Infographic - Precious Medals: The 2011 Hip Hop Gold & Platinum Plaques

From Wiz Khalifa and J. Cole to Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West, HipHopDX presents the annual comprehensive breakdown of who pulled in plaques this year.

The late, great Ol' Dirty Bastard once rhymed about "the gold and platinum frisbees on the wall, lookin' properly," on Wu-Tang Forever's "Reunited." Nearly 15 years later, it's a lot harder to earn these medals of commercial success. However, in 2011 a handful of artists did just that, several times over.

With a new year upon us, HipHopDX presents this breakdown of plaque-earners to you, featuring first-timers Big Sean and J. Cole, along with superstars like Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne and Drake. With digital albums and singles a growing trend, last year was defined by artists with dedicated fan-bases and carefully-built movements.

2011 Rap Albums And Singles That Went Gold And Platinum

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  • the mechanic

    LMMMMAAAAAOOO..... hey, lemme summa u dickriders a question: since when is it cool 2 b a dude wearin green ugg boots? how bout JEGGINGS? HOW BOUT KISSIN ANUTHA DUDE? i just wanna know. drake is actually a cool kat IN PERSON... on WAX, hes str8 ASS. AGGGHH! quitcha dickridin and listen 2 REAL EMCEES who say shit that has sum SUBSTANCE. ELZHI would rip a HOLE in lil waynes PUNCTURED ASS. i dont even wanna SPEAK on what he would do 2 DRAKEY BOY. anywho, PHONTE, DOPE.... SLAUGHTERHOUSE, DOPE....u NEW generation kats make me laff...shit, my MOMMA would murder half these wack ass ACTS.

  • yeah

    nicki minaj is not hip hop lol

  • Antonio

    oh btw, to all the Lil Wayne dick riders, he's straight up ass.

  • Antonio

    this is a disgrace to rap...the mainstream bull that they got out there is destroying the image that legends like Biggie, Tupac, and A Tribe Called Quest set for rap. Nowadays, its all about having a little catchy chorus with more singing than rapping, and barely any talk about the struggles of life. Kendrick Lamar is the realest rapper out there right now,in my opinion.

  • jr88

    look at all these drake fans trying to make drake seem like he had major struggle coming was living in middle class now he is talking about guns and reaching for weapons?..smh...drake is talking about how the game use to be but he made the game soft as you guys retarded how can you believe this shit....smh,,,, these real street dudes have drake hyped up for real....i hope a suge knight type of dude holds him over a building just to knock some sense into him

  • Anonymous

    what happened to Nikki

  • iceman50

    Ya'll some fcking haters Wayne and Wiz on top of the list oh well Wayne is the most hard working Rapper and the game ain't nobody putting work like Wayne Fake are not.

  • peace

    cee lo has had so many hits he just so lo key, not forgettin his collabo with dangermouse nd his many othet dope tunes with organised noise crew , too bad nas damian album didnt do tooo well PEace

  • Its Sik

    didnt lasers make gold? i swear it did!?

  • Anonymous

    I need a doctor=3x plat



    • Anonymous

      wayne also sold his soul to little girls for a platinum album and wore leopard print jeggings on tv, jay-z can proudly say he didnt do dat

    • Anonymous

      yea but Lil wayne got taken into the rap game when he was like 5. Jay Z didnt start until mid twenties. Plus, all what Lil Wayne does business wise is similar to what Jay Z does and did.

    • gay-z

      Jay-z is also 13 years older.. Wayne has more money than jay did at 29

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z is worth $450 million, Wayne isn't. Numbers don't lie.

    • Madoff

      Yes they do. PAYOLA

    • Anonymous

      numbers don't lie but they aint the whole picture those figures aint tellin if ya flows ridic if you's a poser bitch just rappin bout hoes n cris' or a fake gangsta gonna 'pop-off your loaded clip' J Hova is an exception not the rule what value is money made by prostitutes?

  • Jeremy

    Haha all of the radio listeners screwed up the list cause those are the people who buy most of crappy and way too mainstream music. I'm not hipster but black & yellow wasn't good. Not to real hiphop fans at least. Only radio listeners would pay money for "music" like that

  • nes

    nice but where are the numbers?

  • GQ

    wiz and lil wayne shouldnt be on top of everybody thats just whack. J.cole is mos def better than wiz and will kill him in a battle. and the fact that WTT wasnt on top dont matter. if u ask jay what he thinks bout wayne being better in sales? he'll prolly smack u but it dont matter to jay or ye anyways they kno where theyre at. but its not fair to j.cole and kendrick lamar to be under wiz who aint shit but sumthin to bump to. he's nothin serious. and drake is good but he needs to get beack to so far gone music i dont like this commercial shit. but overall creativity and being lyrical dont mean shit to 13 yr old white kids.

  • Anonymous

    damn look at the list of top selling tracks, all of them are 100% GARBAGE except for the two tracks from watch the throne and those arent even that great, pretty sad state

  • Anonymous

    how you gonna count cee lo's fuck you as a hip-hop/rap single, that shit is straight pussy singing bitch music

  • Music

    I know DX staff pissed seeing LIL WaYne on every statistic of Hip Hop charts. You can hate on Weezy with your subjective lists but shit get real when numbers comes into play!!!! Weezy in control...

    • Mitch 3K

      JustiN Beiber sells alot of records too Who gives a shit??? Success doesnt give your work credibility, majority of the world is ignorant and likes basic bullshit, which is why reality TV shows are so huge

  • Anonymous

    Thank god Wiz beat Lil Gayne for singles.

  • cee-lohiphop?

    No disrespect to Cee-Lo, but "Fuck You" is not classified as a hiphop song by RIAA. Therefore it shouldn't be on this list.

    • TaZzZ

      Fuck the RIAA, Cee-lo was goodie mob before anything else. his soul is hip hop. This list means nothing, everyone knows real hip hop heads are too broke to buy every album they wanna hear. These numbers are an expression of white america's taste (and bird man buying half wayne's albums). just saying...

  • WowAgain?

    Hiphopdx had the same problem last year. The graphic artist that makes this chart is not a fan of hiphop so he does not have adequate knowledge to create this. He is leaving out way to many songs and albums: Just for example: Bad Meets Evil-Lighters sold 2 million Lupe Fiasco-Lasers went gold Kanye West - All of The Lights went Plat Dr. Dre- Kush went Plat Nicki Minaj- Super Bass went plat just to name a few

  • alright...

    if 6 foot 7 foot is in the chart why isn't All of the Lights?

  • YO

    "Im On One" aint really a DJ Khaled track. Its a Drake track. So Drake is probably a little higher on that list..Im just saying...

  • Anonymous

    Very dissapointing that Recovery sold more in its first week then BME did total.... Both are great but the BME album is better and Royce deserves it.....

    • HELL NO!!!!

      Recovery Had 4 bangers at most ? You are stupid. 1. Cold Wind blows 2. Talkin To Maself 3. On fire-----The Wordplay lost you ? 4. Going Tru Changes 5. No Love 6. Not Afraid 7. Seduction 8. Space Bound 9. Cinderella Man 10.Session One 11.almost famous. 12.WTP---Good For Clubs 25-life Love the way you lie Won't back down Are also good songs, but too pop. If drake wrote those songs, i'd call it a classic, but not a hardcore rapper like Em.

    • hellno

      im happy em made recovery, hes better now because of it, but that album had 4 bangers at most. in the deluxe version BME has 11 and its all straight fire. plus, BME has royce, two insanely good artists who have great chemistry is twice is good as one.

    • Anonymous

      BME>>>Recovery ? GTFOH. Both good albums, but Recovery is better ! Btw, BME had 9 tracks with 7 bangers.....Recovery had at least 12 bangers

  • Anonymous

    Where is kanye's MBDTF?

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Wayne, WiZ, and Drake had a really successful year. Congrats! "If you are not in it for the money then get out the game" .....Jay-Z

    • Anonymous

      That actually is a perfect way to sum up todays rap game. Everyone that actually is good got pushed the fuck out.

  • What?

    BEP Just cant get enough - 2x plat, Nicki Minaj Superbass - 3x plat, Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna Fly - gold...

  • What?

    Pitbull had (multi) platinum singles aswell...

  • What?

    Also they shoul have posted LMFAO singles on the infographic, since they count them in hip hop album sales every week. Their singles sold a whole lot. And then you can easily count Katy Perry single E.T. which featured Kanye West... that was pretty much hip hop.



  • What?

    What they missed is Bad Meets Evil single Lighters which sold over 2 million. Lupe nor Cole didnt manage to sell 500k in the calendar year. Lupe is currently at 490k and Coles total stands at 485k. Cole could hit the gold plaque this week.

    • Anonymous

      J.cole already hit 500k in sales with the work out single in 2011 i know that's just a single but he did earn a gold plaque and here we are second week of january 2012 he will earn that gold plaque for his album as well cause last i checked the sideline story album sold 498k

    • hellno

      recovery was 2010

    • Anonymous

      The plaques are based on shipments to stores, not actual sales. So Cole is actually gold. That's also why WTT went plat when it was still on like 900k.

    • Anonymous

      they also missed Recovery going 4x Platinum.

    • What?

      Well my friend, I guess more curious then you are. So I put a little effort to it and used google. Check this shit out

    • David S.

      where are you getting those numbers from? i've always wondered if there was a site that did cumulative numbers for everybody every week.

  • Anonymous

    i need help i cant find the red album

  • David S.

    you missed "lasers". unlike cole, lupe actually sold 500K this year.