The 2011 HipHopDX Year End Awards

From December 19 to December 23, HipHopDX will be giving you the annual award winners and two runners up for what our veteran staff determine to be the best of the best in 2011, a great year for music.

Welcome to the 2011 HipHopDX Year End Awards. For the last decade, this is when we acknowledge the year, honor its triumphs and uglier moments, and begin our own celebrations leading up to another exciting year giving you the best in Hip Hop.

From December 19 to December 23, the editors at HipHopDX will update this every day with new category winners. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up and may all of our readers have a safe and happy holiday season.

Emcee of the Year

Tech N9ne

Nobody in 2011 deserved to win this honor more than Kansas City veteran Tech N9ne. Tech released two acclaimed albums this year and appeared in several high-profile places, with All 6's & 7's proving to be his magnum opus. As Rap drifted towards limp lyricism and swagger over substance, Tecca Nina's "chopping" was a rude awakening that it should take precision to be an emcee. Meanwhile, the subject matter on Tech's two releases, as well as profiled features with the likes of Lil Wayne, Jay Rock and Travis Barker was both personal and inspirational to his hundreds of thousands of "technicians." With the traditional label system is in limbo, Tech N9ne's 20 years of grinding have scraped the face off the industry as we knew it.

Runners Up

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick "penetrated the hearts of good kids and criminals" with his verses.

Freddie Gibbs
Among his peers, Freddie Gibbs single-handedly keeps lyrical Gangsta Rap alive in the skinny-jeans era.

Trend We'd Like To See Die

White People Justifying Their Use
of the N-Word

Honestly, it's kind of embarrassing to have to write this. But it's entirely possible that a whole generation missed Q-Tip's treatise on this matter on Midnight Marauders' "Sucka Nigga." With or without an "er" at the end, this word carries a ton of negative history with it. Whether or not you see a grilled-out white chick mouthing the word in ASAP Rocky's "Purple Swag" video or even secretly say it in your car alone while singing along to Jay-Z & Kanye's platinum hit, have the common sense not to pull a V-Nasty and assume you have license to use it yourself. Even if you have black friends that address you with this word (another matter entirely), it's still probably not cool. Because at worst, you might get beat the fuck up, and even at best, you'll look like more of an idiot than the kids on the Clayton Bigsby skit from the now defunct Chappelle's Show. Hi, Vanessa!

Runners Up

College Rap
Tom Hanks and Tommy Hilfiger, come pick up your sons. The only Sam Adams we care about is seasonal.

Twitter Tantrums
"It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it's just not G."

Slept-On Album of the Year

Action Bronson's Dr. Lecter

As 2011 comes to a close, Action Bronson is finally on the brink of fame. The Queens burly-man with a Ghostface twang had a slow build throughout 2011. There is no question about it that 2012 will be Bronson's year. Before that happens though, it's important to remember that his debut project Dr. Lecter started it all. An admitted foodie and chef, Bronson handles his Rap with food-inspired cuts like "Brunch" and "Shiraz" while mentioning top-dollar eats like truffles. If 'Ye and Jay can mention Margiela, then Bronson responds with foie gras. It's not all food talk though; Bronson toughens up with perverse lyrics about the ladies, the streets, and everything in between over-the-top '90s-minded production from Tommy Mas. As much as he makes us hungry with his verses, these rhymes also feed the Hip Hop soul.

Runners Up

Blueprint's Adventures In Counter-Culture
Blueprint's beautiful commentary on life, perseverance and industry in Adventures In Counter-Culture mixed great music with Hot Topic-approved subject-matter.

Thurz's L.A. Riot
The former U.N.I. emcee channeled the anger, hurt and hate of the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 and made them tangible to everybody with speakers or headphones in 2011.

Producer of the Year

Big K.R.I.T.

As one of the year's most impactful emcees, Mississippi native Big K.R.I.T.'s production equally astounded us this year. Soulful chops, hard bass and scribbled scratches show K.R.I.T. is influenced by Organized Noize, Pimp C and DJ Toomp. Moreover, in addition to his second album-worthy masterpiece in ReturnOf4Eva, Krilzle stepped in to assist T.I., Ludacris and Smoke DZA with sounds that made outstanding marks in their catalogs. J. Cole, Blu and Kanye West aren't the only talented '00s emcees who are also sought after for their sounds.

Runners Up

Clams Casino
New Jersey's Clams Casino was another exciting new face and sound, bringing blown-out bass to Hip Hop and helping Mac Miller, Lil B and ASAP Rocky sound unique in a crowded climate.

Veteran Nottz assisted Pusha T, Rapper Big Pooh and an EP with Asher Roth, providing some of his best work to date in a 16 year career of trunk-knocking basslines.

Tour of the Year

Jay-Z & Kanye West's Watch The Throne Tour

While the best records of 2011 may have been about everyday life, the best shows were theaters of escape. Without opening acts and entourages in the wings, Jay-Z and Kanye West stole the stage with a stripped-down show of beats and rhymes, and royal declarations. As some performances reportedly had multiple displays of the same song, along with a massive marketing campaign like the days of old, the decadence was still in effect, as two of Rap's blazers hit the trails once more.

Runners Up

Rock the Bells
Rock The Bells' classic album-sets created the nostalgia of yesteryear with key Hip Hop pairings like Nas and AZ, Black Moon, and Black Star. The tour also featured performances by Lauren Hill, Mobb Deep, GZA, Raekwon, and Cypress Hill.

Hip Hop & Love
Murs and the Blu Roc crew brought their own smoked out basement party to 52 cities across the U.S. of A. with an array of sounds, all held together with Ski Beatz and the Senseis' masterful instrumentation. The tour featured performances by Murs, Ski Beatz, tabi Bonney, McKenzie Eddy, and Da$h.

Comeback of the Year


After the letdown of 2008's Universal Mind Control, Common made the album that fans had been yearning for in The Dreamer, The Believer. The full reunion with No I.D. honed Comm's range, and let the lyrics elevate for the Chicago icon. Comm made a major comeback, just as he has before (Be) and proved why he deserves to be considered as one of the greatest emcees of the last 20 years. Sometimes going back to the blueprint that made you meaningful to listeners is the best move an artist can make after 20 years of album-making.

Runners Up

Royce Da 5'9
Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 finished what Bad Meets Evil started in the late '90s. The Shady Records CEO helped the one-time major label castaway earn a gold plaque and reach the mainstream masses with his brand of arrogant lyricism.

2 Chainz
2 Chainz helped himself grow by losing the "Tity Boi" moniker and bringing the personality that he's long carried in interviews to feature verses and his two mixtapes.

Verse of the Year

Kendrick Lamar in "HiiiPower"

"Who said a Black man in the Illuminati? / Last time I checked, that was the biggest racist party." Lyrical smart-bombs from Kendrick Lamar made this J. Cole-produced single a true benchmark of excellence this year. The post-racial America themes, and finger-on-the-pistol imagery at play on this Section.80 single helped bring many listeners to the album, along with its brooding beat and charged chorus. Additionally, K-Dot's mixture of hope and paranoia was very parallel to the zeitgeist of 2011. As the songwriter said, "I won't sugar-coat it / You'd die from diabetes if these other niggas wrote it." Food for thought, bitches.

Runners Up

Pharoahe Monch in "Evolve"
A similar sentiment, largely directed at the Hip Hop community in Pharoahe Monch's "Evolve," was a high-point in his stellar W.A.R. album.

Tech N9ne in "Interlude"
With truly dazzling and autobiographical wordplay, Tech N9ne took center-stage on Lil Wayne's Carter IV interlude.

Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year

Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra

Having written songs for artists like Beyoncé, John Legend, and even Justin Bieber, Odd Future's lead songbird had his own debut project shelved by his label. Once his disgruntled demeanor turned to full-on anger, Mr. Frank Ocean put the album out on his Tumblr page. Nostalgia, Ultra is everything a project should be for a man who endured a terrible breakup, has self-diagnosed synesthesia (the ability to see sound in colors), and can write lyrics from the deepest walls of his heart. While "Novacane" was a track about begging for numbness, Ocean's fan base felt everything he was saying. Even Hip Hop's vets joined the movement, as Ocean appeared on Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne, and Ocean is working with Nas on new music as well. Of course, there are the collabs with his OFWGKTA constituents, but for a guy who sings abstract Soul, Frank Ocean gets the major Hip Hop cosign.

Runners Up

Adele's 21
Adele's heartbreaking work impressed everybody at HipHopDX, bringing vocal power back into the mainstream.

TV On The Radio's Nine Types of Light
This was another melodic masterpiece for the veteran Brooklyn group who's veered into Hip Hop before, courtesy of El-P, Beans and Wale's debut.

Disappointing Album of the Year

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers

Lasers isn't so much an inherently bad album, as it is a bad Lupe Fiasco album. Hearing the emcee we marveled at as he flipped double entendres, similes and alliterations on "Go Go Gadget Flow," resort to mailed in verses with Trey Songz hooks was rather confounding. Perhaps the only thing worse was watching Lupe change course by blaming this collection of watered-down singles on Atlantic Records, only to later celebrate the moderate commercial success Lasers achieved. But between the reception of Friend of The People, and his Grammy nomination concert performance alongside Common, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel and Scorpio, and his efforts in the Occupy Wall Street movement, we're pretty sure the dude who found something to rhyme with Zach Galifianakis is still around and more than capable. It's just a damn shame he was rarely found on Lasers.

Runners Up

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV
Weezy F. kept us all waiting a little too long for too little for C4. Despite being 2011's best-seller Rap album with a bullet, this work was all over the place, figuring out "How To Love."

Blu's N o Y o r k
Staff favorite Blu went rogue on Sire/Warner Brothers and self-released N o Y o r k—an action as puzzling as the music.

Rising Star of the Year

Action Bronson

As new movements have popped out of the West, South and even in New York, Action "Bam Bam" Bronson was a pleasure to watch and listen to for fans of '90s Big Apple Hip Hop, and just gritty music in general. The Queens native made two albums this year and rose the ranks to becoming one of Hip Hop's most desired collaborators. To hear Dr. Lecter or  Well Done is to love Bronson. His culinary skills and self-deprecation may draw comparisons to others before him, but this likable figure of Rap was a welcomed anchor to what we've always loved about the genre in a wind of change.

Runners Up

Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, The Creator's unpredictable show antics and say-anything freedom felt refreshing this last year, along with a jaw-dropping video.

Jon Connor
Flint, Michigan's Jon Connor built a movement before our eyes, and mobbed his way into the ears of many with hard-nosed raps at a pace that would make Tupac Shakur jealous.

Story of the Year

The Unexpected Passing of Beloved Hip Hop Artists

Death in Hip Hop led the headlines again this year. The morning of March 16 proved particularly shocking, as 213's Nate Dogg died from stroke complications. The former Death Row Records singer who had been involved in so many classic singles had been battling health issues for years. As Hip Hop embraces the health movement, Nate's passing, the untimely death of Heavy D and Rick Ross' seizure were wake-up calls to action.

Runners Up

Mister Cee Busted
Big Daddy Kane deejay-turned Notorious B.I.G. mentor-turned-HOT 97 mainstay Mister Cee's arrest further moved the discussion of Hip Hop's acceptance of the GLBTQ community.

Prodigy Tells All
Mobb Deep's Prodigy shook up some Queens streets matters in his book, My Infamous Life, resulting in some curious revelations about N.O.R.E., Jay-Z and others.

Collaboration of the Year

Lil Wayne featuring Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes on "Interlude"

Weezy’s Tha Carter IV was met with a lukewarm response, as fans and haters alike expected more from the fourth installment of Lil Wayne's "Carter" series. However, woven throughout the album are these interludes that take some of the heaviest hitters in Rap and drop them in the midst of this hookless cypher that hooks anyone who listens.

Someone from Tech N9ne's camp as an act of genius, put all of the interludes together as one song. And voila! It became the best song on the album. While Wayne opens the deconstructed interlude, Tech N9ne joins in with his signature ferocity, Andre 3000 proceeds and the others follow suit for what can arguably be 2011's first classic track. See? Lil Wayne gets the glory and only did half of the work.

Runners Up

Common featuring Nas on "Ghetto Dreams"
Two early '90s Rap vets came together in a big way on The Dreamer, The Believer, with nods to both emcees' essence and evolution.

Pusha T featuring Tyler, The Creator on "Trouble On My Mind"
Skateboards and Ziplocks work together, when you have two dope emcees who both seemed to actually make this far-reaching collaboration feel authentic.

Album of the Year

Kendrick Lamar's Section.80

For the first time in HipHopDX history, a digital album topped our yearly nod. Compton, California's Kendrick Lamar made a summer smash in Section.80 that rocked right through December. Lamar's lyrical versatility and smart-while-seeming-apathetic style made him a staff and reader favorite in 2011. Tracks like "Fuck Your Ethnicity," "HiiiPower" and "A.D.H.D." were soundtracks to the movements of the last 12 months. The social commentary found in these songs resonated with the hearts and minds of many - including early supporters in Tech N9ne, Game and Drake. In the face of big budget albums from Jay-Z and Kanye West as well as Drizzy and Lil Wayne, this indie project's honesty and fledgling cast of features and producers made it a charming, energetic and informed listen. At just 24, K-Dot is wise beyond his years and transmitted that knowledge with some incredibly dope stylings from the Top Dawg Entertainment family.

Runners Up

The Roots' undun
Black Thought, ?uestlove and the gang made a conceptual masterpiece that scored a perfect rating from DX and proved to be an appropriate soundtrack to many of the year's headlines and attitudes.

Phonte's Charity Starts At Home
Phonte's skillful solo debut, Charity Starts At Home, also affirmed that 2011's finest albums were not about wealth and prestige, but about self-empowerment, struggle and the everyman lifestyle.

Readers' Choice Album of the Year

Game's The R.E.D. Album

By a margin of over 500 votes, another Compton rapper, Game, made the reader-favorite for 2011. R.E.D. was a star-studded album, that attempted the concept and executed the blueprint that the onetime Dr. Dre protege is known for. Dre's narration on the album, along with Game's odes to Hip Hop, his street gang and extra-terrestrials made this a stylized listen, with some timely recognition of Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator. Just under 15,000 voters participated in this year's election, and an album that staff also championed took this year's honor.

Runners Up

Tech N9ne's All 6's & 7's
The Kansas City kingpin may be known for his underground status, but his biggest-sounding and best-selling album to date resonated with readers, especially with its emphasis on powerful songwriting and delivery.

Kendrick Lamar's Section.80
Readers agreed with the staff: K-Dot stays "overly dedicated" to his craft and was among the best of the best in a year of transition.

Video of the Year

Tyler, The Creator's "Yonkers"

Getting to know Odd Future in '11 was enhanced so much by the video for Tyler, The Creator’s single “Yonkers.” Like the good ol’ days of Yo! MTV Raps, the self-directed video only brought the lyrics' attitude to the screen, with splashy visuals to complement the hard bassline: vomiting, cockroaches and even the Los Angeles emcee hanging himself. This video got DX all kinds of excited about Goblin, and like last year's “Earl” vid, affirmed that anything-goes attitude that has made OFWGKTA so fun to watch, and so essential to bringing some excitement back into Rap.

Runners Up

Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Otis"
'Ye and Jay made a simple-but-effective video that predicted the fate of the Maybach ('Ye's other, other Benz).

Beastie Boys' "Make Some Noise"
The Beasties made a star-studded return that not only poked fun at the Rap pioneers' earliest visuals, but upheld their reputation as music video masters of concept.

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  • Anonymous

    Looking back at this, this year, I'm wondering why the fuck was 2.0 Boys by Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf not even an honorable mention yet alone collab of the year?

  • izzo

    this is one shitty site

  • DrakeGriffin

    Emcee and album of the year should of gone to drake, lets be real. Producer of the year should of gone to 40 OVOXO


    Trends that need to end: Saggin in Skinny Jeans with x-tra medium shirt on. I do agree with white people sayin the "N" word. Fillipinos, asians, Tongans, and Samoans need to quit sayin that shit also, especially when they use it in public like they don't give a "what".

  • yeah

    The Weeknd should have at least gotten a nod in the non-hiphop category, The Trilogy (House of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes of Silence) is amazing.

  • rapfan

    Emcee of the year Tech N9ne? no way in hell. My vote would have to go to Kendrick Lamar. Trends that need to end is a good list. cliche' trap lyrics, and singing when you can't sing could also be on there slept on album, I didn't hear bluprint's work but definitley agree with the other two, Cunninglynguists' LP Oneirology, Digital Lows from Cities Aviv, and Exmilitary from Death Grips all could have made my list. Producer of the year I agree on J. Cole had a great year too though Common would definitley be my comeback of the year but alot of older rappers came back this year. Verse of the year I would also agree with, also one of my favorite rap songs of the year (produced by J. Cole) Non-Hip-Hop album is where things start getting really sticky. Did the creators of this list listen to anything else besides rap and these three albums? I did enjoy Frank Ocean but that was not album of the year in any category, same with TV on the radio. Adele I can handle, but wow listen too more music before you make these lists. I would have put Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues and Fucked Up's David Comes To Life in their, if you say they aren't hip hop related enough, just wait and see their tracks get sampled. I wouldn't call Lupe or Wayne's albums disapointing because that would imply big expectations. what about Tyler's Goblin or Wiz's Rolling Papers those album's turned me off the idea that i will ever like the artists' that made them, and that is disapointing. I like Action Bronson alot but we all know the rising star's are rarely talented quirky emcees these days. I don't like it but if i had to put money on it I'd say Big Sean or Childish Gambino will have a big popularity explosion this year. My list of rappers i would like to see have a big year though is Kendrick Lamar, Cities Aviv, Action Bronson, Theophilus London, Danny Brown, and Death Grips (If you think Tyler the Creator has a fresh concept but is over-rated check out those last two.) Story of the year, okay I agree here also could have put in Jay-Z and Kanye joining forces but i understand the meaning of a list of 3. Colaberation of the year, again kinda sticky here. I was excited to hear the Lil Wayne one but all in all it under-whelmed me quite a bit. Nas and Common should do more work together, Tyler and Pusha should never work together again. Again no mention of Jay-Z and Kanye West makes me question this list. Was Nigga's In Paris or Otis just too obvious for you guys to handle? Album of the year I cannot disagree with except Phonte kind of blew my mind, too many to list that could take that place. If i remember correctly hiphopdx was running some show featuring Phonte or something along those lines. Biased much? Reader's please tell me you did not really vote for The Game to have album of the year! If so did you just listen to that and say "yup, this is it, I'm satisfied and won't be listening to any other album this year." because In my opinion and just about every one else i know think's this is not even his best album by a long shot some people even may call it "complete garbage" And Finally, I would have to completely agree with Yonkers as the video of the year. Too many runners-up to list but if it weren't for the Yonkers video most people wouldn't even know who this kid is.

  • Anonymous

    funny how tech n9ne gets all this recognition when he's at his weakest. hip hop fans are so fickle. they need to be spoon fed good music. they eat only what's in front of them, go hunting for somethign special you drones. tech n9ne was rapping for a good 20 years with no media attention and now he's getting his dick licked cuz he did some tracks with wayne. love tech, just can't stand hip hop media. every other genre of music has go to journalists that really live the culture. hiphopdx is run by college kids that got into rap via limewire. very sad to see how hard hip hop fell off as a whole. young ones will say im hating, because they don't know. the culture is dead, hip hop is defined by internet shit talk and blog hits in 2012. terrible

    • jake

      tech at his weakest? i don't know what you mean by that his lyrics are more off the wall than they've ever been and hes choppin words like nobody else in the industry. but like tech said its nice to finally get that mainstream recognition after a big artist like lil wayne publicly endorsed him and got his name out to the masses. tech n9ne has such a unique style that just like he also said, tech didn't go mainstream, mainstream went tech. he keeps all of his originality and unique style to this day. nothings changed except his lyrics aren't so loserish like they used to be...absolute power was great but the lyrics were so much about him being a loser i felt like i could smell his b.o. through the music lol tech isn't really mainstream anyways. he only sold about 50k his first week and gets all this mainstream applause but everyone calls yelawolfs 40-50k a flop lol...hip hop fans can be such hypocrites

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx a bunch of dick riders. emcee of the year: im from KC. i like tech. but no. he's old, he passed his prime in the turn of the century, and he's not the best. if you SERIOUSLY think that all 6's and 7's was his magnum opus, then you don't know his music in the least. trend we'd like to see die: cute. just some filler for your list tho, to space out your dick riding. slept on album: the winner, and the two follow ups, underground artists. need i say more? producer of the year: sure. whatever. tour of the year: prolly the most accurate award in this list comeback of the year: y'all were prolly sleeping on common until he dissed drake AFTER then turn of the year. now you're on his dick again. verse of the year: prolly could go to kendrick. he's done better verses tho. oh and tech's a runner up... on an interlude track... smh. non-hip-hop album of the year: more filler. no comment. disappointing album of the year: yeah, even lupe was pissed with this album. but y'all were prolly afraid of being called dick riders if you put wayne in this one. wayne's album was way more disappointing than lasers, and you know it. be real. rising star of the year: SO YOU REALLY THINK THIS GUYS GONNA BE FAMOUS BY THE END OF 2012?? lololololol i maybe kinda agree with tyler, the creator tho story of the year: filler. collaboration of the year: surprised it wasnt tech's worldwide choppers. got the next closest thing i suppose. all my friends love tech, but would skip ALL of the interlude tracks on this album. funny how this album was a runner up for most disappointing, but still manage to have a track WIN an award. smh. album of the year: ok sure. good album. ANOTHER underground artist tho. i mean, big sean couldnt even be a runner up? reader's choice album of the year: no comment. video of the year: i agree with this one the most. yonkers or otis deserved these. put simply, hiphopdx is good at news. thats it. you're quick. but you are simple minded and ignorant. your writers are just bloggers, blogging about blogs not being what blogging used to be. and the articles that are posted here are almost always sub-par. the interviews can be good, sometimes. usually the questions are lame tho. this site's staff really just reminds me of all the fags on youtube who don't know shit about fuck and say 'fuck mainstream' and think hip hop is 'dead'. get over your own opinions are write something worth... reading. and recognize hip hop for what it truly is. thus, after reading this album, im unfollowing hiphopdx's writers on twitter and unliking their facebook page (OOOHH BURN). im finally sure that this site is ran by kids who really don't listen to a lot of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Not saying your riding dick DX, but Tech's name was listed about fourteen hundred times. Also, Carter 4 was the only Wayne album I can listen to and like they said, "Hip-Hop's best seller." Because 1 person is disappointed doesn't make it shitty, haha.

    • jake

      lil wayne is about as hip hop as the ying yang twins or chingy...he just makes whatever is trendy at the time, only difference is he sells out to each trend. he has never set a single trend but jumps on everyone elses. lil wayne didn't use to rep skateboarding and now he holds up thrasher shit whenever he can since its trendy for teenagers to have gay shag hair and tight jeans. no joke i think fat joe was right about the gay mafia, lil wayne represents everything homosexual with his overall appearance and the way he represents himself. his voice even sounds kinda flamboyantly doped out when he talks....hes a flame. and if gay people didn't decide all this would skinny jeans and clothes that don't fit really be popular? remember when guys dressed like actual men? not like modern day fuckin rocky horror picture show shit

    • Anonymous

      Carter 4 was one of the worst Hip-Hop albums ever..a lot more than just 1 person felt this way

    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure there may have been more than one person disappointed with Tha Carter IV. I suppose I could be wrong though.

    • AP

      "Carter 4 the only album I can listen to"....Dude how old are you?

    • Pegasus Flow

      Carter 4 was dog shit.

  • Anonymous

    Tech is alot better these days. But still not emcee of the year.

  • Brandon Lott

    Tech9 is not gettin' with Elzhi or Pharoah Monche. End of story.

    • Anonymous

      elzhi is a lazy bum. one album. one album. one album. mixtape over illmatic beats using lifted flows. love elzhi, but tech n9ne grinds harder and been at it way longer. elzhi needs to work harder and work smarter, drop original music, not illmatic love letters.

  • Daniegirl73

    Shout out to the hardest working dude in the game! Tech N9ne you deserve it, for all the sacrifice and pure talent this award is late!!!!

  • lucy nyu

    its an awesome feeling when your favorite rapper/artist/emcee is awarded emcee of the year he's deserved that for years now mad love to strange music and every fan for helping tech n9ne get where he is today STRAAAANGE!!

  • then9ne9


  • connorgriffin

    tech getin some respect

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon- Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

  • dockevoc

    The P.I.N.K. album is fucking terrible. I don't give a fuck who voted for it. The Game MUST own this site cuz I've never personally met a human who can stand Game period, never mind the a piece of shit album so humiliating that he should clearly retire.

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX are a bunch of biased faggots, deadass. & racists

  • Anonymous

    Action Bronson is dope

  • N.B.

    So, now you don't even respect your own ratings? Kendrick Lamar turned out an excellent "mixtape" but that is suddenly better than the only five-star album you reviewed this year? Come on, at some point will you show some f'ing integrity? I'm not even trying to disrespect Kendrick Lamar because that was an excellent album, but come on, The Roots pushed the envelope to a new level, you rated "perfect", but I guess it's not....

  • Anonymous

    Happy to see K.Dot as album of the year.. Section80 is that pifff



  • Jr.Boy

    Album of the year: Encore Video of the year: Eminem "ass like that" verse of the year: Gucci Mane "trick or treat shitsleet"

  • Anonymous

    I guess I really need to listen to the Phonte album, I am a longtime LB fan and still havent peeped it :/

  • Anonymous

    Emcee of the Year = Talib Kweli runners-up = Freddie Gibbs, Jay-Rock Trend We'd Like to See Die = Drake runners-up: all the other wack niggas & bitches, This award Slept-On Album of the Year = MED - Classic runners-up = DTMD - Makin' Dollas, Action Bronson - Dr. lecter Producer of the Year = No I.D. runners-up = Oddisee, Clams Casino Tour of the Year = I don't know, Rock the Bells? who gives a fuck Comeback of the Year = Common runners-up = Pete Rock, Royce Da 59 Verse of the Year = just one verse??? fuck outta here Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year = yeah Nostalgia Ultra was pretty good... Disappointing Album of the Year = Curren$y = weekend at burnies runners-up = statik selectah, I guess Lupe (I'm not a fan) Rising Star of the Year = Freddie Gibbs runners-up = A$AP Rocky, MellowHype Story of the Year = the death of legends, runenrs-up = game got killed by tyler the creator on his own shit, big ghost isn't really ghostface Collaboration of the Year = Evidence, Raekwon, Rass Kass & The Alchemist on Red Carpet runners-up = Nas, Common & No I.D. on Ghetto Dreams, Intro/Interlude/Outtro on Carter IV: The Return of the Wack Nigga Album of the Year = Section.80 runners-up = Cold Day In Hell, Elmatic Reader's Choice Album of the Year = wrong choice Video of the Year = Evidence & Fashawn - Same Folks runners-up = OTIS, Big Sean - ASS (feat. Nicki Minaj's big ass)

    • sizakhoza

      I am listening to 'The Red Carpet' while i am typing this, amazing track that. I feel Madlib is never acknowledged as a Producer. In 2011 he produced most of MED's Classic, a hot Blackstar single, Medicine Show, Freddie Gibbs EP etc dude!

    • goodshit

      man Asap rocky should have def got atleast runner up good list better then dx's wack ass dick in the booty ass list

    • Anonymous

      good list, but Big Sean should never be spoken of or even acknowledged....

  • BoldSpice

    I don't know who voted for this shit but this whole shit is a lil sketchy. Some of this shit just came out last week.

  • brotherbrooks2002


  • Ganjarelli

    Thank god they got the album of the year right.

  • jaceshadoe

    comeback of the year>>>>>>>>>>>royce da 5'9 hands down. Royce never was mainstream like Common. Royce was everywhere this year. Verse of the year>>>>>>>>>>>>Crooked I "loud noises".

  • Cultures Clothing

    Not sure how seriously I can even take this list. "Highlighter" by People Under the Stairs, "Oneirology" by CunninLynguists, and several of the years best albums weren't even options to vote on. The most Slept on album of the year was probably "In Case I Don't Make It/Conversation B" by Has-Lo. Or maybe "Cinemetropolis" by Blue Scholars...or "The Earn" by yU. "Well Done" by Action Bronson is actually better than Dr. Lecter. "Make Some Noise" by the Beastie Boys was the best video of the year. I agree with "Comeback of the Year", "Disappointing Album of the Year", and "Trends We'd Like to see Die" ones though.

    • CulturesClothing

      Also, "Evolve" by Pharoahe Monch or the "An Introspection" verse by Cise Starr on the CYNE album are the two that I would've considered for verse of the year.

  • Anonymous

    I finally agree with someone's album of the year

  • Kofi

    I see y'al forgot about the Weeknd.

  • hannibal

    best verse of the year - nas -like smoke with amy winehouse

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Em on Welcome to Hell was slept on..most of his verses on that album were insane but i guess once your the biggest rapper in the world people tend to sleep on you no matter how hard u spit

    • Anonymous

      Nah eminem on welcome 2 hell. That's seriously being slept on

  • Anonymous

    Tyler deserved Rising Star of the Year. He won a VMA Award. and where is Wiz Khalifa?

  • Jay

    Looks like games got the throne now :'(

  • daz

    Funny how the best albums dont sell shit - RED, 6's7's,section 80.

  • songz

    Game still on top haters

  • wonkers

    Game, Tyler, Kendirck.... West is back. respect.

  • vinnie

    I voted for RED but i didnt think it would actually win......

  • yessir

    He's the king.......and he be smokin

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Emcee of the Year: -Tech N9ne RU: Big K.R.I.T Trend We'd Like to See Die: -Justin Bieber Freestyle RU: Wannabe Hip-Hop/Skateboarder Slept-On Album of the Year: -G.S.N.T. by Saigon RU: Pl3dge by Killer Mike Producer of the Year: -Big K.R.I.T. RU: Statik Selektah EP of the Year: -Covert Soup by Curren$y & Alchemist RU: Greneberg by Roc Marciano, Oh No & Alchemist Comeback of the Year: -2 Chainz (Tity Boi) RU: Juicy J Verse of the Year: -EM, SH & Yela "2.0 Boys" RU: Nas "Nasty" Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year: -Bon Iver by Bon Iver RU: Nostalgia, Ultra by Frank Ocean Disappointing Album of the Year: -Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa RU: Lasers by Lupe Fiasco Rising Star of the Year: -Odd Future (Tyler, Earl...) RU: Action Bronson Story of the Year: -Nate Dogg RU: Wale to Maybach Music Group Collaboration of the Year: -Common & Nas - Ghetto Dreams RU: Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000- I Do Album of the Year: -The Dreamer, The Believer by Common RU: All 6's & 7's by Tech N9ne Mixtape of the Year: -ELMatic by Elzhi RU: Return of 4eva by Big K.R.I.T. bonus: Purp & Patron by Game Video of the Year: Tyler, the Creator - Yonkers RU: Action Bronson - Brunch bonus: 50 Cent Off & On


    The Game album sucked which tells you something about the readers on this website...but the staff got Kendrick Lamar right. Best albums of 2011: 1. Kendrick Lamar - Section 80 2. WTT 3. Drake - Take Care 4. ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveASAP 5. Shabbaz Palaces - Black Up The Roots "Undun" and Phonte's album....boring and predictable. I didnt hate nor love either. They sound like they would be sub-par albums made in 93/94 backpack era. Nothing revolutionary. Am I the only one that finds 90% of the Roots material sounds "intellectually pleasing" but at the same time, in most cases, completely forgetabble? ACTQ, Black Moon and De La were leagues above it. There was just more depth, attitude, more charisma. Tyler the Creator deserves all the props. He is the new artist of the year though. Best Video is "Yonkers" yes - agreed. But "Trouble on my Mind" is a close second. How can you big-up Frank Ocean and completely dismiss Drake? One would not exist without the other. In fact, alot of the melody rappers and the Tyler the Creators would not exist without Drake's shit - hate it or love it (Obviously, hate here). Common - comeback of the year? Hmm...really? To me, he gets bitch move of the year for calling out Drake because he stole his lady. Pathetic. He's saying all this sweet stuff and he's made records with Jonas Bros. and wearing corny outfits/movies like in the "Come Close" video. YOu def got the dissapointing albums right. I would add WTT though. Even though, I liked the album - Hay-Z and Kanye are titans. Expectations are insane. Im just saying...

  • Anonymous

    You can hate on Game all you want but most open minded non-hating hiphop fans will realise R.E.D was album of the year. Game has let himself down, talks a bit too much and gets involved in unecessary beefs but you can't deny his talent to make good music. His sales were too low. He doesn't go to award shows and promote himself to the people buying albums these days. He should get out of the hood more. I agree though R.E.D could do away with 2 or 3 tracks and put in stuffs from his mixtape but the rest of the album was great. Thought he should have put "Bang Along" in there. Though it was released in 2009, that's a classic hiphop track. My top 5 albums of the year 1. R.E.D 2. Cole World 3. Section 80 4. Hell the sequel 5. WTT I've heard great things about Tech's album but unfortnately haven't listened to it so can't put it on my list but i'm sure it should be one of the top albums.

  • Big Stash

    Evidence - artist and album of the year Producer- statik selektah

  • Anonymous

    fuck all you faggots, black thought and raekwon vs the rest of this list... they lose

  • Anonymous

    how does the roots get a PERFECT rating but they arent number 1? HUH!?!

  • jack

    A$AP ROCKY-LiveLoveA$AP album of the year im that pretty muthafucka, harlems what im reppin

  • R.Pgh

    so if u liked section 80 better than roots, why did u rate roots higher?

  • D.Scott

    Yea, Kendrick Lamar goes in. I couldn't get with Tyler, the Creator's video, though. A little too much for me. Shoutout to Phonte and The Roots for the real hip hop.

  • krishcrispy

    fuck u mofuckas who hated game.....u suckas keep barkin at comment,nothin happen'z! let votin do da talkin......

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, the people fucked their choices up...

  • XMizzy

    Red Cafe shudve had album of the year. n that collab with banks n fab shudve been atleast nominated for top collab. that dude is ill idk wtf tyler the creator is doing on that list

  • JD

    Tyler's video only got attention because it was weird and stupid! Weird and stupid does not means its good. Overrated rapper of the year should go to Tyler the Creator if you ask me. Don't believe the hype! And what about Immortal Technique? Nothing for him? You should give him Realest Rapper of the century! That guys speaks the truth!

    • ETK

      what could be weird and stupid for you could be genuine to others

    • JD

      I was just mentioning the most recent update of the awards. I don't think he deserved the other awards either. I am not trying to hate because I love hip hop but I just don't think he is one of the artist my future kids will talk about as being one of the great MC's.

    • Anonymous

      why are you bitching he got emcee of the year..

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Album of the Year: Common - The Dreamer, The Believer RU: Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's RU: Raekwon - Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang Mixtape of the Year: Elzhi - ELMatic RU: Big K.R.I.T. - Returnof4eva RU: Game - Purp & Patron Video of the Year: Tyler, the Creator - Yonkers RU: Action Bronson - Brunch RU: 50 Cent Off & On

  • arttu stachon


  • Anonymous

    Where the fuck is Danny Brown's XXX?

  • Anonymous

    If u guys all mad about the game's album why didn't more of you vote for another one

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree with album of the year and the runner-ups

  • dj nemesis

    i was pissed freddie gibbs wasnt the emcee of the year,but im glad hes atleast runner up an noticed for his rippen

  • FLX

    Wackest year end list: 2011, no matter the category. How the fuck can you leave out Oneirology and Kno completely and still look in the mirror?

    • hellno

      you really can't expect anything that underground to show up on any big hip hop site. at least they reviewed it, unlike most sited

  • Anonymous

    Game Time bitches!

  • Big C

    GO K.DOT!! Funny things is, Kendrick said that Section.80 was just a warm up 0_o

  • MBTM

    Best hip hop albums of 2011 1. Section.80 - Kendrick Lamar 2. Hell: The Sequence - Eminem & Royce da 59 3. Watch the Throne - Jay Z & Kanye West 4. Under the Mistletoe - Justin Bieber 5. Carter IV - Lil Wayne

  • Anonymous

    Album of the Year-Cole World!!

    • Anonymous

      i feel u all the way....cause unlike the folks in this category (no dis-respect) but they didn't get a grammy nomination


    HUGE SNUBS TO: Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme (REKS).... Greneberg (Roc Marciano, Alchemist & Oh No)..... From the Westside with Love II (Dom Kenedy).... Cats and Dogs (Evidence)..... The Greatest Story Never Told (Saigon).... Heavy Metal Kings (Vinny Paz & Ill Bill).... The Great Debater (Skyzoo)..... The DIV (Pac Div)...... and For the Record (Torae).... I don't see any of these mentioned anywhere. S8 is a good album, but REALLY? To me it was SLIGHTLY above average, but I would listen to any of the above before it. But really this list is a joke. I mean MARCBERG didn't even win album of the year, MC or readers choice last year, and its possibly album of the decade. LOL


      One last thing I cant agree more about the general consensus hating on the old school shit. I went to see him in San francisco and there was less than 20 people there, it was pretty sad. He killed it anyways tho. I posted a video from it on


      I know Marcberg came out last year I was saying it should have won this shit last year but whatever. Also forgot one BLAQ POET SOCIETY dope too.

    • larry

      MARCBERG came out last year, r-tard.

    • Anonymous

      There is one thing that every album you mentioned had in common... they are all old school style hip hop. and hey nothin is wrong wit liking old school style but you just gotta realize that hip hop journalists will ALWAYS show more love to the rappers being new and innovative. (ex: section 80, undun) Marcberg was a sick album but it wasn't really anything we hadnt heard before.

    • cinavenom

      I agree with you twice. Reks had the album of this year no doubt and Marcberg was the best album of the 2000s.

  • wtf

    I thought everyone hated game??? guess dude got some fans

  • Yela

    crazy how the only shit comin out of the west are the 2 albums of the year

  • mac

    WTT should've at least been runner up.... oh well props to game for holdin it down, good album

  • Anonymous

    I seriously think the site rigged this shit. How can Watch the Throne not even be in the runner up section? FUCKING RIDICULOUS

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe these two albums totally got shunned on every award. REKS- REKS Doppleganagz- Lone Sharks figured both were a lock to win something... at least slept-on album of the year

  • Anonymous

    readers choice goes on to back up why this site is full off idiots

  • hellno

    damn. hhdx been making pretty good picks (although i dont understand how they can rate one album lower than another but give the lower one AOTY). but the people's choice pick was TERRIBLE. i mean i'm not a game hater, actually i'm a huge game fan and i think he's incredible, but this album was largely trash. too many bs features, a lot of filler. if he had taken out songs like drug test, hello, all the way gone, all i know, paramedics, heavy artillery, basically most of the album track 9 onwards, and replaced it with some of the better songs put on his RED mixtapes, this could be a classic, ruined by a lot of filler and crappy features by guys like wayne and ross and jeezy. undun should have won this or at least section 80 or charity starts at home. even all 6s and 7s or watch the throne i wouold have been happier with than this. again im a HUGE game fan and still bought this album, but it was NOWHERE NEAR album of the year.

    • hellyes

      i don't mean mixtures and things i mean illegal downloading not the fact that its illegal but i like to support the artists i like. and you no burning a cd is nothing like the actual thing

    • jg

      @helleyes, whos fault is it that you dont download music? downloading=free music for the masses. and the fact that you buy all your music explains why your so broke. If want a physical so bad then have one of your friends burn you a cd

    • ryzo

      Agree that RED wouldve been aoty if he put his good mixtape shit on it. Im gonna have to go with section 80.

    • hellyes

      oh yeah i forgot, section 80 was great. but I just really wish he would release it on CD. i refuse to pay for intangible music. i also refuse to download music. so unfortunately, kendrick lamar releases a near classic, but due to his lack of judgement in making it only digital, i am left without it.

  • Anonymous

    I need to check out this Kendrick Lamar, I just hesitate because so many new rappers make effeminate, Gay Music, I got so sick of it I stopped checking out new cats altogether this year

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    No Immortal Technique in there at all....? Damn, I know The Martyr was a free d/l but he hits harder & with more truth than ANYONE else out there & he can't get a mention..? Not even a peak..? It's enough to make Stevie wonder....

    • hellyes

      thank you finally someone else says this. yes it was a mixtape but it was better than every album this year. verse of the year was his verse on angels and demons

  • Almar

    Way to much credit given to Kendrick, Section 80 is an alright album, But Watch the Throne or Undun deserved to be number 1, and i know it was technically a mixtape but Return of Forever blew Section 80 out of the water, im not saying Kendrick didnt deserve some other awards but not album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    i personally feel that Undun was better than Section80 & shoulda been album of the year instead,...but Section80 was dope as hell, so i respect long as they ain't say Tha Carter IV

  • datNIGGAJ

    first off i don't even classify the roots as strictly hiphop. these dudes make MUSIC, so they're already in a different league than 90% of this WACK ASS industry. but y'all niggas gone learn man...

  • Tycoon

    Reader's Choice I mean.

  • Tycoon

    Really glad to see Game get album of the year.

  • EA

    Tech's All 6's and 7's was a way better album than games red album. IDK about Section.80 being album of the year there was a lot better albums then that one...

  • daviddanielz

    Ayo! For real this some major BS!I have a problem with a lot of stuff on this list but must noteably... 1. Trend We'd Like To See Die: How about lying emcees or better yet pop hip-hop. 2. Producer of the Year: No Kanye or No ID? You kidding me right? 3. Verse of the Year: Not Watch The Throne, Jay-Z for Welcome To The Jungle!? You lost me dude!!! (Jay-Z) My dreams is big, Reality set in Let off a clip from a automatic weapon, Through shots in the door, it died in Vegas Though it fought so hard, I knew it wouldnt make it Im a tortured soul, I live in disguise Rest in peace to the leader of the Jackson 5 I died in my sleep, Im still Big Pimpin I ball at the mall, Beginning of the ending Where the f*ck is the sun? Its been a while, Momma, look at ya son What happened to my smile? My tears is tatted My rag in my pocket Im just looking for love, I know somebody got it Champagne for the pain, Weed for the low God damn Im so high, Where the f*ck did I go? Im losing myself, Im stuck in the moment I look in the mirror, My only opponent Where the f*ck is the press? Where the f*ck is the Pres? Either they know or dont care Im f**king depressed No crying in public, Just lying to judges Risking my life, Im already dying, so f*ck it well Next!!! 4. Disappointing Album of the Year: Lupe Fiasco's Lasers. Ayo what the hell are you guys smokin in that building!!!??? I don't even like him that much but dude made a way better album then most people and I listen to everything!!! Plus I live in Nyc and Jersey and when this album came out I heard it in almost everyones car. Made me cop that shit. 5. Story of the Year: Jay-Z & B having a baby was on most peoples mind and when I mean most people, I mean the white main stream. (Ayo, I don't even care about this topic that much but this right here shows how far off you guys are) 6. Album of the Year: I fuck with Kendrick Lamar's Section.80. Dope album but I'm sorry Watch The Throne was the best album. I understand, a lot of people can't stand how Jay is always winning but damn bro give credit where credit is due. Everyone was rocking to that album. Hell! All you have to do is go outside and you'll hear it in everyones car! Everyone!!! 7. Readers' Choice Album of the Year: Game's The R.E.D. Album. Word?! I know you pick that garbage! Only song on that album that was good was Drug Test Ft Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and you know for a fact that nigga didn't write those lyrics!!! He is in a long list of rappers that can't rap. I'm done bro, you and many other websites support artist that pay you and if they don't you jerk them. Hip-hop is becoming more and more like politics, you guys are Fox News and the pop hiphop acts are your supporters. Im done.

  • Duke

    Can't argue with Album of the year. Kendrick did his thing. Personally my two favorite are Cats & Dogs and All 6s & 7s. Can't believe the readers picked RED. I liked it but there were better more superb albums on that list, didn't see that coming. As far as video I have no opinion didn't see many maybe Childish Gambinos Bonfire video.

  • yup

    don't complain about who gets elected president! if you don't vote! R.E.D. bitch!!!!

  • GjiggaJ

    People on here on some weird shit!! Game was weak. Roots was OK. Section 80 was very good.Common was very good. Watch the Throne was a great CD. Jeezy was good. Lil Wayne sucked and how is that best clabo. He did do shit on that song Tech9 killed that one. J. Cole did a good job for a first. Drake was very Good. ALL in ALL WWT was the best body of work this year.

  • Jon

    Game seriously has some delusional fans. "The R.E.D. Album" is not his best album and certainly not best album of 2011. DJ Quik, Pharoahe Monch, Saigon, Kendrick Lamar, Elzhi and many more had much better albums.

    • hellno

      so true. gotta disagree with DJ Quik but the rest completely. love the game, but this album horrible guest spots, some bad subjects, and a lot of filler, take out about half the songs and replace it with the best of his mixtures you got a album of the year

    • Anonymous

      LOL what is this fag smokin? RED album topped all this shit fag

    • Jon

      From a musical standpoint, Quik had the better album. First half of R.E.D. was good but second half ruined it. Also unnecessary Dr. Dre interludes. Quik had better songs and production throughout.

    • Almar

      DJ Quik? You Shittin Me? Dudes a legend but if your Talking about"Book Of David" then your delusional.

  • $Max

    A pretty good list. Big ups to THE Game for getting the album of the year....he did his thing!

  • Anonymous

    Roots is by far the best complete album this year. Kendrick album is good but not that good



    • hellmaybe

      yo TEXAS i agree completely but stop with the caps thats just making it hard to understand and not argue with

    • Pay Attention

      What should I do? "YOU SHOULD MY COMMENTS MORE CLOSELY" Still, Hip Hop Dx did nothing to select the R.E.D. album, so your clear hatred should be aimed at the readers that selected it. I personally wouldn't have voted for it, but it's not the site's fault people chose it. I don't know, maybe it was a joke the readers wanted to pull. Doesn't matter, there will always be someone who disagrees.

    • Pay Attention

      What should I do? "YOU SHOULD MY COMMENTS MORE CLOSELY" Still, Hip Hop Dx did nothing to select the R.E.D. album, so your clear hatred should be aimed at the readers that selected it. I personally wouldn't have voted for it, but it's not the site's fault people chose it. I don't know, maybe it was a joke the readers wanted to pull. Doesn't matter, there will always be someone who disagrees.

    • TEXAS


    • Pay Attention

      @TEXAS: You should really pay more attention when reading through the categories and their proceeding commentaries before you post a comment. Hip Hop DX selected Kendrick Lamar's Section.80 as their Album of the Year. It was the Fans/Readers who selected The R.E.D. Album as Album of the year. So Hip Hop Dx isn't on Game's dick, they didn't even have his album in their top three, they selected: Album of the Year: Kendrick Lamar's Section.80 Runner-Ups: The Roots' undun & Kendrick Lamar's Section.80 P.S. If you press the Caps Lock Button a second time, you can toggle the feature off

    • zach

      S.80 is an album though. Its his last independant album. I agree about Game's album and the video of the year though

  • ark

    For the most part, good list though. I'm surprised.

  • ark

    Whoever voted for The R.E.D. album needs to get off of Game's dick. That shit didn't stand out at all.

  • thank you HHDX

    I am glad Game got album of the year from the readers, considering barley any of them went to go cop his underappreciated album, I wish more hip hop websites would ignore his personal things and focus on his music, Game is an incredibly talented artist, and the only stopping Game from becoming an even greater artists Game him self, if he could cut back on the name dropping, have some self control and not speak his mind and flip flop, i think alot more media outlets would show him some much earned respect.

    • King

      completely agreed

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      I could not agree more everything from his talent to him having self control. I listen to a lot of the game and he's dope and though red album was not as good as it could have been it was still better then most shit coming out but I think saigon's greatest story ever told should have gotten readers choice every track on that is dope just blaze on the beats and it was made in 2007 and still sounds dated. It's unfortunate that saigon couldn't drop the album when he had the buzz im sure this would have been aoty or a strong contender for it whatever year it was supposed to drop

  • Anonymous

    DJ Quik had one of the best albums this year....smh no one didn't even bother to mention his album...most slept-on

    • Jon

      I liked "The Book of David" but unfortunately it isn't talked about as much as other albums so HHDX didn't include it.

  • King

    Come on y'all quit the hate on Game....listen to his whole album The City, Ricky, MvG, Red Nation, Good Bad Ugly, Born In The Trap, Paramedics, Mama Knows...the album is really dope...atleast listen to his album before hating

    • hellno

      i did listen to the album... actually i bought it the day i came out. and iv'e said this a lot of times but if you take out Drug Test, Good Bad Ugly, Heavy Artillery, Paramedics, Hello, All I Know, and All The Way Gone, all the mainstream features, replace it with stuff from his mixtape (e.g. rough with yelawolf) that was better, you have arty.

    • TEXAS


  • blah

    Game does one interview w/HHDX and all these users go nuts for his albulm..Dats bs, his albulm wasnt better than most of his previous efforts. Not better than Cole World, the dreamer the believer or WTT. Can any1 name any classic tracks on that albulm? He's gotta few good tracks but nothing incredible..Smh at these Game stans who wnt even support his albulm cuz it he barely sold any records

  • Anonymous

    All u butthurt throne fans can eat a dick....RED all day biatch

    • hellno

      listen ted, most general music reviewers don't listen to hip hop. they just wanted to be open minded and varied and have their lists appeal to everyone, and this was the most well known album of the year. To keep hip hop listeners happy, they just put on the first hip hop album that popped into their head. half of them probably never even heard WTT.

    • Anonymous

      Really Ted? U listen to critics that know nothing about HipHop? No wonder it sucks now cause kids like u can't think for themselves. Just look at the Grammy noms, that just proves critics don't know shit about music. They go with who's popular

    • Ted

      Credible critics everywhere are picking Watch the throne as the only rap album in their lists. Anyone wants to be on those lists and not a mere hiphop dx list, they matter more, and meant for more intelligent audiences.

  • Anonymous

    Finally RED is on the alubum put out this year along with Common's album n Section 80

  • ak

    FINALLY someone recognizes that phontes album was amazing

  • Anonymous

    daaamnnnn day five u ucked up! im not gonna k dot section80 was the shit but i wanted cole world to win or at least runnner up.. shit im glad C4 didnt win or runner cuz that shit was str8 trash only 2 songs i bump outta twenty w.e tracks there is

  • Hudes

    OK! Now we want the top 25 CDs of 2011. Please tell me your doing That again this year DX. Last year list was essential for me cause I think I missed like 5 of those CDs when they were released. But I'm pretty sure I listened To almost everything in 2011 that was good I'm just waiting for that hidden gem that DX use to give me.

  • DoomChalla

    Also, I know Section.80 was brilliant and could easily be argued that it is album of the year, but HHDX gave it 4/5 and put it ahead of 'undun', which got 5/5. Bit confused there.

  • DoomChalla

    Not sure how CunninLynguist's 'Oneirology' wasn't even mentioned. Mixtape of the year would've been pretty pointless 'cause Elmatic would obviously have taken that.

  • compton

    compton's year ! k dot and game well deserved and btw people sayin red album sucks listen to ricky, red nation, the city, martians and goblin al epic songs. in my opinion the city's second verse should have won verse of the year

  • What's up with Saigon

    WOW !!!! Saigon is still the most underrated--DAMN !!!!!!!

  • ilexx

    I am going to be the first to ask.... Who the fuck voted Game's album for album of the year. Hahahaha HipHopDX got some die-hard Game dickriding fans.... That album isnt in the conversation of best album of the year, I listened to it twice and never again. Not one song is worthy of being listened to right now. Game tanked with that album and even he knows it....

    • Lestry

      I had my jaw on the floor, when I red about this. I never thought that Game's album can be the best, damn. For me Section.80, Saigon's album,Roots and Common definetly they made best albums of 2011.

    • blah

      yep, all these fans didnt who voted obviously didnt support game cuz he hasnt even sold 400thousand records yet while J.Cole is goin gold

    • rick

      co-sign. Game's album was trash. Saigon has to the AoTY.

    • onelove

      gotta agree with ya, that album was games worst to date. must be idiots voting for him

  • CJ

    Thank you DX for giving Kendrick the nod, certainly was an acceptable choice. I have a couple issues with the albums you DIDN'T consider though.. Shabazz Palaces Black Up was clearly the most intelligent album of the year, yet it didn't even get a fucking full review. One of the year's best doesn't even get that?! Wow. CunninLynguists Oneirology also got completely overlooked in every single post this week, which is fucking absurd. Wake up DX. Lastly, no mixtape of the year? Are you kidding me? Where was any mention of Elzhi's Elmatic, which is arguably the most impressive body of work of ANY album/mixtape all year. That shit is literally cray. No idea how Game got Readers Choice, as that album was average at best, but I digress.

  • Anonymous

    Watch the throne was the best album out , im still listening to it

  • Hudes

    The best song of 2011 was CLEARLY nasty by nas Best verse the 2nd one. But whole song is unbelibeable. Did you not remember what happened when he dropped it? 1000 comments in 2 days 10 other rappers freestyled to the beat Speaking of the beat, it's was undeniable That is the best song of 2011.

  • unclesam

    Damm, people stopped sleeping on Kendrick! Thats the man right there, the Messiah of hip-hop. Not fucking J. Cole, but Kendrick fucking Lamar.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf Kendrick should have got rising star over Action Bronson. Even if he got verse of the year already, he deserved rising star more than that other award. I didn't even know who dude was at the beginning of the year, now I check for every verse.

  • KevinMalone

    Agree with most of the awards, but really happy to see Tech and KRIT win something. I think they're definitely the most deserving of anyone on this list in 2011.

  • Anonymous

    PL3DGE ????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    If they just cut out shyness verse itd be the best posse cut ever

  • dre



    Tech N9ne deserved that win. Oh yeah, here is some good hiphop I swear:

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It was the album everybody on the net is waiting for. You got the realest Hip Hop right there and people ignore it. SMH at DX.

  • Ha!

    Rising Star of the Year - Spaceghostpurrp

  • Ganjarelli

    How could I fail to hear that Heavy D passed away?! Forgive my ignorance. Rest in peace.

  • Ganjarelli

    Rising Star of the Year - Jon Connor (No Competition!) Story of the Year - Troy Davis Executed (Only relevant news all year, except for Nate Dogg.) Collabo of the Year - Carter IV Interlude (Nas, Tech & 3 Stacks all on one song? No-brainer!)

  • dssd

    action bronson over tyler the creator AND the weeknd?

  • Almar

    Collab Of The Year Should have went to Ghetto Dreams and then an honorable mention for Big K.R.I.T.'s. "Country Shit" Remix with Bun B and Luda.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Rising Star of the Year: all Odd Future RU: Action Bronson Story of the Year: Nate Dogg RU: Wale to Maybach Music Group Collaboration of the Year: Common & Nas - Ghetto Dreams RU: Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000- I Do

  • Anonymous

    nas verse on outro wasnt even recognized.this website is nuts

    • mzxhhxj

      Your moms nuts. BECAUSE THATS ALL I FEED HER. MA NUTS hahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha EAT A DICK COCK SUCKER AND SHARE IT WITH UR MOM hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

  • anony


  • Luke Grothe

    Lasers biggest disappointment? HiPHopDX I expect WAY better out of you. Carter IV is runner up, thats great, but Lasers was really really good. REALLY REALLY GOOD. Do you not agree with his political views or what? Because I don't get how anybody can NOT like that album. Watch The Throne, EASILY the biggest disappointment. If you liked that album, then you have horrible taste in music. And I'm also disappointed that your recognized Tech with "Intrelude", probably because it was on the Cart IV. Yeah, it was good, but not even in Tech's top 10 from 2011. You guys fucked up.

    • Doucheberg

      Lasers was shit because it was Lupe's laziest effort to date. Easily some of the worst writing Lupe has done, considering what the dude is capable of. Dude straight sold out on Lasers, and I'm pretty sure the holdout on releasing and the ensuing "drama" that occurred was pretty much a marketing ploy, considering the complete 180 Lupe did when it was finally released. If he brings the kind of lyricism and ridiculous wordplay he had on F&L and The Cool, then Lupe will stand out again. But as of Lasers, he's blending right in with the rest of the commercial-ass rappers.

    • hasggs

      why dont you tell the world how u gerked wayne and lupe at the same time? HUH FAGGET ASS COCK SUCKIN BITCH NIGGA I CATCH YOU AND TIE YOU TO A TREE AND LYNCH YO BITCH ASSS

    • realhiphop

      i wud've gave it to C4 but either way, Lasers was a dissappoinment cuz it wasa to commercial..If you've ever listened to Lupe's past albulms, then u can tell this one sounds different from the production to the features. I think it was a good albulm but this type of music isnt wat Lupe was known/got famous for

    • anony

      suck a cock gay gagget

  • D.Scott

    Mac Miller (re: Rising Artist) perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    How did Bad Meets Evil not get best collab....... The track they put up isn't even official its just a mix of 3 songs with the same beat, and indivually aren't good enough (although interlude is really good, and outro is pretty good although Shyne kinda ruins it..)

  • Eyes and Teeth

    Not one mention of Danny Brown at all? This list is garbage.

  • jason

    Verse of the year: Common's 2nd verse on "The Believer"

  • realhiphop

    Jon Connor is dope and it's good to see them mentioning him..His buzz aint dat big yet but I hope it gets even bigger next year cuz he should be signed already..Also another rapper named Los is lightyears ahead of these new rappers too

  • NEKE4206TL

    ill bill and vinnie paz shouldve gotten best collaboration. next necro and kool g rap. action bronson is fuckin ill and hella slept on.

  • Blue

    Blue city club. You know !!

  • HRH

    For real??? I never knew Mister Cee is a faggot. He got caught getting sucked off... wow... if he's gay, Lil' Wayne is for sure. His music, fashion, and personality say it all. With all these Jews in hip-hop, it was bound to go gay. Jews in film are the only people that will use gay comedy that isn't funny, like guys kissing guys, cross-dressing, ect... and Mister Cee is caught fag-handed lol

  • bisquic

    They are recognizing Action Bronson so much, but didn't even review his album?...

  • Anonymous

    Collab of the year----2.0 boys!

  • Anonymous

    little bit of Tyler jockin goin on here. I would have to agree with the C4 track, Wayne actually used his power to make one dope ass classic even if the album sucked dick. but gotta give mention to "Worldwide Choppers" they rapped their asses off. there is no way Bronson beat out Jon Connor the dude is just an excellent MC. Tyler could get rising retard of the year. and RIP to the greats

  • Anonymous

    love to see bronsonelli and tech

  • casper21

    Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, and Common,what a year hip hop, what a year, he's to an even better 2012...

  • N.B.

    Pretty solid list, only real head-scratcher is Frank Ocean for best non-hip hop album. Adele's album was incredible, should have won hands down. There were several other albums that were significantly better including Bon Iver "Bon Iver", MuteMath "Odd Soul", The Black Keys "El Camino", Gary Clark Jr. "Bright Lights EP", Anthony Hamilton "Back to Love", etc.

    • arel

      Gary Clark Jr. "Bright Lights EP"... ...a fellow believer! This guy has so much talent - Love to here some hip-hop collaberations with him - i think lupe or nas would work well!

  • Izz

    I think there is too much jocking of Kendrick Lamar - What you throw one or two lines in play something a bit different than the masses and it gets praise and applause? Better lines on ADHD Just My Opinion - Producer of the Year - Evidence , Apollo Brown , Kno Oddisee ( these guys would at least be mentioned Verse of the Year - could've been Eligh - MC of the Year or Best break out - Evidencee Hip hop is not the dead - cats and dogs is the evidence

  • Anonymous

    Lupe on Letting Go or Joaquin Phoenix should've been verse of the year.

  • XOrockstarmuzik

    These awards are spot on for the most part...Kendricks verse was a breath of fresh air!!! and C4 was terrible...Numbers do lie Check out the best fuckin mixtape you never heard

    • yncmb are cock-munchers

      fuck lil wayne guy has lost it so badly its unreal because carter 2 was so good everything else released has been bullshit in 20 years u will look back at the great hip hop groups/movements like mobb deep wu-tang ruff ryders outkast and then right at the bottom sumwhere beween souljah boys ''label'' and brick squad u will find the whole young money thing

    • Anonymous

      He said ''numbers DO lie'', you fcuktard.

    • Anonymous

      "c4 was terrible, numbers don't lie" he sold a milli in a week. your second statement contradicts the first.

  • Anonymous

    So far so good on the list. The emcee of the year is debatable but I can live with it.

  • VOR

    Yea, white people need to stop using the nword, and black people while we're at it.

  • Jesus Christ

    Good shit on recognizing Tech N9ne. dudes worked equally as hard every year for the past 5.. Producer of the year how bout Apollo Brown?!?!?!?! he has the perfect recipe for that boom bap soul sampling hip hop. and "Daily Bread" by Apollo Brown and Hassaan Mackey gotta be the most slept on 4sho

  • Anonymous

    Uh verse of the year should be a tech or em verse

  • Anonymous

    Couldn't agree more for verse of the year, and the runner-ups. Evolve was fucking fire.

  • mbtm check out my freestyle bitches

  • Anonymous

    crooked on loud noises deserved to be in verse of the year

    • Anonymous

      Well there's a lot of verses u can put here can't choose em all. I thought crooked I's verse on hard white remix was his best from this year

  • Anonymous

    Couldn't agree more with Lupe as the disappointment of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I can't even remember if there has been such a great year for hip hop like 2011! So many up and coming artist doing their thing along with the greats i.e jay-z. Shout out to the albums of 2011 that Im jammin to: 1. WTT 2. Side Line Story 3. Take Care 4. Undun 5. Ambition 6. RED album 7. The Wonder Years 8. Lasers 9. The Dreamer/The Believer 10. Gutter Rainbows

  • Los3

    Non hip hop: dangermouse-rome

  • Man

    Hiphopdx are dumbfucks haha, i only agree with frank ocean.. and the carter 4 was dope

  • Anonymous

    Saigon... still the most underrated...

  • Anonymous

    how did adeles 21 take second? its the highest selling album this year with 2 number 1 singles on it...

  • Anonymous

    almost this whole list is joke...How are you gonna say that rock the bells is a runner up to watch the throne? are you fuckig kidding me? rock the bells in a concert of legends, the people who made hip hop what it is today. not jay and some fag dancing around to lasers in neon colored fag rags

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  • Almar

    Albums Of The Year.... 1.Watch The Throne 2.Return Of 4Eva 3.The Dreamer/The Believer 4.Undun Alot of people hate on WTT But i was bumpin that shit non stop this summer, that album has maybe to horrible tracks, "Lift Off" and "Welcome To The Jungle", Other than that the album is classic, same can be said for Return Of 4Eva.

  • Anonymous

    Wat the fuck C4 should've won most disappointing album of the year. Critics fucking hated it. At least Lasers was a good album critics fucking loved it. And the only reason u put dat on there is coz he's a friend of people and in the music business dat makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    The best albums of 2011 I've heard so far are: Classic (by MED) Section.80 Cold Day In Hell LiveLoveA$AP Doobies & Popcicle Sticks (by Nitty Scott, MC) I still have to try: Cats & Dogs R.E.K.S. The Dreamer/The Believer Biggest dissappointments: Madlib Medicine Show 5 & 11 (those were the only ones I heard and I didn't feel them at all) Black & Brown EP Weekend At Burnie's (bullshit beats, boring flows & very VERY limited subject matter)

  • Common is cool

    The Common album came out two days ago and he already has "Comeback Of The Year" you didn't have a month to sit with the record. No disrespect to Common but don't you think it's too quick for that. I didn't listen to or buy the album yet mostlikely next year. The singles are ill as hell though

    • Anonymous

      True. But he also released 3 videos (Blue Sky, Sweet & Ghetto Dreams) along with a few singles leaked (Summer Madness, RAW & Celebrate) prior to the album. Those alone boosted up theanticipation. And after the disappointment of U.M.C., I think it's valid. Just my opinion though, but I know what you're saying.

  • joker

    the comeback should be chris brown

  • Anonymous

    K-Dots verse in "Hol' Up" was better. Wicked as 80 reverends in a pool Of fire with devils holding hands From the distance, dont know Which one is a Christian.. damn Who can I trust in 2012? Theres no one Not even myself, a Gemini screaming for help, somebody

  • E

    HiiiPower over everything. best song of the year, by far

  • Duke

    didnt agree with anything today. if you didnt know C4 was gonna be disappointing then you're an idiot. I'd give it to Take Care or Blue Slide Park. Ya'll kill me sayin Lasers sucked just because it had pop beats the lyrics were still there. which leads me to verse of the year- Lupe "Words I Never Said" everyone is just butt hurt cause he called out their savior Osama, I mean Obama. almost every Tech verse could be runner up. Non Hip Hop album- Foster the People "Torches"

    • Anonymous

      No man the reason they did dat was coz lupe is a Friend of the people who talks about government conspiracy and Fiscal law shit. In the music industry it makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    I know this site doesn't associate with rock or metal that much but I say that the best non hip hop album was deconstruction by devin townsend project.

  • Anonymous

    Tech9 over Phonte? Naw...

  • Shizz

    I was with you on verse of the year until I read the the runners up. I forgot about Pharaohe Monch's Evolve track. That shit gave me goose bumps. I think I had it on repeat for about an hour. That was definitely verse of the year to me.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Verse of the Year: -Em, SH & Yela "Shady 2.0 Boys" -RU: Common & Nas "Ghetto Dreams" Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year: -Bon Iver "Self-titled" Disappointing Album of the Year: -Wiz Khalifa "Rolling Papers" -RU: Lupe Fiasco "Lasers"

    • Anonymous

      I think Lupes was the most dissapointing. Im a huge lupe fan. I Believe that it was the label pushing him to do that shit though. The stuff off FL II sounds great so hopefully thats a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Wiz was wack, but that was expected


    tech n9ne wasn't on this website's "hottest singles" for this year. That dumb bitch that says nigga isn't relevant. however, saying nigger will always be a trend for white kids who play video games like myself. big krit is straight. tour of the year was rock the bells. comeback of the year is like the mental attitude award they give out for middle school basketball. GAY. fucking the verse of the year? how is that verse of the year??? it should be eminem's verse from the 2011 bet cypher. fucking racist. then they have a non hip hop album of the year on hip hop dx makes since right. LASERS was gay as fuck but it was a hell of a lot better than the most slept on album. i guess all it takes to be a member of the dx staff is a GED and you have to suck cock on a daily basis. fucking dolts.

  • Marcell

    Nas C4 Outro verse was verse of the year

  • Anonymous

    Elzhi has been robbed. Elmatic SHITS on anything presented here.

  • Anonymous

    meh...didn't really agree w/ any of this which is kinda funny. Also I think its stupid to say white ppl can't use nigga...I just don't think they should have a fuckin field day with it. that's the problem, its one thing if you use it w/ homies cause u are a homie--basically you should know when its appropriate and if you gotta explain: you're doing it wrong.

    • onward

      No one complained when SPM was butt-ramming boys either. That doesn't make it okay. Jerry Sandusky of rap = South Park Mexican.

    • mK

      No, using the n-word aint fine to use. Some black folks don't use that word so for YTs to use it is dumb and can get u popped! the bigger questions is: Why the fck do white ppl WANT to use that word??

    • Matt

      Bullshit n word with no er at the end is fine for anyone to use. The word has evolved gtfo No one complained when spm used it

  • Anonymous

    YOu guys are straight PUSSY for giving jay-z and kanye tour of the year when rock the bells hands down had 50x more talent. Lauryn hill . . . . C-MON SON you guys stay fucking up.

    • timmm

      I agree with the lineup. but cmon man you gotta look at that tour was only three days, and the last date got cancelled. That is BARELY a tour.

  • Juanka

    Seriously, WTF is this shit with no CunninLynguists!? Are you guys for real?? I mean, how can anybody who like rap not putting it in this list? Kno produced 2 great albums last year and isn't even in the runner-up list. This shit is embarrasing.

  • Big C

    HiiiPower got verse of the year? I just won a bet!

  • memory

    is there no mixtape of the year award? return of 4 eva was pretty much better then every single album.

  • 1love

    come back of next year...ja rule with pain is love 2 jk

  • Shampain

    and Trag is home! TM3 was hot, narcotic lines is hip hop

  • Shampain

    Comeback of the year????? MOBB DEEP!

  • Ha!

    Yeah, Comeback of the Year: Juicy J -Rubba Band Business 2 (with Lex Luger) -Young Nigga Movement (with V.A.B.P.) -Blue Dream & Lean -Cocaine Mafia (with Project Pat & French Montana) All the "Remix" (ex: Black & Yellow) & my favorite word "Trippy"

  • Anonymous

    Coz Royce's last album was released in O9 before Writers block.

  • Anonymous

    Boooo! Royce got robbed off his title.

  • RECK

    TECH N9ne is definatly the Emcee of the year!! ALL hail the Kansas City King!

  • weswes

    album of the year; "TAKE CARE" DRAKE. runners up, LIL WAYNE C4. haha im fukin with ya'll YA DIG? SECTION 80.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Producer of the Year: Kanye West Tour of the Year: WTT (11 times NiP?, Nah) Comeback of the Year: 2 Chainz (Tity Boi)

  • Ha!

    Trend We'd Like to See Die: Justin Bieber Freestyle

  • Hudes

    No mention of Statik Selektah? One of the best producers out Population control was bananas

  • Amirhossein

    royce never been out to get a come back of the year title! even though this year was super big for royce ! he'se not been out of the game since 06

  • Anonymous

    every last thing put out this year was garbage. its all equally shity. no body can produce any more. no body is raping. the only people that are impressed by these release are a bunch of teenage no nothings that are easily impressed.

    • Pegasus Flow

      Let the anger go brutha. If you think there's nothing good out there right now then you know a lot less than you think you do. And if you an old head that's just reminiscing about the glory days then I feel even worse for you. Stay well brutha.

    • envvvy

      stop hatin punk. if you think hip hop is dead you're an ignorant. there are no illmatic or ready to die t this year, but you can't say nothing is worth listenin to. Grow up and update your music man

    • YouSerious?

      Oh word? I'm glad nobody is raping people.

  • Anonymous

    there will still be the list of the 25 best albums of the year, right? That shit was actually useful, I don't give a fuck about Emcee of the Year, Tour of the Year, Trend we'd like to see die, etc.

  • mac

    Royce was comeback of the year hands down lol at least they got honorable mentions right...........

  • Duke

    i like the choices so far this year. definitely gotta give it to K.R.I.T. he will prob end up as the best producer/rapper there is. should have game 2chainz the Lil Jon/T-Pain award dude is on everybody's song

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Eminem's a dope producer, just take a look at his track record dumb ass. And K.R.I.T. was clearly producer of the year. Everything he touched was dope. Return of 4Eva >>> your favorite album this year. Kanye barely put out any tracks that didn't have input from others, so he doesn't deserve a mention this year.

    • Wow

      eminem is a shitty producer. j. cole makes ok, repetitive beats. kanye is the only one who can compare to krit but they both have way different styles

    • Duke

      Krit has Kanye on lyrics. and has Cole on production. i meant all around. yes they are both great at what they do but Krit does both exceptionally well, he's not decent at one and great at the other like the later 2. and Em doesnt handle major producing ass hole. dont try to insult my intelligence because you are butt hurt i didnt give credit to your Daddy.

    • Anonymous

      eminem you fucking idiot?

    • blah

      over Kanye and J.Cole? I think not

  • praductbeats

    how the fuck dusnt 2chainz get comeback of the year??? he went from being a nobody nigga on dtp called TITIBOY (iknowright) to being featured on everybodys shit within 3-4 month time period. dx. yall slackin

    • Anonymous

      Common came back from the dead, and Royce went gold with Bad Meets Evil after selling something like 4000 units first week in '09. That's why.

    • Anonymous

      because common and royce are actually quality rappers..when you go from super whack to starting to get a whack little buzz, that doesnt qualify as a come back.

  • Anonymous

    common over royce for comeback of the year? you kidding? no one in the mainstream even knew who royce was until this year, platnium single, gold ep, number one independent album, slaughterhouse, hi rihanna lol, come on now

  • ASEE

    Yo HHDX, thanks for recommending that Big K.R.I.T. tape. I don't listen to much southern rap but I fucking love this album. The production is some of the smoothest I've heard in years.

  • Best Verse

    Best Verse- Eminem/Royce "Fastlane"---All 3 Verses !

  • LKBZ

    Game has got to win an award, I mean dude did his thing n even more this year! 3 dope-ass-album-sounding mixtapes & a GREAT, 9/10 album (almost a classic), Album of The Year IMO even haters can't deny it was one of the BEST albums this year! Game is a legend, real shit. FUCK HATERS. "Soundtrack to Chaos" coming 2012 get ready Hip-Hop!

    • Live

      R.E.D. album was terrible. His decline began with LAX. Dude has no artistic integrity, he's rapping without direction and his albums are build after one formula: what's hot at the moment. He mimics every trend out there, gets features on almost any track and can't even outshine them.

    • onelove

      as dope as purp & patron was, K.R.I.T definitely had mixtape of the year. that shit was insane

    • Jacjo

      Purp and Patron was mixtape of the year but dude doesnt know how to pick the right songs for an album. Got murked on like 3 of his own tracks..... Red aint got shit on Section .80 just sayin

    • mac

      Co-sign^ Game my favorite rapper but alot of people just gonna show you hate for bringin him up. Better to just sit back and enjoy the music.

    • Anonymous

      i'm jus a big Game fan as u are....but don't post comments like will only get u laughed on...the world hates Game face it

  • Anonymous

    Big KRIT's title is undisputed !

  • vargo05

    The fact that HHDX even mentions shit like V-Nasty says all you need to know about this website.

  • Cp

    You cant say you want to see college rap die out. Just because there are whack ones (Rich Hill), there are plenty of garbage 'gangsta rappers' (french montana, waka flocka). You should have just put 'whack rappers to an end.

  • Shake

    01. CunninLynguists - Oneirology 02. J. Cole - Cole World: Sideline Story 03. Elzhi - Elmatic 04. Mr. SOS - Cassette Verite 05. J-Live - S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability) 06. Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black & Brown [EP] 07. MarQ Spekt & Kno - MacheteVision [EP] 08. Common - The Dreamer/The Believer 09. Immortal Technique - The Martyr 10. Danny Brown - XXX 11. The Roots - undun 12. Royce Da 5'9" - Success Is Certain 13. Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day in Hell 14. Random Axe - Random Axe 15. Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two 16. Roc Marciano & Gangrene - Greneberg [EP] 17. Mighty High Coup - Boom Rap 18. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne 19. Reks - R.E.K.S. (Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme) 20. Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel [EP] Gotta listen more to - Kendrick Lamar - Section.80 - Big K.R.I.T. - returnof4Eva - Phonte - Charity Starts at Home - Death Grips - Exmilitary - A.Dd+ - When Pigs Fly Whack - Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) (sorry champ) - Tyler, the Creator - Goblin - Drake - Take Care - Yelawolf - Radioactive - Action Bronson - Dr. Lecter

  • Anonymous

    I really like this award system HHDX has going. Its sweet as. Wish K Dot got Emcee of the year though, Should definately get rising star of the year, if not him then Cole.

  • SwagAttackk

    Top Mixtapes 10. XV - Zero Heroe 9. Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day In Hell 8. Currensy - Covert Coupe 7. Nipsey Hussle - Marathon Continues 6. The Game - Purp & Patron 5. Elite - Awaken 4. Omen - Afraid of Heights 3. Logic - Young Sinatra 2. Lupe - Friend of The People... 1. Elzhi - Elmatic Runner-Ups: Sol - Dear Friends Pt. 3 Drekkid - Liberation Chuuwee - Watching The Throne

  • Bad Kid

    Freddie Gibbs is a runner up? Credibility lost

  • NEKE4206TL

    tech n9ne deserves emcee of the year. he came out with 2 very successful albums. and hell yeah action bronson is the most slept on. i was just bumping dr lecter today and well done. cant wait to hear his shit with alchemist.

  • Anonymous

    J. Cole is emcee of the year to me.

  • real talk

    MOST SLEPT ON ALBUM should have been Cunninlynguists: Oneirology or at least a runner up

  • 420westcoast

    Congrats Tech9!!!! I remember back in 2006, I was on here screaming for an album review of Everready: The Religion. That review never came. And as the years went by, Tech started to get recognized on this site. Prior to the release of All 6's & 7's was when I noticed HHDX went Tech. Articles, interviews, album reviews. I'm loving it. Tech definitely deserves the award for 2011. Two great albums (I like Welcome to Strangeland better) and two great tours. Albums released by Jay Rock, Brotha Lynch, Young Bleed, EPs from big scoob, Kutt Kalhoun, and Krizz Kalico. 2011 was definitely STRAAAAAAAAANGGE!!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Emcee of the Year: Raekwon Trend We'd Like to See Die: Wannabe Hip-Hop/Skateboarder Slept-On Album of the Year: Saigon(G.S.N.T.)

  • Anonymous

    good for Tech, he deserves this recognition

  • khordkutta

    Action is the TRUTH

    • Dilest


  • n8dizzl3

    I say nigger on a daily basis.

  • Joe

    all you idiots talking like these things are objective (ie "[insert rapper] had the best verse of the year hands down!!!" are idiots.

  • Anonymous

    The trend we'd like to see die should've been YMCMB.

  • Anonymous

    TechN9ne was pro he deserved it and also V-Nasty is complete garbage.

  • Hudes

    Best Verse: NAS on OUTRO (btw. only song ive ever listened to more than once on Carter 4, and one of the only songs i pumped like 100 times in a row) NAS!

  • Kyle

    white rappers using the N word? who cares, aint nothing new. Its only being made a big deal because a white female said it. twiztid has used in atleast 3 songs- 2nd hand smoke, diemuthaf*ckadie, and gothic chick. while as on ill bill's hour of reprisal he has a track called white n*gg*r and uses the word through out the song.

  • Powerphi

    I agree that white folks shouldn't use the N-word, but how hyprocritical are we (blacks) when we use it? What we're basically saying is "you can't degrade us, we'll do it on our own."

  • freddick

    Verse of the year haS to be Kendrick Lamar's on The Game's "The City" track. That K-Dot kid is a legend in the making!