Infographic - Precious Medals: The 2010 Hip Hop Gold & Platinum Plaques

From Ludacris and B.o.B. leading the way with three platinum singles to Eminem's three platinum albums, and quick gold for Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, HipHopDX has a comprehensive breakdown of who pulled in plaques this year.

Dr. Dre boldly asked on his 1999 single, "Forgot About Dre": "Give me one more platinum plaque / And fuck Rap / You can have it back." A decade later, those plaques are harder to come by, and Rap is still waiting to give it to Dre. Still, a few key artists in Hip Hop managed to score multi-platinum singles, gold albums, and several other framed symbols of their success.

HipHopDX presents this breakdown to you, featuring first-timers B.o.B., Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka Flame, along with superstars like Eminem, Nelly and Lil Wayne. Sales may be down, but these artists are up – and the spotlight…well, Rap has it back.

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  • Hiphop Broke my heart

    Rick Ross teflon Don was a good album, same with Kanye. Didn't like the other albums so much, weak lyrics/ too pop. Can't wait for Dre's Detox and Game's R.E.D. Album. Game's album is by a poll the most anticipated album of the year and if you listen to purp & patron u can see he has grown in his music.

  • U.G. Royal

    B.O.B. made some veterans and some newcomers look like chumps.... what happened to the "only people moving units is em, pimp, and us?" Em still moving, but uh... Nelly album did horrible numbers. and Wayne sold more records than Rick Ross.... from prison! you can't lie Ross owned the mixtape scene this year. I hope that Sean John endorsement helps cuz if not this is a bad look

  • Anonymous

    LOL Drake soft like goo

    • Truthenola

      Such haters man,. Drake is tight, sick flow,. nice vocab, ya'll want this dude to come out on some phoney Wu shit?? he aint in the streets,. he never was,. he aint tated up,. no dreds,. nuttin,. this dude is 100% real deal .. ya'll are so narrow minded.

    • noweewee

      are you dumb. its LAST NAME WALKING, FIRST NAME NEVER. nikolodean wheelchair ass jew

    • drakesuksmyweewee


  • radwan

    "ems" is very dope crew of boston ... this track is heavy !!!

  • Sc_don

    Damn em always kill the game. New Shady artiste?..idk chek him out

  • Jonny

    A label has to certify a song its not done automatically, so a song could sell 5 million and not be certified gold. Beamer,Benz gold plaque.... Hot 100 peak 40 ish, Itunes mid 20s sold more than Love the way you lie a month long no1 on both charts no chance

  • Thegiftpromotions

    To all you Major Hip Hop fans make sure you check out Rising Icon Of year 2011 Song The Gift- Sex Music arguably the hottest song on youtube now

  • The Arkham Monster

    "IF YOU GO PLATINUM IT'S GOT NOTHIN TO DO WITH LICK , IT JUST MEANS THAT A MILLION PEOPLE ARE STUPID AS FUCK" (Immortal Technique) But In This Brainwashed Place Of America Its More Like 300 Million People Are Stupid As Fuck .... HAHAHAHAHA Drake Dude Is Soft Like Goo

    • Lsn22s

      @ allrealnesshere you're an idiot...get ya education game u cant prove one sentence of what u say...ur a fucking sheep... seriously post ONE link of REAL proof to what u say...u cant because it doesn't exist...why dont you study business and marketing, or maybe even some politics before you say retarded, weightless shit like that... the uneducated love using the internet to spread bullshit...the more people that start to believe the kind of dumb shit u say, the more real it becomes to the dumb motherfuckers repeating are perpetuating bullshit...STOP IT

    • allrealnesshere

      nah, it aint cuz ppl R dumb, its that the elite look out 4 the certian artist and make sure they sell. no matter if noone buy SHIT! evry one on the hood download that shit or 1 person buy a cd for everyone 2 burn, artist aint maikin $$ off ppl buyin their shit, they make money decieving the ppl so they can stay paid by the elite. haha get ya spiritual game up...

  • ShowTime NY

    Looking at these numbers are more interesting when you bout to drop an album ya self. Im have to peep that Nikki album and see what they gobbling up. She sounded like she bit my ish on that keisha cole song she featured on. Is that on her album too. Cash money knows what they doing tho. Drake and Nikki put up good numbers. I refuse to believe that Good music cant sell tho. I dont know why Jay-z or somebody like him doesnt start their own radio station. Peter Tosh RIP from the wailers was about start his own radio station in Jamaica in the 80's before he got killed. Its sad that we the artist are so removed from the power structure of music. Why should these BS Stations dictate their whack Influnce on the massess. They dont want me to blow up.

    • Anonymous

      yeah drake and the fake bitch put up allright numbers but not like cashmoney or these fake ass fans thought and the fake bitch might as well call it a day cause Kim murderd that ass

  • profitoner

    They only missed a Artist YOUNG MONEY Title BEDROCK Certification Date 03/26/2010 Label UNIVERSAL MOTOWN Award Description PLATINUM Format SINGLE Category SOLO Type MT Artist YOUNG MONEY Title WE ARE YOUNG MONEY Certification Date 05/24/2010 Label UNIVERSAL MOTOWN Award Description GOLD Format ALBUM Category SOLO Type ST Artist YOUNG MONEY Title EVERY GIRL Certification Date 07/09/2010 Label UNIVERSAL RECORDS Award Description GOLD Format Artist YOUNG JEEZY Title PUT ON Certification Date 04/09/2010 Label DEF JAM Award Description PLATINUM Format Artist WAKA FLOCKA FLAME Title NO HANDS (FEAT. ROSCOE DASH AND WALE) Certification Date 11/24/2010 Label ASYLUM/WBR/1017 BRICK Award Description GOLD Format SINGLE Category SOLO Type DI Artist WEST, KANYE Title LOVE LOCKDOWN Certification Date 08/18/2010 Label DEF JAM Award Description 3.00x MULTI PLATINUM Format SINGLE Artist TWISTA Title WETTER Certification Date 09/02/2010 Label GET MONEY GANG ENTERTAINMENT Award Description GOLD Format SINGLE Artist NEW BOYZ Title TIE ME DOWN (FEAT RAY J) Certification Date 03/30/2010 Label ASYLUM/SHOTTY Award Description PLATINUM Format SINGLE Artist KID CUDI Title MAN ON THE MOON: THE END OF DAY Certification Date 11/30/2010 Label UNIVERSAL MOTOWN Award Description GOLD Format ALBUM and the list goes on and on ......

    • U.G. Royal

      The only thing you listed that counts is the Waka Flocka joint, all those other records did not come out this year. Put on? thats 07-08 Love Lockdown was def 08 that young money stuff was 09 twista wetta was 09, this post is bout music that dropped this year

    • Fuck y'all

      Yeah they forgot heaps

  • Mike Meraz

    WOW. These awards literally don't mean shit. Fans are stupid when it comes to music, especially hip hop. I can give two shits about who sells more.

  • reallllllllllltalk

    Here's one for you... According to the scale, one record = 250k albums sold...the graphic is missing one record for Eminem's Recovery

  • Nick Jonas

    dis fox news says eninem did go plat with love the way you lie this is wack dog!


    One thing about these hip hop websites they never get anything accurate wheres love the way u lie,wheres not afraid, what happenend to the snoop dogg/katy perry record. HIPHOPDX never getS anything accurate.

  • white milk

    top selling 5 albums of 2010... YM own 3 of those 5 spots. the other 2 spots r owned by em and ye. everybody show em and ye love. so i guess good music does sell. how can YM have all bad music and still own the other 3 positions... things that make you go mmmmmmmmm

    • Anonymous

      aint nobody else doing shit and none of them went plat and they wont that just means that they were good not great see they took off in the beginnig but when u get exposed its over these kats are fake ass fucc

  • Eminemfan

    *cue inspirational music* who knows if eminem went platinum or not? The point is, compared to all the other rappers in the game, em had the best year. So what if mike's source didn't say he went 4x platinum? Even thought emimem may not be #1 on the interwebz, he's #1 in our opinions. and us the people are the ones who have a say in what's good and what's bad. So even though the charts don't say em is great, we do, and that's all that matters. *inspirational music ends; standing ovation*

  • EGO

    Luda was featured on both Taio Cruz's 2X Platinum "Break Your Heart" and Bieber's 2X Platinum "Baby". Even if those were pop singles, Luda has definitely had the biggest year in Hip Hop as far as singles go. B.o.B. coming in a close second. Luda's new collabo with Enrique Iglesias is about to hit Gold as well after 3 weeks on the charts.

  • Mr Facts.

    Mike, Your an idiot man. Why are you on a hip hop website when you dont know shit about hip hop. Not Afriad and Love the way you Lie were both triple platnuim. Love then way you lie sold over 300,000 copies for almost 8 straight weeks. Not Afriad had the the highest debut hip hop single since pdiddy fag in the 90's. Both songs are 3X plat bitch.

    • Michael Hogenmiller

      Thanks for the updates Eciti & EminemFan. I've passed the info along to our Editorial Department (the guys who research all of this type of content) and we'll be sure to cross-reference all of the RIAA's information with what Nielson Soundscan has reported. I've also dropped a note to the staff indicating we'll be doing a much better job of specifically citing our sources and the timeframes with which we conducted our research, so everyone who's following along can easily go and see the documentation we were working from. Thanks for the great feedback!

    • EminemFan

      Correct @ Eciti because I've checked it too, so the RIAA is full of itself and I would rather listen to what Nielson Soundscan has to say about the sales of music. Nielson Soundscan is more correct and should be the authority in calculating music sales, not RIAA. So Michael, don't downtalk about Eminem's most successful songs and please look at some sites (credible ones) before you come to conclusions pfffffff. Just wait 'til Nielson Soundcan will release the sales for the year of 2010 and post the results because we have a week left.

    • Eciti

      Michael, I've just checked RIAA, yes they there is not shown that Em 2 tracks received platinum status. But there is again no information regarding Em Recovery receiving platinum status. So please recheck by yourself. And if you put Wayne Rebirth, then also put 50 cent BISD it is also GOLD

    • EminemFan

      Mike, Love the Way You Lie is 3x plat and Not Afraid is now 3x platinum in the U.S., while Love the Way You Lie sold 8.1 mln. worldwide. RIAA is wrong for many occasions because they say Eminem sold around 46 mln. albums in his career, while Interscope said they have scanned over 92 million, so THE RIAA is a bunch of junk in my opnion. Love the WAy You Lie as of now has 249 million Youtube views and Not Afraid has 176, so how couldn't they have reached gold. By the way, THE RIAA didn't even certify Recovery platinum yet when it sold 3.35 million domestic copies; whilst, Taylor Swift has been certified 3x plat when she just passed 2x on Speak Now (album), so there may be money involved.

    • Michael Hogenmiller

      False, Can you forward me any of the links you mentioned, either the XXL article that cites the RIAA, or the publicly-accessible Billboard link (alot of their content is behind a subscription wall)? I'll forward it on to Editorial so they can take a look. If we're wrong on this, I obviously want to make a correction and get the correct data up on our infographic. Thanks False!


      Love the Way you Lie and Not Afraid have both reached number 1 and sold well over three million copies. You need to update your sources. I have three sources that confirm eminem went triple platinum on both singles. You might want to start with the Billboard. XXL also cited a quote from the RIAA confirming this. You must not pay attention to hiphop. But thats okay, your the art guy. Your editorial staff is fucking retarded

    • Michael Hogenmiller

      Hi Facts, I've been answering questions here because I'm the Art Director at HipHopDX and I illustrated the graphic using the research our editorial team provided. According to the RIAA, the most recent plaque-earning single Eminem released was "When I'm Gone," which was certified Gold on 6/14/2006. Given the dispute, our research team's spending the day double-checking our facts to make sure that we're aren't giving you guys any bad information, and we're more than happy to investigate any documentation if anyone has a link or document showing Eminem had a Gold or Platinum single in the US in 2010.

    • Michael Hogenmiller

      Well, I'm on here because I'm the Art Director at HipHopDX and I illustrated the graphic using the research our editorial team provided. According to the RIAA, the most recent plaque-earning single Eminem released was "When I'm Gone," which was certified Gold on 6/14/2006. Given the dispute, our research team's spending the day double-checking our facts, but we're more than happy to investigate any documentation if anyone has a link or document showing Eminem had a Gold or Platinum single in the US in 2010.

  • DonnieBrasco

    Not Afraid 3 x Plat Love The Way You Lie 4 x Plat fix up the data man

    • EminemFan

      Actually Love the Way You Lie is 4X platinum in the U.S. becuase it sold 4.25 million in the U.S. look at (If you don't believe me).

    • Michael Hogenmiller

      "Love The Way You Lie" was x4 Platinum in Australia, not the US. We should have indicated specifically which figures were US and which were worldwide. The Singles sales figures we're displaying here at US-specific.

  • real head

    wtf i'm tried all of this em, drake, nicki, and kanye dick riding. The only 1 of those albums that actually appeal to a real head is Kanye's and that's only a few tracks thanks to RZA.

  • Zeek

    UUUUUUH Eminem had two singles in the top where are those? Love the way you lie 4x, not afraid 3x. Love the way you lie was the best selling hip hop single this year.