It Was Written: Nas' Odd Relationship With God Presented In His Lyrics

One writer looks at some of Nas' most blasphemous lyrics and tries to understand why "God's Son" "went to Hell for snuffing Jesus."

The views and opinions expressed in the following editorial are those expressly of the writer of this piece and do not necessarily reflect those of HipHopDX.

Artists have been killed for making fun of Islam. Actors have been blacklisted in Hollywood for making fun of Jews. For some reason though, in Hip Hop, it’s okay to disrespect Jesus Christ, then turn around and praise Him.

“I knew about the pen touching the paper. [Large Professor] knew that too, but he also knew to tell me, ‘Don’t say this. Take that out. Why would you say this? That makes you look crazy! This word don’t make no sense. I don’t even care no more. I just go with what I’m feeling.” - Nas on writing his lyrics, [Mass Appeal, “Nas and Large Professor Cover Story”]

For 20 years, Nas has demonstrated a peculiar relationship with God from the first time we heard him through to his 2010 Distant Relatives project. One of the most polarizing figures in Hip Hop, and greatest emcees of all time has some mixed messages about God. Here are few:

"When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus." - "Live At the Barbeque," 1991 (Main Source)

"And who is a liar? Anyone who says that Jesus is not the Christ. Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is an antichrist."
John 2:22

Nasir Jones was around 17 when he wrote that line. It has shock value. He wanted to be heard, and blasphemy was a popular trend in Hip Hop at the time. But no matter how talented he was for his age, he wasn’t an adult. A teenager doesn’t know any better. He gets a pass.  

"You ain’t as hot as I is, all of these false prophets are not messiahs." - "Queens Get The Money," 2008

"And many false prophets will appear and will deceive many people." Matthew 24:11

False prophets? Like the rapper from Queensbridge calling himself the messiah or "God's son," perhaps? He was in his mid-thirties when he wrote that lyric. You can’t blame youth anymore.

"The first shall be last. I'm the man's man, a rappers rapper, GOD-SON, they'll be none after." - "Last Real N***a Alive," 2002

"And Jesus Christ was revealed as God’s Son by his baptism in water and by shedding his blood on the cross," 1 John 5:2

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." Revelations 22:13

By calling himself "God’s Son," Nas is arguably telling the listener that he’s Jesus Christ, the same person he snuffed at 12.

"When my mama told me, nigga, you could be Christ.  Jesus, what is he like?" - "Revolutionary Warfare," 2002

"I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." -John 14:12

After making a Hip Hop song about carrying a cross ("The Cross") or crucifying yourself in the "Hate Me Now" video, one can wonder how literal Nas took his mother's words. Cynically speaking, the only thing Nas might have in common with Jesus is that they each loved a loose woman. But Jesus never wound up paying $50,000 a month in child support.

"You should know there's only one Nas y'all. But count your blessings, count your blessings." - "Count Your Blessings," 2010

 (Distant Relatives)

"You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said." Luke 1:45

Also, yeah, Esco says count your blessings even though you wish you were him and it sucks to be you.

"God will forgive you bastards, only if you repent to the Nazareth Savage." - "Nazareth Savage," 2004

"Philip went to look for Nathanael and told him, 'We have found the very person Moses and the prophets wrote about! His name is Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth.'” - John 1:45

"And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him." - Acts 10:38

Nas is calling himself Jesus—again. Worse, he’s calling Jesus Christ a savage.

Notice that Nas has a lack of anti-Sematic lyrics…oh, wait.

I Am…, (Album) 1999

"But Moses protested, 'If I go to the people of Israel and tell them, "The God of your ancestors has sent me to you," they will ask me, "What is his name?" Then what should I tell them?' God replied to Moses, 'I Am Who I Am.' Say this to the people of Israel: I Am has sent me to you.” - Exodus 3:13-14

Long story short, the Pharaoh in Egypt oppressed the Israelites. God told Moses to liberate them. Moses lacked confidence.  God told him to be strong. God said, tell them my name and they will follow you. Moses asked God what his name is. “I Am” was God’s reply. Nas mismatched both references by putting God’s name over an image of himself as the Pharaoh.

Let’s try to see where he’s coming from.

Getting Attention & The Nation of Gods and Earths

Remember when Nas tried to name his album Nigger? He wanted attention.  
Remember when he said "Hip-Hop Is Dead?" He wanted attention.  
Remember "Ether," when he called out Jay-Z for loving “the attention?” He apparently spoke from experience: He’s comfortable using blasphemy as a form of getting attention.  
Unfortunately for Nas, shock value is useless when it isn’t understood; Even The Beatles went downhill after John Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus.
What he should be doing is turning on Illmatic and listening to AZ's verse:

"We were beginners in the hood as five percenters, But something must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners." - "Life’s A Bitch," 1994

According to the Nation of Gods and Earths, only Five Percent of the world’s population know the divine truth and use it righteously. Thus, the term “Five Percenters.”  
Eighty Five Percent of the world doesn’t have a clue.  
The remaining Ten Percent know the truth, but willingly hide it for selfish commercial gain.  
If you’ve thoughtfully read this article, you see why Nas is a Ten Percenter.

But I personally forgive him. Not only do I forgive him, I urge you not to hold his lyrics against him. Why? Because God alone, who gave the law, is the Judge. He alone has the power to save or to destroy. So what right do I have to judge my neighbor?

Absolutely none.

Besides, I have a 2x4 my eye. Who am I to judge the splinter in his?

So here are three divine Nas lyrics, with references to The Bible you may have missed. These are the lyrics that matter.

"You should live there's only one life that's the physical / Rich or poor in jail why the fuck should you be miserable?" - "Nothing Lasts Forever," 2002


So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can." - Ecclesiastes 3:12

"Heaven's just a mile away, I'm talkin' heaven on earth. Ain't got nothin' to do with money...I'm talkin' about heaven in your own heart, in your own mind." - "
Heaven Outro," 2002

"Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you?" - Corinthians 3:16

"Sometimes I sit back with a Buddha sack / Mind's in another world thinking how can we exist through the facts?
" - "One Love," 1994

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding." - Proverbs 3:5

Thus, Nas not caring about what he’s saying lead to some of the most ignorant lyrics in Hip Hop history, a great irony for a man considered among the greatest lyricists of all time. Isn’t it strange how the tongue can bless God but also curse things created in God’s image?  

Chris Thomas is an attorney based in New York, and a contributor to, AllHipHop and others. His last editorial was "The Right To Remain Silent: The Best Way To Stay Out Of Jail."



  • Brandon

    Blasphemy is based on what you believe in. Jesus is God is a Christian belief that is considered blasphemy in Islam and Judaism. If Nas is not a Christian then every statement is not blasphemous as Jesus may not be God in his eyes. Jesus never making it certain that he is God as more verses say he believed he was not than those that are often used to verify that be is. According to the bible Jesus never asked to be worshipped and always gave praise to the Father and made a clear distinction between Father God and himself. Jesus being God was created in Rome by a polytheistic culture who often believed in demigods as Julius Caesar was given the title Son of God and by making Jesus God it makes God real. God is not real as real is of our understanding to be true. Since God is beyond our understanding the attempt to make him REAL has been made multiple times. The first commandment is clear as to say no images should be made and no other God should be worshipped before me. If God the almighty didn't allow a prophet to give prophecy of His coming in the flesh, Jesus never gave direct commands to worship him and that he was God in the flesh. Who is man to assume such? So in accordance with following the Lords Commands it is indeed blasphemous to call Jesus God and to claim him as your Lord and savior. A truth Nas and any one who studies is well aware of.

  • Dexterous

    "Artists have been killed for making fun of Islam", what a load of crap! When da fuck dis happened? Stupid US media spreading lies as "usual".

  • chakablue

    Will a brave person stand up and speak out against error, or will you continue to go down the dark road of deception? Clarence X was one of the pied pipers of his day and he did in fact mislead many who drank from his cup of lies. Just like the pied piper from the fairy tale story who lured all the children away by playing his flute while he walked through the village. I feel sorry for some of our young people who weren't there to see the great men and women who stood up through our history and fought for our people. We used to laugh at some of them when I was a kid because they were just as bad as the rest of us or is some cases worse. The name for people like them in my day and time was " hippocrit.

  • chakablue

    The five per centers are a fulfillment of prophecy because they are of those who the bible says will come in the last days spreading the doctrines of demons. They are a direct result of Christians and Muslims standing up and confronting them about their false teaching's that have spread through out our communities like a fire from hell. I blame some of these weak negro ministers who have failed to stand up and speak out against this unholy group whose goal is to further mislead our young people who are already lost! After everything that we as a people have been through we now turn around and let a bunch of lost people who never brought light too anyone, or made any major advances that have benefited our people step on all of our great achievements since we have been in this country. The only thing that the five per centers are good for is burning up our tax dollars taking care of their " poor unrighteous " backsides while they're in their second home, which is jail. When will we wake up. Why do we continue to let these pretenders get a free ride?

  • chakablue

    For the last 50 years I have watched the five pretenders from their very beginning and I am sick and tired of these misled false teachers spreading their brand of bull crap that anyone one with just a Smidgeon of education would see through right from the very beginning. When Clarence 13x first started that foolishness with his jive thug behind, he at least had the common since to take it to those whom he knew were nave and did not have a proper education. Picture walking up to someone who was majoring in biology, and telling them that another human being was the devil and he was made from a cat, a rat, and a dog, I could only imagine the way that they would look at you and could you blame them?

  • Joseph

    This article is trash. It's evident you are clearly bias when it comes to Nas. Cherry picking text, placing it next to Biblical scripture and stating your personal interpretation as fact is insulting.. Some things may align or be similar, but there's no proof to any direct correlation. But, just to be diplomatic.... Lets say some of your interpretation holds value. As you are passing judgement on others statements or views... I want you to think. Have you ever looked back on something you've done, said or believed in life and wondered why? Of course you have... Luckily for you, you've never been famous enough to have those thoughts documented; via audio and translated to text (and furthermore have d bag trolls like yourself use it to discredit you).. Life lesson and the growth we experience from them in all of their intricacies; can, may and sometimes should push our thinking in another direction. It's part of the journey. We never stop learning. I understand your saying he should be held accountable for his words. That's fair. But what isn't fair is saying someone should have figured something out by their mid 30s. What isn't fair is placing text side by side. Used in different contexts. At entirely different places and times in ones life. And calling them out on discrepancies. I appreciate that you are expressing your opinion. Although I feel there is motive behind it. Looking to discredit one of our forward thinkers. Who wasn't afraid of saying what was on his mind at a particular time, because that's what he really felt. Get off your high horse.

  • Joseph

    This article is trash. It's evident you are clearly bias when it comes to Nas. Cherry picking text, placing it next to Biblical scripture and stating your personal interpretation as fact is insulting.. Some things may align or be similar, but there's no proof to any direct correlation. But, just to be diplomatic.... Lets say some of your interpretation holds value. As you are passing judgement on others statements or views... I want you to think. Have you ever looked back on something you've done, said or believed in life and wondered why? Of course you have... Luckily for you, you've never been famous enough to have those thoughts documented via audio and translated to text.. Life lesson and the growth we experience from them in all of their intricacies; can, may and sometimes should push our thinking in another direction. It's part of the journey. We never stop learning. I understand your saying he should be held accountable for his words. That's fair. But what isn't fair is saying someone should have figured something out by their mid 30s. What isn't fair is placing text side by side. Used in different contexts. At entirely different places and times in ones life. And calling them out on discrepancies. I appreciate that you are expressing your opinion. Although I feel there is motive behind it. Looking to discredit one of our forward thinkers. Who wasn't afraid of saying what was on his mind at a particular time, because that's what he really felt. Get off your high horse.

  • Streit

    True Africans are the LIGHT beings

  • Lu.

    .......Well considering huemans survive in sunlight meaning although they have tone - they radiate off of light while pale skin would burn. Huemans ( didnt have to research prey or steal) due to natural habits(OBV npt now) yet were stolen fed lies animals&build shelters for mankind. Not only did they lose identity through false knowledge and their similar (kind) natural isolation as well as allahs. False TRUTH. Huemans loss identity mainly through rape (face)also hate( ego melanin confidence). Later on wigs disease and "telivision" Lucifer a sweet name meaning Light bearer was him. He was nice in physical yet Jealous and "acted out" for what he was missing. Melanin perhaps ? Casted out & labeled Satan. I believe Hell will .....come for Satan seeds who havent sought love and Satan himself. They cant survive and Yahweh holds the only key to Sun Hey I Just want us all free and awakee. Only way FACTS.

  • Lou

    Well considering huemans survive in sunlight meaning although they have tone - they radiate off of light while pale skin would burn. Huemans ( didnt have to research prey or steal) due to natural habits(OBV npt now) yet were stolen fed lies animals&build shelters for mankind. Not only did they lose identity through false knowledge and their similar (kind) natural isolation as well as allahs. False TRUTH. Huemans loss identity mainly through rape (face)also hate( ego melanin confidence). Later on wigs disease and "telivision" Lucifer a sweet name meaning Light bearer was him. He was nice in physical yet Jealous and "acted out" for what he was missing. Melanin perhaps ? Casted out & labeled Satan. I believe Hell will .....come for Satan seeds who havent sought love and Satan himself. They cant survive and Yahweh holds the only key to Sun Hey I Just want us all free and awakee. Only way FACTS.

  • jamila

    you know.. "We were beginners in the hood as five percenters, But something must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners." this line is actually AZ's line in the song Life's a Bitch.. just sayin

  • Hell Boden

    Um. God and all them niggas aint even real son.

  • Special Ed

    One of the most blasphemous things Nas had ever said in my opinion is, 'If Virgin Mary had an abortion, I'd still be carried in a chariot...' Come on, on the 'count your blessings', he could be saying, 'y'all lucky there's only one Nas out there'... As in one mind like his... Just like there's only one Chris Thomas out there... Why always look for the negative in However, that's the one thing I love about Nas, he's not a hypocrite... He says what he feels... Also, it's important to look at context whenever we read, hear something... Is he speaking literally, metaphorically, or figuratively? I'm hoping Mr. Thomas is an avid hip hop listener and not just someone who has some literary experience and decided to exercise it in a baseless and misguided attack on Nas... Sir, you were given a gift, use it to spread knowledge, and not to point the finger at another human being... You're actually much worse than the person himself because by doing this, you just nailed Nas to the cross... So once again Nastradamus is revealed, 'he carried the cross'...

  • Anonymous

    Nas is my favorite rapper. But good things are raised here. Raekwon is my second favorite rapper (and most consistent of all rappers) but nas is very left and right sometimes.

  • therealrealtalk

    i call bullshit. yes nas has said "blasphemous" things on tracks and done stuff for attention, but how is that any different than this article. at the end of the day im still gonna listen to nas. IMO religious people are the most savage,depraved fucked up people on this earth and you justify some of the most horrible things this world has ever known by quoting from a book. your entitled to your opinion but in mine its dead wrong

  • Anonymous

    I guess Christianity is the only religion that matters huh? The Ignorance of the black community this truly does show, and only by the comments we have here. No wonder, Blacks don't become Scientist, and excel in the fields of Math. They are worried about Jesus, and what some white racist man taught them. Never get out their church-liquor store neightborhood

    • Anonymous

      Nice try. It's common for atheist to try and make Christians feel stupid for knowing and having a relationship with Christ. By claiming that blacks aren't scientist and can't do math because of following Christ it just proves that your statement was constructed to manipulate and turn hearts from Jesus Christ. There are Christian scientist your statement lacks any truth. You seek to manipulate us by stating the falsehood that white men created Jesus. Anyone who has studied the origin of God's word knows it has nothing to do with whites. We would be stupid if we allowed your idiotic comments to sway us. Also your statement that no one else's religion matters is correct. There is one way,Jesus says He is the truth and the light none may come to the father but through Him. Every other religion hates the none inclusiveness of the Word of God. You would have us believe there are other ways. It's just manipulation on your part.

  • Tim

    nas has said some very blasphemous things and you non believers are fools. There are secular books that talk about the existence of jesus christ. science has only proved what the religious text say. to believe in science and not a faith is foolish. science changes everytime we get new technology.

  • Anonymous

    I'm shocked at the comments on here. The fact is that Nas has said many Antichrist statements and has attacked Lord Jesus on many occasions. Rather than admit that you attack the writer. I hear blatant attacks on Christ in lots of main stream rap and have stopped listening to most of it. If any of you are Christian I implore you to monitor what you let into your ears and mind because what goes into you comes out of you. Where does your allegiance lay? Deny yourself and take up your cross. Do not be deceived by atheist and Muslim lies. Gods word is hidden in your heart. You can wake up to the Truth from the death you now live in.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this dude listens to Tyler the creator.

  • jack johnson

    wow wtf...its just a christian writer moaning and taking cynical swipes at nas for his lines about god, hell there's a lot worse thats been said about god in hip hop songs. and that line from count your blessings had nothing to do with god, all he said was "there's only one nas" and "count your blessings" as in count your blessings in life and appreciate the things you have.

  • XL

    this is the stupidest thing i've ever read i can't believe this guy is getting paid for writing this stuff. 5 minutes of my life i'll never get back.

  • Anonymous

    Here's some quotes for you fuckin morons u still believe in fairy tales. Grow the fuck up you fuckin immature, superstitious children! There is NO such thing as "souls", "spirits" or "the after life". And ur so-called "holy books" are laughable fairy tales that are PROVABLY FALSE! Yes, The Koran too! Just because it hasn't been edited and remixed like the bible doesn't make it any more true! It's just another fairy tale that was better preserved! Go learn some science dummies! WHEN YOU DIE, THAT'S IT!! DEAL WITH IT!! -"Religion is the opiate of the people". -"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called Religion".

  • Daniel

    Fuck your God. Fuck your lame article. If I was gonna pray I'd pray to Nas before I prayed to any fake story character like Jesus.

  • Eva Datdiva

    wtf is really the point of this aricle. Even if the things he says for shock were intended to disrespect Jesus, who told u to look to Nas (or any man) for spiritual direction??? artists are just ppl stop them up on a pedestal and expecting them to be perfect.

  • Godtruth

    this writer has no real connection with hip hop. I you did, you'd know that the nation of gods and earths does not believe in false prophets or a mystery god. Big daddy Kane, Wu, Hov, etc. All quote 5% nation of Islam lines either by affiliation or knowledge of the teachings of Clarence the father. Get your info right. Don't be a journalist if you can't dig into the artist or the topic at hand. Peace the God.

  • James Johnson

    um yea hiphopdx listen to AOTP - Army of The Pharoahs and get back at me...........they say the most blatantly blasphemous stuff pretty much ever made, real talk.....

  • retard

    what a horrible article..... nas is better than anyone you listen too... talk ish about nas but you prolly are a 50 or lollipop music fan.... get your ignorant ass out of here and suck dick

    • LV

      nas isn't in my top 50, but I don't listen to 50 or Wayne (gayne, really? Lame). You don't have to like shitty music to dislike nas. He needs to hang that mic up.

    • Irvin Findlay

      whats wrong with 50 50 made good real music he's not lil wayne

    • Anonymous

      FU; just because someone defends nas when he is getting blatantly hated on by this no talent assclown writer doesn't mean he is a nas dick rider... and retard is right... plenty of nas haters are 50/Gayne fans... and for that matter if you dont like nas then who do you like? Point is whoever you name probably counts nas as the GOAT/their favorite rapper... I swear people try to discredit Nas just so they can make themselves feel better about liking another rapper... just acknowledge greatness when you see it you bitches... you dont have to count him as your favorite but you cant deny that he very well might be the best... ONE

    • F>U>

      Nas Dick Rider ^

  • hugh

    We were beginners in the hood as five percenters, But something must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners." - "Life’s A Bitch," 1994 AZ spit this line

    • youngtjjones

      That's what he said bro. "What he should be doing is turning on Illmatic and listening to AZ's verse: "We were beginners in the hood as five percenters, But something must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners." - "Life’s A Bitch," 1994

  • Adam J-Boogie Amin

    I have a simple point. The Bible is open to interpretation. Which means that Nas' lyrics can also be interpreted in many different ways. I dont think just looking at this from one perspective is the best way.

  • ChrisTisGAY


  • Chris J The Genius

    I don't think the article is quite as bad, but I expected to hear more about the ambiguity as far as which deity or religion Nas claims. We hear direct references to Christianity as well as references to Islam and the Five Percent Nation. As far as "God's Son", the title may not be as blasphemous as you think. Consider 1 John 3:1. "Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knows us not, because it knew him not." It's not, then, blasphemous to call ourselves the sons of God because this is what He calls us, according to the Christian faith. As for your "three divine lyrics," I expected to see this line (it's from Doo Rags of The Lost Tapes, but it's still should count for something). "The hardest thing is to forgive, but God does Even if you murdered or robbed, yeah it's wrong, but God loves Take one step towards him, he takes two towards you Even when all else fails, God supports you." I really liked the fact that you pointed out the line about his mother. That's from Revolutionary Warfare, one of my favorite Nas records (and beats) of all time. I've heard the song plenty of times, but never did quite put together the impact that those words in his formative years may have had on his current and evolving beliefs. Great point. Other than that, I thought there were quite a few, um... stretches as far as Nas's lyrics and "corresponding" Bible verses. However, it was a very interesting read. Thank you.

  • harris89

    This is the worst article I've read on here in... well, not too long, DX puts a lot of bullshit articles up.

  • Anonymous

    finally someone sees through the hipocracy...i loved the article.

  • Glenn

    very poor analysis...little interpretation of his own...can't say that this was useful other than showing lines where Nas may have made a reference to God or religion. I agree with the consensus...poorly done, and a sorry excuse at controversy.

  • DJ Kerosene

    Possibly the worst, most ignorant and simple-minded article I have ever read on this site.

  • Kenneth Anthony


  • headtripinc

    This writer has obviously never heard of the Nation of Gods and Earth's and their views. And he really has a closed view of religion.

  • Ro

    Worst article on HipHopDX of all time! Who allowed this?!

  • Ivan

    Terrible article! Can't believe i read the whole damn thing! Why is this on this site?

  • Oak

    Wow, what a terrible article. I hate religious zealots like this. Those lyrics are not offensive in the least. Why don't you go and listen to some soft Christian Rock? One Nas line > Your entire career and life.

  • Eric Williams

    first of all if God made us in his image why is this such a freaking problem man!!!. christians re too stuck up yo, I take that back, THIS christian is too stuck up. don't be doing one of the best MCs who actual speak positivity through the game. whats wrong with you. shouldn't you be worried about the word you preach

  • Aly Nouh

    yo alex payne you readin this shit???

  • pop-I

    WTF why is this religious freak writing hip hop articles??? what a fanatic omg shut the fuck up ur so sensitive.. If ur gonna get butt hurt over harsh lyrics in hip hop then don't even listen cuz its filled with tons of them

  • Anonymous

    What this artical is really about is some stuff in the bibles say's we can not go after Israel. When Lupe said, Gaza Strip was getting bomb Obama didn't say shit. We'll if you read the bible and Obama is a Christian. You have to understand that this world is a very dark place. Watch what you do and what you say. It's very dangerous and you never know who is listing to what your say and doing.

  • illmatic2314

    Well sure nas is being interpreted as though he is blasphemousness,but i truly believe he is emphasizing to himself as a writer,as all good writes should do,which is the ability to contradict your very own ideas of what is wrong or right, just to project the effect of those words to the listeners to a thought u could never possess,and i believe it is very effective,just to see the creative aspect of understand and reasoning that we all experience.

  • A Smart Man

    Now I know for sure. I will never listen to this Blasphemer Nas again. I'm deleting all his songs from computer and destroying his cds I purchased

  • A-Team

    Maybe the dumbest article of all time.

  • hiphopfan27

    what the fuck is this about, a giant Nas hate thread? Shouldn't have read it. Above everything, Nas is a lyricist, if the lines good I dont care about whether or not it comforms with his religion. The line in Lifes a Bitch is by AZ, and CLEARLY refers to making 5 percent off a full package on the streets, basically the starting level of drug dealing. You are a hatttteeeeer

  • Anonymous

    HiphopDX just lost some credibility...bad

  • David James Robinson

    Another HipHopDX article hating on Nas. Attorneys are the scum of the Earth. Jump off a bridge and suit yourself.

  • Dewayne Darmanie

    oh great an editorial from a 85er

  • Kota


  • Kariuki J Wanjau

    Who the fcuk is this writer?? Have the law books and court sessions caused this dude to take everything literally? I bet he also thinks there is a Transofrmer alien on the moon on account of the radio silence by the Apollo moon landing!! Dude, there's something called literature; put down the law books and depositions and subpeonas. Go read up some literature...

    • SetGecko

      I know right. I mean how much of either stupid or a dick rider should one be to write this article with all seriousness. I'm just waiting On the article about the problems between Lil Wayne and The Fat People, quoting his lines my pockets fatter than bruce bruce

  • Anonymous

    Jay Hova? Rakim Allah?

  • Anonymous

    We are all God's children. You can be called God's son/God's daughter. And crucifying people was what the Romans practiced back in the day when sentencing people to death because of crimes. My memory is a bit foggy but I think it means from the cross or of the cross...something along the lines.


    Streets Disciples disc 1 intro: At the end of the conversation Nas says, "study, be strong, don't cry no more, get ready, get prepared, this is prophecy, God is with us"...i wonder if thats blasphemy too hmmm?! Fact is that Nas's lyrics should only be interpreted metaphorically, Nas also said, "by the time y'all understand what level he's on he'll be on a whole other echoelon"....Nas also says in A Message to the Feds starting @1:48, "a message to those who killed the king, who murdered the Christ, the same regime...what God has built you never can break, where God has love you never can hate."

  • youngtjjones

    lol It's sad when you show people the truth and they just reject it with out evening trying to learning the other side of the story. I use to be the same but hey God bless me and pray he bless ya. Oh and by the way I AM is Jesus name..So step ya knowledge.

    • youngtjjones

      @Flaming Seraph John 8:58 "What I'm about to tell you is true," Jesus answered. "Before Abraham was born, I AM!"

    • youngtjjones

      @David James Robinson i never said Nas was a bad rapper matter a fact i got all his Cd's and i consider him top rapper all time. From almost all the title names on his Cd's is a reference to the bible so you clearly don't know what you saying. By the way bro if you don't know the bible than don't speak on this because its like talking about offense and defense for football and you don't even know anything about football. Know both sides before saying something. Get wisdom. God bless.

    • Flaming Seraph

      I AM is not the name of Jesus,THE HEBREW name for Jesus is YESHUA or YEHOSUA in full and his name in heaven is MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL

    • David James Robinson

      Hey Youngtjones, What the f**k do you listen to if Nas is so bad? J Hova? Rakim Allah? Eminem: "I'm the devil if ever there was such a thing." Biggie: "When I die, f**k it I want to go to hell." Have fun bumping your Christian rap.

    • youngtjjones

      @anonymous read Matthew.

    • youngtjjones

      @truth Its OK if you don't believe bro plus thats what the devil whats you to think that there is no man living in the sky and no man in hell.

    • youngtjjones

      Bro just in case you lost God is a trinity. Farther, son, and holy spirit. So like i said.... step your knowledge.

    • Truth

      It's "knowledge" to believe an invisible man lives in the sky?

    • Anonymous

      I suggest that you do the same. I Am was the what God told Moses when he asked what should I call you.

  • Anonymous

    this article is trash.

  • Anonymous

    the artical is bullshit

  • Noah Rollins

    This article was poorly written. The arguments made are futile at best, you're trying to condemn nas through lyrical analysis but the majority of these lyrics have a weak tie to the bible quotes you have associated with them. Your "God's Son" argument is one that is most irksome. I'm sure that Nas saw the controversy in calling himself that but also the people of the world are refered to as God's Children so wouldn't it be safe to say that Nas only wanted to give the appearance of blasphemy, but any deeper thought would shine a light on his true intentions of displaying himself as A son of God rather than THE son.

  • Lsn22s

    seriously, wtf...christian ideologies do not belong in hip hop culture... for fucks sake people, religions are fairytales, do some homework... until someone can prove that religions are more than manipulative bullshit, or offer one tangible piece of evidence that ANY of this shit is more than made-up BS to scare people, i will not be sympathizing with anyone upset over Nas's lyrics... honestly i'm a little dissappointed with Nas for even taking religion seriously...i understand that some people live their lives based on a religion, and that finding out it's made up will crush their world, but i don't care...i can't cosign this bullshit, its pure ignorance, the term blasphemy is a joke as well...WHERE IS THE PROOF YOU RELIGIOUS NUT-JOBS?!?!?!?! I believe in mankind, not fairytales....EVERY TIME you give credit to a made-up-god for something that human-kind has accomplished you discredit yourself, your actions, your worth in the universe, your own people and all other people that have come before and after

  • Joey

    my opinion, since I'm free to comment on this is that this article is trash. peace.

  • Anonymous

    Hypocrisy is a natural part of religion. From the person wearing a cross medallion or a tattoo of Jesus while sinning, to the ones killing in the name of their God. To highlight contradicting metaphors is not something's human nature.

  • Anonymous

    lookin at how many comments there are, its probably been already said, but listing quotes and relating them to religion by surface meaning is worthless

  • clubmäti

    poorly written lazy journalism

  • Akil Clark

    This was one piece of **** article. Go after everyone else for stupid rhymes before you go after a man and his challenges with religion. Straight wack

  • Asafo

    This has to be one of the most ignorant articles ever...Rakim called himself Rakim Allah. Rappers always equate themselves to Jesus or God. U ever hear of the 5% Nation? And fuck Jesus.

  • Randy Williams Sr.

    I agree with you on the fact that most rappers go hard at Jesus. The hold music industry, media, & hollywood are anitchrist. The illumanti or jewish community don't allow you in the lime light unless you are pushing everything against the bible. As long as you put God, The Most High, name in vein, hate Jesus, glorify sex, drugs, alcohol, and murder then you're in. You got rappers doing alcohol commercials and you got teens idolizing celebrities like there gods. That's why grown men are pushing the agenda to young people who have broken families, because they have no father figure to teach to listen and watch positve messages. good article. Shalom!

  • iddle

    EVERYONE OPEN YOUR EYES AND WIPE OFF YOUR LIPS, waaay too much DICK SUCKING of Nas going on here. Firstly, people are attacking the author saying he took it literal, but give no metaphorical alternative to the lyrics. On the other hand the author uses word for word quotes from songs and scripture, but he is automatically wrong. There is NO accountability anymore! What the hell has nas done for any of you personally? The author has a very valid argument against him, and yet he is wrong. This is exactly why Bush/Cheny/PNAC group/and anyone else involved got away with MASS MURDER on 9/11----NO ACCOUNTABILITY. People would rather here propaganda than facts...

    • Anonymous

      how are you gonna relate nas to 911 you clown. seriously. but anyways nas has given us fresh music and thats somethin he did for us. and he just didnt care what he was sayin.

    • REAL

      Dude Nas may be the subject of this so called article but this shit really aint even about Nas. We, the people, came to read a blog of substance yet the results were horrendous. The blog didn't live up 2 the hype it advertised to be and we called a spade a spade. If the shit was well written and well versed then we would have had a real discussion. Truth is, we all knew it was bullshit propaganda!

    • Anonymous

      The President of America is above the level of any rapper or entertainer. They are not judged on same level. STFU Most fans of Nas are not supporters of Bush if any!

    • Anonymous

      Given us good music.

  • Ghana

    this writer is obviously more blasphemous than Nas..this is by far the most unintelligent piece of writing i have ever read..weak comparisons..he knows nothing about the use of metaphors..Mr Thomas you need to go back to school and read poetry!

  • Jeremy JayLamusic Latimore

    please excuse my spelling.

  • Jeremy JayLamusic Latimore

    Nas is a 5%, his "religious" views differs from that of Christanity. When this person wrote their postion arguement they did not consider that. Being a 5% you do referances yourself as God, and it becomes apart of your new name, hints God Son. Also it could be hinted at the fact that he is a child of God so why can he not be God son? on another note, 5% share beliefs with NOI. Therefor Jesus was a prophet, not Messiah. (according to them) My arguement is this... When you argue about something research who you are arguing for or aganist. Gain a understanding of their history, and full bio.... There was too many fallacies presented throughout this argument.

  • Level 32

    I appreciate you offering this article Hip-Hop DX, and I’m even more appreciative of this painfully obvious Christian-biased lawyer Mr. Chris Thomas because it shows just how little these so-called Christians know the scriptures that supposedly bind them! The truth comprising the God-sons message and the words he has spoken have given folks of Mr. Thomas character and poorly thought out perspective fits since Illmatic! Mr. Thomas, you chose to speak of attention seeking behaviors and being the behavior specialist and the classically trained Hip-Hop Head and Historian I am I will help you better understand the meaning of “Wanting attention.” Nas had fallen to the background and began to big up his crew QB and their album with the lead single “Oochie Wally,” and was content being married to the woman he now pays $50,000 a month, and sitting on his wealth. Who was that who decided to come along and diss the entire Queens Bridge and anyone from there with their song “Takeover?” What had Nas ever said about any rapper up until that point on the track? Why when he only gave most people half a bar for “throwing shots at Jigga” did he dedicate an entire verse to dissing Nas? I’ll tell you, because as Rick Flair said, “To be the man, you have to beat the man!” And the man is and was Nas! He came back with Stillmatic and “Ether” and smashed Hov and then what did Hov do? RETIRED! Dropped one more album and bounced! That’s attention seeking. Keeping it Ben Frank (or real or 100 for you Mr. Thomas) and saying “Hip-Hop is Dead” at a time when everybody was proud to say in their lyrics they only did the art for the money and not the love of the art is not “Wanting Attention.” He wanted to name his album “Nigger” to show how much sensitivity still surrounds the issue, how people of African descent in other countries are also called Niggers and the stereotypical views of ourselves in America…Had this been the name of a lesson plan at a University it would be the highest attended class on campus! But he can’t name his album that? Furthermore Mr. Thomas, to suggest the notion that Nas is in the 10% of those hoarding the truth and using it to keep the 85ers ignorant is egregious at best and a spit in the face of a legend at worst. Especially when considering each of his albums have touched on the nonsense of religion and American Culture and a great many more topics and told the truth to the Hip-Hop community and the world…That doesn’t sound like a 10%er to me sir. What it does sound like however is you have something very personal against Nas and through the medium of Hip-HopDX you were allowed to spew your poorly constructed and outrageously bias perspective on a hopefully still credible Hip-Hop medium and I implore Hip-HopDX to remove this article if they hope to preserve any chance of keeping their credibility, seriously.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Nas is a devil worshipper of the illuminati. He sucks at rapping anyways. Follow Gucci Christ as your Lord and Savior. Gucci Mane was rated the most influential figure in Time Magazine. Gucci Mane has over 3 billion followers world wide. Follow Guccism today at your local Gucci Church. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    Got a camel running around calling himself Jay-hova and you're trying to go on Nas. Smfh

  • Ikem

    Well damn lol...Look at who wants attention (We're looking at you Chris Thomas). Looking into Nas's lyrics more than the stans do, damn. You have heard the saying we are all God's children, right? Cough God's son. You can be called God's son too. It's not like he is calling himself or better yet, Jehovah. Well there is this rapper that calls himself Jay-Hova maybe you should look into that. Oh and btw there are much more Nas songs you can nit pick at, dance? Some of us have angels? No? Well..listen to it. "You can hate me now."

    • Ikem

      Second thought...he must be trolling us. Either he has no 'life' or he is being hired to troll. Maybe it's both, hmmm.

  • Anonymous

    This 'editorial' is up since yesterday. Take a look at the comments, there are already more than on any other article of this kind. You want to tell this wasn't for the the pure sake of clicks? GTFOH!!!

  • Anonymous

    This author doesn't know what the word metaphor means. AHAHAHAHAHA, I can't believe that somebody takes every word of rap lyrics literally.

  • blake

    I bet the author of this article (Chris Thomas) thinks Nas actually went to Hell at age twelve.

  • dre

    Jehova/Jay-Hova (God of Jews) vs. Jesus (God of Christians/God's Son). It was the Jews who wanted Jesus crucified.

  • Real2Real

    We have another Jay-Z slave with too much tome on their hands again, you notice anytime something has something to do with Nas, the first ones who'll have something negative to say are hardcore Jay-Z fans?

  • Gerald

    This douche seems more focused on trying to insult Nas rather than investigative breakdown on the lyrics. A lot is taken out of context as it's only a snippet of a verse, a verse isn't a one liner it's the whole verse, the one liners give it impact. This was poorly written article from a biased opinion of someone who clearly has issues against Nas, I'm guessing he's just a shitty writer who wanted a big name to gain some publicity. This guy needs to stop criticizing and invest his time in writing better articles.

  • Eddie

    This dude has maybe one point and that was that Nas uses shock value to stir controversy, but he used it to put out a message, that Hip Hop was dead, and needs more content, and that society sees us all as niggers, and wanted people to listen. I knew all the lyrics he was quoting, like all of em, when I started reading them I could hear it playing in the background, but this guy obviously doesn't know or didn't feel the direction for the album. Nas is a God fearing man, and a beast ass MC, and his work shows and proves that, but blasphemy? No, wanting people to actually take in the message? Yes!

    • David James Robinson

      @getyourmindright ho Amen.

    • get your mind right ho!

      This Dude Thomas.. has an agenda, it's plain and simple. My man(using this reference loosely) has took the literal meaning of Nas lyrics, which is the dumbest thing you can do to a genious lyricist craft. i'ts like looking at socrates and not digesting the meaning of his words. Just ask yourself this.. Nas has been doing his thing for solo for many years, holding the hood and the future of the culture on his back, people are so blind to see what's really going on in this spiritual warfare, but my man Nas is rocking with GOD, rocking with Rastas decendants of a real prophet BOB marley.. go wash your face, and get the F**k outta here!!

  • Vencire Damones

    Utter FUCKRY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god who cares? What a stupid, stupid article. Go post this on some religious website where people might actually take this shit seriously.

  • Lama

    Got some points worth noting

  • RaVilla

    This mofo is straight hating he clearly has it out for has aka God's Son as black men we can identify with Jesus because we have been persecuted, discriminated against, and enslaved physically and mentally, so this cocksucker does not have a clue y'all need to stop giving this sucker credited for writing one-sided bullshit i could of wrote a better piece on this and I'M A HUGE NAS FAN.

  • Chopper

    This looks like some kid wrote an article for his homework at 12 years old.

  • Liam Boden

    Oh and the 'What right do I have to judge my neighbor' line should have been the heading.

  • Liam Boden

    I thought this piece was intresting and well written but it lost me somewhere near the start. "Artists have been killed for making fun of Islam. Actors have been blacklisted in Hollywood for making fun of Jews.For some reason though, in Hip Hop, it’s okay to disrespect Jesus Christ, then turn around and praise Him." Seems slightly nonsical to me, these actors and artists you talk about where commenting from outside the religion they where 'making fun of' where as nas (like many people of his age/background/upbringing) was raised somewhere in or around the christian faith and has some form of relationship with faith and it his complete and utter right to question or make comments regarding it.

    • REAL

      @Liam - damn my dude you thought this was a well written piece? When I read it I thought, "damn anybody can blog nowadays" or "damn this reads like a run-on tweet" lol. I'm a pretty decent writer so after reading the 1st 4 sentences, I was like what is this bullshyt? I thought it was a joke at first.

  • REAL

    Its obvious this guy just started listening to hip hop. I mean how can you mistake AZ's voice for Nas? He claims to be an attorney at law so I figured maybe he caught wind of Nas's court order to pay spousal support to Kelis and thought, "Fifty grand a month! How is this 'nigger' making more money than us lawyers? hahaha And the rest is hate history.... Professionally, this is bad publicity on his part. Chris Thomas is an attorney I surely wouldn't want arguing my case.

  • 2dope

    I gotta say this was a dumb article BUT: I have never realized that his album I Am... with his picture as pharaoh is a reference to the Bible. That's pretty crazy..

  • jrok

    Not to say they are gods... but they sure seem to love actin prophetic. Tried and true formula, I guess why not go with what works lol.

  • Jrok

    sorry to go here but... God's Son of Nazareth vs JayHOVA?? And if anyone knows their history... In most unsuppressed aspects of religion (truth) Jehovah is considered to be Satan aka the "Devil God who created the world." Don't take my word for it, look it up.

  • Joel

    What a dumbass man! First off, he missed Nas' craziest God-diss off of Illmatic, "About Gods I dont believe in none of that shit the facts is backwards!!" And none of those verses are dumb or ignorant. Its quite obvious that he never listened to Nas all of these quotes fit beautifully in with their respective songs

  • tntking

    really?! this is more of a forum post not a expose!

  • saucemoney01

    What a poorly written article, HipHopDX take this bullshit off your website. You guys are slacking.

  • tntking

    really?! this is more of a forum post not a expose! step your game up before i have to start looking for a new spot

  • tntking

    really?! this is more of a forum post not a expose! i really got to find a new website for music!

  • Anonymous

    This guy thought he could quote some bible scriptures and have us thrown off" like a big giant race of hip hop criminals.Very poor knowledge and understanding

  • RushLimpballs

    First to the people below me: Jesus and the Father ARE two seperate entities and ARE not at the same time. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) all constitute God. This is a common mistake that people make. But the Bible does say that you can only get to the Father through the Son. So you must understand that Jesus is Lord and God. To the writer Chris Thomas: I have never seen someone read into lyrics this much since people were posting all those Illuminati videos on WSHH. Nas is not blaspheming when he says he's God's son. We are all God's sons and daughters. Notice we call Him "Our Father who art in heaven". I could stay here and shoot down everyone of your claims but I gotta work. So I'll just do the first. He went to hell for snuffin Jesus...Let's say this is a metaphor like most lyrics for "disrespecting Jesus". Haven't we all done that through our own sin? Squandering the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins, by committing sins continuously? In any case it isn't your call to say he is blasphemous, it isn't your call to judge Nas and put out this opinion piece which treads the lines of propaganda. In doing so you've committed a huge sin, and that is the sin of self-righteousness. Reflect on yourself and leave judgement to the Lord.

  • sylkk

    BTW DX keep hiring narcissistic people like this fool and you will lose the respect and the authenticity this website holds. I always enjoy coming here everyday to read something positive about my people and im in school tryna promote the hiphop culture and it hurts when ignorant people like this writer sets us back 20years. more painful than slavery. does this person even have the proper accreditation to be writing on mainstream? Man Im blown!!! I wish i could see this person face to face so i can argue his points against him and make him or her be the idiot that he or she is

  • sylkk

    whoever wrote this article is the dumbest person ever. not only is your literally explanation bogus but they lack basis and you also contradict yourself. Go back and read the bible but this time pray for divine intervention and understanding cuz your lost. Nas' lyrics are just words and him calling himself "God's Son" is not blasphemy you moron. We are all Gods children and have the right to call ourselves Gods sons but The name Jesus is only meant for the the ONLY true birth rite son. Your delusional and have a personal hatred towards the QB emcee. How dare you make "ether" into a blasphemous song? That record is pure art and it appeals to those with intellect and can actually reason to know whats what. Look at what Nas is doing in Africa and Jamaica oh wait you wouldnt know cuz your focusing on Jay-z making all that money and not doing shit. Nas can make mainstream music and sit on millions but he has chosen to write lyrics which speak to the soul and use the proceeds to supports the less fortunate in africa. Please tell me what you have done in your life to benefit society apart from feeding them false useless info? And people wonder why we the black community will always be behind the white folks. its people like you that always draw us back and i hope the next generation will know the difference between you fakers and the realers. Nas is not an attention seeker but guess who is? Yeah your fucking self!!

  • Tons of other lyrics

    Why don't you mention his other lyrics....on his other songs DooRags..God loves Us..Some of Us Have Angels....DANCE!!!......This is the most Bias Article I have ever read lol

  • foursix

    sorry but I'm putting a massive stamp of FAIL on this article.

  • problems/problema

    This was a fail of epic proportions..You know nothing about the religion you speak of..Jesus and his father the lord are two separate entities.Quoting AZ lines and attributing them to Nas.Claiming some lyrics are his proclamation that he is God etc...This article was absurd...ending it by saying he's written some of the most ignorant lyrics is hip-hop history is shocking considering there is a dude with an ice cream cone tattoo on his face dropping mix tapes...You have to be top 5 dead or alive,one of the most idiotic writers DX has ever had the misfortune of hiring...

  • NoHateOnMyPlate

    ....And only Jesus is GOD's son???? No! We are all GOD's children (sons & daughters). And your views and arguments are inherently bias since all of ur arguments are couched in christianity, the primary tool for the propagation of eurocentric values and culture.#cmonson step it up.

    • Anonymous

      I already said this guy must be the devil's son since Nas has'nt got the right to call himself God's son And saying hip hop has no respect for christianity is obsured. It's just the evil that's been done by europeans in the name of God and also christ that comes under attack

  • NoHateOnMyPlate

    Smh...This is a fail. Jesus and GOD are two completely different entities, the author just makes em synonymous for the sole purpose of a cohesive article. Get a life dude, and hopefully from that you'll actually write something that makes sense. Smh

  • assass

    you DO know that men evolve as they grow. The constant struggle against GOD and the implications that we can and will NEVER live up to. Why bother living under the rules that can never be followed. I mean really, like DMX said, "Though shal not steal, but I will to eat." Mr. ASS that made up the 10 commanments did not take into account human suffrage and the plite that people can sustain. "Thou shalt not Kill. but what if he's trying to kill me?" Another quote from DMX. Rappers are human and they speak for the collective minds of the people, that is why hip hop is so unique. Why judge a man in an article and prove how he is imperfect? Guess what, we ALL are! I think the author is trying to obtain his/her own shock value by getting everyone's attention with the mention of NAS. Nas is one of the greatest because he knows that he is imperfect and says it.

  • DJCastano

    How is this writer gonna talk about Nas, then quote an AZ line? What a mark ass busta

  • dc burner guy

    lol, who is this clown? DX u guys will do anything for hits and thats cool...why not just start posting pics of genitals? why even bother with these stupid articles? this is the worst pice i've read in my life and im not exaggerating. Are you sure this guy is an attorney? online law school is bad mkay

  • mangel

    whoeva wrote this shit is a dumb ass Nas is the truth atleast hes not talkin bout money and cars

  • Thoughtful

    I think the tone, is what kills this piece...but essentially the way i see it is, this. I think NaS' music reflects him... like Jay said is Oochie Wally or is it One Mic. Truth is I don't think NaS knows. I think he just lives life and says what he feels, for better or for worse - i think it is good he acknowledges it... but you would have hoped he would have been able to reconcile this by now!

    • real4real

      Reconcile what? You Jay-z tongue swaggers act like jay-z perspective about Nas 10 years ago means something. Jay-z needs to get over his years of displaying hatred towards women in his songs...calling his wife a "Hoe and a "Bitch" in his lyrics from the song "Off that" f Drake (2009). Nas is human and truth be told we all need to reconcile with are contradiction because we have them everyday of our lives!

  • Anonymous

    Nas is a pure artist. It shows up in every single line of him. Show me one genius or artist in the past that wasn't a little confused. It's Nas great mind that you don't get with your ignorant looks on the world and all. I bet you're one of these guys who screams and totally flips out if someone mentions god in a not so positive manner. He is questioning the world and religions sometimes. What's so bad about that? Should he believe everything people are trying to tell him?

  • Michael Zayas

    Garbage,this was garbage and did this fool quote AZ from "lifes a bitch" and say it was nas?

  • NoneofyourBiz

    The comments were way more entertaining than this "editorial." However, editorials are opinion pieces by definition, and should never be taken as anything more than one writer's views (hence the disclaimer at the top). With that in mind, I will give my opinion. People take lyrics (which are mostly literary fiction, not fact) way too seriously. So Nas disses and praises God a few times through out his 20 year career. Why should you care? Ah, that's right, you shouldn't. He's one man. Stop being so gullible, and stop squirming at the prospect that someone might challenge your narrow views of God and religion. If you feel you threatened by one man's lyrics, then it's probably your belief system that is shaky and needs to be examined. Or are you gonna let the invisible ghost you hold on to so hard do that for you too?

  • yves st lance

    All these comments are earning HHDX and the writer of this poorly written article money. We all know that this article is nothing more than a bad joke...lets not give them anymore money pertaing to this trash.

  • Prev

    Old imagery new meaning - Whether it's Tarantino, Warhol or a rapper.. Don't trip on people using icons. It's the way of the world.

  • Anonymous

    My apologies to the writer I should not have called you an idiot. That is not constructive

  • Anonymous

    WOW. You are truly an idiot!! First of all, many people struggle with religion. Second of all, why the hell are you putting little quotes from the bible after his lyrics? He is questioning religion, but is clearly aware of a power greater than us. He has spirituality, but doesn't align himself with any particular religion. He usually takes an intellectual point of view. My own beliefs are not unlike what Nas has expressed through his music. I could really break this down for you, but really who has the time (or "Savali") for that on a message board? But let me say this, calling himself God's son, and saying the first shall be last, if you don't OVERstand that, then you need to do your knowledge homeboy or homegirl! PEAAACCCEE

  • A.S

    Article could have been interesting if the topic was touched upon with any objectivity at all...

  • Matthew Marlon Sissing


  • ShowTime NY

    This writer clearly never heard of the word context. Nor does he have knowledge on the things that that most likely inspired nas to say such things. Thing that a wikipedia bio would mention. Nor does he have insight into an artist's mind and how it operates. Making the writer look like he's out to demonize Nasir and revealing how out of touch he is.

  • gasoline

    question: why doesn't this writer do another article chronicling jay-z's 'jehovah' lyrics? ok so nas thinks he's God son, and jay-z thinks he is the almighty God! at the end of the day its lyrics, its creativity, half the time its really reference to being 'God' on the mic, nothing els..hip hop dx shud be embarassed for entertaining such bullshit articles..

  • gasoline

    this writer should stick to being an attorney, if he's good at that anyway..such a bullshit article, id be mad if it wasn't so ridiculous...

  • itsKgosi

    Im dissapointed tha Hip hop dx would put an article written by a clear hater on their website..this guy doesnt like nas, why are there no hate articles being posted about Jay Z on hip hop dx. this is a clear sign of this writers hate: [Remember "Ether," when he called out Jay-Z for loving “the attention?” He apparently spoke from experience: He’s comfortable using blasphemy as a form of getting attention. ] just because a write has done research doesnt mean it is a valid article to put up

    • Never mind

      He doesn't appraises Nas..He's just trying to show us how good & religious he is.

    • gametime

      that's a great article the author is not a hater you must have not read the end where he appraises Nas

    • itsKgosi

      Where is the hate editorial against eminems lyrics...just because he is the "greatest white rapper" he gets a pass for his lyrics. but nas, being the most "crucified" rapper gets a whole editorial from some lawyer with free time one his hands to hate

  • aly nouh

    horrible article by somone that clearly does not understand hip hop. contradiction is complextion if you dont go through contradicting phases in your life you need to use your brain more often

  • phu

    The article is wack and totally missing the depth of Nas. It references the Nation of Gods and Earths while also failing to acknowledge that they too believe that they are Gods. This is similar to Nas calling himself God's Son because he too believe he is like Christ, or a direct son of God, and/or even God himself. "God created man in His own image." This can mean that we are exact copies of God; it is as if we are identical to God. Even the Bible says "Ye are gods." The Alpha and Omega. God is Everything. In physics, everything is energy. God is energy. We are energy. The image of god is energy. We are energy, we are the same. We are co-creators. We're just stuck in this matrix...

  • Ludvig Kaisajuntti


  • Sandman

    Are fkn kidding me? This sht is trash. Fkn hope nas ethers the bitch that wrote this shit

  • Anonymous

    What a wack fucking article. Articles like this were the reason 'The Source' started losing readers, pick your game up hiphopdx

  • FightingAjax

    One of the worst articles I have ever read. Posting terrible crap like this doesn't just make the site look bad - it looks hip hop look bad. Like all the fans are delirious morons, who couldn't string together a coherent thought to save their lives. I mean, do you guys even know what an "editorial" is? Have you even read one before? Jesus Christ.

  • Truth

    Another hilariously shitty essay that would barely get a D- in a state school. The only editorial this website printed that was any good was the Royce one.

  • el_sur

    For a lawyer, you write horribly, and this is such a superficial analysis with no context of surrounding lyrics, you should be ashamed of yourself. And so should HipHopDx for approving this.

  • 9Sighence

    This is what I was talking about on that Odd Future news piece until some devil decided to impersonate me by using my name (9man) to spread false perceptions that I don't believe in. If you don't believe in my God fine, just don't disrespect my beliefs cause you don't disrespect Muslims, cause you're all shit scared of Al-Qaeda!

  • alfytitos

    not that much of the article made any sense but he lost all credability when he mistaken nas for AZ in the lifes a bitch line. Just a nas hater for some reason NAS only sadly has deep rooted fans and he's the illest to ever live

    • righton2thereal

      he does give credit to AZ for that lyric. i'm not defending him though; this article's still trash.

  • The.Watcher

    Really? Who the fuck cares? Religion's for the birds, anyway. "I got a hangover, I could sell the scientific research, I got my ass kicked last night so now my teeth hurt. I can't purchase alcohol on Sundays; why? Because they believe an invisible man's in the sky!" -Mac Lethal

  • Anonymous

    very thought provocing article. anyone who says otherwise is just mad at the truth. i don't know where nas stands but some of his lyrics do sway a lil which is not good. but i for one know he's an amazing artist and lyricist and this article doesnt dispute that so anyone defending lyrics needs to shut the fuck up

  • bisquic

    I bet this writer would have one hell of a time with Jay-Z, the self proclaimed "God MC", god I can't stand him.

  • Joshua Morgan

    It's just lyrics...

  • Anonymous

    This article was interesting to me only because it collected some of the lyrics that do make it very unclear what religious beliefs Nas holds. On the other hand he is a rapper, rappers say things because it sounds good, doesn't mean it defines him or he believes it, or that he had to of meant something deeper. Although I do believe that Nas and other people shouldn't use Jesus name or Gods name with so little caution.

  • Anonymous

    " the only thing Nas might have in common with Jesus is that they each loved a loose woman. But Jesus never wound up paying $50,000 a month in child support. " - looks like this guy needs to look at his own relationship with God, and not everybody elses.

  • dmize-one

    this article was the last straw for me.. smh... does anyone else know of an actual DECENT hip-hop site??

    • gasoline

      you've spoken the truth right there..its seems these guys have run out of ish to write about, so are going for this bullshit for readers...

  • giantnyc

    I thought this might be something for thought, but instead I got a terrible, terrible article. This totally takes things out of context with elementary analysis. This is so sad it cannot even serve as a platform for a debate. I will skip anything that bears your name. One of the lyrics you attribute to Nas was not even his. That is AZ on "Life's a Bitch." That is basic stuff. You have no credibility. Pitiful.

  • lol

    I needed a good laugh.

  • Sav

    This is a very poor treatment. Good idea, but awful execution. Awful.

  • Nick

    This was ignorant Hip Hop DX. Why even post such nonsense? Chris Thomas, you're a no talent clown.

  • NaS

    Come on man you really gonna call me blasphemous.. I explained God's Son in '02, I said that every body is the child of God.. so why cant I call myself God's Son... When I said theirs "only one Nas yall, county ya blessings" I was saying dont try to be me or get what I have, to count your blessings and appreciate what you have while working hard... listen to the context of the song When I say God will forgive you bastards if you repent to the Nazereth Savage... Im talking about rappers, saying that I am the greatest rapper and any one who disses me needs to apologize... dont over analyze shit Now.. I will forgive you if you repent to the Nazereth Savage One-----GodSon

  • B whizz

    This sum Grade "A" bullshit! "SLY FOX"- "They gonna try to censor my next verse, throw em off the roof neck first" Fu*k this article.. HHDX get ya shit right.

  • LCMrecords

    who ever wrote this article had nothing else better to do, tHats his creativity. Nas is creative enough to leave u thinking about his lyrics. And christianity is bout Faith not based upon what someone saying. This just an art is either u like it or u don't. So get the f*ck off his back.

  • Pail

    Terrible article. Seems to be clutching at straws and drawing very obscure conclusions.

  • James

    Worst article ever posted on this site. How does this guy have a job?

  • Anonymous

    this article is bs.dont try to recite the 120 when u have know knowledge.

  • DRock067

    this article is horrible. you stretch trying to find the links in your interpretation of the lyrics to biblical passages.

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote this article needs to be strung up by his fucking neck, and hung like the cracker he no doubtably is....

  • steee

    this article is good that it chronicles many of the "blasphemous" lines he has, and just lines about religion/god in general. this article is bad that it makes it seem as if nas doesnt know what hes doing. every mc has lyrics that try to get peoples attention, otherwise we wouldnt notice them. nas-like all human beings-has a complex thought process which doesnt always bring him to the same types of thoughts. he's sayin hes the best, the greatest, the highest level... he's saying that by saying hes the messiah and everything. yeah... nas can sometimes be sloppy when doing stuff like this, and a lot of times it doesn't really say much. but he knows what hes trying to do, you are over and under analyzing it at the same time

  • Gary Rue

    Nas said specifically in an interview a few years back that he is a "Walking Contradiction". So with that being said , he is to be held to one standard : The standard of being human. We all say things that are ignorant at times , the difference is that he is one of many people in the music/entertainment world that have a much greater forum and are held to scrutiny and criticism unlike that of you're every day person.

  • The God

    why the hell does this site continue to post these articles that try to depict real ngz that's keeping the game alive like Nas? I dont be on this website that much, but when i do check it out, randomly this site posts an article or two about particular artists that have been in the game the time there supposed to be and that actually say something. I writing this, not only as a Nas fan, but a real Hip Hop fan that doesn't appreciate the down talking, but yet y'all support these new ngz that don't really say anything, but yet call what they do Rap/Hip Hop? Getting into this subject brings about endless conversation that usually does a 360 back to square one, so I'm going to end this comment with a Nas quote: "I never asked to be top of Rap's elite....just a ghetto child, trying to learn the traps of these streets" -Nas Your the Man off "Stillmatic"

  • ICE T

    NAS is the greatest of all other rapper will be so intricate n clever with what he says

  • CRASH$

    Yeah i agree he doesnt understand the launguage back then. The writer is bible smart and not street smart. they substituted alot of shit back new jerus was new jersey. and etc. I do agree that hiphop takes shots at christianity. I dont know what his faith is today. GodBody, Christian watever but its none of our business.

  • Prickjames

    All you guyz are in such a hubbub about a guy that don't even exist... THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT!!!! THERE IS NO GOD!!!!! Cry Now Niggaz!!!

    • The.Watcher

      @dona - I can't believe imbeciles like you are still wasting air. Go read a fucking book - study physics and chemistry, retard. Then come talk to me about your imaginary friend.

    • donta

      Actually you will be the crying nigga once you are judged and cast into the eternal pit of fire for your sin of being an atheist. Hope you have your sun tan ready LMAO!!!


    "When my mama told me, nigga, you could be Christ. Jesus, what is he like?" - "Revolutionary Warfare," 2002 HIS MAMA WAS A STUPID FUCKING CUNT SHE CAN SUCK SATANS DICK RIGHT NOW HAHahahahaha

  • KicKinKnowledge

    This article must have been created to for attention and controversy, because it is ridiculous. You mean to tell me you scrutinized Nas' Lyrics to state that he spits blasphemy? Jay-Z- D'evils? The author of this article disgusts me. Hip Hop DX is turning out to be a joke. These articles don't reflex true hip hop. All the news on Hip Hop Dx is just a whole bunch of gossip on a Hip hop artist's life. I'll say it again the writer of this article disgusts me.

  • kioska

    fuck nas he's a great rapper but a another sell out no man should be calling him self the messiah or gods son,prophet.those that do are false prophets who spread lies and will burn in hell just like lebron,kobe,jay z etc all false idols prophets . "Many will be deceived and grazed and numbered by the one who claims he is Me" Prophet Isa

  • Jesus Christ

    Honestly, dude... I can totally take care of myself. Thanks.

  • L0S

    Chris Thomas is a fucking moron! This fucking idiot just doesn't like NaS so he tries to find anything he can to try and shit on him. I know that writers read the feedback to their own shit because they want to know if people agree with them and shit like that so since i know youll read this shit........................JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DUMBSHIT!I mean c'mon man, what the fuck was the point of this useless article? Seems to me like you just wanted to criticize NaS just because you dislike him. What are you some kind of grown ass obsessed Jay fan that is still bitter about Jay taking an "L" in the battle? Deal with it you little bitch. Jay lost, "ether" humbled his ass to the point where he now would rather not battle anyone because of the bad taste defeat left in his mouth. Being an attorney isn't working out too well is it? Especially in a city with millions of attorneys like NY. Well maybe instead of wasting your time and everyone else's with this bullshit article, maybe just maybe you should try to get some clients or actually do something productive. You must be a shitty attorney because I know some attorneys and they're always working, always. They hardly have time for anything so that leads me to conclude that you passed the BAR exam and haven't really done shit since, since you have time to shit on a good person like NaS for no fucking reason. Go get a client, get a girlfriend, get a dog, get a blow up doll but really go get a fucking life you lame fuckboy!

  • cuzzin queens baffles me how an article can be penned about someone else's relationship with the Most High...a few lyrics is not the the tell-tale of the complete makeup of a man...he just wasnt afraid to record a bit of his complexities, something that we all possess...but everyone is entitled to their opinion so its whatever...

  • babe

    Oh boy... I sense a Nas Deception coming out soon.

  • Kevin DJuan Cowan

    Here yall go with this crap again when nas said snuffing jesus thats what they use to call coke back in the day. Yall reading way to deep into poetry. A lot of words are ment to mean something else its queens language listen to mobb deep and even wu tang same shit. CMON SON find something better to do with your time Hiphop DX I lost a respect for yall printing this as a top story yall becoming media hype now

  • BEZ

    The one thing I can agree on is That Jesus Christ gets disrespected WAAAAAAAY too much in Hip Hop, poop culture, tv, etc. Nas is a rapper/Emcee/entertainer. Not taking anything away from that title, but He is NOT a Preacher, Pastor, Bishop, Pope, prophet, deacon etc. I never cared for the blasphemous rhymes he spit. It merely showed his arrogance and ignorance as a human sinner. If anything we should take this article as a means to realize we should never accept ANY HUMAN BEING walking earth @ this time as an IDOL. What I wish would have been explored with this particular article is what Nas' true faith is. He mixes quite a bit of different spiritual ideologies. He may be a non denominational christian or maybe perhaps he is 5% or 10%. Maybe it's none of our business and between him and his maker. Bottom line, I would like Hip Hop to show Christianity the same respect it gives other Faiths. Not songs called "Hoes On My D**k Cuz I Look Like...." There are listeners of Hip Hop that may have their foot in the secular and the other stepping in the right direction. But what do I know, because either your HIS or your with THEM.

  • Anonymous

    Liquid swords GZA's Basic, instructions before leaving earth

  • Anonymous

    Basic. Instructions. Before. Leaving. Earth. GZA Liquid Swords!!


    Its true that Jesus and Christianity is not respected in Hiphop for the fact that Hiphop was heavily influenced by the teachings of the Nation of Islam an African-American religious movement including the Nation of Gods and Earths, the writer of the article could have said the same thing about many other rappers from the same era like Wu Tang Clan, Brand Nubian, Pour righteous teachers, Jay-Z and many more, so it’s a common thing in the Hiphop community as for Nas I think it wasn’t necessarily for shock value more than just demonstrating his religious beliefs and state of mind

  • anomynous

    For a while, I thought he wrote while he was drunk, and then I saw it was posted just before noon. Then I thought it might be April Fool's, but it's the 13th. Thanks, Chris Thomas, you have just proved to be a complete and utter gaff. All you showed from the verses you took from Nas is that he has a Messiah complex. That does not mean he has a complex relationship with religion, he probably just has an inflated sense of ego. Besides, taking quotes from literature or any type of media isn't new. If you didn't read the bible, chances are you probably use a quote from your favourite movie or your favourite punchline in a rap song at least once in your life.

  • Jesus Christ

    omg nas is the anti christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Realist

      Seriously...People should really start putting things into context, Nas is reffering to himself in the hip-hop game, the messiah, the saviour of Rap, he is in no way saying he is Jesus.I dont view any of it as blasphemy, rather as a metaphor, showing how strong he is lyrically, the writer of this shit should go suck a dick

  • Brandon

    "But no matter how talented he was for his age, he wasn’t an adult. A teenager doesn’t know any better. He gets a pass." The fuck are you to say who gets a pass? damn.. "a great irony for a man considered among the greatest lyricists of all time. Isn’t it strange how the tongue can bless God but also curse things created in God’s image?" ^^^ open your mind to different ideas then an ancient book full of primitive morality, and magic people... If there is a god..He is not a cruel, judgmental, punisher. Props to nas for exploring his mind and not sticking to one belief his whole career. He has gone through alot. Props to nasir for speaking whats he's thinking and not holding back. For not sticking to what is perceived to be the "right" way in society. N A S means niggas against society.

  • saintchase

    This was the dumbest article/editorial I've read in a long time. I'm confused at how someone even thought this was a good idea. That's why this is such a short article. Halfway through this Chris Thomas cat realized why he's an attorney and not a columnist....SMH

  • badnewzxl

    "Go to my preschool/talk to my old principals/ they'll tell you how I use to pack a #2 pencil/ stabbing students, grabbing teachers/ Catholics, preachers/ In the school staircase, cuttin class, passin my reefer- Nas, John Blaze. Did the author not hear this verse? Sounds to me like Nas went to Catholic school, which would explain his unique view on God. A lot of Christians find the Catholic's relationship with God to be strange (though it's prolly the same vice versa). I'm guessing the author next article will be on Pac or BIG's relationship with God...

  • B@nkSY

    What gets on my nerves about people on hiphop dx is if you criticize someone even a little bit they will call you a hater. Like if someone is a rapper and has money you arnt allowed to say anything even remotely negative about them or we are all gonna assume your saying it not because you really believe what you say but because you are jealous of their life. And this article is bad too me but im not gonna call the writer of it an idiot just because I feel that way.A genre is somewhat defined by its consumers so I hope this site isn't a representation of most HipHop fans.

    • StrictlyHipHop

      why do u give a fuck you if you a hating ass nikka you the same shit like him stupid fucking cunt go kill your self ,you that nikka that hate on a nikka if he got a nice haircut i know plenty bitch nikkaz like no good for shit ,and if a nikka bought a bently you would eat you ass out if you could bitch

    • khordkutta

      @badnewz, cosign one-hunnid and "that's where dude is straight hating. I ain't gonna lie; I hate on niggas all the time, so I know it when I see it." funniest ish ive read in a while

    • badnewzxl

      It's not that dude's a hater; his analysis just means nothing. He's analyzing the songs out of any order they could be placed in and referring to them as ignorant for not making sense in the context THE AUTHOR (not Nas, the nigga who wrote the lyrics) has put them in. He should at least address the songs in chronological order; then maybe he would see how those religious lyrics pertained to Nas' personal life and what he was going through. That's how you come to a reasonable conclusion; not by jumping from 91 to 08 to 02 to 10 to 04 to 99 to 94. And the part of the article where the author accuses Nas of doing thing just to get attention is complete bullshit; that's where dude is straight hating. I ain't gonna lie; I hate on niggas all the time, so I know it when I see it. The author is straight hating. Nas doesn't need to do anything like that to get attention; his one of the top five rappers of all-time and his records sell no matter what they're called. The author is just twisting rhetoric around to present his argument; what lawyers do for a living....

  • blocka

    "My intellect prevails from a hanging cross with nails/ I reinforce the frail with lyrics that's real" - Nas on Memory Lane. In other words, fuck this article.

  • Adam

    Quoting from the most bullshit thing ever written. Religion was designed to control people. It's 2011, get over it and control yourself.

  • Najee Mustafa

    Some Ones a little butt hurt O_o

  • Real Talk

    Are you serious? Your taking Nas lyrics too serious. Prophepts= fake MCs= aka diss to 50 cent. "Sometimes I sit back with a Buddha sack / Mind's in another world thinking how can we exist through the facts?
" He's thinking bout life while blazing. Because blazing is his escape from reality. "We were beginners in the hood as five percenters, But something must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners." - "Life’s A Bitch," 1994 - This was an AZ verse. Its not even Nas.. This is a religious post. It has nothing to do with hip hop. Nas compared himself to Jesus because of his life. His ex archenemy Jay cheated on his girl, and also dissed him. His mom also had cancer. THIS POST IS WRONG. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INFO BEFORE YOU POST ABOUT NAS. THIS IS JUST LIKE BILL ORIELY.

  • righton2thereal

    but maybe just maybe, if u should choose to delve/ a little bit deeper you would see the use of TWELVE/not an age but an ellusion to the verse beginning/when he called himself DISCIPLE but i guess you werent listening/that's one who betrayed and one who thrice denied/ten of them who did nothin'.snuff Him?yep He's crucified/so in young nas's eyes,they all prob'ly went to hell/more clever than wise, he chose to represent himsel(f)/and you blame it on youth, but YOU take it for truth/like he meant that shit, your mental's chipped just like that nigga's tooth/then later in your "article" you throw us for a loop/when you get all personal bout what Kelis recouped/but whats even more interesting or should i say more trifle/is you don't say a thing when he mentions the word BIBLE/in the same line you actually try to site as cool/call yourself a lawyer but you sound just like a fool/how we exist do to facts and lies that get him vexed/written in school text books and what word comes next?/BIBLES, you big him up where he says the WORDS a lie/guess that 2x4 is in your ear and not your eye/and as far as NIGGER goes what's very over looked/is over thirty years ago dick gregory sold a book/by the same name lame brain what a shame fame brings out all the haters/right on2the real, death to the fakers, see yall later.

  • Alex Zubarev

    It's 2011 and people still quoting from the bible like it's year one.

    • Anonymous

      God is the same forever...time exists for mankind only. These are the types of people this guy should be getting at and talking to and save from being conquered by the world Have you heard of Basic. Instructions. Before. leaving. Earth from GZAs liquid swords

    • B@nkSY

      What point are you trying to make?

  • Anonymous

    everybody think they right but they all wrong , stop acting as if your opinion counts more than someone elses becuase it doesn't and i know that for a fact

  • Anonymous

    slim shady talks about cutting his wrists, killing and raping people, but then on stan he says hes just joking. please people, forgive our friend eminem for his contradicting lyrics. fuck you writer, you have no right to apologize for him, its lyrics and your taking them literally, when there meant for symbolism instead of shock value. how do you know hes using shock value when he says "The first shall be last. I'm the man's man, a rappers rapper, GOD-SON, they'll be none after." thats complete bull. my interprentation was that hes the disciple of the black community, going out and spreading where they came from and their personal experiences from that life, sort of like a ghetto-son. idk how you can take your own interprentation of his lyrics and then make it fact and write a whole article over it, this article is all over the place and the premise is stupid

  • ThaHandyman

    Let the haters hate, good article. He's not sayin anything yall, just analyzing. Hate on.

  • bluerazor

    We're meant to interpret the bible after your own life story, kind of like prophesying as Nas does with his verses and hip hop

  • nuc

    wasted your time on this article... darwin - origin of species. read it, thats all. nas is the man, and you took alot of his words out of context. he can say whatever he wants, it has made him who he is today. and nobody knows what comes after, let him live. stop using the bible as a reference,, that shit is dated son, and twisted.

  • sharksbreath

    The author of this should know that the bible was not written by god. It was written by men. If you can't tell that nothing in the bible comes from God your a damn fool. Deuteronomy 5:13-14 13 You have six days in which to do your work, 14 but the seventh day is a day of rest dedicated to me. On that day no one is to work - neither you, your children, your slaves, your animals, nor the foreigners who live in your country. Your slaves must rest just as you do Wow. Thanks God. Even the slaves need rest. This is one of the verses why your ancestors were brought to this country and it was a OK for white Christians to make you slaves. When God gave the law to Moses, slavery was a part of the world, and so the law of God recognized slavery. Was that GOd or man. You be the judge.

  • look man

    Alot of these lines were taken out of context. NaS even said he went on to regret the "Hate Me Now" video, where he was on the cross. He there's even a disclaimer. There's a lot of double speak in the article (the writer says he can't judge another, but writes this.)

  • Anonymous

    slim shady talks about cutting his wrists, killing and raping people, but then on stan he says hes just joking. please people, forgive our friend eminem for his contradicting lyrics. fuck you writer, you have no right to apologize for him, its lyrics and your taking them literally, when there meant for symbolism instead of shock value. how do you know hes using shock value when he says "The first shall be last. I'm the man's man, a rappers rapper, GOD-SON, they'll be none after." thats complete bull. my interprentation was that hes the disciple of the black community, going out and spreading where they came from and their personal experiences from that life, sort of like a ghetto-son. idk how you can take your own interprentation of his lyrics and then make it fact and write a whole article over it, this article is all over the place and the premise is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Nas ain't screaming for attention its obviously the bible that needs more attention, this guy should be glad he's steering young folk on the right path to learn where he gets his inspiration from. Why does'nt he pick on some satanic rock group because it's now the biggest selling genre!

  • 3rd eye is open

    "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." -John 14:12. is the writer of this article doing the same works as jesus and even greater works. if he or any one else is not then they don't believe in jesus. this man is a hypocrite!

  • HipHopFan

    I am very disappointed in this article. I can't say I fully agree, but I do respect his viewpoint and would have enjoyed this article if he would have supported it better. He chose good lines to quote (one of which he misinterpreted, in my opinion) but did not elaborate as much as he should have. All in all, Nas is just as conflicted about his religious/spiritual stance as most people in America.

  • tp

    lol that was awful the only accurate analysis was "When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus."



  • Erik

    why does the media ALWAYS have to hate on nas???look i respect u fags give your opinions but you guys always be looking at the downsides....why dont you guys ever write about how nas is one of many mc's out there tryin to keep hip-hop alive? why don't you ever talk about how nas is one of many mc's that is actually sending a message in most of his songs????you guys are just fuckin weenies, if you dnt knw what u talking bout then dnt say shit...

  • Santoselhelper

    What about BIG L? "Devil's Son?" You can't deny that both are lyrical geniuses. LOOK, lyrics are not always meant to be taken literally. People need to calm down. And the "when I was 12" bar was said when Nas was 17, he said he rapped it to gain some attention, he wanted to shock the world, and its 2011 and we are still talking about it, so clearly it has worked. If your faith is strong, in whatever belief, then no rapper can even make you think twice about it. The author of this article, obviously has too much time on their hands, and is spiritually weak. Nasty Nas Escobar is a rapper, Jesus Christ (IMO) is Lord. End of.

  • Anonymous

    I think this guy is one of those anti hip hop protest people following in Ashley Judd's foot steps trying to discredit the best of them, but you have no idea of what your dealing with

  • Anonymous

    The author of this, I don't want to call it an editoral, because it would be an insult to properly written ones, should look what the word 'metaphor' means. Nas goes over your head like a bulimic on a see-saw. Educate yourself before you type such a poor attempt at constructive criticism ever again. Using bible quotes and comparing them to out of context taken lines of a rapper to proof that Nas is what? A bad christian? The author should listen to Preacher from Saigon, because his arms are too short to box with god. LMAO!

  • jigga

    i'm suppose to be #1 on everybody's list , we'll see what happens when i no longer exist

  • Anonymous

    All this articles about Nas have one purpose. And all show the covered truth. People are really worried and try to deny that Nas is the greatest MC off all time, in fact they're searching for mistakes he makes here and then to discredit him. What a fucking piece of shit this ''article'' is. What is the intention? Using one of the best MC's as a headline on a theme like religion? I can't believe that HipHopDX gives this type of people a platform to tell other people what they have to think of rappers. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND CARE ABOUT YOURSELVES!!!

  • Gabriy'El

    apparently ur a Christian followin some white Isa... Your so wrong about many of ur comments and lyrics that u tried to decipher lol... its just funny to me and im not even a 5 percenter...

  • Scarface187

    Nas Black Zombie - "..bish'meal Allah, el-rachman, el-Rahim, Islam's a beautiful thing.." Undying Love - "started prayin to Muhammad and Allah, the most beneficial through you, all things are possible, I know you're listenin"

  • terribad

    This is the worst article I've ever read. Don't post shit like this.

  • Anonymous

    All you stupid fucks out there are just try hand have something in nas so u can hate on him you dumb shits hes the best rapper alive... And to the fuken idiot that made this article is a piece of dog shit koz he dont no shit bout nothing to the guy below me VVVV.... NAS ETHERED JAY-Z SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • c.jaydee

    another religious fuck taking shit up the ass. its hip hop. its words. its lyrics. the bible is a book. just like moby dick. so if he said he was the captain who got ate by the whale, and hes still alive right now, then its blasphemy. damn. religion really got your head fucked up. its music yo. calm the fuck down

    • Anonymous

      It's an attempt by some one, enemy who would seriusly love to crush Nas and his integrity but does'nt seem to have a real foot to stand on!

  • masaba

    one of the worst articles I've ever read.

  • jizzle

    I've been in it five - smarten up Nas Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divide That's one every let's say two, two of them shits was due One was - NAHHH, the other was "Illmatic" That's a one hot album every ten year average And that's so - LAAAAAAAME! Nigga switch up your flow Your shit is garbage, but you try and kick knowledge?

    • comachonvargas

      Yo Jada... 2 or 3 songs outside of illmatic & everything else is garbage? LOL. I wanted to respectfully reply but that nonsensical bullshit made it impossible... you can't just generalize and call Nas' shit garbage like that... make some valid arguments and then we can talk About Kelis/complaining about lack of marketing; this is one of the excuses that lames like you use to take credit from arguably the GOAT; what does that have to do w/ the quality of the music? NOTHING. Nas is a has been? Nas is the best MC in the game today for sure and if you think otherwise you are lying to yourself. Underground rappers w/ no marketing that could go platinum? Are you fucking demented? Name me one such MC... exactly. Nas is the most respected MC in the rap game... he has seen Rakim, pac, pun, Kool G, BIG, jay, em, Big L, AZ, jada, scarface you name it in his lifetime... which one of these names is still putting out top notch music to this day? NONE... no one is fucking with nas honestly... ask your favorite rapper... ONE

    • Jadakiss88

      Who gives a fuck a Jay Z apparently you. I only agreed that Nas is Garbage and his rhymes are simple yet people like you listen and are amazed at what comes out his mouth. Me no....been down that rode and its true the real rappers never get heard. Nas has probably had 2 or 3 songs that I liked outside of Illmatic everything else has been garbage. Tell me if not then why is he whining about his sells and the company's lack of marketing. But I know plenty of Underground rappers that have huge followings that don't get marketed or anything yet could go platinum with every mixtape and full length album. Face It NAS is a has been. He proved that when he wifed up Kelis dude don't have a leg to stand on in the Hip Hop Industry any more.

    • comachonvargas

      JIZZLE... another j fan in loser denial about ether like the kid who got the parking cone shoved up his ass in Billy Madison... 1 hot album every 10 years? Illmatic/IWW SHIT on every J album ever... and I am is better than Vol 1/Vol 3/Kingdom Come/BP3/BP2... And talking about contradictions? How about when j admitted that he dumbed it down/sold out on moment of clarity then hopped on Ludas album with GODSON and claimed that he did it for hip hop? Not to mention that he dropped one of the lamest MC Shan impressions on that track while Nas murdered it and claimed he was the best that ever did... but why are we even debating? Just turn on the Hot 97 interview with Angie to know who took that one... ' I dropped the ether napalm bomb and they whole crew was running like roaches' ONE

    • no try again

      Ask yourself why did Jigga call Nas was one of the best lyricist today and labeled Nas and Eminem as being his only competition? According to you, Nas is not nice because he uses "big words"...that is what you simple minded people try to imply as a reason to hate on Nas, as if using big words is a bad thing. The reason why many people say Nas is nice, including kanye, who called Nas the "Goat" and two artists (J Cole and Jay Electronica) signed to Jay-z's label praise Nas' lyrical ability is because Nas is truly talented/gifted. It takes more than just reading an Encyclopedia to construct lyrics as well as Nas has done and continues to do. So if not being amazed by an artists' ability to tell a story, what criteria do you use to determine if an artist is nice? The amazing poetry is what connects you to an artist. If not having the ability to tell a story why even listen to the words...just listen to the beats. Oh, I forgot that is what most of you people who criticize Nas do anyway.

    • Anonymous

      a few of us had that same opinion ten years ago but that changed and jigga took the biggest blow of his career going up against him!

    • jadakiss88

      Not a Jigga fan but yea dude wasn't lying when he said dude is Garbage. Too many people listen to the big words and the stories that he tells and become amazed. Open up and Encyclopedia that's all dude did is read. You can do it too and you don't have to rap.


      Another Jay-z dick rider, who repeats these same tired ass/old lyrics. The Ether still got you niggas mad!

  • Anonymous

    subliminal messages and dope mcing nothing blastpheming about it. Gods son..who son is this silly author the devils?

    • Anonymous

      In the Bible god said somewhere i will send them many messiahs to steer them on their way - Thanks nas

  • Bawnoist

    All religions are bullshit. I blame them for fucked up world: wars, racism, slavery, holocaust, poverty, elitism and list goes on... Religions must be banned. Don't let them brainwash you. We don't need them, they need us! P.S. sorry for my bad english.

    • Jade Coleman

      @jadakiss88: Preach, brother.

    • jadakiss88

      How stupid do you sound!!! Religion isn't the problem its the people that use religion to incite wars, cause famine, commit genocide, and other greedy and evil uses. If you knew what you were talking about you would understand that everyone started of worshipping one God and everyone worshiped the same God. However, after many events that marked the seperation of Cultures as time passed people began looking for other ways to practice religion. There isn't one theological text that doesn't contradict itself. My point: Read for yourself. Religion is bad only when bad people use it for their selfish gain. Muslims, Jews, Christians,and other religions all do this and on the scale they do it of course it makes it look bad. But people don't appreciate or see the other's out and about doing God's will they don't talk about that because people like you would only shoot it down as crap. Oh yea Atheism is a religion is the Worship of Self.

  • khordkutta

    survey says:... A for effort F for execution Although not completely garbage, this article is sorely lacking and it has been done before, I belive in XXL YEARS AGO.

  • Anonymous

    Nas- "critics eat a dick"

  • bluerazor

    Was he talking about jesus krist when he said he went to hell for snuffing jesus. Honestly I took it for a metaphor as in he went to hell refering to jail and someone who the bible describes as a jesus look alike. After all he could not pretend to an individual who lived over 2000 years ago

  • JayThomas

    Correction. The quote goes: A famous man once said, "I would NOT hold an anti-War rally. But, I WOULD a Pro-Peace Rally."

  • d

    dam u love nas chris. suck a dick. this was useless

  • JayThomas

    The author and most defending it shows a lack of understanding as to what the word "Blasphemy" even really means. Even moreso, the article is discriminatory because it assumes that one has to be a Christian in order to be whatever it is that they are saying Nas or any other artist isn't. The fact that he tries to use The Five Percent Nation, as a peg against Nas is proof of this. Totally ridiculous, especially when they have they STRONGEST tie to HipHop alongside The Zulu Nation. The Church ALWAYS opposed HipHop, at it's inception. Who is Chris Thomas to "forgive" Nasir Jones for his personal expression through his lyrics? Besides, Men change their opinion every day. What he feels one day, the next he may not. It's not even a contradiction, it's just the nature of inconstancy. Nothing stays the same, everything changes, every day. Everything about you is in a constant state of change, even your skin, everything. This is the downfall of America right here. See: The Tea Party. It's like when all the preachers was renting bulldozers to crush CD's in the streets, giving MORE publicity to those same artists. Why not use that time or that platform to instead promote the artists who ARE doing great things and making great music?? A famous man once said, "I would hold an anti-War rally. But, I would a Pro-Peace Rally." Dead Prez said it best, it's PSYCHOLOGY. And, "the Views that you see in the News is muthafuc'n Propaganda" -- even if that news is just an Online article. Out of all of the things Nas is doing and moving towards right now, and what he has meant to this generation, as one of the few commercially viable voices who can and does speak some Hard Truths, this is the best that we could come up with?? Nas isn't a good Christian? For real? It's just like all these dumbass videos claiming everybody is in the Illuminati. People don't even know the history of that Word. Illuminati is what The Catholic Church and The Christian Kings used to call anybody who they wanted to SLAUGHTER during The Expulsion, The Reconquista, The Crusades and The Inqusition. Millions of Black and Jewish Men and Women were MURDERED because of that word: El Alumbrado (The Illuminati). This type of article is blasphemous to the faiths of those Millions of indigenous people, Native Americans and Africans, who were MURDERED in the name of The Bible. How bout THAT??? The Bible ain't that old at all. But People have been around for a LONG time. Nas' tradition, The Tradition of Poetry is older than The Bible. How bout THAT??? Nobody has ever slaughtered another people's Nation in the name of Poetry. Only in the name of Religion. How bout THAT???? People are BORN with Free Will and with the God-Given Gift of Communication. People are PROGRAMMED with systems, morals and dogma. This article is more blasphemous than any of the lyrics it quotes. How bout THAT???

  • Youngindy21

    I am a christian and proud of it. You people really need to stop dissin religion like you are better then it. To each his own. Anyway, I will say that this article was hard to follow and it did not always have valid points. I don't necessarily agree with the author or his views but he has a right to his opinion so stop knockin it. I am a huge Nas fan and i will continue to listen to him. If You wanted to write a really valid article you should have done it on Kanye West. He makes a song like "Jesus Walks" and then he goes and says I got Jesus on the Chain and it don't mean sh*t(Put On song). Not to mention all the Devil references in his songs. ie. Devil in a New Dress, Gorgeous, " I sold my sole to the devil it was a crappy deal at least i got a few toys and a happy meal". -One of his lyrics.

    • seek the truth

      This writer only pointed out Nas though, as if Kanye, Jay-z and other artists have not said worst things against God in their lyrics. It's like these people have a personal vendetta against Nas.

  • jacob

    nas best rapper alive faggots sit down !!!

  • To Chris Thomas Hip Hop's Lawyer

    your a lawyer who looked to hard into some of the lyrics! Some lyrics u hit on the nose(like 3). But most u didn't, the way u interperted some of the lyrics were to literal and put ur spin on wht he was sayin. These guys are rappers, they will sometimes put two things together project a meaning or thought. But as a lawyer u took everything literally. Jay-z might be the only rapper u like. Nas puts his raw feeling into his lyrics with a unique way to word them. Thats what makes him one of the greatest.

  • Cinsere

    LOL @ calling out ANY person's contradictions and then citing The Bible. GTFOH

  • D. $cience

    "I ain't a Christian, but I find that we pray alike"--Nas "Deja Vu" Nas have always been a walking contradiction, like most humans. This article seems like he's bashing Nas for having contradictory lyrics. He's bashing Nas for using "shock value". Honestly, though, shock value have always been the essence of hip hop. Shock value doesn't have to be derogatory or controversial either. Everybody from Public Enemy down to Jay-Z used shock value. This article have no point but quoting "blasphemous" Nas lyrics. Religion is a touchy topic, and this article doesn't go deep enough to get a valid point across. Christ Thomas comes across like a religious freak sounding ignorant. It's people like this giving religion in general a bad rap. No pun intended.

  • Z26

    lol. This dude Chris Thomas took all of these lyrics way too literally.


    The fact that people take religion as fact over science in 2011 is appalling. With no evidence, idiots take religion over established scientific facts. Sorry, but the Bible is full of contradictions and illogical stories. There is no reason to take it literally unless you are an uneducated moron. The fact that the writer actually cares about Nas says about some Religious crap is hilarious to say the least.

    • DoneGotIt

      I don't know you and I can't say much, but I can say this. My first impression tells me your close-minded. Search up intelligent design. Scientific facts don't conflict with science. They've been said to compliment each other quite nicely. And the stories in the bible are neither illogical or contradictory, you just need to understand it. Simple as that. Even major atheist have stated that the bible is logical. [and yes, they also stated that this does not mean they should change their veiws.] However, my point stands.

    • klls

      well no need to be an assbag! i am not religous myself, but i am very close to people who are. u don't have to bash other people and their beliefs to promote ur own. THAT makes YOU look like an "uneducated moron." if u have such a strong belief in science its cool but no need to act all ass-holic

  • gee ess

    like Hov said yrs ago...just because you don't understand what he says, that don't mean that he nice...

    • Anonymous

      Stupid fuck! Jay-Z is the only one who adresses Nas all the time. This whole Jay-Z and Nas thing is so one-sided. Jay always used Nas' samples in his rhymes and was trying to get him on a track for more than 15 years, while Nas hadn't had any intereset in Jay at all.

    • whatever

      Well Hov contradicted himself by saying this because he himself has called Nas "nice" and stated in XXL magazine (2009) that, "Nas and Em are my only competition." You Jay-z fans repeat the same bullshit when Hov himself don't even believe that shit he stated about Nas because if he did he wouldn't have spent so many years obsessing over Nasir.

  • jeff87333

    y'all r all gettin mad at an article that u really didn't have to read...i mean to push up on one rapper's beliefs when "blasphemy" has existed through hip hop in one way or another all along...along with every other type of music...may be wrong...cuz it's kinda callin one person out...not to mention as a christian the bible also says "judge not lest you be judged" so i think this is a hypocritical article....but in other senses i feel like this article has a right to be here along with any others becuz this is just a site of personal opinion...whether it's about gucci's facial tattoo or dude's post doesn't reflect the beliefs of the entire site's staff...and it even says so rite below the title...i think this is too sensitive of a subject for some people...especially since 80% of the people who posted a negative comment it was "i don't believe in god"...well there have been a million people who have written articles based off of that on different sites...that may or may not have been written for that site itself...but's all personal opinion and if you don't like it...don't read...or take it wit a grain of salt and go onto the next post...ain't that big of a deal

  • Killalex

    Fuck this article and fuck religion. People still discussing about useless shit. Its 2011, wake up.

  • bballslim42

    The only people more self-righteous than Nas are his fans.

  • edubb1977

    Why is everyone hating on this article. I found it to be very informative. For those who are in denial yes some of Nas' lyrics are on the blasphemy side of things. Why should anyone be surprised though considering who Nas is affliated with( a certain secret society think im lying look it up). From all of these negative comments it is obvious that the devil is on the loose. Most people in this day and age have forgotten all about Christ and the respect and love that Christ deserves. So im gonna sit back and watch some of you spiritually destroy yourselves because of your lack of respect for the good lord. Im sorry but I was taught you dont play with God at all!! And from what I heard from Nas ( and yes I have all of Nas' albums) he does play with God from time to time. STOP BEING IN DENIAL PEOPLE!!!

    • rob

      Ask yourself why is this writer hating on Nas? And then you will get the answer to why everyone is hating on this article? If Nas is lost, so is the author of this article.

    • jeff87333

      i am gonna agree wit u man...but there wasn't really good reasoning to put nas up there...when you got tyler the creator...and ppl like that saying things completely bluntly...not to mention it is not our right to judge but to pray for the lost...the hate that is being recieved is only based off of other's hatred toward christ...which is whatever...what we have chosen to believe will be the only remaining factor that matters...what "nas said..." or what "jay-z said" is completely relative to what actually matters...becuz if you are allowing these artists to have that level of influence on your belief in things such as god etc...then you r a fool yourself...i won't hate on the article cuz he got a right to it...but there really isn't much purpose except to discredit a man for his lost perspective on things...wrong or's not on us to decide


      I hope you say the same about Jay-z and countless other emcees.



  • Mr.Hiphop4real!

    This Chris guy is a hypocrite. He is implying that Nas wants attention but this sorry excuse of an article screams "ATTENTION SEEKER!" For Nas to be so “ignorant” according to you, why is it that you seem to be the one who looks like the fool?

  • the realist

    why the hell did someone post this garbage? this is a hip hop site not some bullshit preach about god website...fuck this, fuck hiphopdx, fuck whoever wrote this

  • Ricardo Conceicao

    Hip Hop DX, this is bad and pointless. Even with all his contradictions about religion and Jesus this article makes no sense. A total waste of my time and I had to read till the end to make a fair comment. Garbage

  • nave

    this is a stupid ass article

  • D-Ray

    Chris Thomas knows nothing about hip-hop and knows absolutely nothing about spirituality outside of the christian religion. All of these quotes are taken completly out of context. Has he ever listened to a Nas Album? But hey he can be ignorant if he wants. "simple ones, learn prudence; O fools, learn sense proverbs" 8.5 for the foolish man who wrote this. "The more words, the more vanity, and what is the advantage to man? " Chris Thomas get over yourself.

  • Rob Eramia

    Well obviously this article should have been published on a christian website with readers lacking knowledge of hip hop. It was much more fun to read the 25 out of 26 negative comments about it than the article itself... Usually the comments on any article, on any subject, are filled with ignorance and crazy people chiming in--but in this case it was the complete opposite: the author represented ignorance and craziness and those who commented displayed understanding on a level seldom seen.

  • Moses

    I really can see the point of this article, this is similar to when Complex had an article talking about the bad things of all consious rapper, this people are trying to make good music and spread a message, but you are shifting your attention from the 90% of what they are saying that is true and instead focusing on the 10% thats bad. "A great man's deeds outweighs his personal weaknesses."

  • @jt_DopeSole

    I honestly can't believe you guys ran this article. I completely understand where this guy is coming from, but wow. All he comes off as is a religous freak bashing an established artist. Religion is a touchy subject, i understand you guys clearly stated that this article doensnt represent your opinion, just the writers, but man, i had to look twice while i was reading the article to check what website this was on. You guys should keep this website about hip hop and leave the religion to those who interpret it whichever way they do. Dont let writers come on here and try to tell us how the rappers we choose to listen to are blasphemous jesus haters. FOX already does that for us.

  • the poet

    WE ARE ALL HUMAN, WE HAVE A GOODSIDE & A BADSIDE....CONTRADICTION IS APART OF HUMAN NATURE THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST BIASED REPORTS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE...& ALSO IF YOU WANNA BE TECHNICAL IN THE RHYMES HE QUOTED AS THE "GOOD" ONES "HOW CAN WE EXIST THRU THE FACTS, WRITTEN IN SCHOOLS TEXTBOOKS, BIBLES ETC. SO THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED ANTI-GOD...this writer sounds like a 5 percenter....god made us in his image....loosen up & give this nigga a break for being human he is one of the best writers of our generation & i dnt mean just hiphop

  • Anonymous

    Someone need to kill Nas like so many others Black Males get killed each day. Fuck the bible and other man made religion used to Control people. If you can show me a book that some god wrote, bring it forth. If not then this statement is true, religion is man-made.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Well, if you guys don't mind, I'm gonna go murder 100 people now. Why? Because all i have to do is repent my sins and pretend that I believe Jesus is God on my death bed, donate couple $1's for the Preacher's nice house fund, and then I get to go to heaven...Right?

  • SP

    Nas is still one of the GOATS

  • JacksonC

    Wow, as a fellow lawyer I was shocked to see that an Attorney wrote this piece of shit article. I don't even want to keep this on a constructive criticism niveau, but this article was complete ass. Stick to your lawyer work (hell, you should be GOOD at working with texts, yet you totally fuck Nas' lyrics up...come on man!).

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Anybody here have any proof this Jesus Christ is GOD? Anybody? And how and who came up with the name Jesus Christ? In the original Bible in Arabic, his name was Yeshua. In Egyptian, his name is Isa, so where do you get Jesus Christ from?

  • big mike

    all the ignorant shit you put on this website and you pick nas to say somthing about ..this Chris Thomas must be part of cointelpro giving the young black youth misinformation..yo jay Z calls himself Hov cuz his style is religious "i never pray to god i pray to gotti" can somebody please name a rapper that sold almost 20mil records and has that many positive songs on there resume? Chris Thomas your part of the problem instead of having positive things to say you write this horrible article!!!! you suck!!!!! you are a detriment HIPHOP!!!!! I think we all request an apology

  • hmm

    Seems like a bit of overanalysis, isn't it? For someone like Nas, who dropped out of school in favour of reading the Bible, the Quran and African history instead of whatever his high school taught. He compares it in the context that Nas was considered the Messiah of East Coast Rap, in the same way as Jesus Christ is considered by Christians as the Messiah of Humanity.

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst article I have ever read. What stupidity. BTW - the last line was AZ, not Nas.

  • Anonymous

    Five percenters make best hip hop

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Well. These are moments I can't get back. Thanks for nothing. I can't believe this cat tried to take such a stance. Probably wrote this mess thinking "Man this is gonna be great! I'm gonna show the world something". You do know that everyone who believes in Jesus and what He has accomplished and accomplishes are all His brothers and sisters, right? So since such is the truth, what does that make these people? God's SONS AND DAUGHTERS, right?

  • SCarolina

    Yo Chris you should stick to educating us on things more in your area of expertise(like your last editorial "The right to remain silet...")and not writing garbage such as this. The poster "harveydent" said it best!! Peace.

  • Nedas Punys

    i think all christians are God's Sons.. (or daughters).. that's why they say Father when prayin' to Him.. what's wrong with NaS callin' himself God's Son? i think bigger problem would be if he would call himself Devils Son or smth..

  • Anonymous

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding." - Proverbs 3:5 that just makes me mad.. i don't believe in god and not to offend anyone but what the fuck, in my mind most people who WORSHIP god are just being brainwashed and this quote is literally saying don't think into logic because if you did then you wouldn't believe, since there's no actual proof.

    • anonymous

      The verse did not say to be irrational. In fact, the whole purpose of the book the verse came from is to give sound advice and common sense. Plenty of people chose to believe in God, just like you chose not to believe. There's no proof that there isn't a God either, and you cannot use the Scientific method when it's fundamentally ill-equipped to answer questions concerning the supernatural. The foolish man thinks he knows everything, the wise man know he knows nothing.

  • Lee

    taking nas lyrics out of context to spite him... why?

  • Bad Kid

    This was a bad article.....besides the fact that im a athiest and all those religious qoutes were making me sick, the writer did a bad job at disecting lyrics

  • KV

    yeah I don't get this article either. Nas says crazy stuff true but this dude is infering a lot of things. Then he's using scripture to sort of codemn Nas which is a huge mistake. 1st of all rap back when Nas used the I went to hell for snuffing Jesus line was all about thinking of the most out there creative thing to say. I don't think it was more than that 2nd of all Nas as an artist is pretty positive especially lately ie Count your blessing and the whole Nigger album to begin with. He's trying to push the buttons and provoke thought out of a lot of young listeners who don't like to think about heavy stuff like this. That is why it doesn't sell and Talib don't sell and anybody who is not rapping about bitches and all the money the brinks truck brought them WHICH IS TRULY WHAT WE NEED TO BE QUESTIONING IN THE HIP-HOP COMMUNITY! CAUSE THIS FANTASY LIFE THESE CHUMPS YAP ABOUT IS HARMFUL i appreciate it and I don't look to Nas for my spiritual guidance and if you had a brain neither would you. you can take some of his insight ie count your blessings and apply it to your life. And will everyone please stop with the child support thing. Jesus didn't pay 50 thou a month that was an epic fail

  • Spencer Brown

    who ever wrote this took every single word completely out of context and doesnt understand the metaphoric usage in wich nas writes. and lol one of the lines this idiot qouted was an AZ lyric from lifes a bitch. so my question is did this person even listen to these tracks? or just get written lyrics from wikipedia and compare them to qoutes from the bible? This entire article is a joke and its a damn shame people are attacking legends like Nas when there is a whole new wave of brainwashing music corrupting this generation.... the author of this article can KICK ROCKS!

  • onelove

    well this was a waste of time, fucking garbage.

  • AK

    What the fuck is this shit? What is the writer's point exactly? Fucking pointless article.

  • harveydent

    I'm going to have to join the chorus of people here and say you took the lyrics more personally as a Christian than you probably should have. Nas has always rapped from different perspectives and said things from different spiritual beliefs. I think he's agnostic at best and an MC who constantly is searching for faith and spirituality while giving his own interpretation of how being a street kid growing up is like a spiritual journey. But while I thought this article was going to be a careful deconstruction of Nas's belief and mindstate towards spirituality during each phase of recording instead is a bitter, cynical and somewhat self-righteousness lecture on an Mc's lyrics that have been poorly misinterpreted by you and then matched with scriptures from the bible to fit your convince. I dont see who you can equate Nas's lyrics on count your blessings with him saying he is god. Same with One Love. When he's talking about false prophets what makes you think he's talking about people in the bible? I always interpreted that lyric about people we worship like idols who are merely celebs, athletes, politicians. When Nas calls himself God's Son, I believe he means to say that in the same way we are all God's children. I think his image of sometimes referencing religion in videos, album covers and in lyrics is more to play up the anointment he was given as a prophet MC. If Nas is blasphemous to you, what is Jay-Hova? What is Rakim Allah? There's plenty of other Hip Hop that is more ignorant than what Nas says, far more (Do you hear Wacka Flocka's bragging about having 6 baby mamas while a teen?). He can be accused of not being accurate in his rhymes but he cant be accused of not being interesting and trying to push the agenda of debate on topics that the Hip Hop community may not even care to talk about. I always think there is a method to his madness so to speak. But this is silly scold him, especially when you do it by taking lyrics out of context and fitting them to your own interpretation (but then again I guess that would make you a true evangelical Christean) Hey Chris, do us all a favour and do an article reviewing Odd Future's lyrics. Specifically Tyler the Creator's. I mean, assuming you don't have a heart attack beforehand.

  • reallymusic

    People are obsesseed with Nas. There is not another rapper that the most ignorant individuals spend so much time trying to discredit in the history of hip hop. This attorney spent all this time writing this terrible article about Nas' lyrics and the fact that he is an attoney and lacks the common sense to understand these lyrics is what is most sad. This guy needs to concentrate on being an attorney instead of trying to disect Nas lyrics...what a waste of human time. Nas is laughing at this guy because he lacks commn sense.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ spits rhymes he lives not what he sees through a peephole

  • stop making a fool of urself

    This article is full of shit and the writer is a fucking joke! Hip hop dx should be ashamed of themselves for even posting this bullshit!

  • L Kirk Wilson


  • Jess Devitt

    whats with this? a thorough analysis of nas' spirituality and different religious themes in his lyrics is needed, but you trap the readers, promising something like what i described, then give them this steaming pile of religious horseshit from some maniac professional christian with too much time on his hands. fuck that. putting religious propoganda on a hip hop site. for shame, dx, for shame.

  • ntwisp

    articles like this will only make people who have no idea about anything, start make comments about illuminati and antichrists... i'm sick of that

  • Anonymous

    terrible article...nuff said and first.

  • Very Nice

    I respected Nas but i don't like him disrespecting Jesus like that

  • Sky

    What this article lacks in meaningful context it makes up for by horrible content. "You ain’t as hot as I is, all of these false prophets are not messiahs." - he doesn't even say he's a Messiah in this line; and his previous messiah references was about Hiphop. Second: Nas wasn't Christian when Illmatic dropped hence he could not be blasphemous. Third: did you even listen to "Count your blessings"? That song is saying "don't do Nas, do you and be grateful". Last; if you do believe, you believe we're ALL God's (the Father's) children (sons and daughters).

  • ColdStoneDaKing

    Wow this is one of the most bullshitty article I've ever seriously this guy puts ol' boy Nas's lyrics way outta context among other things

  • NAS FLOW just flew under the radar, over your head. Hip hop's biggest metaphor u dont know who they are..

  • Anonymous

    fuck you. and jesus. peace to Nas for giving young kids hope. Jesus is not real

  • Baley

    this article is a waste of time.

  • Jg

    this article is f***in wack.

  • Anonymous

    this was this biggest pile of shit ive ever read. the vast majority of those are taking out of context and obviously the writer doesnt know shit about hip hop. the nazarath savage was another nickname for nas, so when he says people will repent to him hes just saying theyll admit hes the bset. thats just one example. this is the ugliest personal attack and its so miscontrued its unbelievable. THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN BY MEN FOR MEN. JESUS WASNT THE SON OF GOD AND GOD DOESNT EXIST. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR 2X4 EYE YOU BLIND FUCKING CLOWN