West’s rant at the beginning of the live listening session for My Name Is My Name in New York City, when Yeezus says, “Don’t act like y’all didn’t base your whole shit, your whole lifestyle off of this nigga Pusha T,” it’s an impressive and true statement. However, is it possible that some other notion could be at work, too?

Maybe Kanye is at a point of his career where he’s bored and wanted to see if he could replicate the executive production excellence of Pharrell Williams? Yes, as absurd as it seems, it’s entirely possible to contemplate this idea. Just as simply as I researched the numbers, Kanye can see that Hell Hath No Fury—likely one of the best respected Rap albums of the past 10 years—only sold 78,000 copies in its all important first week of release. Thus, in a show of hubris, Kanye could believe that, even in a depressed album market, that he could craft a Pusha T album that could outsell Pharrell’s work with The Clipse. As well, he could do so by attempting to paint a Pusha T picture using his own paints and creative influence, and not those of fellow master King Push.

Sometimes—as an August 16, 2012 headline reads from Fast Company—“You can’t be effective [as a leader] when you’re too smart for your own good.” In overestimating his own abilities and thus, quite possibly accidentally devaluing the talents of Pusha T, Kanye West has likely suffered his greatest public defeat. The nature of the question of if Kanye will recover from this failure rests squarely on the same shoulders upon which he has decided to attempt to balance the rest of the creative universe. Maybe Kanye needs to think about adjusting his heavy, and likely tiring workload. The creative forces he’s working with at present have him wearing Confederate flags, preparing to marry Kim Kardashian, being a rock star, releasing Yeezus (an album that arguably nobody had to buy but everyone had to hear) and more. Over-executive producing an album that maybe he didn’t need to executive produce definitely took things in Kanye’s life a step too far. However, if Kanye were to tell me that he knew the kind of 2013 that Pharrell was going to have—and that he didn’t want him to win at everything—then maybe (just maybe) I’d reconsider being so harsh.

Marcus Dowling is a veteran Washington, DC-based writer who has contributed to a plethora of online and print magazines and newspapers over the past fifteen years. Follow him on Twitter at @marcuskdowling.


  • Anonymous

    Is it me or didn't HHDX originally give MNIMN a very good rating?

  • Anonymous

    You got to do some editing in the future. Use spell check next time. That was a lot of hot garbage by the way. MNIMN is one of the best albums to come out this year by the way!

  • Jero

    Marcus K. Dowling: "1)Had Dr Dre or someone more prominent executive produced MNIMN, I guarantee you it would've sold 200,000 in the first week at the very least and EVENTUALLY went platinum. " - I'm sure Bishop Lamont, Rakim, Truth Hurts, Slim the Mobster, Joell Ortiz etc. All felt the same way before being dropped without doing any of those figures you mentioned. "Ask yourself, how many times did My Name get pushed back? At one point, it seemed like it was the new Detox: everybody panned any physical sign of a release date. And versatility? Are you kidding me? When you have records with the Dream & Kelly Rowland, you're as versatile as they get." - You don't even know why the album was pushed back. Blaming Kanye isn't the answer. We know why Detox is pushed back. Dre isn't inspired in making what he feels to be great music. In other words, he doesn't believe the album is good enough so he keeps re-working at it. Point - the music isn't there. Same goes for Pusha T. 2)The Clipse will ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, be the Clipse no matter who's on the hook or who's featured. They can make a name for themselves even WITHOUT a feature. They're that GOOD. - And you are entitled to your emotion. Fact is, Pharrell and or Chad is just as important as Malice and Push. And without Pharrell, The Clipse lose that direction and signature sound which musically handicaps them. Not saying they are wack without assistance, but they aren't as good. 3)Kanye's skills and overall judgment are fading just like his continually deluding mindset due partially to his inflated ego. Ye should have been on his job and given Push a SOLID release date instead of pushing back the album for the last 4 years. - Pusha chose to sign with Kanye's "inflated" ego that also hosts a 21 Grammy resume. His "SOLID" release date wouldn't have changed a thing. Push needs to create BETTER hooks/choruses and overall music. "I agree with some of the things you just said. HOWEVER, when I say that Pusha should have sold numbers close to Eminem's sales figures, I'm stating that in a PERFECT WORLD, IF he were to somehow change his overall image and his subject matter, then MAYBE he could've sold Eminem numbers. The truth is, Push is not exactly a safe rapper. He took a demonic approach to MNIMN and not everyone can relate to a drug dealing rapper. Yes, I realize that possibility is astronomical, even impossible. Only a handful of musicians can do the numbers that Em did (Drake, Jay, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift), so there is no way in HELL that Pusha would do those kinds of figures. It's just not possible. Thank you." - "in a PERFECT WORLD", every artist is selling Eminem numbers. It's not a perfect world is it? ;) Dismantling this guy is too easy...

  • P.Skill

    First off Great article. Very well written and concise to the point you were trying to make. I have to agree with some of the points made here because I feel as if that a lot of this is true surrounding Kanye as a producer, especially as the "parent" out their dreams through their child. Here's what I have to say about Pusha T's MNIMN is that it couldn't do Em, Jay, Drake or JT or even Kendrick numbers due to the fact it wasn't as creative, experimental or a "break from the norm" as much as their albums were. Lets get real, Kanye's last album wasn't even able to J. Cole numbers LOL! And not that I think Born Sinner was a bad album, but Yeezus was definitely, creatively, a better album in my opinion. Pusha can have The Dream and Kelly Rowland on a track, that does not make him diverse. That makes a "feature". What makes diversity is having someone like Rick Rubin executive produce your album (who btw is a Musical God when it comes to producing) and basically reconstructs your thinking, beat making, and lyrics accordingly to the music. This is exactly what Rubin has done with Eminem, Kanye and Jay This makes diversity. But heres where the article is true Kanye was too worried about his own music to take the same kind of elements he probably has learned throughout the years and applying it to his own music. There are too many "trap"/"gangster" artists out there right now rapping about cocaine and pushing dope; i.e. Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, and just about every southern artist to come out in the last 5 years! I see what you were trying to do with throwing Schoolboy Q in the mix, but he's not on the same level as Pusha, basically because their definitions, and yours, of gangsta rap don't meet the same criteria. Pusha will have to experiment more. He'll have to be more vocal to Kanye or whoever is pushing his album so that he can expand his skills, his music and even his audience the way someone like Kendrick Lamar has. Kendrick is a pretty artistic guy. The visuals in his videos pre "Good Kid, m.A.A.d City" was showing a different element of real life, for him. Pusha T still likes to post up in the hood, show shots of junkies and how he's still gutta gutta. I appreciate this but at the same time, I want to see Pusha T push himself further than that. Why? Because I truly feel he's capable of doing so. Ironic how his name is Pusha T, but can't push his own music properly No hate, just saying. Lastly, Kanye is in self-absorbed mode at the moment. He's a genius with his own music, he's done well with people like Kid Cudi and a handful of others in the past but he has to really be able to dedicate his time to his artist if really want to build a label. Anyone remember Common's "BE" album? GREAT ALBUM! You can tell that Kanye was heavily influenced on that album and that him and Common had a good chemistry all throughout that album. Unfortunately, that was not the case with Kanye and Pusha T Hell, I heard Kanye do more talking than Pusha T at Pusha's own album release party. Pusha should speak up, Kanye should take a back seat, and maybe let one ego step up as the other steps down and then we may see something better than MNIMN from both the Executive producer and the artist in question. And thats all I have to say about that Great article. Thanks for letting me ran.t

    • Daniel

      Great article and a very intelligent response. I completely agree; Kanye should step aside and let his artists shine. Let go of the bike and let Pusha ride his two-wheeler.

  • Freida Pinto

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  • Anonymous

    no one can do Gangsta Rap better than Game in this era...Push's not even close

  • BeTrue

    Worst article ever...untrue.

  • Jero

    This is the most inaccurate article I've read in a while. I expect more from you hiphopdx. Was this created for the sake of popular discussion or are you all that transparent and in denial to all of Kanye's achievements as an executive producer? Specifically you Marcus Dowling. 1. Pusha T. is a great artist, but the only person holding Pusha T. back is not Malice, Pharrell nor Kanye West, but PUSHA T himself. While MNIMN is a very solid album, it's only as underwhelming as Pusha T's performance - he has not demonstrated any versatility in his entire career. 2. Grindin', Cot Damn, When's The Last Time, Ma I Don't Love Her, Gangsta Lean - All popularized Malice and Pusha T. into their identity of "The Clipse". All of these major tracks that make up Lord Willin' feature someone else on the hook - mostly Pharrell. Take away the Neptunes influence and "Pharrell's direction" then there would be no Clipse. Point - they have no musical direction in the first place. 3. You are clearly jumping on the ANTI-KANYE bandwagon by blaming Kanye for Pusha T's failures. If anything, Kanye saved Pusha T.'s album, and if Push has a problem with it, he needs to improve on his own abilities. P.S. Your sales projection skills or lack of, should have you thrown out of the building. How does 31k, 78k and 74k average out to: "the tracks leading into the albums releaseshould have been the album that catapulted him on a level of sales figures alone to a level closer to the 793,000 album first week recently achieved by Eminem." ??????????????? Marcus Dowling, get a new job. You just wasted my time and everyone elses who expected a dope article on one of the greatest musicians of our generation.

    • Marcus K. Dowling

      1)Had Dr Dre or someone more prominent executive produced MNIMN, I guarantee you it would've sold 200,000 in the first week at the very least and EVENTUALLY went platinum. Ask yourself, how many times did My Name get pushed back? At one point, it seemed like it was the new Detox: everybody panned any physical sign of a release date. And versatility? Are you kidding me? When you have records with the Dream & Kelly Rowland, you're as versatile as they get. 2)The Clipse will ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, be the Clipse no matter who's on the hook or who's featured. They can make a name for themselves even WITHOUT a feature. They're that GOOD. 3)Kanye's skills and overall judgment are fading just like his continually deluding mindset due partially to his inflated ego. Ye should have been on his job and given Push a SOLID release date instead of pushing back the album for the last 4 years. I agree with some of the things you just said. HOWEVER, when I say that Pusha should have sold numbers close to Eminem's sales figures, I'm stating that in a PERFECT WORLD, IF he were to somehow change his overall image and his subject matter, then MAYBE he could've sold Eminem numbers. The truth is, Push is not exactly a safe rapper. He took a demonic approach to MNIMN and not everyone can relate to a drug dealing rapper. Yes, I realize that possibility is astronomical, even impossible. Only a handful of musicians can do the numbers that Em did (Drake, Jay, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift), so there is no way in HELL that Pusha would do those kinds of figures. It's just not possible. Thank you.

  • g.d.stubbs

    you've all been trolled. some harder than others. guard your ghosts!

  • Kim k is a cum-dumpster

    fuck that bitch kanye all day but that was one boring ass article your editorials are going the way of your album reviews down the fuckin toilet

  • Optimus Rhyme

    No one should be surprised that Push made a lacklustre, forgettable album. Don't blame Kanye. Push is not built to be a solo artist. Nothing else to it. He has talent, but the guy is the definition of 1 dimensional content. And by content you all know what i'm specifically talking about. I knew from the jump that his album would turn out like this. Even if some believe it is a top 5 album of 2013, that's not really saying much at all.

  • Anonymous

    Even the album title is shit

  • Anonymous

    Pusha T isn't strong enough a rapper to have a successful solo career, sorry, but even as the Clipse it was all about The Neptunes production nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Clipse suck, they only had a career because of cutesy production and white nerd indulgence. Who the fuck expect this lame to do better under anyone's umbrella? Memphis Bleek and Rustee Juxx feel your pain, asshole.

  • Anonymous

    Pusha is one of the most overrated, piece of shit, stereotypical "rappers" of all-time. All he raps about is bitches, drugs, and money, all with one syllable, forced rhyming, and absolutely no creativity or concept. Fuck him, fuck DX for sucking his dick, and fuck anybody who actually sits back and considers Pusha anything more than another clown in this childish circus we call, The Rap Game. I can't believe out of ALL the talent out there, these bitches choose to write about Pusha T... seriously? Where's Elzhi? Sage Francis? One Be Lo? ELMNT? XV? Soul Khan? Dumbfoundead? I can go on and on. Pusha T is a hoe, a rap hoe, he's only interested in dancing on stage for 13 year old white boys from Utah, not creating music, his catalogue and career won't be remembered 2 weeks after he quits, he's as irrelevant as Vanilla Ice's acting career.

  • donde b

    Look-regardless of if you think MNIMN is top five of the year, we can all probably agree that thats not saying shit these days. PUt the top five this year against top five from 2005.. Its not that the talent of rappers on the earth is gone. The problem now is that great songs/albums aren't made. To make a classic, you must have songs that can last and be played over and over again without getting tired. Hell Hath No Fury was a classic; you can still play it today and ride with it. Albums like MNIMN, however, are out of your rotation after a few months. I blame producers, labels, and rappers for all of this. When was the last classic cd? Like one that you'd put up against the blueprints, 2001s, illmatics, etc." Agree with you there dude...its a lot on the production side of things. We really havent had classic cds in the last few years. Some good ones, but nothing like what the classics are

    • Anonymous

      Why does everyone compare today's music to music of the past? Get over it man. The game has changed and today's dudes are going through different sh*t than the dudes from the past. Different experiences equals different musical content so you may not get the same feeling you had when you listen to today's music

  • mayne


  • mayne


  • Anonymous

    Fuck your opinion,this album is DOPE!period

  • Anonymous

    The writer is a kanye hater lol MNIMN easily the best if not one of the best this year.

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    if he a gangsta rapper im barak obama! #whatajoke

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    uptil I saw the draft four $5518, I have faith that...my... sister had been realie taking home money in their spare time from there pretty old laptop.. there sisters roommate has been doing this 4 less than eighteen months and by now repaid the loans on there home and bought a top of the range Lexus LS400. have a peek at this site... www.Fb39.com but was good and by far the best album of 2012. So far Kendrick got 2 classics with S.80 being one of the greatest pieces of music of this decade.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    First off, there is no way Pusha is getting anything close to Em numbers and you can't blame the numbers on Kanye. Clipse featured with Justin Timerberlake on his debut track! Grindin was a huge banger but Lord Willin' did't go platinum in it's year of release. 2002 and it went gold. Not even sure if it's platinum to this day. MNIMN is one of the albums of the year. Each to their own but no idea why DX is hating on it. Sounds to me like they wanted Pusha to sell out a little. Many things I dislike about Kanye but musically, I give him his dues for not selling out with this album and pushing T for more commercial radio friendly hits like so many rapper/execs do these days. Just look at Slaughterhouse. That album was weak because they went for sales. Meek is another one and he's one of the few artists like Pusha that is a street rapper but he keeps rhyming over trap beats and going for club bangers. His debut was a mix of street and sweet! That doesn't work and I hate when artist make blatant crossover records. It's the same problem Jadakiss had or has anyone listened to that piece of shit Joe Budden 'No Love Lost' album compared to his Mood Muzik material? Nah, Kanye did a great job of making sure Pusha steered clear of that route. He wanted less commercial and I'm guessing he probably wanted that Kelly Rowland and Young Jeezy track cut from the album because those are the two tracks with more crossover appeal. Hats off to Kanye for thinking like an artist and telling Pusha to do what he does best. Strictly coke rap and fuck the radio! That's Hip Hop! I respect Ye for that even though a disagree with a lot of his bullshit! Plus, he's still talking about Pusha releasing more albums and keeping busy! That's what I'm talking about. That's support. It's a different approach to what Hov does. Jay will sit on an artists album for years until they come up with some radio friendly joint or a trend. He needs to forget all that because it's killing Hip Hop. Pusha may not have got the numbers but his names out there because the work is solid!

  • Marcus K. Dowling

    I still think My Name shoulda did Em numbers And I don't mean to steal his thunder (but) When is Ye gonna drop Cruel Summer? So I can pull that chopper on his ass, that won't be a cool summer Leather kilt wearing fag couldn't produce a hit Even if he constipated, he still couldn't produce some shit Ugh, you know he disgusts me I feel sorry if you but them Yeezys, they ugly I'll do Push a favor Get him some better snapbacks, he needs some flavor No drug dealer should wear tight clothing Rubber bands on each wrist, baggy clothes, but to each his own then Lets get back to ethering 'Ye Nas was in the past, I am ether today Fuck that closet homo He cant throw down even if his name was Tony Romo I'll take Pusha from him, get him a deal that's better Because GOOD music's played out like Cosby sweaters

    • Anonymous

      Marcus, clearly, you're gay...

    • Marcus K. Dowling

      No, I am NOT gay. I get bitches. I fuck a bitch at least 2 - 3 times a week. Soon I flash my fancy journalist paycheck, them hoes is quick to drop them panties. And if she's not fucking, I kick her out the crib.

    • Anonymous

      Marcus, clearly, you're gay.

    • Marcus K. Dowling

      First of all, the verse above was written BEFORE Cruel Sumer was slated to release. I wrote it out of anger. Second, before you call me a dumb ass, try actually reading the line in the second verse that says"And that Cruel Summer line? I'm asking 'Ye when's the sequel". I KNOW THAT CRUEL WINTER IS THE SEQUEL. IT'S A JOKE, BECAUSE I KNOW IT'LL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. Thirdly, why would I hate a job that I love and can truly excel at? Jus because I don't agree with many of your opinions & comments doesn't mean I don't respect them. As a journalist, it is important that I take everything with a little grain of truth & provide the upmost degree of professionalism that I can. Writing is not just my job or my career, it is my passion. A passion that I will forever embrace. I thank you all for your comments. Be sure to check out my next article.

    • Anonymous

      Marcus, don't be mad, UPS is hiring.

    • Anonymous

      The sequel to "Cruel Summer" would be "Cruel Winter", you dumb ass. You're a joke, just like your writing. It's funny that you proclaim that you hate the site that employs you, hopefully you get fired. You uneducated piece of shit.

    • Anonymous

      People are making you look like a big douche. Unless that's you posting as "MKD", either way, Marcus, you're a faggot.

    • Anonymous

      1500s on SAT? That shits cute I got 29 on the ACT. Compare the two and you'll be made a fool

    • sam snead

      Cool but nobody cares

    • MKD

      Yo, fuck the haters, Marcus. You dropping straight fire. They can't comprehend. Shit is going way over their heads like a 747. Drop that motherfucking science on these fuck boys, for real. Your shit is way better than anything Push, 'Ye, or anybody on Good Music ever dropped. Yo, when ya mix tape coming out?

    • Marcus K. Rowling

      That's why I hate DX These lil bitches too concerned about he, she said I'm just trying to get my bread Save up, retire, get my IRA, then I'm dead And that Cruel Summer line? I'm asking 'Ye when's the sequel So next time speak when you spoken to, you are not my equal I eat bitch niggas like y'all for breakfast lunch & dinner Tell your boy 'Ye when I see him, it's about to be a Cruel Winter Leave his ass for dead in some random pile of snow Pusha might have to shovel more than coke I'm talking about Ye's grave My grammar's good, I don' make mistakes Ha, and you ain't think I graduated college I took your bitch to the mile high club, and she's got great mileage Damn near a 1500 on them SATS I might act like a kid, but don't play with me

    • Anonymous

      This dumb motherfucker claims to have graduated "Magna Cum Laude" from Howard University? This wack ass "verse" and other one below came from somebody that didn't actually graduate Magna Cum Laude, let alone college. He definitely is into Cum.

    • Anonymous

      "When is Ye gonna drop Cruel Summer" You already failed. Get off of this site. Turn in your resignation letter, that I'm sure will be full of spelling errors and fallacies, and go cry in your bathroom about how much everybody hates you. Queer.

  • Jovan

    This is one of the best reviews/articles I've read in a long time. I appreciate the time and effort you put into explaining why you feel the way you do. Kudos to HHDX for allowing long form articles to appear on the site.

  • Anonymous

    TERRIBLE ARTICLE. What in the fuck HHDX?

  • Anonymous

    Terribly executed article, however, here's the thing: Not everyone who can rap their ass off will be a rap-game superstar. There's so much more to it than talent. Pusha T is no doubt talented, but he lacks that "it" factor.

  • Anonymous

    lol fail article. trying wayyyy too hard.

  • jerry

    Look-regardless of if you think MNIMN is top five of the year, we can all probably agree that thats not saying shit these days. PUt the top five this year against top five from 2005.. Its not that the talent of rappers on the earth is gone. The problem now is that great songs/albums aren't made. To make a classic, you must have songs that can last and be played over and over again without getting tired. Hell Hath No Fury was a classic; you can still play it today and ride with it. Albums like MNIMN, however, are out of your rotation after a few months. I blame producers, labels, and rappers for all of this. When was the last classic cd? Like one that you'd put up against the blueprints, 2001s, illmatics, etc.

    • Anonymous

      old news dawg. we used to say this shit in 2005

    • sam snead

      I Co-sign this Near Classic's since 2005 in my opinion: Common-Be (2005) Kanye - Late registration (2005) Lupe Fiasco- Food and liquor (2006) Roots- Risin Down (2008) Nas-LIfe is good (2012) Kendrick- GKMC (2012)

  • Marcus K. Dowling

    My Name Is My Name was half assed, nah scratch that It wasn't that bad, but 'Ye killed Push's career, pull the flags up half mast Now that we have that cleared up, let me get at these weird fucks aka you so called keyboard warriors who appear tough I'm a journalist first and a rapper last Soon as I see Kanye I'll put my foot in his ass I don't don't give a fuck what any of you say, My Name wasn't all that great So unless you're gay all of you can suck my dick, OK? All I have in this world is my balls and my word You don't like it? Get a life because I'm sick of you nerds I'm a DX writer, I'm a thugged out rider I'm always hungry, but I'm no biter I can out rap 'Ye , but I can't outdo Pusha We sparking a revolution, so light that kush up

  • Anonymous

    real hip hop still lives --here thank me later http://www.hulkshare.com/aciddasavage/14-north-american-music

  • Javi

    What the fuck is this dude talking about. My name is my name was dope as fuck. def top five of the year.

  • jay

    stop calling this dude a genius. he's not exceptional. he USED to be at picking samples but not anymore. he barely even makes the beats now and his lyrics are child's play.

  • Anonymous

    some how this terrible article brought out good comments for the first time in dx history.

  • RMAC

    ....giving kanye WAY to much credit (which isn't new) for his involvement with MNIMN.....I thought the album was dope (had a Neptunes feel to me) n wuz short n too the point......it didn't sell (but who does nowadays)....n shouldn't yall know by now....he doesn't bless n e of the g.o.o.d music artists he got.....them niggas just get studio time thats it.....

  • Anonymous

    Man whoever wrote this article is a fuckin lame. My Name Is My Name is a classic album. Pusha T did him. Fuck outta here...

  • Anonymous

    why is everyone talking like because Kanye EXECUTIVE produced the album that he produced every track on there. HE DIDN'T. HIS GOOD MUSIC PRODUCTION TEAM MADE THE BEATS. He signed Hudson Mohawke, Illmind, NoID, Nottz, John Glass and other producers to work for him under his umbrella. He also enlisted Pharell, Swizz Beats, and 88 Keys. Don't give Kanye credit that he doesn't deserve. With respect to the article, its on point. All of the strengths of the album lie with Pusha and his voice, and the weaknesses lie with how the album was put together. Push shouldn't be on a song with Kelly Roland. Push shouldnt have just ONE track produced by Pharell. Don't get me wrong, the album is still good, mostly due to Pusha having such strong presence, balance, and thought processes for his songs. It just could've been so much more if Kanye wasn't focused on his own album/shoe deals/turning Pusha into "street kanye". - Sway (cause I got all the answers)

  • bob

    Well Till the Casket was a shitty album that ended everyone's interest in Clipse and by any logic we would never have heard from Push again (remember Malice was the one everyone talked about). Then Kanye scooped him up, put him on years worth of hot beats and made him a household name. Now he's released an album not only better than anything he did with Pharrel other than HHNF but probably in the top three hip hop albums of the year. No one could have seen an album this strong coming after Casket came out and that's partially thanks to Kanye.

  • troofis


  • WhussupHomie

    In my opinion, Pusha T's album is fucking good. I started reading this article, first paragraph, meant nothing to me. Fuck this article.

  • GrammarNazi

    I don't know much about Pusha T but the motherfucker that wrote this needs to go back to school. There were way too many typo's so I quit reading it two or three paragraphs in.

  • SmarterChild123

    This article is stupid as fuck the whole album was close to perfect. One of the only things I don't like is the little songs we get. Kanye's production was well executed it gave everyone a little bit of everything. In my oppinion the only song that needed help was that Kelly Rowland song. If pusha T wanted that one "ladies" track he should have done more of a Runaway style of verse or that Sure Thing remix.

  • The man

    I just have to completely disagree. I think some of the weaker tracks on the album are probably the ones that Kanye wanted to take off - Ye said in an interview that there was a track on MNIMN that he didn't like because it was too commercial. I like the fact that Pusha and Ye are working together so closely, and while MNIMN wasn't quite a classic, it was a damn good album.

  • jimmysodope

    couldnt even finish the article.. you are an idiot my friend..

  • hip

    A string of consecutive articles ALL AGAINST Kanye West raises my eyebrows. I am starting to think that you are just bitter with the Genius that Kanye is. If u have got a problem with him just keep it to your fucking self rather than tarnishing the man who made the second best album of 2013 according to Roliingstone. Grow some BALLS HIPHOP"DX"=HIPHOP-DICKS!!!!KANYE IS THE MAN

    • Nah

      that's the shit with this shit. they ran some shit the other day about Kanye and the fuck with you era or some shit. that shit was dope.

  • MarcusDowlingisaMoron

    The reason why the Clipse didn't sell no damn albums, just like Pusha T, is that it's not made for the damn radio. Maybe Push should just sing on the tracks like Drake. Maybe a stint on Degrazzi: How to deal coke. Jadakiss ain't selling shxt either. Don't get it twisted, if Kanye wanted to drop a whole bunch of classic Common albums, you could consider that shxt done. Plus, My Name Is My Name is a great album. Quit hat in.

  • Rip Good Music

    Big Sean Flop Pusha T flop Teyana Taylor flop and titties does Jogn Legend fuck with Kayne anymore? Kayne smdh sad to see his demise... But he a genius... pusha T needs to leave & go independent. Mmg flopping also meek isnt gold,ross forgot torch and masspike....TDE!

  • jddgwforever

    like most of the comments i agree this wasn't a good article. If anything after he left pharrel i think kayne give this man a career it started with letting him on his comeback hit after the Taylor swift fuck up . Runway and then from there new god flow and the timely rants to give him internet hype to allow him to sale over 100k the same month drake drop is amazing. Lets be real who would have thought pusha wouldn't sold more then 2 chains and Big Sean . If kayne fucked up anyones album it would be Big Sean . Sean went from one of the hottest rappest in the game in 2012 .to that nigga that did a song with justin biber .

    • Anonymous

      Big Sean and Kanye both said that he didn't take Kanye's advice for Hall of Fame, i.e. not putting some songs on it or what singles to use. Big Sean fucked up his own shit, I like him, but Hall of Fame was trash and it was because he was riding too high on himself.


    At least Gucci is a real street nigga. Fake niggas: * Nas never sold drugs. Remember when Jay-Z said "i showed you your first tech at Large professors tour" * Pusha T never sold drugs * Ice Cube never was a gangbanger and was bullied at school according to his old forgotten homies. * Jay-Z has ZERO respect in the streets, just ask Cam'ron! * 2Pac never sold drugs. Suge Knight was the mussles behind 2pac because without him 2pac was a coward. * Eminem never killed someone or was a serial killer. His image was made up by Interscipe Records to sell records. Lol the angry frustrated white kid. * Snoop is too scared to drive around LA anymore

    • Anonymous

      He posts this same sh*t at least 5 times per week. Pay him no mind

    • anonymous

      u have to be the dumbest person ihave seen on the internet......EVER! Pusha T did sell drugs who else u know can rap so thoroughly about the game. His childhood friends and ex manager and close friend got arrested for being involved in a multi million dollar drug ring. His brother and him barely got away with it. Thats y his brother turned to christianity. Offcourse Jay Z doesnt have respect in the streets anymore hes fucking 45!!! hes not in the streets anymore and Camron would say that cuz he has beef with him cuz Jay still making money and hes mad about it. Calling Tupac a coward is the dumbest shit i heard u say besides saying Gucci is a real street nigga. What real street nigga gets a fuckin ice cream cone tatted on their cheek. A dumb nigga thats who. If u look up to dumb niggas like him and respect him for being a "real street nigga" then u got mental problems. You respect people that never shouldve gotten into the rap game instead of rap legends. Im guessing u like waka flacka and soulja boy too huh? oh and dont forget OJ da juiceman hahahaha fucking idiot

  • Anonymous

    REALLY ???????? this is bullshittt

  • Jem

    This article is really poor, whoever wrote this clearly didn't do their research, shows a huge lack of professionalism. HiphopDx I am really disappointed. The writer is very opinionated which is fine, however he/she writes from a prospective as if everyone agrees, but this album (MNIMN) has received rave reviews which they didn't mention, many people are calling it hiphop album or at least a contender for that title. Would have been okay if the writer took their own issues of the album rather try and claim this view is of the masses, because that is most certainly not the case.


    Breh this article is obviously biased tho since when does Kanye need to hold Pusha hand all the way through the creation process and honestly im not surprised that the album itself is that strong i mean be real yes Pusha is amazing but were we really expecting his rhymes to have a meaningful impact on a solo album? The niggas moment is up he just got some gas left in the tank he burning right now. Sorry hiphopdx your bloggers are fucking terrible. Freshblogdaily.tumblr.com

  • Joel

    Why any serious aspiring rapper would sign to Kanye West is beyond me. Seriously? I'm all for progressive rap/hip hop, but this moron is no longer a rapper; he's a self-obsessed, egotistic pop star chasing notoriety and fame. Name me one other serious rapper who would knock up and marry a celebrity famous for making a sex-tape with a former RnB singer and get involved in her stupid reality TV show. Imagine if Jigga got with Paris Hilton, or if Dre got with Farrah Abraham? They wouldn't. Ever. But for some reason because Kanye West does it no one seems to think twice. This morons a fool.

    • Joel

      All I'm saying is that Kanye is no longer a rapper. He's a fame-chasing pop star living in such a world. And so my point being, why would any legit, aspiring rapper want to be under that? I guess if he loves KK then good for him, perhaps I shouldn't judge. But he has created a world for himself which is all airy-fairy, non hip-hop. Don't get me wrong, I use to love Kanye's shit, I even liked a little 808s and Heartbreaks. But no one can take this guy seriously anymore.

    • someone

      why judge his music on who he bangs?! Does KK really have anything to do with the music he makes?

    • Anonymous

      Joel, get the fuck off of this site. You're one of the problems. An ignorant retard who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

  • someone

    this site has a hateful obsession with kanye where he can do no right. Almost every news page is about kanye n how you should judge his music based of his personality, not on how it sounds to your ears! fuckin dumbass site

  • Whatever

    I lost interest in the article when he wrote Pusha T is angling to be the best gangsta Rapper ever...

  • Poohcaneasy

    Marcus K. Dowling needs to go back and listen to the real MNIMN. This album was easily one of the best of the year. The production on this album is A1. Either this guy listened to the wrong album or he just has an axe to grind with Kanye West. I have to be honest, Kanye as a person is really different to say the least. But then again, most of the insanely talented people in this world usually are. It doesn't make it any worse that he tells you this every chance that he gets. But then again, he is totally in the right profession to do it. Modesty is simply not an attribute in Hip Hop!!

    • parkerbce586

      until I saw the draft ov $8259, I have faith that...my... father in law was like they say actualey taking home money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there friend brother has been doing this for under twelve months and a short time ago took care of the depts on there appartment and bourt a brand new Mini Cooper. look at here... www.Fb49.com

  • J dirty

    You know kanye is gunna half ass pusha's shit...He knows Lyricaly he cant fuck with em...probaly pisses his big headed ass off

  • sam snead

    Best Kanye produced album was common-BE and he also did alot on Blueprint, other than his first 2 albums, MBDTF was cool and different but sometimes tried to hard to be pink floyd darkside of the moon or something. Pusha T's style is not as suited for a kanye produced album as other artists though in my opinion. Pusha has a boom-bap delivery

  • Anonymous

    Yeah album definitely lacked in production. The other thing that was missing was Pusha's fast, energetic style similar to the one on the Don't Like remix. That's what I like to hear from Pusha and I felt when I did hear that on the album (didn't hear the whole album but heard a lot of it), the lyrics weren't usually as good. King Push is a good example of this. Not saying the lyrics were bad, but I expect better from Pusha T.

  • Bad Rp

    This article is a complete bad article, My name is Name was one of best hip hop albums of this year named by Rolling Stone & many major hip hop sites & newspapers, just because Kanye wasn't lirically involve doesn't mean he didn't do his job, he did a great job , you forget about the other talents needed to complete an album, which are mixing, mastering & making sure the album sounds like a complete masterpiece, this album is 5 star movie and you just a complete hater,

  • Anonymous

    A completely opinionated, bullshit article. So, are you telling us that you wanted different beats, different hooks, different features to justify Pusha's "hardness" and "realness"? Just lame, Marcus. No. People like you moan when an artist does something fresh, but will still moan if he does the usual boring stuff and doesn't sell. I thought MNIMN was dope when I got it. Still do.

  • 90's Alternative

    1st off no way Pusha could reach Eminem's achievements, because look at the influences that each artists has (Pusha = Kanye / Em = Dre)that alone signifies the difference. Dre has been around before "gangsta rap" was formed and pretty much anything he touches turns platinum (Except his Aftermath Compilation Release but that was still Dope). The comparisson would be like comparing Latrell Sprewell to Larry Bird, but hey both are dope in their own way. 2nd Kanye is losing his egotistical man, and yes Pusha would have made a more concrete album without him, but in this day and age he would have hit 70+ in the first week. 3rd this editorial seems to be trying to sniff out a difference between Pusha and Pharrell which takes away the credit from the writer. Keep the facts to the facts and not assume things....

  • Franny

    I wasent even surprised when I heard that Yeezus and My Name were recorded during the same sessions. As great as some of the album was, the Yeezus vibe was all over the album and it hurt it. The autotune whaling for no reason, the abundance of soft/chick tracks. SMH The great stuff was GREAT. When it was just Push on a fly beat, it was butter, but it just didnt feel like what his debut should have been

  • jerry

    I agree that this album could've been much better. ONe of the biggest problems, imo, was Pusha changing his flow. He had this slower flow(jay-z has done this too on his recent projects), and it just ruins the songs. He also tried to hard to have this deep, dark voice. Everything he did before sounded much more natural. We all know he is a ridiculous lyricist, and Hell Hath No Fury is one of the best rap albums ever. My question for KAnye or Pusha is: Why fix it if its not broke? The only thing I expected with Kanye was Kanye beats and the same old pusha. I was so excited for that. The truth it, however, that Kanye only produced like 5 songs by himself for Pusha in the 4 years they've been together. Moreoever, kanye production sounds nthing like it did before he signed pusha or on MBDTF.

  • Chicago Don

    King Push is my favorite MC in the game right now & I was so looking forward to the release of the album especially after "Numbers on the boards" dropped. But after picking it up I was truly dissapointed. Its not a bad album but I was was expecting so much more. Honestly his mixtapes are way better than MNIMN. The people who say its the album of the year are probably the same peolpe who listen to Drake or any other crap thats on todays radio cause thats what this album sounds like. To me its as if Kanye said lets try & make you more mainstream while forgetting the street cats who follow and support Push. I dont agree with everything that Marcus said but for the most part he was spot on. I think if Pharell had overseen the project it would been way better especially beat wise cause the beats for the most part were wack as hell...

  • Anonymous

    Woah 783,000 first week? I don't care if Quincy jones produced the album..push a ain't selling 800k first week. Pushas been nice an emcee who a lot of emcees Don't want the issue of seein on the mic.

  • Illogic93

    Damn, Marcus. You just destroyed your career.

  • Robert S. Proffitt

    until I saw the draft ov $8259, I have faith that...my... father in law was like they say actualey taking home money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there friend brother has been doing this for under twelve months and a short time ago took care of the depts on there appartment and bourt a brand new Mini Cooper. look at here... www.Fb39.com but there are multiple comic book arcs they could have chosen. no one needed to see uncle ben die yet again.

  • Anonymous

    most of the fuckboys commenting didnt even read the full article..

  • Anonymous

    Yall are crazy for calling Pusha's album "underwhelming, hot garbage." Pusha came more than correct, son.

    • Anonymous

      "its just the soft/autotune/Kanye vibe to it hurt it more than helped" that's a load of shit.

    • Franny

      I dont think its that people are saying that Push wasent spitting fire, its just the soft/autotune/Kanye vibe to it hurt it more than helped

  • Socorro Steele

    up to I saw the paycheck which said $8732, I didnt believe ...that...my mom in-law could truley receiving money part-time from there pretty old laptop.. there uncle has done this for only a year and as of now repaid the debts on their villa and got themselves a Alfa Romeo. check it out... www.Fb39.com Theres always been sumthin about you that I was able to relate to. The way you laid it out, made me an instant fan. Believe that!!!! You've always "kept it right" and that why the love you get is and will always be geniune! K.I.M

  • C

    And best gangster rapper ever? Are you kidding?

  • C

    On the whole album, Pusha says nothing about being in a gang. Q, Rock, Nip, Lucc, Glasses, YG are gangster rappers.

  • Marcus Dowling

    Here's an example for you to help you better understand my point: Say you're at some random hot dog stand in Manhattan, and the vendor asks you "what would you like on your hot dog, sir?" and you, the customer, have a critical decision to make. Do you pay 2.50 for two plain hot dogs or do you pay 5 bucks for 2 hot dogs with everything on them? The answer is B. Why? Because a hot dog with everything on it is much more satisfying than one a plain dog. The point I'm trying to make is, had Kanye put more effort in making Pusha's album instead of giving us less than we expected, then maybe he would've sold far more copies of his album.

    • mez

      No offense but his is a really bad article. I feel like you just wanted another article about Ye for traffic. First, no it is not fuckin possible for Pusha to compete with Em. No rapper in the game can compete with Em this should be obvious. Second, if anything Pusha should sell less than Hell hath no fury. Album sales are definitley down from 2006, and Pusha nor his style of rap is as popular as The Clipse was. Third Kanye went in a great direction, with a couple of perfect songs, (like Numbers and Nosestalgia). Pusha doesn't need overproduction eccentric minimalist beats are better suited for his voice, which does cut through the instrumentation perfectly. The direction went in some of the songs are what makes the album just great instead of amazing.

    • ChillSMD

      @Marcus Dowling

    • ChillSMD

      if it did lack anywhere its that the beats were a little too artsy/avantgarde but Kanye was tryna make some type of STREET MEETS THE ART WORLD thing which was really good in some areas but some areas didnt sound as natural as it could have for Pusha so you def have a point. still a great album though in my opinion..2 too many R&b joints in my opinion but Dope overall and there could have been WAY more promotion

    • ChillSMD

      you make good points somewhat because i see what you mean but you contradict yourself when you say Kanye should have concentrated more on it..wouldn't that have made it even more Kanyelike/worse? which is what was wrong with this album in the first place right? he didn't really cater to Pusha's sound/grittiness and treated like one of his own avant garde creations

    • Man...

      HELL NO I DON'T THINK PUSHA T COULD'VE DONE EMINEM NUMBERS WITH BETTER BACKING AND SUPPORT!! Wait. I didn't mean that. How about... HELL MUTHAFUCKING NO I DON'T THINK PUSHA T COULD'VE DONE EMINEM NUMBERS WITH BETTER BACKING AND SUPPORT!!!!! Drake is the biggest star of this generation and he didn't match Em's opening week numbers. If you subtract Jay Z's Samsung numbers, Magna Carta debuts 200,000 units less than Em's first week numbers. And we're talking about Pusha T? PUSHA T? That's completely unrealistic. Pusha T doesn't do Eminem numbers unless he releases a double disc WITH Eminem while teleporting back to 2003. I'm talking about the two doing completely separate albums Outkast style, where Em fans get one and Pusha fans get one. That's the only way Push comes close. And a collaborative album wouldn't work either. Em and Royce's Bad Meets Evil did less than 200,000 first week. There's nothing reasonable about your extrapolation. And if that's what you're basing Kanye's supposed failure on, then your article is even more pointless. And no, it's not better to pick B if you're allergic to toppings. if you're allergic, you lose no matter what you do for a living or what train you dickride.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye hasn't gotten lazy "these past few years", you idiot. MBDTF, WTT, and CS were the opposite of minimalistic. He decided to take Yeezus in a minimalistic direction, and that's it. Pusha is a great artist but he'll never be able to Em's numbers, ever. Em sucks dick, but he's still popular. Kanye "not doing his job as Executive Producer" is bullshit, and you know it. He's been the Executive Producer on many G.O.O.D. Music artists' albums, if you don't have a big enough buzz, then you don't sell. You lost, and this site lost by publishing your bullshit.

    • Marcus Dowling

      Ok, hypothetical situation aside, do you think that MNIMN could've done Eminem numbers had the album had better backing & support? And to response to your situation, it's much better to pick B, because sometimes more is good. No one wants something plain while they're coming from the L train to their annoying jobs @ wall street. It makes them hungrier, it's sicence. That being said, I expected more from Push. Lenght wise, the album was 12 tracks long; Kanye has gotten rather lazy these past few years. The album was way too minimalistic, in terms of beats. Stripped down to the bone like a moose in pirahna-infested waters. What I'm saying is that as a hip hop fan who enjoys a good body of work, I was severely disappointed by the lack of work put in by the executive producer, Mr West. If he had laid his hands deeper into MNIMN then it would have became a sonic goldmine, a classic for many years to come instead of this flavor of the month, came-and-went hot piece of garbage.

    • Man...

      Assuming this is actually the author... Don't try to placate us with a dumb hypothetical metaphor to explain a point you clearly didn't think through long enough. Face it, you're personally disappointed Pusha didn't sell better and are trying to pin the blame on Kanye. Your Ye Hate is bubbling past the lid you should've kept shut. But to answer your stupid hypothetical with a hypothetical, if you're allergic to toppings, you pick A. Just like Pusha T is allergic to hit records and Soundscan is allergic to Pusha T.

  • dubs

    Pushas album actually delivered critically and beat expecttions commercially in my opinion. Top 5 album of the year, can't be too bad.

  • gerritw6

    it is clear that Marcus Dowling already has a strong negative bias against Kanye. personally, I thought Pusha's album was dope. the lyrics were strong, beats were mean and features were proper. the thing is, I don't think anybody really cares about Pusha being some sort of gangsta rapper. he's like 35 or 36 years old....come on dog we all know he isn't out there slinging dope anymore. and of course he isn't going to outsell Eminem, its EMINEM for damn sake. Pusha has never reached a platform where he is going to have huge album sales. The Clipse was considered an awesome duo, but they weren't breaking records for sales at any point. let the album speak for itself. it is a strong solo debut for Pusha and I'm excited to hear what else he's gonna release. Kanye lets his artists have quite a bit of creative control...including with MNMN.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is the worst article ever written

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Hiphopdx....

  • Anonymous


  • PhillyMu

    And the consenses is: Marcus Dowling doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. When you can get most of HHDX commenters agreeing on something, you know that this dude's opinion ain't worth the keyboard I'm typing on right now. It's clear the HHDX editors chose to release this horrible column because they knew people would read the title and think "That album was pretty dope, let me see what the hell Kanye could've possibly done to fail Pusha T" and click on the link. I know the blog game is competitive, but gimmicky blog posts will only make your site lose credibility with the people who matter... Hip-Hop Heads!

    • Anonymous

      You're a joke, and so are "your niggas" that work with you. Black TMZ.

    • Marcus Dowling

      Lookere lil nigga, I don't have time to be clicking on no damn mouse and pressing spell check on the options. How come you motherfuckers can spell atrocuiously all day long, but I'm not allowed to make one or two mistakes? And y'all do that shit ON PURPOSE LOL.

    • Anonymous

      "a lot of my niggas at HHDX agree" A lot of the niggas on HHDX are fucking retarded. You fucks litter your articles with spelling errors.

    • Marcus Dowling

      First of all, it's spelled consensUs, nigga. Second, a lot of my niggas at HHDX agree that MNIMN could've been better, nigga. Kanye West is sleeping on his niggas, nigga. He don't know that the nigga Pusha T. is one half of them niggas the Clipse, nigga. The both of them niggas had the potential to be stars in their own right, nigga, but unfortunately, one of them niggas found the lord, and the other nigga's album got pushed back, nigga. Quality-wise, it was way too simplistic, nigga. I was expecting something more eclectic and outlandish, nigga. Push's coke rap is all good, but unfortunately, nigga, it leaves little to be desired. After awhile, you're left scratching your head wondering when he gonna put out songs that include magical fairies & parting at the club, my nigga. Nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Nah bro- NOBODY wants to hear "gangsta" rap anymore. I'm good with that. Fuck that self-destructive bullshit. That's why Pusha T didn't move units.

  • d

    Trying to bait a rant from Kanye DX? Get some hits on this poverty site.

  • Marcus K. Dowling

    All I'm saying is that had Kanye done a better job putting out Pusha instead of half assing this effort, then maybe Push would be eating scrimp & lobster instead of eating cold beans out a can. I'm telling you, he could be sniffing coke off a white girls tits instead of still claiming to sell that shit at age 38.

    • Anonymous

      You're obviously getting mad, and spreading lies about your "education". You should get back to your drawing board, I'm sure you have another bullshit Kanye article lined up for tomorrow. Faggot.

    • Marcus Dowling

      I'm far more intelligent than any of you niggas on this site. I graduated magna cum laude @ Howard University and got a 1450 on my SATs. You wanna talk about retarded? Let's talk about the fact that I had your momma bent over and had her lges over her ears while we listened to Al Yankovich.

    • Anonymous

      You're not the real Marcus, dude is a fucking retard, but I don't think he's this retarded.

    • YEEZUS


    • Marcus Dowling

      I was kind of hoping that King Push would do ballpark numbers and really hit it out the park. That is, until Kanye showed his ass and got lazy in terms of executive producing MNIMN.

    • Not Stupid

      Please say this is a troll and not the author himself because that shit was even further retarded.

  • Anonymous

    this a dumb ass article

  • Black De La Rocha

    Pusha may have come a little bit more popular since the Clipse days, but to expect him to sell on Eminem's level is ridiculous. Selling 75K is a success in today's industry. MNIMN even outsold Big Sean's album, who I would've assumed is more popular because he seems to have more appeal.

  • Anonymous

    Pusha's album was awesome

  • Anonymous

    album sales don't mean shit album was dope.

  • Kanyeezy

    Also, Kanye begged for Pusha to take off Let Me Love You but Pusha wanted to keep that track on the album.

  • Kanyeezy

    In no way could Pusha T sell the same amount that Eminem did. If I were to poll 100 college students, every single one of them would know Eminem and only maybe 10-20 would know Pusha. Album sales mean nothing compared to the quality of the album. This is an absolutely horrible review of the album.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha. Kanye didn't do anything for Common. Common already was a VET and had like 2 classics before BE. Like Water for Chocolate and One Day it'll all make sense were all commercial and critical success. And the beats on BE weren't even that commercial to increase a rapper's sales, they were tailor made beats for the kind of music Common makes. Dowling, stop dickriding. Kanye doesn't have to do everything for Pusha.

  • Anonymous

    Lol if Pusha would have dropped his album in 86-88 or 1994/1995 everybody would have shitted on this album but now...... fans are saying Pusha is a legend? Really?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the album sucked bigtime

  • Anonymous

    wait, dude explicitly stated he was from D.C and thought we won't think he was dick riding.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I was like "Is this dude really serious"? How does 793, 000 album extrapolate to 75,000? Its like dude forgot white Elvis' album came out this year, too, and would have easily done 1 milli first week ten years ago? Also, Clipse sales wasn't that strong twelve years ago, anyway and his new album was hot but it wasn't close to good K.I.I.D mad city. If Big Sean ain't doing major numbers why will Pusha do so? This dick riding was just too much, and I love Pusha's music. .

  • Anonymous

    kanye sounded like a dying animal on that hold on song with rozay

  • thisarticleisaJOKE

    So the writer only complains about two songs on the album, then claims Kanye ruined the album. Let Me Love You could be considered a misstep, but it was still an alright track and it showed what a gimmick Ma$e was. And Suicide is a BEAST of a track. Just because the writer of this article didn't like it does not mean it was bad. My Name Is My Name was a damn good album, with a few great tracks. Not every album is going to be a classic. Kanye's only real mistake in my opinion was doing his autotune crooning on the track Hold On. Aside from that he definitely helped Pusha release a strong solo debut

  • AminIzrael

    Marcus K. Dowling , though I share your faith in King Pushes' abilities and true status relative to the game. His inability to reach that next plateau lies in his lack of creative diversity. Which in itself creates the prob' of not being able to create a hit outside of the hood(which is the most important thing). Ye' , Jay and several others invest time, money and belief in these guys it's up to them to use all those resources to create a HITS,IDEAS,Whatever the case may be! They could've gave Push the "Bound 2" track and he would've rapped bout' FEDS and Coc' SMH ......HE PLAYIN HIMSELF.

  • RGeezy

    Kanye didn't bring anything to the table in my opinion. I thought My Name Is My Name was going to have Kanye's name written all over it. Similar to what he did for Commons 'Be' album. I think Push could of did those sales numbers on his own.

  • Industry Advocate

    This was a great article honestly! He speaks truth throughout the entire article. When you listen to Hell Hath No Fury, then list to MNIMN, they are not in the same lane quality wise. Pharell did a great job in bringing out the best of Pusha and letting his words and phrases take center stage! I feel that the Pusha album was OK, but it wasn't GREAT, and it should have been nothing less than GREAT! That's where this is coming from and I get that 100%! People that think this guy is hating, go back to Common's BE album, which was genius and a certified Classic by many publications. Kanye was fron and center there to make sure Common gave his all, while Kanye guided that album to what it was. That's nowhere near the case with this album. Push shoulda dropped a straight street album, because that's what people wanted, not a Chris Brown/Kelly Rowland/Dream Hook album. The tracks every one mentions is Numbers/Nosetalgia/Suicide?SNITCH. Marcus, great job, and everyone needs to read the article and stop skimming through.

  • Man...

    ...only a DC writer could ride pusha's dick so gracefully. Fellow master? Legendary emcee? What's push really done in his career? Consistently have issues releasing albums? Never stopped rapping about crack? And in what reality does pusha EVER sell anywhere near Rap's ELVIS? "Thus, one could feasibly extrapolate that My Name Is My Namegiven the extraordinarily strong performances on the tracks leading into the albums releaseshould have been the album that catapulted him on a level of sales figures alone to a level closer to the 793,000 album first week recently achieved by Eminem." One could feasibly extrapolate that the nigga that wrote this shit is retarded.

    • Philosopher

      I agree. I was like "Is this dude really serious"? How does 793, 000 album extrapolate to 75,000? Its like dude forgot white Elvis' album came out this year, too, and would have easily done 1 milli first week ten years ago? Also, Clipse sales wasn't that strong twelve years ago, anyway and his new album was hot but it wasn't close to good K.I.I.D mad city. If Big Sean ain't doing major numbers why will Pusha do so? This dick riding was just too much, and I love Pusha's music.

    • Not Pusha T

      ON POINT. I was perplexed during this whole article. This guy is using pusha's dick as a lozenge.

  • Gap Tooth Truth

    I strongly disagree. The album was great. If you've forgotten Kanye has worked with one of the most successful dboy rappers of all time, Jay Z. The production is excellent, his rapping is on point. Are you blaming it on sales? That's an argument that's debatable.

  • Kentz

    This feels like such an attack at Kanye. MNIMN is a very dope album, arguably album of the year. I've enjoyed this album very much, everyone else I've spoken to or told about it loved it as well. I feel this article is invalid. I advise people to listen to the album and decide for yourselves. One person's opinion should not reign supreme

  • Keon C.

    I disagree. I really enjoyed the album and even though I can't hear his influence on every track; I can hear his involvement. I don't feel Kanye should be blamed for sales, that's marketing and more importantly Def Jam's responsibility. As a producer, I feel he did a good job, could it be better perhaps, but that's Art. In Art, there's always ways to improve. I counted 10/12 songs I enjoyed, equates to a good album to me.

  • the roman

    This is merely HHDX's way of trying to make the reviewer of My Name is My Name feel better for giving an ASS review. Have to love the team spirit and camaraderie though. This article is how Big Sean feels when he says that Yeezus was a great album. Nice try though

  • Anonymous

    Ths article has alot of insight and points but at the same time, it's not looking at Pusha T's appeal to the mainstream. Kanye can do everything in his power but he can't convince people to buy into this "gangster rap". Another reason why Gangster rap is dying is because tragic violent evets have happened, resulting in REAL people dying. Chicago for instance had this crazy murder streak. Many people are turned off on this type of music because it promotes violence. Many people are getting back to the essence of just being creative and who has the best rhymes. So yes, the backpackers are back again but I give Pusha T props because he balances them both really well. Its just he doesn't have the demographic. White people purchase the most albums and alot of what he expresses does not reasonate with the majority of the white demographic....Pusha T is truly one of the best out, it's just unfortunate. That's why you can't base shit on Numbers. Jay-Z is one of the best selling artists but NAS is the better MC and makes music that stands the test of time... You just saw Jay-Z's list yesterday and he acknowledged his shortcomings. Kingdom Come was his wackest but he still sold millions off of it. Numbers don't mean shit to those truly a fan of hip hop!

  • Cwigg

    I enjoyed the album....but in hindsight, and looking back at the Clipse output, it should have been better. I have no idea how Kanye can be expected to promote, or build someone elses sh*t up....he is way too self absorbed to even know where to begin I think. Kanye is good for Kanye, I don't think theres room in his universe to executive produce anyone.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe thats true those clipse albums were dope - Ye came wit it on MNIMN. All them beats and shortness of the album mkes it feel classic. But its 2013. Pusha is like 37. I think Ye made alot ppl go discover clispes... u have to remember clispe was underground as fuck first time round - they barely got raadio or video spins. They gave Justin Timberlake street cred lol

  • Anonymous

    I mean, many people think Pusha released one of the albums of the year. I'd argue Ye saved Common's post-Like Water For Chocolate career with Be, that's the only standout piece Common has released in over a decade.

  • Swurk

    1st of all, kanye is/was a great artist. i like almost all of his works (except 808s... & yeezus). the same with pusha t. a great & passionate mc. classic stuff he made with his brother will always be relevant (at least for me). but cmon guys, right now it's not even worth mentioning kanye. this guy is out of his mind. he's just embarassing himself, and sometimes people around him too. kanye rant... one or two rants are ok, but know i can't take him serious (even he's talkin some real ish). it's just too much of everything. and the thing with kim kardashian just makes it worse. to the music... the records he put out since my mbdtf are not more than ok... wtt, cruel summer, yeezus... pffff... he can do better than that, we all know. but it's ok, once you made it, and have a name, you can do whatever you want. he better be focusing to music instead of fashion (btw: air yeezy's wack as f*ck). same with producing lp's of other artists. to be honest, pusha's lp could have been much more better than it is. if you doubt it, you lyin to yourself. i know it's hard, but we should all ignore this mofo.

    • Swurk

      @anonymous: so you wanna say, that kanye put out a shitty lp on purpose??? and you support that? are you really that stupid? callin others fag while you're on kanye's nutsacks forever, ever ever, ever ever?? cmon man, grow up...

    • Duh

      This isn't twitter, you queer.

    • carAnthony

      Well-said, absolutely Co-Sign that #TruthHurts

    • Anonymous

      Shut up fag, if Kanye comes back with the same sound from College Dropout or Late Registration, you would be back on his nutsack. There's a good chance he will, he told the Breakfast Club that the transition from Yeezus to his next album will be like the transition of Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" to "Born in the USA", i.e. "Nebraska" was polarizing like "Yeezus", "Born in the USA" brought the fans back. Was there mention of that on this site? No, it's always bullshit with DX, they realized that taking bullshit quotes out of interviews will get them hits. MNIMN is a great album, these fucks just want to keep Kanye on this site, everyday it's a new Kanye article or an old recycled one because they know it'll get a shit ton of comments.

  • Anonymous

    This site has finally completed it's transition to HipHopTMZ; no real music articles, bullshit article titles just to get comments, recycled articles, editors that can't spell to save their lives, etc. This site is going down as the next RapBasement. Hiphopdx was alright at one point in time...around 3 years ago to be exact, now it's either run by Harvey Levin or another gossipy bitch.

  • Trap

    He aint even ut him on the Yeezus tour

  • Anonymous

    Marcus, you're a faggot.

  • Anonymous

    I though the album was a near perfect masterpiece. I think this writer is reaching for subject matter. I think it did pretty well globally also. Selling anything over 100,000 these days without a single is basically like going gold in the 90's. Check youtube a million already heard this album and aint nobody clling it wack - far from it. Best album of the year?? Maybe. Better than Yeezuz, Born Sinner, MMLP2 (not hard), MCHG (?),

  • Anonymous

    "Pusha T is arguably one of the few legendary emcees still relevant in the current era." excuse me?

    • Anonymous

      yea i didnt understand that either. when jay, nas and em released good music this year. and how is pusha t a legend? he makes good music and his album is dope. but its a reason why he the last gangsta rapper left. you cant talk about dope forever.

  • parasol

    "Thus, one could feasibly extrapolate that My Name Is My Namegiven the extraordinarily strong performances on the tracks leading into the albums releaseshould have been the album that catapulted him on a level of sales figures alone to a level closer to the 793,000 album first week recently achieved by Eminem." Yeah, right... This guy must be plain crazy if he thought that Pusha T would sell anywhere near Eminem. In the year 2000 Eminem sold 1.76 mln copies of the Marshall Mathers LP in the opening week only. I'm talking about only 1 album and only 1 week. This figure alone is bigger than all the figures combined from the whole Pusha's career. So I don't have any idea what is this guy "feasibly extrapolating". MNIMN is dope album dough.

  • art

    This article only works if you buy into the opinion the the album sucked. Personally I thought the beats were great, and except for a few obligatory r & b hooks, the album is dope. Also most hhdx readers think its a good album as well. So gtfo

  • tresdemayo

    DX there's a huge problem with your editorials, they're way too long and boring to read. Ya'll need to step your game up on this, stop degressing, go straight to the point, shorten your paragraphs, sharpen your writing style. It's really a shame cause I'd like to read good pieces on DX, instead of all these so called news that don't speak about music most of the time.

    • Anonymous

      ^ did you step my knowledge up?? Of what bro? The article is 100% opinion. Ur in the minority nigga.

    • Marcus K. Dowling

      Nigga I'm trying to open your minds. Help you step your knowlege game up & whatnot. I know I'm not Stephen King or anything, but at least be openminded to the game I'm trying to kick to y'all.

    • Anonymous

      ^ please listen to this guy. Its like the author was told "we need more kanye articles" and this is what they came up with... I think need to stop hiring all these preppy jewish kids fresh out of university and recruit some ppl who actually know wtf they are talking about.

  • triPAUD

    "Either way, its this columnists belief that save some amazing moments, My Name Is My Name was underwhelming, hot garbage and Kanye needs to get his act together, or just become a selfish monster of a creative left to his own amazing devices." This is your opinion, but according to user rating on here, far from representative of most peoples' opinion on it. Its one thing to say its ok, or even good, but not great...but "hot garbage"...kinda a bit of hyperbole and exaggeration...

  • Jay

    I Respect Pusha T I Bought His Album On The Strength Of His Delivery And Lyricism But Honestly The Beats He Or Kanye Picked For The Album Musta Been 2chainz And Big Sean Throw Aways... Im No Self Proclaimed Genius But Them Beats Were Simplistic as FUCK.

  • Gabe gatsby

    Tf.. MNIMN is a banger.. My favorite album this year

  • triPAUD

    yeah...i'm sorry but MNIMN is pretty dope.

  • @peitsch_

    What I took away from this article...Marcus doesn't like Kanye West. My Name Is My Name was a minimalist album with minimalist beats and artwork because Kanye wanted to highlight Pusha's voice. It didn't have the numbers to back but in this day in age numbers aren't even a factor. It was a solid album and it landed the #33 spot on Rolling Stone's Best 50 Albums of 2013 for My Name Is My Name as well as the #54 spot on their Best 100 Songs of 2013 for Numbers On the Boards. If you want to factor sales numbers into it, Justin Timberlake sold more albums than almost anyone ever with The 20/20 Experience and neither Part 1 or 2 landed anywhere on Rolling Stone's Best 50 Albums list for this year. So in summary, stop worrying about the numbers. Pusha had a solid album ragardless. Also, HipHopDX should avoid doing their editorials with people that are so narrow minded. If you want to complain about the weaknesses in Pusha's album, don't have some one who dislikes Kanye write the article. Just a thought.

  • SWAY

    (AllHipHop News) You aint got the answers Sway will most likely go down as one of the most memorable Hip Hop quotes of 2013. Those Kanye West words were from the epic interview on Sway Calloways Shade45 radio show last month. Sway finally decided to speak on the heated conversation on RapFix Live. For the record, I love Kanye West. Thats my little brother, states Sway. Everything that Kanye said, I think its true. In fact, I believe in everything that hes trying to do, and I think we all should listen to the message thats in everything that he said in that interview. Not to let a hot moment go to waste, Sway also revealed his new I Got The Answers t-shirts.

  • Anonymous

    "Quite possibly the first mainstream, urban musical genius of the 21st century, Kanye West is gifted at many things" Stopped reading there.


    MARCUS how many times are you going to regurgitate the same story over and again ? We get it Kanye West is an asshole. But Marcus show some journalistic integrity and at least mix up you're themes a little bit