As people find the words this Valentines season to tell their significant others that they love them, leave it to Hip Hop to find some roundabout ways of suggesting undressing, foreplay or just opening up for the romance. HipHopDX looked at our playlists for some classic songs, all euphemisms for sex.

“O.P.P.” by Naughty By Nature

Even your mom thought this was a cute little ditty about cats we call kitties. At least Treach, Vin and KayGee made an anthem for both genders with this Flavor Unit crossover about creepin’.

“Let, Let Me In” by De La Soul

So much of De La Soul Is Dead seemed to be about rejection, virginity and lust. This album-cut wasn’t about clubs, Fred Flinstone or Rolling Stone. A whole other spread…

“Lollipop” by Lil Wayne f. Static Major

One of the biggest songs about 2008 was not meant to played anywhere near the candy-store. The “she even liked the wrapper” homonym made even more tongue-in-cheek radio-play.  

“Wild Thing” by Tone-Loc

One of the original cross-over smash hits. This song, along with Young MC’s “Bust A Move” has kept the Delicious Vinyl doors open in four decades. These days, the wild thing is Tone-Loc, drunk behind the wheel of a car.

“Doin’ It” by LL Cool J

Pretty basic language. Mr. Smith was riddled with boots-knockin’ joints in one of the best post-Kangol Cool J albums ever released. Trackmasters production made this is a dance-floor classic.

“Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.” by Ice-T

Primitive “frat-Rap” from an emcee who never went to college. Spelled out, “Girls Let’s Get Butt Naked And Fuck” was less of a hit as it was a Tipper Gore-era censorship shuffle. Plus, it looked safe when mom was reading the cassette.

“Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings” by LL Cool J

One of the oddest pieces of imagery ever used in a Rap song. The B-side to “Back of My Jeep” was part of the 14 Shots To The Dome album that may as well have been a euphamism itself.

“Medley For A ‘V’” by DJ Quik featuring Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Hi-C, AMG, 2nd II None and El Debarge

With 1998’s Rhythm-Al-Ism album, DJ Quik was outspoken against the violent message of his Gangsta Rap past. The melodic album focused on the other consistent element of the emcee/producers catalog, that “Sweet, Black…”

“Head Doctor” by Snoop Dogg featuring Raphael Saadiq and Swoop G

The only successful single released by Death Row Records without Snoop’s endorsement, this 2000 sleeper was not about migraines or ear-aches, but on the same vibe as Dr. Dre’s “The Doctor’s Office.”

“Jiggable Pie” by AMG

This DJ Quik affiliate was famous for rapping about sex and also getting paid for other people who had it. This lukewarm 1991 single was not about a culinary dessert, but about the same thing a film franchise would allude to a decade later.

“Skinz” by Pete Rock & CL Smooth featuring Grand Puba

No high-fives here as three golden-era greats took one of Puba’s seemingly favorite words of the day and made it a single.

“The Vertical Joyride” AMG

Like Quik and Suga Free, AMG was a connoisseur of sex-raps. This one was not about hydraulic Impalas at all.

“Ooochie Wally?” by Bravehearts featuring Nas

One of Nas’ least lyrical moments, according to Jay-Z anyway. This radio pander wasn’t about Wally Sczerbiak, Wally Joyner or Wally Backman.

“Throw That D” by 2 Live Crew

This meant something vastly different from Rich Boy‘s hit nearly 20 years later, or even Kanye’s remix.

“The P Is For Free” by Boogie Down Productions

Love’s gonna get’cha. But until then, lustful thoughts are free in the South Bronx.

What are some of your favorite Rap songs that are euphemisms for sex?