The 2013 HipHopDX Turkey Awards

HipHopDX's 9th Annual Turkey Awards honors some of the biggest acts of fuckery from the year.

We here at HipHopDX almost didn't have a Turkey Awards this year. It wasn't for any real reason, other than the fact that we'd much rather stare at the C-section and delete all of the trolling with our handy Comment Zapper instead of actually having to write things. That's a joke (that's also a joke), but then when the editorial brain trust got together to really discuss it, we were like, "Hold the smartphone. There was so much unnecessary shullbit that happened this year, how could we NOT hold a Turkey Awards? So there's the story behind that, and for your viewing pleasure, we proudly serve you a first, second, and third helping of the 2013 HipHopDX Turkey Awards, celebrating all of the irreverent behavior, madness, and WTF moments this year. Gobble gobble, bitches.

The "#Niptuck" Award

Mister Cee

Suffice it to say Mr. Cee is going to be way more selective the next time he plays "Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz" or Akinleye's "Put It In Your Mouth" during the "Throwback at Noon" mix. After being caught soliciting yet another male prostitute and temporarily resigning from his post at Hot 97 in September, Cee said he was worried about losing the respect of the streets. The streets? Cee couldn’t even wrap his head around the concepts of bisexuality or homosexuality after admitting he liked getting top. From other men. His collection of vinyl isn't the only thing that was mixed up.

The "Stay Trippy" Award

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne says he wasn’t sippin’ sizzurp during his “And I Fucked Chris Bosh Wife”-rant during NBA All-Star Weekend. “First of all, I ain’t even have a cup,” Weezy said in his non-apology the following week. “I can’t drink anything. Actually, I had a little bit too much to think that night. I don’t apologize for that night. I don’t apologize for who I am…”

We get it, Weezy. You were salty because Dwayne Wade said the Miami Heat "don’t fuck with you" during the team’s previous matchup with your beloved Los Angeles Lakers and that supposedly the NBA removed you from the arena and banned you from attending subsequent games. We’d be salty, too. Sincerely, we hear you.

But listen to yourself. You’re in Houston trash-talking your home address’s home team. You’ve got Drake shirking to the corner of the stage doing everything possible to distance himself from your irrational tirade. Then, in the fallout, you told Miami’s 99 Jamz that “Actually, I was just having a conversation with Baby on stage when I said that…I wasn’t on a radio station. I wasn’t in front of nobody’s video camera.” Tunechi, if you haven’t noticed…EVERYBODY HAS A VIDEO CAMERA! It’s literally attached to the same device that keeps your critically dwindling catalog. If you weren’t sippin’ that night or in the days after, we can’t tell. And if porn star, Kelly Divine’s assertions are accurate, Chris Bosh can keep his ego intact. 

The "We De-Pressed!" Award

DJ Khaled

I'm pretty sure you can tell from DJ Khaled's various selfies on instagram with the same pitiful looking pose that he is clearly Suffering From Depression. Maybe it's because earlier this year he proposed to YMCMB label-mate Nicki Minaj with a 10 karat $500,000 diamond ring and well...nothing came out of it. Khaled later claimed that the proposal was just a joke and all in his "plans" to do promo for his new record "I Wanna Be With You." As much time as you spend pondering with your hand on your head, I would think that you would of come up with a better "plan."

Photo credit: MTV

The "I Ain't Pass The Bar But I Know A Little Bit" Award

2 Chainz's Weed Carrier

Who needs to plead the Fifth Amendment when you’ve got your own copy of The Constitution on deck? When 2 Chainz’s tour bus was pulled over in Oklahoma in August, a police officer involved said he first “smelled an overwhelming odor of marijuana" when the door to the tour bus was opened by the vehicle’s driver, Sedric A. Brooks. The officer then witnessed what he says was “smoke inside the bus around the door.” Too bad the cop tried to board the bus, as a passenger onboard 2 Chainz’ tour bus presented a miniature copy of the U.S. Constitution when asked by authorities to get off the bus. Sorry, copper. No entry. True, this simply delayed the inevitable arrest of 2 Chainz and others on the bus for obstructing a police officer. The two semi-automatic pistols, a 12-gauge pump shotgun and marijuana residue allegedly found on the bus likely didn’t help Chainz’s cause either, but the episode shows the power of a different type of rolling papers.

The "Keep It Lambskin" Award

Lil Bow Wow's Transsexual Catfish Doppelganger

How could we have a Turkey Award without talking about one of the most awkwardly hilarious moments this year in television? In case you've been living under a rock the past couple of months, Bow Wow was the subject of a "Catfish" episode where someone impersonated him for six months in the hopes of seducing one of his fans. Here's the thing: the person impersonating him was a transsexual named Dee Pimpin'. When asked how she tricked so many woman into believing she was a man, she gave the most obvious answer there was, a Lambskin Dildo...yup, lambskin. Oh and of course, Bow Wow being the egotistical being that he is, was honored to be impersonated. Then again it's about the most publicity he's got this year so I guess I'd be flattered, too.

The "We Swear They're Not On DX Payola" Award

Drake & Eminem


Forgive us for overposting two of the hottest names in Hip Hop this year. Sure, one is a rap veteran, a "Rap God" if you will, and the other happens to coo as much as he raps but they both have one thing in common (and no it's not a co-sign from Rick Rubin), a platinum album in 2013. If 1,000,000 people bought albums, then 1,000,000 people will Google DrakEminem. Makes sense, right? That's part of the reasoning. You know, games and players and whatnot.

The "Still A Short Bus Shawty" Award

Gucci Mane

Is Gucci Mane certifiably, batshit crazy? To paraphrase LaFlare himself, "Bitch, he might be." After inking a triple ice cream scoop on his face in January of 2011, we didn’t expect a coherent train of logic from Radric. And he didn’t disappoint. Gucci tried to drop Waka Flocka Flame from Brick Squad—despite the fact that Waka’s mom originally signed Gucci to her Mizay Entertainment imprint. He went on an epic Twitter rant in September that pretty much ended any hopes of collaborating with another Hip Hop artist. He followed that up with admitting a lean addiction and was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession.

In a vacuum, none of this is funny. It’s actually quite sad. But instead of getting the help he clearly needs, this ‘bama would rather keep accumulating misdemeanors, mediocre mixtapes and slumming it around The A in “smedium” shirts like he’s six months pregnant with a bowling ball. That earns both a Turkey Award and a seat in the rear of the shawt bus underneath the vent where it’s nice and cold. “Brrr!”

The "It's Deeper Than Rap" Award

Rick Ross


First we were horrified when we heard about the seizure. Then we cringed when we saw that picture of you soon after at that Hot Wings spot. But that was late 2011, so we figured you’d had your fill of succulent self-sabotage. And maybe you didn’t know that fried chicken isn’t the best seizure remedy.

Then we watched as you taunted the Gangster Disciples by placing yourself atop the notorious gang’s six-pointed symbol on the Black Bar Mitzvah album cover after knowing they took offense to “BMF’s” gratuitous name-dropping of incarcerated GD-leader, Larry Hoover and again we cringed. And when reports reigned that you narrowly escaped a barrage of bullets earlier this year—allegedly by those same GDs that spent months prior issuing YouTube death threats towards you—again we were horrified. But maybe you didn’t know that real gangsters move with machine guns.

But then you drop a suspect rape lyric on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.,” drop an even more suspect “apology” on Twitter once the shit hit the proverbial fan causing Reebok to subsequently drop your endorsement deal and well, now we’re all cringed out. Clearly, you’re your own worst enemy, Rozay. We’re starting to believe that, actually, you did know it. 

The "I'm Over Lord Jamar" Award

Lord Jamar

We live in a world where children are dying of starvation, people are being abused and wrongfully profiled, losing their lives in the process. Natural disasters are wiping out entire cities. And Lord Jamar is angry at Hip Hop. Way. To. Go. So glad you found such a worthy cause to dedicate your life to. Being a legendary Hip Hop artist in the game, it's understandable how you may not be pleased with Rap's current trajectory. But enough is enough. To quote Nicki Minaj the day she threw Lil' Kim right under the bus, "Where's your music?" Give us something better to ingest if you think we're all riddled in fuck shit. Until then, please stop, because like your part in Oz, all good things must come to an end. You're an architect of Hip Hop, and we can't wait for you to start acting like it again. Don't let it go to your head, no.

The "I'm Sitting Alone At Lunch Because I Sonned All Of My Friends" Award

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar should've been the lead on "No New Friends," because after his verse on "Control," he had no friends left. K-Dot basically sat at lunch and told the whole table that they had acne as he stroked his baby smooth face. That's what he did lyrically. It's not like he didn't have a just cause to do so. But damn, Kendrick. We know you prefer the company of Black Hippy and the rest of TDE, but some of those guys you dissed actually liked you at one time. Now you probably have to act all awkward at parties or like not comment on their Facebook posts. Talk about a pain in the ass. Hopefully your inevitable GQ diss track won't have you shitting on every magazine and website, since ya know, we like posting about you and stuff.

The "14 Minutes & Fifty-Seven Seconds" Award

Trinidad Jame$

There should be a time frame for when an artist can start saying fuck shit. No seriously, have more than one hit single before you start melting down on stage and claiming K.O.N.Y. status. It lacks luster and it's all around not cute. Since TJ has basically nothing particularly interesting going on at the moment (a Molly immunity perhaps?), he's taken to disrespecting New York City, which as many of you already know is like a sin against humanity according to New Yorkers. Maybe his head band is on too tight, but he needs to stop already. "All Gold Everything" was a long time ago, bae. Either have some music to back your hysteria or sit the fuck down.

The "3.5 Percent Nation" Award

HipHopDX Album Reviews

Peace to the Gods and Earths. We like 3.5 ratings. You know why? Because if we think an album sucks but we know you love it, a 3.5 is our polite way of saying "I'ma let you finish but..." That's only half-true. A 3.5 basically means we have no idea how to feel about you. It's like going on a date and the person has a wonderful personality but a face like foodie pictures Martha Stewart posts (Google that reference, kids). You love a few things, but then there's the ugly truth. So yes, when you see a 3.5, just know it means we can't make up our damn minds. Don't be mad.

The "It's Not a Skirt, It's a Kilt" Award


It wasn't a joke when Wu-Tang Clan said they were nothing to fuck with. Like, just don't do it. But you know how Drake gets, always looking for something to do wrong so he can cry about it later on. Wah wah, I just went to the strip club and spent $1,000 so now my Starbucks budget is cut in half for the month, let me write a song about it. Wah wah, Wu-Tang isn't nice to me in these streets so let me make a whole song where I jack everything about them and hope that will make them love me like Weezy loves me. Really, Drizz? RZA forewarned that cats were turning Hip Hop into R&B, and once Drake tried it, the Wu fans fought back. Lesson learned: If it's not yours, it's not yourz.

The "Hits Keep Comin'" Award

Chris Brown


You have to pretty much lack all self-awareness to tenderize a woman’s face like a side of beef and then wonder why people aren’t fucking with you. Somehow, after making himself the number one contender for the Ike Turner Lifetime Achievement Award, Breezy managed to score more hits without his fists. But then he reverted and got into it with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America.” And comedienne Jenny Johnson on Twitter. And Frank Ocean in a parking lot. And Drake in a club. And his mom. If he really idolizes the late, great Michael Jackson as much as he claims to, then Brown needs to chill with the fuckboy antics and take some notes from the “Man in the Mirror.”

The "My Bad, Those Were Motivational Speeches" Award

Kanye West's Rants


Kanye West doesn't know what "using your inside voice" means unless he's on "The Kris Jenner Show." Every time Kanye talks, it sounds like he's yelling at you for something you did wrong. Like, you're never right when he's addressing the world at large. So when he claimed his rants were in fact "motivational speeches," it's like motivating us to do what exactly? Go to therapy? Listen to sad songs in the fetal position while we wait for him to be nice to us? Nothing productive has ever come from yelling, Yeezus. Unless of course you're a football coach and we're all heading to the SuperBowl. That's not true though and neither is the effectiveness of your speeches.

The "Reverse Puberty" Award

Kanye West's New Voice

Something happened in between Kanye West putting on that leather skirt during the "Watch The Throne" Tour and knocking up Kim Kardashian that left his voice a mere shell of what it once was. Watch any interview over the past year, and Ye's voice sounds like he was kicked in the testicles by a steel-toed boot. Many think his balls are now resting on Kris Jenner's dresser, while others assume he's trying to make his voice more "mainstream." Whatever the case may be, you need to cut the shit, Yeezus. Stop with that weird voice you have now. Auto-Tune it if you have to, whatever it takes to not talk like that. Because one day it's going to stay that way and your album will have to be titled My Terrible High-Pitched Voice Sounding Like My Testicles Were Twisted Fantasy.

The "We Want Pre-Nup" Award

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

On "Clique," Kanye casually rhymed, "My girl a superstar all from a home movie," like the footage was just some quaint frames of Kim Kardashian at a family reunion. Nah, bruh. The "home movie" in question features Ray J applying vigorous backshots to the woman who is now Kanye's fiancée and the mother of his child. So while her past flings with Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Kris Humphries are enough to resurrect the infamous “We want pre-nup!” catchphrase from "Gold Digger," may we suggest another one from Late Registration? "Wake up, Mr. West!"


Kanye West

Dear ‘Ye, the vote was unanimous. From spawning a lovechild with our generation’s Marilyn Monroe (as you have lovingly called her) to beefing with a late night show host (and dragging Ben Affleck along with him), it was only apt for us to hand you, Kanye Omari West, the Turkey Of The Year award. Okay, in one breath, let us review Yeezy in 2013: RantsMorphingKimKardashianIntoABeyonceLookALikeCreativeGeniusNamingHisFirstBornNorthWest#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK. *takes deep breath* Enjoy your award, Yeezus, as it is only given out to THE creative genius of the year.

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us To All Of You - The Staff At HipHopDX

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  • nyc everything

    yo lets get something straight ny hiphop isn't dead its just not the mainstream. right now the public is feeling bo jangle uncle toms who dress sexier than the women they go out with. ny hiphop is alive and well if u don't believe go to and see for yourself we got that heat. but it kinda sucks when ny radio stations are totally ignoring its home artists for country bamas and faggot rappers. that's the real reason ny hiphop isnt blowing like the south or Midwest. southern rappers will support their own. We as a city needs to support our own and stop kissing out of town rappers ass. even if the rest of the country is hatin on the east right now.

  • Marie

    Don't hate and appreciate the comedic news being brought 2 us by Hip Hop DX :-P

  • Anonymous

    This article is some bitch nigga shit

  • Anonymous

    the we depressed was the funniest

  • J Pilkington

    Hip Hop Dx editors are a bunch of wankers!! shit talking tossers... stop talking shit and get some real hiphop heads that know there shit to wirte your reviews..

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  • Gucci The ROAT

    Gucci The Realest Of All Time: - Sold drugs. - Killed a man who tried to rob him. Ask Young Jeezy. - Exposed Young Jeezy as a fraud. - Beats up so called fans. - Throws bitches out of his car while driving. These are facts! Fuck the studiogangstas: Rick Ross, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Big L etc.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly blame 50 for NY hip hop being dead right now. He dissed just about all of new york's hot rappers and drove his legion of dick riding fans to basically boycott Ja, Lox, Nas, Fat Joe, Camron and even tried to sink Jay-Z's ship. After his hype died down there was basically nothing in the spotlight but Weezy and Rick Ross. Ja may have done a song with Bobby Brown but atleast he wasn't cuddling with a shirtless Souljah Boy on the cover of XXL.

    • Anonymous

      don't blame 50 blame ny radio for totally abandoning its home artists that's it. the ny hiphop underground gets no love from the radio that's the problem. if u from ny and coming with that down south sound u will be heard in ny but if u from ny and sound ny wit the hard beats murderous rhymes u will be totally ignored that's that's the way it is

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  • stefmazy This is my song. If you listened to it I'd be very grateful :d

  • Lucifer'sConnect

    "A 3.5 basically means we have no idea how to feel about you."-hiphopdx. Damn and these are supposed to be music journalist.

  • aaron

    man i dont exactly like kanyes beats as of late, or his non chorus' but he do be spittin- i mean to me it does seem like hes tryin to make an excuse just for himself to make more money n more so ppl are arent supporting his effort to it, as much as hes tryin to do it for black people- but give the man a little break, he aint perfect- he admitted to in chicago- he needs constructive criticism, not bashing him- hes under alot of stress real shit

  • That Crip in His Basement

    jay-z is like ross on some certain level. he claimed a lot of shit to gain his street cred but he never was THAT deep into the drug game. probably one of the biggest fraud next to snoop dogg, the game, dmx, 50, gunplay and nas. i fuckin hate studio gangstas and studio hustlas

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  • west coast

    Kendrick just brought out Wale as a special guest. The only people he named on "Control" who look like they'll actually catch feelings are Drake and maybe Meek. Mac Miller laughed it off. KRIT said he was honored to get named. Et cetera.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Honestly, I'm not sure how anyone interpreted as a diss to the artists he named. He was basically saying those are the ones he see's as his competition; and that he was going to remain competitive with them for the top spot. If anything he dissed every other rapper he didn't mention.

    • JRich

      Yeah, and he and Meek were just photographed together a few weeks back. The only one getting caught up in his feelings is...Drake. I know, it's hard to believe that Drake got emotional.

  • Kathleen E. Swaney

    upto I saw the draft which said $4945, I have faith cousin was truly erning money part time on their computer.. there best friend had bean doing this 4 less than 17 months and recently repayed the morgage on there mini mansion and purchased a great Jaguar XJ. browse around this website... while 50 sk will more then likely get pushed back for the 63rd time.. gunits nomore its not 2004 in this bitch its a new day move on.. oh yea, and game stole 50's basketball rim!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "Wake up, Mr. West!" . . . this is from GRADUATION. Good Morning. Factchecking is not trending. Good article otherwise. One love.


    Hip Hop DX ...The home of angry white keyboard warriors who hate black people but feel torn because they kind of like hip hop but just wish it wasn't so damn black Thank god for macklemore

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    Drakes got more classics than the Wu

    • idontgiveafuckaboutanything

      drizzaveli u is buggin wu is probably the greatest hiphop group in history behind a tribe called quest. they got more bangers than drake will ever have,. their first album ener the 36 chambers as a whole was a 100% better than anything drake ever put out.

    • Young Guwop

      Stop feeding the troll!!!

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    The Award For Worst Hiphop Site Goes To: HIPHOPDX - everytime a rapper drops an album they keep sucking his dick with bullshit articles - there reviews are a joke - they killed the Gucci trol but let the ymcmb trols live? - they are not professional journalists - they copy and paste articles from other sites. - there member staff consists of people who grew up on ja-rule, nelly and 50 cent - they love gay rappers and gay hiphopmusic

  • BOY

    Wayne boasts about his Blood Gang ties since 500 Degreez and he hasnt been checked or murked because he is RESPECTED in the Blood Gang commmunity. 2Pac hung around with hungry ass niggas that wanted a share of Pacs money. He had NO real friends Gang members killed his ass for being a faggot ass thug wannabe loud mouth. Burn In Hell Tupac Amaru Shakur Long Live Weezy!

    • Anonymous

      theres video of Game on change of heart admitting he was a stripper

    • Doctor Advocate

      The Game killed gunit clothing and the label. Banks and yayo both get got dropped from interscope and are crackheads now who cant sell past 40k,on the same label and game JesusPiece is a CLASSIC while 50 sk will more then likely get pushed back for the 63rd time.. gunits nomore its not 2004 in this bitch its a new day move on.. oh yea, and game stole 50's basketball rim!!!!!!!!!!!

    • THE GAME


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    So HHDX just completely discredited their album review system by announcing that 3.5's don't mean anything but they couldn't decide and were likely influenced by not wanting to generate too much hate from the community. Absolute trash journalism.

    • Anonymous

      @Lawless I think they were just poking fun at themselves. Ever hear of self depreciating humor? Lighten up, bro

    • Dollface

      They thought they were being funny, but in reality they were just being too truthful. Actually, I think this is good journalism. After all, they did tell the truth. In reality, they just learned that they shouldn't tell the truth and should keep living a lie. Like people who think that MMLP2 is Em's best album.

  • dukecityspecialist

    way better than last years LOL!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of fucking journalist writes "Should of" instead of "should have". This shit is sad.

    • Justin Hunte

      Thanks for the comment. The Turkey Awards are fun for us, and truly one of the only times of the year where we intentionally flex creative liberties editorially. We are, in fact, a Hip Hop news website, but when talking about "fuckery" it's more fun for us to do so colloquially. Basically, for this piece, we're breaking journalistic principles on purpose and with a purpose. It's like Zorah Neal Hurston and "Their Eyes Were Watching God."

  • @BruthaDee

    Ross got some great lookin titties! I'm semi hard right now.

  • Anonymous

    that chris brown pic is hilarious!

  • cjt

    So, You begin the list off with Mister-Cee, which is just sad and homophobic and awful. And then you trash Lord Jamar for being homophobic and awful. Time to make up your mind, DX. Or are you just going to sit on the fence with a 3.5 on politics, too. Grow a pair.

  • Anonymous

    The "I'm Sitting Alone At Lunch Because I Sonned All Of My Friends" Award aka, the "50 Cent" award

  • Anonymous

    The Award For Worst Hiphop Site Goes To: HIPHOPDX - everytime a rapper drops an album they keep sucking his dick with bullshit articles - there reviews are a joke - they killed the Gucci trol but let the ymcmb trols live? - they are not professional journalists - they copy and paste articles from other sites. - there member staff consists of people who grew up on ja-rule, nelly and 50 cent - they love gay rappers and gay hiphopmusic - they cant be taken seriusly


    HIP HOP DX...The home of easily manipulated angry white keyboard warriors ..Keep up the good work


    'Yeah absolutely any article you guys come out with fuckin sucks, that's why I keep coming to this website to hate/see whats up.' this website is filled with aotp & immortal technique fans, who 'know whats good with hip-hop', so props to you guys for putting up with it and still keepin sh*t trill. pce. p.s. f*ck horror core

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    • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    XXL been done allhiphop c-section is a ghost town nahright is a community rapradar is moderating feds on wshh [World Star Hip Hop] lot of these lames already on hhdx KanyeToThe is a hellhole and has profoundly retarded fucks and dumbass kids there too. HotNewHipHop is a horrendous piece of shit and has trolls and little sheepish fucktards with fake celeb accounts spewing out dumb shit and arguing with each other. Almost as bad as the typical YouTube comment section. OddFutureTalk has "liberal" sad white boys and uncle toms, and is just as fucking bad as KanyeToThe, its butt buddy. HypeBeast is nothing but hipster white faggots and dumb niggas with no knowledge of hip hop, much like KTT, OFT, HNHH, etc. 2dopeboyz, IllRoots, and Slum-Boxden (I Think) are kinda okay and only slightly better than the rest I have named, except for NahRight & Rap Radar (maybe).

  • bswag

    YMCMB Award (Best Accountant award) ** Big Guwop Award (Realest rapper of all time AND throwin b1tches out of car) ** Ja Rule Award (Most social media followers) ** 2 Chainz Award (Best athletic performance by rapper) **

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    We need more Lord Jamar articles!!

    • Anonymous

      i love how the anonymous 5er completely fell for the troll bait and wrote a paragraph

    • Anonymous

      what's godly about Jamar?

    • Anonymous

      Peace to the God Lord Jamar and fuck the 85'ers that dont understand. It aint for you to. Stop being a bitch and trying to insult the God for having an opinion and standing up for Hip Hop. You want to insult him, but have no problem talking about Eminem being a rap god. GTFOH! Thats why he was right for saying the shit he said you disrespectful son of a bitches!!

  • Anonymous

  • HA

    anyone else think kanye's voice in the kris jenner clip sounds like the voice he used in the "school spirit" skits on The College Dropout?

  • Anonymous

    yall just couldnt help but shout out lord jamar AGAIN for his bullshit racism/bigotry... except this time you pretend like you disagree with him even tho this site posts his stories more than ANY OTHER. FOH

    • Anonymous

      how do debate with someone who has a superiority complex and a short range outlook?

    • Anonymous

      ^^because you are one for not understanding the God's point! I know u copped out because you couldnt find shit but I'll play along so u dont feel so bad.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ "What the fuck was so racist about what he said?!" why would i argue with a fool?

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck was so racist about what he said?! You mutha fuckas kill me. You love to dish it and excuse it when shit happens to other people but the moment someone puts your ass on blast and it gets attention you want that shit to go away QUICK! Do onto others etc...when you mutha fuckas finally learn that, it'll all make sense! Now stop fucking whining u fuckas are so greedy for everything the brotha couldnt even hold onto his HIP HOP for you hungry bastards trying to take that too! Got mad at the God because he wasnt trying to see you steal ALL of his fucking possesions! God damn! LOL

    • Anonymous

      why shine light on negativity time and time again?

    • Anonymous

      more than: rapradar xxlmag thesource massappeal allhiphop (maybe equal but that doesnt say much) complex 2dbz nahright... more than any other is NO stretch @Justin Hunte #FACTSONLY

    • Justin Hunte

      More than any other is a stretch, but you're right, we have posted a number of LJ News stories recently. Thank you for your comment.

  • Mercedes Rush

    til I saw the check which had said $4930, I did not believe neighbours mother actualey earning money part time on their apple laptop.. there neighbour has done this 4 only about 12 months and recently repayed the morgage on their villa and purchased a gorgeous Ford. check... I spoke to my friends about it that Kim is starting to look like Beyonce in that video and they didnt even notice it. Luckily im awake and seeing that Ye is trying to be Jay

  • Anonymous

    they give 3.5's to artists that got dx on the payroll but everybody know the album sucks

  • Elizabeth Talbott

    til I saw the paycheck four $8056, I be certain that my brother was like really making money in there spare time at their computer.. there dads buddy had bean doing this 4 only about 10 months and just now cleared the dept on their condo and purchased a great new GMC. over at this website... Now, thanks to the laziness & shiftlessness of the black man, rap music is being used as a severe copout to escape their life in the ghetto instead of working hard, going to college, and earning a degree.

  • Anonymous

    2 Chainz should have got a medal for how fast he ran when he saw that gun! LOL

  • hip hop citizen

    3.5? - is that like a C? - are you grading on a curve?

    • Justin Hunte

      That's one way to look at it. There's absolutely a gluttony of barely better than average albums in Rap these days. For me, most suffer most from a lack of imagination. Thanks for reading.

  • Boxcutter

    Kanye should just make beats for others cause no one likes you Drake just go full rnb cause u aint hip hop fruitcake Khaled just die ur album flopped again u never getting close to a plaque Trinidad no talent piece of shit ur a joke die slow Hiphopdx ur album reviews are a joke you do not know what you are talking about

  • Anonymous

    that shawt bus shawty video is classic

  • bswag


  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB I can confirm that these will be the only awards DJ Khaled and Rick Ross receive this year so they are greatly appreciated by our camps!

  • DaMamba

    Ayo DX be unnecessarily defensive about shit, and they need a dude who can spend more than 2 minutes naming these awards yo

  • PFFT

    Black people didn't invent hip hop: it was the white man. Mel Gibson is the true inventor of this art form. One day while walking down the street, Mr Gibson was cornered in an alley and jumped by a gang of burly black man. One of those men was known as Africa Bambatta. He stole some poetry that he was writing for a college English literature class along with a demo tape & planned on reciting poetry to the beat of fast paced drums, but sadly, that tape was destroyed and now his dream and discovery(along with the truth) will never see fruition. Now, thanks to the laziness & shiftlessness of the black man, rap music is being used as a severe copout to escape their life in the ghetto instead of working hard, going to college, and earning a degree.



    • Anonymous

      our parents are lazy so we cant ask them. we just write our little raps and hope someone white will care about us so we can live kinda

    • PFFT

      Hey all jokes aside, I love all my black brothers and sisters. Some of my best & closest friends are black. But most of them are your atypical lazy, shiftless bastards that can't hold a job & decide to rap for a living. And the fact of the matter is, they're absolutely terrible. I try to tell them that they should earn their GED & find real work instead of chasing a dream that will never happen. They'll be living on their mother's couches for the rest of their natural born lives. It's pathetic the way they try to leech off their parents & ask for support so they can start their "careers" in rap.

    • cinavenom

      PFFT that is the funniest shit I've read in a while...if anyone is getting offended to this or responding back you are an idiot because it is clear he's just trying to get a rise out of you. I guess it's funnier that it actually worked on a couple of you.

    • Anonymous

      yea, yea, if its all that shit and the people aint shit why are all these mutha fuckas around the world imitating the music, style of dress, swag? Why bitches after that chocolate dick and fuck boi's like you after that chocolate pussy? Why mutha fuckas trying so hard to steal everything the bullshit ass people do? Why not leave them the fuck alone since they aint shit. Why mutha fuckas get so scared and want to kill people because they full of fear? Surely they aint scared of the lazy worthless ass people, are they? Why are you always concerned with what they are doing? they aint shit right? Why? why? why?


      @PFFT Well that was about as funny as a burning orphanage!

    • rmacq112

      Riggs would smack the shit out of you PFFT

    • Anonymous

      you need to get a life

  • ADHDrenaline

    RantsMorphingKimKardashianIntoABeyonceLookALike I really really thought i was the only one who noticed that. I spoke to my friends about it that Kim is starting to look like Beyonce in that video and they didnt even notice it. Luckily im awake and seeing that Ye is trying to be Jay