Diddy Beats (Headphones Review)

See how the new $180 MSRP earbuds inspired by Sean "Diddy" Combs measure up, with a whole host of extras and features.

Those in the Hip Hop game are no strangers to sticking their name on anything that can lead to a check. Sean "Diddy"
Combs is no stranger to that of course, restaurants, clothing, cologne, magazines vodka, and now headphones. The unfortunately-named Diddybeats enter into the high-end market backed by Monster and the highly successful Beats By Dre line. 

Diddy's in-ear buds are nowhere near the price of Dre's full size set - nor should they be, but they are still a steep $180. Dr. Dre claimed that people spend hundreds of dollars a year on music and then ruin it by listening on cheap headphones that can't capture the sound properly. The man has a point there, even if he is overestimating peoples spending habits in 2010. Zshare links don't cost doc. Like everything, there is indeed a market for high end headphones. But if you're the type who rocks iPod freebies or upgrades to $30 joints at most, Diddybeats are out of the question no matter how good they are. These are far from the only $180 ear buds available, so the real question is if these Diddy endorsed bad boys are worth your dollars. 

Not surprisingly, these look great. The buds are aluminum and wrapped in leather, but the high point aesthetically is the cord. Nothing irks me more than cords getting tangled and constantly being twisted. The cord here is flat and a smooth rubber, no tangling, no twisting, and it looks great. The downside is the cord seems to be a bit heavy, with the ControlTalk mic not helping the cause. Don't get me wrong, the mic feature is great. The sound quality is excellent and it works seamlessly with the major phones. In terms of extras, you've got 10 pairs of bud covers in different sizes and shapes. Yes, 10. Plus a clip for attaching to your shirt and a tacky little "Sean John" inspired case that looks more like a change purse. It is a nice way to protect your pricey headphones rather than just stuffing them in your bag or pocket, but will people really use it?

Hopefully no one is buying $200 buds for any of these reasons though; sound should be king. In the case of Diddybeats, it isn't. The sound is good, certainly better than the average $30 joints, but not worth the hefty price tag. The base and clarity is good, and the noise cancelling is top notch. But worth $50 more than some of Bose and Sony's in ear headphones? Not in my opinion. For what it is worth, you will certainly look better wearing these ones.

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  • JGrec

    Puffy is a genius, I think most of you have forgotten what he has done for hip hop.

  • Moody1571

    Clowns sitting here talking bout some headphones fuck headphones and I make music it aint about that it's why this mothafucka got millions of dollars and he selling 180 headphones who is his target market cause it sure ain't the oppressed or broke people, eat off the people but dont want to give back to the people simple and plain u aint trying to sell those to nobody in the hood but I forgot diddy was never really from the hood anyway. CANT KNOCK THE HUSTLE BUt Damn....Give back to the people that gave to u. THE Consumers!!!!

  • Militant Genius

    Just get some Bang & Olufsen headphones. Pros: 1.) $20 less than DiddyBeats 2.) Sound wayyyy better than DiddyBeats 3.) Aesthetics are way better (form follows function) 4.) Doesn't have the name "Diddy" on them http://www.estoreus.com/product.php?id=110

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  • robb323

    great review lol they only talk about the actual sound quality in the last 3 lines the rest of the article is spent talking about p diddy

  • LUV2LAF2010

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    diddy beats.. that's all the article had to say, i'm not buying anything with that dude's name on it.. fickle fickle fickle.. and really bad pop music lately.. hello? good morning?... put t.i. on the remix to get people to listen to me.. you'll always be a back up dancer to me.. ALWAYS

    • Megan fox lover

      A super super super rich back up dancer. I think he can live with that. Hating ass broke nigga.


    Honestly, everything with diddy is like a fuckin garage sale. Can someone please tell me why we even see this fagget on tv anymore? I'd rather rock ol' fubu shit than anything sean john. Puff Daddy Sean Puffy Combs P Diddy Diddy Scavenger

  • Megan fox lover

    This shitty headphones/earphones (dre,lady gaga,diddy) are just vanity. Notice how people LOVE to walk around with them not even listening to shit like, "hey people, look at me! I have dre beats! Im cool! Im hip. I conform to pop culture and society! Accept me!!" If youre serious about sound, get some Sony, Bose, Hitachi, Kenwood

    • Up North

      Clown, I got Dre beats headphones and while they are not exactly the most cost effective item I've ever bought, they're the best headphones on the market easily. Why are you so concerned about what headphones people listen to anyway? You ever rock a pair of Jordan's? Ever put rims on your ride (if you even got one)? If so, you just as guilty. For someone who calls themselves "Megan Fox Lover", a chick who shoots botox into her fuckin lips and cakes make-up on her face, you sure do go hard on people who "conform" and are "vain". Get what they call, the fuck outta here.

  • drew dizzle

    dre, lady gaga, diddy.... what do they all have in common?? all have "souled out"... sold their soul to the devil in exchange for riches.. why do you think they logo is a 6, supposed to be a d and a b, but they are 6's... 666 = devil for those of you who are slow... this same reason lebron is changing his number to 6, and kobe did a few years ago (2+4=6)... beware, the end is near... find faith in God, it's never too late... even for those who have souled out... kanye, u can still walk with Jesus, weezy is going through it right now... he wants to come back to the good side.. and 'pac was killed because he spoke out against the illuminatti.. shit, they'd kill me too if they knew how to track me down.. i know too much

    • Brian

      I'm not saying these headphones have anything to do with 666, but they are a hell of a lot better than other headphones. And the kid's right, that's not a "b", it's a "6", no joke. Look at it a little differently or turn your head if you're not into visualization. It's a "6".

    • This Is Sad

      I hope since you know so much that your putting some of that knowledge to use in school, or something. If some of you guys spent half as much time working towards your dreams as you do looking at youtube videos, & "demonic" images on the net, you'd all be doing great. And another thing, people killing me with this secret society shit. Most of the people yall claiming in this shit aint even intelligent enough to sit at the table with world leaders and such. Besides there is nothing beneficial about sending hidden messages to the public. Then it wouldn't be a secret. Those videos are made by some 40+ year old who still mad pac got shot, by his own people. Its sad really

    • r.pgh

      "why do you think they logo is a 6, supposed to be a d and a b, but they are 6's... 666" in your 'well thought out' (sarcasm) theory the 'd' and 'b' are supposed to be 6's, but even then it would only make '66' not '666'. Please cut it out with the bullshit Illuminati talk. It's called business. Famous people put their names on products to make more money. Nothing to do with Illuminati or the devil or any other of your shitty theories. It's about making money. It's about business. And technically, they could track you down by your IP address, so if someone wanted you dead you'd be dead.

    • YOU

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    • Up North

      Shut your wanna be prophet ass up. If somebody thought you were even close to important enough to want you dead, you'd be got by now. You on here going on about how they can't track you down after your dumb ass just made a post on a hip hop website. You clowns kill me. Life must suck when you sit around making up conspiracies while beating your dick all day. Do yourself a favor tonight and walk blindfolded in the middle of the street while listening to "All About The Benjamins" on Diddy Beat headphones.......dummy.

  • A1thegift

    They are made by MONSTER CABLE not diddy or dre... Those are just names they put on it to make retards buy them...

  • Big Dre

    wow diddy stop dick riding fucking homo.

  • trojan675

    note to all: these are made by dre AND diddy so dont say hes ripping dre off......dre also worked with lady gaga to make headphones...... i won a pair of dres in ear headphones last year and theyre great im actually wondering if the diddy beats are better

  • Get off u Beezy

    diddy ur a clown `buying liquor after jay, doing this after dre get ur own shit and maybe people wont relies how weird u look with out ur sunglasses u weird eyed fuck. Big had a lazy eye and he looked better then u with his shades off

    • Clown Shit

      Dude this comment is just silly. First off Diddy haven't bought a thing, he has an endorsement deal from the company that manufactures Ciroc. They just giving him 50% of the gross for all his advertising/branding duties. And Dre or Diddy not responsible for this. Jimmy Iovine is, thats why lady gaga got some too. Its like one of those label 360 deal joints. So stop with the hating...must be really sad being broke.

  • jephthah

    DiddY is a fucking copycat. dre is the real deal Fuck diddy

  • C-Arson

    I would buy these from dre but not diddy.

    • Negro withan Ego - (NWE)

      fuck outta here, your not welcome here since you spend the last month doing nothing but spamming this site with your bullshit

  • Mr.Crackee

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