The Top 10 Most Popular Singles Of 2012

The top singles most popular singles of 2012 include hits from Common, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, and much more.

The tracks on this list should all look familiar, considering they all sat on the top of the list at one point or another. 2012 was an interesting year, where artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and 2 Chainz, really took it home with their singles. While the proof is listed below, the top spot belonged to Common, whose "Stay Schemin" remix hit as the #1 most popular song of 2012 on HipHopDX. Sure it was a direct shot against Drake (which explains much of the popularity). However, in the midst of current charting artists showing up every week, it spoke volumes that a veteran like Common could formally take the win. Check out all of the singles below. Some are not a surprise at all, while others are something of a shock.

The Top 10 Most Popular Singles Of 2012

1. Common - Stay Schemin Rmx (Drake Diss)

2. Kanye West f. Jay-Z & Big Sean - Clique

3. Kanye West f. DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris - Cold [Prod. Hit-Boy]

4. 2 Chainz f. Drake - No Lie [Prod. Mike WiLL Made It]

5. Nas - The Don [Prod. Heavy D, Salaam Remi & Da Internz]

6. Kendrick Lamar f. Dr. Dre - The Recipe [Prod. Scoop DeVille]  

7. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)

8. DJ Khaled f. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier - Hip Hop

9. Rick Ross f. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z - 3 Kings

10. Pusha T & Kanye West f. Ghostface Killah - New God Flow


  • mickey avalon

    how aint no fifty on this ish shizz? yALL cant even fux with him and his hawt ish

  • Anonymous

    I can care less about the list, but kind of surprised no "Mercy" on here instead new god flow and cold? Singles were big idk how important, but I think Mercy was much more important for guys like Pusha and 2 chainz even Big Sean getting recognized my more mainstream listeners who don't know hip hop as well. What do i know though I hate singles for the most part anyways.

  • Anonymous

    bogus list, hhdx cant be trusted 50 cent's new day has more plays then 3 kings



  • MightyMike27

    This list is shit lol. Stay Schein'? Com's one of my favorite artists but his "Sweet" single was more popular n Drake even went hard on that Stay Schemin track than Com. Don't get me wrong Com>>>>Drake I don't really care what was the most "popular" song of the year cause i don't even listen to the radio...but its not even a debate. It's "Mercy". No question. Best songs of the year? That's a different story.

  • Truth

    Stay hatin of Fif ha dx? Da fuck. I get it, this is based on your personal opinion but sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

  • Looga

    And DX hates on 50 again. Why am I not surprised? Biased people just leave out New Day & My Life

  • Anonymous

    11 of the artists are veterans and/or legends...awesome

  • mgeeze

    i agree this list is crap..

  • Anonymous

    New Day had more listens and is better than 3 Kings but is not on the list?

  • So Icy Boi!

    2 CHainz!!!!! swag

  • 1

    r u kidding me? where is cashing out by cashout

  • Anonymous

    this list is hip hop dx opinion i dont agree ima built my own hip hop website i have a better ear for hip hop then dx lol...

  • Anonymous

    seems like the songs that came out after the summer, if you say 2012 then u have to pull songs from the whole entire year . smh.. list is crap anyway

  • yoblob

    Hip Hop and The Recipe need to be higher

  • BTMoney

    Yeah, this list is way off. The Recipe got 80'000 plays, Stay Schemin' got 72'000. Could you fix this, please?

  • wu wear

    'Hip Hop' - Song of the year

  • common sucks

    Common at his worst and his most embarassing. that shit was his worst rhymes ever. ruined his career. corniest rhymes of his career. On top of that, Drake BAR FOR BAR destroyed him, Haters need to clean all the wax in their ears.

    • big les

      quit with the melodrama! Common's career is fine. lol his bars were just for kicks, just enough to make drake rethink taking it further LOL this list is about MOST LISTENED TO ON THIS SITE. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Anonymous

      at least he has acting

  • adkjfl;

    this list is so far off...what the hell are you guys doing over here?

    • shh

      THE "REAL" DIME of 2012 1. KANYE WEST "WHITE DRESS" (LIKE A VIRGIN 2012)...RIP 3 CHAINS...*smile 2.KENDRICK LAMAR "THE RECIPE" 3. SAIGON "KEEP MY FEET ON THE GROUND" 4. LUPE FIASCO...BRAVE HEART...(ASHANTI would blush)..*smile 5. JAY ROCK YOLA.....13/13 FIRE..not bad for a mainstream J ROCK.....*tears 6. DRAKE track 12.... 7. PAPOOSE BURN...*the song which "de-throne" TIP...*tears 8. LIL B track 7....THE GREEN FLAME 9. SBT & KEEF..."UGLY" 10. THE PRINCE OF POP....."DON'T JUDGE ME"...*CB being featured on "WESTSIDE" by J ROCK...FMH..FOLLOW ME HOME..*str8 Street SWAG....*smile WESTSIDE by JAY the only reason for me even going near some 2013...THE DIVORCE & ABORTION....put YO "weak" C.RAPPER$ to bed.....* TR3Y DAWG (REBORN)....2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      its based off of which tracks were listened to most on the site. not their favorite tracks.