Infographic - The Rise & Fall of Lil Jon

A linear look at how Jonathan Smith went from the multi-platinum "King of Crunk" of the dance-floor to hustlin' pizzas and getting face time with Donald Trump.

Around the time that Rap was almost reduced to ringtones and instructional dance songs, a deejay/producer-turned-rapper named Jonathan Smith prevailed as not only the self-proclaimed “King of Crunk,” but just as well the Darth Vader of the dance-floor. The So So Def DJ’s standout ascended as one of Hip Hop’s stars, after years in the shadow.

With stage-props like gasoline cans, Crunk Juice-filled pimp cups, Elvis Presley sunglasses and enough jewelry to make Slick Rick blush, Lil Jon assumed the role of a celebrity long before he ever was one - a winning formula still employed by today’s hopefuls. Soon enough, Lil Jon screamed his way into becoming a household name, and even won over a few skeptics - with some help from Dave Chappelle, Usher and his BME label minions. Today, he's doing everything from selling pizzas on Manhattan sidewalks, to being Donald Trump's Apprentice to deejaying sweaty, fist-pumping, not-so-Crunk dance-clubs across the club. Although loud and colorful, Lil Jon's reign at the top was short like leprechauns.

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  • bob


  • fury


  • William W. Pendleton

    Chappelle hurt this dude big time as well, you forget that he became an absolute joke after that parody. That sketch was definitely a nail in the coffin.

  • Big Log

    Been saying this for a long time, Nigga need to protect and look over the asset instead of partying,chasing chick, getting drunk and high, cause when it all over with need niggas is broke

  • Enigma Sept

    Lil Wayne owes 5 million in taxes and is trying to sell his Miami home...has he fell off. And I would take this as a cautionary tale of a rapper overspending until I saw the comment about him being on The Apprentice. With that, I say, HipHopDX is hatin'. LOL

  • JJ

    This is the problem with hiphop today, too many one hit wonders and copycats. GOTTA TAKE IT BACK TO THE ROOTS!!

  • Merrill Monstersinthelake Jarvis

    Really???? Y'all need hitz so bad y'all now have to kick hiphop heroes when there down....hiphopdx starting to act more article is a total fail

  • cameron

    what songs do you sing

  • Know Your Shit

    DX isn't a hater - just completely misinformed. My biggest pet peeve is when people write supposed "fact-based" opinion pieces without doing their research. I mean that REALLY pisses me the fuck off... Lil Jon didn't fall off because of his persona - he fell off because TVT Records refused pay him the royalties he was owed. He mentioned this several timse in the past, and said he would have been even further behind had he not been making money producing. Because he wasn't getting paid, he stopped releasing material (even though he was at his peak), and his buzz faded. For those of you who don't know TVT is the same label that tried to screw Pitbull and Yo Gotti, so they're basically a smaller version of Jive. Do your freakin research before you blab!!!

  • Anonymous

    DX IS A HATER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think it was good for lil jon to lose his persona. you dont take of your business then shit will happen, lil jon is arrogant not to sell his chain to pay the bills he incured, though he needs it to remind himself he was once whoever people thought he was when he was in the game. good riddins johnny boi, your destruction of "real" southern rap and rap as a whole had to be stopped. please exit out the back, drop your chain, and take your fellow bad rap crew with you. (wayne, drake, soulja boi, dj khaled, the 2 lovers: wayne & baby, rick "tha fat back" ross, etc.) you all suck and have polluted this game.

  • Rome Diggz

    Wow. This world is fucked.. He is on celebrity apprentice MAKING MONEY FOR CHARITY and DX has the nerve to say he fell off?!, wtf is wrong with yall? It's a damn shame you look at all the negative in his life but dont give him props for giving a shit about the less fortunate thats like sayin Bono fell off, its not falling off if your still making moves so stfu to who ever made this shit, its fuckin despicable. I don't even listen to Lil Jon so yall stfu about the "dick ridin" bullshit.. That is all.

  • infamous

    im still not seein where exactly the man fell off at besides owing the irs taxes and having his house forclosed one .... which is probably one of who knows how many .... the man still does a lot of production and clearly has other businesses like the wine venture and the dvd series that must be making him money if he isnt working at mcdonalds yet ... celebrity djs always get work which is why people like pauly d are making 20,000 a night to spin records ..... the apprentice is a show on how to use your business skills to rise to the top everyone on there might be older but the term fallen off doesnt mean that people arent getting money ....

  • Chris "MayDay" Rucks

    Man, that's rough. I find it bananas that big time rappers don't brace themselves for periods of drought, even after the media outlets constantly remind us that people are hundreds of thousands in debt due to taxes, foreclosures and baby mommas. Somebody has some real opportunity if they'd be the hip-hop accountant and financial guru.

  • Anonymous

    why the fuck yall hatin on lil jon....yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why do entertainers refused to pay taxes.but before they made it big and work a regular job taxes didnt matter if was taking out of there pay check cuz they know they would ball when them w2 came in the mail.lil jon pay your taxes with your 500,000 jayz anybody role model other than mine..

  • Pro

    That was bound to happen.

  • beatstormz

    real niggas rise from the south !!! BHP Black Hot Pepper !!!! beatstormz Studio .

  • beatstormz

    crunk no dead !!!! never .

  • Duane Harris

    I dont think Lil Jon is done yet. He is reinventing himself. #2 he should have made a lot of money via ringtones off his yeah and what and that monster club hit "to the wall" All these rappers are killing me with their over the top investments for the now look but not thinking about their long terms investments.

  • Chupps

    Trends die out, and if you don't save that money you make while its hot then you'll surely crash and burn. There didn't need to be an article for this it's pretty simple. And there certainly didn't need for this to be plastered up on this site for 2 weeks straight as if it were a major issue...

  • blu

    Love the site and the Articles.!

  • Anonymous

    Lil Jon is the fuckin` best !!!

  • oh kay kay kay


  • Anonymous

    wait the dude with the hundred thousand dollar cup was horrible with his money? whaaat.. at least he bought american, escalade ballin

  • James Newton

    you have give an account of spending vicorously,and not being money savy @at all

  • James Newton

    Man you got to save!!!Okaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!Now you have to be wiser and money savy out here It's like a jungle sometimes it's makes me wonder we I keep from going under!YEAH!!!

  • James Johnson

    luv my nigga Lil Jon, no homo, but I know label issues prevented Crunk Rock from being either crunk or rock and that Lil Jon really aint been puttin out much shit....but shit who cares, Lil Jon get a nigga crunk even if he from the Souf and cant rap....Crunk aint dead tho.....ha but Im on dat Saigon shit shit so haters eat a dick lol

  • Valco Hicks

    I cannot believe you all sat down and took out time to write this sh!t about Little Jon. Little Jon is working everyday. He's eating. A lot of stars have IRS problems and mortgage problems. We all know crunk was trend. Now go find some more important ish to talk about. Put another P*ussy song on here or something. Lil Jon ain't did nothing but good for everybody. Sh*t, we need more Lil Jon again. America gained a million pounds since he fell off. Lil Jon, come back.

  • Crunk? Dead? Yep.

    By the way, i aint got no hate on a brotha gettin' cheddah, but like i said, he refused believe that Crunk was a trend wearin' that big ass chain, which is why his beach house is in foreclosure today and the IRS is on his back. He did take advantage of that window of opportunity when it was open-but IMO he should have got out the spotlight when he had the chance and just produced artists.

  • Crunk? Dead? Yep.

    Being from GA, and the ATL, I grew up listenin' to southern rap. When Lil' John dropped his 1st single, "Who You Wit?" in the late '90's, I was like who is this mo fo? Next thing I knew he was all over the radio, in the strip clubs, on the TV blowin' up and shit with everyone sayin' this "Yeah, Okay" shit. I knew people who knew Lil' John before he became LI' John! They told me stories about him sellin' CDs out his trunk and doin' his own club promotions. Seeing him go from hero to zero doesn't suprise me's like his time was very limited. He was flavor of the month. Crunk music was a trend. He just refused to believe that for the longest time. Now that it's officially dead, he don't even hardly say Crunk out his mouth no more. He crunked his way to stardom, only to be slowly brought back down and his starpower has shrunk. Crunk...shrunk...hey, that rhymes.

  • None of Your Business

    I mean looking at the chart and his career the only major fail (outside of blowing money aimlessly) is his album delay. I mean, with rap being in the state it's currently in it's not absurd to believe that if his album wasn't about 3 years late that he'd still quite possibly be on top. When you disappear people usually stop caring about when (or if) you're coming back. Let him get another hit record and watch all these lame duck ass rappers start flocking to get some production from him. I pray for the best for him though even though I'm not a fan...I have no reason wish bad on nobody.

    • rhonda

      I agree that you don't wish bad luck on anyone at least he's not sitting around waiting on someone to suppport him and i wish him the best of luck so if you are reading lil jon best wishes

  • Jonathan Ellis

    his music is a niche genre. once he got too popular he fell off.

  • Anonymous

    swallow a homeless man;s cum

    • Anonymous

      yeah you lose bro! your not in jail with all the real! go walk ur dog and eat a lovely dinner with ur family u fag.. wait

    • Anonymous


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  • Silent Noize

    Damn I thought Lil Jon was doing pretty well for himself in the trance/house music scene. CHECK OUT FOR DOOOPE BEATS

  • Anonymous



  • LanxBues

    this shit is funny; comments included.

  • Anonymous

    who hates on lil jon? oh yea this lame ass site! tmz is funnier than you niggas and most the time more hiphop. this site can swallow a homeless man's cum.

  • Colonel Gaddafi

    Lil Jon + Gaddafi = EPIC WIN

  • HipHopDX

    Hip Hop fans the wait is over the illumnati diss is out The Gift- Power " you can't destroy the god so quit satan"

  • JMO

    you niggaz got way too much time on yo hands. slow news day niggaz?

  • Lsn22s

    okay...this "infographic" is clearly taking a bunch of shots at Lil' Jon, not that i really care all that much, a little hater-ish tho...anyways...Lil' Jon probably wont have any more platinum albums, but i can see him putting out or producing some little hit singles, ringtone-seller type songs...amazing he's supposedly in debt tho, i just dont get how rappers blow their money so easily... i mean sure, a half-million dollar crunk chain is an unbelievably fucking stupid waste of money, but he had to have had more than that to just go and buy one, he had millions more most likely...unless he does nothing but buy stuff like half-million dollar crunk chains with his money how could he possibly be broke already? then again, dropping crunk rock and selling like one-and-a-half physical copies or whatever probably hurt his bankroll too...I think i'm starting to answer my own questions here...

    • Anonymous

      everyones gonna be bankrupt eventually. life bankrupt that is!.. im missing the apprentice! you cant take it when u leave, and the only fear of death is reincarnation..

    • m93zz

      mike tyson spent 30m$ in one week, everything is possible. all this rnb pussys are going bankrupt sooner or l8r

  • HipHopDX

    Hey Hip Hop Fans want to know what's the hottest song on Youtube

  • thetrooth

    lil john had a nice run... now the problem is most of these dudes don't plan for the future and end up being broke. With all he's accomplished he had to have made a shit load of money. so if he's broke then its his own fault. i mean he bought a chain for 500,000!! really..what is wrong with u son

  • RalphieRalphie

    that nigga said kanye can only get into the NBA cause hes black?

  • Do Ya Homework

    You young fools need to Youtube this if the link below doesn't work. Eddie Murphy (Mr. T)

  • Anonymous

    DMX and Redman's crack head asses are next right??? P.S. THIS IS A STRAIGHT UP HATERADE MADE POST!!!!!

    • ANONymous

      Wow you must not like real rap if your calling out Redman. Your prolly one of them soulja boy ass fags huh? Hahaha yea cuz thats hard shit right there.. go blow soulja boy you dick in your mouth havin ass bitch. Come back when you know what real rap is!

    • Anonymous

      yes exactly right.. maybe not redman but ur getting it.. lil buddy..

  • Anonymous

    unfortunate that this article failed to highlight the producer credits that he has continued to manifest including a highlight song on arguably one of the best hip hop albums of last year ("Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" and if you don't know what song then don't fucking comment)

  • Jacob Crim

    Reading some of these comments make me laugh so hard. Why is it that so many people feel the need to stick up for an artist they do not know or probably even listen to? I will never understand this POV. Its like when rappers go to jail and REAL hip hop heads are like "Keep em in prison!" then you got guys "dont say that we got enough brothas in prison". Shut the fuck up if you do not break the law you do not go to prison it's not 1950 quit playing the race card. But I will give Jon credit where its due, he has produced some nice tracks other than that he sucks. I hope in a few years this infograph is Lil Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      im leaning towards black guy.. the man isnt making my neihbors sell drugs to all these knocks.. unless.. maybe not stopping them is the cause. i feel this doesnt go down so much in the hills

    • blackguy

      The numbers don't lie. There isn't a "hey lets go get all the black people and throw them in prison" club; black people just fuck up and get caught a lot.

    • Miguel

      its not the 1950's it seems like it over here in AZ FUCK FASCISM

    • grip

      So Lil John pissed on your frosted flakes!!! I'm shocked that so many people are lying to themselves or maybe most of the peeps leaving comments don't know the facts. His career was derailed by label problems, he tried for a few years to sue his way out of TVT, obviously quite a few people on this site never bought his music but how dumb can you be to leave off his Production credits, and the real reason why he fell off. Dude your editor should fine the crap out of you for taking this article so personal. You went through the trouble of putting that nice infographic together and left off his production credits??? All of these "true" hip heads should buy some of those "real" hip-hop artist's music and stop bitching about no one supports real hip-hop...

    • Ado Cob

      you're a dumb ass if you don't believe race has something to do with the disproportional amount of colored people in our prison system.

  • Hmm

    I'm not some delusional dickrider, but I don't think we've heard the last of Lil Jon. And when you consider how bad the radio is nowadays, I can definitely see Lil Jon making another hit or two before it's all said and done.

  • Mr Mogul

    There was a rise? Interesting.

  • bilbo

    unfortunate that this article failed to highlight the producer credits that he has continued to manifest including a highlight song on arguably one of the best hip hop albums of last year ("Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" and if you don't know what song then don't fucking comment)

    • Imperial

      Damn, didint know he produced hustle blood. Props on that one,that's the first time I couldn't tell it was a lil Jon beat.

  • Anonymous

    Where is Biggie????

  • theTruth

    For those of us who has ask " what happened to____?". Great editorial. Very interesting and something that had to be reported. I wish I could rate this 5/5 lol.

  • Anonymous

    • john smith

      Man DMX fell off hardcore, he was on crack the entire time he was famous and now he's performing at clubs and shit. He's an alcoholic and going in and out of jail. Lets all hope he pulls it together as he is still arguabley one of the greatest rappers of the generation

  • me

    this is a tiny bit of a hater-ish post however i also think it needed to be said.. i don't think any hip hop head hasn't at least once scratched their head and asked "wtf happened to lil jon?" so good post cuz it explains what happened.. i hope lil jon sounds off on this soon also to give a little more perspective on it

  • Tyler McConner

    i didn't know rappers of todays music could possibly fall off and go mc hammer...

  • tommyspinelli

    nah dont do one on nas, redman or dmx do one on the jonas brothers and or ciara olivia, brooke valantine, dem franchize boys theres alot of shitty 1 hit wonders like that that noones talking about anymore

  • Anonymous

    Redman and DMX are next. Right????

  • Gene Neal

    All people on Reality TV are pawns...and if you watch it then you the board they play on...Life your Life Follow your Dreams....Grind for you...CEO for SELFCorp.

  • Gene Neal

    Man that man has made $ off of his love. So he can't fall, stop hating how much fun is it to write about another mans life?

  • @Deknowz

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • Anonymous

    Nas is broke. Do his rise and fall story next!!!

    • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

      so you think because he may not have a mass amount of money that he's gonna fall off? Money has nothing to do with a rappers ability to not lose his fan base because of them losing content to talk about. Nas' fanbase is stronger if not failing. He's not falling off anytime soon. Do one in Jay-Z he needs to hang it up. Or Memphis Bleek lmbo.

  • NC King

    It's rare star power last longer than 5 years. For every star who lasts five years there are four who didn't. Lil Jon had his run and it was so much fucking fun!!! I'm sorry a lot of my fellow hip hop heads missed out on the energy that was going on down south 2000-2005. NOBODY HAD MORE FUN IN THE CLUB!!!!!

  • Jamal Allison

    do ya history.look at the artist who blow up off of nothing but bullshit music.they do not last look at the ones who make quality shit,hone their craft and are not looking for the quick spanning 15-20 years.when you make classics you'll always be around.

  • Madd Urban


  • DL Dub

    Lil Jon... That nigro had me hype as fuck for quite a while a few years back. Shit "Get Crunk" is still my number one running track, and that shit is old as hell now. The main problem Jon had, was trying to stay at that independent shit. The problem an independent artist will have, when tryin to find a better deal with a different independent label, is that you may get independently fucked by someone you thought was better. That went for everyone who was at TVT (I mean damn what happened to the other Sean Paul from Youngbloodz, did the nigga die?) Ying Yang twins aint the same, Collipark went on to cosign Soulja Boi(boy?! dont know, just know I hate him) and we all know how that brought on a whole slew of bullshit. I remember hearing about Crunk Rock, and I remember being in my mind, a bunch of songs that sounded like "Stop Fucking Wit Me" And I thought to myself, that shit is genius. Crunk Juice was the shit, and in the time it was supposed to come out, Crunk Rock could have been better. But then 5 years roll past, and I'm previewing Lil Jon's album right here on this site, and it's one of the gayest albums I had ever heard. LMFAO?! Really Lil Jon? C'mon son. In the words of the great Riley "That is really not gangsta". I think the nigga still has it in him, but what he should do is hook up with somebody comin up right now, who's about to blow up (Chris Brown.... again) and produce another yeah type beat.

  • The BatMan

    HIp Hop DX... Yaw did not have to go so hard...

  • Bowski

    What happened to Lil Jon?? His whole act was a g'damn gimmick. So to all these upcoming and current gimmick-ass rappers let this be a lesson learned. Lil Jon had his 5 minutes of fame, but people got tired of his shit really quickly, I know I did. All his beats started sounding the same (Lex Luger). Do like the Neptunes do and know how to be tuned into the streets. Learn when to moderate your music (especially if you cant change up your formula). You cant saturate the market for any amount of time w/your ONE particular sound and expect to last 10 minutes in this industry......

  • Your Grandma Bitch

    I don't understand why the DX staff would take the time to hate on someone like Jon... it makes no sense. Why kick someone when they are down? This will probably be the last time I fuck with DX; it's one thing to share your thoughts/opinions with the world (editorial), but hating is just plain wack! Jon might not be getting it like he was back in '04-'05, but I know for a fact that Jon is still getting $10,000+ to DJ at clubs around the world! @ DX Staff: How much did you get paid for your contribution to this piece of shit feature?

  • C-O-C-O-C-I-T-Y

    What research was done to indicate that he graduated from Ohio State? This has never been in the media in Columbus and doing an online search returns no legitimate results that he attended Ohio State. Yes there are Yahoo answers that he did, but no real results.

    • C-O-C-O-C-I-T-Y

      no answer huh? I am going to take that as there was no research done. Always good journalism when there is no legitimate evidence to back up something that you are claiming as fact.

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    Hit me on facebook.... I can't stand lil jon music lol

  • aa

    next should be nas that nikka broke az fuk

  • Almar

    .....That Lil Jon Parody on Chapelles show was from early 2004, not 2005.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Next: The Rise & Fall of Nelly or Ja Rule

    • Hmm

      Nelly was making hits for about 5-6 years, which is incredible. He was one of the artists of the decade. He's sold a shit ton of albums and has been in a couple of movies. Some people fall off, but some fade away into obscurity, set for life. Nelly's straight.

    • as

      nelly got paper playboy,he sold 3o mill albums nikka apple bottom jeans, yeah his career went downhill but nika rich az fuk

  • Rodrick

    Dave chappelle destroyed this dude the day he started mocking him on that show, made the world finally realize how stupid and pointless his music Ironically, Lil Jon himself was in fact so stupid that the point went over his head and he actually went onto the show himself and assisted in his own careers demise Seriously, as soon as Chappelle did that shit, everybody I know went from "This shit bumpin" to "Fuck this dumb nigga" in no time flat, Lil Jon the only nigga in history to get ethered by a comedic skit, lol

    • Marc_Aurelius84

      To whoever said Dave likes Lil Jon, do you think he'd have him at a Block Party. Hell to the no. Monkey ass nigga like the Ying Yang twins. Needs his own stereotype pixie or imp or whatever.

    • Anonymous

      man honestly i think thats all in the eye of the beholder i really noticed lil jon first on chappelle´s show and in my case, like many of my friends, it worked as promotion for lil jon.. just by listening to dave chappelle you get it really.. if you think hes trying to do harm its on you.. but maybe it is actually true, and so many people get influenced the way you describe.. i think its sad really cause why should the dummys that dont get it decide who is finnished :/

    • History Repeats

      "dave chappelle likes lil jon you dont know shit" That doesn't mean he didn't murder that nigga's career! Like trying to view Mr. T as a tough guy after Eddie Murphy clowned him in "Delirious". "Mmmmm...Ahhhh...Hey boy slow down...ya gonna fuck around and come too fast...make me get mad and I'll clinch up my butt cheeks and rip ya dick off." Dude...You can't come back from that....

    • Anonymous

      btw if you dont feel get low something is wrong with you lol

    • Anonymous

      dave chappelle likes lil jon you dont know shit

    • Anonymous

      IT'S H-E-A-R you dumbass.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you know what. lil jon made bangers. his beats, were fucking disgusting. his levels, always banged. this nigga literally blew car systems up. that kings of crunk album, got heavy play, when niggas got to fighting. cant stand his voice, and eastside boys were nothing but security. but lil jon, was a great producer. made hits, but that nigga was a tech wiz. why cant he make something yank and get back? he should do an album with pastor troy, and call it zombie south. lot of sleeping giants down south.

  • Nico 3

    He may not be ballin like he used too, but he could just be acting poor now as a way to get publicity. The reality is there is no way to re-capture one moment in time where everybody accepted his shit. It is what it is. Move on and find another hustle.

  • BWS-Fish

    I didnt even know he had released an album last year. I think that says it all...

  • You Got Chappelled

    Dave Chappelle killed that m'fucka with a joke. That's real talk.

  • Anonymous

    dance-clubs across the club?

  • CrunkKings13

    If Lil Jon kept making crunk music with the Eastside Boyz, he'd still be making hit after hit. He was my favorite artist until he started making that gay techno music other artists are doing.

  • LL Kool Aid

    He fell off because he's wack. Period. The best thing he did was get made fun of by Dave Chappelle.

  • gullyjr

    he fell of cuez he stopped makin good decisions, prolly cuz he was listenin to yall the fans lol...he just got to get serious and he'll be able to make a come back it takes 1 big song

  • Joey Palack

    did his label delay his album or did he do it himself? whoever did it is a dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, there was label issues. His label went bankrupt in 08. its all on wikipedia. Still though thats 4years between albums. So there were multiple people to blame for such a long gap btw albums I guess.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he waited way way too long to put out another album after crunk juice. He should have kept his name on the radio, not go missing for 6 years.

  • HereWeGoYo

    Ooooh! Infographic! Look at all da colors!


    you dumb fucks dont no shit lil jon fell off after him and the eastside boys stop working together jon did the beats ESB did the hooks notice his last hit was snap yo finger an by that time the ESB was gone and thats when he came with that crunk rock shit

  • Micheal White

    I never listened religiously to LIL JON's music,but the boy could produce.For his region,in his time..he did his thing.I remember reading a while back in an online article about LIL JON'S boss at(TVT records I believe)refusing to pay LIL JON his royalty money from that-10 million unit selling album by Usher(the track feat.LIL JON,LUDA),and LIL JON refusing to record anymore albums until he got paid.Now if I remember correctly,LIL JON still produced for artist...but not personal projects.I believe this is where his money woes began.

    • Mal7

      Bingo! You sir know your facts. Jon cashed out and sold a lil' over half his publishing b4 he got really big, but a while after he was phuckin' wit Jermaine Dupri (a lot of people don't know Jon BEEN producing for the longest, i.e. SO SO DEF Bass All Stars-My Boo etc). The reason it took Jon forever (5 yrs) to release Crunk Rock was due to TVT not paying his (share of) royalties that he was due so he held off from making any albums, but still did other artist projects. Everybody left TVT when around the time that happened, from Ying Yang Twins to Pitbull. I for one believe that Lil Jon ain't broke, he MIGHT have a "situation", but he ain't regular folk broke, please believe. Jon still ridin' round the city in Lambo he bought years ago. Lil Jon was responsible for so many hits he should have a check that won't stop coming in for a looooong time if he gets his royalty thing worked out, which I think he already has.

    • DaJuana Farris

      Finally someone who has an informed opinion. thank you

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Lil Jon is a washed up ass nigga wit wack music. Who gives a fuck about a guy who can only say three words. He fuckin sucked. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    If Lil' Jon want to survive, he had to do like Timbaland, continue make hits to "pop" artist more than rappers.

  • gnigga/pleeze

    im a underground fan but throw it up, get crunk, roll call, dont give a fuck, damn, and what you gon do still get regular rotation and always will. i hope he gets back on his shit and makes a comeback he's smart enough if he gets the right label behind him

  • bluerazor

    I can say Chuck D is the epitome of what hip hop is, good on ya Just Blaze

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Lil Jons music had no substance which over a period of time makes it just another song with no longevity as soooo many artist these days. Heres my has been list. 1. Lil John 2. Master P 3. Gucci Mane(its coming) 4. Waka Flaka(its here) 5. 50 Cent(he's just getting money now) 6. Young Jeezy(does anybody care?) 7. Nikki Manaj(yeah I said it)

    • Almar

      Hold on a minute! Master P and 50 have sold 100 million records combined worldwide, Your throwing a bunch of goldfish in a pool of sharks with your bullshit ass list. Btw, Master P aint been relevant in the last 10 years, and 50 is still hard as a muhfucka.

    • DaJuana Farris

      What's really sad is that no one wants to admit when they liked an artist who is no longer "popular/in". but if you think about it there are a lot of stupid ass songs that bring back memories. hell i just realized that Coolio's Gangsta paradise was the #1 song on the Billboards top 100 the year i graduated high school.. so while yall are naming artist that are hasbeens where are the artist you grew up with? smh.. evey1 wants to be on a band wagon

    • Wtf?!

      YES - 10000 times YES! Cannot be stated any better.

    • bklynsfynest2000

      I co-sign every name you put on your list...glad someone had the sense to say....and the sense to see it.

    • Anonymous

      jeezy and 50 still got it, they need to put out a rick ross diss track

  • Christopher English

    Lil Jon is a good dude. I wasn't feeling his shit when he first came out... but yeah I was one of the ones he won over. Only thing is with the "pop" crowd.. they love you today and move on to the next...

  • Unknown

    he didn't make thought-provoking music, but that wasn't his goal. his music was for the clubs/parties/people who like having some fun. but yeah, sticking to that usually turns you into a fad. let's hope soulja boy's next.

  • Retards

    You clearly haven't stepped foot in your city's more popular clubs. He's still featured on a bunch of popular songs -- mostly electro now. Ever hear LMFAO's "Shots?" It gets run pretty much everywhere. Btw, Eminem is the only multi-platinum artist right now. No one is selling like that.

    • Retards

      My facts are straight. This is a hip-hop board, and Lil Jon is a hip-hop artist. I'm not talking about any other genres -- just comparing apples to apples. Lil Jon vs. Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga isn't the same. That said, you could include Black Eyed Peas...but I wouldn't. Jay-Z didn't drop an album in 2010. That said, BP3 only went platinum. Anonymous - step into a club that has a higher ratio of girls and doesn't allow you to wear Tims. They're probably playing some LMFAO.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but Eminem isn't the only multi-platinum selling artist right now. Perhaps in hip hop, but not in every genre. Get your facts str8. Taylor Swift: Speak Now: Released, Oct.2010--3x platinum. Ans she's not the only one.

    • alfytitos

      what are you 12 they play shots at every club everywhere

    • Anonymous

      no one listening to LMFAO, you sure you werent at the gay bar when you heard it?

    • maj

      ur 4gettin jigga under multi platinum, but yh i c ur point

  • Eric AkaDjefn

    I was not a fan of the crunk movement but I have had dealings with Lil Jon and I can honestly say dude is smart, humble and is good at what he does. Anyone that is true to what they do deserves respect. There are to many fake wannabe's emulating instead of creating. Anyone that knows the behind the scenes will tell you that Lil Jon had to take a step back due to shady business dealings which cost him his momentum and possibly his musical career. I can't even say I know all the details so I can imagine there is more that was going on that was outside of Jon's control and had nothing to do with fans lack of support or sales.

    • Atl2Trill

      TVT records was fuckin wit Lil Jon and they messed it up for him. So I know what you're referring to. Also the pop crowd is so fickle and just listen for the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Ignoracne will eventually lead to failure no matter how sucessful you are. no such thing as free pass.

  • truth

    thats what gimmic rap gets ya like Parish Smith says I stick to underground keep the crossover

  • Anonymous

    I'm not gonna say crunk was awful, cause it did produce it's share of bangers. I always think hip-hop needs some divesity. I like trick daddy as well as common/kweli, etc. However, when you make music strictly for the ignorant, uneducated, and/or youth, then don't be surprised when their attention span wanes.

  • ProUP88

    This is by far the WORST article (if you can even call it that) article I have ever read. It gives you nothing but a timeline of Lil Jon's career? Where is any sort of analysis or explanation for his rise and sudden fall from the top? Hiphopdx, thank you for exciting me with a great headline, only to FULLY disappoint me with a GIMMICK "INFOGRAPHIC" that tells me nothing and wastes everyone's time. Shame on you to call this journalism. Ya, I'm fired up.

  • Chupps

    Good example of how the media often dictates what we should be listening to and buying. Hindsight shows us how god awful the whole Crunk era was, but at the time, the industry had the majority (numbers don't lie) eating it up. And as soon as you're not useful to them anymore, they'll drop you.

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    i think everyone at one time or another has yelled out a "yeah!" or "what?"

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Lil Jon is garbage.