Hip Hop Albums Of 2011: You Liked It, We Didn't

HipHopDX's Phillip Mlynar continues where yesterday left off; this time with albums our users praised, but we had a different sentiment.

If there is one thing the HipHopDX reviews staff is accused of, it's loving everything. More often than not, our comment section drops bombs on some of our highly rated albums (and the God-forsaken 3.5 rating) questioning our legitimacy as music critics. In tallying some stats from 2011, we found some albums where the discrepancy leaned in our favor, dear readers. Check the figures, you liked alot stuff this year. To continue from yesterday, here are some albums you liked more than we did. Granted, some of these ratings our pretty high; however, they're not as high as you wanted them to be.

Serge Severe - Back On My Rhymes

The Portland massive may have Serge's retro-tinged back, but the rest of us remember Ugly Duckling already doing the reference-old-rappers schtick years ago.

You Said: 4.72
We Said: 4
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Rapper Big Pooh - Dirty Pretty Things

Be-backpacked Rap nerds still love Little Brother - but being a be-backpacked Rap nerd living on the Internet means you're too caught up in the glare to see the gaping flaws that drag Rapper Big Pooh's project down.

You Said: 4.31
We Said: 3.5
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Hail Mary Mallon - Are You Gonna Eat That?

The lesson from this one is clear: People who still post up their existential battle raps on message boards really rallied around Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic's latest project.

You Said: 4.58
We Said: 3.5
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Saigon - Greatest Story Never Told

We far from slated Sai-Giddy's set, but after all those years of anticipation, rap's great recent lost project was always going to slightly underwhelm us demanding critics.

You Said: 4.76
We Said: 4
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Cunninlynguists - Oneirology

Lesson one: Reviewers hate ridiculous made up words for album titles - it'll dock you a point right off the bat. (Calling this one Enology - the study of wines - would have upped the southernunderground trio's rating.) We eventually came to love the music though.

You Said: 4.72
We Said: 3.5
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Yelawolf - Radioactive

Maybe we were too stuck up on the Eminem comparisons - while Shady's stans had their new icon's down-home, blue collar back.

You Said: 4.28
We Said: 3.5
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J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story

In which J. Cole proves himself to be an adequate mini-mix of Yeezy and Hov - but without the personality of either. Still, a Jay-Z cameo will always bring the Roc Nation fan boys out in force.

You Said: 4.40
We Said: 3.5
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Wu-Tang Clan – Legendary Weapons

The Clan's worldwide army of fans is massive and loyal to a fault - that fault here being the sub-Killa Beez standard raps that the Wu men blessed this cobbled together project with.

You Said: 4.26
We Said: 3
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Z-Ro – Meth

We guess if you're a real deal Meth-head you don't mind rappers breaking the cardinal rule and singing...

You Said: 4.52
We Said: 3
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J-Live – S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability)

Lesson two: Illustration Rap covers always lose. But when you're rabidly Rapidsharing you don't really care that the three versions of J-Live depicted don't even look remotely similar.

You Said: 4.15
We Said: 3.5
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Read Hip Hop Albums of 2011: We Liked It, You Didn't.



  • Anonymous

    "cardinal rule or rap no singing" what a fucking bitch. pimp c cee-lo andre 3000 devin the dude dx stop hiring geek faggot white kids to review street shit like z-ro it's emvarrassing.

  • HHDX Staff Hater!!

    What a bunch of stupid fucks @ DX. The term oneirology refers to the systematic study of dreams within a scientific framework. You guys really are some dumb mother fuckers, how about doing a little research before rating an album based on it's name ---> WHICH IS IN FACT A REAL WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HipHopDx Staff

    "i gave cunninglynguists a bad rating because i didnt like the the album title which i thought was a made up word, i'm an idiot and i dont know how i got this job as a hip hop reviewer." Wow thats fucked up, and even if Oneirology was a made up word why does that automatically take points off the rating this is disgusting.... by the way Oneirology was probably my favorite album of the year hands down they put on a great show too... bitches

  • Anonymous

    Half of these albums are on hhdx top 25 of the year. Your articles make no sense.

  • Anonymous

    Legendary Weapons was absolute fine. They don't know shit if they can't recognize this greatness.

  • The_Watcher

    Hail Mary Mallon was a fucking genius album.

  • hiphopdxsucks

    "Lesson two: Illustration Rap covers always lose" this just shows you don't know shit cuz Liquid Swords is one of the best album covers of all time

    • NJ

      I think they meant in this day and age, shits played out and that SPTA cover was ass.

    • Anonymous

      good point. throw aquemini AND ATLiens in there as well. hmmm...maybe even snoop's 'doggystyle'? makaveli? mm..food? pharcyde's first album?

  • Stan

    Real title should be: Artists who didnt pay enough to get a good review on HipHopDX. I mean honestly, does any rap fan actually regard any reviews, on this site or otherwise, with any credibility? The source was the only one until they sold out many years ago. Probably the same reason you cant ever get any legitimate interviews with any artists.

  • Anonymous

    What's the point of these two articles? Ratings aren't gonna be consistent with each person, but you're making it seem your opinions are more relavent... Why even put a "user rating" for each album when you write some bullshit article showing how the DX readers aren't capable of producing the IDEAL ratings that you guys make. If you wanted to write this shit regarding the differences in the rating, might as well put some more effort and look through the notable contrasts... Bashing other people for what they thought of the album happens all the time. So fuck writing an article about it and go to the fucking comment section like everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    This shows that you guys are lame

  • Sharkboxx

    This is why I don't take any of your guys reviews seriously and use most of these reviews as justification. Docking a rating because of the damn name? It's about the music, yall must've forgot.

  • Anonymous

    Wait till they do the albums they loved and everyone hated. Take Wale and WTT. Wale album should have got a 2.5. Right about where that Monstrosity of Mediocrity WTT should have been rated. WTT has the two most annoying beats of the year. Unfortunately they were the two biggest hits off the album. Two songs that will never be played again after March next year. Like most of Jay's and Kanye's work. If they ran a restaurant they would own McDonald's. Just because a lot people eat there don't mean it's good.

    • Anonymous

      Come on that's harsh, you may not like WTT but to say most of their work is forgettable is just plain wrong. Dead Presidents II? Forgettable?

  • Anonymous

    what i dont understand is.... why cant people appreciate albums for what they are, or the way they've been created/produced even if it doesnt match the particular sound THEY dig. some dudes need to grow up.

  • Anon

    Wow, I used to love this site but it's gone down the crapper. 1. Oneirology is a word. 2. this article is pathetic and condescending.

  • Anonymous

    I often wonder if the user ratings are posted by the employees of the respective labels that release the albums. I bought an album based on user ratings once... never again.

  • Start Using ihiphop.com

    So, this reviewer just claimed that oneirology is not a real word. And the editors allowed it to be published. This is a shame, I am going to ihiphop.com

  • Dirtmcgehrk

    It's funny how they think that Oneirology is a made up word for the CunninLynguists joint. "Oneirology" is the scientific study of dreams. Do your research HiphopDX.

  • Patches

    Way to make an article that disses everyone that comes here an votes on albums. That's a good way to get people to go somewhere else, bitch.

  • DinkinFlicka

    I agree with the rating of Radioactive. Really only a handful of good tracks on there.

    • Anonymous

      If you don't count the leaks all the songs are pretty good. Solid opening, dope verse on the second song then lets roll with kid rock aint bad and the lil jon one bumps and you know it. Followed by a dope song with ritz and the gansta boo em song. With a song for the ladies and some strong flows. Give me a break

  • JonnyThaBezt

    ok Im trying to understand why Saigon's The Greatest Story Never Told, Yelawolf's Radioactive, and Z-Ro's MEth are not great in the yes of HipHopDX (dont worry DX im not hating on you guys because in my eyes you are the greatest source for HipHop hands down) Meth was a Screwed Up Click Classic!!! Ro has been singing and spitting his whole career...not may can do both...many try but fail but not Ro...Ro to me is the one of the best yet underrated rappers in hip hop and the south...just sayin!

  • Anonymous

    You guys wrote this article just to call everyone that disagrees with your opinion a fanboy? You guys are idiots, truly. "some of these ratings our pretty high", that should be ARE. HHDX has been failing for a long time now, and the website really doesn't seem to be improving.

  • Mitch 3K

    Yo I cant believe ya'll actually posted that Oneirology isnt a real word, ya'll couldnt of ran a google check on that first?? And this whole condescending pretentious article can suck my dick, Ya'll on some "How dare people disagree with us, lets get all sarcastic and tell them how wrong they are cause we're a high and mighty website and our opinion is the word of god" type faggot shit If you dont want people to voice their opinions, take away the voting polls and the comments section, but if your gonna ask for opinions dont cry about the ones you get cause they dont coincide with your own This article just pissed me off, SMH @ Ya'll, I been stopping through hear since 02 and it just keeps getting worse and worse Rant Over, lol

  • Anonymous

    ya;ll morons hated some good ish beside yela ha

  • thefuckdoe?

    1. Oneirology is NOT a made up word. 2. Don't talk/write to me like I'm a fucking three year old. 3. We rated those albums high because you rate Drake 4 and Wayne 4, but then return with Wu-Tang and give them a 3 to earn cred with Weezy and Drake stans. 4. undun is the first 5 star album in 5 years which is flawed as fuck. Your rating system and review system is flawed as shit, as you don't even talk about the individual tracks or the album. You just write a paragraph on background of the album, the middle is actually about the album, then the last paragraph is a tie in to the first one. Seriously, fix that. 5. Your editors/writers catch feelings. They bitch about shit we do, which they are not supposed to show feelings or opinions when writing. 6. HHDX is getting worse each article.

  • grim_reapz

    Some of you bloggers on here act like 100% bitches, all you do is complain, please shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    if any of the editors at the bum website read this (which I doubt) y'all need to seriously rethink your staff. How y'all gonna openly promote justin beiber doing freestyles and shit, but in the same breath turn around and say J Cole, Saigon, and Wu-Tang albums weren't up to your standards of rating ?..yall need to get y'all shit all the way together

  • Rob Boffard

    My Oxford English Dictionary lists Oneirology as "The study of dreams" and Oneiric as "Pertaining to or relating to dreams". A rare misstep for you, Phil. And on that note, can I just say that while DX is a fantastic site, your rating system is utterly bonkers. 4.31? Really? Whatever happened to a good old 7 out of 10? Saigon's record was given 4 by you lot, and your users gave it 4.76. The difference can only be minimal, surely? And in any case, an album that scores 4 out of 5 (a solid mark) shouldn't be counted as an album you disliked. I know review scores shouldn't be read into too much, but really now. Something to think about for 2012!

    • Umashin

      @rob i totally agree. IT IS A REAL WORD. dude just flaunted his ignorance and as you said some of the differences are one or less. giving something a 4. and 4.7 is basically saying we both liked it only i liked it more.

  • Lucas

    Saigon and Cunninlynguists should have received 4.5 J-Live is a 4. Wu is 3.5 at least, and probably Cole deserves something better

  • obs

    Cunninlynguists - Oneirology. 'Lesson one: Reviewers hate ridiculous made up words for album titles' It beggars belief that you said this. One of your lessons should be readers hate retarded writers/reviewers and you fall directly in that category.

  • TaZzZ

    Fuck this site... Talks down to its readers like children. This is journalism? This is trash. HHDX sucks. I will continue to look on this site for new drops and whatnot, but nearly everything you guys do is so off base idk how anyone can take this shit. HHDX officially sucks...

  • Oneirology

    Oneirology is not a made up word go look it up. I understand how ya'll hated on every single other album but this, what was wrong with it? It had great lyricism, dope beats and an amazing concept. Wtf HHDX? Wtf?

  • wow

    hated on some of the best albums of the year u idiots that run this site truly are retarded this is my last time ever checkin this piece of shit website

  • fuck these writers..

    when you continue to post justin bieber raps and then dislike music coming from saigon and cunninlynguists this tells me the writers for this website and fucking retarded...step your listening game up fools

  • kaos

    The stupidest thing about this article was the way this writer wasn't discussing the difference in opinion, he just wanted to say "This is what you thought, this is why you're stupid." I think you're the stupid ones DX. Oneirology was a dope album, and a real word.

  • HipHopDX

    We made a mistake with the Cole World Album . . we meant to putta solid 5.0 rating but the dumb faggots that we are accidentally put 3.5 .. sorry again, we're so drained of all engery from getting no pussy & being broke running an internet faggot site, take care.

  • wow

    hahaha yall are wack cole had a good ass album IMO 100 times better then big sean, thats why yall lose all credibility wack ass website when it comes to reviewing albums

  • Anonymous

    How can you hate on Z-Ro for singing? He's been doing that his whole career and is known for being dope at it. Meth was no different.

  • Duke

    who knew The Science of Dreams was made up? uh, thats news to me. fuckin retards!

  • Anonymous

    ya'll def got Saigon, Wu, and Yela wrong

  • da truth

    Hip-Hop and music in general is all about opinion. Every1 likes different things and has different tastes of hip-hop. Idk y ppl r mad at HHDX or even any hip-hop site in general but yet keep visiting these sites for information. If u dnt like it, go someplace else it's that easy...I may not agree w/all the albulm ratings on this site but this is one of my favorite sites becuz they're honest and always stay w/the current news and leaks. Thank you DX!! dnt mind some of these ungrateful users

  • Universal

    Let us occupy Hiphop and show the power of the people. It is the people who keep this site going, so if we don't agree with it let us move on and support those who have actual knowledge of the elements and foundations of Hiphop and not just rap music. "Rap is something you do Hiphop is something you live." -KRS ONE

  • Universal

    I think we can look at this from a positive perspective. This website can have its opinions about these artists but in the end it is really only giving these artists more shine in the end, as people will revisit the albums and listen to them again. Maybe some of these albums are just to advanced for their ears at the moment and they might understand in a few years.

  • Juanka

    Seriously Phillip Mlynar, you are retarded as fuck: "Lesson one: Reviewers hate ridiculous made up words for album titles - it'll dock you a point right off the bat." You a dumbass fool. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oneirology FOOL.

  • Anonymous

    HIP HOP DX = HIP HOP BH (BALL HUGGERZ) Faggot niggas don't know shit about hip hop, hatin' on some dope conceptual shit, get off mac miller's dick faggot ass jew writers... im done with this wack ass website

  • Anonymous


  • Wizefire

    wow... yall know nothing about Z-Ro... Ya'll need to do some research on Houston rap and who is running it and where Big KRIT and a lot of these new young artists who are not from Houston be on Z-Ro hard.. apparently u've never listened to Z-Ro...

  • ayee

    geez, can someone recommend me a new hiphop site? i'm done with this place.. anyone know of a site that although does cover some mainstream stuff, i.e. fred gibbs, kendrick lamar, etc.. but more focussed on the blus, cunninlynguists, roots, flying lotuses, madlibs of this world?

    • phatrob1

      yeah, this site makes my head hurt. there is still some decent hip hop floating around out there but this site likes to just stick to the mainstream, some ol' same ol' boring ass shit hop.it's slim pickings all over the web tho. remember HHC? the best hip hop mag ever? the hhc website is a joke, a fkn shame, an embarrassment. there are no more decent articles (more than 4 or 5 lines long.... sometimes 4 or 5 pages!!)with a little brittish humor mixed in, it's exactly like this hiphop dx right here, BORING. no wonder hip hop music is shit now, there is no mass representation of good hip hop. why was i better informed, in australia,in the 90's before i'd even heard about the internet,from a brittish magazine, than i am now? fkn piss weak.

    • ayee

      plus, oneirology is in both the lists of albums of 2011 liked and unliked by DX...... staggers the imagination

  • Keegan

    Also, now that you fucking idiots have been told Oneirology IS a word you can stay true to your comment and raise it's rating a whole point. Dumbasses.

  • Keegan

    silly me, I thought DX was going to give a mini re-evaluation to the albums. Instead they just insult the fans by saying each of the albums was supported by fanboys/stans. Come on DX, I thought this was gonna be a good read. You guys just hated on the fan bases of these artists.

  • Anonymous

    This writer is really calling out Z-Ro for singing?!?!?!? You must hate Nate Dogg as well then?

  • bizzalls

    So what's up with Apathy's album, man?????? No talk anywhere of Ap's album, wtf man??

  • Jamald

    Oneirology is the study of dreams. You should know that if you are going to say its a made up word. Seems like the editors at HipHopdx cant use google.

  • foursix

    once again your retorts to people's difference of opinion makes me want to slap you around because of or immaturity.

  • Sam

    4 out of 5 is a good rating. you would be pressed to find a 5 out of 5 album these days. The last album I thought was 5 out of 5 was Lupe Fiasco Food and liquor and common Be before that. I would give saigon a 4 or 4.5 just in line with Common-the dreamer and game red album. I have not heard the roots album so idk

  • Chicago Rilla

    As long as Bad Meets Evil isn't on the list alll is right with the world lol

  • Congratulations!

    You totally dispelled the notion that your reviews are written by capricious, bitter people who care more about an artist's fans and album covers than their music. Well done!

  • Kris

    I'm pretty sure Oneirology is a word... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oneirology lol. Couldn't agree more about J. Cole lacking personality though. Straight up boring.

  • YoYo

    Some on point comments and some wack ones. Judging an album based on a title because you can't pronounce it it corny. Oneirology was dope. That comment just made the reviewer seem petty and ignorant. Hail Mary Mallon - Are You Gonna Eat That? was also incredible. Dissing the fans of it is also quite petty especially when it had some amazing production and the lyrics were fun and enjoyable. Dissing the J-Live album because you didn't like the art is retarded. That is a great album. If you know J-Live- all three of those paintings look like him. Saying otherwise means you probably didn't really look at it too closely. I can't believe you people hate on albums based on titles and art though. Wow.

  • KJ Styles

    If y'all gave Ssigon 4 stars, how is that not liking it?

  • Anonymous


  • Hiphopdx posin

    You do know that the vistors on this site always give albums a 4 and up so I don't think we say what albums are the best. But how is it that your like list has some of the same albums you dislike and vice versa. Hiphopdx should pick with albums are the best

  • Hiphopdx posin

    You say that J. Cole's album is a 3.5 so why is it in your top 25. You are going with everyone elses opinion this is your website man.

  • ITB

    These "editors" have such little credibility with me on Hip Hop that it's laughable. Any body else notice the innuendos at readers in these last few articles like this? LOL. The cats running HHDX are a joke. All I know is that I'm done checking this site out. PEACE!

  • Anonymous

    who is this gut "you" hiphopdx keep talking about with these list? this is just stupid. im sure i could find people who didnt like blueprint, illmatic, life after death and the chronic. music is subjective so everybody wont like the same thing.

  • eLL. & Stone

    Yea yea a lot of these albums deserved better ratings. We gave em higher ratings tho

  • Anonymous

    I particularly love how both Cole World and Oneirology are on this last as well as their Top 25 albums of the year list..... And how an article with an 80 word intro can have so many misspellings.

  • Anonymous

    How the hell are albums on your top 25 list also on the albums you didn't like list??

  • Nate

    Did you dock Phrenology a point too? Just because it isn't in your vocabulary doesn't mean it's a made up word.

  • Jonan

    You probably mean, at least for Saigon's and CunninLynguists' albums, that they're good but that we overrated them. Try to make that clear because they're on your top 25 list of the year, when this article is based on albums you didn't like... Apart from that I like the article.


    Am I the only one reading this article like "well we rated this album real low but you guys acting like stans/backpack fanboys so we were right but whatever" Just WOW hhdx....just wow

  • juneB

    You didn't like albums you gave 4/5 ???????? Officially confused.

  • FLX

    Make sure to shit a fat load of crap on the head of every hiphopdx writer that you ever meet. Cause thats what they just did with this "fuck all our readers opinions, we re the only ones who shit knowlegdge out our golden assholes" article. Shit is a also a very fitting word to fully describe this site and their reviews. What an irony of life this, since anybody rating Oneirology at 3.5 obviously dont know shit.

  • fixer

    you forgot cats and dogs by evidence you gave it 3.5, and user rating is 4.53 diffrence is 1.03 !!! http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/album-reviews/id.1767/title.evidence-cats-dogs

  • Anonymous

    How can you take this site seriously? They rated Pitbull & Khaled's albums higher than Legendary Weapons.WTF?

  • kps

    DX has lost their minds "Lesson two: Illustration Rap covers always lose" wtf! Calling people meth addicts."People who still post up their existential battle raps on message boards..." has nothing to do with Hail Mary Mallon.

    • IDK

      Yup, they sure do lost their minds. I'm still wondering why illustration rap covers always lose. The cover for GZA's "Liquid Swords" is an illustration and that album is one of the best albums of all time!

  • dupa


  • Anonymous

    I liked the "you liked it, we didnt" and vice versa when both ratings were four or above.

  • Anonymous

    That Z Ro album is dope, you make it sound like he went Ja Rule and was singing off key, Z Ro's style is dope and original on Meth, Creativity should be rewarded not discredited

    • l loc

      yep ro is the shit and that meth album is the shit ur writers must be on meth not to like it but u dont talk down on wayne who sips syrup and sound stright like garbage an his shit ro is a fucking legend hiphopdx wake the fuck up

  • darcwonn

    This article is partially terrible. The title is misleading (most albums have a rating of 3.5 or above), some of the reasoning is shot, and it almost seems as if the writers are taking pot shots in certain instances.

  • Lilmarcci aka Beeyotch

    what a wacky albums list

  • Panarsuss

    "My Cock Aches For Mister Googums."

  • Anonymous

    These ratings are also coming from a website that posts Justin Bieber freestyles...get the fuck out of here...time for a new site

  • A.S.

    Oneirology is a real word though.