Black Like Me: Wale Vs. Kola Boof

With an argument on Twitter, Wale and author Kola Boof used 140 characters to address issues of sexuality and race in Hip Hop. Wale's responses may have won him an additional fan.

“I don’t parlay with a crew nigga / I don’t Wale or them new niggas…” –Sean Price, “Figure Four.”

Until earlier this week, I wasn’t a fan of Wale. From the beginning, when people were heaping praise upon him, right up until the Maybach Music Group signing, his music just never personally appealed to me. But Tuesday night, seemingly out of the blue, author Kola Boof took aim at Wale saying he was responsible for many negative images among both Africans and African Americans—particularly females and children. Some strong words were typed, and since this took place on Twitter, many generalizations and insults were traded. Chief among them was Boof referring to Wale as “nigger.” Until now, most outside of Hip Hop knew Boof as Osama Bin Laden’s former captured mistress. And while that issue was broached, Wale addressed the criticism and moved on.

Think about the IMAGES in Wale's videos....and then look at why Nigerian kids, both male & female, want to skin bleach. HIS VIDEOS!! partly23 May via TweetDeck via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

@Loyalitv WALE IS a fucking Nigger. That's what he is. And so are millions of other Self-hating Black Men. And I'm African Woman saying it.15 hours ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

So now, I find myself a Wale fan. While some people are calling him a sellout for aligning himself with Rick Ross, I saw something different this week. With those 140-character bursts, Wale defended himself and helped spark a debate between people on the issues of Hip Hop’s influence, female sexuality and the idea of what it means to be black. We’re in an era where many of the mainstream rappers left are desperately trying to appeal to the same demographic that buys Katy Perry records. Half of the emcees with Wale’s mainstream success would have been too scared of jeopardizing their potential sales to respond on such a taboo subject as race in Hip Hop. I’m not saying I’m going to run out and go buy a copy of Self Made Vol.1  today, but I think a few points can be made in Wale’s defense.

And @kolaboof thinks that because she contributed to writing a few books, that she can talk down to me. With all due respect ms....23 May via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

@kolaboof I can sit up here and say you were porking a lot of your peers say. But I'd rather not, because I'm ignorant to..23 May via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

@kolaboof whatever relationship you had with Ol' Boy. ..and my ignorance to THAT particular subject will keep me quiet. W/ that said u shd 223 May via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

“They kidnapped your creative control / No chance of going platinum or even gold...” –Showbiz on “Feel The Vibe” by Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics.

Boof contends that Hip Hop objectifies women, and emcees like Wale promote African American self-hate by casting fair-skinned, black women in videos. She’s essentially making the same argument Ashey Judd recently made. Only Boof adds the additional charge of basically calling Wale a traitor to his race. You could honestly write thousands of words on this subject alone, but let’s begin with Wale and black women. The video in question is “Pretty Girls.” There was plenty of backlash, and Wale not only immediately pointed out that the casting director was in charge of the women in the “Pretty Girls” video, but he also released “My Sweetie” (an alternate video which featured more dark-skinned African American women) immediately afterwards. The fact that the same control issues allegedly happened with Wale shooting his “Chillin’” video in Boston as opposed to the Washington, D.C. area he preferred, lends credibility to this claim.

Wale’s critics call both instances a cop out, but Wale cited his lack of authority to make such decisions a big part of why he left Interscope and joined Ross at Maybach Music Group. At the very least, he made a conscious decision to move to a label where he had more creative control. Criticize the “Pretty Girls” video all you want, but if you choose to do so, at least recognize Wale for learning to taking a hands-on approach with his career. I don’t particularly care about the “Pretty Girls” argument, because it’s full of holes.

“People think they diss my person by stating I’m darkly packed / I know this so I point at Q-Tip / And he states black is black…”
–Posdnuos, “Me Myself And I” by De La Soul.

There is an idealized standard of beauty in the entertainment industry, and to think it only discriminates against darker-skinned, black women is naïve. Overweight people, mentally and physically handicapped people and even people with prominent facial features are all victims of similar discrimination. There are blacks in powerful positions at major corporations (including record labels) who make similar decisions with no such criticism. At the very worse, you can only argue that Wale was complicit in this discrimination because he wanted to make more money. But what right does Boof or anyone else have to infer that his decision promotes a hate of African American women? Show me some statistics on skin bleaching that are related to Wale or any other rapper.

I don’t care if Wale only wanted to use white women in “Pretty Girls.” So what. It’s his video, and if you disagree with the image he portrays, you can choose not to support him as an artist. There’s no written rule that says he owes black women a debt of gratitude because he’s of Nigerian descent. As it happens, Wale cares about such matters and shot another video. But the same idealized standard that caused the uproar about Wale’s video is applied to a majority of everything else in the entertainment world—even the programming that supposedly caters to African Americans. Some of the same women who criticized Wale also work in different parts of the entertainment industry, and they’re quite happy to cash the checks it provides. But unless you totally boycott the entertainment industry as a whole, singling Wale out is rather hypocritical.

To buy into the “Pretty Girls” argument immediately brings two more issues into the equation. Do the fairer skinned women in the video embody less of the black experience because there’s not as much melanin in their skin? I find that to be a totally bullshit theory, and there is where the double standard lies. A black woman arguing that another woman looks biracial, and therefore “less black” is self-hate by definition. And it’s just as damning as calling Wale a discredit to his race. Why do Boof and others continue to reduce the black experience down to the shade of someone’s skin color?

“Can’t have one or two guns without squeezing ‘em / On our on people and / Fuck black leaders cuz whites ain’t got none leading them…” –Nas, “Black Zombie.”

Should we really be revisiting the stigma of house Negroes and field Negroes in 2011 anyway? One in 15 black adults are in the industrial prison complex. Literacy and high school graduation rates are piss poor among the African American community. We can talk about poverty, infant mortality rates, the number of black women sexually assaulted annually or any number of issues more important than the shade of black women in Rap videos.

During what equated to a 48-hour Twitter session, Boof pointed out that her parents were murdered by what she called “Arab Muslims.” On one hand, critics such as Boof and Joy Daily condemn Wale for the type of black women in his videos. But the same critics point out that their upbringing gives them a unique perspective on the matter. Only the latter claim is valid. According to Boof, she not only was victimized by the Mujahideen, but she also admittedly had forced, intimate ties to Osama Bin Laden—a man whose twisted beliefs fundamentally changed the way a large portion of the world lives. I’m not going to speak on what happened between Boof and Bin Laden because I don’t know all the facts on the matter. But I won’t discount it either, because it makes her perspective a truly unique one. Does either experience mean that Boof understands the so-called “struggle” more than Wale, or Barack Obama or even some upper class, black person that grew up with both parents? I don’t think so. You can’t quantitatively categorize the so-called “black experience.”

In my opinion, there is no singular, homogenized standard for what it feels like to live and/or be raised as a black person. Depending on your age, income, gender and other factors, it’s different for everyone. And that goes for Nigerian-Americans like Wale on down to the Tiger Woods set who prefer to be recognized as “Cablanasian.” If a white woman decides to gyrate against a stripper pole in a Kid Rock video, there’s no outcry from the white political or cultural pundits that Kid Rock is selling-out his race by throwing money at that woman. And yet, when a woman voluntarily chooses to be objectified or idealized in a Rap video, a group of so-called black leaders can’t run to the phone fast enough in hopes of being the next talking head on CNN to blame Rap for it. There’s this continual notion that all black people should be homogenized and buy into the same political and moral ideals. But debates like the one between Wale and Kola Boof prove that we clearly don’t. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There are plenty of things wrong with Hip Hop. I’m obviously not a black woman. So if you want to single out objectifying women as one of those things, I’m in no position to tell you otherwise. Just know that Hip Hop didn’t write the book on treating women like sexual objects, and many of the negative female images singled out in Hip Hop apply across all forms of the entertainment industry. But if you do want to buy into the notion of a unified, homogenized, black community, you can’t turn around and attack blacks of lighter complexions as Kola Boof, Joy Daily and others have. If you don’t like the images Wale or any other rapper portrays, don’t buy their music. But Wale—regardless of where he or his parents originate from—doesn’t owe you shit. You can figure out that much by what he didn’t say on Tuesday. And based off of that, he just won over another fan.

Omar Burgess is a Long Beach, California native by way of Flint, Michigan. In addition to contributing to various magazines and newspapers, he has been an editor at since 2008.


  • Mrs. Dircet

    Although, this article is old I thought I'd respond to it being that very few in the comment section have done so intelligently. The author did not refute anything Kola Boff had said, but instead deflected on issues not relevant to this context and argued against points she never even made. Please learn the definition of self-hate because pointing out colorism isn't it. The point is light skin black women are the minority in the black female population but make up the majority of the black women in the media, therefore they are over-represented. It's not enough to just identify as black. Phenotype does affect ones life (treatment by others, employment, marriageability etc.) There is no homogenous black experience. To suggest that black people who have light skin or have atypical facial features don't have different experiences to their darker skin counterparts is beyond naive. In all non-white cultures favoritism is shown to those who look more white. I don't know why so many black people try to deny this FACT!.

  • chinwe

    I am a Nigerian girl. born and raised in Naija! I do NOT appreciate this random woman speaking on behalf of us. Nigerian women are comfortable with their shades (and believe me, our range of shades is extreme)it is not the norm to bleach.Kai! we are just chilling, meanwhile this stranger is putting HER issues on us. Abeg oh!

    • AC

      Thank You girl! I want Africans, like yourself, to speak for themselves. Kola DOES force her issues/problems on others. She is a fraud and a liar. First she says she was born in Oudurman in Sudan, then she says it's a different city (she can't remember where she was born). Kola is sick and evil.

  • aFan

    The writer completely missed the point of this exchange between Wale and Kola Boof. In fact, I doubt he was even searching for that point, but rather an outlet to dismiss colorism as a non-issue in the black community. I don't agree with Kola Boof. Wale has used his position as a rap artist to address colorism on multiple occasions, and he already stated that the "Pretty Girls" casting had nothing to do with his preference. That being said, you dismissed colorism in contrast with larger issues in the black community, such as division through economic class. You argued as though Joy Daily and Kola Boof's criticisms were based on the controversy surrounding being "black enough." Those criticisms had absolutely NOTHING to do that. Those criticisms are instead based on an ideal perpetrated by white media, and the black people have been stupid enough to accept and promote as a norm. You're right, Wale doesn't have a responsibility to attempt to change those ideals single-handedly. To do so, we must attack the source of the problem. But dismissing colorism as a non-issue, and comparing it to preferences for fit women with no disabilities, as you so ignorantly did in this article, is naive.

  • WaleIsGod

    By the way Wale is the best rapper in the Game

  • WaleIsGod

    This is completely ridiculous. The lady saying that wale is stereotyping black women is an idiot. She obviously has not listened to the entire attention deficit CD because track 9 I believe, called shades, talks about black women and the shades of African Americans and the struggles that he has had being a darker shaded African American. So for her to call out Wale especially is completely idiotic. Not only is he the opposite of what she is saying, he is one of the best hip hop artists out there in the game right now lyrically and with his wordplay and ability to talk about nearly any subject out there in the world and say some real shit about it. So kolaboof is a complete moron and has no idea what she is talking about and just shows how stupid and ignorant she is. So she needs to shut her mouth, especially talking about Wale.

  • jayko

    The lightskinned women in these videos do embody less of the "black experience" as most got white daddies or mommas.

  • theTruth

    this is a shame, i saw every color in this damn video. Wale should have ignored that shit. what? so Wale has to have only the darkest skinned girls in his videos now to prove what? this is really dumb.

  • Controverse

    I'm not black, but stories and editorials like this make me wonder, are light skinned black women allowed to feel, and be portrayed, as beautiful without it being considered some sort of mental genocide? I can understand the need for balanced representation, or whatever you want to call it, but I really wonder sometimes about how light skinned black women take these stories. They, like the rest of us, aren't capable of choosing what color they naturally are.

  • 6FeetDeep

    So at the end of the day like it's always been known... dark skinned women are ugly and us men just could care less about them. in reality some are okay but most aren't and that's just that and there's no amount of social pressure from smaller groups that could change the masses (or even a few people for the most part). I love ALL Black people but let's face it, if you're ugly then you're ugly, race has nothing to do with it (except in dark skinned women cases where there's a slight exception to the rule).... have any of you ever envisioned a dark skinned chick you saw out in public and imagined her lighter? truth be told some of you have and I guarantee you that you thought she probably looked better lighter. - sorry Darkie.... I'm black by the way. the next in line to my blood that's from a different race are literally my great grandparents and great great grandparents (needless to to say that I have alot of dark skinned Cousins, Aunts, etc). it is what it is boo

  • Keep it Moving

    BIG already broke this stereotype. Black, fat and "ugly" and became one of the most beloved artist ever. Tyson Beckford broke stereitypes as a model as well. He dark, sexy, and running the male model game in the 90's. I PAY NO attention to the "white" media and their "standards".

  • Almar

    Props To Wale For Carrying himself in a Mature adult way, Just Because He's Rapping dosent mean he cant be articulate.

  • Chris

    What scares me is this Kola lady and other people seperating the black race with this light and dark skin shit, stop fucking up our culture. If any one listens to hip hop music should know that the artist don't have a say in these things, they make a song about it on almost every record.

  • holy shit is it possible?

    Is this a well written HHDX article? Holy shit.

  • Anonymous

    why do different shaded black people hate eachother so much. its so sad

  • Lightskin is in

    Pretty Girls was a much better video than My Sweetie. It is what it is they black too

    • Eunice

      Of course the video is better than my sweetie. Dude didn't get the support from his label to make the video anyway and you can tell that it's low budget,but he tried.

  • deion

    Flintown nigga !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    funny that nas would say that and then make a song about having a black president. dudes such a hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      Perfectly put reply! It's called maturity and growth!

    • NC King

      He made that song in 2003. Funny you think people don't grow and enlighten themselves as time passes. It's called learning... Try it lol

  • chris

    This is why the underground black roots movement is so screwed up these days. Firstly, as a race we dont face nearly as many issues as before, so these people who think their ambassadors of our race end up going against our real messengers, who are people like jayz and nas, people that we all listen too. Wale is about as close to the roots movement thing as it gets these days, so i dont understand why she'd go after him of all people though. Could have gone to gucci for callin all of his hoes bitches.

    • c

      C'mon son non of the artists you named are doing anything for "black" people. If they were they wouldn't participate something in something they had no control over. Not comin at you at all just tryna shed some light on the real people like Bobby Hemmit,Phil Valintine,Bro Panic,Ms Blue,A.A. Rashid,knowtheledgeradio,Bro Anpu and many more borthers and sisters.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    How about Kola Boof review this: Mr. Ghetto - Wal-Mart

  • IntelligenceInHipHop

    Why has there been no mention of the track on Wale's album entitled "Shades" ft. Chrisette Michele? He addresses this topic directly. Please, if you haven't listened, do so. Wale is one of the most conscious rappers in the game. Granted, he does things like produce singles w gaga to make money, but the majority of his content is real.

    • Keezie

      I agree. People should do their homework before opening their mouths. You don't step into a debate without knowing the facts & having credible topics.

  • Voice of an African

    @Jadakiss...I agree with you when you say corporate America are the terrorists. Do not blame me if using an umbrella term like 'america' because the only America we see down here is the corporate oil hungry one. Sorry if i offended honest good American citizens....

    • jadakiss88

      Apology accepted. Just because they run our country doesn't mean we agree with it. America much like Africa is overrun with corrupt leaders and while we do have a choice on the matter the choices are thin. Honestly, the Popular vote isn't always the choice of the people its swayed by this BS system called the Electoral College. Which basically boils down to money. We don't agree with 85% of the actions our goverment takes abroad honestly because we need more help here before we can help everyone else.

  • 905

    Great guys were slacking for a bit with your news but lately you have picked up the pace. Keep it up!

  • somejackass89

    First off, this may be one of the most well written articles on DX that I've seen. Finally somebody with some writing experience. Second off, the argument in question as posed by Boof may be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. That's like me (being of Italian, Irish, and German) shooting a video and having no women with clear traits of being Italian, Irish, or German descent in it and being accused of hating myself and the women coming from where my family came from. Yes, I will say that my example is a bit different considering I've got three different types of blood in me, but if you're not slow I'm sure you get the point. Wale should not be put on the chopping block for something so fucking trivial like this and it seems as though this woman is just looking to make a name for herself. I am a Wale fan and I have been for some time, but I also fucking HATE when the race card is pulled. I don't give a fuck if you're African American, Nigerian, Caucasian, Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, etc., there's no fucking reason to pull the race card 90% of the time. Some people are too fucking ignorant to come up with a better argument, as you can see, and the race card is pulled. I don't mean to rant, but this woman doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Yes she has a valid argument, it was just the manner she went about things. There been dicussions going on for years about the use of light skinned women in rap and how the darker ones are feeling neglected or miss represented on screen. We can't shut these women up because they will always have an opinion, but rants and curses at your brothers and sister's as if they were your open enemies is very irresponsible and unreasonale

  • Dom

    To answer her question quite simply, YES. Fairer skinned women in the video embody less of the black experience because there's not as much melanin in their skin. A common excuse used by mainstream magazines, companies, casting directors, m...odel bookers etc. for not using black girls is that 'Black girls don't sell. Black people make up less than 7% of my consumer base, why would I prominently feature a black girl running the risk of alienating my other customers?' That argument is flat out racist but it does carry some weight. When the black consumer consumer represents a huge block of the target audience for a certain product (in this case rap music) and they still see themselves represented LAST on a list that goes Mixed Race black girl, Latina/Brazilian, White girl, THEN Dark skinned black girl - that's no longer good business, that's racist. And those casting directors aren't appealing to the consumer, they are appealing to their inner psychological tendency to prefer light over dark, field nigger vs. house nigger.

  • Rory

    "Do the fairer skinned women in the video embody less of the black experience because there’s not as much melanin in their skin? I find that to be a totally bullshit theory, and there is where the double standard lies. A black woman arguin...g that another woman looks biracial, and therefore “less black” is self-hate by definition." This quote is full of utter NONESENSE. This is VERY simple. House Nigger. Field Nigger. The carryover effect in modern society is something called COLORISM. The lighter, the better. Statisically we see more positive images of light skinned and mixed race persons of African descent than we do dark skinned persons. Light skinned or mixed raced black women are 9.5/10 used to fill the black girl quota in the visuals we see and especially in music videos if she's not white, latina, mixed race, or brazilian (i know some of those overlap) she's light skinned. Why is it a double standard for dark skinned black women to say - hey! All these black girls that are clearly 3/4, 1/2 or or 1/4 white/latina/asian don't reflect me! And I am the one who is buying this shit!

    • Voice of an African

      @kevin i agree with you.. Im from South Africa and half or 2 thirds of the blacks are light with no other race in em. Light is also black

    • Kevin G

      I dont know about you, but not "All these black girls that are clearly 3/4, 1/2 or or 1/4 white/latina/asian." Just because theyre lighter doesnt make them any less part of our race, not even genetically. I happen to have spent most of my later years in Kenya and theres a large almost majority amount of light skinned blacks, with no white or asian mix in their lineage. Where did this idea that light is automatically not black come from. "Statisically we see more positive images of light skinned and mixed race persons of African descent than we do dark skinned persons." Since we're talking about rap videos....i fail to see the positive potrayal you're talking about.

  • David Huh Wat

    i totally agree....but i also wonder when if ever a black entertainer on any level will ever take credit for anything. hey they get the money in large order. but none of the responsibility? id like once to see a hip hop act say hey im not down for this or that. but it seems there is no lack of artist willing get while the gettn is good. im just looking for one

    • UrBetterJudgement

      In the article it clearly states that when wale's PrettyGirl video came out with "light skinned black" that wale put up money out his own pocket(not label budget) to fund a video for the song that is an ode to the african experience. The song is called My sweetie btw, and the video features all of wales "Darker friends" here is the video

  • Ja Quaine

    She really went in on Wale, he gained another fan today too. But this lady seems to hate herself. How do you go at someone based on the type of women they may or may not like. I bet she was tweeting Wale while listening to Kanye West on her iPad with her Beats By Dre earbuds in.

  • badu

    There’s no written rule that says he owes black women a debt of gratitude because he’s of Nigerian descent. Effortlessly finding beauty in your own as a matter of course in the same way you see it so easily in others is paying a debt of gratitude? Darker skinned women are that hard to find beautiful? First they are insulted, then they have to be grateful, not to be? Just wow. As for he can have all whites if he wants, be sure to remember that when men as dark as Wale himself, are the ones being excluded.

    • kevin G

      I think the point was that preferring lighter girls doesn't make him a traitor...After all, do we determine what traits we do and dont like? Just because he is black doesn't mean he SHOULD like darker women as a prerequisite. Similarly, just because a woman is black doesn't mean she should prefer darker skineed men simply because of that. The idea you should have standards of what you individually find attractive because of race and if you don't the people who fit the criteria of "what you should dig" call you a traitor....that, is the debt of gratitude With that said, Wale doesn't even fit that bill. Artists have little to no control over videos, the lyrical content should be marker. Listening to Wale's song shades the only argument that can be made is he has something against lighter girls (he used to anyway)

  • papabearATL

    I think everyone should go out and impregnate or get pregnant by another race! By the year 2035 there will be one race, Biege! Then everyone is happy! I'm doing my part making half Spanish babies with my wife! Do your part! The next generation will all be able to mark other, then what we gonna hate on?

    • Atl2Trill

      You sound like a dumbass with what you're saying. Even if it's one race, it's gonna be problems still. Typical house nigga behavior. Just come out and say that you don't like Black women. That'll make it easier for the brothers like me who wanna Black woman. So we can get you weak negroes outta the way.

    • David Huh Wat

      i agree.... and im doing my part....who has a pure race anyway?

    • callmeli

      Yeah my man is right. If we open our minds and marry people from other races and cultures, creating beautiful loving families with them, those families become one and as a result the hater and misunderstanding ("barriers") between cultures can be broken down. That is ultimately how peace and love can come into this world. Not only is that a great idea, that is God's Will.



  • Kamar Roxwel Robinson

    muthafuckas is crazy. how you discredit somebody cuz of the girls he like? i aint know blacks only suppose to date dark skin women cuz light skin is trading. get the fuck outta here you like who u like, that dont have anything to do with ur blackness. people be killin me with that stupid shit. Its too many yellow bone in his video he must dont like dark skin chicks.. before real.... SN youtube/ Roxwel meet me at the liquor store

  • UrBetterJudgement

    If you are really wanting to know wale's stance just listen to his album or mixtapes. Shades, Diary, The Kramer, UmRica, or even The eye's of the Tiger will tell his stance on race, the use of nigger/a, along with self hate. So if ur in the dark and want to see what the real deal is go to youtube and look for the songs i listed. one

  • philip

    I can't take her seriously,now she is telling people to back off that her and Wale are cool again.If she wants positive attention then she should go feed the hungry in a 3rd world country,not bashing someone that you would defend days later.

  • Anonymous

    man yall some clowns always defendin the dumbest shit fuck that arab cock sucking ape dat bitch is hideous and it aint cuz she dark! Wale coulda and shoulda had all redbones in there if no sexy chocolate or fudge was around. half the niggas on hear be da first ones hollerin they only fuck redbones smh like it matter. all hoes get dick, get in videos, suck rappers dicks etc. so do her complexion really matter. fuck a self concious punjabi concubine. i fuck wit all races hoes. its all pussy duh!!!

  • JFranks

    I heard of something revolutionary, Kid Cudi told me it, its called not giving a fuck.

  • c

    You can't force certain images down peoples throats although the powers that be do this all the time. The women must realise she can't be reprented everywhere all the time!

  • memo

    i dont get it all these arguments inclucding this chick, are just bashing people for how they look and/or for having personal preferance? but tells them to prefer their own personal preferance? this isnt ironic right? redundant..? no.. theres a word for it.. oh yeah; hella fucking stupid.. how about this u hitlers, if a guy like certain features on a girl, you, the third party should just shut the fuck up. all this shit seems to be vailed mild racism and hate..

  • PeoplePlease

    Omar Burgess, this must be a joke? Did Wale put you up to this? Yet another 'journalist' cosigning the blatant disrespect of Black women (and Black people). Several posters here have not done the research into advertising and images, make childish statements like "it doesn't matter", or, "just don't support their music". Grown men don't think like that. Grown men know that it is their obligation to speak out on anyone or anything which encourages the disrespect of Black people. Often times, these journalists spend more words on the firefighters than the arsonists and I see that with this article. Ms Boof and Ashley Judd and Black women in general make convenient and easy targets. Mainly because those who do have a voice do defend them, wind up cosigning their attackers behavior in the name of being fair and balanced. When someone gets the ball* to address Lil Wayne parading Black girls around as sluts or Snoop Dogg leading women around on a leash in print, let me know. Otherwise, I feel this site knows that those interviews may be harder to come by and thus, play softball when holding 'Hip Hop' artists to standards. Nicki sluts it out and brings down Black girls = pass. Rick Ross glorifies the distribution of poison and fabricating his past = pass. Wale remained silent on Pretty Girl video until small uproar forced a response = pass. A woman braves the flames to address the disrespect and hatred of women(Black) = a dozen paragraph expose? This is hypocritical poorly researched superficial boo boo where the victims get full page critiques and the victimizers get accolades and interviews. You people are sad in that the only Black women you will defend are your mothers (and maybe your sister). Sorry sapsuckers...

    • Anonymous

      Well this whole topic is not black and white. And just like fox news, this writer is opinionated and bias. So you have to take it for what it is and try to look through it. Most people who comment don't have the knowledge to make a good judgment so you shouldn't take it seriously. The point that you make is good though, how can we judge someone for trying to speak out when rappers are fueling the fire by every single thing they do in the media that is being viewed by all of us. So I like what your saying to not defend rappers because they don't deserve it, but in this case I think Wale was being singled out and I don't think to call him a 'fucking nigger' is a very wise thing to say.

    • Reverb

      THANK YOU for your well thought out comment. I'm wondering if all those commenting are delusional or just plain ignorant. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone reading all these responses.

    • Anonymous

      We will never rise as a people on this planet as long as we stay conflicting on all levels at all heights with one another. This women seems like she can represent herself. She is right but went about it the wrong way, this is entertainment and tastless remarks like nigger is'nt the glamorous visualisation of a dream were trying to portray anyway

  • omar burgess

    i am super ashamed of myself for being an editor of hiphopdx who consistantly and blatantly has MASSIVE editorial issues (misspellings, grammatical issues etc).. i apologize for being a nigger and a shame to my race

  • Anonymous

    whats it matter its a fuckin music video.

  • Loot Pack

    I personally dont rate any of the nigerian american rappers we've been hearing of late(Wale, Tyler The Creator), the best we really had was Akinyele. But If you remember his material was mad explicit. The guy could actually rap but songs like put It in your mouth were never going to help anyones case, at all. Now If u look at a rapper like Wale, his music is definitely not built to fit a certain niche. He plays different sides of the game similar to Drake. His music has no firm stance, which is why he could sign with a label like young money any day from now. What Kola needs to understand is Wale does not represent the african or african american community. The guy is a free agent like his music is free to be sold to whoever he feels will buy It. If theres a market for people that like light skinned girls hes selling, If theres one for middle class whites hes selling, even If theres one for the asian community he will sell. So like I said I dont listen to him but you have to recognise his sales strategy is pretty solid.

  • Ronald pushed more coke than Big Meech

    Why the fuck you single out wale? Out of all people. And then you try to point out his flaw of discrimination against women because of their skin color and then you turn around and call him a nigger.. Beware the intelligent coon.

  • Big Mike

    Me thinks Kola Boof still suffers from her racial identity regardless to how good of a writer she may be (imagine being given away for adoption because your too dark skinned). And patience and consideration must be given to these types of people. I also agree with all those who say that its equally wrong to discriminate against lighter skinned blacks. Because truth be told we have always produced different shades even prior to race mixing and anyone who knows about genetics can easily prove this. Its just that once we began to intermingle with other groups namely europeans the identity crisis began because of white supremacy. But we must not DISMISS the fact that many of these rappers are destoying our youth because they don't know the difference between reality and entertainment nor does most of those people our youth look up to....Remember Native Americans were indigenous people (Before Colonialization) yet they are not of Blue Black complexion/hue however they are our brothers just like many hispanics who deny us! (All Black people should watch the Black in America series produced by Prof.Henry Gates). The Blue Black African complexion to be honest is NOT our original complexion this was done because we too practiced genetic manipulation and experimentation long long before europeans came along. Have you ever noticed the difference in features for East Africans vs. West Africans. So Keen features small noses/lips/slanted eyes DID NOT originate from other races. Its simply a Master Trick to deceive you regarding your IMPORTANCE! Well I tried to keep it short!:-)

  • John

    This is a very interesting topic and this post in particular is incredibley well written. Shout out to Omar, very dope read.

  • Darker Da berry

    Obama killed your boyfriend bitch! Stop dating them thugs and maybe you'll see brothers in a different light. Because obviously the "good brothas" don't have time for an ignorant bitch.

  • Love My Sistas

    Black women DATE a black man when he ask you and don't add any extra bullshit. JUST GO THE GODDAMN DATE and have a good time. Fuck what the man owns or don't own. Learn to build together and stop frowning! Keep life simple peace!

  • Stop It Geeks

    One last thing to the brothers out there sporting HUMONGOUS ASS FAT white chicks, you got to be fucking kidding me with that shit. You niggas look STOOOOPPPIIIDDDD! And it got nothing to do with them being white but to you, you think because they ARE white it's all good. LOL! Black men stand tall. Niggas go die.

    • Anonymous

      what the hell? u better be a chick, cause if you arent then that must mean youre pretty effing racist

  • Stop It Geeks

    1.People who skin bleach (Michael Jackson) are too far gone and are totally brainwashed (Sammy Sosa). Let'm die. 2. Only little boys actively look for "Snow White" for a mate instead of a hot chick period. In otherwords I've seen UGLY ASS white women, Latin women, Japanese, and yes black women. 3. The dark skin argument is a cop out for someone who is just ugly. 4. Is Naomi Cambell ugly? Fuck NO! Is Nia Long ugly? Fuck NO! Is Gabriel Union? Nope! I can keep going naming chocolate beauties. You get the point.

  • Anonymous

    It date's back to the old mythical willie lynch divide and conquer method of deception. She should more than understand the society we live in than to further some anomosity between the differences of skin tone among black people It set's us back along way, infact hundreds of years calling the brother a nigger exposing off your weakness. It's oburd to go after little man after the struggle many of us have been through reguardless if were catching a little brake or not. Make a change as a positive strong black women and show some respect amongst each other

  • Lsn22s

    Lots of interesting points in this article... I'm mixed, half black and half white...had both parents around, and love my blood-related white family members and blood-related black family members equally... I also REALLY prefer darker skinned does my dad...and I'm sure we are not the only dad is white by the way, and my parents met IN AFRICA....if you saw me you would probably think I was puerto girlfriend is very dark but LOVES my lighter complexion, just like I LOVE hers... Basically...all this light skin or dark-skin stuff is B.S.....I'm light skinned and half white but still got called a nigger by little white kids when i was young, still got racially profiled by cops sometimes and actually had my darker skinned friends try to tell me I had it easier than them...I get profiled by BLACK AND WHITE people since I don't technically fully belong in either's fucked up...and it's not even close to true (about having it easier, not by a long shot) no one black person, light or dark, has the right to act like they know the whole struggle...and they for damn sure have no business trying to tell other black folks what being black is supposed to be, or look's BULLSHIT...

    • Willy

      I'm white. My best friend in the whole world is mixed. He grew up in a small town. He was the ONLY person in the town that wasn't white (his mother dropped him off with an uncle, she was a piece of garbage and white). The dude was constantly ridiculed for being black. When he told people he was also white it didn't seem to matter to the ignorant white people. They simply saw his skin color. To this day I will never understand the ignorance of racists. I feel bad for anyone that gets judged by the color of their skin. It's a shame.

    • Lsn22s

      @ Anonymous and 100 thanks, u guys give me faith in human REALLY gets tested sometimes with the ignorance out there... I honestly think the culprit here is American popular culture, the rest of the world seems to get along better than we do over here...obviously there are some exceptions but I really feel like Americans tend to straight up embrace racism, especially when it leans in their favor...sad, really... Again thanks for the input, I was truly expecting to get slammed by ignorant comments, but you guys proved me it when that happens...

    • 100

      Good points bro. I'm black and married to a Japanese woman. Didn't go looking for an Asian women it just happened because we clicked. PERIOD! 90% of the women I dated in my past were black women and I got along with all them fine almost married one but that relationship fell apart because we were just too young minded not because of race.

    • Anonymous

      Good comment. You are a living example of the irony of racism. And atleast you are able to see the truth otherwise you would probably be living a pretty sad life. Like you said racism goes both ways and in the end overall its pretty pathetic. But nice input and hopefully you made your point.

  • Voss

    "A black woman arguing that another woman looks biracial, and therefore “less black” is self-hate by definition. And it’s just as damning as calling Wale a discredit to his race. Why do Boof and others continue to reduce the black experience down to the shade of someone’s skin color? " POWERFUL ARTICLE! *Thumbs up* this is spreading consciousness. Let the people know!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah this is pointing out this ladies self-hate and insecurities. Personally this whole topic of "skin-bleaching" hasn't before been a issue but maybe in Africa or some areas it is. If it is popular than yes that is pretty sad. The same way that breast implants and plastic surgery is. This woman needs to get her head on straight because she is breeding negativity and hatred among black people towards whites and even other blacks. It doesn't matter what the media tells you. This topic obvious struck a nerve with this ladies insecurities.

  • Big Log

    Man this is some bullshit, everybody know 95% of rap video always have the light skin chick, man this been going on for years, that shit aint just now started to happen, why pick out wale man, and i aint buying that nigga cd either but when you wanta start pointing fingers man do that shit right, point the other out too, you trying to say his video wanta make black kid bleach they skin, nobody bring up her pass telling her about bin laden come man! the chick is dead wrong on this one.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it all makes no sense. Why do rappers also say you have to rock Jordan's and where fitteds. Now you have to have a light skinned model to? Black or white the girl in the video is gonna be hotter than your girlfriend why do you have to take it so personally. If you look deep into anything the media does you can always find offense to it.

    • jadakiss88

      My thing is how can you complain about Women being objectified in hip hop and then turn around and say there is not enough Dark skin women in music videos? I still haven't figured that out.

  • Voice of an African

    No i get this americans are the terrorists.. anyway guys im in Africa. i see first hand women tryna bleech their skin because western culture or globalisation has socially constructed the fact that lighter you are the more beautiful. I take offence when some one says black is not attractive because he has never left America..come to Africa and you will be amazed at the beautiful women here.. Black is is white, pink,yellow and Red.. God makes us different so that we enjoy and celebrate our divercity!

    • Jadakiss88

      How are we terrorist Oh I guess because we are stuck in a corrupt and greedy government as well that yea we are terrorist. Or the only people that make it in this country are either born into a rich family or work their asses off to get to where they want to be in life. And last time i checked anybody from anywhere on the face of the earth can come to America and live while it's not the same way in elsewhere. Really!!! Be the voice of yourself first because you know nothing about America. Poverty levels are high here too, we also have an aids epidemic, we have children walking around with gang and participating in Gang Activities just like your young soldiers. Don't worry I will correct your statement Corporate America are the terrorist not to mention the entire African Goverment is corrupt and consistently sell out their own people for profits that you all won't see. The thing about Africa that I envy is that your people stand together. American's have been brainwashed and believe in this corrupt democratic system. Egypt showed that people can stand together for a common cause and raise hell until they get their just do. That's what I love about Africa. See I have studied the African culture and while many have seen all the negative the fact that many African's can live entirely 100% off the land amazes me. But back on subject, why don't you and Ms. Boof hold seminars for Self-Confidence and self-worth. Until then you are just blowing out smoke.

  • Jadakiss88

    First to this point on how Hip Hop objectifies women. Well they wouldn't be objectified if they didn't willingly agree to prance around half naked in front of the camera for money it's a choice and they choose to do it. Do we think lesser of them some do I don't, I am not saying that I will promote being a video vixen to my niece or daughter, I will try to offer up as many alternatives as I possibly can but if they choose to do this however I will tell them if you are doing this for the money don't allow anyone to stop you. It's their choice you have to allow people to live. They are grown stop placing the blame on the artist when these women aren't brainwashed, forced, or threatened to do this. On to the fair skin comment. Sorry India Arie, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, and Ms. Boof mainstream (PERIOD) find they can do more with fair skin women. Is it fair no but that's life. Personally I love dark skinned women but nevertheless it's not everyone's cup of tea GET OVER IT. And since you are so worried about the images portrayed in these videos why don't you hold seminars for these women and young children that clearly have self-esteem issues. It's aggravating when people do this only for the fact that they want to voice an opinion but not DO anything. As far as Wale is concerned hey you continue to do you mayne. Anybody that has heard you pre-maybach music group (I really hate you signed with a fake like Ross)knows you music isn't about that. You and Cole are the leaders of the new school (sorry haven't heard Wiz outside of Black & Yellow) you guys are the one's that can get us out of this fake gangster rap hip-pop generation so alot of us ol head's are depending on you.

  • Assassin221

    Pretty good article for DX, it's not very focused and I don't feel like I understand the whole thing with Boof or Wale, but it does have a lot of logical and well-stated points. It's always bothered me how people of all races talk about black people as if they either are or should be homogenized culturally, politically, religiously, etc. Why? The article does a good job of raising that issue, which doesn't get brought up very often.

  • Indeed

    Some people (dark skinned women mainly) just don't wanna except that sometimes tha truth hurts.... and this is their truth

  • F. Rap

    Didn't finish reading the article. By the 3rd/4th paragraph the writer was making too many excuses for wally. The director had all the c.c.? He left 1 devil record label for another. Just because he danced around the issues sista was pointing out this should make new fans for buddy? I hope not. She is right most these rappers ARE niggers & I don't mean that in a good way ! They're either dead or scared or our open enemies. We should look at them as such ! Hell listen to what they're sayin ? trap, white, heavy n-word usage treat our women like rags..nothing. Sounds like fundemental basic b.s. spoon fed to the youth via media. Fuck tha stat quo thats the problem !!!! Who will stand up ? Who will be the rap catalyst's ?

    • F. Rap

      @ Jada.. I thnk some people are frustrated w/ the game & ourselves as a people. Of course the stat quo doing it for the $$$$. It's just time that the underground positive forces in the game step up & take over if you will the rap game as we know it. If we were more supportive as blacks towards the concious/positive rappers & wasn't so mentally dead, rappers would'nt need to be catering to katy perry fans for sales. That lady sounded frustrated & may have thought wally would end up being more of a positive rapper maybe all I know is that alot of these rappers are self-hating. Like Pac sd listen to what these rappers are saying..

    • Voss

      Finish the article before you speak.

    • Jadakiss88

      Turn off the radio, stopping watching Sucker Free Countdown, and all those mainstream hip hop shows because that's all you will hear and see. They only put on tv what give's them ratings. Hip Hop is so far beyond these fake gangsters. There are so many other rappers that speak on life, it just takes some effort to look for them. And as far as the enemy goes if you have a regular nine to five you are working for the enemy, if you are an independent business owner you shake hands with the enemy, and if you are on welfare you wait for checks signed by the enemy. Unless you become FULLY self relient you will always being doing business with the enemy. So, the only self hating black people are the one's who pull stunts like this. Ms. Boof is a self-hating black person simply because instead of talking it out with Wale face to face like an adult she takes to twitter like an child and demeans this man yet she doesn't even know him. Wale did the right thing he didn't reveal his hand but he hasn't put on his poker face yet so honestly I can respect Wale 100x more than I can respect Ms. Boof.

  • ShystyOne

    Why does anyone give her attention, why would anyone care what an idiot has to say about something.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Really awesome article. Been waiting for someone to speak up about it. This was my favorite part: "To buy into the “Pretty Girls” argument immediately brings two more issues into the equation. Do the fairer skinned women in the video embody less of the black experience because there’s not as much melanin in their skin? I find that to be a totally bullshit theory, and there is where the double standard lies. A black woman arguing that another woman looks biracial, and therefore “less black” is self-hate by definition. And it’s just as damning as calling Wale a discredit to his race. Why do Boof and others continue to reduce the black experience down to the shade of someone’s skin color?" Wow. That must'v seriously burnt the hypocrites up. Amazing stuff man.

  • Anonymous

    wale is one of the biggest faggots in rap history. BUT the bitch hes up against was fucking osama bin laden. you fucked someone that took pride in killing thousands of people, shut your mouth cunt. bitch should be tried in court, for withholding information.

  • Indeed

    You can throw pretty dark skinned women in our faces on TV and wherever u want whenever u want but it still won't change tha fact that they aren't that pretty and most men in this entire world prefer Dark Brown women and up.... that's not a lie

  • Ramiro

    In the end i dont care how many video they put of light skin black girls, i still think dark women are beautiful.

    • Lsn22s

      I agree, I have always liked dark skin more than light should have seen the faces of white girls who heard me say this...EPIC

  • Indeed

    Truth be told and it's more of a secret than the secret societies.... Dark Skinned women aren't that attractive and never have been. Yeah there's definitely some dimes out there (somewhere) but most aren't and that's that. Dark skinned women will be complaining until the end of time about that shit but it still won't change the fact that they're less attractive. Oh yeah and I'm a nigga (but what does that matter right lol). In real life chocolate women just aren't the business. I love my Aunt Wanda and my Aunt Perilee and my Aunt Edee and truth be told they aren't that bad looking *nofunnyshit* but I'm not judging my Aunts when I'm looking for potential mates lol. I've only fucked 3 dark skinned chicks in my lifetime (2 at 14 and 1 at 17). I'm 22 now and the only dark skinned chick i'd fuck is Jada Fire or Nyomi Banxxx and they're Porn Stars. Like i said some are ok, some can be pretty, but very few are dimes or wifey material. It is what it iz, it's not tha white man's fault, it's not tha Mexicans fault or the British fault, it's God's fault lol. Dark skinned women just aren't that beautiful.... maybe some on the inside (definitely not Project chicks) but looks wise, they just don't have it. and that's the truth that will never be made public. don't get mad at us Men for liking what we like, chicks have more preferences than we do.

    • Indeed

      And if i did take a trip 2 Trinidad and Africa, my dick would stay hard becuz there's half naked women running around and it's hot outside.... not becuz i'd be in awe of dark skinned women. you're just like people who take offense to this issue.... sometimes the truth just hurts

    • Anonymous

      Thats cause you live in America. Dark skinned American chicks are normally ghetto as shit and classless. Take a trip to Curacao, Trinidad, Africa and other parts of the world to see how stupid you sound.

  • yourmomsballs

    So dark skinned chicks are mad because only light skinned chicks get an opportunity to shake ass on camera and not them?? And then when you let all of them do it together all women get mad and say their being exploited?? Make up your minds.

  • Nathan

    I think this lady has completely lost it. How are you going to single out an individual rapper for ONE of his songs that happens to have white/light skinned girls in them? You can't blame the man for putting good looking girls in his video; I mean, the song is called "pretty girls." Although it is true that dark-skinned girls do not get as much attention as do white/light-skinned girls, but neither do fat girls and we don't hear anybody talking about that. Then she says that WALE is the reason why they want to skin bleach themselves....come on lady. There are lots more reasons to blame than Wale's music. She was just looking for someone to blame and she found it.

  • bmoc

    this woman is a bitch and is upset that no one would ever wanna put her nasty ass in a video

  • Uno

    Great article. The black experience can not be pigeon-holed. Kola is an idiot. These chicks are always the ones most likely to end up with a light-skin guy or white man. Always happens. Hypocrites.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah she has a video on you tube where she is like I have a husband...and he is BLACK! Who gives a shit you dumb hoe. So what, we don't care, if you feel you have to marry a black man to prove to yourself something than good for you. But she is combating racism with racism.

  • Anonymous

    Wale - Shades, track 8 on Attention Deficit.

  • G-zus

    People are so full of shit. I don't especially like dark skin girls. But at the end of the day : a hot woman is a hot woman and the skin doesnt matter. Then it s a matter of taste. A friend of mine is white and only likes black girl. So if he gets ever famous he ll put some in his videos. And why would it offend anyone ? That s right there s no fuckin reason. Fuck outta insecure bitches.

  • nibs

    How can anyone say this is a good article? We're talking about a slut that sucked Osama's cock arguing in 140 characters or less with a nigger that runs around with a cop pretending to be gangster. And you're gonna be like, oh that was an intelligent comeback. Read nigger. Read.

    • greg

      fuck off nibs, the article is impressive. your comment doesent even make sense. dumb shit.

    • Anonymous

      LOL and what does that make you? your not a gangster or even a good enough fake gangster to make it worthwhile for a cop to protect you.

  • Salima

    Yes, Boof makes herself look foolish by going at Wale. But she looks foolish NOT because of the subject matter, but because she singled out Wale when he's not the only one exclusively casting light-skinned women in his videos. With all due respect to you Omar, it's easy for you to say "If you don't like his videos, then don't buy his music," because you're not a black woman. The idea that fair-skinned women are more beautiful than dark-skinned women is prevalent, not only in Hip Hop, not even just in music, but in all levels of society. Hip Hop (not just Wale) perpetuates the fuck out of this idea and THAT's the problem. Darker women are constantly reinforced by the notion that they are ugly and less valuable, and while it's not the duty of musicians to debunk that line of thinking, I think there should be some kind of moral fiber within Hip Hop when it comes to women. So, you can tell me and everyone else "if you don't like the videos then don't buy the music" but I LOVE this music. I just can't co-sign the message behind the images.

    • Reef

      THANK YOU! Your comment was the only one that made any sense, as a black man I share the same sentiment with you 100%

  • Wzup

    This whole article brings up a good point. This woman pointing Wale brings up some insecurities in her more than anything. I would say Wale out of all the other more famous contenders has very little influence and clearly she is just upset that she didn't get casted for the video. And why is it that when a girl is light black it's an issue, but look at the president. The way people talk about having black president and all this pride around that you wouldn't think he had a drop of white in him. But all of this does bring us closer to finally seeing that race is not important. And if one woman is insecure not only in her appearance but in her race than she has some work to do. And like Wale said about ignorance, it goes to show you that writing a book doesn't make you extra 'smart'. Some of the most ignorant/biased have the means to write a book.

  • Ruckus

    Boof's got that re-vitiligo, it's the opposite of what that jackson boy had.

  • Anonymous

    This is article is such a lie! You are making Wale look like the good guy and MIS-REPPING Kola Boof, an African Mother fighting against Skin Bleaching to be the evil villain. This is not what really happened. This battle is 2 years old and you are demonizing the MOTHER who wants Africans to stop being told by music videos that they have to be White and bleach their skin!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah maybe you are right this woman seems a little messed up. And it seems she is just arguing about things that will benefit herself. pending co-sign.

    • heretik

      Nope, this article is 100% correct, youre wrong, and kola is a sad anti-human bitch who has nothing to say and who will only be remembered for her love for a murderer, racist, sexist, evil, pathetic, villainous, cunt of a man whos actions and hate for human life destroyed countless families and countries.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah your right for most people like me who don't know anything about this woman this article makes you judgmental of her especially. And the way this writer talks about Wale you think he just donated his house to charity. This guy says he is a fan now and about to buy his album. Wale is right in his response. Even though by mentioning those things about her he actually DID go at her subliminally. SO they are both wrong in these statements.

  • Wahe

    Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Dark Skin Girls nobody ever cared about that song discriminating white girls.

    • Anonymous


    • yep

      yep, exactly. Thats whats so ignorant and hypocritical about this whole thing. If she truly cared about equality she would care about the equality of ALL races, not just her own. Shes the actual racist.

  • Sensaye25

    I don't even try to defend rappers anymore. Listen, rap is like sports. You can be a fan of it, but you have to accept that most of these guys are ignorant scumbags. That Boof broad is on some self-righteous shit. It's all good to call out rappers on their bullshit, but there's a proper and effective way of going about it, and her approach was poor. With respect to DX...your writers leave a lot to be desired. These are like high school essays.

    • hoop

      nibs: Seriously Ignorant comment. Most rappers are dumb pieces of shit because they have no university training? How did you even come to that conclusion? So university training automatically breeds intelligence and a high moral standard in people? Thats fucking ridiculous. I think you might be retarded. Dont pretend you know "most rappers", or could even grasp the magnitude of most of their struggle you arrogant little prick. Wtf do you know about anything? Get your politics from wiki? Wow. Most commenters named nibs are delusional pieces of shit.

    • nibs

      Agreed. Most rappers are dumb pieces of shit. No university education, and most likely, not even a completed high school one, and no real world job experience. And not to say that they're retarded or anything, but please don't look at Wale's politics like you're gonna learn something. Read/Google/Wik whatever shit you want to know and then make your own opinions.

  • Edweezy

    Um. Why is she attacking Wale when Beyonce gets lighter and lighter by the year. Few more music videos and we won't even recognize Beyonce as the black (kind of) woman she used to be. We need to attack the women in the media who are lightning themselves up. Wale is harmless and m pretty sure abeyance is relevant to more little black girls around the country than wale.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Boof is a goof. Stop running up on people with all of the wackness. Much ado about nothing. However, I do give Wale a lot of props for handling this situation as ideally as one can. My thing really boils down to this: If your words aren't uplifting, encouraging, and educating your fellow man/woman...then why in the world would you go out of your way to speak on such a platform? A fool isn't known until he/she opens his/her mouth and removes all doubt. Thanks for letting the world know you're a fool, Kola Boof. Now go play somewhere, we're busy battling the powers that be in this battlefield of life and the spirituality for the greater good. Peace.

  • R

    the fuck was the significance of the Sean Price quote? you just thought it looked Cool?

    • Anonymous

      yeah I was trying to understand why that was there! I think he was trying to say "See Sean Price told me not to listen to Wale so I didn't like him but now since he is so smart in this short-lived argument I'm gonna go buy his album, even though none of this has to do with his music, message or motive"

  • Meridian

    Respect to the writer for keeping it real. Wale's been a real bitch ever since his solo dropped, but this reminded why I liked him in 06-08.

  • Binagwaho Bg Gakunju

    Thank you so much for this article. People really need to hear what Young Guru has to say about the state of the hip hop industry as well to get a deeper understanding of just how far label execs have their hands up artist's asses making them dance around like puppets and corrupting the integrity of the music we all love. I'm from Kenya, and the effects of how far this has gone is beyond borders. Girls want to look lighter (case and point above), dress sluttier (a la Nicki Minaj) and the guys all want to wear skinny jeans and have a nice NewEra fitted because THAT is what dominates the airwaves and TV shows. Cut off the head of the snake IMO.