It Was Written: Nas, Ghostwriting And The Ideal Of Sole Authorship

Your opinion of what Nas represents both as a lyricist and within the context of Hip Hop culture undoubtedly shapes how you view news of and Jay Electronica allegedly ghostwriting for him.

Hip Hop has at least in part always bought in to an artificial construct of authenticity. So it’s interesting to me that allegations and/or revelations of Jay Electronica and of dead prez ghostwriting parts of Nas’ untitled 2008 album have caused a minor uproar. This seems to fly in the face of a widely accepted opinion that Hip Hop’s top-tier emcees never get or need any writing help. And that’s why I call the opinion an artificial construct. After all, Hip Hop’s first commercial hit was based upon ghostwriting.

“After [“Big Bank”] Hank Jackson dazzled Sylvia Robinson in the backseat of her son’s now famous Oldsmobile, he went in his own mind from bouncer and manager of the Cold Crush Brothers to potential superstar,” offers Steven Daly of Vanity Fair. “Slight problem: he might be able to mimic rapping, but he could not write rhymes. So it was that freshly anointed Big Bank Hank effected what many view as one of the great rock ‘n’ roll swindles. He approached Cold Crush member Grandmaster Caz and asked if he might borrow his lyric book for a studio date in Jersey. Caz, to his ultimate regret, was happy to oblige. ‘I didn’t lend much credence to the thing at all,’ says Caz. ‘I’m thinking, if somebody wants to use you, it can’t be that serious anyway…they’re dealing with a guy who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow as far as hip-hop or rhyming is concerned.’”

Of course, the allegations against Nas carry larger implications both for him and our artificial construct of authenticity, because most of us believe that Nas represents the very opposite of Caz’ description of Hank. And the allegations come from some very credible sources—FWMJ of and the highly accomplished Dream Hampton, whose previous credits include Jay-Z’s Decoded. FWMJ cites a phone call with Jay Electronica while the former was employed by WQHT “Hot” 97.1 FM. And Hampton says she’s heard identical verses firsthand while listening to reference tracks from the album in question. Of course, the whole discussion began about Harry Belafonte, and rabid fans chose to focus only on the Nas/ghostwriting angle. But when have Twitter-birthed controversies ever been concerned with staying on the subject? Anyway, depending on how you view Nas and the issue of ghostwriting in Hip Hop, this could be some damning evidence…right?

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JusAire Keith N.
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I think Jay writes what he believes. Nas' "Nigger" album was largely written by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica @JusAire
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fwmj FWMJ
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@fwmj you only got a phone call. I heard reference tapes for like, 6 songs. I shed thug tears too. He's a Virgo, and one of my faves.
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Fact Versus Perception

“No idea’s original / There’s nothing new under the sun / It’s never what you do / But how it’s done…” –Nas, “No Idea’s Original.”

I think there’s a pretty significant gap between what the general public knows about ghostwriting and how we perceive the sometimes-collaborative process of crafting Hip Hop songs. As it concerns Nas, here’s what we know for sure about his work with and Jay Electronica. Both artists are listed in the album’s official production credits—Electronica is listed as the sole producer of “Queens Get The Money,” while is credited for “We’re Not Alone,” “Untitled,” and “Sly Fox.” While he denies ever having an outright ghostwriter, Nas has more or less corroborated’s claims of being open to collaboration while writing.

“He actually reached out to M1 and asked—I dont even think he knew who did our beats,” told HipHopDX in 2008. “M1 hit me and said that Nas wanted us to come to the studio and hang out, write, produce, whatever, do some collab work. But he wasn’t real specific on what he wanted us to do, so I assumed he wanted us to rap on something. Just cause that’s what people usually use our brand for, because of what we have to say. So I went out to L.A. with my pad, ready to rap my ass off with one of my favorite emcees [laughs]. He was totally like, ‘Yo, I want y’all to produce this. Do y’all have any idea how you could develop this particular thought? I want to get at Fox News, got any beats for that?’ I found out over a few days that he wasn’t really interested in us rapping or being featured, but he wanted a sound and he wanted some help in conceptualizing his ideas.”

And that’s where things get murky. As the name implies, ghostwriters are often unaccredited. And there’s a grey area between rappers bouncing ideas off of each other as opposed to just hand delivering a verse for another artist to rhyme verbatim as Sean Combs by his own admission often does. One of the reasons this story is causing such a stir is because Hampton and FWMJ are totally credible sources. I personally believe both of their accounts, and neither gains anything by making this up. Most of us have never heard and never will hear the aforementioned reference tracks or the call with Jay Electronica. And honestly, even if I heard them, I don’t like the album any more or less. Even the most objective narrative is framed in some way, shape or form. That’s no slight against FWMJ or Hampton. It’s just the nature of anything you hear secondhand. To me, that’s the part of this whole thing that’s most interesting. The thought of Nas being at worst a recipient of ghostwritten rhymes or at best, a somewhat passive collaborator strikes a nerve for two main reasons. First, many Nas fans have an unrealistic ideal of what he should represent as an emcee. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as such people are honest enough with themselves to admit having that ideal. But your personal opinion of what Nas represents both as a pound-for-pound lyricist and within the greater context of Hip Hop music and culture will undoubtedly shape how you view this week’s allegations/revelations. Second, a lot of people don’t really understand how the music industry works—a fact that is exacerbated by Hip Hop's premium on this artificial construct of authenticity.

The Contradiction Of Nasty Nas And Escobar

“Now the main thing / That boggles my brain / Be all the bottles of pain / I iced the chain and all the followers came / They tried to throw me off track / But I caught that / They thought I lost that / But I’m continuing to make more stacks / Halftime, New York State of Mind / It Was Written was hittin’…” –Nas, “Ecsobar ‘97”

I think Nas will always be judged based upon his five-mic debut, Illmatic. In one sense, Nas has at times used this to his benefit by reconnecting with producers and themes associated with Illmatic when fans that idealize him feel he’s strayed too far from the path. Getting a Large Professor beat or naming an entire album Stillmatic (as in still Illmatic) is a great way to shut up fans for justifiably criticizing songs like “Oochie Wally” and “You Owe Me.” When people start saying Nas has lost it, he can not so subtly remind them, “Hey, I was that dude who made Illmatic! See, Large Professor and I still have amazing chemistry.” But having what many critics agree is a classic album is both a gift and a curse. Such lofty expectations leave little room for experimentation or growth. Some fans (an abbreviation of the word fanatics, by the way) act as if every emcee can or wants to spend their life attempting to continually strike that perfect balance between critical acclaim and commercial appeal by annually shitting out a five-mic album like some Hip Hop golden goose.

In most circles, Nas is regarded as “conscious” and “a thinking man’s rapper.” I have no doubt that those are singular elements of Nas’ multi-dimensional personality. I just don’t expect him to showcase them all the time. So a coaster like Nastradamus only disappointed me in the sense that I couldn’t get my 10 bucks back. As long as the beats and rhymes were on point, I never felt the need to choose between a mainstream offering like “Nas Is Coming” or something more thought provoking like “Black Girl Lost.” But where do those labels of social consciousness and depth come from? None of the songs on Illmatic were exclusively devoted to being socially aware. References to Marcus Garvey, oppression and the industrial prison complex were made. But blunts and 40 ounces were also consumed, and bitches got fucked. Often. Interestingly enough, some people view It Was Written as a commercial departure from Illmatic. Yet “Black Girl Lost,” “I Gave You Power,” “The Message” and to a lesser extent “If I Ruled The World” overtly addressed the themes of perceived black sexuality, the Madonna/Whore Complex, black on black crime, gun control laws and systematic poverty. It’s an interesting contradiction of which Nas seems well aware.

“I'm totally contradictory,” Nas told XXL magazine in 2007. “I was gonna make a song on this album called “Mr. Contradiction.” ‘Cause in essence, it means I’m human. There’s not one person in the world that’s not a living, walking contradiction. It’s kind of crazy that people say that. I think they’re being harsh. What they’re trying to say is worse than what the meaning is. They haven’t been anywhere. They haven’t walked in any real shoes. So it’s just naysayers and hecklers...‘Cause James Brown could say, ‘Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud’ and then talk about hot pants on another song. Or you know, Marvin could say ‘Let's get it on,’ talk about freakish pleasures, whatever you want, but also talk about the world. That makes you whole. People are so caught up with the gimmick artists, so they believing what’s fake. And really, it’s sad. They’d rather watch the actor who makes every record the same, every image the same, and that’s cool. I don’t get involved with that. Say what you want—I love being a contradiction. I might get that shit tattooed on me.”

I think some fans still had an idealized standard of what to expect from Nas in 2008, despite the fact that he was either incapable or uninterested in fully returning to Illmatic form. Based on the pre-album hype, some probably hoped Nigger would be full of introspective tracks such as “Black Girl Lost” or “I Can.” While Nas either couldn’t or wouldn’t make militant social commentary his full focus in 2008, both dead.prez and Jay Electronica could. If “My World (Nas Salute)” was any indication, Jay Electronica also knew the intricacies of Nas’ rhyme cadence and which type of production suited him best. Both Jay Electronica and also cite Nas as an early influence. So if Nas’ popularity was waning among the part of his fan base that expected strictly social commentary from him—a fair expectation given the way Nas hyped up the Nigger album—why not solicit and Jay Electronica’s services for a creative boost?

Part of the answer to that question lies in a fundamental misunderstanding by many Hip Hop fans of how the music industry works. Artists collaborate with writers all the time. It’s no big secret. It’s the gathering and sharing of ideas. And I think Nas was executing that gathering and sharing of ideas with Jay Electronica and For some reason, Hip Hop presents a somewhat false ideal of sole authorship as being more authentic. And this also spills over into the definition of a producer too. In other genres, a producer can write and arrange music and lyrics. In Hip Hop, for some reason, it’s often limited to just being a beat maker. Of course, part of how you feel about Nas’ collaborative writing process also lies in your ability to view Nas as both a brand and an emcee.

Nas Incorporated

“This ain’t 50 / This ain’t Jigga / This ain’t Diddy / This ain’t pretty / Pain power pussy and pistols / Lyrically / No one hold none near me / Hear me / Kids cheer me / Like the count of Monte Cristo / Steady poundin’ / Soundin’ like G / Without the lisp though / My big bro / Told me plain and simple / Nas do not look back / Watch where you took rap / No book bags or trucker hats / Just army jacks / And diamonds that’s flashin’…” –Nas, “Disciple.”

In 2008, Jay Electronica hadn’t so much as sniffed the pop charts. Meanwhile, for all of their much-deserved critical acclaim, dead.prez have three brief entries there. Let’s Get Free peaked at the number 73 spot on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 albums chart, where it spent 10 weeks. Other offerings such as RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta and Turn Off The Radio: The Mixtape, Volume 2 made a smaller impact. None of which is to say you should judge an artist strictly based upon their commercial success. I would argue that commercial success is probably one of the worst ways to judge an artist. Plus we have the collective co-signs of Jay-Z, Erykah Badu and Steve Rifkind to lend credibility to both Jay Electronica and dead.prez’s immense talents.

I’m mentioning the commercial success because I’d make the argument that Nas—holder of five number one debut albums at the time the album in question dropped—has much more of a reach than dead.prez and Jay Electronica combined. Let’s take the ghostwriting allegations to the extreme and say Jay Electronica and dead.prez wrote all of the four songs in question in their entirety. I don’t have any way to prove that, but let’s just put it out there for argument’s sake. All of the artists involved were compensated and at least partially credited for their contributions. And as’s quotes show, they were happy participants in such an arrangement. To me it’s like the age-old question about a tree falling in the forest. Do the themes on the album have a greater impact coming from Nas or from dead.prez and Jay Electronica?

By 2008, dead.prez were desperately trying to shake the stigma of being seen only as “conscious emcees” and political agitators. They performed those two tasks so well on both RBG and Let’s Get Free that some people refused to see them in any other light. How much would a song like “Sly Fox” have gone toward changing that perception? Similarly, with a track like “My World (Nas Salute)” already under his belt, couldn’t “Queens Get The Money” have done more to stigmatize Jay Electronica as a Nas clone than it would to paint him as a skilled collaborator, producer and writer?

The way I see it, everybody won. For those with an ideal of what Nas should be as an emcee, Jay Electronica and helped Nas cater to that notion. Additionally, Jay Electronica got a check from Island/Def Jam and a notch on his belt as an aspiring triple threat. And for those that slept on dead.prez’s solo works, the three tracks showcased the versatility they had previously displayed while working with Erykah Badu and others. To me, the only way this week’s revelations from FWMJ and Dream Hampton had a sad ending was if you held Nas up to some unrealistic standard as being the walking manifestation of “socially conscious” Hip Hop. And I realize I say this even though Nas sometimes paints himself as such. I can’t knock that opinion, but based upon his catalogue as a whole, he was bound to disappoint you and fail to live up to that expectation sooner or later. And hey, if this is only the first time, then one disappointment in an 18-year career ain’t so bad.

Some of Hip Hop’s biggest names have participated in ghostwriting in some capacity—including Nas’ under the table work with Will Smith on “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” Given that, and how casually every artist mentions ghostwriting and unaccredited writing collaborations, why aren’t we questioning what lyricism, authenticity and sole authorship mean as Hip Hop listeners today?

Omar Burgess is a Long Beach, California native who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and has  been an editor at HipHopDX since 2008. Follow him on Twitter @FourFingerRings.


  • Jamari Law

    Though I can agree with your opinion on the matter of ghostwriting and it not being a threat to the credibility of Nas, I still believe that If he had Stic and Jay-E on board to help him conceptualize for the album he should have had them rhyme with him on tracks. Dead Prez and Jay Electronica simply having their names on the back of Nas' CD would have achieved the same effect as having them work anonymously on the album, would rope in acts not familiar to mainstream listeners who've never heard of Dead Prez and Jay-E and would have communicated the same idea without Nas taking all of the surface credit. It is more to his merit to showcase these artists' talents and to rhyme with them and bounce off of them that way than it is for listeners to find out via tweet by a journalist that these artists were involved in a hush hush type manner.

  • Anonymous

    Of course his album drops a lil minute ago and now "irrelevant" or "overrated" NaS got this horrible article put up about him. Great is great and if u know how to learn and how to listen, you should know nas' raps should be locked in a aint hard to tell

  • MAck

    Im gonna condense what you want to say. because I make music and work with all kinds of artists. GHOSTwriting is that a whole written verse or song thats all ready in place just needs to be performed What Dead prez did is Demo concepts about Nas's Ideas that he came to them with. you cant have a career that long and that prolific and cohesive in message if you have ghostwriters Take any superstar singer and listen to different albums IE Beyonce Usher you get it

  • Niggmetal

    some dudes still trippin ova that Jay vs. Nas ish??? Question: Do you guys get payed for hatting??? is this a hattingthon???

  • Flaco

    Neither or Jay Electronica can outrap Nas, so he's gonna pay them to write his shit? Something doesn't add up. Also, didn't some dude accuse Jay Electronica of stealing his rhymes for that Eternal Sunshine shit? This is no different from when Superb claimed he wrote Supreme Clientele for Ghostface Killah. We can all argue about it for ten seconds and then it will become irrelevant. These reference tapes need to leak then every Nas fan can mourn, but until then... STFU y'all :)

  • Anonymous

    Nas is irrelevant. Only nerdy backpacker faggot rap fans with no girlfriends like you stans are still checking for him. jayz ended his career already, nas hasnt made a hit song since 2006. Jay Z is DA KING

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Nas even being close to the GOAT. Elzhi PROVED that the whole 'Nas on Illmatic' talk was just a ridiculous myth. This nigga easily came with WAY better performances on every single one of that thought to have 'no room for any improvement' tracks. He had a much better flow, crafted more detailed pictures and topped it all with crazy wordplay while adding his own spin with amazing concepts.

    • Doublespeak

      @ Anonymous 1 - I just had a massive shit and it had more integrity and meaning than what you said.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAH. Did you even listen to Elzhi's lyrics? They were simple battle rhymes for the most part. You have no comprehension of what a classic verse is. Elzhi's verses sound like they were written in a few weeks and don't come close to touching anything that Nas rapped on Illmatic

  • Anonymous

    nas sucks dick. this is fuckin trash. wack ass nigga should have retired 10 years ago when he realized no one cares about his wack ass.

  • Anonymous

    Nasty, Nas the Esco to Escobar Now he is Nastrodamus Nasty, Nas the Esco to Escobar Now he is Nastrodamus damn, hova never made shit THAT CORNY RIP nas' career, the takeover is complete #ROC

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z- Net worth over 500 milli Nas- Net worth in debt -6 milli with the IRS Don't get it twisted nothing Nas has done, affected Jay Z, you can ask Nas Himself that. If anything thats the only thing that keeps Nas relevant, "Ether & illmatic" LMFAO you cant count up how many Jay Classics he has.

  • NeedleDrop

    illmatic = classic. iww = super dope. i am = had some of the best and worst nas songs at the same time. nastradamus = trash stillmatic = crazy overrated. god's son = half dope, half trash. street's disciple = worst double album in history, forgettable as fuck and poorly executed. hip hop is dead = defines boring mediocrity. untitled = fell off right after the intro, started to gain again fire with america and blended into trash right after it. distant relatives = worst outclassing of a rapper by a foreign artist of all time. life is good = 7/10

    • Anonymous

      You forgot It Was Written = classic Stillmatic = classic Lost Tapes = classic Hip Hop is Dead = classic Life is Good = will be a classic in 5 years

  • NikbagTV

    I think yall will find alot of teenagers that believe Nas is the GOAT and that Illmatic is the best album of all time. Let me say this: These fucks know NOTHING AND HAVE THE NERVE TO FELL ELITIST, they just REPEAT what they they heard. I have heard hundreds, no - THOUSANDS of tracks that STRAIGHT UP MURDER anything Nas EVER did lyrically. That yall haven't heard these tracks says more about yall than Nas. Just because yall are Nas/2Pac/Eminem fanboys, doesen't mean that these are the best - just that you are a dumb and ignorant fanboys.



    • quez

      y'all over here arguing opinions no matter what known of y'all say its all a matter of taste foh with that bs Nas is ill in my opinion top 5 dead or alive

    • Anonymous

      So tell us what these so-called better tracks are you idiot. Nas is the GOAT.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is officially up there for most overrated of all time, NOTHING about what's he's doing is special in any kind of way, whether artistically nor rapwise. GTFOH with this dude even being in the consideration for the GOAT title for a 9 track album where the best producers of that time played a bigger part than him, nobody with so much inconsistency will never be the greatest of anything. If you think he rhymes good, I can only tell listen to some underground rappers.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is nas still sounds the same as he ever did and has no diversity of styles. jayz rips it in a variety of styles to any beat and adds different twists to his rhymes. nas is trash and has never stepped up his game to be able to hang with anybody let alone jayz. Hence the reason he hasnt had a hit since 2006. nas will NEVER be on the charts again

  • Tony yayo

    Jay-Z = uncontrollable hustler's ambition, networth of 450 million, 14 Grammys, 11 number 1 albums, beautiful wife and family, countless historical verses and performances, huge influence. Nas = horrible flow, uneven discography, several failed sellout-attempts, wifed two whores, broke, pays child support for a daughter whose embarrassing him on twitter, works with Young Money after accusing them of destroying Hip Hop, stops working with his weedcarriers because he's in fear of getting destroyed on a track, goes from the africa-loving social empowerer to the violent, drug-dealing, crime-glorifying don, signed to his arch enemy to be left 4 commerical dead!

  • Tony yayo

    nas is overrated, canibus, hopsin and immortal technique would shred him 2 pieces on the mic

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    jay z = $450mil nas = $50k child support tax per month ahahhahah

  • Anonymous

    Nas has bitten many rappers, he stole Tragedy Khadafi's style, he stole lines from Lord Finesse, he's a poor mans Rakim, he sounds like Kool G Rap, he's used more Rakim lines than ANYONE else - he even wrote a song about Rakim's personal life including talking about his children, he jocked the Mafioso rap movement as soon as Jigga made it popular, he stole Tragedy's shoutouts from the Rebels, he CNN's 'thugged out' style, end of story.

  • Born True

    "Nas is one of the Greatest Ever. never has and never will need a ghostwriter. that man's pen and legacy is without question.," (Jay Electronica's Twitter) "Dream Hampton. I certainly don't mean to call u a hater. I am just being brought up to speed about your tweet. I heard the "rumors" from other tweets and a few emails from fans. I still haven't read your tweet. So my statement was just being clear on how I felt about the collab. That was a great opportunity for me to work with one of the most influential emcees to my own personal flow and craft. I can't speak on what Jay and Nas collab was cause I wasn't there and that's there business. Both of those cats are awesome lyricists in my opinion. But for me I was just a white belt that answered the call for a session with a master of the craft. And I assisted where it was requested with ideas, beats and some writing. Not because Nas "needed" me lol...Again I was just honored to get the call. Nas new album Life is Good is lyrically magnificent and his skills have always spoken for them self. So that's just my view I respect that folks may field different ways about it. Just clarifying my position. And I referred to it as a "rumor" because obviously no one of the people talking about it were present in the session. So people can sometimes think they know but weren't present so they speak on what they think as opposed to being there." ('s facebook) For a site to put out extensive material based on a tweet by someone who has in the past claimed without evidence that Suge Knight murdered Tupac not only embarrasses this site it makes it's writers look like complete amateurs. *smh*

  • Truth Commission

    LL Cool J ghostwrote 'One Mic'

  • Nas - Star Wars

    Jay Z set him up and Nas keeps falling for it. These guys will never be cool.

  • The_Observer

    'Me and My Girlfriend' is better structured than 'I gave you power' Tupac as an academic understood how to personify - Nas gives away the idea in the beginning of the song that he is talking about a gun, where is 'Me & My Girlfriend' does not give any clues 'Suzi Wong' by Last Emperor is also a better structured song than 'I Gave You Power' Tupac & Last Emperor are better writers when it comes to anthropomorphism

  • Yamz

    Nas has like a hundred unreleased songs with great bars, you think he pays ghostwriters to never release them. Leak the reference tapes and I'll believe. Until then, shut the fuck up

  • The Game

    u fools need to stop blogging here, get outta yo house and go grab a copy of my classic album that has ALREADY gone gold! #RED ALBUM

  • Physics Biology

    This is way too long and too boring. I guarantee 90 percent of the commenters didn't read what you wrote.

  • jamesmcdonald

    fasic its pascit pay back good feeilng yh sotimes good feeilng yh im gonna strike im gonna strike for you reailse jungle now sincts now



    • The_Observer

      Jimmy Iovine has destroyed the hip hop culture and black people allow it coz they don't understand the world

  • SDK

    NAS CLASSICS SONGS ....MAYBE 40,50....

  • SDK


  • k

    This just makes it official more than ever. 2pac was and is the greatest. Can you imagine Pac letting some other dues write his material. This also confirms that Biggie and Jay Z are better than Nas. If you notice our of those four rappers only Nas got worse over time between when you first heard them and years later. Pac, Biggie, and Jay all got better. It leads me to believe Nas has been getting help the whole time. Just pitiful.

    • hellno

      Yeah thats mostly true except jay has not kept getting better over time. He's still pretty good but he reached his peak in the early 2000's

    • The_Observer

      2Pac was a trained mind, hence why his shit was way more structured than any other rapper...he was also a trained actor hence why it was easy for him to get into character and display emotion in his rap when it comes to acting, Nas is weaker than an old mans dick. He does not display emotion most of the time

    • Jamari Law

      I agree with you for the most part N.B. but what we do have is evidence by people who collaborated with him explaining their contribution to the album when in the first place they should not have had to. Nas wasnt ghostwriting, that argument is done and explained away by all the players involved, Dream Hampton must be confused, but Nas didnt approach the other artist's involvement with enough integrity to where we're finding out via twitter that these people were involved and Nas had his name on the entire thing as if he did it by himself. You cant front on Nas' lyricism, that discussion is a wrap, but it does call into question his decision-making for this particular situation a bit.

    • N.B.

      Anonymous, This story could be about any rapper out there, dead or alive, and I would take the exact same stance. The problem I have here is that we have an artist with a reputation that he has built for nearly 20 years, and someone is going to hind behind Twitter and make accusations about them that they can't back up. It's bullshit and you know it.

    • SDK


    • Anonymous

      N.B is Nas your boyfriend or something

    • N.B.

      This isn't an article. This is a shit editorial. There is no new evidence or material here. If you believe Nas used ghostwriters to spread the message of dead prez and Jay Electronica you are a fool. You are the sheep that Hip Hop DX and the rest of the hip hop media are looking for. Look for the facts. Real facts. Then tell me if this is indeed a "great article." Seriously, you are going to take a Twitter post over nearly 20 years of an established career. Think about it.

  • chris

    nas is better then jayz gay lil wayne drake and all those fags nas in one of the top 5 rapper ever

  • Sun1ne

    if ANYONE has a problem with this, they are ignorant to the music industry and art as a whole. EVERYONE collaborates!!! you think your FAVORITE producer came up with all those HIT SMASHES on his own!!! Dr. Dre HAD HELP ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! it's just about bringing more than one head together. NaS isn't about to let ANYONE take the credit for what he's accomplished, but HE IS A MAN, and understand the value and the fortitude it takes to asks the dreaded "help". ya'll are disgusting to think that this man has sullied his name in any respect. it's YOU who is the fool for not understanding what is really going on here.

    • joker

      Don't speak on what you don't know. You are similar to the author to think that Hip Hop fans are ignorant to the writing processes of songs and album. Nobody is saying Nas didn't ask for or have help, but what was the nature of that help? dream hampton and Omar Burgess claim that that help was ghostwriting, but apparently they nor you know what ghostwriting is compared to CO-WRITING. Ghostwriting is writing for someone else and giving up credit for that writing. Co-writing is writing with someone for a collaboration effort. If you read the liner notes for "Untitled" then you'll see that is credited as a co-writer and not a ghostwriter. SMH @ the author of this editorial writing two long ass editorials but not doing basic fact-checking nor taking the SIMPLE effort of reading the album's liner notes. Hip Hop journalism loses.

  • Sam Snead

    I liked Nicca but the album was a little to much for me and now I know why because stic was writing some of the material no wonder it was filled with back in the civil rights movement ideaology and racial over tones

  • N.B.

    This editorial is trash. I know writers are going to stick up for their peers. I get that but I haven't seen a single editorial or article on any hip hop website talking about the clear lack actual evidence that this happened. Dream Hampton doesn't like to call herself a journalist but she essentially is. She has written books and articles on hip hop for almost 20 years. Which is why she knows what she did was wrong. She is a coward for hiding behind Twitter to put this accusation out there. She knows no REAL publication, website or TV news network would ever run with this story with what only amounts to hearsay. There is no evidence she can produce. It's her word against Nas, Jay Elec and Stic. She got defensive for her boy Jay-Z on a simple Twitter question. If this actually did happen and she heard these tapes, why didn't she push to make this a reputable story? She's a writer. She knows how to research and interview. You want to know why? She can't produce those tapes, like the other individual can't prove that convo with Jay Electronica happened. Now everyone in the media is essentially treating this as the truth without a single bit of evidence other than Dream Hampton said so. This is why no one trusts journalists or the media anymore. You see it how you want to see it and report it that way. Omar goes as far to concoct his own fantasy world scenario of Nas speaking on behalf of dead prez and Jay Electronica to get their message out. That's why allegedly used them as ghostwriters. WTF? Seriously? Stop sticking up for fellow colleagues on this one and be a real professional. Call them out on their bullshit. They didn't produce any real evidence and you know it. Grow a pair Hip Hop DX and report the ACTUAL story here.

    • oskamadison

      100% TRUTH!!! You know, I find it funny that just when Nas is gettin' a little bit of positive press again with "Life Is Good" (after gettin' killed in Hip-Hop media circles fo the last 3-4 years), here they come with this shit. I'm no conspiracy theorist or anything but you have to wonder what's the real agenda here? Play devil's advocate for a minute and say Jay Electronica and sticman did indeed feed Nas some bars or a whole song or whatever. In this age of "rapper farts at 8pm, it's on Twitter by 8:02" info overload, it took 4 years for this to come out? Also, the number one rule of ghostwriting is secrecy (unless your clients ae Diddy or Dr. Dre) and Jay would have violated that something crazy, especially spillin' the beans to a chick who's not only a journalist but also a well-known stan of your one-time enemy. I wonder if it was Hov in the hot seat on this issue, would ol' girl put HIM on blast? I think not...

    • blackula

      Well said chief!

  • Records

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  • Anonymous

    "Three sixteen bar verses, which is usually the norm is a hip-hop song, is way more lyrics than any other kind of song. That's why not everyone can do it." Yet everyone, including Justin Bieber can do it. What does that tell you? It should tell you that alot more rappers than you think probably have someone else pen their songs. It's only a big deal if you make it one. It doesn't mean these rappers in question can't do it themselves, they just reach a point where it gets harder to create and write songs. The process stops being fun, and they realize there's alot of pressure to deliver bars that pop. If you got the money, pay to have someone make you sound good. It's not a crime.

  • billyjean

    dont beleive it until he says so (nas) because media will have you beleiving anything plus story may have gotten twisted. stic and dead prez trippen for tryin to make it public but would this honestly change nas in the history books of mcs if was true come on we act like he about to drop from #1

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is a Lil Wayne wannabe. enough of talk. Lil Wayne raps better, sold more albums and wears better clothes den diz old ass mofo. swag

  • Nat Turner

    Dream Hampton is a low-end industry smut with no credibility or evidence to back her claim.

    • joker

      @Clarke how is she a credible journalist when she admits that her background is in film and not in journalism? What credible journalist makes a claim with no evidence? If she was such a credible journalist then why didn't she break the story and leak these alleged reference tapes right after "Untitled" dropped? There's no use defending the indefensible.

    • Clarke

      Nat, 'dream' is the truth man. She's been in the game for way to long. She is probably the most credible hip-hop journalist.

  • MPistol

    This whole thing is getting way out of control. You have YET to establish credibility to the socially accepted perception of what ghostwriting is. Multiple times this process of Nas, Jay Elec n dead prez has been described as a collaborative effort. What part of that becomes ghostwriting? We are essentially going with tidbits of speculation to full blown career assaults. It's preposterous to think that artists like Nas, with the brand recognition that he has, that he possesses the singular ability to shape his artistry as one person. It is simply impossible. Yet why are jumping straight to the idea that Nas was given a completely written and arranged body of work, and simply recited it in a studio. THAT is the definition of ghostwriting and I highly doubt that is what happened. I do believe the collaborative effort, I don't believe it was ghostwriting in a socially accepted sense. To have a music CAREER that is purely driven by one mind? It's impossible. In society wth gather and exchange ideas everyday!!! It's this whole "ownership" bullshit that tends to go completely insane.

  • Anonymous

    ahhhh ... this whole thing is clearly a hit job...smh

  • Loandri

    Fuck the media! Always trying to bring Nas down so others like lil Wayne and shit can outshine him. FUCK THAT NAS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER

  • Real Talk 100

    This should be a lesson to all on the 'whisper game' that is the American media, and how rumors and slander turn into "Fact". If you read the comments below, you see people already taking a Dream Hampton tweet and a HipHopDX fiction piece as Gospel truth, and now to many "stic man and Jay ghostwrote Nas" is established fact. If you don't accept this so-called truth, you are either dumb, uninformed, or over idealistic. This is nothing new, if it can happen to one of the greatest rappers of all time, you can bet yellow journalism has been practiced in the realms of history, science, economics, and of course politics. Example, Thomas Jefferson fathered children with one of his slaves. Historically inaccurate, but its full fledged history in the minds of many. There was even a major studio movie made about it. So it must be true. The job of the press is to uncover truth. This is just another example of the poor quality of American journalism. For all those who have been misled, I'll just repost stic Man's account on the creation of the Nas album, one of the few accounts that actually mean anything: "At the end of the day, I just feel like the people who are saying different things about the process of how that record was created Im wondering, where were you at?" he said. "To be totally honest, me and M1 went to Cali at the request of Nas. And we would be in the studio together working on stuff with nobody else there except Nas, who would come in and leave. I think people are making assumptions because of the content of the record. Its gone from the collaboration that we did with Nas, which involved producing, idea exchanging and writing hooks, which is one thing, to us being ghostwriters." He clarified what he considers as ghostwriting, stating that he never actually wrote words that Nas would later say on the record. went in depth about how the connection was made between dead prez and Esco, stating that they were brought out to L.A. to help develop ideas. "To me, ghostwriting, as far as I know, is hiring somebody to write words for you to actually say. That didnt happen. The way we got hired for Nas project wasnt clear up front. M1 was in L.A. before I came to L.A. and he was like, 'Nas wants to bring you out here to work on this project.' I remembered thinking we were just going to do a song together. But I later found out we were there to work in general: production, writing and ideas to help develop some of the songs on the album. So of course Im thinking, 'Its called the Nigger album so that means you want dead prez type songs together, right?' But it was revealed to me that Nas wasnt looking for that. He didnt want us to rap. He wanted help with beats and concepts. And that surprised me because Im thinking, 'You want beats??? Of all the people to make beats for, you want us to make beats? I was like, 'Wow.'"

    • Corey GreGory

      Thomas Jefferson didnT have kids wiTh his slaves I GoTTa look inTo ThaT my G, always knew ThaT To Be facT where'd you read or hear ThaT iT wasn'T.

    • N.B.

      Thank you. It boggles my mind that no one in the hip hop media will call a spade a spade in this situation. Everyone is just running with it as fact despite there not being any actual facts here. There is nothing. It's all hearsay. Then we get these trash editorials condemning an artist with 20 years of experience, but trying to rationalize it's use at the same time. It's all fucked up. No one will step up for the actual facts here. So a semi-well known writer chooses to hide behind Twitter with an defamatory statement and it's now fact? Get real. Journalism is truly dead.

  • TrollOnYou

    Royce da 5'9" been ghostwritin' for everybody for over 10 years, including Diddy, Dre, and other rap "heavy weights and legends"......

    • -

      he should of payed for some better bars

    • TrollOnYou

      Skillz also ghostwrites for alot of "heavyweights and legends" and, this I find rather distatesteful because it was supposed to be a personal song to "dear friend from your heart" Sauce Money was the ghostwriter on Diddy's "I"ll be Missing You" as you all recall, is a tribute to his best friend and brother BIG. What a slap in the face, you can't even write your own tribute to your boy that made you millions, who you call your "brother".....what a douche....I should say a rich used douche....

  • Tbones

    @Omar n HHDX, keep up d fuckery n coonery, it is d best way to get dat Nas interview u been yearning for.

  • Anonymous

    some irrelevant nobodies tweetin some bullshit.


    Nas has been an influential person in my journey from adolescence to adulthood. Despite the criticisms that alot of people may have for him, his heart and soul is dedicated to the empowerment of everyone not just african americans. Songs like My Country and My Generation empower the world to take action against oppression. Ghostwriters or no ghostwriters, it will never dent the legacy that this rapper has made for himself

  • puturtamponson

    I find it absolutely hilarious how you so called grown men are catching feelings and mad as hell over this. Yall calling this women out her name for what HER experiences have been. I wonder if you cape for your mothers and daughters the way yall cape for Nas. Relax. Its not that deep.

    • WOW

      What a dumb observation to make. I can't believe you actually used some brain cells to come up with that stupid comment. I guess you are the mature one? FOH. If you don't have a intelligent comment to make then shut up. People BUY hiphop music,so they are voicing their opinions on the matter. You can you blame them for being passionate about it?

  • jack johnson

    Maybe they got it twisted with PRODUCTION Credits, Jay Electronica was Credited with producing the beat for Queens Get The Money, was also credited with production many of the beats on that album, maybe this lady got all confused or she meant to say wrote the beats and not the lyrics

  • Ryan

    It's as easy as taking a halfhearted comment or joke and exaggerating over it. "Untitled" is my least favorite Nas album and I think it comes down to this: 1. Nas went lookin for a viable source for political related ideas by going to stic man because that is what Dead Prez is an expert in, political raps. 2. In a seperate article Nas claimed he wanted Jay Electronica to produce the entire album because he liked his futuristic talents. This was a progressive album and although it didn't end up happening, it is not suprising to hear Jay Elect played an influential part in the finished product. 3. Face the facts, Nas has classic verses on every album excluding Nastradomus of course lol.. but in all seriousness, nobody is more impressive or memorable when it comes to writing rhymes. It is silly to assume other rappers haven't sparked an idea or an entire concept for a track. Collabing yes, asking for written raps because he lacks the skills to write one himself? no way, no how! I conclude he probably had some help constructing that album in 2008, I have serious doubts he paid for rap verses or used ghostwriters. He is an all time great and there is no reason to believe he all of a sudden forgot how to MC and then returned to making classics.. PS. his verse on DJ Khaled's Hip Hop is probably the verse of the year. Rumours are just that, rumours. When all parties involved deny the validity of the rumour it is time to let go.

    • oskamadison

      "He is an all time great and there is no reason to believe he all of a sudden forgot how to MC and then returned to making classics.." Thank you, Ryan...and Anonymous, you beat me to the punch with "Last Words".

    • Anonymous

      Also his lyrics on "Last Words" from Nastradamus, where he metaphorically spits as a wall of a prison cell. My favorite verse on the album.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything you said except with regards to Nastradomous not having a classic verse. Black hoods, cops and projects Sewers flooded with foul blockage The gutters wild and every child watches Chains in top locks get ripped off hinges Doors kicked off, drunks stagger off Smirnoff, wipe your beard off Crippled dope fiends in wheelchairs stare Vision blurry, cause buried deep in their mind are hidden stories Bet hes a mirror image of that 70s era Hes finished for the rest of his life, till he fades out The liquor store workers miss him but then it plays out So many ways out the hood but no signs say out Mental slave house where gats go off, I show off Niggas up north, prisonology talk, till they time cut off You should chill if you short, prepare deep thought To hit the street again, get it on, get this paper and breath again Plan to leave something behind So your namell live on, no matter what the game lives on Project Windows

  • Stevie

    I know this isnt the right post but DX WHERES THAT TRUTH OR TRUTH TRACK BY SLAUGHTERHOUSE? Come on DX!

  • Hate me now

    Hip hop is the only genre that deals with so much hating. People in hip hop are like crabs in a barrel. People can't stand when some one is getting to much love and is being called a legend. Dream definitely has an agenda. I don't care what anyone says. It's pathetic. Nas needs to speak up and not let her discredit him like that. She's now playing the victim now because people are questioning her credibility. Has Hip Hop come to this and what happened to true journalism?

    • Anonymous

      Do you know why there's so much hate in hiphop? Because of the rappers. I mean they bragg about being real, coke dealers, fuckin every bitch, having money, shooting at cops. And then it turns out they are all studio gangsters List of studiogangster - rick ross - 50 cent (okay he sold a little bit dope) - camron - nas - mobb deep - snoop ( okay he is a crib and sold a little bit dope but not bigtime. - lloyd banks - jadakis etc.

    • Tbones

      Cosignee, if anybody cant see dis tramp has got an agenda, then they r as dumb n thirsty as her too. From the context of the tweet which went frm a question abt Jay Z's lack of social awareness in his music to dream getting all defensive by saying d Untitled album was written largely by Stic n Jay which is clearly false. Shes basically said, Nas shldnt get credit for d socially n politically charged album which was d crux of d matter in d first place. I quote her n, I think Jay write wat he feels while Untitled was largely written by Stic n Jayelect, meaning Nas writes wat other rappers feel. Then d FwMJ bitch posted a blog str8 up after d Dream bitch corroborating d story albeit focusing on JElect. Then d dream bitch started a convo with d FwMJ ass abt how shes hrd like 6 reference records n hw she shed thug tears, blah d blah. The she was exposed by d horses mouth demselves but she insists they are lying and still didnt provide any evidence. Then shes saying shes done with hip hop like she ever played any prominent role in d culture using d sexist n am not a jornalist card. How ludicrous. If any sane man cant see tru d design of dis simple gurl, then something must be wrong. Lastly, Nas dnt need to come out to say anything, dats acknowledging her wack ass. The peeps dat need to speak, JayElect n Stic,man have spoken.

  • Ammo

    Hahahahaha Tupac's hologram wrote Nas' stuff. That's a good one. Eventually, its about the content of the message!!! So Nas is probably the least of our concerns as HipHop listeners. What about all that garbage we get to hear??? Dumb article, whats this wannabee HIPHOP hatin ugly chick talkin about? She probably dont understand why LIFE IS GOOD. And if she on Jay-Z shit, she even more ignorant. Jigga writes about what he feels?? That would be lack of creativity, hate, envy and all the bad sides of this world. Get it right.

  • insanemacbeth

    it's one thing to say that NAS was/ is the second RAKIM (he never was)...but to say that NAS has ghostwriters? that is a very absurd notion, indeed!!! yes, when NAS Is poor (as in his songs, not money) he is poor, INDEED. but when NAS is exceptional (for example "I GAVE YOU POWER", "NAS IS LIKE..."), he is defo exceptional, and there's NO doubt in my mind, that NAS has killer penmanship. s.m.h.

    • The_Observer

      'Me and My Girlfriend' is better structured than 'I gave you power' Tupac as an academic understood how to personify - Nas gives away the idea in the beginning of the song that he is talking about a gun, where is 'Me & My Girlfriend' does not give any clues

  • joker

    from her facebook: dream hampton: Prove that I heard something 4 years ago? No. Believe I'm a liar. Tweets aren't journalism.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Real Talk

    Stop giving Dream hampton publicity. This is what she wants. Clearly she made up these allegations to get talked about and become famous. We never even heard of this broad before that. Does she have connects in hiphopdx too? Nas= REAL MC. Life is good go cop that. I hope he's hoppin on the DJ premo album next and a joint with AZ. I feel him though working with Ross cuz he's hot. I've been a Nas stan for a while. You need proof for these allegations though. Proof.. Not just a twitter post. When that day comes.. I'll believe it.

  • areal1

    Y is hhdx giving this life Dream Hampton wrote TWO Jay-Z books not only that in the tweet she doesnt just say it shes says to basically bring nas down and big Jay-Z.This is the same lady that said someone told her Suge killed 2pac and wrote an article about like y would someone come to her of all people and then u say offhand in 2012 when u knew this 4 or 5 years ago stop it.Then read stic man old interview from 08 when HE SAID NAS HIRED US 4 BEATS ANY RYHMES WE HAD HE SAID THATS COOL BUT I THINK I GOT SOMETHING"THATS STIC MAN IN 08 b$ the controversy so stop hatin on the GOAT its Bs

    • Tbones

      Cosignee, interview in 2008 is very consistent with d Vibe interview done a couple of days again to deny the allegations even though they were done under different circumstances thus making it even more credible. Check out d links: In summary although this bitch has been exposed as a liar, she has succeeded in discrediting Nas on d internet esp d social media whr mostly d simple minded n ignoramuses reside who run with busllshit like dis cos they dont know better or they r as thirsty as her. On d other hand, in d real world, nobody is sweating dis BS, have not heard any discussion of it on d Radio or TV.

  • Anonymous

    The tupac hologram wrote Nastradamus & life is good. I just seen it on the bottom of the screen on cnn

  • Anonymous

    The tupac hologram wrote Nastradamus & life is good

  • Anonymous

    say it aint so say it aint so not esco. i knew when i heard his last album that he had been selling out for years, but all the other years had just been bullshit and hidden the real him and now he let it out. and claims to put so much soul and passion in his music and all that time the shit been dialed in. this whole game is shame niggas is think love women is gay. niggas you think can flow got ghost writers haha

  • @Crisfantom

    @crisfantom Nas Is the Illest Dilla Goes NASty "Get Down" Ya'll Need This!!

  • @Crisfantom

    @crisfantom Nas Is the Illest Dilla Goes NASty "Get Down" Ya'll Need This!!

  • smh

    Why is hhdx still talking about this when both stic man and jay electronica already said it's false? This site shouldn't have posted that article in the first place without doing the proper research. They wouldn't even put "Nas 'ALLEGEDLY' uses ghostwriters" they just flat out put "reportedly", which makes it sound like there was no question about it and it's the truth. I can't believe one random blogger WHO DOESNT EVEN KNOW NAS PERSONALLY could create this much controversy.

    • Rival X

      @MC shut your dumb ass up. Hate stupid ass cats like you.

    • ?????

      @mc..The fact that you mentioned wayne and nas in the same sentence,proves that you'r a fucking dumbass,with no common sense.

    • mc

      Its called a gag order used to hold people liable(If they tell their story they get sued).I cant belive you! Get nas dick out you mouth hes a SELL OUT!!! No Better Than Wanye Now! Hip Hop isnt dead just held back by fake greedy fucks!!!

  • Bambu

    Dead Prez is the jimmy jam and terry lewis of hip hop dont sleep.

  • BIG C

    I use to love this website until i'm going to say "FUCK HIPHOPDX!!!"....yall want to bring NAS down so bad it's sad...why even post this piece of shit article up on here? JayE & stic help out on Untitle so whatz wrong with that? Hell they said Jaz O use to write for JayZ but do we know that for sure? Im quite sure a lot of people from Wayne to drake even ask for some ideas on a album? Are yall going to find that out and post it? If your a Nas fan then u should know this going in one ear and out the other. He write at least 98% of his shit which still makes him one of the Greatest if not the greatest rapper ever so this article yall can use it for toilet paper since it dont means SHIT!! DREAM HAMPTON, go sell some pussy if you thirsty like that!!! HIPHOPDX, i dont want to see another useless article on hear no more or yall can go to hell too!!! YOU HE BITCH!!!! (Micheal Blackson voice)

    • Anonymous

      Wanye has never wrote his own rymes see juvy, bg, Gillie Da Kid(90% of the cater1), Starlito, Currency, Drake and who know how many others! Do your homework this is all well know fact. You problly think wayne came up with the term Bling Bling! HATEING DICK RIDER!

  • I HATE!!!

    I HATE this new generation of writers getting deep on subjects that should be a after thought.

  • Anonymous

    People that claim that this article is senseless are probably uneducated fools. This article defends Nas, and righfully so. The article raises a discussion, it doesn't claim anything factual. It's an interpretation. Don't be so quick to dismiss.

    • Tbones

      @d lazy anonymous that cant do a lil research on d internet. Here is d Vibe interview done by Atleast I hope u can read n comprehend.

    • fresh87

      ^^^^Read the vibe article,stic say's it there.

    • Anonymous

      Where did stic man clearly state that he did not ghostwrite for nas. Here is a quote from stic man's facebook post on the subject. 'But for me I was just a white belt that answered the call for a session with a master of the craft. And I assisted where it was requested with ideas, beats and some writing. Not because Nas "needed" me lol...Again I was just honored to get the call' HOW ABOUT THAT?

    • Merc

      I did understand the "editorial" and I understand what a "editorial" is. My point was that the "editorial" was not necessary because the only reason the editorial was written was because of this gossip & hearsay. I simply do not think it was necessary to write it went the story it was derived from is gossip. That is all. explains very clearly in the interview that he did not ghostwrite and continued to explain the nature of there studio time together. Also, you should never imply that someone uses a ghostwriter, even in a editorial, without facts. Especially when one of the only three people in the room ( is saying it is not true.

    • hate revolver

      You are an idiot. Did you really read this article and read what it is say? This put doubt in people about Nas ability as an M.c. since illmatic that it shouldn't come a surprise if he has ghostwriter. talking about unrealistic standard for Nas as an M.C. questioning some his albums because they are different themes on them. Saying things get Murky when Stic told this SAME SITE what he did for Nas in 2008. And you didn't get any of that and more?

    • Merc

      oh my... the FACT is that he said it. It is a fact that he said it. Read Vibe online interview. The fact is he said it. My cards are that the fact is said this. Once again it is a FACT that he said this. HAHA! I feel like Dr.Suess. Do I need to be any more clear.

    • fresh87

      @PriceAintRight..I rather believe stic,than some feminist that wasn't there to begin with.You would believe some broad with no proof,that wasn't there while the album was being created,but you wouldn't believe Stic & Jay E,who was the one's that was actually was there? You just showed you'r cards.

    • PriceAintRight

      Sorry my man, but you just claimed that just because Stic Man said it, it was fact. You just showed your cards there.

    • Merc

      I am claiming this "editorial" is senseless and I am by no means a fool or uneducated. This "editorial" has undoubtably raised a discussion but by no mean defends Nas. My point is that I expect more from the sites I view for Hip Hop news, news ia not gossip and hearsay. My point is that said point blank that it is not true. FACT! Therefore, the "breaking news" and the "editorial" are not necessary. He was writing a editorial founded on gossip.

  • Anonymous

    Omar and Dream Hampton y'all need to get real lives! As a TRUE Nas fan and a visual artist, I can truly understand this. First off, even though Jay Elect and Dead Prez contributed with Untitled, it STILL doesn't take away from Nas' legacy. It's almost like he was like a Damien Hirst with it having people contribute to the overall work with minor input. Haters want something to talk about and as much as these journalists say they are fans, they reall aren't. If you are a keen listener, you can tell there was a difference with Untitled but think about it... Nas was experimenting with conscious rap and politics hard during that Street Disciple double album. Nas needed individuals who had that type of knowledge and could convey some strong social commentary and who else but Dead Prez to do it! I mean that still to me does not discredit his legacy! I don't know there are several studio practices and different ways people make albums. If we do this with Nas, we need to do this with Jay-Z and how Jay swaggerjacked Young Chris for his flow or let's do this with Drake, Wayne, and Nicki of stealing from each other flows and styles. We can do all the way down the line. There is a credible manner of getting contributions from people and it still being your own art. If you are any type of artist or creative thinker, you wouldn't be phased by this foolery. Nas you are definitely one of the greats and its just fact. I just forget sometimes in this world we don't have many free thinkers or people who think at all. We just get shallow ass people who want to get folks wild for nothing. Dream and Omar I understand this is your day job and you need to pay the bills...smdh

  • Anonymous

    i just read this article on vibe and stic man has explicitly said he did nt write for nas we have to wait for jay elec to talk now VIBE: You dismissed all the talk about dead prez ghostwriting for Nas on your Facebook page. Having produced and contributed to the chorus for Sly Fox, what did you make of Dream Hamptons comment that you did ghostwriting for Nas? Stic Man: I dont know. At the end of the day, I just feel like the people who are saying different things about the process of how that record was created Im wondering, where were you at? To be totally honest, me and M1 went to Cali at the request of Nas. And we would be in the studio together working on stuff with nobody else there except Nas, who would come in and leave. I think people are making assumptions because of the content of the record. Its gone from the collaboration that we did with Nas, which involved producing, idea exchanging and writing hooks, which is one thing, to us being ghostwriters. As a producer can you talk about how you approached your collaboration with Nas? To me, ghostwriting, as far as I know, is hiring somebody to write words for you to actually say. That didnt happen. The way we got hired for Nas project wasnt clear up front. M1 was in L.A. before I came to L.A. and he was like, Nas wants to bring you out here to work on this project. I remembered thinking we were just going to do a song together. But I later found out we were there to work in general: production, writing and ideas to help develop some of the songs on the album. So of course Im thinking, Its called the Nigger album so that means you want dead prez type songs together, right? But it was revealed to me that Nas wasnt looking for that. He didnt want us to rap. He wanted help with beats and concepts. And that surprised me because Im thinking, You want beats? Of all the people to make beats for, you want us to make beats? I was like, Wow.. So this wasnt the typical guest spot? No. To me we were there to make whatever contribution we wanted to make. So I was like, ShitIm playing beats, Im coming up with some song ideasIm going to do whatever. And this is Nas, so Im going to give my best and give my all. Me and M started making dead prez songs in some of those sessions because there wasnt a clear direction of what Nas wanted [laughs]. But later on Nas would come in and say, I know I want to do something that would get at FOX News. And he would tell us, Just play me some shitwhat yall got? We are talking about way beyond Sly Fox. There was a moment he even expressed interest in signing dead prez to his company. My impression was we were forming a team. Thats how Nas presented it. But as far as the rumors, people are off-base. They are all based on assumptions because of the content that we are more [associated] with than what Nas does. Can you talk about a specific instance of how a Nas/dead prez song came together? Even some of the songs we gave input on, in terms of hooks and phrases, it was Nas vision in terms of knowing what he wanted. Hes the one that came up with the concept for FOX News. I would have said, Fuck FOX Newslets do a song about something else. [laughs] But this was a Nas project, so that was the box we were put in terms of how he wanted us to input. He wrote his verses. We just brainstormed about different aspects of FOX News (Sly Fox). I work 24/7so as soon as I knew that, I started writing hooks just to present an idea. Because thats what a producer does. Do you think the concept of producing in hip-hop equalsmake a beat and give it to a rapper to rap over? Yeah. But when I produce I compare it to producing a filmthat was my role on Untitled. Thats what I took away from the tracks that I worked on. But Nas was the director. It was his vision on everything. My job was simple: can you help make this happen whether it was music or concepts. The only thing is they didnt want [the standard] dead prez/Nas collaboration. They didnt want to have me and M on the record with Nas. We were there as producers and collaborators. So there was no period in time when Nas asked you to write a verse for him? No. Take Were Not Alone. That was a beat and hook that I already had for dead prez Information Age album. But because it was Nas we just felt, Hey, manlets just give our best. He happened to like Were Not Alone and he wrote verses from his own point of view of what that song was about. My view of Were Not Alone was about our connection to the environment and each other. But Nas take on the song was differenthe was talking about alienshe took it there. And thats why I say I was more of a producer than a director because I would have taken that song to a different place. In the end, what has this whole Nas ghostwriting talk taught you? People dont understand what [traditional] producing is. Im kind of still like, Wow. Im trying to understand whats the big deal and where its coming from. Its weird. Im like, Hmmmwhats going on here?.

  • Anonymous

    omar burgess go suck a dick nas writes all his verses both the dope ones and wack ones.wack article

  • TMZ


  • Anonymous

    Enuff of these stories about old man Nas. It's official. Life is Good was a flop. Best Buy is smart though. They're going to start selling them as drink coasters come Xmas time.

  • Doublespeak

    "Merc: Yo!... read the interview with on Vibe website. He explains all that need to be explained. Hey DX it would have been nice if you did some actual investigating instead of just putting something up on your site to break the news first. Actual reporting means to find a credible source or two (in this case and print FACTS! This site would have looked way better in my eyes if you didn't report anything until THE ACTUAL INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED COMMENTED. Vibe online looks pretty good to me! Hey chicken little the sky is falling. Also, you just took a portion of the interview with from Vibe online and used it to misrepresent what he said. In that same short interview is asked and I quote "So there was no period in time when Nas asked you to write a verse for him?" to which responds "No" point blank. As a producer during sessions he helped in the creative process. Instead of writing your long editorial of speculation, why didn't you simply quote that one word response to a simply question asked to" ^^^^^ Real talk bro. HHDX have an almost pretentious approach to their "journalism"; using superfluous wording and inane speculation to make themselves appear as smart, when in fact they take so long so say so little. The comments are usually far better-worded and interesting than any of the articles themselves.

    • mc

      Real Talk Bro!Read the vibe artical seems to me stic man wrote and came up with the album just okayed nas to change what he wanted. And legaly had to say he didnt physically wrote the album to aviod be sued.

    • Anonymous

      LOL!! I'm glad you caught that too. How this is Omar dude was trying to sound so smart on the basis of gossip and quoting pieces of Nas' rhymes to suppose his opinion. Omar, you not that slick. FOH

  • Anonymous

    dream hampton what do u know about making an album.producers throw in ideas write hooks for artists. all the verses spit on untitled where stuff wrote down on a paper.there s a possibility there was an exchange of ideas b/w ppl not that jay elec wrote something and gave nas or that sticman recorded verses on tape and sent to nas to spit verbatim thats jus ridiculous. dream hampton has gotten what she wanted and that is attention. this bitches name is everywhere now

  • Anonymous

    Someone point me to a more credible source for hiphop news please. I'm done here.

  • Big Jun

    LOL you know what kills me about these so called revelations? Its that Nas himself around the time of making the UNTITLED album said publicly that he sought out Stic Man for help for songs like Sly Flox because the racial subject is something that Dead Prez has tackled brilliantly throughout their career. As for Jay Electronica Nas also said that Jay and him collaborated on Queens Get the MOney, which is the intro track on the Untitled album. Jay Electronica who modeled his WHOLE STYLE on a flow that Nas abandoned 20 years ago! LOL. SO? WHere is the big revelation? I've noticed that over the years that HIPHOPDX has had a LOVE/HATE relationship with NAS and I"ve seen them glorify lesser emceees and chastise Nas. This website has even gone as far as publishing an op-ed piece from a black attorney in New York who almost went as far as callig Nas a devil worshipper for his pluralistic/esotericsm in his music. The attacks on Nas who is the best most diverse and lyrically rich emcee in history is plain as day. It's coming from the same corners of the industry that pray for his downfall so their favorite (lesser)emcee can finally get their shine. Ive actally had this conversation with someone from HHDX's staff years ago and I posed the question tht why was it that as soon as Nas's music became more 'miltitant' and based on race and power struggles that some of the major websites entrusted in keeping Hiphop alive turned on him? I never got a "clear' answer but it is suffice to say that the owners of many of the major websites who play both side of the fence with Nas don't "LOOK" like Nas and may take exception to his stances. YOu know what this means people? It means that Nas is officially back on the radar and its character assasination time... 1

    • Big JUn

      @da1 Aww,, lol and my argument is flawed?? Umm maybe you dont know but Nas's shadow hangs over the indusry whether he goes gold or not, the mere fact that he doesnt move units anymore and can stll have the lyrical and industry impact that he does proves MY point and eradicates YOURS, every new artist that is getting shown love credits NAS as their biggest inspiration, from Kanye to Lupe to J-Cole to Kendrick to Fashawn etc so what ths is sayin to dudes like you lil bruh is that you CANNOT measure Nas's contribution vis a vis 'record sales' and Bet countdown slots. And if you were more of a crate digger and less of BET and BILLBOARD watcher you'd know that the Nas & Damian Marley album (DISTANT RELATIVES) that came out a couple of years ago was considered by many in avante garde mainstream journalsm as one of the best albums thatyear and it stole the show at festivals WORLDWIDE that NEVER had hiphop showcased. SO UMMM,,, your theory about NAs's irrelevance is inaccurate, fatally flawed and based on your own personal Biases just like Dream Hamptons attempt to discredit a living legend who keeps creating history while D.H. mis reports on it

    • Kingz _Life

      @da1.. So Nas plyed himself to signing to Def Jam for more money. they paid Nas 4 million up front. 50 Cent was on record tht Jay took the Def jam budget and paid nas and himself Millions. Thts

    • fresh87

      @da1..When did nas ever complain? Nas didn't bring shit on him self,there's no proof out there,and jay E and stic already said that they didn't ghost write for nas.In 2008 hhdx interview stic on the contribution on nas album,and stic said the samething he said then,that he said now. Down for the count? nas has been in the game for 20 years,and still can sell 150,000 in the first week,that's pretty fucking good,cause a'lot of artists that came out the sametime as nas can't.Labels were scared when nas released "Untitled",they didn't want nas to come out with that album,but he did annyway.Dream could anwserd that question on twitter,with out throwing nas under the bus,that was foul as hell,especially cause it wasn't her place to speak about that album,since she wasn't there during the creative process.

    • da1

      Your little rant is flawed. Nobody is hating on Nas. Nas brought this scrutiny on himself. I believe the criticism came from his album title Hip Hop is Dead and the signing to Jay-z that started the hating(2006). People looked at Nas as a sellout for alligning himself with Jay-z and then he comes out with an album called hip hop is dead. I think people looked at Nas as a hater and desperate for joining Jay-z after that huge war they had. It has nothing to do with there being some conspiracy to bring Nas down. He was already down for the count way before his recent album came out, plus look at his numbers. He barely goes gold anymore. And I find it funny that you think that labels are that scared of nas and his little buzz that they would go to great lengths, spend a fortune, just so their artist can get some shine. Laugh my fucking ass off. Nas is a creative artist, but he does contradict himself and he complains alot. Those vices are enough to make even the best of artist get backlash in one way or another. Epecially when they do it over and over again.

  • Anonymous

    So there was no period in time when Nas asked you to write a verse for him? No. Take Were Not Alone. That was a beat and hook that I already had for dead prez Information Age album. But because it was Nas we just felt, Hey, manlets just give our best. He happened to like Were Not Alone and he wrote verses from his own point of view of what that song was about. My view of Were Not Alone was about our connection to the environment and each other. But Nas take on the song was differenthe was talking about alienshe took it there. And thats why I say I was more of a producer than a director because I would have taken that song to a different place. MY conclusion dream hampton has to be a big liar. she claims to have heard reference tapes of stic man rapping bars she heard on untitled. and i also followed the stic mans thread on facebook where he made a post about the issue dream hampton talked about the reference tapes on the comments to that post,this is what she said:Stic. Thanks for your clarity. I was frankly surprised when I heard whole bars you'd written and performed played to me by Pros and M spit verbatem by Nas. But at the time, I took it as an opportunity to reflect upon my own writer's block. As I said, I tweeted this in passing and find the hoopla corny. I respect all three of you as lyricists. stic man replied:Wow. I don't know what they played you ..I'd love to hear what song u are referring to... But inbox me ya number and let's just build how we stic man sounded surprised and since nas and dead pres worked physically in the studio why will there be reference doesnt make sense to me at all. my conclusion to this shit is that dream hampton is an attention seeker and a liar lets not forget she was the same person that made up stuff about how suge knight killed 2pac in 96, before people even thought about it.

    • Anonymous

      how are we supposed to know that phone call is for real?

    • Anonymous

      dream didnt say anything bout jay e it was some other cat who claimed jay e bragged to him on d phone about ghostwriting for nas

    • Kingz _Life

      Ok Dream lied about tht. But not about Jay E saying he ghost for nas.. Jay E lied there.. Or shit maybe Dream lied bout tht too. U got a point. It's clearly all hog wash and true. Next Jungle going to us Kayne ghost wrote WTT.. Not. Dream and Frank...

    • Anonymous

      no dream lied there is no such tape. sticman said they brought in some of their own tracks and gave nas to spit.and dead prez were present in LA with nas so why record reference tapes. as for jay elec there is a possibility he bragged to his friends about writing for nas which is a big lie.

    • Kingz _Life

      Jay Z fans.. Typo**********

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous: Dream didn't lie -- Jay E did. Dream heard tracks to calbos or possible calobs for the album.. Dream was a irresponble jornalist - even if you tweeted as Dream hampton you must no the effects of your actions. If I'm Nas i would step Jay E and chin check this guy. Dream looks bad bc she had no eveidence to Sticman whn he clearly states it was only Dead Presidents in the studio with Nas.. I hve never heard of such hate for any other. Nas is crused -- the Bruce Lee for Hip Hop. Once Nas dropped LIG the best rapper alive status was wresteled from Jay Z a bit unitl his next solo album. Jay Z (not inclueded myself) just can't handle tht!

  • Tbird101

    Wtf is wrong with these people! Its clear that and Jay Electronica said they didn't write no shit for Nas. Muhfuckas always wanna try and fuck up this man legacy. Did they ass write an article about Consequence and Rhymefest ghostwrite for Kanye on College Dropout? Did they write an article about Gillie ghostwriting for Wayne? Damn, just let this man be! Just let him sit back and enjoy being one of the greatest, if not the greatest rapper to ever do it! This site becoming more and more ridiculous!

  • Merc


  • Merc

    Yo!... read the interview with on Vibe website. He explains all that need to be explained. Hey DX it would have been nice if you did some actual investigating instead of just putting something up on your site to break the news first. Actual reporting means to find a credible source or two (in this case and print FACTS! This site would have looked way better in my eyes if you didn't report anything until THE ACTUAL INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED COMMENTED. Vibe online looks pretty good to me! Hey chicken little the sky is falling. Also, you just took a portion of the interview with from Vibe online and used it to misrepresent what he said. In that same short interview is asked and I quote "So there was no period in time when Nas asked you to write a verse for him?" to which responds "No" point blank. As a producer during sessions he helped in the creative process. Instead of writing your long editorial of speculation, why didn't you simply quote that one word response to a simply question asked to

  • Anonymous

    hhdx is losing points for putting up this bullshit...

  • Walter Sistrunk

    I think you raise a good question about the creative process, sole authorship and the idea of being a real MC. I think we also need to be talking about intellectual property, our ideation of how we differentiate hip hop that is political from Hip Hop that is conscious. In terms so intellectual property it is interesting that the topic does not come up when discussing lyrics that borrow heavily from someone else's. All rapper use a line or two but when is too much, too much. Since we are talking about writing, plagiarism is defined, in terms of ethical and professional conduct as, which prohibit citing are using original works as if they were you own ( this includes substituting words or phrases for the original work. I recently ran across this verse when listing to Jayz's "Success": JayzSuccess AMERICAN GANGSTER(2007) I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less\What do I think of success/It sucks too much to stress/I guess I blew up quick, cause friends I grew up with/ See me as a primi, but I'm not and my nut's big/I don't know what the fuss is/My career is illustrious/My rep is impeccable/I'm not to be fucked with, with shit EMINEM Im Back THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP (2000) I used to give a - fuck, now I could give a fuck less/ What do I think of suc-cess? It sucks, too much press I'm stressed/Too much stares two breasts, too upset/ It's just too much mess, I guess I must just blew up quick (yes)/Grew up quick (no) was raised right/Whatever you say is wrong, whatever I say is right/You think of my name now whenever you say, "Hi"

    • SEE

      Now, how come no journalist ever points out this blatant biting that Jay Z does? Now should we also question his legacy? Camron should people how Jay Z was biting people's lyrics and l don't remember any of these Hip Hop journalists making a big deal about. How come there is a double standard when it comes to some rappers? Money maybe?

  • Anonymous

    im so happy that theres people that see through this bullshit...this is that typical nas hate...hate him or love him u gotta admit that hes one of the greatest...nas writing game is supreme..nas aint never have a ghost writer

  • Shamba Menelek

    WTF is this bullshit? This is Sensationalism at it's finest. HHDX should be ashamed at themselves for running this bullshit. Sticman and Jay Elec brought collaboration to the project as they have knowledge on things like the Nation of islam,Fox news, etc. But tryna say they ghostwrote the album is retarded. SMH

  • Anonymous

    when ur on top, people just wana talk you down! nas been handling shit for years and he still on top

  • illy

    smfh fuck hiphopdx for feeding into this bullshit rumor as if it's fact...nas doesn't use ghostwriters

  • Anonymous

    nas was never a ghostwriter for will smith.his name appeared as a songwriter on like four songs on big willie style including get jiggy with it

  • Have people questioning his legacy

    I swear this Dream Hampton has done what she wanted to do and that's to question Nas' legacy. I have to wonder if she has a secret agenda with this whole controvesy. Why did she have to point it out like? After all this time if she thought Nas was faking on that album and shed thug tears. Why now? When you read her recent twitts, it's like she is loving the fact that people are mad or caught up about it. I wonder how she would have reacted if it was Jay Z. It's what going on with the media. Everyone is runing with what she said because of her credentials, so people can't believe she would lie. I feel sorry for Nas, but he seriously needs to come out and speak on it. Jay Electronica really needs to come out and speak on it like Stic did. Being silent is not helping because the story is bigger with each day. This is the age of the internet and bloggers whose opinion are treated as facts. You can't simply ignore this fuckers.

    • Anonymous

      Fresh87, I agree with what you saying. But the way the media and journalists are running with this story is terrible and unbelievable.I just really think Nas should just dead it once and for all.

    • fresh87

      Nas shouldn't have to come out.Common sense would tell you why should you believe a chick that didn't take any part in the album,and wasn't there in the sessions.stic and jay E already came out and said they wasn't ghost writters,that should be enough,cause they were actually there helping nas construct the album.Dream is making her self look bad,because she's speaking on a issue that didn't concern her in the first place.She sounds like a black feminist,those woman are fucking crazy.

  • TheRefriedMexican

    If Nas utilized ghostwriters here and there, who cares! If somebody else came up with a good line or idea that he liked and he used it. I'm sure he only did it to bring out a better product for the fan base. Much like Dr. Dre. I'm sure Dre had help on some of his beats. As long as a good majority of the lyrics/beats are their own, who cares if somebody helps fill in a few gaps.

    • Anonymous

      It's so refreshing reading an intelligent comment on HHDX

    • Real Talk 100

      heres why its a big deal. If Paul McCartney wrote most of his songs and cowrote songs with John Lennon and George Harrison and others.... Ok cool. Dream Hampton's statement QUOTE: "Nas' "Nigger" album was LARGELY written by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica". If a no-name self-appointed guardian of the truth, aka a journalist, comes out and says "John Lennon and George Harrison LARGELY ghostwrote Paul McCartney's [ENTER Album name here]", than you are making a serious allegations about an artist, especially an artist as highly regarded for his lyrics like Nas. If the reports are true, than the evidence should be explored, before it is considered established fact, and the record should be set straight. However the journalist for Hiphopdx, takes the truth for granted and writes a fiction piece with imagined scenarios. If the reports are false, than it's slander, its an offense to the the artist's integrity.

  • this is dumb....

    This is ridiculous...all of this over come no one says anything when Kanye West invites all of these people to his studio sessions, but none of them are named on the track? There's videos of Timbland finishing the "Harder, Stronger, Faster" whatever the fuck it's called beat for kanye one says anything about that...DJ Toomp made most of the beat for "Can't Tell me Nothin" but no one says anything about that...i just don't get it...People call other people ALL THE TIME into the studio to help them with ideas and conceptualize songs

  • jester

    Both artists denied writing for Nas full stop capital incorporated fuck you letter

  • T

    I distinctly remember an one of lupe's old producers saying that lupe ghostwrote on the black album. I'm wondering why that allegation wasn't as talked about as these accusations aimed toward Nas

    • Anonymous

      if you try to google that guess what you find the most of? "Jay Elec ghostwrote for Nas" seems suspect to me.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck This website I'm out forever Ya'll lost me with this one

  • jay

    wow. the comments just blow my mind. some really believe that nas has a ghostwriter. cmon, son. just stop it. This rap shit is a business, right? since when can't you get a consultant and do research? thats why 90% of the shit out here sounds retarded. Dudes is comin' off the dome with topics and lyrics and that shit sounds like it. Thats what artists do. You have to research your shit. Make sure it sounds cohesive. Nas is a brand. just like dead prez is a brand.

  • Kingz _Life

    I read this article and it just dosen't sit rht. Be clear -- Hiphopdx.. Nas did not have ghostwritters. ITS A FACT. DREAM IS JUST HEAR SAY AND RUMOR. THE ACCSUED PARTIES HAVE DENIED IT. Points tht need to made clear. Jay E LIED! 2ND POINT jay E crafted his style off Nas.. Queens get the money is nas candence and deleivery. Jay E Nas salute song to the world is yours is clear evidence to him bitting Nas style. LETS BE CLEAR. jay E crafted his style off Illmatic Nas - Nas has several different flows and writing methods he's used over the last 10 album.. He switches up his flow and style,. Why fan fell in luv with Jay E based on the similarity of Nas style.. FACT! Nas had help from sticman on 3 tracks - sly fox,, Untitled, We're not alone. Productions credits given and co-write. NO DIFFERENT THN WTT ALBUM. Kayne was the director and Jay was the actor. Kayne gave jay the beats and concepts. ARE WE GOING TO NOW SAY KAYNE WROTE JAY Z VERSE.. HECK NO! ANOTHER FACT! Distant Relatives was the first time I think Nas realy understood the importence of the producer direction and vision (ie D. Marley). Dr. Dre is mastermind of give artist a vision thn crafting a classic. But we alone no Dre dosen't write rhymes -- so Nas had sticman come help with hooks ideas and beats. Maybe a few bars - ALL ARTIST HAVE DONE THIS.. it's like writing a paper and having someone proofread - they did not ghostwrite your papper -- edited yes. Organize yes. But the creation is your.. FACTS! Lets be clear Sticman stated he did not GHOSTWRITE FOR NAS - FACT... JAY E STATED HE DID NOT WRITE FOR NAS -FACT.. JAY E ONLY GOT PRODUCTION CREDIT. STICMAN GOT PRODUCTION CREDITS AND CO WRITE. See when a artist gives you there song and the beat - they are the composer (assuming if he's the producer) and writer - bc you bounce off the concept and ideas. DON'T CONFUSE THT WITH GHOST WRITTING. FACT.. READ THE INTERVIEW. It's clear Jay E lied to Dream and this guy frank. ANY HAVE KNOWLEDGBLE HIP HOP HEAD WOULD HAVE TOLD JAY E STFU...IMMEDIATELY! I WOULD.. Ni66as be lying all time. oh i noe jay z, im doing tupac new album or im going on tour with snoop.. GTFOH. HIPHOPDX SHOULD BE CLEAR -- STICMAN AND JAY E HAVE STATED THEY never wrote for Nas..BE CLEAR. Too MANY youtube VIDEO and EYE WITNESS accountS of Nas writting in the studio.. Stop be sucka for hate.. Ask yourself do you really think Nas had ghostwritters. Not Nas, Not Jay Z, Not Pac, Not Em, NOT GHOSTFACE and Not even Wayne.. i'M SURE THEY ALL HELPED WITH IDEAS.. THN SUM CHUMP want go big themselves up bc they HELP ASSIST WITH A BAR OR 2 IN A 48 BAR SONG.. Dream ghostwrote Decoded for Jay Z and felt away whn someone asked if Jay would do a Nigger album. She used hearsay (which is found to be unture) to defend her point. I'M huge jay Z and nas fan. Nas fan can go in on Jay for dumb reason and jay z fans will go on nas for dumber reason. They both great.. Noted in 2008 Jay Z was not D. jam president (s. steward was). So Jay Z could not have commisoned jay e to write nas verse. Hear say and bad rumors...

  • Domjell

    Finally, a timely DX piece, much appreciated. Learning of Hampton's allegations was a blow to me because Nas is my top artist in any artistic genre and at the time of Nigger I applauded his courage to make a concept album in the vein of Death Certificate. I understand producing, writing hooks and choruses, sharing ideas, suggesting words or phrases as was Large Professor's role while working with Nas. And we all know every article, class paper, script needs an editor and outside opinion to make points concise, The Chronic wouldn't have been what it became if it was only Dre. But with Nas, it is hard to accept all lyrics written by someone else & I'm holding judgement until I hear from God's Son, he's earned it!

    • Anonymous

      The allegations are false. Nas already answered. Stic mac and Jay Electronica also denied it. It just a bunch of bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Uncle murda is gonna save hip hop everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I didn't lose any sleep over the ghostwritten claim as artist use reference verses or even full written songs all the damn time. However, in a true freestyle battle, using ghostwritten or any previously written material is unacceptable.

  • hate revolver

    Man, Nas is looking like a straight bitch right now. Dream Hampton is killing him on twitter right now. And his response is by twitting some coded shit. I'm starting to believe that Dream was telling the truth after all.

    • fresh87

      No bruh,you sounding like a bitch right now.You would believe a chick that wasn't there,and didn't take part in to the album being made,but you wouldn't believe the guys that was actually there? You sound stupid as hell

  • This Hoe

    Tupac called this Trick out in the Source Mag...And I quote "never send a groupie to due an interview" unquote.


    Judging by some of the comments, some of y'all ain't reading the article properly. Either that or you got Nas dick so far down your throat that you cant focus.....Nas is one of my favorite MC's, even if these accusations are true. They wouldn't change where I hold him in regards to hip hop royalty. If further claims came about on a larger scale (a significant span of his career wise), then that would change things

    • hate revolver

      Damn,you are the smartest person on this blog. FOH. Do understand english or understand what the article is saying to have a real opinion about the topic? YOU tell us what the article is saying.

  • Wishworks

    bs over tweets. If your ass is older than 18 yrs you know nas wrote his own shit. STOP IT. you can't fake the flow Period, in someway even if a lyricist changes his whole style, the flow will still remain. Check Nas discography. Many styles , But the same Flow,

    • MightyHealthy

      I wouldn't dismiss these allegations simply because Nas is "nice" or has done it before. He may have done it before but this is the first we're hearing. He may have had writer's block. Maybe he was intimidated by the subject matter. My issue is that we got this information from an unapologetic Jay Z dick rider whilst she was defending Jay Z. She offered no evidence. She used it to deflect attention from Jay Z's flaws as an artist. Honestly, I don't believe Nas used a ghost writer because Stic explained his contribution and it makes sense. But to say "Nas is too good to do something like that" is extremely naive.

  • Sensaye252

    If you just consider yourself a maker of music, or a entertainer, or even a rapper, and you want to have someone ghostwrite for you then whatever...but if you're a MC, then nobody should ever ghostwrite for you. Hip-Hop music is more lyric heavy than any other genre of music by far. Three sixteen bar verses, which is usually the norm is a hip-hop song, is way more lyrics than any other kind of song. That's why not everyone can do it. It takes extraordinary amounts of creativity, vocabulary, imagination, and skill. Nas has always been viewed as one of the nicest MCs ever, so of course it's disappointing. It's like hearing that Picasso had someone painting his pictures for him. As far as I'm concerned, if you have someone else write your bars for you, you lose a lot of if not all credibility as an MC. Hip-Hop is dead.

    • Anonymous

      @Sensaye252: You are clearly confused. Sticman and Jay E made it clear in details of the recording process. THEY DID NOT WRITE HIS RHYMES.. Fam it's not true! I think we need to have a hip hop class on what ghostwritting is. Ghostwritting is when a write your entire verse. Start 2 finish. Not a bar or 2 in a 48 bar songs is not ghostwrittin. If thats the case the having other artist write hooks would be deemed ghostwritting.

  • Duke

    did this really warrant an editorial? ok so what if he had two writers for ONE album out of how many? he could have but it doesnt make sense when he has released track after track and many acclaimed albums with no hint of help. and if he did in those times why would he get 2 different guys for that album, its too big a risk. and who helped write Illmatic? he was a teenager and no one knew him so why would they help? if he had writers at the beginning of his career like some artist do until they understand the process well enough to do it on their own, then maybe its believable. but when the man had been do his own lyrics for 15 yrs it make no sense what so ever that he would need some1 to do it for him. and journalist have never really ever been that credible. many have written books and won the Pulitzer prize and other awards but it doesnt make their stories completely true. they are really good at their job which requires some BS or exaggeration sometimes to make a story good. they're great writers. and no neither person stands to gain anything from this but if they handle it right they want lose anything either. as long as they don't plagiarize then they really cant be hurt. and with technology and the internet these days there is no way at least 1 of the supposedly 6 reference tracks are not online. so why havent more people heard them? do you know how many people work on one album not to mention the tracks that dont even make the cut? Nas has money but he cant afford to keep that many people quiet over the years.

    • MightyHealthy

      It matters if he used ghostwriters. It definitely matters. His claim to fame is as a lyricist, not a vehicle for other people's opinions. The way Stic describes the creative process sounds logical to me. He says they worked together on Sly Fox. He says he sent Nas the beat for Untitled and that Nas took the beat for We're Not Alone and went in his own direction with it. For me that sounds credible. Of course he could be contractually obliged to say that. But I can't second guess what he said based on what dream said simply because I know she had an agenda when she made that utterance. Perhaps she has heard rumours. Maybe she heard the original version of We're Not Alone and Nas jacked some of the lines into his own version. But saying an album was "largely" written by another artist (or two) is just a whole 'nother claim. She has no evidence other than some dude who claims to have been told by Jay Electronica that he'd be ghostwriting for Nas (which could be where the rumours emnated from in the first place) I honestly can not discredit a man's legacy based on that. If he did hire ghostwriters, Nas is a fraud. But I can't come to that conslusion based on what is in front of me. And it is known that she is a Jay Z dick rider. But that doesn't mean she is lying. It's just very suspect that she brought it up when pressed about the lack of social commentary in (in all honesty, the lack of substantial subject matter) in a lot of Jay's music. She didn't adress this question. It's like if someone asks you why Lauryn Hill's music has political commentary and Nikki Minaj doesn't and you respond with "Lauryn Hill disn't write the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill", at least Nikki wrote everything on Pink Friday. That's smear tactics. Because she dropped a bomb and since then, the discourse is about Nas' pen game, not the content of the respective artists' output. For me, that's what decides this matter. I can't tarnish Nas' legacy based on an unsubstantiated claim from someone who had a clear agenda. It just doesn't work that way in my world.

  • Real Talk 100

    Journalism Gone Wild. ...To my previous post, just thinking you gotta admire this work of fiction, WITHOUT NO FACTS mind you. My favorite part where he speculates how Stic and Jay were secretly using Nas as a microphone in a noble effort to get out their political message to the masses or something? Because Nas is a better Dude you literally IMAGINED that, its a total fabricated scenario! You didnt even examine the TRUTH of it, you just assumed it was TRUE, called us all dumb and idealistic, and IMAGINED and wrote a fictional piece about a Bizarro-world where Ghostwriters give verses to Nas to distribute their political views! This is what happens when a journalists take speculation and just run with it to its logical extreme.

  • VDUB

    Y'all so pressed about this issue. It is really hard for y'all to even consider that he may have had lyrics in his songs written by other amazingly talented lyricists so y'all attack dream hampton, who has known all 3 of the rappers since the early '90s. Y'all even threaten her & try to discredit her. Over rap tho? Come on yall. That shit is lame. Find a social issue to rebel against. All parties involved will continue to make money. Move on.

    • Real Talk 100

      @hate revolver, thats what im sayin, its like they are just glossing over the statement that was made. Dream Hampton's statement QUOTE: "Nas' "Nigger" album was LARGELY written by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica". But a Journalist said it. That means its true. If you question it, your either dumb and dont know how the business works, or over idealistic on authenticity. I dont doubt a collaboration and some form of so-called "ghostwriting" took place, I just think its a wild, untrue exaggeration.

    • hate revolver

      You missing the point of this accusation. It's about someone trying to discredit someone's authenticity and career from gossip and not facts. Imagine if someone was trying to discredit something you did. So we should just be quiet and not say anything because it's Dream. As a fan of hip hop l'm intitled to ask for some evidence if she is making accusations like that.

  • banga

    I dont believe it, but if this has a little truth to it this means that jay-z is better after all because jay dont write he just goes in the booth and spits of the top lol

    • fresh87

      @B..You know they only show you what they want you to see in that movie right.

    • B

      If u watch fade to black u can see that most of that was off the top sun.Jay-z GOAT

    • Sensaye252

      People always say that but Jay-Z never said he spits his lyrics off the top of the dome. He said he doesn't write his lyrics down, he just memorizes them. A lot if not most MCs do that. It's not that hard to memorize your verses without writing them down. It makes your flow more natural.

    • Anonymous

      And you really believe that??? C'mon son, you think Jay just walked in the booth and spat 99problems off the top of the dome? Really??

  • Anonymous

    You're basing this whole editorial off of "what-if's", tweets from a very unreliable source in dream hampton, and opinions. Real fans who listen to Nas can tell that he writes his own stuff.

  • MightyHealthy

    I don't think people need to patronised on this subject. She probably heard some rumours and stated them as fact. Then she reached with "I've heard six reference tracks." Stics recent account is very consistent with what he said four years ago. And even back then he said he contributed some lyrics. It wasn't a secret. But it's a huge leap between contributing some words which are incorporated into a track and writing someone's shit. Otherwise Biggie has been ghostwriting for Hov. . .literally. Stic even sounds annoyed with how Louis Farrakhan and We're Not Alone came out.

  • Pat

    dream hampton is just some dumb bitch insulting nas to worship jay-z. Nas, jay electronica, and stic all said there was no ghostwriting. The most I would believe is that they gave him ideas to write about

  • Real Talk 100

    See you aren't a good journalist because your not getting down to the truth, your just muddying the waters. Dream Hampton's statement QUOTE: "Nas' "Nigger" album was largely written by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica". So what this statement in English and not bullshitnese, it literally says Stic man and Jay wrote the MAJORITY of a Nas album. It's black and white. It's either true or false. Period. It could be the truth or its a lie, and that lie could be intentional to boost ones sense of superiority or just a wrong use of words. You cant clean that statement up. You can't distract us with the history of ghostwriting, and say our ideals are messed up, and say our concept of artistic authenticity is not based in the reality of the industry. We know how it works, we know how rappers write with each other and work, many of us are rappers or know rappers. You call Dream Hampton a credible source, because journalists are your peoples, I get it, i already understand your twisted perception. Journalists and news papers and media are the gatekeeper of truth. The fourth branch of government and all that Bullshit. Right, ya, uh huh.... Journalists could never be flawed human beings. The fact that a journalist utters a statement out of their mouths automatically makes it credible. In that respect, who has the messed up viewpoint on authenticity? For my part, I believe there is much truth in the statements in regards to collaboration, and *gasp* even some ghostwriting involved. But to assert that the MAJORITY of the lyrics on a Nas album was "LARGELY" ghostwritten by other people is just plain speculation and very hard to believe. Its just absurd.

    • Anonymous

      thank you, nice written point. I think in other type of arts people collaborate...they may have written some bars...some bars but most of the bars...C'mon give me a break..."credible sources" yeah right? Journalists eh?

  • Anonymous

    It'll be a cold day in hell when NaS has a ghost writer. FOH with that bullshit.

  • Hudes

    Why use lesser MC's to write your shit. Nas the Don



  • Hudes

    Can you imagine for the guy who wrote the original tweet feels right now? He started all of this by accident by asking a jay z question to a jay z Stan. It's obvious that she's trying to bring nas down. And she's dreaming.

  • @p0is0nedKoolA

    I don't consider people who write for blogs "journalists" and this posting is another example why. Dream Hampton is a Jay Z/Big dickrider. She's long time friends with both of them & is always waving the Jay Z flag. She made a big deal defending Blue Ivy's privacy as if Beyonce was the Virgin Mary! Does the writer not question why Dream Hampton chose to slander Nas when there was no need? Let's say the ghostwriting is true (which I don't believe) what was the point of bringing it up in a question regarding Jay Z's lack of social commentary in his music? None! Dream Hampton is pseudo-intellectual who believes that every word she utters is correct and anything that counters her ideals is "hate" or "ignorance". Her grandstanding is tiresome. The tracks that people heard does not mean that anything by the way. I guess no one has ever been in a recording situation (I have) where you sometimes use reference tapes for hooks or to emulate what someone may do on the track. Who's to say what those tracks mean? AND IF they were ghostwriting, no one would be so flagrant to play them for people over the phone!! Part of the "ghostwriting" agreement is to never acknowledge that you were the original writing. This posting is a joke and I dream of a blog that challenges hip hop instead of slandering it with the random claims of a Jay Z stan

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign 1000%. Dream Hampton is a non-fucking-entiry who's only "virtue" is she sticks around a notoriously sexist scene... Without licking Sean Carter's ass for 15+ years she's NOTHING (as the sum of her other 'achievements' proves).

  • chikuyu

    hello if ya'll buy a album instead of dl it ya'll will see got co writers credits on 3 songs

    • Anonymous

      (Meaning : to write for somebody, get paid and receive *NO* acknowledgement whatsoever, not even some credit

    • Anonymous

      co-writer (don't you know what that means??) He has been acknowledge has having written something for the track. ghostwriting (Meaning : to write for somebody, get paid and receive acknowledgement whatsoever, not even some cred

    • sdotcire

      My thoughts exactly. No one reads the credits anymore.. how many people it takes to write a track, hook, etc.. Personally, I get excited when I see Nas,, and Jay Eletronica in the booth together and bouncing ideas. They're all very talented people and anything can be spawned in those sessions. People seem to forget on the Nigger tape, jumped on the "Association" track. So they obviously had an excess of amount of tracks, ideas, lyrics..

  • @skibolive

    correction** hip hop artist (singular)

  • MightyHealthy

    I think this story is bull. I just read the story from 2008 about how the songs came about. It's clear that Stic co-wrote Sly Fox. He says as much so it's not news. But he seemed bemused when he was told that dream heard reference tracks. The only established fact is that dream mentioned this to throw Nas under the bus and redeem Jay Z's legacy. I wouldn't take anything she says as fact without further proof.

  • @skibolive

    Great editorial, but his contributions in my opinion and assessment are not disappointments. The disappoinments are those people who don't believe that Nas is a credible hip-hop artists based on the assistance he got from JE and dead.prez

  • Joker

    This author need not assume what every fan of Nas feels about these allegation, nor should he/she assume Nas' fans knowledge of his or others artists' creative process. As a Nas fan myself I have already heard over the years stories of his writing process. Whether stories are from Premo or Pete Rock watching him write for Illmatic, or Nore talking about him writing rhymes and changing verses, or be it Nas himself rhyming on Kanye's "We Major" about writing for the very verse that he was rapping, Nas' penmanship has never been questioned until now. I've heard Cormega's account of the "Affirmative Action" session also, and even in all of his anger he could only claim that he gave Nas 1-line. It's not a surprise nor is it new news that artists share and bounce ideas off of one another. I ask the author to know his audience and not speak down to hip hop fans. Now as far as this "uproar" is concerned, it's completely misunderstood. People are not pissed or arguing about the idea of Nas needing or using ghostwriters, it's about making a claim without proof. Dream was confronted with a question that she couldn't answer, and rather than admit that she thought it was better to make an unsubstantiated claim. For the record, Dream Hampton has admitted that she is not a journalist and that her education and background is in film. It's irresponsible for the author to refer to Dream as a journalist, and it's irresponsible journalism to make a claim without a source or proof of that claim. Whether Nas uses ghostwriters or not has yet to be proven, but the fact remains that making claims without proof will always create a backlash. Also I would like to add that already cleared this matter and said he wrote no verses for Nas. Jay Elect said Nas' pen game and legacy are without question. Nas' himself said on the radio with personality Big Boy that he does not use ghostwriters, and that he gets ideas and inspiration from everybody everywhere. I'm a fan of HIP HOP and not a journalist, and even I was responsible enough to write this comment with sources that can be easily verified with google.

  • Dear Omar

    using twitter as a source of info is the same as using wikipedia, that isn't proper journalism. Step ya game up

  • Jay

    Nigga fuck a twitter source...stic man in another blog he said that he gave nas some idead and helped him write some hooks...Thats it. Lemme ask u this u internet nerds...HOW does it make sense for Nas to have lesser MC's ghostwrite for him? No disrespect to them but they are NOTTT on Nas' level.

  • Anonymous

    dream hampton is a known stan...just like any stan, she couldn't handle the criticism thrown at her favourite rapper so made something up that she didn't think would get the attention it did. i seen the coversation with on facebook and stic seemed bewildered to what "reference" tracks she heard asking her to message him. Then you have stic straight out denying it on vibe and jay electronica on twitter denying it. She heard "like 6 reference tracks" if she was in any way credible she would have came out back in 2008 and said something and if it shocked her as much as she claims she would know exactly how many reference tracks she heard..."like 6" i mean really? I also like the way she masks the fact she is a stan with the whole "nas is one of my favourite emcees and a legend" after throwing him under the bus.

    • Tbones

      Cosignee, she got all defensive in d process of protecting her fav rapper while in d process defaming Nas by saying he shouldnt get credit for d socially aware untitled album. I bet she knew wat she was doing when she tweeted but didnt expect such an uproa. Ol lady said she cried thugs tears too cos Nas is one her favs, how ridiculous? Now shes tryna play d sexist game talking abt leaving hiphop, bla, d blah lik we care.

  • Shyne's Pe'ots

    My thing with this "ghostwriter" shit is that hip-hop is a different beast when it comes to things like this. Ghostwriting a hook is different from writing a verse, or an adlib,or a skit. We're all assuming that they wrote verses for Nas(although both deny ghostwriting period) but it may have been a bar or 2 from a hook or something simple like that.

    • aMusicJunkie

      I was thinking the same thing. a hook is a hook that can be collaborative effort. Even when you produce a beat you may have a certain hook in mind. The verse in hip-hop should always be written by the artist spittin'..

  • efemjay

    "As the name implies, ghostwriters are often unaccredited." = You mean UNCREDITED, not unaccredited. Your article looks unaedited.

  • 1love

    This article was a waste of time since Stic already deaded this. He clearly said Nas didn't want any verses from him. Good producers exchange ideas and concepts with artists. This is common knowledge. And having help with a chorus is not the same as having someone pen an entire verse for you. And to think this all started from someone asking why Hov can't make a meaningful concept album without the worry of hurting his pockets. A ducked question turned into this. SMH.

  • wow

    This one of the best Hip Hop editorials I've ever read.

  • SMH

    Nas don't need a ghost writer, he does the ghost writing for others Will Smiths Just Cruisin ghost-written by Nas Will Smiths Gettin Jiggy Wit It ghost-written by Nas Will Smiths Yes Yes Yall co-written by Nas & Skillz Will Smiths Chasin Forever co-written by Nas & Skillz AZs "Mo Money, Mo Murder" (AZs verse) co-written by Nas & AZ Olu Daras "The Jungle" ghost-written by Nas Foxys Verse on "Affirmative Action" ghost-written by Nas Foxys Verse on "Hardcore" ghost-written by Nas Foxys Verse on "Encore" ghost-written by Nas Foxys Verse on "Firm Fiasco" ghost-written by Nas Foxys Verse on "Untouchable" co-written by Nas & Mel Man Foxys Verse on "Firm Biz" co-written by Nas & AZ Foxys Verse on "Executive Decision" co-written by Nas & Nature Jermaine Dupris "Turn It Out" co-written by Nas & ROC Jermaine Dupris "I Gotta Have It" co-written by Nas & Bryan M. Cox Jermaine Dupris "Still Gotta Have It" co-written by Nas, Monica, & B. M. Cox Cha Chas "Momma" ghost-written by Nas Fat Joes "Jon Blaze" (Fat Joes verse) ghost-written by Nas Timbalands "To My" ghost-written by Nas Diddys Journey Through The Life (Diddys verse) ghost-written by Nas RUN DMCs "Queens Day" (Runs & DMCs verses) co-written by Nas, Prodigy, & Havoc Capone-N-Noreagas "B EZ" (Nores verse) co-written by Nas & Capone Kay Slays "Too Much 4 Me" (Foxys verse) co-written by Nas The Neptunes "Popular Thug" (Pharells verse) ghost-written by Nas Diddys Everything I Love co-written by Common & Nas

  • Anonymous

    This article was a waste of time since Stic already deaded this. He clearly said Nas didn't want any verses from him. Good producers exchange ideas and concepts with artists. This is common knowledge. And having help with a chorus is not the same as having someone pen an entire verse for you. And to think this all started from someone asking why Hov can't make a meaningful concept album without the worry of hurting his pockets. A ducked question turned into this. SMH.

  • Tones

    By the way since y'all to lazy to do proper journalism, Vibe has come to ur rescue with this latest interview.

  • fresh87

    Jay E already said he didn't ghost write for nas,and stic man said that his involvement on the album was making beats,exchanging concepts,and co writing not ghost writing,it's a difference.I can see why nas got help for "untitled" that album nas deep album,i think they help him formulate ideas,and some co writing,but not ghost writing.I also lost respect from dream hampton,she could of anwserd that question with out throwing nas under the bus like that,you can tell she's real biased towards jay-z,and has some kind of issue with nas.I think she was misinformed with information,cause stic man said no one was in the studio besides him M1,and nas,so she can't really saying anything if she wasn't in the studio.Anyway we shouldn't be dwelling on this,that album came out 4 years ago,"Life is good" is out,let's talk about how great that album is,and stop talking about negative bullshit that didn't happen.

  • Tones

    The person that wrote this bullshit is a troll eventhough i understand y'all trying ur best to sensationalise this issue that has been put to bed by both n J.Elect. U belive Dream n d other no name blogger on wat evidense? u dont believe n JElect on wat basis? I knw u just tryna get a hit on ur article but am not falling for that so ama just stop here. Either that or u lack credibility or u dont knw ur job or u just another Nas hater cos he refused to drop another illmatic.

  • Up North

    Yayo's wack ass tried to do the same shit to Ghost about "Supreme Clientele". All this shit makes interesting conversation but there is absolutely NO MERIT to these accusations. There's PLENTY of other motherfuckers' credibility that needs a check up. Nas isn't one of them.

  • The G.O.D.

    PEACE Glad to see someone brought up Tony Starks' name, if I remember correctly some cat claimed that he had written one of Starks' albums- which later was revealed to be b.s. same shit here. As far as being influenced by folks around you-it has happened to the best of them-B.I.G spoke on that when he was alive. Dream Hampton-Groupie to the max...'nuff said. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Nicki minaj has drake for a ghostwriter, dr dre has everybody, puffy, don't even let me start, lil wayne has drake, memphis bleeke has Jay z, birdman has wayne and drake, it is what it is.

  • Anonymous

    This is a touchy subject, because we just wont know until Nas either admits to it or evidence proves he did....I WILL say this tho...If he was getting a would explain where the Jay Electronica album went.

  • Big Liss

    Ehhh....hip hop is different in that you can't call yourself a lyricist if you ain't writing your rhymes. The thing is that lyricist that are in the lime light are few and far between these days. The way these rappers today build themselves and their image up, it matter MUCH less if they wrote their rhymes as long as the music is dope. For those of us that came up in the Golden Era(s) of hip hop, you aren't respected as a lyricist if had somebody write your rhymes for you. I've heard Ghostface Killah say that him and the other Wu members always sat around and bounced ideas off of each other...they might have even gone so far as to say "nah nah...say'll sound better". But them niggas wasn't receiving a whole verse or song from someone and calling it their own. That shit isn't respected among people from that era.

  • Anonymous

    The ghostwriters probably have ghostwriters also!

  • DRE

    I think this is all bs, but the fact that all this ghostwriting stuff is surfacing about nas is strange. Of course, everyone is defending him but if this ever came out about jayz, kanyne, or eminem everyone would be having an absolute field day trying to talk all their credibilty away and be like LOLLOLOOL NASSSS DONT NEED THAT SH*TTT.. still top 5 alive though... and Nas>>>Pac to the dude below...fact

  • The Death of True Journalist and the Rise of Bloggers

    Omar, you full of shit, man. Your article is full PIECES of Nas' rhymes to justify your opinion is pathetic. Just cause Nas shows different sides to himself, just like Tupac did, he was sure to disappoint? I just don't understand you journalists. You praise people like Jay Z(Dream Hampton number one rapper) who only talks about money, degrades women and is all about bragging, but crucify Nas for being honest with his emotions? It doesn't make any sense at all. His albums have always showed different sides to him, that what a true human,m.c. and poet is about, but you don't see that? We should be aleast thankful that Nas doesn't have the same themes through out his albums, but you don't see that. Stic told you in 2008 what he was doing for Nas, but you still question his credibility and not Dream Hampton's agenda? What's murky about that as you put it? He just told you what he did. What makes her so credible that no one doubts she is full of shit. Because she is a noted journalist and has no reason to lie? Well, maybe she doesn't like the praise Nas' album has been getting. Nas being called a legend while her Jay Z is just Jay Z. Have you thought about that? Now nobody is talking about Jay Z lack of substance which was the question in discussion. But now you talking about Dead Prez, Nas and Jay Electronica's career which is waste of time and purpose to make you look like you saying something of substance. How come you don't bring that up as a Journalist. The diversion of topic. How come she and her partners brought it up when it matter when the album came out and where were YOU with your FACTUAL opinion about how Nas disappoints you. That Nas' latest album is being called a classic by numerous rappers in the game? All of a sudden people don't believe Stic, Jay Electronica and Nas, but Dream and some so called hip hop Journalists. Why don't you try doing some investigation and ask Dream or the Frank guy about the phone call. What if Jay Electronica was lying to look cool? Do some real journalism than give an opinion that's feeding to this whole controvesy. How do you think Nas feels? Everyone has opinions, but not facts and l think everyone want to act like they no better than the people involved. You what to be the first to have an opinionm but no facts. Call out the wack rappers. The ones who have nothing of substance to rapper about. Try that for a change. Tell me what you think about the 2 chainz singles. That should be interesting. Everyone won besides Nas because stupid Journalists are causing dumb people to question his legacy and career, which in this cause Dream and friends won. Which other living rapper has to go through what Nas is going through?

    • VEST


  • J.Johnson

    i think dream hampton heard some rumors from someone she trusted and while responding back to someone on twitter said she heard stuff she never heard. Because of the creditibility you stated in the article above she must stand by what she heard or its a wrap for her. I dont believe there are any reference tracks. Just my opinion. did a 2009 interview on his involvement on the album and said everytime he would rap some dope shit nas would be like thats cool but lets talk about this production so he dropped trying to rap. The song SLY FOX also has the same sample at the end of it about "pledge alliegance to the truth" that is on Dead Prez album. That and the fact he made the beat is why i think he got credit on the song. Im sure the author of this article is aware of what i just mentioned.


    To me, this is a non issue.

  • LoveHipHop had an interview on Vibe where he said "it never happened." He never ghost wrote for nas, jay electronica tweeted the same. Why would you know this and create this article? Omar Burgess, Hiphopdx, it didn't happen, it never happened. Stop encouraging gossip and rumour.

  • i figr it out

    I understand now that people like omar wrte these article and keep drma going beczuse they need there jobs. black peple got bigger problems than nas who is called white people foot our neck. instead of worrying about smal shit go read amos wilson

  • Loandri

    Man Nas starts doing good and the fucking press has to try to bring him again, fuck the media

  • Anonymous

    cool read , but u could have at least put the twitter quotes from stic nd Jay elect saying what they did nd didn't , would have made the read more balanced , cos at the minute u are coming from third parties (taking to the notion that they are Facts ..!! ) who where not present in the recording sessions.


    long as the song comes out dope, thats all that matters. niggaz need to get out of the basement.