Nothing Was The Same: Predictions On Drake's Next Album

While only time will tell, his sense of self-awareness and the release of "Started From The Bottom" and "5 AM In Toronto" hint at an aggressive third album from Drake.

Any discussions surrounding the possibilities of Aubrey Drake Graham’s next studio album were probably affected, though not necessarily altered, with the release of lead single “Started From The Bottom.” The implication, however – and something that I expect most of us had been hoping for – has now become abundantly clear: Drake’s about to go hard.

It would be no stretch of the imagination to label Drake as being self-aware – especially when compared to the seemingly nihilistic, I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of his peers. It’s evident that he hears his critics. He reads the message boards. He follows the Twitterverse.  

Most importantly, he’s cognizant of the public’s perception of him.

“He looks at everything that is associated with him as something that will either positively influence how people think of him beyond his art or potentially negatively influence how people think about him beyond his art,” offered Dave Wirtschafter, board member and former co-CEO of Drake’s talent agency, William Morris Endeavor, in a 2011 interview with Billboard magazine.  Among other things, Drake is paying Wirtschafter and his WME staff to be keenly aware of how the public views him. “So everything that we’re trying to do is designed to be reflective of who he is as a person, what he stands for [and] how he wants to be presented to the world and what he cares about.”   

Although Drake’s approval rating in 2013 is much higher than that of LeBron James in 2010, he and WME will need to go through a similar rehabilitation of his image if he hopes to change the sensitive, entitled, or tender perception that has commonly, and perhaps deservedly, been placed upon him.

“The part I love most is they love me more than they hate me”, quips Drake on the recently-leaked, swaggering teaser single “5 AM In Toronto.” Drake, however, seems to interpret those perceptions as accusations. Or does he? Has there ever been a rapper more concerned with his image while simultaneously claiming to not care what his haters think?

Why Drake May Use Backlash To Take Care As Fuel

Drake’s lesson in self-examination, 2011’s brilliant, Grammy award-winning Take Care perfectly captured the mood and mindset of an entire generation’s twentysomethings while also earning the respect and approval of anyone still on the fence following his much-hyped debut, Thank Me Later. Though it was a downright meticulous album – deliberate in its attention to detail and supremely eloquent in its quality control – above all else you got the feeling that Drake was making exactly the kind of music that he wanted to.

Unfortunately for Drake, when you make an album as unconventional, genre-bending and genuinely vulnerable as Take Care, it inevitably ends up creating a backlash: too soft, too R&B, too Emo, too…for-the-ladies. The Drake detractors were out in full force. The prevailing complaint from those in that camp seemed to center around the precedent that his first two albums had unknowingly, yet unapologetically, established – the emotional honesty, slowed-down song structure, and sure – “softness,” were not gimmicks. Nor were they a one-time thing. This was Drake. And everyone was confident that they had him figured out.

One of the loudest and most prominent voices in that group (thus, I suppose, giving some credibility to these claims) was Rap game elder statesman and Kangol aficionado, Common. In what would be another chapter in the sometimes subliminal/sometimes blatant mini-feud between G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB that still has yet to take off, Common’s decent, sort-of diss track, 2011’s “Sweet” came practically out of nowhere (wait, Common is Young Jeezy all of a sudden?) and attempted to put Drake’s street credibility in question. Without mentioning Drake by name, though obviously directed at him, Common – in what was more rant than rap – throws out all the requisite verbal jabs (“ho,” “muthafucka,” “bitch,” etc.) before ultimately questioning Drake’s manhood and, you guessed it – accusing him of being soft. To summarize, he basically calls Drake a harmless pussy.

“Stay Schemin’” And Drake’s “Tipping Point”

But then “Stay Schemin’” came out.

Malcolm Gladwell would have called it a tipping point: the seminal moment where even non-Drake fans reluctantly, but perhaps literally, nodded in approval. If nothing else, it certainly felt like a line of demarcation, with Drake flexing his new-found aggression while also laying the possible blueprint for the kind of music that might follow. It was also the first time that Drake had responded on wax to any of his antagonists, the collective rumblings of which had been baiting him for years. Drake quips, “It bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads...That’s why I see no need to compete with niggas like ya’ll…” and, “Back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon / Nowadays niggas reach just to sell they record...” It was all, very…refreshing. In one of Rap’s most notable verses of the year, it felt like Drake – defiantly “fuck it” in tone – was exorcising all of his inner (and outer) demons in a public get-some-shit-off-his-chest therapy session that we all got to witness. Not only was it an acknowledgement of Common, but more specifically it was Drake’s acknowledgement (and dismantling) of the public’s perception of him. It was a culmination.

So now, post-“Stay Schemin,” and after laying down guest verses on some of the biggest tracks of the past year (“No Lie,” “Pop That,” “Amen”), we’ve arrived at “Started from the Bottom” – the dark, deliberately sparse first single from Drake’s upcoming third album, the ambiguously titled Nothing Was the Same. The initial takeaway most people will have from this song is just how un-first-single-ish it sounds – which is telling, considering that Drake was likely aware of that exact same thing when he made it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see this coming; contrary to his comments last spring about wanting indie flag-bearer Jamie Smith of The xx to have a bigger role in the album’s production, any tracks they create will likely be relegated to cutting-room floor status.  

Instead, expect usual cohorts Boi1da, T-Minus and Noah “40” Shebib to once again be the main contributors here, with each one presumably being asked to cook up the most menacing, hardcore beats that they can possibility imagine (and with a dash of “club-friendliness” sprinkled in as to not risk a total alienation of the bulk of Drake’s fanbase). One could then surmise that Drake’s affinity for singing will, at least for this album, be temporarily shelved. It’s doubtful that we’ll hear anything in the vein of slow-dance baby-maker “Shut It Down” or the wrenching, post-breakup laments of “Doing It Wrong.” 

Drake’s recent and predictable move to Los Angeles, though assumingly done more as a necessity rather than as some sort of statement (Wirtschafter hinted at Drake pursuing a film career), will likely result in a net gain, music-wise. One of Drake’s greatest talents has been his ability to offer a unique perspective on topics otherwise familiar. And so his reflections on an angle as widely-covered and clichéd as the “L.A. lifestyle” should be interesting, and hopefully done in his usual, unorthodox approach (even though it’s felt he’s been rapping about that lifestyle for a while now). However, it’s doubtful that we’ll hear any “California Love” in the tradition of Dre or Snoop; this is Drake we’re talking about – pitfalls, trappings, paranoia and emotional dichotomy will be the subject matter du jour.

Viewing Nothing Was The Same As An Outlier

More than anything else – and if “Started From The Bottom” and “5 AM In Toronto” are any indication – look for Drake to be somewhat defensive on this album. Hell, if anyone deserves to feel slighted, it’s him. After millions of albums sold, and despite overwhelming journalistic praise, he still somehow remains the most polarizing artist in all of music.  

Unlike many of his contemporaries, and in direct contrast to a certain skateboarding member of Team YMCMB, Drake’s music has always carried a certain air of responsibility to it; rarely do you hear him delving into crass obnoxiousness on the scale of a Gucci Mane or engaging in the lavish embellishments of a Rick Ross. But maybe this is the lone album of Drake’s current and future catalog that will act as an exception to that rule, with Drake fully-exploring the reckless/carefree style that runs rampant amongst his peers in the Rap game (rather than just paying a periodic homage to it). Maybe he wants to show off, thinking he’s clever enough to utilize that style better than they can (not sure he’d be wrong). Maybe he feels an album like this will shut people up, leaving both his rivals and his critics with nothing left to nitpick. For Drake, maybe this is the album he wants to make. Maybe this is the album he needs to make.

Of course, it’s possible that I’ll be proven wrong on all of this. But would that be such a bad thing? Love him or hate him, there’s never been an artist quite like Drake. If he were to continue making the kind of music he always has, most of us would not mind. In fact, most of us would prefer it. The sales figures of Thank Me Later and Take Care – 1.5 million and 1.9 million units sold, respectively – would certainly back this up. The guy fucking delivers. There is perhaps no one else in music – all genres included – that can give you exactly what Drake can give you. After the waiting-my-whole-life-to-make-this (and thus, typically strong) debut album, and following the inevitable letdown of album number two (though triumphantly avoided by Drake), an emcee’s third album usually sets the tone for establishing the kind of artist they’re going to be going forward. And if that’s true, then the question is this – who does Drake want to be?

Drake is calling his next album Nothing Was the Same. And maybe nothing will be. But maybe everything will be.

Ryan Redding is a freelance music journalist and former employee of Atlantic Records. He currently resides in Southern California.  He can be reached at


  • Christian

    Wow were you wrong... but how I wish you weren't. If only we could have gotten the stay schemin Drizzy, and not heart break Drake

  • KiU

    That Cover Is Not Original, I Put Out An Album Called "Potent Art" Last Year With The Same Cover Concept. Check Here

  • kingfaruq

    You'll struggle to find an objective drake article on the blogosphere, but this one is actually really good. My theory on why drake is disliked so much is the fact that he's currently one of the faces if not the face of rap to the mainstream. i.e. if you say "I like rap" to a non rap fan its likely they'll say something along the lines of "I like that one drake song". This is a problem because the music you listen to is a huge indication of the person you are. The issue with drake is the social stigma. You go to a lot of typical "white frat girl parties" and Drake is playing. For a lot of black guys, who still act like its the 90s and to whom street cred is everything to say their fav rapper is the fav rapper of every Lindsey lohan type girl is embarrassing. So even though drake's music is so relate-able, the image he gives off means as a "tough guy" you just can't like him.

  • Bloodyloco

    " Among other things, Drake is paying Wirtschafter and his WME staff to be keenly aware of how the public views him. So everything that were trying to do is designed to be reflective of who he is as a person, what he stands for [and] how he wants to be presented to the world and what he cares about. "Ryan Redding is a freelance music journalist and former employee of Atlantic Records." "freelance /frlans/ Adjective Working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company." HOW MUCH IS DRAKE PAYING YOU?

  • Wilt

    Every large project he's released since So Far Gone has been a success, but he releases Started from the Bottom and 5 AM in Toronto and suddenly this next album needs to be discredited. Also I think this article was written before, but he did recently release Girls love Beyonce and a finished On My Way so I don't think he'll stop singing in his upcoming album.

  • Anonymous

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  • RealSpeech

    I still don't understand why ppl hate on Drake.. I mean dude is crazy talented and finally shows that being smart and articulate is a good thing.. It shows that you don't have to dumb down lyrics to get your point across. But the same ppl hating on Drake probably are fans of Chief Keef or any other rapper that doesn't talk about anything other than killing ppl and doing drugs in the most non-creative way.. Damn.. Just respect the man's talent and versatility.. Music is going down the tube, just enjoy his incredible talent because we don't have long before every song on the radio sounds like Chief Keef and Lil B..

  • Truth

    I'm late to this article, but this needs said: this is one of the most intelligently written articles I've seen about an artist in the music industry. It is completely spot on with every perception and explanation involving Drake and his next album, and on top of that, it's well written. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Charles

      Yeah, this was very well written. This is the first time in a very long time that I found myself reading and revisiting music, realizing that there is more to liking non underground hip-hop. I've been a big fan of Drake for so many years, and I lost sight of why I liked his music. With the onslaught of "nihilistic I-dont-give-a-fuck" rappers...not hatting cuz i still listen and like them, he still offers a refreshing voice in hip hop. Good stuff

  • Nia

    Drake is an awesome artist and husband to me!

  • Dom

    This article has that... Propaganda feel.

  • Slimm Grimm

    One of the the dopest cats out there! Can sing better than most. Rap better than most. And his lyrics are fly as a b52. Hate it or love it the boy got talent oozin outta places y'all hataz never gon know u got. U can't see him wit da hubble so sorry to burst ya bubble...

  • Dulce Martinez

    Look nigggaahhhs yall can hate all you want on Drake but at the end of the day he's the one who is getting paper and you ain't clearly your just jealous of him and you ain't got nothing better to do than hate on him so stfu and yall are retarded yall don't like him yet yall are reading articles about him and looking him up? Talking about dumbass!!!! And yes he is gonna be a legend bitches yall are just jealous that he is and is always gonna be someone in life and yall are not duhhhhhh so get over yourself dumb bitch!

  • DavidDanielz

    Wow how much money was paid to get this article out? Who decided this was real reporting? Ryan Redding was paid something to make this article and honestly its funny as hell. How are you gonna say people had more respect for Drake after he got spanked by Common?! lol Luda went at him too and you guys keep supporting this soft clown. I can't believe you guys are trying to help the new Ja Rule.

  • Drakes Mind

    I have "big plans" for my fans in store- Drakes Mind

  • Anon

    Lemme ask you this- If you dont like drake, respect him,recognize his talent, or cant even tolorate him why take time out of your day to write some worthless long piece of shit rant trying to diss him with accusations you cant even back up. Does this make your day? Seriously, The man is the truth. Drake has raw talent. I think one day Drake will be considered a legend. And if you can just sit behind your little screen and work your fingers to the bone writing irrelevant things about him just shows that you care. Its okay to be a closet Drake fan.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you say is bullshit, Drake stan. He doesn't have raw talent. He's not going to be a legend.

  • Anonymous

    People can say what they what about Drake,one thing you'll find about success is that it'll upset someone,just let the awards,the accolades and the love people have for his debut album speak for themselves! Drake is one of the finest out there,but it seems (to me) like he feels he owes Lil Wayne and Young Money something and therefore Ft. on tracks that are awful with lyrics that are no were near his level,and people do, including myself,begin to judge future studio projects on his released singles such as 'Started from the Bottom'. I'll always defend Drake as I have done many-a-time just for releasing 'Take Care' and allowing the public access to the genius of that album. Fans are fans,there'll be around for as long as an artist produces talent,and one thing you'll find is a fan listens to all material an artist releases,some guy off the street would have only listened to a pocket of singles and will create an opinion on the artist as a whole based on that,if we all did that Drake wouldn't have half the backing he has got around the world.. Let people hate,the real fans know what a genius he has been and in future,has the capability to be.

  • Hillsy

    I hope he doesn't steer too far away from the tone on Take Care. That album truly ranks as my 2nd favourite of all time (just behind Thriller)and I believe it offered a genuinely refreshing change of direction and showed what Drake can do with his talent. Personally I think it's a shame he has got into addressing feuds on his tracks, but I can appreciate that he does it well. I wasn't a fan of 'Started From The Bottom' at all, but '5AM In Toronto' was amazing and I challenge anyone on here who is hating on Drake to tell me his wordplay is not genius in that song. Here is hoping the new album will be more in that direction. Although I do worry that he will never produce anything quite as special as Take Care.

  • T'Raww

    If ya'll niggas don't like Drake then why the fuck you on here discussing him? Tf? Don't like him. Ok. Go fuck yourself. Bye

  • Anonymous

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  • Tbuoy

    Drake so real. Funny how a guy who was a Correctional Officer and lies in his raps and can't sell a million records doesn't get hate, but Drake who doesn't Tell No Lies does get hate. Outkast, Yeezy, Lauren Hill - Legends that Rap and sing. Drake fire. His lines are ridiculous. Most rappers today rapping about nothing is boring. No one wants to hear ur lies about money cash hoes drug dealing gats and fuck da police. Move on. Change with the times. Drake is now, changed the game, these other artists can't make a hit without him. Drake real, that's why his fan base relates. Can't wait for your responses: "U must be drake, get off drakes dick, u 15 and white, can't hear u with drakes dick in your mouth" Well guess what u aint a money making pimp or gangsta cause if u were u wouldnt have the time nor care about spending your time in yo mommas basements hating on drake behind your keyboard cause he rich and u ain't. It u were a money making pimp or gangsta u would be too busy fucking bitches and hustling. Get a job.

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are fucking idiots. Everything you say is bullshit. FYI, Ross gets a lot of hate because he's fake and untalented. So is Drake. He's not fire, his lines are wack, he raps about nothing as well, he also talks about money, drugs, hoes, gats, etc., he's as fake as the other fake rappers, he did not change shit, many artists can make hits without him, he's not real, his fanbase are chicks, under-18 suburban kids, and gay motherfuckers. So hop off Drake's dick, broke stans, and stop calling people who criticize your idol haters, bitch.


      You nailed it on many levels. I don't understand the necessity of a rapper in 2013 to be street, hard, or gang-affiliated. Hip-Hop was born out of oppression and it has evolved. If rappers want to truly be accepted as talented musicians, we can't all sound the same and rap about the same things. Change with the times. Adapt. It's the law of nature, and nature is music.

  • Anon

    "Cause jealously is just love and hate at the same time" -Drake

  • Wigga X

    Drake fuckin' sucks, i hate him. Listen some real Black music like X-Clan or Da Lench Mob

  • Hiphop

    I think the biggest problem against his image, is simply the fact that he blew up quick. People nowadays think it's a cool thing to go against what's currently popular. I'm not even a Drake listener. I do acknowledge that what i've heard from him over the years has been consistent. If you aren't a fan of him, why spend countless hours in these comment boards bashing him? The obvious hate, is secret love and admiration. I've heard from countless people that they can't listen to him, simply because he isn't from the worst of the worst cities or ghettos. This just feeds into the bigger problem, -- African American's sad misconception and obsession with "having to be from the bottom. " Yes, millions are affected by having to live in the terrible areas, and go through real shit everyday, but we as a whole should want to better ourselves. Let's think bigger than strippers, cars, guns, and drugs. Let's enlighten and humble ourselves, so we can stop killing one another.

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are fucking idiots. Everything you say are lies.


      You're absolutely right, and it bothers me that a certain archetype of people find it necessary to be against he mainstream. Does it ever occur to people that, although alot of it is manipulated by media, some of the elements of art that make it into the mainstream are legitimate? If Hip-Hop and rappers are to evolve, the music has to grow as well. There will always be a place for gangster rap, just not anywhere near the 1+ million copies sold shelf.

  • Bram Gesink

    Is Drake a great rapper? Probably not. But is he talented? Absolutely. He gets what he can out of the talent he has and that's really all you can ask of anyone. If you can sing well enough to make more money then you would if you only rapped wouldn't you do it? You wouldn't ask Kid Cudi to spit fierce drug raps would you? You wouldn't ask Jay-Z to sing the hook would you? Everyone can only do what their talent is. If this is the music Drake is good at making then let him make it. Stop asking him to be what he is not, because he is certainly not a great rapper. And another thing. Why does it matter where you started from as long as you don't lie about it? If someone was the son of a millionaire but was an extremely talented hip hop artist who made great music should his background be held against him? But I guess Drake is different because he basically lied. No one really cared that he started from the middle until he started saying he started from the bottom. Whatever.

  • snIPez

    Wow the dick riderz are out in full force tonight. You know who started from the bottom Drake? Eminem did. He wasn't born with a silver cock in his mouth like you were. You are not a rapper. You are R&B. RappingBullshit. You freestyle reading off your BlackBerry for fuck sakes, hahaha. #FUCKINGWACK #FAKEPEICEOFSHIT The only thing Drake is going hard on his next album with is a big fat 10" black dick up his ass. If you were never on that shitty Degrassi show we would never be talking about some fag named Drake. Any of the old cats on here know the real Degrassi was with Joey, Wheels & Snake. Not this shitty transgendered dick up the ass fag bullshit they peddle today. Oh yeah, Glee called, Drake. They want their rainbow colored dildo back. Go fuck yourself.

  • Anonymous

    no such thing as real hip hop yall dickheads hip hop is just music n music changes over time all yall dickheads really be stuck on some old ass music for what? yeah its great but it was great for its time, if it was great for this time niggas like joey badass would sell 10 mill n his 1st week, Drake is a great rapper for this time he's a great example of what future music should be stop putting niggas n a box n let be cus every last one of yall so called hip hop heads know that if yall could rap n sing n see more profit from it rather than doing the bullshit yall haters like to call REAL hip hop yall would do. at the end of the day yall niggas need to stop bn so deeply into these rappers n see that they are people giving ther fam n friends a better life throught something they love

  • 490717

    Drake Tracklist: 1)Intro 2)Song for bitches 3)song for bitches 3)Song about realness 4)Song about business $ 5)Song about young $ 6)Song about bitches 7)Song about bitches 8)What the fuck is this album about, I forgot 9)Bullshit 10)Song about loving bitches 11)Song about haters 12)Song about how he made it despite haters 13)Am I still typing this 14)Outro

  • NICK

    HIPHOPDX made a error, It's NOT 'they LOVE me more than they hate me' it's actually: ''they need me more than they hate me'' POOR WRITERS

  • DavidDanielz

    WOW!!! DX has gone way to far with this. What support for such a bogus artist. hahahahaha Let me get this right... Stay Schemin came out and "The seminal moment where even non-Drake fans reluctantly, but perhaps literally, nodded in approval." That's kind of interesting... Are you fucking kidding everyone with this bullshit?! What are you guys trying to do, re-write history and make shit up. I do agree that was the tipping point in his career but in the other direction. That was when Common & Drake made everyone in the hiphop community realized Drake was not a true hiphop artist. He was merely the new Ja Rule. Everyone knew when Drake was taking heat for all the R&B stuff and then when he started all the slick talk about real hiphop artist with no way to back shit up and then finally no response to all the hiphop artist that went at him. The only one he went at, went back at him and put him in his place. It got so bad for Drake, We all knew he was going pure hiphop for his next album. Regardless though, he can try and change things and your website can try and change things but it wont change the public perception of him. His career is over if he tries to be something he's not. Lastly, DX should not allow or endorse Ryan Redding and this BS article. He must be getting a big check from Drake or Cash Money for this huge BS endorsement. He shows a lack of respect for the culture and its fans. DavidDanielz - A real fan of hiphop...

    • ^

      Everything you just said now are lies.

    • TJ902

      So we're gonna pretend that Common didn't end up looking foolish for going at Drake in an obvious attempt to boost his barely existant sales? I'm much more of a fan of Common's music than Drake's but let's be real, Drake "won" in the eyes of the public, and since that verse his career has been reaching new heights. Trying to start beef with more relevant artists just to try and sell more records is wack and I was kinda dissappointed that Common stooped to that level. He's not even that type of artist.

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit. Take Care is NOT hip-hop/rap; it's R&B and pop rap.

    • TRUTH

      WTF are you even talking about you nonsensical child? What is your reason for thinking that Drake is not a real Hip-Hop artist? He just won a Grammy for Best Rap Album for Take Care, would it make your insignificant little world better if it was for best R&B album? Categorically, IT IS rap and IT IS Hip-Hop. Grow up, kid. Music isn't about boundaries and strict guidelines, it's about the EXACT OPPOSITE. What am I even doing this for? Go listen to Gucci Mane you are worthless to the arts.

  • Marx1684

    Drake is a rapper when he raps & a singer when he sings. Drake is a musician. Don't worry what he's classified as. He makes hits for a few different genres. The xx is dope mood music so he obviously keeps his ear out for all types of sounds. I'm not a rider. I just give credit where credit is due. If he keeps up the work his fans will be debating whether he's better than K. Dot the same way we now do Jay & Nas. On another note, the work they've done together sounds like a progressing story that would be great to hear expanded upon (Marvin's Room/Buried Alive - Poetic Justice) as a gem for fans that pay attention. Hopefully that West Coast move will inspire this since they are both artists that don't spit Yosemite Sam fiction lyrics that all enforcers of The Real seem to love.

    • ^

      Please shut the fuck up, dude, with the bullshit lies you spoke.


      You're exactly right and a breath of fresh air in the middle of a convoluted conversation around a very-well written article. I particularly enjoyed the last line citing the enforcers of "The Real". Why don't these people want to see Hip-Hop evolve? These people would be hard-pressed to realize Rock 'N' Roll also came from traditionally black music, and does that take away from the Beatles or Led Zeppelin? Allow the music to do what nature does, ADAPT and EVOLVE. Hip-Hop heads seem to be afraid that their music is being taken from them, and are nervously biting at every opportunity to defend "the real". Music is expression, kids, it has no rules and sets no boundaries. Let Drake be an artist, who cares what parameters define a rapper or what parameters define Hip-Hop. Ya'll seem mad that the genre is flexible, but it's that exact flexibility that gave birth to every musical genre before it. What is Hip-Hop? What is Rhythm & Blues? What is Rock? It's a compilation of styles that came before it with an added twist of innovation. Get of your high horse and stop with the defensive attitude that serves no purpose but your own insecurities. No one is going to take away what Hip-Hop has already given, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, and Rakim are not on your side. Wake-up!

    • Anonymous

      I'm a Drake fan, but I don't think you can even argue Drake vs. Kendrick. Kendrick is on a different level from everyone else

    • Marx1684

      I usually don't get involved w/the back & forth but please share w/me your definition of real. Also if you wouldn't mind keeping the insults down to a minimum. I am capable of an intelligent debate of opinion. I'm posting, not battle rapping.

    • DaTruth

      Jay & Nas comparison? Really? lol Drake is and will never be on that level. You must work for him or be related. Hell I wouldnt be shocked if it was you Drake saying this shit. Not one real hiphop artist today or the best would agree with your bullshit.

  • Owen

    And also he is not a self-proclaimed "rapper", so the "softness" shouldn't take away from him. Other rappers are jealous because they can not become what he is... a true artist.

  • Owen

    This was an amazing article... As a crazy Drake fan I'd like to say I enjoyed every second of reading this. Thank you.

  • Just Being Honest

    Drake puts out a single like Started From The Bottom before every album. 'Over' was from Thank Me Later and then 'Headlines' from Take Care. He put out 9am In Dallas shortly after TML dropped or around about the same time, putting 5am In Toronto out now doesn't mean we will see an "aggressive" album. Drake will always make RnB music. He's got the talent, he might aswell use it. I think it's hard to see where the album is heading right now, and as he still hasn't finished. I doubt he knows where it's heading right now either.

  • Um ok

    people seem to hate Drake because he is soft and R&B and all that shit. However if you go to a Frank Ocean review or even The Weeknd and motherfuckers are nut-riding so hard it hurts. Drake is good music to some people. Drake has some slick lines. I don't know how hiphop heads don't hear em.

    • Anonymous

      Its because Drake acts all tough when he's not, he puts no effort into his lyrics, and he sounds half asleep when he raps (recently anyway). I do believe he has some potential, but he needs to try, and stop being fake.

    • Anonymous

      People hate on Drake because he looks GQ. That's it. It's just his image they hating on

    • trooper

      Thats because he (Drake) is soft & R&B. Frank Ocean don't try to put up a front which makes him respectable. I personally don't think Drake makes good music. Like damn near most of these mainstream horrible rappers, the music is too mainstream or some tremendously weak trap beat. Drake is a decent rapper lyrically however. If his music was more real more real hip hop I might give him a chance but I doubt that it will and his new album will just be more trash mainstream radio bullshit hip hop. Thats what YMCMB is. If Drake was smart he should leave and do more real hip hop. Until then I will not support him, or Big Sean or whoever doing bullshit music and shitting on hip hop they way they are.

    • Anonymous

      but he claims he is a rappers. thats the problem

  • Anonymous

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  • DavidDanielz

    WOW!!! DX has gone way to far with this. What support for such a bogus artist. hahahahaha Let me get this right... Stay Schemin came out and "The seminal moment where even non-Drake fans reluctantly, but perhaps literally, nodded in approval." That's kind of interesting... Are you fucking kidding everyone with this bullshit?! What are you guys trying to do, re-write history and make shit up. I do agree that was the tipping point in his career but in the other direction. That was when Common & Drake made everyone in the hiphop community realized Drake was not a true hiphop artist. He was merely the new Ja Rule. Everyone knew when Drake was taking heat for all the R&B stuff and then when he started all the slick talk about real hiphop artist with no way to back shit up and then finally no response to all the hiphop artist that went at him. The only one he went at, went back at him and put him in his place. It got so bad for Drake, We all knew he was going pure hiphop for his next album. Regardless though, he can try and change things and your website can try and change things but it wont change the public perception of him. His career is over if he tries to be something he's not. Lastly, DX should not allow or endorse Ryan Redding and this BS article. He must be getting a big check from Drake or Cash Money for this huge BS endorsement. He shows a lack of respect for the culture and its fans. DavidDanielz - A real fan of hiphop

    • DA TROOF

      David Danielz: go listen to 80's hip-hop forever so you can always be the most knowledgeable person on what is real, what is street, what is hard, what is black, what is gangsta, what is rap...

  • Anonymous

    Lmao at all the trolling comments like "everything you say is bullshit," and "you like drake because you're white and 15." How about all of you hating dickheads elaborate on your opinions, instead of just being internet thugs talking shit with a keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is such a polarising artist it's unbelievable. At the end of the day, he makes music. It's within your right to say it's good, and it's within your rights to say it's bad. It's hip-hop - unquestionably. Yes, he may crossover into r'n'b and synthpop, but a lot of artists do crossovers without as much criticism. "hip-hop" and "gangsta rap" are not one and the same (part of the issue here may be Drake having signed to Young Money/Cash Money - with a reputation for gangsta rap in the 90s). Drake is alternative hip-hop, but he is hip-hop, and in that same bracket you can describe not only Drake but artists like OutKast and Kanye West (neither of whom get as much hate). The guy's rap skills aren't amazing, but they're hardly terrible either, and out of most rappers of his generation, Drake is one of the better all-round rappers (defined here by lyricism, flow, delivery, technique and output). I don't particularly like all of his music (personally I think he puts more effort into his features), but I still respect what he does, and I think Take Care was a very good album that will be hard for him to top unless he goes into a completely different lane.

    • Anonymous

      No. Drake is NOT one of the best rappers of this generation; he's one of the worst.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick wasn't mentioned in the statement (it was ONE OF, not THE). Personally I agree on both counts, the best rappers of this generation are (in no particular order), Kendrick, J.Cole, Drake and Ab-Soul.

    • Anonymous

      Good joke. Drake is R&B/pop rap, not alternative hip-hop or hip-hop, period. He's not the best rapper of his generation, Kendrick Lamar is. Drake is one of the worst. Take Care is a shitty album. Stop riding his dick.

  • Anonymous

    Don't hate Drake cause he's ethering your favorite rappers on the sales charts. Finally an artist who is comfortable making the type of music he wants that still SELLS. That's the key. If it was just about getting in tune with your emotions, Common would have sold 20 million albums by now.

    • trooper

      Here you go bringing up Common. First of Common won that battle with Drake. Drake got rattled by Common. Now to your foolish comment. Common has been doing real hip hop for 21 yrs. He;s been in the game that long and is still relevant. He's worth 35mil Drake is worth 20mil. Common will have the last laugh because Drake, Nicki Minaj will not have that kind of career and longevity. Common, Q-Tip has seen these types of artist come and go. Problem is Drake make music to appease mainstream. He doesn't understand that one day mainstream is going to turn his back on him when the next fool sells his soul and be the hottest thing. Common, Q-Tip and others kept it true from day one and as a result that have a true to life following (life supporters). Drake doesn't have that unless he starts doing real hip hop and not this BS he's doing now. But I doubt he will.

    • Anonymous

      You're a fucking idiot. Drake makes shitty R&B/pop music. Everything you say is bullshit.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dope Piece. Insightful. Drake Listens To The Critics. Then Goes Right At Em. Niggas Hate To Admit It But... The Boy Can Spit.

  • FuKKK DraKKKe

    lmao at these so-called niggas waiting for this album

  • Anonymous

    i heard the name of it is "whack"

  • D.Curry me out

  • firehawk17

    frankly good music is good music.. a lot of fans don't understand the process of writing and recording.. they think throw on a beat and niggas hit the booth... There is a process and Drake honestly is one of the best writers around no matter what genre of music it is. His delivery is good and his shit be hot.. He isn't a street dude but a man is a man.. if a man is defending himself or his image doesn't make him street.. niggas equate a person talking up or checking a nigga as street shit.. no thats man shit.. nothing wrong with speaking up

    • Anonymous

      You're retarded. Everything you say is bullshit. Drake is not a good writer or the best; he's one of the worst. His delivery is sloppy and his shit is wack.

  • Anonymous

    TBH Drake is god

  • So Icy Boi / Yung Boi!

    Drake is da second hottest MC ever. YMCMB saved hip hop from da death. Lil Wayne and Drake became hip hop legends and music icons. dey have Grammy! what bout J Dilla? Common? Mos Def? Black Thought? De La Soul? deze so called real rappers never won anything. swag

  • 04578

    LMAO and SMDH at a "Nigga" anticipating a Drake CD when that shit is strictly for bitches.

  • Ryan Redding

    who does Drake want to be?


    "The prevailing complaint from those in that camp seemed to center around the precedent that his first two albums had unknowingly, yet unapologetically, established the emotional honesty, slowed-down song structure, and sure softness, were not gimmicks." TALK ABOUT A RUN ON SENTENCE!!!

    • Ryan "Deepthroat" Redding

      "TALK ABOUT A RUN ON SENTENCE!!!" More like a "hard, big veiny, triumphy, cum stained, crab infested, STD ridden, AIDS infected, anal lubed, cock" in the fag who wrote this penis warming article on their gay lover called Drake. They think if they use big words, it will distract people from the fact that Drake is just another shitty R&B artist. "oOo his manhood was so small. It was like the notes on the opening song. I felt my cock getting all hard and cummy when I bought it at BestBuy. The guy at the counter knew what I was "UP" to. But homie don't fucking care. This is Drake baby. I want his seed so deep, so deep in mah throats. I want him to get me preggers from behind. I wuv you my sanal superhero." by Ryan Redding

  • Anonymous

    expect what u got from his last album. same formula. started from the bottom is literally a paralleled of headlines (both amazingly simple catchy songs.) drake knows he can put out these abc songs cus he does them well. soon after he release his hard music for the hiphop heads. you know the song where he spits with no chorus. this year its 5am in toronto. Next will be his song for the ladies.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      He is using the typical rap formula. It goes club track, then a track for the streets and then the radio friendly track for the ladies. So many artists have done this similar trick in the past. It`s nothing new to see

  • yeaaahh

    Drake is one of the best artists in the game but people are going to talk shit just for the hell of it. This dude's content, songwriting ability, and flow is dope. It's no way in hell you can sit there and tell me that you can't relate to his lyrics. We've all been through breakups, had/have family and frindship problems - and you say he's soft for talking about it? I guess you only listen to hardcore stuff to make you feel tough, huh? And then you got the annoying "hip-hop heads" who hate the popular and everything that doesn't "sound" like hip-hop. You love an artist until they make it and then you say they sold out.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      The reason is today's music is nothing like the past. In the past there was more hardcore music whereas today it has gotten more mainstream and 'soft'. It's just the current state of rap and he's going with the flow. Personally, I don't like all the singing from him because he is a better rapper then singer. He should just pay someone else to do the hooks and chorus's. But I think he is trying to save that feature money

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is too soft/corny/lame...I aint sayin he aint got talent, but i just cant fuck with his shit...I guess its certain niggas that can vibe with dude...

  • foursix

    He's already outdone whatever he offered on his first two albums with these 2 singles from his new album.

  • trooth

    take care is my shit... if you hate on drake you either don't get pussy or live in the slums and sell coke for a living. ohh or you wear backpacks when schools out

  • Lil Farrakhan

    Drake converted his faith to Nation of Islam (NOI)and his album gonna be inspired by NOI teachings so you can expect that real hip hop. Drake 'bout to bring real hip hop back straight like dat.

  • T


  • T


  • T


  • Anonymous

    Great. An editorial on one of the wackest rappers in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Only bitch niggas are having high expectations for this shit.

  • LOL

    LOL at all these peeps complaining and crying.....didnt yall click on this site, and then scroll down??? Do Right And Kill Everything

  • Anonymous

    Thank Me Now was good. Have less features!

  • Anonymous

    Drake should go back to that So Far Gone shit. It had the perfect balance between rapping and singing, even though Drake can't sing at all. Thank Me Later was too commercial, Take Care was too R&B.

  • Anonymous

    drake the epidemy of rap fuck drake

  • LOL

    Guys all yall must be butthurt jews, or actually being niggers, who knows, dont really care, but i do find it hilarious to see all this "pussy" comments etc etc. wait wait wait, WASNT HE FUCKING RIHANNA???? oh yah he was, and just about every other model that crosses him. Why people say hes gay, and a pussy i will never know. But i do know a lot of nigs love talking shit on him and other mans lives, while they stand with no car, EBT cards, many baby mommas, and just as many kids..etc etc yall pathetic S/O DRIZZY, if yall dont like the music dont click play LOLOLOLOL that simple

    • hahahaha

      this nigga LOL is perfect for drake. soft and sensitive. the only one butt hurt here is this nigga after readin all the posts

    • East Coast

      @Bro you look just as dumb AF commenting back to LOL.....twice.....

    • bro

      ps just bec someone is a rapper doesnt mean they are broke. im not a rapper or famous i got a regular job that pays very well and i live comphy as a motha fucka fer real. miss me with the whole if your not YM or a rapper your broke thing..stay humble -pz

    • bro

      your giving yourself up..either drake himself or a rep.. you been butt hurt yourself by any criticism said on here and agreed with any blowing you dont gotta act like a dick just bec someone comes on a site n says he dont like ur music..if he says hurtful shit ..fuck it lol who cares

    • Anonymous

      How does Aubrey's dick taste, stanley? Cut the bullshit.

  • wzrd

    Im still a Drake but felt like Take Care was subpar in comparison with Thank Me Later & So Far Gone.(Nas should've won the grammy) And dnt get me started on the single Started from the Bottom, I just wasnt feeling dat at all. He will be judged harshly by fans regardless but I think his next album is crucial. Drake's the only artist from Young Money dats worth listening to right now with all respects to Ace Hood who's not bad. Wayne fell off, Nicki had a great start but now has turned pop & gimmicky while Drake, even tho his singing can get annoying, still keeps it lyrical. We all know Drake can make tons of hit records but Im looking for a classic masterpiece on this next album & I hope my expectations arent that high. If he wants to reach the level of Hov, Kanye, Eminem & even Wayne (mixtapes-TC3) he's gotta drop a very good album. Something dat can make a big impact and possibly change the game.

  • Anonymous

    3rd album, its time to start leaving the undecided buried basically.

  • blaklex

    That was a good read. I'm surprised!

  • kingsin

    dude who wrote this article is stupid if he think people gon' read this long an article online. Especially when it's about this soft ass punk bitch. Drake shit be ass yo, straight up...

    • LOL

      LOL guys relax @kingsin is just a misunderstood black man who uses ebonics and slang to "act" and "sound" a lot cooler than he really is. DRAKE FAN HERE, IF YA HATE DRAKE WHY YOU CLICKING ON ARTICLE. DONT GET TOO BUTTHURT NIGGAS

    • Fred

      Dang my dude. Some niggas can read. Check your spelling too. Go back to 6th grade as fast as you can!

    • bubba

      For those of us who can read it wasnt that long. lol

  • PuCho

    I don't see the hype with SFTB its basic, simple, and repetitive from the lyrics and the beat there's nothing really special about it. With the direction he's taking it looks like Nothing Was The Same is gonna be more rapping but who knows, ill wait for the next single to see where the direction goes. But he doesn't need to make a complete rap album anyway he just needs to go back to that So Far Gone style, that still remains his best work it had a perfect balance of rapping and singing it was also different and new compared to what was out. As for the Common and Drake beef, when i heard drakes verse on stay schemin ill be honest, I was actually nodding my head in approval that maybe he can go up against a legend and silence everyone who's calling him to soft. But then Common fired back and ether drake the way he did was ill, but drake did the bitch thing and not respond back so its no surprise that people still look at him as being to soft or better yet a "harmless pussy"

  • lesa

    sing less,rap more maybe then i'l listen to Drake

  • Pusha T

    Drake's music is superior to mine and I hate that I'm admitting it. Don't send me to the bargain bin, Kanye! I promise I'll diss Drake, Wayne, 50, whoever you want me too. Just don't make me do another Clipse album. I'm tired of going double wood.

    • 614grind

      C'mon son. You know Drake can't see Push on the mic. Stick to your sales argument because nobody can argue that.

  • Anonymous

    If I was Drake, I'd make a double album, one disc sort-of "Take Care-lite" and the other in the tone of "5AM in Toronto" and "SFTB".

    • wow

      your a dumbass i like drakes music.. im not one of these guys on here thats sayin i dont.. its just when someone is just gobblin all 3 inches of drakes dick i just call em out..drakes got talent i wont deny it.. started from the bottoms a nice ass smooth were assuming i wasnt a fan of drakes music

    • LOL

      LOL @wow dont be butthurt brobro!!!!!! catching just go play a Drake song and relax

    • wow

      plus this dude only gave a suggestion why u so sensitive sound like a little bitch with all your defending drake posts..period time?

    • wow

      this nigga is all oveeeeer drakes critics..fuck off and get a life ferreal like why u keep defending him..if yuor not drake himself or gettn paid then hop off this nigga nut sack

    • LOL

      LOL that is such a dumb idea, or he can be himself and just drop an album of what he wants LOL all these fans act like they his manager, just click play and shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    i think drake is ok but both albums were overrated especially thank me later. The author of this article sounded too much of a fan like hes was jerking it to the take care cover

  • Jade

    I like Drake, phuck what you think. The same artists you like are the same artists that are talking about the same shit in their songs. Salute Drake.

  • Industry Advocate

    So...all of Hip Hop should be Hardcore, Gangsta, Bitches & Hoes, Hysterical/Lyrical Music? No one should be different in any way? I like Drake, but I don't like, actually, hate Chief Keef & Soulja Boy! However, I find it's not for me, and there's an audience that loves it. Y'all can't just leave it at that? I bet at 1.5 MIl and 1.9 Mil, some of you that hate it secretly likes it. The boy can actually rhyme!

  • Anonymous

    Take Care was good, but overrated. It's no masterpiece. Drake will more than likely deliver another bitch ass album and Started From The Bottom and 5 Am will not make the cut

  • Anonymous

    started from the bottom is a carbon copy of many rap songs its nothing special kids love the hook thats it

  • C

    I'm a huge Drake fan, but I agree that SFTB is a bit overrated, but that's not Drake's fault, it's just that it caught on so quick. Yeah, there isn't anything "special" about it, and I think that's the point. Compared to his other songs, which show that he's lyrically gifted and his word play is ridiculous, SFTB is simple, basic, and relatable. Because everyone can relate; everyone has started from the bottom at some point. The point you're at now is different than what it was 5 years ago, and it will be in another 5 years. As far as people saying he didn't start from the bottom...I mean, every bottom is different. There's a lot of rumors that he grew up rich or whatever but he really didn't. He didn't grow up in the "hood" like a lot of other rappers boast about, but he did come from somewhat humble beginnings, humble enough compared to what he has now. Even when he was on Degrassi he wasn't hardly making shit; Canandian Tv does NOT pay well for those who don't know, and especially not for a bunch of teenage actors on a semi relevant show. This article was great and really on point in my opinion. Drake IS one of the most polarized artists out there and he probably always will be. People don't understand him because he's nothing like anyone's ever seen before. He has this pretty boy image that doesn't quite match with the struggles he raps about he's somehow relatable and his lyrics make you think. Plus, he's a black/jew rapper from Canada. No, it doesn't add up, but it's different and it works. I can't tell you how many times I've played one of his songs over and over again and caught some smooth line he snuck in there and I was like damn, that shit was nice! He's very talented there's no question about that. Those who disagree probably consider Gucci Mane or 2 Chainz as "talented", so there's that.

    • @C

      Get the fuck outta here with those bullshit lies.

    • Industry Advocate

      Don't understand: you said it was overrated, but it caught on so fast? Another thing, unless you were born a Millionaire, you definitely struggled to get there!

  • Anonymous

    "He's fake and he's soft" Fake compared to who, an industry full of pretend drug dealers, dons, and kingpins?

  • Anonymous

    FUCK DRAKE out

  • Hellboden

    I don't hate Drake. I don't love him either. But he represents a large portion of the disgusting "recreational mc" movement running hip hip at the time of this writing. He's fake and he's soft but he's nice and he's talented. As for his recent foray into more aggressive territory. Look at anything Hollywood. The sequels are always darker.

    • Hellboden

      Yo, ain't need no industry know how cunt nose. It's a cliche these days it started with Empire Strikes back. Kind of. Think of any sequel to any recentish movie and you can ALMOST guarantee it contains darker tones and elements. Biotch.

    • LOL

      LOL please tell us more about the industry and clients ARI GOLD, you must know sooooooooooo much....LOL NEXT

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    Drake soft as a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "bitch u wasn't with me shooting in the gym" saved kobe's marriage for at least another 3 years, however, kobe will be 50 million richer in 3 years, so his wife will get more

  • kas

    Great article. It basically voiced my own thoughts. Loved the dark tone of started from the bottom and 5 am in toronto. Drake's emceeing is seriously underrated. His flows are dexterous and his punchlines subtle as well as strong.

  • Anonymous

    He dropped 2 rnb albums it's time to drop a full rap album.

  • music maniac

    I'm sorry that "Started From The Bottom" joint is mad overrated. Nothing spectacular about it at all..

    • IMhO

      i thought started from the bottom was aight. personal song nice beat smooth joint.. drakes the ONLY person from YM i fuck w bec he can actually rap and has shit to say

    • LOL

      LOL @BFAG oops, you are going to tell me Drake can spit and then drop a song name??? Dumb ass niggers, DRAKES BEEN SPITTING FIRE, from mixtapes to albums ALL OF YALL TALKING SHIT ARE THE ONES BUTTHURT!!! lololololololllllll drake dont care what anyone thinks that he doesnt know LOL PEACE OUT GAYNIGZ

    • bswag

      true that I also think its almost wack but Drake can spit tho, he killed "Us" remix

    • Anonymous

      why is it hating , do all these comments have to be pro Drake ? ^^ stfu

    • Anonymous

      stop with all your hating ways. you coming on here reading about this cat, then hating on him for no reason.

  • maddog

    This writer is kissing Drake's ass calling it "Brilliant." I call it an album full of pussy shit from a boring rapper born into privilege.

    • Industry Advocate

      Let's say you're right (which, I am damn sure not), what's wrong if he did make a soft rap album from someone from privilege? Does it all have to be poor man hardcoare rap? I'm asking a serious question.

  • foreal

    Great article. I am one of the people the article was talking about. I liked Drake but was never crazy about his albums. I thought it was too slow and "for the ladies". I liked his rap singles but when i went to listen to the albums i was not satisfied... what happened to the dude with the punch lines rapping with weezy? that is not to say that i do not like his singing, i do. He doesnt need an R&B dude singing on a hook/chorus when he do can it himself. A good example would be Aston Martin Music by rick ross I am skeptically looking forward to the album. I hope it is more rap than singing cuz dude can rap.

  • Hiphop360

    Common killed Dr-fake by the way... messing with the gods of rap lol...