In Too Deep: 50 Cent And Young Buck's Dillemma

DX's Luke Gibson compares 50 Cent's disgruntled tweets about Interscope to one of his former G-Unit artist's, Young Buck's mission for independence.

“For a deal got a quarter mil / Shot back to the house on the hill / And blowed some dough to show it’s real / Flossed his wheels and lost his deal / But it’s just a setback / Your boy got get back  / Kept that ball rollin’ / God blesses G’s / Invest some cheese / And now they all rollin’” –Casual, “Make Your Move” by Hieroglyphics.

At some point, the artist 50 Cent was destined to contradict the crude businessman 50 Cent. The millions he’s made off of investments in both artists and brands, has officially crossed paths with the success he had as an artist. It’s a two way street that sees his bank account flooring it in one direction and his control as an artist going in another. The artist who made his introduction to the world with “How to Rob” has spent a significant portion of his time lately asking Interscope for the support that he once was able to just take.

Look no further than the week of July 24th to see 50’s disgruntled tweets about Interscope’s lack of proper promotion (game plan), leaks of singles, and threatening to do the label harm via other artists. For one of Hip Hop’s wealthiest, it’s a sobering reminder just how dependent G-Unit Records is on a major label like Interscope and how desperate 50 is for complete creative control. Lupe fought this fight last year and ultimately released a commercially successful, but critically disappointing album in Lasers. Fif’s vows to not walk the same path—with negotiations of where he’ll sign next and blatant disrespect towards Interscope—sound strikingly similar to one of his own signee’s, Young Buck.

Man I'm not releasing a album i can't believe interscope is this f*cked up right now. I apologize to all my fans.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I will work with other artist on there projects but I will not put out another album. They dropped the ball with me one time to many.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I LOVE DRE but I'm putting his next single psycho out tomorrow at 2:00 #SKless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Since Buck was kicked off the label in 2008 we’ve heard 50 releasing private conversations, the two exchanging words on records, pleas for a public reconciliation and yes, Twitter. It has been a whirlwind three years with the underlining fact always being 50’s ability to control, if, when and how Buck releases new material. So when 50 tweeted “Man I'm not releasing a album I can't believe Interscope is this f*cked up right now. I apologize to all my fans,” one has to imagine that Buck somehow both empathized with and possibly laughed at 50 at the same time.

Few would have ever thought that the two’s relationship would have deteriorated to this point. In 2004, during the height of 50’s popularity his G-Unit roster was arguably the most sought after roster in Hip Hop. The nine shots 50 took only solidified the label’s reputation of representing the listening audience. So when Young Buck made national headlines for stabbing a man who was trying to attack Dr. Dre at the Vibe Awards, the world collectively thought that 50 and Buck were a perfect match. Nearly a decade later, that false assumption has seen both men take drastically different paths despite the fact that both are fighting for the same thing as artists.

The ironic paths see the two sharing more than just hashtags. When 50 said, “Ok I tried to be cool with my record company. I went to the meeting talk to everyone and shit feels like there [sic] moving in slow motion,” it could have easily been a Young Buck sound bite. In fact, in a February 2009 interview, Buck said that he sat down with Jimmy Iovine’s people and they told him, “We will do another Young Buck album. [So] we was pretty much told that we was going in [to begin work on the album] right around New Years. [I was told], After the new year, [once] the holidays is over with, you’ll hear from us. I aint heard from them [yet].”  Both instances see an artist playing the part professionally but getting frustrated with the pace or lack of follow through. Young Buck and 50 Cent are no longer hungry artists who came from nothing, but grizzled veterans who know when the system is putting on the brakes.

50 Cent And Young Buck's Shared Major Label History

“Juvie left me in California / I don’t respect that / I love him to much to beef / So I’ma accept that / But I’ma just step back and focus on Buck / Tired of riding in yours / I’m bout to buy my own truck / Gotta try my own luck / Get rich or die tryin’ / It’s G-Unit til I’m gone / Lord knows I ain’t lyin’…” –Young Buck, “Footprints” by G-Unit.

Interscope isn’t Buck or 50’s first go around on a major. Young Buck’s failed Cash Money endeavor was a waste of time by his own account. He left the label the same time as Juvenile, only without an album, let alone a guest feature. And 50’s Columbia years led him right back to the streets that he thought he left behind. They both came back for more. And while they tasted platinum success, ultimately they are creatively back where they started. These days, 50 cent is certainly in a much better position financially since reports he brought in a record $150 million in 2008, largely fueled by his nine-figure Vitamin Water deal. But despite that enormous sum, he is still completely dependent on a record label to clear, release, and promote his work. While no one is certain exactly what 50 would need to put down to buy out his contract at Interscope, one would have to conclude that it is less than a percent of his fortune. That’s where their paths differ, because once they start counting zeros, Buck’s lane becomes all the more urgent.

While the duo has waited for their projects to come to light, which both have promised would change the game; they’ve also promised to invest into their artists. One of 50’s more recent tweets about cancelling his album and working with other artists on theirs, sounds like Buck when he discussed putting all his energy into Ca$hville Records. With the exception of a 50’s guest appearances and Lloyd Bank’s gold-selling single in “Beamer, Benz or Bentley,” neither label has shown much promise in a difficult market. Don’t get it twisted, the success of both the labels rely solely on the shoulders of the label head. If 50 Cent’s sales continue to decline, his G-Unit Brand will continue to suffer as well. A financially depleted Ca$hville’s only chance is for a Young Buck project to save it from its predicted fate. While the two have remained in the headlines via Twitter, movie roles or, in Buck’s case bankruptcy, the lack of music has slowly allowed the doubt of their viability on a major to be discussed.

While we’re all pretty certain that Interscope will never release a tape of 50 pleading for a release date or a certain type of promotion. But is 50 holding his album back also a move made out of desperation? If Buck had to call 50 and pour his heart out to get his point across, 50 had to threaten to release a Dre single and withhold his album to make his. In both cases the desperation just highlights the fact that neither Buck nor 50 holds creative control of any of the processes. Buck just wants to make a living, and 50 is coming to grips with Interscope no longer making him a priority. So when 50 went in spin mode after his tweets caused a firestorm, he settled with this final tweet on the issue, “I hate when I can't present my music the way. I feel like it should be.” Meanwhile Buck was sorting through the pieces of his career which 50 did irreparable harm to and he probably feels the exact same way. All they want to do is put out music and allow it to be heard the way that they envision it.  

I don't know how I can record 41 song for my album and the one song I give interscope leaks But I don't care its good musicless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I wouldn't leak dre's record he has done nothing but help me in my career. jimmy has always been supportive of me.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I hate when I can't present my music the way. I feel it should be but f*ck it check out I'm ON ITless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Predicting Buck And 50’s Next Move

“You ask for slack and wanna get cut loose from the label / Not able / Because you signed at the table for a pretty cash advance / Now they got a song and dance / That you didn’t recoup / More soup with your meal / Cause this is the real / When you sign a record deal…” –Lord Jamar “Show Business” by A Tribe Called Quest feat. Brand Nubian & Diamond D

But 50 praising Jimmy Iovine in one tweet and criticizing his label in another sounds eerily similar to Buck’s viewpoint a few years back. Buck found out the cruelty of what happens when you allegedly bite the hand that feeds you, and 50’s ruthless businessman approach to the situation may have either set Young Buck’s career back five years or potentially destroyed it. One would think a man with his business savvy would know better than to do the same thing to the man that signs his checks. Meanwhile, 50 has publically negotiated his next deal with EMI. He has made it no secret that he isn’t happy with Interscope, and in return Interscope has made no efforts to appease him. Surely the reckless taunts, threats and criticisms will certainly have a lasting impact on the relationship he has with Interscope. However, it remains to be seen whether or not Jimmy Iovine allows him to move on to the next (like other former Shady/Aftermath artists) or keeps him trapped like Young Buck.  

The messy breakup between the two makes Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg seem like a common domestic dispute. Buck owes 50 quite a chunk of change outside of music, and his legal team was present during all bankruptcy hearings in June of this year. No matter what Buck tries to sell you, it’s not just about the music. But with that said, 50’s bank accounts annaully accumulate as much interest as Buck’s total debt to him. Both sides have intent to harm, and Interscope has watched it all unfold. I’m sure the label has second thoughts on letting Buck sit despite a platinum debut and a follow up which sold 160,000 copies in the first week. Two years later, 50’s Before I Self Destruct failed to live up to the numbers that Buck the World did. Hindsight will plague all parties, and only Buck has come to grips with it. In a 2010 Nashville Scene article Buck said, in regards to 50, “[He wants] to pretty much destroy my life from a silent-sided way of doing things. That's his angle, and my contracts allow him to be able to do that.” It’s a sobering comment from an artist that fully understands his financial and contractual limitations. The past containing various diss records, recorded conversation and pleas; those conversations are mentally and financially bankrupt. Yet a mum Interscope has watched an impulsive 50 shoot off tweets threatening their biggest project, disrespecting their brand, but yet they still remain silent on a release date. It’s an insane 360 with radically different implications that sees two artists fighting against a business that can ultimately control their next move.

Luke Gibson is a freelance writer residing in Philadelphia. He has contributed to, The Courier Times and is presently finishing a book of poetry.


  • Xdrim

    every ape would love to see King Kong fall. You'l learn to respect 50 Cent..., he was neva God bt he has rose so high in a short space of time 4 evrybdy 2 wish 4 his fall..., leak the dirt of ur old shoes 4 he'l always make the headlines. G...G... G Uunit..., #Sk

  • RTJ00

    This is proof that the record labels are controlling and manipulating the music industry. Independent is the only way. They are feeding us garbage and they are destroying good music. Fuck labels!! Any good artist that signs a major instantly comes out with a bunch of pop bullshit music right after. They control artist creativity so we miss out ob good music we could have heard if it was not for the label. Fuck labels!!

  • The B

    50 & Game need to get back together and start dissin people...They cant do shit else.

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Anonymous

    all i got to say is that Ja's album is going to be a lot better then fif's...a complete 360

  • Anonymous

    mark my words gunit will get back together and do an album off of interscope thats the type of dude 50 is and it will sell cause everyone wants to hear a full gunit album again and cant nobody deny it

  • Nick Crookshank

    Buck should've left with game back in 04.

  • Anonymous

    50 is so 2004, who even cares about this dude. Music is terrible, Lyrics suck, swag is played.

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Ironic how 50 said he would destroy Rick Ross' career just for fun & now 50 is slowly going down the drain. Damn homie..

  • Anonymous

    DJ Paul Ft. Young Buck & Charlie P – Mad At Me [Prod. By Lil Lody]

  • jogrind

    stay street Buck, fuck G-Unit, Cashville wud up from the dirty south




    50 feels & acts like a scorned or lover a jilted lover when it comes to Buck and that contract! If it was about the money he would let Buck release some music to pay him back but 50 is blocking his work but holding Buck under a contract... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY!! BUCK TRIED TO SET THINGS RIGHT DURING THAT PHONE CALL BUT 50 WAS JUST PLOTTING ON HIM THE WHOLE TIME.... THAT $1,000,000.00 SECURITY TEAM CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF THIS 1 FIF.

  • Anonymous



    50 feels & acts like a scorned or lover a jilted lover when it comes to Buck and that contract! If it was about the money he would let Buck release some music to pay him back but 50 is blocking his work but holding Buck under a contract... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY!! BUCK TRIED TO SET THINGS RIGHT DURING THAT PHONE CALL BUT 50 WAS JUST PLOTTING ON HIM THE WHOLE TIME.. THAT $1,000,000.00 SECURITY TEAM CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF THIS 1 FIF.

  • weed up

    niggas breaking down all this shit at the end 50 made enough to live like a boss for the next 100 lives ,buck could have been there too today touring all over europe and making money with them but he let that white fuck his thought process up and birdman get in his head.

    • Anonymous

      So Buck is wrong for not wanting to beef with other artist but 50 is right for threatening to release Dr. Dre's track???? sure stan sure!!!!

    • losecannon

      So how exactly does 50 making his money have anything to do with him selling records, releasing records or being remembered by anybody but VH1's I love the 2000's?

  • real talk

    50 thought he was untouchable he thought he would sell 10 million every time he got too cocky before the release of massacre,he wasn't the underdog anymore he became the hated that's why people that didn't even like kanye that much went and bought his shit so he could beat 50 in sales.what happens next 50 sells only a million and his popularity from real rap fans plummets .

  • tyrone killings aka homo thug

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  • randatback

    Great article..I think alot of the comments speak to the point that 50 isn't a good business man. He surely got a bit lucky with Vitamin water but ruined a label because of his insecurities.

  • Tony

    This was weak because 50 will do and get what he wants

  • nucca

    5o's a gay bitch ass nigga

  • cj

    To be honest with you Karma is a bitch. For so long 50 would brag about how he was able to sell so many records. What he forgot to do was step up his writing game. I mean its no coincidence that artist like Jay-Z and Eminem are still able to sell millions of records with out having a "club banger" i.e. Otis. The reason we still buy their albums is because we want to hear the entire album not just one single. And there is 50s real problem. Cause to be honest its not like he's the illest rapper alive. People would rather hear Drake or Wayne drop a 16, than they would 50. 50 should be compared to guys like Nelly. They had a huge buzz in the early 00s but the fact that they were not able to grow as artists is the reason they are not able to sell anymore.

  • OG BUNk

    I have never been a 50 fan I could tell when he first came out with GRODT that he was a major hater he hated on Ja bc ja was all over the radio etc but its funny how all yall ride with something untill they aint rolling no more

  • AJ Rice

    lol I think that is literally the gayest pic of a rapper that I've ever

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z may not help niggas come up but he doesnt block niggas from coming up 50 has tried to block every nigga from coming up Whats wrong 50 U mad cuz Rozay hotter than u buck music is 10 times better than anything u and your weak azz camp is putting out NAH I know you MAD cuz Game hotter than u and out lasted g unit

  • Anonymous

    Damn New York how yall put up with that monkey, 50 is the reason why NY rappers stop eating he hated on everybody and block them from coming up Yall should have stuck with JA at least everybody would have been eating

  • Anonymous

    50 cent getting a taste of his on medicine and he knows buck will sell more than him his ego is too big let buck breathe and release a album stop hating nigga 50 lame wack cant get it done ass nigga ITS CALLED KARMA look at what you did to buck

    • buckfan

      I was one of the biggest YB fans there were, I rode with him til about 08 through Still Ten-A-Key. You seen YB perform recently? he's heavy in drugs and sounds like he's just speaking. He released a third album, The Rehab, and it sold I think 7000 copies its first week. 50 has ruined Buck's career, he's a sociopath for sure.

  • Anonymous

    50 is dressed like hes ready to invade Poland in this pic

  • rap music

    basically 50 got lazy behind the pen and forgot how to write. so hes blaming everyone and everything around him. he needs to stop picking shit beats and start writing good lyrics again like he used to. best thing he cus do is get buck game and banks and bring g unit back together. but that wont happen unfortunately.


    50 feels & acts like a scorned female or a jilted lover when it comes to Buck and that contract! If it was about the money he would let Buck release some music to pay him back but 50 is blocking his work but holding Buck under a contract... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY!! BUCK TRIED TO SET THINGS RIGHT DURING THAT PHONE CALL BUT 50 WAS JUST PLOTTING ON HIM THE WHOLE TIME..

  • Generalnatty

    50 cent's label issues comes from a far more basic issue, he is not making good music. While bucks situation is not one of creativity or quality of music or hunger for that matter but one of him being blackballed from continuing his career. While i agree karma has dealt 50 a blow, his overwhelming arrogance has been setting him up for this fall for quite a long time. He was always a man that made limited talent seem much more than it was and has always been in the process of becoming something great its just that the mentoring he was recieving stopped with jam master jays death so he never has achieved his full potential and the success that he recieved from his debut boosted his ego to untold heights and blinded him to the fact that the process of becoming a full fledged artist had not been complete and we were blinded by his personality and wittyness as too the importance of those things. Well the chickens have come home to roost so to speak and if he does not humble himself back to a position to work with real a real musician or musicians not as features on songs but teachers to learn from or another mentor to develop himself as an musical artist his career is already dead and this article would be nothing more than a footnote in his musical obituary.

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      You might be right with this reply. I still think 50 can make banging music, though. BUT he just hasn't. And yeah, he should have let Buck out of his contract. Period.

  • Mak

    Im not reading all of this. 50 a dumbass for staying with Interscope, so he's paying for his decision. If he went somewhere new and fresh they would follow b/c its his first new album with them. He's not as ruthless as he claim and not as ruthless as Jay-Z. And I dont give a fuck bout Buck

  • John Rushton

    50 needs some lessons in english.

    • haha

      right.haha.50 adding periods in the middle of senteces.its fun to watch that nigga's career go up in flames.trying to fuck young buck like a some sideways shit.50 deserves nothing but failure..karma

  • Makaveli The Don R.I.P.

    So, i used to like 50, back in the day, his old albums were good, now he turned from gansta to some QQin pussy ass nigga... dude man the fuck up and give us some good music!

    • Swordz

      Well listen Daz, you have good night anyway mate!

    • datniggadaz

      sorry bro didnt read your comment right thought u was talking bout buck and u cant delete these comments, my fault ignore that.

    • DatNiggaDaz

      bro clearly you have not been paying any attention to buck lately because he been dropping some heat the last couple years. "back on my buckshit" was classic

  • dave

    buck fuckt buck! period. hes a loser!

  • Diz

    Nice Article. 50s music career has been dead for a minute. He made nice business moves, gotta respect that. Bucks a better artist than 50, but he didn't control what he needed. I'd like to hear another Buck album...50, not so much.

  • cubAFRO


  • GET IT?

    50 feels like a scorned lover when it comes to Buck! If it was about the money he would let Buck release some music to pay him back but 50 is blocking his work but holding Buck under a contract... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY!! AND BUCK TRIED TO SET THINGS RIGHT DURING THAT PHONE CALL BUT 50 WAS JUST PLOTTING ON HIM THE WHOLE TIME..

  • @cstylez

    now after hearing that - was it wrong for GAME to leave G-Unit? HELL NO - he was smart and made millions on his own and every record went platinum. Smart dude, Legendary rapper. Lloyd Banks had a platinum debut, a mediocre follow up and hasn't had much of a career since beamer benz or bentley and the best part about that song was Juelz Santana. He WAS a good rapper and he had sick punchlines but that faded away hard. Tony Yayo can front all he wants but he's 50's bitch. Of course he's gonna be G-Unit for life cause he's comfortable in his situation and didn't stand a chance having a career doing anything outside of that. He had a few ok features verses around the Get Rich Or Die Trying/Beg For Mercy time but never made a good song ever. If you were to listen to "So Seductive" right now you'd be like wtf is this? Buck was dope but if you tie in personal issues with business it gets messy. At his prime, anything featuring Buck was worth listening to but now I'll pass on Buck tracks cause hearing what he's gotta say has come and gone but I still give him props. If he gets his finances together and links up with some dope producers, he could have another dope album in him. I don't know what it is but Ive never been a die hard Shawty Lo fan. I love southern music, I was into southern music back in the late 90's early 00's when people were just discovering Eminem & Dr. Dre - Chronic 2001. Never understood his shit, it was always too cheesy for me. Only song I liked was "Supplier" and that's more for the beat, Trey songz & Lil' Wayne on it. Not sure what his joint venture is gonna bring... Probably less that Mobb Deep's G-unit album, and Mobb Deep (before G-Unit) was actually good. I'm not a Jersey shore fan (not that I hate it, I just don't like it) & I've opened for Pauly D and he's been making some smart moves on a DJ tip but I think he made his first bad move. 50 cent as a business is big. G-Unit as a label has 0 appeal to anyone anymore - who better to link a sinking ship than a reality tv star that the nation adores? He's still learning and 50 was like fuck with me and i'll give you this this this this and this if you sign and he was like fuck ya, in TV world I'm big but you're giving me things that I've wanted to do in the music world that I normally wouldn't have been able to do on my own... Hope it goes well for Pauly's sake. He's developed and created a market of people that will buy anything with his name on it good or bad and they'll love it. He could have started his own shit and been successfull either way Hot Rod is a lab experiment. Decent enough to sign, 50 knew that if he tried to develop him on g-unit it wouldn't work so he made "G-note records" Wtf is G-note records? it's rap/pop fusion tracks that if they make enough of it, people will think that's what the new shit is. He was a decent rapper that never made a hip hop joint that could stick so now it's him rapping over pop top40 ish joints. Pitbull & Flo-Rida made that transition but the thing with them is that their music is believable and people want to hear them on party tracks. 50 Cent as an individual is a huge business but as a music artist (you know the thing that enabled him to build his name and get all the things has has now) is declining and has declined hard. He's pissed cause Interscope leaked "I'm On It" - dude they did you a favour. Beat is catchy and produced by Cataracts who is currently got their buzz on but the song is shit. I'd go back to the drawing board, you're not gonna sell shit with records like that. The best shit you've had in years have been you're features on Jeremih's down on me & Mann's buzzin. Wether you believe you helped them out - jumping on their tracks helped you out and gave you credability back as a rapper people might want to still listen to. This isn't a diss, this is just what I've witnessed over the years from their conception till now.

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      I agree with 95 percent of this response. But the Game being "smart and legendary"? I question that part. LOL! However, he was smart for leaving G-Unit because 50 ruined that situation.

    • row

      yeah i agree with all that except the banks thing. lloyd banks is hella under rated, HFM2 was a hot album and i think his next one is gonna be even better. banks is smart too, he's distancing himself from the unit to focus on his own solo songs and tours and features etc. he works with a lot of rappers outside of g unit now too. i think the height of lloyd banks career is yet to come

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much agree with this man, nice response.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't read any further when I saw this: ''Smart dude, Legendary rapper.''

    • j

      great response i agree with everything you said outside of lloyd banks. i think banks still has the potential to do well 50 use to be such a good artist. i was just listening to ryder music and corner bodega then i heard im on it and i was like wtf happened to him musically

    • Anonymous

      Game a legendary rapper?? c'mon son.

  • ts5000

    50 doesn't even need to be on a major label

  • Anonymous

    50 you're a house nigga go wipe masta's ass. Jay Z

  • Anonymous

    Curtis can suck my dick!!!! You Punk Bitch!!!

  • Nadine Morrison

    I enjoyed your article. In my many years of experience (life and litigation), the ruthless individual with heightened intelligence and business savy will always prevail. Young Buck, although gifted, is at a galloping disadvantage as a result of his diminished mental process. I enjoy Young Buck's work, but in Fifty Cent's defense, I must say that he did not do anything out of the ordinary for a mogul of his stature. Put another way, to see such a genious come from South Jamaica Queens and take the world by storm warms my heart. I say Fifty Cent gets a pass. Nadine

  • jus' sayin'...

    If 50 would've had the business sense he does now earlier in his career perhaps he would've realized how powerful his roster (Game, Banks, and Buck) were and would've built those relationships. G-Unit at it's prime would still be a force in the music world today. Maybe one day these guys will all reconcile sharing that common bond that they all were taken advantage of by Interscope in some form or fashion.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is such a pussy.

  • Riders

    What kills me the most is that you same people flamin fif claiming he fell off, is the same dik ryders in '04 running around with G-Unit t-shirts and banging get Rich or Die trying in your little whips. Cmon son, where's the loyalty?, I'm just glad Son is from Medina and represents the Dime to the fullest, glad he's not some Country Bumpkin claiming they created the art form and blah,blah,blah. Ayebody get their fifteen minutes, fifty capitalized HUGE off his 15, he doesn't need music anymore and even if he released something and it went double rubber, it will just hurt his image and not his pockets..#Realtalk

  • uzza

    The fact is 50 will not sell records simple! so his way 2 not drop the album is to blame the record company.. thats only going to work for so long.. shit the last album got saved by " i get money" track if not that kanye would have shitted on him even worst.. and that was all a plan to help 50 sell some records and he still aint sell like dat kanye was gon do his numbers with or without that.. 50 knows no1 cares about his music nomore.. he made his millions now he needs to go somewhere.. wat was his first album get rich or die tryin?? now be happy.. o yea camron beat him in that battle.. wen came went hiding was because of tru life a real nigga @ that hes locked up cuz he killed some1.. 50 had nothin to do wit cam hiding.. and 50 took ja whole swag and ran wit it but it only worked for so long.. and every1 in the streets kno murder inc won the beef in the streets.

  • Willie Cedillo

    Good article!

  • Makaveli

    50 is a bitch. Period. Removed his tats and lives in CN. He is flat out fake, just about everybody he has dissed he has done records with. He has played the public all the way to the bank. Plain and simple he has fallen off hard. I hope he flops on everything he touches.

  • Anonymous

    This shit stupid fuck the5-0

  • real talk

    50 is cool buck is cool i like both of them,wish they would reconcile and work together they would make that grimey g-unit shit again,but that's a far fetch


    mmmmmm, damn my dick taste sooo good when i suck it


    ppl is so blind by hate for 50 they can't see whats really going on this shit is all a game to 50 and he can care less what ppl say that nigga buck owe him about 250k and not from music 50 paid his taxes and loan him money & than buck started talkin reckless & that tape phone call was just to prove what 50 was saying that buck talk shit about him to other ppl but when he talk to him he don't talk like that to him nigga want to say that was a bitch move for 50 to tape that phone call but it is more of a bitch move to talk all this tuff shit about nigga to everybody but when u talk to him u start crying like a bitch so i don't blame 50 for the tape phone but more important is this nigga owe him alot of money so this is a lesson to everybody don't bite the hand that feeds you when somebody look out for u and u turn on them don't expect them to have mercy on you

    • j

      that tape phone call was just to prove what 50 was saying that buck talk shit about him to other ppl but when he talk to him he don't talk like that to him CO FUCKING SIGN. THAT WAS THE POINT. HE WAS TOUGH ON STAGE SAYING FUCK GUNIT AT HIS SOLO CONCERTS BUT HE WAS A BITCH ONE ON ONE WITH 50

  • PiKaHsSo

    Good observation & article

  • Robert Smith

    big up to all u 50 haters

  • Big Dan

    Very insightful and on point article. Kudos. I have to take issue with one point though. 50 is not holding his album back because he's mad at Interscope. 50 is scared to put out the album because he is scared it will not sell and after talking so much trash, he does not want to look like a punk that can't move units anymore. Yes, I am sure at this point, Interscope would not spend as much time and money on a 50 record as they would on an Em record, but it's not because they are not feeling 50. It's because, to use a word 50 likes to use himself on other people, he is not as relevant as 8 years ago (Wow! its been that damn long?) They have promoted at least three songs to radio and none of them took hold. That's not Interscope's fault. That's the fault of an industry that sets you up only to take you down. Plus, no one stays that hot forever. Radio programmers are not feeling 50 anymore so they don't play his stuff. If you think about it, 50 does not need Interscope to get things popping. He's got enough good friends on NY radio (the number one radio market) whereby if his songs where hot, they put it on, you get a million requests and other stations would pick up the track creating a hit. And then a hit song on radio translates into units being moved. Lloyd banks moved less than 300,000 units of his last album. After the success of Beamer Benz of Bentley on radio, I am sure they were banking on going platinum. Since G Unit is competely responsible for that album, did it not sell because 50 chose not to promote it? No. It did not sell more because G Unit is not as hot as it used to be. Bashing Interscope is just 50's slick way of setting the stage to have someone he can say is responsible for the album "flopping." He saw the writing on the wall when he called a race for first week sales with Kanye and got whupped. He also knows if you don't have a hit on the radio, you don't sell. He certainly knows the days of him moving a million, or even the half a million that last album moved in its first week is long gone. If 50 on his own, sent his song to the radio stations, they played it and he had the number one song nationwide, the album will get released, even if Interscope refused to spend a penny. So to make a long story short, 50 just does not want the world to see that he is no longer up there with the Weezys, Kanyes and Jay-Zs of the world in terms of selling records.

    • TRUTH

      Not to mention he has basically alienated himself from the game..talking shit about other artist. He can't even get features unless its a rnb nigga..they are the only ones he hasn't dissed. He has said something negative about Kanye, Jay, TI, of course Rick Ross...DJ Khaled, Wayne...Drakes not gonna fuck with him cause of wayne. Alot of niggaz from the South don't fuck with him cause of how he did Buck. Features keep you hot until you can drop your next seems NOBODY wants to work with 50 or he don't wanna work with nobody else. Hell prodigy even told 50 when he got out of jail..."we are at a point where we are going to have to start working with other artist in the industry".

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. That's the whole reason behind this.

    • King(real one)

      U said the real truth man...nobody said it better

  • Anonymous

    Yep. I thought about that the other day! Ever since 50 did Young Buck wrong, his whole image changed and is now in a fucked up situation.

  • yesss

    fuck 50 thank god that single leaked cause it's pure shit so people now what they're up to. 50 u seriously complaining about that track being leaked? nobody wants to hear that anyway... so what G Unit is dead unfortunately, banks get outta there please.

  • Brandon Pitts

    Great Article

  • Fado

    50cent has already passed the prime of his career, and didn't young buck go bankrupt?

  • Anonymous

    Business or not, money ASIDE - when 50 decided to do something as inhumane as recording and releasing a private telephone conversation, his good fortunes fizzled. God the Mightiest knows when to take from who he'd previously given. Watch what you do, people.

  • Andre Cooper

    I know the 50 stans are loving this lol


    A few cliche's come to mind..."What goes around comes around" "karma is a bith" "What goes up, must come down"