Halftime: Five Trends In 2011 Hip Hop

DX celebrates 2011's midpoint by identifying five fresh trends with the sound, industry and culture of Hip Hop. Stay tuned each day for editorials about your favorite artist making moves this year.

2011 has been one hell of a year for Hip Hop.

Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 surprised us with a collaborative album, and we are a month away from Jay-Z and Kanye West following suit. Mobb Deep's Prodigy stayed in headlines like it was the '90s again, and launched a resurgence of emcee book deals. Independent Hip Hop titans like Tech N9ne and Atmosphere crushed the charts without mainstream media support, and Tyler, the Creator and Big Sean are providing new answers to the question of what do listeners want?

HipHopDX decided to celebrate the midpoint of the year with Halftime: Five Trends In 2011 Hip Hop. Each day, our editorial staff will highlight a trend specific to this year, and deliver a close look at what's going on, and just what it means to the culture, sound and industry of Hip Hop.

We hope you enjoy, and continue to make 2011 the best year it can be.



  • ashrafwagdy

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  • M.u. Tha Don


  • CW of SplashJOY

    Quite the list

  • Tibedo

    WTF? White token pop singers? Yeah DX that is Hip-Hop to the core. I relate to this story completely. I actually wait in anticipation to see who Lady Gaga is hooking for. I hate you guys sooooo much. And the fact this story is DX Staff story says all I need to know about what type of people write this shit.

    • look

      it's actually about the trends in hip hop...so while most people may not agree with you that white girls singing is not hip hop...that does seem to be the trend nowadays

  • tony b

    another trend is saying deceased rappers are back.Biggie is back,Tupac is back,Left eye is back.Whats next eazy is back.

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    tired of yo stank ass editorial links on the sides of every page, take up too much damn space, keep clicking on this bullshit, every fucking time you guys do this shit, I remember Lil Jon's bs was up for a month!

  • Luzh

    Footnote: Do not forget that sample clearances can also keep an album on the shelf for years. I think that is why Saigon took forever to get released. That was definitely worth the wait. Comment: I see the problem in Hip-Hop as one where artists feel that they have to release an album. Too many albums are released because an artist is hot or signed a new deal or they got released from prison or whatever. I think if there is no inspiration dont put out an album. Jeezy & Game are typical examples of artists lacking inspiration but continuing to push to release a CD. The RED album will end up being nothing more than a collection of hit and miss tracks that would have been better off in a mixtape. The fact is that I don’t see The Game saying anything new on this album despite the suggestive title. Similarly, Jeezy has nothing to say that deserves an album, what we heard on The Real Is Back is as good as it is going to get. Im not knocking the mixtape because I think it was hot and so was Purple & Patron but they not albums. When The Recession came out you could tell that YJ was trying to say something. That is why he took a break from the Motivation series because that was something that as artist he needed to say. Right now he is not in that position. To be honest I think Dre is in a similar situation. Detox is a title that is meant to mean something but judging from the singles released so far it is clear there is no format to the Detox album. While the hype for Carter 4 is fading fast, I at least think Wayne has something to prove with his album. He has to do it sober. He has to push his personal boundaries as an artist and that is why he should release an album. No guarantee that it will be good but at least it will be meaningful. You here Dre talk about 2001 and how it was recorded in a short space of time because of the environment that existed in the recording sessions. The process was organic but with Detox it is forced. How many artists have had their debut as their best album because that had the most meaning to them. The Greatest Story Never Told needed to be told and that is why the album was worth the wait, Paper Trail was a necessary release for TI and it had to come out. Kanye West’s last one was also his way of exorcising his demons and that made it necessary. The pressure of a final album provided the inspiration that was necessary for Jay-Z to make another classic. Wale on the other hand put his best effort on Mixtape About Nothing but without a theme to hold it together the mandatory debut album failed. J Cole has already had a debut with Warm Up, what will he have to say on the official debut? He has to wait until the inspiration comes. I say artist should steer clear from even announcing a release date. Focus on being inspired

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  • Anonymous

    Armor Of God, R.E.K.S., The Greatest Story Never Told (a shame you guys didn't mention it, mabye in the next days), Hell: The Sequel, The Great Debater and Elmatic were some of the best projects so far. For Hip Hop 2011 as a whole, I feel that this year is the best in a long time.

  • hudes

    Well???? Whats the first one? Why post this and not even start it?

    • TellinItStraight

      if you had half a brain you would've realized there is a link to the first trend. Where it says "Halftime: The Big Pushback" located before More Editorials on HipHopDX

    • Yup

      Day One is this website's version of it's Day Two topic: the delayed ARTICLE!!

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  • Arten


  • Dwayne Campbell

    heres a dumb ass trend...wack ass niggaz say swag all the time

  • @NoMedication

    @NoMedication Bad meets Evil is a great project!1 Big ups 2 Prodigy, Tech N9ne and Atmosphere. Grieves as well. Shouts out 2 Tyler, the Creator for bringing that crazy shit to the game and shaking things up a bit. Who cares about big sean or watch the throne. Plus we need to hear more about Curren$y and his great work ethic!