Loyalty And Betrayal: A Debate On The Future Of J. Cole

Despite a lukewarm reception from critics, J. Cole appealed to a passionate fan base and won with a number one debut album. But will those passionate fans remain loyal to him?

J. Cole is polarizing. His career began with a Jay-Z co-sign, and he’s released a string of mixtapes that were better than some emcee’s albums. Ratings-wise, Cole earned a 3.5 rating from DX (readers rated the album a 4.4), but even if you factor in competing ratings such as those from Metacritic (74), Pitchfork (6.1), XXL and The Source (with a four out of five rating from both being translated to its mathematical equivalent of an 80), you’re left with an average rating of 74.6.

During the time since he was introduced on “A Star Is Born,” Cole has cultivated a rabid, supportive fan base. Despite the lukewarm critical reception, J. Cole fans voiced their displeasure at anything less than a near-classic rating and opened their wallets wide enough to give Cole a number one debut. The thing about passionate fans is, they’re not always loyal. If this story sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Remember when Lupe Fiasco’s fans would attack anything less than a classic rating with such fervor?

Bearing the above in mind, we gathered two J. Cole fans for a civil debate about if Cole can sustain his popularity with a typically fickle Hip Hop audience. One believes Cole laid the foundation for a long, successful career and his fan base will only grow. The other thinks the album is the first chapter in a story that ends with Hip Hop’s historically disloyal Stans turning their back on Cole once he becomes more successful.

The Appeal Of J. Cole

“And could I be a star / Does fame in this game have to change who you are / Or could I be the same one who came from a far away life / Just to make it in these Broadway lights…” –J. Cole, “A Star Is Born” by Jay-Z.

Lakeia: I think J. Cole is refreshing. In a landscape full of extremes (Louis Vuitton shopping, counting blood money or spouting political rhetoric), he steers clear away from gimmicks on his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story and latches on to something most rappers have forgotten about, reality. While reality is relative, there are a few common themes that we all contemplate and struggle with when left alone with our thoughts. Cole takes us to those places, and he does it without being corny.

J. Cole is not the first to do this. Most recently, there was Drake, who had the “feelings game” on lock but then went too far—sometimes losing the male (and even female, sheesh) audience with an overkill of emotions. Before him, Kanye shared pillow talk on wax. But somewhere along the road, probably on his way to the Hermes store in Beverly Hills, Kanye went a little left. His vulnerability is now often sandwiched between arrogance and superiority. He’ll give fans a little candor and take it right back, sort of like saying, “I’m vulnerable and conflicted, but dammit I’m rich so I’m still better than you.”

In the past two weeks, I’ve listened to Cole World: The Sideline Story countless times from top to bottom. On occasion, I skip a track (i.e. “Mr. Nice Watch” ) or play a few on repeat (“Rise and Shine” and “Sideline Story” are favorites). But I understand where Cole is coming from on each song. On each song he’s perfectly human. Perfectly flawed. Perfectly brilliant. I guess sometimes being on the sidelines ain’t so bad. You get to see the big picture.

Omar: In my opinion, some of his skills were showcased much better on his mixtapes than his album. In terms of raw talent, he possesses everything you look for in a superior emcee. I agree that Cole has managed to connect to a lot of his fans on a very personal level, which is much easier said than done. Would you agree or disagree that a lot of core members of Lauryn Hill’s, Lupe Fiasco’s and Kanye West’s audience felt just as emotionally connected before turning on those artists? I can see the same thing potentially happening with J. Cole.

When Stars And Fans Disconnect

“Just as Christ was a superstar / You stupid star / They’ll hail you then nail you / No matter who you are / They’ll make you now then take you down / And make you face it / If you slip the bag open put your pinky in it then taste it…” –Lauryn Hill “Superstar.”

Lakeia: No, I think Lauryn, Lupe and Kanye turned on their fans, not the other way around. Like Coca Cola in the 80’s, they made the mistake of switching the formula. All three artists completely shifted gears (but less so with Kanye) and ultimately left fans in neutral. Lauryn began as a funky, cool and socially conscious emcee, but by the time her “MTV Unplugged” performance aired, she had morphed into a one-string guitar, Country singer in a great deal of pain. Fans were confused and disappointed. On Lupe’s recent project, Lasers, he lacked direction. The emcee that once motivated us (to do something...anything) had traded in his backpack for a soapbox and produced music that seemed disjointed. Kanye veered off with 808’s & Heartbreak (though it seemed intentional), with an Auto-tune overkill and a different sound.

But I don’t think Kanye’s true fans ran away. And it’s for the same reason that J. Cole’s won’t either. Kanye’s talent is undeniable. There’s something special about him. He made such an impression early on that fans decided to hold their breath and wait for the old artist to resurface. If Cole continues with honest, clever and introspective music, fans will continue to support. And even if he switches up his style, Cole World has proven his artistry and separated him from the rest. Like the soft drink company, J. Cole will likely be able to regain the consumer’s trust.

Omar: In all of the above situations, I think we’re dealing with a problem of fans not being able to separate an artist from their art. Musicians shouldn’t totally expect us to, because they often exploit their personal narratives to add to their appeal. And this isn’t just limited to Hip Hop. Would Rock fans like Exile On Main Street as much without knowing about the Rolling Stones’ wars with the taxman? After hearing about John Coltrane’s struggles with substance abuse and his subsequent religious conversion, can a Jazz aficionado look at A Love Supreme objectively?

Ain’t No Love

“Yall can keep your weak beats from your corny producers / There’s a new king in the streets you’re gonna get used to / I was the old king in the streets that y’all once hated / But now I reinvented myself and y’all all waited…” –Nas, “The Cross.”

Omar: People liked Lupe’s soapbox politics on songs like “American Terrorist” and “Conflict Diamonds.” They only became a problem when he put President Obama in his crosshairs. Listeners also gravitated towards Lauryn Hill’s personal struggles, as long as they added up to a happy ending on wax. “I Used To” is a perfect example of her venting about being dogged by a no-good man, only to later turn that painful experience into a positive. But what happens when Brother Anthony and her husband, Rohan Marley, are those no-good men? Uh-oh…shit just got real. And real life is way too messy to fix within a four-minute song—even if Mary J. Blige is lending a hand. When L-Boogie’s personal issues spilled over into her art, fans were far less sympathetic. Fans had already turned their back on her, but breaking down during a subpar “Unplugged” performance made it a hell of a lot easier.

And I would agree with you that Kanye’s backlash was less severe than Lauryn’s or Lupe’s. While ‘Ye does occasionally suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome, his biggest misstep was either intentionally or unintentionally attempting to crossover to the rich, white fan that only occasionally likes Hip Hop. That works fine when you’re channeling Daft Punk and Takashi Murakami on Graduation. But there are a lot of rich, white occasional Hip Hop fans that like Taylor Swift too. Unapologetically bumrush her on stage, and see how long it takes for some of them to start calling you a nigger on Twitter—3, 2, 1…

As it concerns one Jermaine Cole, I think we got a brief glimpse of what’s to come with the singles “Work Out” and “Can’t Get Enough.” Friday Night Lights had the type of introspective, emotionally driven rhymes that make Cole a fan favorite, but it lacked a single. When the suits forced Cole into an uncomfortable, hollow Trey Songz collaboration, some backpackers cried foul. It’s a testament to Cole’s fans that the album has still done well despite neither of those songs being a “hit single” in the traditional sense of the term. “Can’t Get Enough” has appealed to the Pop charts, peaking at the number 48 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, while “Work Out” cracked the top 20 on the R&B/Hip Hop chart. Suppose Cole World: The Sideline Story goes platinum and J. Cole makes a lot of money touring. I can’t see him still rhyming about being too shy to approach unattainably attractive women while being a poor bill collector (“Dreams”). Fans in search of the next new artist with an intriguing back-story could easily turn on Cole once he starts rhyming about the trappings of his newfound success.

The Next Chapter

“Now take a look at how my lifestyle changed up / I’m on now goddammit / I done came up…” –50 Cent, “Poppin’ Them Thangs” by G-Unit.

Omar: Jay-Z’s career, style and approach to making single-driven albums completely changed after what many consider a classic debut with Reasonable Doubt. He lost some fans, but he gained way more than enough to offset the losses. Does the fact that Jay essentially groomed J. Cole benefit him in that regard?

Lakeia: That’s hard to say because I’m not privy to the personal or professional advice Jay has given Cole on the industry. And while I think Jay-Z is one of the best to ever do it, I’m not convinced that he knows how to groom artists—Rihanna excluded—or at least groom them into super star status. I love State Property as much as the next, but they’re not exactly selling out arenas.

Omar: Much like West and Hill, Cole aspires to be multi-dimensional. A big part of Cole’s success lies in his storytelling skills. Just because he graduates to a higher tax bracket than his initial fan base, do you think he’ll still be able to articulate their struggles through his third-person rhymes? Let’s assume the worst possible case scenario: J. Cole actually does run out of good things to rhyme about. I don’t think that will happen, but he’s hinted at a desire to do more work behind the boards as a producer. Judging from his work with Kendrick Lamar on “Hiii Powered,” would a second career as a successful emcee turned full-time producer like Kwame be a bad thing?

Lakeia: It’s a little early to tell, but I think Cole can win on both fronts. Again, Cole's authenticity and honesty is largely his appeal. Sure, his tune could literally change after a few private jet rides, some dealings with Ms. New Booty and a few overpriced dinners at Philippe’s. But if he remains sincere about those very experiences and what they really mean, we’ll still listen. We’ll still be able to relate. Just as we have done with other great artists with humble beginnings.

As far as Cole’s future as strictly a producer, Kanye did this too but just the other way around. In the end, all fans really want is talent, creativity and realness. Whichever way Cole decides to be all these things, whether behind the boards or on the mic, I think a large number of fans will remain. Though I must admit, I’d prefer for him to both produce for others and rhyme just like RZA, Havoc, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Large Professor and other greats have done.

Omar: Ultimately all of this is subjective. While it sounds really early to speculate on all of this, keep in mind that Lauryn’s audience turned on her before she could ever make a proper, second studio album as a soloist. And things got weird for West and Lupe on their third campaigns. Artists tend to release albums a lot more frequently now, as proven by the fact that Cole recently told Billboard magazine he plans to drop his sophomore album in roughly nine months. But none of the above is an indictment of the artists above or J. Cole for that matter. Maybe fans should just think twice before holding an artist up to such lofty, unreal expectations only to be disappointed when they fail to live up to a standard nobody possibly could.

Lakeia Brown is a freelance writer living in New York. Her work has appeared in publications and websites like Essence, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, New York Newsday and Theroot.com.

Omar Burgess is a Long Beach, California native who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and has  been an editor at HipHopDX since 2008. Follow him on Twitter @FourFingerRings.


  • Sir Rojo

    Lupe didn't turn his back on his fans. His label did. No I'll will to Lu. Hes the truth anyone who turned on him becaus of Lasers is a damn fake.

  • Henny Mayne

    For me... J. Cole's career has been comparable to Lebron James' on the hoop court....uber talent and potential to be the greatest....but he has yet to close the deal/ win the chip. In 08, while the world was enamered with Drake....I listened to J. Cole for the 1st time on the Warm Up and immediately thought "WOW...this kid could be the next one" The Delivery, the concepts, the bars...it pretty much defined everything i was looking for in an Emcee......clever wordplay, meaningful and well thought out songs, and the ability to spaz out on a beat to prove he was coming for the #1 Spot. A friend of mine called my phone and said "Yo....I think people are checkin for the wrong light skinned nigga (Drake) Cole is a problem" LOL But at the end of the day...... I feel Sideline Story was a good effort......but a dissappointment at the same time. When you hear Friday Night Lights...its sounded like he was ready to take the next step to greatness on his debut. Dont get me wrong...the album has undeniable joints (sideline story, rise and shine) But there's a point where it becomes pretty monotnous and uninspired. I have no problem with production sounding similar...I love albums with a Cohesive sound.....but he has songs that sound exactly the same. There's isnt a song that on the album that i hear and say "I gotta run that back RIGHT NOW" And how many times is he gonna use the "Sallie Mae" line. It just left a lot to be desired. With that said, i totally expect Cole to separate himself from the rest of the rap game and put out a CLASSIC on his next effort. Then again, I also expected Bron to have won 3 chips by this point in his career...so only time will tell. i think the fact the people actually like Cole as a person is the reason why people are so huge on this album. They are rooting for him to win. But to be honest...Sideline Story is solid......but its FAR FORM GREAT....And of the younger class of rappers that have come out...(wale, cudi, krit, drake, kendrick lamar) he has the worst debut album of all of them I do kno this....if he's relying on Jay to teach him how to be a star.... then he's got another thing coming.

    • Mohammed

      See I don't agree with some this. While I thought Friday Night Lights was a great mixtape it was all over the place. I feel Sideline Story is very well rounded. You had you're deep storytelling tracks, the introspective personal tracks, the lyrical songs and the more mainstream oriented tracks. I enjoy this album a lot. It's better than Friday Night Lights. Oh I don't agree with this being the worst debut of the young class of rappers. When you have songs has sincere and honest as Breakdown, Lost Ones you seriously can't say that. Those two songs alone blow most of those albums out of water. The only debut that was better was Kendrick Lamar's Section 80. The rest of those debuts you mentionned are not touching Cole World at all.

  • The B

    KOOL G. RAP is the best lyricist/storyteller ever!!

  • Anonymous

    part of realising on a major label is that u got to produce radio frendley singles dude ddnt sell out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Bryant

    I think Lupe's big mistake is becoming a diva. Being so upset with leaks and then not following through with mixtapes, thinking he is above the hustle that is apart of the music industry nowadays. F&L was nearly a classic, The Cool almost on the same level, but don't get too ahead of yourself Lupe.

    • 2dope

      F & L nearly a classic? That album is one the greatest rap albums to ever drop. PERIOD. You can put The Cool up there too. PERIOD.

  • Anonymous

    You shout out to Cole da alabums dope its worth every penny.Dude brings back re-lation to rapping 99% of his songs you can relate to the STORIES he tells.Niggers r busy listn to yonkers black and yellow and all dat bullSHITT, dan say dats real hip hop what the fuuuuckk my 13 year old little brotherv can do dat shit 2.Defference to an EmCee nd a Rapper is dat A rapper moves radio stations and publishers who decide what whe listn 2 but an EmCee moves not only the crowd but your way of thinking 2.Dis dude is the first EmCee to go commercial since lupe.4get Tyler Wiz those dudes wont even b rememberd in 5 years time cause dey sell singles not knowledge.

  • King of Kingz

    P.S Oooh and one last thing.....FUCK what TV, Radio and any other Rating stations say - dont y'all know they manipulate the numbers????? YOu need to speak up!!! YOU...the fan...the music buyer....the ordinary dude....girl....small...fat..skinnny....Black...white....Yellow..Pink....YOU! The fans decide what comes out...realise that these labels decide what's put out...which ultimately means they decide what you listen to!!! That's why HipHop needs to be privatized!!! Where's Russel Simmons when you need a real Rap Fan!

  • King of Kingz

    Anybody who knows what I write, knows I try n bring it as real as possible, but my man HipHop Fan below me has said it all!!! Dude me and you need to be the new editors of this site! My man sheds light on the main issues in HipHop right now. Its so true...Cole brings substances back...he brings wait for it......QUALITY..... back. I've been saying this shit for so long...on every article that comes out on this site about Cole, coz I've been following this guy since the beginning. I liked his album.....its not a classic, how can it be now...its his first! Reasonable Doubt barely went Gold, now it's considered a classic. But thats not tha point. The point it this dude...actually put in "work". He gave us just like "HipHop Fan" said, he brought story telling back. Yes S-T-O-R-Y T-E-L-L-I-N-G!!! Something that alot of rappers need to go back opn and alot of NEW hiphop fans need to be educated on!The real problem I feel is that HipHop will always be a Young Persons Genre...it will always target and cater to the youth. It becomes HUGE problem for real artists and real fans when these young fan are not educated on real Rap music and Real Hiphop. I wouldn't want anything to change about J.Cole. And I hope that if dude reads this or anything like this that he remembers why his fans really have his back and why they did from the beginning, coz nigga is original. He is authentic. And shiiiiit...he produces his OWN shit. Everybody looking to get this superstar producer on...that producer on...charge you over 100G's for a track...and it turns out to be some club shit that should be playing in Ibiza. GTFO, Cole needs to stay as he is....HipHop needs to become more real before we loose it and fans???? Y'all young muthafuckaz need to check your shit...if you say you listen to rap music....LISTEN TO RAP MUSIC!!!If you wanna be cool with whats in and what all your lil friends at skool listen to ...to be "included"....then dont talk rap music! To the labels.....LOL....there's nothing to say top y'all...Hiphop needs to be privatized by its legends and not by corporate companies whose percentage stack in Universal, Time Warner or whever makes only 6% of their business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I love hip hop more than any other genre of music; past, present and I'm sure future. For whatever mood I may be in, I can find a song that I can relate to, pick me up or simply just sit back and chill too. Sure, I can and will be negative about what I currently hear coming out of my radio, over-exhausted dance floor (c)rap where over and over I hear about how many drinks someone can put in the air or how quick there gonna get to the party, with all their $$$$$$. Artists such as Pitbull, in my opinion, are an absolute disgrace to everything that is hip-hop. I don't even know how this guy can call himself a rap artist when he is nothing more than an overproduced, talentless, generic popstar in an awful suit, who almost makes me cringe to watch in any of his 'music' videos. He has no passion, relevance or connection to anything other than drinks, fast women and money. I know that this is not just my opinion and is shared by a huge majority of real hip hop fans who are still appreciative when a real artist comes along to help us regain some of that trust lost in the 'Pitbulls' of the industry. I just can't understand why, when an artist like J. Cole comes along with a solid, 'breath-of-fresh-air', inspiring and enlightening debut album, there are so many 'real' hip hop fans that are so quick to jump on and criticise, with often nothing more than a generic 'this is shit' comment. Ok, its not fair to call Cole World a classic, and your never going to satisfy everyone's opinion, but the album brings back storytelling, something that is lost in today's party anthems, if that's what your want to call them, and you can actually appreciate the effort that's gone into the song writing and the time taken to paint a picture so the audience can relate and understand. Is this not what rap is about??? And the fact that much of the album is self produced, and Cole hasn't had to guarantee commercial success by drafting in some big time produced who can pack a dance floor with there heavy dance influenced beat, for me just adds to the appeal and overall appreciation. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this, especially on these comment pages, is either stolen by some idiot with no real knowledge or overwhelmed by a sea of negativity. Hip hop gets people talking a I love the debate it brings, but I can't stand the hatred it brings because of small minded dickheads (excuse of finding a better word) who haven't and probably won't ever have the sense to put forward an input or opinion that can actually be appreciated. Like I said everyone's entitled to their own opinion, of which this is just mine.


    I truly don't want j.cole to change and I fear the money will change him next thing u know he will be rapping about his billions and then it's over for him

  • DJ HDliketheTV

    Honestly though I frequent read what blogs & magazines have to say I must say that ratings do not matter at all. It could be a 74.6 today but 5 years down the road when we look back we could give it a 99.9...

  • real life vs fake life

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    • @cmon

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    • C'omon son Keep it real

      I doubt you get pussy, you wouldn't have all this time to write essay after essay in the comment section of a hiphop article, when you don't even listen too hiphop or buy albums. you have literally written an hour worth of comments, and the sad part is your saying the same thing over and over. I dont know if you noticed but, no'one cares about anything you have said stop wasting your life.

  • @D3

    I'm going to get pussy AND tell the assholes on tv to fuck off. That is what I do. Every day. No movie since 1995, no album since 1996, no concert since 1994, no ballgame since 1998, no plane flight since 1998. I tell them all to go fuck off. And I get pussy as well, that is what I do best. And then I go to a restuarunt with good people and I eat a fuckin meal, and I use the extra money to help people. I don't feed the assholes on tv. I certainly don't need assholes on tv to get me pussy either.

  • paying assholes

    they are going to use the money to buy military equipment and rule people by force. They are going to buy high tech equipment and spy on everyone and control and monitor everything people do in their lives. That is where the money is going when you pay assholes on tv. These assholes got 100-1000 times the money you got and you think shit is going to be all happy go lucky happy fun ball with them and they are helping people? No. Why do you think assholes are on tv, and have 100-1000 times the money you got in the first place and they are still on tv trying to get more money? Because they want to rule by force, and they need the money to rule by force. Tell them to fuck off.

  • paying assholes on tv

    They are gonna take the money and buy military equipment and security personnel so they can rule people by force. The music/movie money will put them over the top, that is how they will do it. with your consent, all the while making you feel like you were "entertained". So don't pay these assholes. Where do you think the money is going? It is going towards checkpoints, guns, wars, security, military equipment and gadgets that will blow the whole fucking planet away. Don't let these assholes get away with this shit. Tell them to fuck off. Those stupid assholes on tv.

  • wake up

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  • Daniel

    I'm not even going to read this article. I'm just going to say shut the fuck up, because you don't know shit. Who the fuck are you to talk about someones future, and speak for the millions of other people in the world who you don't fucking know. Listen to the fucking music and enjoy it. That's what it's fucking here for. Not for some dicks who could never do half of what j cole has done to talk about it and bring down the artist who dedicated his life to making it. You fucking people are why hip hop is so fucked up today and why there is so much hate in the industry. If anyone is deciding j coles future, it's him and his loyal fans, not blogging assholes who think they speak for the entire population. k i'm done, but fuck!

    • @Dan

      your post makes no sense. You can listen to music and enjoy it or not listen to music and enjoy. And by the way that is not why the music is there. The music is there to distract you from what is really going on in the world, and if these rich assholes can profit off of the music to fuck over the public then they will do with concert/album sales. Making the public think they are happy, all the while getting money from them wich further restricts what the public can do in the economony in the future. Hip hop is fucked up because society is fucked up and some of the people in hip hop use hip hop to fuck over society and it has nothing to do with hip hop, they just use hip hop as a front, they use music as a front, when in reality they want to work with elites and fuck everybody else over. Loyal fans are dick suckers that ruin other people's opportunities by paying rich assholes they see on tv, instead of using the money to help people.

  • bob

    who on here talkin about brainwashing and wake up its almost 2012 hahaha wtf. go too a conspiracy theory Illuminati website no one comes here to hear that shit we talk about hiphop here partna.

  • you are dumb

    And what are you dumb asses doing saying we're all being "brainwashed". Sure feels like you're the ones doing the brainwashing....Just let people listen to and buy what they want...stop telling them they're being brainwashed just because they found something they like and actually feel a real attachment to. All the annoying bloggers and "people against enjoying themselves idealists" need to stop being so hypocritical and let music be what it is to each individual. Much love to J. Cole zk dd

    • @you

      You make no sense. You don't let people buy what they want if they are paying the assholes you see on tv. THE TV AND MEDIA ARE CORRUPT AND FUCKING EVERYONE ELSE OVER. So don't pay them, stop feeding them. They are a group that works together with other rich assholes. Many of these rich assholes work with each other and have the us vs them mentality. They want to screw over the public. The more rich assholes that make money in music or movies, add that in with the other rich assholes in business and stuff and the money stays right with those rich assholes, it doesn't go back to the people. You don't pay assholes on tv, period. That is what is fucking everyone else over. Its like being a prisoner in a jail, and the cops are making movies and putting out albums to entertain the prisoners. Just say for example that the prisoners aren't actually bad people and didn't do anything wrong, they are only there because the cops have control over everyone. You want the prisoners to pay the cops? You want the prisoners to laugh and be "entertained" by these assholes when they are sitting in an 8x10 and did nothing wrong while these assholes get to go outside and do anything they want? You want the prisoners to be happy and pay these assholes? Hell No. so wake up. The shit on tv is a trap they are using that shit to fuck everyone else over. But they can't do it without your consent so tell them to fuck off. You can like the shit without paying for it, you can take it as art without paying for it. But once they get YOUR money, YOU are not getting it back, and neither is any other regular person when it comes to paying assholes on tv.

  • brainwashing

    "SUPPORT what sounds good to you. SUPPORT what feels right to YOU." These comments are 100% brainwashing. You don't support what sounds good to you, you don't support what feels right to you. YOU GET THE PROPER INFORMATION AND THEN YOU DO THE RIGHT THING. Money is not about how it sounds or how it feels, it is about knowing what the fuck is going on in the world.

    • @D3

      Hey D3 am I trying to take your money? No. So don't call me a hater. And taking a girl to a movie or listening to a song has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with getting pussy. You don't need media to get pussy, wtf. I don't have customers dude, I would never sell shit to someone to make a buck. If you pay me, guarantee you get something in return. It is not about people selling stuff to make a living. It is THE CORRUPTION ON TV AND IN THE MEDIA. Don't feed it, that's it. They are gonna take the money and look to build armies and exterminate people in the future. Don't feed it. Stop feeding the TV. Stop feeding the media. I'm not talking about other ways to make money, I'm not talking about the philosophy of life, or business, or school or education. I'm talking strictly about the assholes on tv. Stop paying them, don't feed them. Ever. The money fucks over regular people. They are rich assholes, don't pay them. Don't pay the assholes you see on tv. Don't feed these assholes. Everything else in life I'm not sitting here and making judgements and philosophies on. I'm telling you one thing. You see the assholes on TV? They are trying to sell you junk, right? Don't buy it, stop feeding them, stop feeding these assholes. People are getting killed and mad shit is going on and you are telling me to relax. Yeah I'm relaxed, no doubt, don't worry about me. But not when it comes to these assholes on tv. They are assholes, stop feeding them.

    • D3

      You're absolutely right. My bad. Using Food and clothes in comparison to music was my bad. But how about the painter who says "buy my work of art because I put time and effort into it. The author who is promoting his or her book on TV who says "buy my book. It is a collection of my thoughts and imagination that I think you'll enjoy" Movies, books, music, TV period is about profit. Now Im the first to say in ANY circle that TV is poison. But what you're saying is on some hater type angry at the media type shit... Just relax lol And a product that can be resold? If you you burned J. Cole album on a blank disc Im sure it some knucklehead who aint heard it who will buy it from you for $5. And sir, if you could fart on a track and sell it. Who am I to knock you for creating a hustle of your own. If you know a goof ball that will purchase that for $19.99, calling you an idiot is my opinion but wont stop your customers. And calling your customers "sheep" and "brainwashed" is knocking your grind. "What you eat don't make me shit" - Jay-Z All this "asshole on tv" stuff makes you sound angry. Take a girl to a nice movie, on the ride there listen to some cool music, and get some pussy. Dont let the media get you all aggy man

  • @D3

    Q:"Why not support the mainstream pop/hiphop/rap artist that I can see with my own eyes?" A:Because they are assholes on tv, and if they got on tv, they obviously got there because the higher ups want them there. They got on tv because they are self destructive to the public. If they had a message to help people and help the public the assholes who run the tv would take them off the air, and you wouldn't be seeing them on tv. Q:"I support execs, CEOs, and figures that I cannot see and will probably NEVER see and so do you." That does not mean that paying additional assholes you see on tv is right. That doesn't make it right. I don't want to pay these ceos execs that I don't see either, but if it is a necessary item like food or clothes, I will be forced to purchase some of it just to survive. If I can avoid it alltogher I will make the best opportunity to do so. You DO NOT need movies or music to survive, and just because there are other assholes out there not on tv that do the same thing it is not an EXCUSE to pay even more additional assholes you see on tv. Yeah no duh there are ceos and execs screwing people over, that DOES NOT MEAN that it is ok for additional assholes to be on tv trying to brainwash you and corrupt you.

  • DO NOT pay assholes on tv

    it is a trap. don't pay these assholes.

  • @fado

    Yes you are a sheep if you buy mainstream media albums, because that is exactly what these assholes want you to do. You are being a slave to them. You think it is dope, well guess what nobody is forcing you to pay. So think it is dope, that is not the point. The point is forking over the dough. These assholes need people like you to make money. They need brainwashed people to send them money. They are not giving back a goddam thing, stop posting nonsense. They give you what they WANT to give you,, not what you request, or what your ideas are. It is 100% their idea, what goes into the next album, not yours. and these motherfuckers can get into the studio any goddam time they want, so you aren't helping them create music, they are gonna make the fucking music anyway. Nobody is bitching, you are being givin proper information to make proper decisions. these people are assholes. tell them to fuck off. they are hating on you because they want your money. that is what haters do, they take your fucking money by deception. If I don't buy mainstream albums and you do I am better than you in that area, because I am not giving these assholes money. I will keep the money for myself and help out people. That is all I fuckin do. I help out people. I go into small business and pay cash everyday I do not buy from these rich assholes. If it something necessary like food, clothes, rent, or gas I try as much as possible to avoid it. There is no difference between a rich gas asshole and a rich music asshole, they both fuck over society. The music can be 100% avoided, the gas is difficult to avoid though you can definetly limit it. So wake up, I am taking YOUR side over this rich asshole. I am supporting YOU over this rich asshole, so don't back mr. rich asshole over me, man I am a real person, I ain't no asshole on tv trying to take your money. I will support YOU if you are a regular person over this rich asshole every day of the week, so I do not want to hear you supporting this rich asshole over me because I am a regular person.

    • @fado

      your post again makes no goddam sense. stop payin the assholes on tv is the point, you completely changed the subject.

    • Fado

      This is a mixed market economy, buy clothes? your a consumer. buy food from the store? your a consumer. You bought a computer that you are using too lecture people on a hiphop website? you are a consumer. By simply living in this country you are a hypocrite. MOVE TOO RURAL CHINA YOU WILL BE HAPPY THEIR.

    • @fado

      This is not the land of the consumer. It is the land of assholes on tv, tricking you into taking your money in the name of entertainment so they can take the money and rule people by force with expensive high tech equipment. The land of the consumer is a textbook line that you read in a textbook in school. It is not real. That is not what is going on.

    • @fado

      I do not understand again what you posted. Very simple: Media is corrupt, the assholes you see on tv are corrupt, so don't pay them. That's it. Nothing else to this. If you pay them you are further fucking everyone else over because they use the money to fuck over people. They are gonna take this movie/music money and build military force with it so they can exterminate people in the future. Not tomorrow, not next year, but 20-50 years from no you don't know. So it is not worth it. And yes the people here are brainwashed, they follow too much media. They don't know what is really going on, unless they find out from alternative media. Not the crap you see on tv.

    • Fado

      obviously helping out the little guy makes you happy, which is good, but don't shit on what brings other peoples happiness just cus a percentage of there $10 is going too "assholes", by doing so the ironic thing is you yourself become an asshole.

    • Fado

      yo do you even like hiphop?, why are you on this site no one agrees with you, although I can respect your non conformist attitude WAKE UP YOU LIVE IN AMERICA THIS IS THE LAND OF THE CONSUMER, If you are satisfied with a basic lifestyle of necessities move too rural china. We arnt brainwashed because we are aware of what we are doing, im not ignorant too where my money is going with any purchase. Its cool you buy from small business and ect, but hop of your holy then though soapbox , IM HERE ONCE I MAKE MY OWN MONEY I GET TO BUY MUSIC OR MOVIES OR ANYTHING I THINK WILL MAKE MY LIFE MORE ENJOYABLE WHILE IM HERE. Your outlook on how people should live is very un practical. There have been times I have considered suicide, I have had really dark thoughts, their have been times when I have been deeply depressed, MUSIC saved me from that, Tupac ft.Scarface - smile , Eminem - sing for the moment, Im an artist music is what makes me happy, so yes I spend $10 to cop an album. You shouldn't assume how much money someone leaving comments on here makes or if hes "regular". SHIT MONEY NOW DIVIDES PEOPLE MORE THEN RELIGION AND RACE.

    • @d3

      your post makes no sense. You do not support assholes on tv, period case closed. Food, clothes, shelter, gas at one time or another to survive you are most likely going to have to buy some of it. You can still limit it though and make smarter choices to avoid the big time assholes. You are talking about snickers, I don't buy that shit dude it is candy, fuck it. You are talking about polo shirts, I don't buy that shit dude, ain't payin more than $10 for a t-shirt, I ain't payin no $60 for a shirt, that is ludicrous. You need a bunch of shirts throughout your life you are going to have to buy a bunch of them, you start spending $60 for each t-shirt that is stupid. Paying assholes on tv can be 100% avoided. You don't pay them period. Its not about supporting what sounds good to you, it is about doing the right thing. Music is NOT a product. It is an imaginary, brainwashing technique to get money from young brainwashed followers. If I make fart noises and sell it to you is it a product? NO. Neither is music. A product is something you can consume or resell at the same price or invest in. Food is a product, clothes are products, houses are products. Music is NOT a product. It is just some shit assholes make up and then make you think you need it. You don't need it, so don't buy it. IF YOU DON'T NEED IT DON'T BUY IT. That is the best advice. Nobody needs music or movies, or assholes on TV. NOBODY.

    • D3

      Why not support the mainstream pop/hiphop/rap artist that I can see with my own eyes? I support execs, CEOs, and figures that I cannot see and will probably NEVER see and so do you. You bought that Snicker right? You lacing someones pockets at MARS candy. Oh shit you drink that Vitamin Water on the regular huh? Someone at the Coca Cola company appreciates you taking the time to drink a beverage that you had no say so in how it was prepared or produced. That Polo shirt gone guarantee that a few females in the club gone give you the eye right? Ralph Lauren says "thanks for you $59.99 for this shirt you did not help design or sew. The POINT is... These ppl make music. It is a product. They want their product to sell just like you would if you owned or produced something yourself. If WE cant support someone who is selling a product that dont need are say so in the creation process... Then we cant walk in Kroger, WalMart, Macys, AutoZone, Family Dollar, etc. SUPPORT what sounds good to you. SUPPORT what feels right to YOU. That's better and smarter advice.

  • no such thing

    there is no such thing as a debate about the future of this asshole. It is a made up story that the media prints to make gullable people believe in nonsense. It is all made up by the media. Nobody gives a fuck about some rich asshole with media connections. If you do you are downright brainwashed sheep ruining you and your kids futures.

  • stop with the bullshit

    can you people stop with the bullshit. All these assholes on tv, they are trying to TAKE your money for NOTHING, and give you NOTHING in return but the false idea that you are "entertained". Then the money goes to these rich assholes to make it harder for you and your family and your kids future to make money. You are paying these assholes you are fucking over you kids, because now the economy will be even worse for them. There is NO SUCH THING as supporting some asshole you see on tv. They can get into the studio anytime they want, they are not going to go broke or hungry, and there isn't a goddam thing you can do to save them from being broke out on the street and unable to get into a studio. THEY ARE GOING TO GET INTO THE FUCKIN STUDIO ANYTIME THEY WANT. So "support" regular people. Give the money to regular people. Stop ruining society and believing all the bullshit the media spits at you. The media is a tool for rich assholes to get advertising and create fake awards and accolades to make them "win" at something. That is what the media does. It advertises for rich assholes because they want more brainwashed teenagers to fork over more dough. So wake the fuck up, tell these assholes to fuck off. Use your money for yourself or for people you know personally or are NOT on tv, because you are fucking over society and your kids future if you believe the bullshit with these assholes on tv.

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • DR Jam

    This Tweeter generation is too impatient. So what Cole World was a mega success? He needs to grown and take advantage of his strong foundation. I like Cole, I bought the album, and listen to it every day when driving, and even though I prefer Lamar's Section.80, I think they are both great. I don't think Cole's album is an instant classic, and I do think that it could be better, more focused, instead of sometimes feel like a hodgepodge. People need to enjoy the art, and hope that the artists evolves. Cole, be patient, and tone down the mix tapes.I feel like a few songs from that mixed tape should have made the album.

    • @dr jam

      nobody gives a fuck, you want to spend your time on someone? spend time on someone to help them out, not pay a rich asshole you saw on tv.

  • Mix Tapes


  • Fado

    people are putting too much on radio hits. yall have that "cole is desperately searching for a hit record" mentality and I disagree. I don't think cole himself makes songs with the mindset what can I do to make a hit,he gets in their with the mindset lets make some good music and if this is a hit cool. If he was focused on numbers like that he would of got more features on his album. The label has that we need hits mentality. 10 YEARS FROM NOW PEOPLE WONT CARE WHAT WAS GETTING THE MOST RADIO PLAY,they will care what the BEST MUSIC OF THIS ERA WAS. ALL 5 SINGLES FROM ILLMATIC DIDN'T DO WELL ON THE CHARTS. Illmatic sold 59,000 its first week, souljaboys first album sold 949,000. SALES AND HIT SINGLES DONT MATTER, MUSICAL LONGEVITY DOES PEOPLE WONT BE LISTENING TOO RACKS ON RACKS IN 5 years. peace....

    • @fado

      who gives a fuck, get a life, stop sucking somebody else's cock

    • DeZ

      When you think of hit records you're probably thinking of Racks, Oh Lets Do It, and club/radio. But Dear Mama, Hard Knock Life, One Mic, I Can, Keep Your Head Up, Skys the Limit, Ms Jackson, etc were hit records that A) did not alienate core fans B) considered real hip hop with real introspective lyrics C) did not seem forced or label induced. You mean to tell me that if I put your favorite artist in a good label position to make GOOD music for 2 years that he cant produce a record that will be accepted by the masses??? Honestly, Cole World was flawed in many ways. EVERY chorus/hook was horrible (and I dare you to prove me wrong). Maybe not the words at times but the execution was bad every time. His verses and subjects and beat selection were on point I cant knock that. But the main reason his album is hit-less is the hooks are not good. 50, Drake (when he isnt crooning the full song), even Ross are always doing good to decent hooks. When I play your record, I have to hear that 1st verse. ONCE. that 2nd verse. ONCE. But while Im listening to that song... I hear that hook damn near THREE times usually. It dont have to be sloppy and repetitive like Gucci Mane, But execute it well. It's easy to say he does not want a hit because he does not have one. But Im sure early in Lupe's career... he would have been still considered a lyrical beast without Kick Push and Superstar. But, I bet he is damn sure glad those songs brightened his star power

  • dukecityspecialist

    Good read. Im gonna be totally honest. I was one of the million stans that had such lofty expectations of j cole because he set the bar high for himself. I dont want to judge him on what everyone else hasnt done or didnt do. But what he is clearly capable of and well... The sideline story was a let down for me. A lot of it was redundant in the sense that it was a very typical major label release. COuple of questionable collabs with feeble attempts to obtain radio play thorugh regurgitating the same content over and over again. For real thoough, just liek the writer said can we really expect anything that different from artists in the same played out situations?

  • weswes

    how the fuck u gon try to dictate this dudes career already? wtf.. let the nigha be. ONE album and they're already predicting shit....ill tell u what needs to stop. all these damn mix tapes. half assed music. then its embarrasing when people like your mixtapes better than ur album...and why would u waste ur rhyhmes for free? then ur all burnt out come album time. keep all the music to urself then u got awhole bunch of material to choose from...

  • Fuck you

    J cole steals beats, that nigga didnt produce all "16 of 18" joints Never told *cough cough* nor did no id produce mr nice watch, *cough cough* have fun settlin out of court.

  • mindrelated

    It is amazing that people on here are saying J Cole is not good or lyrical but his peers and some of the artist you all like the most say otherwise. Nas, Royce, Em, Banks Kendrick, Lupe, Jay-Z, B.O.B, T.I. and more have all given props to J Cole for his talents, story telling and lyrical ability. The dude has skills and so what he does not have what the radio considers a hit record but he makes songs with substance and quality. The fact that a song makes it to the radio does not mean it is a hit or even a good song. Now a days I am not even sure if the songs being on the radio have anything to do with the lyrical content but more so the beat. People have turned Hip-Hop into an instrumental contest because people will hate a song simply based on the beat.

    • @fado

      your post makes no goddam sense, stop speculating, and accept what was written

    • Fado

      ^ ^ is this guy a mad rapper who didnt make it into the game? lol. your talking reckless. going into the studio and running your mouth is not a skill?, I want to see you make a Kendrick quality song. And the biggest lie I have read is a computer can make anybody sound good. That's almost true for singers but shit auto tuned singing voices make your songs sound generic. Are you even a HipHop fan? Cus you come off as being an former rapper who got dropped from a label and now your hating on some of the most talented artist in the game.

    • @mind

      I don't give a fuck what those morons say, they're all assholes, they all have plenty of money, none of them are starving or out of work. AND they work with media to get their mug on tv, so FUCK EM. plain and simple. Of course they are going to say the guy is good, because they do the same shit that dude does. The people who sell the music are the haters. The people who buy it are brainwashed sheep. The people who tell both parties to stick it up their ass are real life heroes. And everybody has skills at something. Going into the studio and running your mouth is not a skill. Andybody can do it. The computer analyzation and the sound effects you create with the equipment is what makes you sound good. The computer can make anybody sound good and make anybody have skills. So stop trying to fool people so you have an extra couple of bucks to buy an extra couple of cans of caviar.

  • sheep=buy music

    buy music=sheep sell music=haters

  • wake the fuck up

    assholes who sell music=haters. assholes who charge you for bullshit=haters assholes on tv=haters assholes who advertise for the morons you see on tv=haters people who give money to less fortunate to help them=good people people who tell mainstream media to stick it up their ass=good people.

  • fan=slave

    fan=slave people who buy music from rich assholes=brainwashed. rich assholes who sell music=haters morons who charge you for bullshit=haters people who work with mainstream media=haters the assholes you see on tv=haters. the assholes working with the elites=haters

  • fan=slave

    fan of rich asshole=slave remain loyal=sucking dick artist=pawn album=bullshit noise supporting=dick in mouth

  • DjShowtymemusic

    S/O to Lakeia Brown and Omar Burgess. That was a refreshing, honest debate which helped illuminate the future of socially conscious rappers who can connect with their audience. Great Article.

  • niiiice

    i bar is da man.. just checkd out ur shit.. i liked ur myspace page on facebook.. keep it up homie

  • SoulAssasin1983

    Being a fan is so gay! Check out i Bar's song iFan... its about not being a fan of anyone but yourself... just google it iFan i Bar (i Bar is one word)

    • @1983

      exactly, being a fan is called being a dick sucker, because you have been influenced by bullshit you saw on the big screen. Stop being fan of some rich asshole. Be a fan of some kid who doesn't have enough money for clothes or food or something.

  • David Jones

    And Kanye West is pillow talk? I can't believe I read the rest of this article. SMH

  • David Jones

    The Journalist should really choose his words more carefully. The second I read the words, J.Cole and Lukewarm Reception" I almost stopped reading. Cole has generally Favorable reviews and it is almost universally agreed upon an above average album. Hip Hop DX already messed up by giving Cole's album a 3.5... I didn't know whether to Lol or stop viewing Hip Hop DX's album reviews which are never really accurate or congruent with the everyday fans point of view.

  • Anonymous

    ''Want my old shit, buy my old album''

  • Big C

    Jesus can the man put out a goddamn rookie album? I got all excited when I saw the article just to realize it was about J.Cole's fans or non-fans or whatever. I hated on DX compared J.Cole compared to Kanye and Lauren. When those people switched (I still like their music) they had suffered tramatic events in their lives. Kanye had lost his mom and his future wife broke it off with him, he made 808's to express himself, but then he went right back to the old Kanye (idk if that a good thing lol). I guess what I'm trying to say is just listen to the music and if you like, buy it. If you dont, then dont.

    • @big c

      DO NOT BUY IT PERIOD, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Give the fuckin money to a kid who can't buy food or clothes, if you are going to throw money away. Stop spending money on mainstream media outlets and rich assholes. Wake the fuck up its almost 2012.

    • brup brup bruuuuup

      i bar is da realest

    • SoulAssasin1983

      i Bar's got the official iAnthem for the 2011 Halloween season! Check out my video Nightmare for a spooky good time! Google "Nightmare i Bar" (i Bar is one word)

  • Frank

    Lets see i hope he lasts hes good for hiphop!

  • Jacob Lopez

    Wow ! WTF ! J. Cole is one of the best out right now !

  • A4$

    like Jigga said "There aint no love in the the heart of the city!"

    • Anonymous

      Lasers is much better than people make it out to be, the lyrics were still there.

    • Days Of The Blue.

      Lupe ain't a sell out. He still had meaning on his songs at least. Everyone going crazy on how poppy it sounds. Though I do admit it's his worse album.

    • Speak Da Truth

      I'm almost certain Jigga wasn't the first to say that. Wasn't it a sample? Cole is just gonna be another sell out like Lupe. I don't see him being a real artist. Just another puppet in the business. Say good bye to artistic freedom. I hope I'm wrong. Cole World was about 3.5/5 for me. His best 2 beats to date, in my opinion, HiiiPower on Kendrick Lamars joint, and Temptations which hasn't come out yet. Those are the kind of beats he shoulda used on his solo joint. If he can stick with that sound, then he'll make a liar out of me. Let's hope so.

  • Jay

    Lukewarm? mostly every review i saw was between 3.5-4.5 stars fuck u mean? lol i give it a 4 but there were a lot of 4-5 star albums this year so idk how id rank it

  • so

    just because Hiphopdx gave it a 3.5/5, it means he recieved "lukewarm" reception. Get the fuck over yourselves, DX.

  • Fado

    lol, "brainwashing tactics", its called if the album is wack I wont buy it if the album is dope I will.

  • Fado

    the "rich asshole" plays a part in the releasing of the music and deserves to be payed, people who don't know how the industry works using a cliche argument about stick it too the man should sit down. Yes most of the money from album sales goes too the record label and distributors. The money that goes too the record label is then recycled into employment payments, not just the man whos at the top, but the nice lady that works at the front desk, the people that stay up for hours straight thinking of ways too promote the album, the people that jump through hoops to get the samples for the album cleared and many other people like you and me that work, the industry is a machine and isn't this overly simplified the man is pulling all the strings situation. Artist make most of their money by doing shows and through sponsors, dont worry about if the artist is making money directly through album sales their making money (obviously) touring all around the world. Buying an artist album is supporting that artist, I dont mind if my money goes too the people that support the artist I enjoy listening too. (and neither does the artist read the last pages of the sideline story booklet where he thanks half the people at his label) Dont judge people you don't know, there are some assholes in the industry but its not like how some of yall are making it seem. Dont listen too 1 immortal technique song and get all righteously indigent towards the industry lol, fucking sheep gather the facts and draw your own conclusions.

    • @fado

      Yes you are a sheep if you buy mainstream media albums, because that is exactly what these assholes want you to do. You are being a slave to them. You think it is dope, well guess what nobody is forcing you to pay. So think it is dope, that is not the point. The point is forking over the dough. These assholes need people like you to make money. They need brainwashed people to send them money. They are not giving back a goddam thing, stop posting nonsense. They give you what they WANT to give you, not what you request, or what your ideas are. It is 100% their idea, what goes into the next album, not yours. and these motherfuckers can get into the studio any goddam time they want, so you aren't helping them create music, they are gonna make the fucking music anyway. Nobody is bitching, you are being givin proper information to make proper decisions. these people are assholes. tell them to fuck off. they are hating on you because they want your money. that is what haters do, they take your fucking money by deception. If I don't buy mainstream albums and you do I am better than you in that area, because I am not giving these assholes money. I will keep the money for myself and help out people. That is all I fuckin do. I help out people. I go into small business and pay cash everyday I do not buy from these rich assholes. If it something necessary like food, clothes, rent, or gas I try as much as possible to avoid it. There is no difference between a rich gas asshole and a rich music asshole, they both fuck over society. The music can be 100% avoided, the gas is difficult to avoid though you can definetly limit it. So wake up, I am taking YOUR side over this rich asshole. I am supporting YOU over this rich asshole, so don't back mr. rich asshole over me, man I am a real person, I ain't no asshole on tv trying to take your money. I will support YOU if you are a regular person over this rich asshole every day of the week, so I do not want to hear you supporting this rich asshole over me because I am a regular person.

    • @fado

      mad at what? This is a comment on a post it isn't mad or happy it is literature. You can listen to music almost anywhere and plenty of it is free so your post makes no sense. People don't earn a salary every time, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Not every single dollar that someone has is 100% earned, every single time. Plenty of people make money through CORRUPTION. Plenty of people make money the right way then get it stolen from them through CORRUPTION. You are wasting your time speculating about me, you know nothing about me, this is literature a comment on a post. It is not personal, because you cannot match the comment to the face so, wake up. Again your post makes no sense and completely misses the point. Plenty of people need to buy gas to live or support their life. NOBODY needs a stupid album to live, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY. Yeah no duh the gas companies are ripping people off as well, but I don't see the media advertising for gas stations. I don't see gas stations coming out with albums, I don't see gas stations getting on tv and getting advertising time to advertise for their gas companies. I don't see gas companies winning awards and holding concerts to get brainwashed teenagers to go to. They sell gas. Avoid it if you can, don't buy as much, it would be better to help out regular people with the money, but it is a very difficult thing to avoid and support yourself, because you need the car to go places. You need the car, the food, the clothes, the rent. You need that stuff. Yeah no duh there are companies who rip people off and rich assholes in those industries as well, you can downsize it but it is very very difficult to avoid it altogether. This bullshit on tv, you CAN AVOID IT!! You don't need this asshole, you don't need this assholes album, you don't have to be a fan at this assholes award show. And these assholes they work with the other bigtime companies to ruin people. So don't buy it, don't buy the bullshit from these assholes on tv.

    • Fado

      lol you mad? I buy albums that I think are dope get over it, yeah im brainwashed to purchase good music. They are "giving back" by providing me with the music I listen too all the time. Whatever salary they make they earned, just like you earned yours. Just like I earn mine, you know your problem?, your too worried about other peoples pockets and how much money the "RICH ASSHOLES" are getting, and how they use it and how I use my money. You know all the money your making hiphopdx by leaving alot of comments? you don't think whenever you buy a medication your not making a rich asshole richer? Its America stop bitching every time you buy gas you make a rich asshole richer, do you buy gas? If so then you are a hypocrite. How are you better then me cus I buy albums that I enjoy listening too and in the process make a "rich Asshole" $10 richer, when you make gas ceo's rich as fuck until you die, and they not only dont "give back" they take away and abuse and get $70 mill bonuses after being bailed out by the government on your tax $$. Why now take your gas money and give it too a "regular person man". IF YOU THINK IM A SHEEP CUS I BUY MAINSTREAM HIPHOP ALBUMS THEN GET OFF THIS SITE, ITS A HIPHOP WEBSITE. No one wants too read you bitch about the industry, lighten up roll a jay and go buy yourself a good album and enjoy life. I can recommend some for you if you like old head.

    • @fado

      your post makes no goddam sense, obviously I know more about the assholes on tv, then I do about some random post. so wake up. I don't give a fuck about what they do behind the scenes. I know they are trying to take money from teenagers and brainwashed young people so they are haters and assholes, because they give nothing back in return. That is all I need to know, that they are assholes. You don't care who your money goes to when you buy and album is the stupidest goddam comment I've ever read. THE MONEY GOES TO THESE RICH ASSHOLES TO FURTHER RUIN SOCIETY. That's where the money goes, otherwise these assholes wouldn't be on tv and working with mainstream media, they would approach you face to face and you would pay them face to face. But you DON"T. You pay the goddam TV, you pay the goddam media, you pay the goddam computer, you are brainwashed. You are not supporting a goddam thing!!! HOW DO YOU SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO ALREADY MAKES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?????? You think these fuckin assholes can't get into a studio and make fuckin song, of course they can, at anytime in their lives they can. You think if you don't pay these assholes they can't get into the goddam studio????? Of course they can. So you aren't supporting anything but the dick in your mouth. Stop "supporting" assholes you see on tv and start "supporting" regular people who DON"T work with media. You are paying this dude $10 because you are a dick sucker, the dude has 10-1000 times the salary you make and you are PAYING THEM?? hahahaha!! give the $10 to a regular person man.

    • Fado

      On T.V.? in interviews. lol, cus you know what they do behind the scenes too right? , cus people don't act differently on t.v. then they do in their work environment right? you probably think too be a real hiphop fan you have too listen too only underground and reject everything corporate. your an old head so I can understand that. yo I don't care who my money actually goes too when I buy an album, If that's your definition of a sheep then a sheep I am. By me buying an album im supporting that artist, not financially but in every other way. I will pay $10 to give cole the ability to say he sold X amount of albums just to give him bragging rights. Why?, cus ive been listening too him since his first mixtape, he makes real ass music. and I think he deserves it. period. I wish success on him cus I know how much these artist work. I know there are some assholes in the industry but its not what you think, their are also some cool people in the industy, they just care about sales and they should that's why its called the industry. Dont worry about how much MONEY an artist is getting their getting paid. Dont support only what makes an artist money support the artist overall, when I wear my Tupac shirt is Pac gettin paid? No every things about money HOMIE.

    • @fado

      You are WRONG. I CAN judge people I don't know if I see their stupid ass on tv 24/7, then I can make a personal judgement because I know something about them. What you can't do is judge me, if I'm not on tv, because you know nothing about me. These assholes on tv I know something about them, I know what they look like, I know who they are, and I know some of the stuff they do, so YES I can make a personal judgement on them. But as for me, you know nothing about me, so you cannot judge me. I'm not the asshole on tv.

    • @fado

      fuck em. nobody can tell you who deserves to get paid. People who work with mainstream media shouldn't get paid JACK SHIT from the public. You're talkin about immortal technique, man he is ok but I was into hip hop 20 YEARS before immortal came out. You are the sheep because you pay like a stupid asshole. @mbongel fado's comment is stupid, its not real.

    • SoulAssasin1983

      Fuck all those people! i Bar's got the official iAnthem for the 2011 Halloween season! Check out my video Nightmare for a spooky good time! Google "Nightmare i Bar" (i Bar is one word)

    • mbongeni

      Realest comment on this site ever!

  • Grandson

    Get it right, I'm a fan of j cole and always will be. I dont mind a Mr. Nice Watch as long as he backs it up with a God's Gift. Longivity in the rap game is sort of like being in a relationship. As long as you remember what got you that person will be the way you keep them. As long as J cole remembers that Lights Please is the song that got him the deal. He'll always keep his supporters loyal.

  • artist=pawn fan=slave

    figure it out

  • artist=pawn

    Tell em all to go fuck themselves.

  • Nico 3

    At the end of the day, these artists are just people out to make money like everyone else. They aren't telling you to praise everything they do, and actually when critics and fans dissect every move they make, I think that causes them to lose interest. Look at L. Hill. If people would have just gotten off her back and let her be, I bet she would have felt an obligation to make a comeback and give her fans more of the music they loved from Miseducation.

    • @nico3

      Yes, they are out to make money like everyone else. But these assholes are backed by the elite, because they know the better their artist does the worse the public does and the more confused and brainwashed the public gets. There is nothing wrong with trying to make money if you are doing good with it. What is wrong is the association between the artist and the ceos and media outlets that advertise for them. Brainwashed people think this is about "supporting" some up and coming "artist". Its not, its about less money for you and more money to these assholes who have been ripping off the public for years.

    • @nico3

      good post. the point is, is that anything that the media advertises for "artists" or "entertainers" it is 100% about money. The money goes right down the fuckin drain when you pay it. You think this dude is god because he goes into a studio and says a bunch of shit? Where is your studio? Are you on TV? Does anybody advertise for you? Is any media outlet promoting what you do to get money from the masses? NOOOOOOOOO!! It is just these assholes that elitists invest in to take more money from the public and talk about how you are a "fan" who must remain "loyal" instead of "betraying" Fuck these morons 100% percent. The media is corrupt, don't pay these assholes for jack shit. Stop beliving the nonsense that you are a "fan" that must "support" the asshole on tv. Fuck them. You think this dude makes it onto media headlines because they are there to help people? NOOOO!! They make it because they follow the plan of the elite to fuck over the public. If this dude was good and helping people they wouldn't be on the news, becuase they don't promote that shit. They try and make every one of these "artists" out to be like they are god. They are always such amazing genius and it is always supposed to be about art and how they are so much more talented than the average public. They are always supposed to be such straight up genius with overflowing talent that is so amazing and mind boggling, when it is nothing but a bunch of crap to get you to pay money for nothing. The fuckin money goes nowhere. Stop paying these assholes. Every one of these media stories is about how the asshole on tv is god with ground breaking life or death talent and you HAVE TO support them and you HAVE TO pay them. What in the fuck hell is wrong with you people. Tell all the assholes you don't know that have millions and are on tv to go fuck themselves. Tell them all to FUCK OFF.

  • NOT polarizing

    its called brainwashing tactics of mainstream media to get more money from society to go right down the fuckin drain.

  • fan=slave

    use the fuckin money and help people, stop calling yourself a fan to some rich asshole you saw on tv.

  • wake up for once

    Stop calling yourself a fan, and stop paying these assholes. You are ruining society if you do so. You are bowing down to mainstream media and doing exactly what elists want you to do which is pay them for a bunch of shit you saw on tv. wake the fuck up for once. stop ruining society and ruining your community. Stop being slaves to these assholes. The money goes right down the drain, doesn't do shit except for the ceos and the other assholes who do nothing to help people. Stop being a fan, tell mainstream media to fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    thats the hook right thurr...umm next.

  • Anonymous

    Let's be honest, we put impossible expectations for J.Cole for his debut. The whole bar about "1st album has to be classic" is what kinda disappointed people. The album was good but not perfect, he did somewhat dumb it down compared to his mixtapes. However what I seemed to notice is that this album was kinda to put J.Cole on the map, now he gained some new fans that never listened to his mixtapes and he remained honest and truthful to himself, now the singles are gonna do the trick and bring in more fans. I think now that Roc Nation knows he got plenty of fans, he can get 100% creative and drop that really dope album that we all know he is capable of. What I see in J.Cole is that he is a very like-able/honest person which is extremely important since people with credibility are well-liked in hip-hop (Eminem & Jay-Z for example). He wanted to prove to us that he can produce, so that's why he did 90% of the album himself and whether it's hit or miss I know that he will get better eventually. J.Cole has a rare blend of both mainstream and underground appeal, and now all he needs is that one massive hit and a dope album and he will be going into a successful career.

  • Jay

    This article is a bunch of crap. J-Cole had a decent album. One thing for certain is he has loyal fans who are going to ride with him. HHdx step your game up and stop writing these bummy articles.

    • @jay

      I'm not hating anybody, I'm helping people. I'm telling people these assholes on tv are assholes and you shouldn't pay any of them jack shit. They are the ones who are hating because they work with mainstream media to make money off of YOU. They are the haters.

    • Jay

      Don't hate the players, hate the game. I buy artist I like. Most artists that I buy don't have deals. They release via iTunes and amazon and keep a majority of there profits. The few that I do like and support from majors have quality music and communicate well with me. J Cole gets what he negotiates. I will buy his 20 album because I follow him not the label.

    • @jay

      the industry is a bunch of crap, the money goes nowhere, it goes right out of the community and into the hands of a bunch of assholes who are trying to ruin you.

    • @jay

      loyal fans with dicks in their mouth

  • Mado_00

    art doesn't come from nothingness its inspired by something (couscous or subcutaneously), rap careers are sad when they go from inspiration from real life being a person too being on the other side of the fence being inspired from your success and whatever image your label is pushing on you, I think you become less human and more of a brand starting seeing things from too much of a corporate point of veiw. Too me Kanye is still successful cus hes still is a person, yeah he raps about money and shit but you see his flaws you see his struggles (taylor swift, losing mom) and you are subcutaneously relating too him, Same thing with Eminem and Tupac. All the greats really they were real HipHop artist who showed the people something original they didnt know they wanted till they heard, gimmick rappers become what they think the people want cus they see their music how McDonalds sees their burgers (lil wayne)

  • John Mullins

    J Cole is dope. Album was good overall and had a few missteps. Y'all know that! Mr. Nice Watch?? C'mon son! That is not classic. Album is B grade and far from an A+. That is still good though. J Cole is ill and will get iller. Lupe needs to stop trippin. And how the hell you got Kanye in this conversation and article?? MBDTF was classic and one of the best albums ever. The suckaz that wrote this don't even mention it. Kanye ain't lose no fans. Stop trippin

    • yeah

      i can't hate on Ye for anything that he does, i love his albums, even 808s, i can't say that i would take it over any of his other albums but i would honestly listen to that over anything released by usher or trey songz. The funny thing, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, and Raekwon (not talking shit about Rae, he's dope) talked shit about him after the Taylor incident then they all worked with him; 2 of which asked him to contribute to their tracks (Snoop and Katy). Rae said it was a sucker move and that he didn't respect it; works with him on Runaway Love remix, and Gorgeous, says more is to come from both of them. Katy Perry said "fuck you" to Kanye over twitter, then she enlists him for E.T. remix Snoop Dogg said Kanye needed a kick in the ass for it, then he hears Kanye working in the studio across from him and asks for help, Kanye gives him Eyes Closed. next thing you know, that grimy bitch, Pink, is next.

    • Spammer Troll

      i Bar's got the official iAnthem for the 2011 Halloween season! Check out my video Nightmare for a spooky good time! Google "Nightmare i Bar" (i Bar is one word) Also google "iFan i bar" iFan is a classic song about how its gay to be a fan of anyone but yourself!

    • Mr. Murphy

      I will always stick by Ye as a fan because I feel no matter what he does during his time performing and whatnot he always releases a great album (808's included) If you go to the Ill Community on Allhiphop, they're claiming he doesn't write his rhymes. Dre didn't write The Chronic and people say that changed the course of Hip Hop. Rhymefest wrote jesus walks and Ye basically asked rhymefest if he could use the concept since he (The Latter) wasn't droppin right away. Stop feeding into that shit with Consequence

    • Kashif Ilyas

      best comment here

    • mbongeni

      yeah you right MBDTF was a classic! however kanye did lose his fake fans, through the taylor swift thing and 808s.. But we the real fans have stuck with him...and we will stick with him forever

  • dumbass

    the lyrics for a star is born are completely wrong correction he says "does fame in this game have to change who you are" not whatever the fuck you guys put

  • Fado

    formula of success is to keep the fans that you attracted when you were coming up and to evolve to capture more fans as you get bigger. Their is a difference between changing and evolving/growing. Honestly I don't wanna hear cole brag about money I hear that shit all the time, I dont hold that against him though cus his lifestyle changed and music is a reflection of your life. That's why artist first albums are always the most relate-able (reasonable doubt) HOWEVER on the other hand I don't expect him too loose what made me become a fan in the first place, his vivid story telling (dreams,) his just spittin about day too day struggle, and his lyricism (which Jay Z has lost slowly over the years). Its just about striking a balance. Even rich people have a certain type of struggle he can rap about how alot of people around him are fake or about these gold diggin hoes. What happened too 50 is he didn't evolve that's why hes not poppin right now. Im not trippin about J.cole though I think hes gonna be successful and he didn't sellout with sideline story. I think when rapper make enough millions they don't feel the need too be lyrical anymore, its easier to throw chris brown on the hook of a pop beat and spit some catchy lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    When Thank Me Later dropped I was disappointed. So Far Gone was one of my favorite albums ever. I really connected to it, and then came thank me later. It had its moments (The resistance, over, thank me now), but Drake simply didn't live up to my expectations. The same thing happened with j.cole. I listened to his mixtapes for the last year, and I had too high of expectations for his debut. Shit the same thing happened with wale. Now Drake has been putting out some INCREDIBLE tracks and I am really hoping that Take Care is the album that everyone wanted Thank Me Later to be. I have faith that J.cole can do the same thing with his next record. The difference between rappers today and rappers 10 years ago, is that the old school dudes didn't drop all of their shit for free on mixtapes before they release an album. That is why we got illmatic, 36 chamers, reasonable doubt, even the college drop out. (The list of classic debuts goes on and on) Now a days these rappers are putting out the shit that blows them up for free before their albums, and then they have their sophmore slumps with their debuts.

    • Fado

      Drake hasn't been releasing "INCREDIBLE" tracks lately, headlines was a pretty simple beat with Drake rapping about nothing new. Marvins Room was a good song, I wouldn't describe is as incredible though. The best song ive heard from Take Care is Dreams Money can buy. Yo a true artist music quality isn't defined by the time period in which they release it, Artist mixtapes nowadays are better then their albums cus they are still tryna blow up with their mix tapes so they put their heart and soul in it. these artist get less motivated when they make mills (50 cent). Artist that are in it for the art you wont see a decline in their music, Kanye west for example, has released album upon album of good music (with MAYBE THE EXCEPTION OF 808 but that was him experimenting which all artist do so I dont hold it against him) Nas has been making good music for years. The secret to success is just being dedicated too your craft not, oh I used all my good songs on my mixtapes now my debut is gonna be mediocre and that's my excuse, fuck that make good music or get out the game. I guess all the rapper dick riding and hating starts when you try to define what good music is.

  • adnanojd

    for those sayin he overrated is just fuckry, if this man was overrated he'd be on the radio evry 5 mins i.e (Drake), but because he's not repetitive & his rhymes are simple to dissect he's not good, he flopped.FUCK DAT SIMPLE MINDED LISTENERS. "NO time for the gossip,bitch put down dem tabloids" & listen to the album with your eyes close to get the picture/feel(album direction) bitches(J. Cole haters). Cole world baby aint nuthin sunny/ i see 'em hating/but it aint nuthin to me" can't get enough 3rd verse

  • fuck

    the hiphopdx community needs to figure themselves the fuck out....they love a new rapper before they come out with a CD i.e. Drake, Big Sean, and J. Cole, as the release date approaches they start turning on them, calling them garbage and saying that they're gay. The community is faker than fuck.

    • ^^^^

      the comment he wrote had nothing to do with the industry just the dumbfucks that are in the hhdx community. It's true, you go to fucking rapradar or rapup, and songs from new rappers like Drake, Sean, or J. Cole that got like 2's/3's here are always given props there. People love to hate shit on this site for no reason.

    • @fuck

      the industry is fake, what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    lupe not overrated, he is lyrical I love THE COOL(can listen to every track without skippin he jus got pressured into being a label puppet on Lasers.

    • Days Of The Blue.

      I really do hope Food and Liquor 2 is at least up to par with those albums. Sadly, it might be the last chance to show his fans before LASERS that he can still be a classic.

  • adnanojd

    anyone who doest like J. Cole as an artist with skillz & realism should go listen to fake ass artist's like(Rick Ross,Lil Wayne, Drake(now) & others who spit nothing but fabricated/sound's hot(catchy & repetitive)/billboard spot lines in 99% of their rhymes to get shine & tv/ radio play. fuck dat get back to the real gritty shit. work out is a good song, but what?The beat wasnt hott enuff, rhymes too corny?whateve it is people dont like real music.If drake dropped work out people(radio,tv...)wouldve eat it up. Better song than marvins room anyway can't get enoungh is a great song but is not gettin the expose it deserve's. why?beacuse its not catchy enough?its not simple enough?too thought provoking?what? label has alot to do with these issues, instead of crafting good artists, they rush them to put out a hot single(on the radio/tv/youtube/ every 10 min) to see if they should continue to push the artist or drop them/delay their project until the crack the top 40. J. Cole is one of very few last's of the continued dying bread of Hip Hop orginality, & if he were to switch and become a label puppet(making catchy music for the charts & overblown airplay, that they told u to do)like 95% of rappers now, I would be crushed as a fan. But if he still keeps that realism that his true fans have come to know & love, then I could see past the attempts at the charts/radio/tv. I dont see see him changing but that's my opinion. Cole world baby aint nuthin sunny/ i see 'em hating/but it aint nuthin to me" can't get enough 3rd verse.

  • jr88

    j cole is here to stay!!! he is like a more street version of drake,,,in my opinion drake will lose his audience with hip hop fans and just switch over to rnb and be like a tyrese or user in there prime........cole is more lyrical that any new guy we have seen in a minute and his beats are nice......even his club songs are lyrical

    • Anonymous

      LOL. You clearly are stuck in the past. A) Who the fuck cares if a rapper is 'street'? Kanye murdered that whole fad, shit 50 was never able to recover from it. B) J. cole is not 'street' he raps about how he grew up in a house with 'his own room and a back yard' and how he graduated college with honors... C) J. Cole is really like a version of Drake with less mainstream appeal because he can't sing, he isn't as good looking (No Homo) and he can't write a hit song. If it came down to it, I honestly think Drake could murk cole. Listen to this shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZKIyCQkNLs You can't even deny that he KILLED the dude he was dissing. I mean jesus christ.

  • Anonymous

    Most overrated rapper ever.

    • Days Of The Blue.

      Lu has 3 mixtapes as well plus the okay enemy of the state.

    • @fado

      the industry is annoying, fans are brainwashed morons sucking dick

    • Fado

      this is why I love HipHop but HipHop fans are annoying. How is J.cole non-lyrical?, Do you actually listen too him?, that was an ignorant statement. And Lupe has 1 really good album (the cool) and one classic, yes Food and liquor was a classic believe it or not people are gonna be listening too it 10 years from now I promise. As far as Lupe being in people top 10, that's their top 10 everyone's is different and remember quality over quantity. 1 classic album > 10 ok albums. you should be mad people have drake in there top 10. they can put whoever they want. listen too Cole's verse on looking for trouble then come back and say hes "non lyrical". Hes not 1000% better then lupe though. HOWEVER I will say I am a bigger Lupe fan, I like the beats he uses more. Too me overall Lupe is slightly more lyrical then cole, cole just has better punchlines and similes. Lupe has a better flow, and better wordplay. Food and liquor is better then sideline story also. Sideline story was just good too me and I feel like Cole has the potential to be great, I bought to copies anyway cus im a fan. I hope coles sophomore album is a classic and I hope lupes next album is a classic, peace.

    • k

      and WTF has cole put out? and bunch of monotone repetitive non-lyrical songs? lupe has several solid albums, dumb ass bitch. lupe > cole

    • nahhh

      LIE....j. cole has nice barz, verses, flow and beats, he aint overrated at all, lupe fiasco is overrated, hes had 1 nice album and hes in niggas top 10's n 5 rappers of all time, cole has 1 album out, and 3 mixtapes, hes not in the top 10, but hes 1000% better than lupe

  • Malco

    J Cole's fans wont turn on him. Seldom do you see an artist blowup like Cole has done. There is obviously plenty of starpower and nobody's going to forget that. He has a couple of decent(imo) singles out, support of a major label, and is constantly making music. His sophomore album will most likely find a balance between his mixtapes and the current trend of the mainstream. I think fan's seen cole come up from the beginning and fan's gained from the radio took cole as "their" artist, so when his album leaks and singles sounded nothing like what they were expecting they were upset. I don't think anybody hated the album it was good but not quite a classic. An album in nine months???He will be featured on at least 3 top hiphop songs before his next single. (I'll put money on that), no relevance lost. Cole is a good producer but its way too early to rate him like that. Still think he could of enlisted different producers on his shit though to have a broader sound. J cole will continue to make ill mixtapes then lose a few fans with an artistic album only to regain them again and again until he hits on an album where the pros unanimously outweigh the cons(hip hop fans are ridiculous). Dude ain't goin nowhere.

    • mrbangbang

      I think that is exactly what his album was missing, some other peoples production. Friday Night Lights was a home run no doubt, so maybe he should have saved some of those dope beats for the real album. I think saying "not quite a classic" was understating the fact that the album wasn't even close to a classic. It was good, but not great. I still rock with him all day, because you can't deny the lyrical ability, he just needs to get some other producers bottom line. I don't want to say it was a disappointment, but he had me after Friday Night Lights and I felt like his album wasn't even close to that.

  • Tony

    Honestly i enjoyed the album, alot of girls eat his music up like there paid to eat it up. I feel like J.Cole will dumb down his music for the mainstream and make his music geared toward teenage girls who have been heart broken and all that other fucking bullshit. 3.5/5 for the album. SUCK MAH DICK HOLLYGROVE MOFUCKA!

  • fuck you pay me

    every album this shitty industry puts out should be called "Fuck You Pay Me". Because that is what all this crap is about. Its about getting brainwashed cocksuckers to shell out $100 for assholes they saw on tv and will never meet. keep serving the elite and paying these assholes money. fucking clowns.

  • stop being a fan

    stop payin these morons, they don't give a fuck

  • to all the suckas

    listen to this dude's cd, stuff it up ya ass if you can, then reach into your wallet and shell out $500 for this asshole. Why? Because you saw the dude on tv and your a brainwashed cocksucker.

  • remain loyal????

    Remain loyal???? HAHAHA!!! What the fuck is that. Why is everybody in hip hop a cocksucker nowadays? Remain loyal to what sucking some dude's cock you don't even know? Remain loyal to what wipin some dude's ass after he takes a shit? Remain loyal to what putting your lips on some dude's boner? Remain loyal to what fuckin some dude up the ass you watched on tv? Remain loyal to what keeping your eyes glued to the tv screen in the hopes that one day you can pay the asshole you see on tv $100? Remain loyal to what, paying $200 to see some cocksucker on stage, so you can scream and holler at the moron you watched on tv and yell from the crowd "Hey its me the moron who pays you hundreds of dollars, boy I wish I could suck your cock and have your boner up my ass, that would be lovely, yeah I will remain loyal to you" Bunch of fuckin losers in hip hop trying to "remain loyal" Yeah remain loyal to being a sucker and living your life through some asshole that some elitist asshole put on tv so you can suck a fat dick.

  • Anonymous

    these guys dont understand what lukewarm means. Hes gotten alot of praise, and not one of those reviews say its a bad album, just has flaws. good rappers are held to a higher standard.

  • Jim C

    Cole World is an incredible album because it has real lyrics in it....take Lost Ones which is exceptional, he doesnt mess about with fancy word play he just gets straight to the point!Too many people say his lyrics are shit cause they arnt complex but why do they have to be if he spittin real shit, i can respect his lyrics more than say someone like Eminem who now raps so complex that he has to explain himself and everyone goes 'wow hes so fuckin good, its too hard for us to get so he must be great' bascially Cole is a regular guy who raps about regular shit and thats why hes fuckin great cause theres no fake bullshit with him

    • Anonymous

      All J. Cole does is whine about women and ghetto shit seriously how can you listen to his garbage? Lyricist or not this guys music is pure whining about how cops harass him and shit shut the fuck up and quit crying seriously, he isn't broke or in the hood, and frankly it's pretty disrespectful to talk about it as if he's there everyday witnessing shit happen. Give me a break.

  • Joshua McCann

    this is cool. its crazy i live in the houston and the high school kids arent really into the hip hop blogs. they download mixtapes like everyone but 90% of the music they listen to is on the shitty radio station. they love j.cole and the only single/song they really hear is "work out" (which comes on every 5 minutes). he will only get better

  • J.Cole fan since the warm-up

    Great article & conversation by Hip-Hop Dx..This is a problem every artists face in probably every genre of music but hip-hop fans r some of the most criticizing ones. As long as Cole takes his time and puts his thoughts and energy into his music, he'll nvr "sellout". He wants to make timeless music and be remembered wen he's dead and gone

    • illface

      d up on the production tip...look clipse are nice and all but they let the neptunes do too much and it starts to sound washed out...same with Cole...he produced too much and it starts to sound boring...i mean damn drop the loot or get someone to drop some loot to pull a just blaze or premiere record...you got hova cosigning you get some help nigga...he is a nice mc just needs to handle less of the production is all...can you imagine a damn album produced by eminem??? shit would get whack eventually...variety is the spice of life son...

  • Anonymous

    :Lukewarm reception" flat out lie. noone was saying it was a classic, but that don't mean it was lukewarm. lol

  • Anonymous

    I understand these people are successful writers in their own scope, but they're still just critics. As someone who works in music outside of listening to it, i'd much rather hear a conversation between two musicians or people with experience in the music industry then two people that are in the journalism industry and happen to be fans. The article isn't bad and I agree on some points, but these writers don't hold any validity to me. The whole "Lupe fans", "J Cole Fans", and "Lauryn Hill Fans" makes it sound like your rooting for a basketball team. There's no teams it's just music.

  • Anonymous

    Every single artist he has been compared with in this article is MUCH better, especially Lupe.

  • SutterKane

    People are making too much of that #1 Debut, he had a hit record in a soft market, the albums gonna struggle its way to gold and thats it, hardly a smash hit, its more like getting in a boxing ring and winning a Decision Victory, he didnt get a knockout and theres no safe bet he's gonna win the next match I'm not knocking the kid either, I liked that album just fine, it wasnt great but it had its moments........ Just sayin tho, stop acting like the kid did summin amazing

  • Keletso Ayanda Kgaudi

    Please explain exactly what grudge yall have with lupe dx, Iv'e been a fan from day 1 and really don't think that lasers is a bad album at all. Even speaking from a orthodox hip hop perspective its still a pretty good album. There have been countless times when his music has had significance in my day-to-day struggles and I can imagine many others feel the same so in essence he is still the same lupe from food and liquor to the cool,sure some of the songs venture far out into other genres but ain't that the dream of any nika who might've been labelled repetitive and typicall? I feel what omar said bout the sideline story nice watch -> skip !

  • Hip-Hop

    J.Cole will have classic albums trust me i will be a j.cole fan for as long as he's him self and doesnt change for anythignor anybody kanye west has bin the best in the game for a long time i heard college dropout the fist time it came out and loved it! and everything else he's droped all his shit is classic 808's and heartbreak was also soo good how can yall hate on that kanye will go down as a legend and so will J.Cole when he's done!

  • G($)

    His mixtapes were better than his album. His album wasn't bad, just boring. Take the BEST songs from his tapes and take away his lackluster production, add in some premier or 9th wonder production and you might just have a classic.

  • Anonymous

    this album wasnt classic.... no where near illmatic.... only nas flows fatal

    • Anonymous

      ikno what ur sayin, end of the day its all about opinion, whats sick to me is weak to someone else, but sometimes that just isnt the case i dont think, im a cole fan, his mixtapes were nice, and is album was the best of 2011, but you cant honetsly say that mr. nice watch wasnt a huge dissapointment, when u have listened to cole from day 1 (the come up) all the way to friday night lights, then his album drops and u hea a pop techno track with no stand out verses on it, i couldnt help but feel pissed off. the same with cole world (which was better) like i said, if he would have put tracks like before im gone on the lp it would have made it classic. it would have still had that j. cole feel throughout the lp. instead he decided to put them 2 tracks next to each other, and for me...it sounded out of place on what would of been a 10/10 album.

    • ^^^

      ok so thats exactly what it gives me right now. i can listen to it over and over without skipping a track and when the cd finishes I listen to it over again. in reality nigga only you can feel a way about an album or song. if you feel its classic then you feel its classic you aint gotta explain to know one why it is or isn't. and like you said its your opinion and thats all I wish people would say before that label something "CLASSIC". reasonable doubt I skip some songs same with Illmatic same with Dre 2001, like people make shit bigger than what it is. You said no skippable tracks what if I bought that album just because Mr Nice Watch is my favorite track, then who is to say that it aint a classic album to me.

    • Anonymous

      an album you can play again and again and still get a buzz, or give u certain emotions, an album you can listen to from start to finish 15 years down the line. no skipable tracks the reason cole world wasnt classic is because it included mr nice watch and cole world...and in the morning, even tho i thought that track was ok. if he had put relaxation, return of simba and before im gone on the lp, i would of called it a classic....just my opinion on what makes a classic album

    • ^^^^^

      describe classic


    Man you guys are making Hip-Hop into a fucking joke why must the people who like music be classified as "LUPE FANS" "KANYE FANS" "JCOLE FANS" man rap is whack now everyone talking about is it a classic? or is it not a classic? second guessing themselves and shit man numbers don't mean shit it all comes down to if you like that music then listen to it if you don't then don't listen you notice that Hip-HOp is the only genre in music that people beef with each other and have to talk sideways about someone just to get a Buzz like man how fucking stupid would it have been if Marvin Gaye was beefing with Al Greene and their fans couldn't co exist just appreciate the music for what it is enjoyment thats all Hip-Hop is the WWF of Music now and how can someone truly classify a album a classic if i don't like it you know what im saying it may be classic to you and that is perfectly fine but it may not be classic to me so in reallity no one is wrong is matter of opinion If i said Chocolate is the best Ice cream in the world but you said vanilla is the best ice cream in the world who is going to win this debate no one its solely based on what you like so theres no real debate its only what people choose to like thats it 50 Cent was hot at one time and people moved on Lil wayne was and apparently still hot cuz homie push a milli and instead of hating you should congratulate him because thats a big statement right there not even the Big Duo has hit a Milli (KANye and JAyz) like I said people like what they like and if they choose to like this rapper at one point then move on to another so be it

    • @hahah

      great post. I'll never understand the menatlity behind some moron paying $300 to worship some stuck up asshole they watched on tv, all placed up their by another elitist asshole that wants you to suck their boy's dick. Bunch of cocksuckers in hip hop. Waiting on the toilet for the next album of their hero to come out, and soon as they do, BOOM they take a shit and pay the asshole $100 and start sucking mainstream media cock, exactly what the assholes who call them selves elitists want you to do. Bunch of cocksuckin suckers in hip hop.

    • rise and shine

      i get what ur sayin...but theres nothing wrong with competition. and thats why hiphop will never die, cuz fans will always be waiting for that next sick rapper to come out, or the next sick beat to get produced. i enjoy comparing rappers and beats n shit, i think its good that hiphop is the only genre to do shit like this (i dont meen all the faggot wayne fans sayin young money bitches on every hiphop site) and btw i aint a wayne hater, i love hiphop (no homo) but wayne fans can suck on my dick, hes not made a nice track since tha carter 3......sorry no idea why im chattin shit bout wayne lol btw cole world the sideline story was nice, RISE AND SHINE

  • 1987

    Everything on here is 100% subjective. Comment on the article good or bad, and what could have been better with the article and/or J Cole. It was a very good article as an artist I found some tips and good insight on what I should always keep look out for.

  • Anonymous

    The Appeal Of J. Cole this and that pic. LOL. That's where I stopped to read.

  • Matt G

    This is the dumbest article ever, j. cole fans are passionaet... so they might be like lupe's... who clearly ride with him no matter what, so will they stay or will they stay? Dumb.

  • Vern

    J. Cole sucks. KENDRICK LAMAR.

  • Xenon

    Anybody who has the mixtapes, or heard all the stuff this young man released for free doesn't need to hear any debate. Its 2011.....debut albums on major labels are for the suits... Comparing a "possible" decline like Lupe and Kanye's with their fans? Is that a joke? Lauryn Hill is female. Completely different emotional make up! Disappointing piece. No disrespect to Omar and Lakeia, just an awful premise HHDX let you run with.

  • Anonymous

    the talent gets no respect... so u get trash, and when trash becomes the standard, u second guess greatness... COLE IS NICE... even if you are not a fan make this shit the standard... take it back to where niggas had to be able to rap... not be able to throw the most bread in the club... the dope boys will usually win that war when you're looking for young talent... I fucc wit Jeezy, Ross, TI, 2chainz, old Luda... shit face is one of my favorites... 3stacks is that nigga... but these new niggas aint from that cloth out the south... Same wit New York... the niggas being praised by the hood are trash... the only places doin it right is Cali and the Midwest... its not a regional thing... its a talent thing... and its bad cuz the talent is out here... Cole shit will be seen like the slim shady lp, like reasonable doubt, like Illmatic... not sayin its up there but niggas will appreciate it more in a couple years... because its what the HIP HOP fans say we wanted...

  • The Come Up

    I've been following Cole since the Come Up, I even thought he'd outdo K.Dot's amazing Section.80, but I gotta say as much as I loved Jermaine's mixtapes his album Cole World disappointed me. There were a few great songs, like Lost Ones, D&D3, Rise And Shine, God's Gift, Breakdown and Cheer Up. However only half of those were truly amazing and worthy of successive, numerous replays. That's 3 amazing songs, 3 good songs and 11 songs ranging from mediocre to skip-worthy (I'm excluding Lights Please and In The Morning). Every single mixtape he's put out has been better than that. He was perfectly capable of delivering a classic, but he bent to the same mantra that Jay Z did which is, "If skills sold, truth be told I'd prob'ly be, lyric'ly Talib Kweli." So he chose to dumb it down and double his dollars, like Jay. To be honest I don't even listen to Cole World anymore, because there are so many better albums that deserve my attention by people like (9th Wonder, Evidence, Phonte and especially Lowkey-who should definitely be on HHDX). Anyways hopefully Cole will do better next time around, but after this album I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

  • Straight Up

    I hate to bring up Lil Wayne but didn't any one see his 28 min PSA well I did and one thing that stuck with me is how he said theres no more heros left in this game if you 18 and older man this music shit don't mean nothing to us we got real problems to worry about we aint got time for just listening to music all day and memorize every line im a J Cole fan but I aint buy the album and Im to lazy to download it i check the songs out on u tube and shit like that but in all honesty music don't mean shit to real life its just pure entertainment and enjoyment so this article was cool but at the same time don't mean shit if the fans turn on him try turn on him u cant force no one to like you me personally I followed the warm up and the friday night lights and even come up and when I heard Work out and Cant get enough i was happy to see he made it and well every one else is saying he sold out and shit its like shut the fuck up he's living his dream instead of focusing all your time on him go out and focus on your life I dunno Im all over the place with this comment cuz it don't make sense haha

  • Anonymous

    Cole is good, but NOTHING more. He don't has charisma nor incredible skills. His fans don't know Hip Hop and only follow trends. They would see no point in listening to him otherwise, there are much more talented rappers out there. They will forget him very quickly when the new, label-made star appears. He can rap, he can produce, but none of his abilities are special. Joe Budden >>> J. Cole.

    • @anon

      no duh this dude sucks. But I bet there is some asshole waiting in the wings to pay this fucktard $400 because the television told them to do so.


      How is it that his fans don't know hip-hop, so what happens if i listen to J Cole and Joe Budden and every other rap artist that I can sit and vibe to their music. since when did a fan of HIP_HOP get classified to just one artist smh nigga you don't know what your talking about

    • Anonymous

      You on the pipe too like cole mom?

    • blownonpurp

      is this joe budden?

  • Anonymous

    Lauryn Hill fucked herself and could not handle the stress in the music business.

    • Nigga1

      who cares.. this articles about jcole... ur like this happy halloween clown.. talking about i Bar... comment on the article stupid nigga.. i Bar is pretty dope though

  • Happy halloween!

    Check out i Bar's new official iAnthem for the halloween season "Nightmare" Gooogle Nightmare - i Bar (i Bar is one word)