Well, well, well…it’s the bad guys of HipHopDX again. Hide
your girlfriends, money, food, gadgets, sneakers, bottle caps, dice,
lampshades, fish, ice cube trays and anything else because we are up in
this bitch! Before we steal everything you love, we must leave you with
another edition of “What The Fuck!?!?” Why? Because we like you just
enough to do a bunch of crummy shit to you but leave you with a good
laugh. So sit back, buckle up and enjoy or hate (whichever comes first).

1) WTF is the deal with Lil Wayne’s album cover that looks like a retarded Ready to Die fucked Illmatic on sizzurp?

At least it’s better than this condom ad

2) WTF is up with Weezy saying he’ll keep drinking the syrup in HONOR of Pimp C? Last time I checked, you don’t honor someone’s memory by doing the same shit that may have killed them…

3) WTF…is Whoopi Goldburg Lil Wayne’s mom?

3) WTF?! Papoose is going to marry Remy Ma in jail? Hope they have bridal gowns in prison jumpsuit orange…

4) WTF will Papoose and Remy Ma’s baby look like?

5) WTF?! A BritneyFabolous collab? Shiiietttt…looks like Weezy isn’t the only one drinkin’ that good shit.

6) WTF is wrong with Nas’ “ear” for music? Is it just me or can he not pick an ill beat to save his life. Like if you were in the electric chair and Nas had to pick between Chris Webber and Premier for the best beat and the wack beat got you killed. You’d be dead then a motherfucker…

7) WTF will all the Jay-Z stans do now? He rocked throwbacks, you rocked throwbacks. He said grow up and wear button down, you thought you grew up and wore a button down. He gets married and I expect there to be a jump in marriage licenses this year.

8) WTF is Angel Lola Luv made of?

9) WTF does Kim Kardashian do again?

Oh yeah…good enough for us

But fuck both of them though because…

10) WTF have Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash been eating? Forget 30 being the new 20. FORTY is the new 20. I like my wine aged a little…especially when it looks like this!

11) WTF? Why did Max B go home after being shot, despite being in critical condition? Face it homey, you’ll never go plat – at least enjoy your health.

12) WTF is R. Kelly thinking going Sisqo on us?

13) WTF is the Moment Of Truth? That show is fucked up. Seriously. The show will end when somebody kills their significant other.

14) WTF…who lied and told Bobby Brown that the kid on Rock The Cradle is his? “Ralph Tresvant: You Are The Father!” Wait…maybe Bobby fucked Ralph and made Landon Brown-Tresvant. No?

15) WTF is T.I. going to talk about during his 1,500 hours of community speaking engagements? “Kids, don’t buy Army guns. Get deuce-deuces instead”?

16) WTF is that bootleg bullshit BET is airing in place of videos? Iron Ring is an impoverished UFC and Black Poker Stars Invitational has fools that can’t even play poker. Malcolm and Eddie? Word? Can we get another black network because this one is doomed.

17) WTF happened to Papoose and Fat Joe’s beef and how the hell did it turn into 50 Cent Vs Fat Joe overtime?

18) WTF is going on with the Aftermath roster? Is anybody coming out in the near future?

19) WTF is the over/under for how much longer Young Buck will be a part of G-Unit records? 6 months? We’ll take the under…

20) WTF is up with that “Let Me Smell Yo Dick” song? Geezus…

21) WTF is Dave Chappelle doing right now?

22) WTF will it take for Hillary Clinton to give up her race with Barack? She must know something we don’t.

23) WTF will happen if Obama becomes president and nothing changes in four years? Do we REALLY think Obama can make that much of a difference in four years after Bush fucked this country up in eight? I can hear conservatives now “Okay darkies and nigger lovers, you had your chance. Now give us our house back.”

24) WTF is wrong with Hip Hop? This month’s run of Yo! MTV Raps on MTV really makes you miss the good old days?

25) WTF does an M.O.P.-produced pornography film look like? What’s worse, a porno flick that was too hardcore it had to be cut back, or the thought of Fame or Billy appearing in front of the camera while some poor Joe is watching sans-pants.

There you have it gotdammit! Agree with us if you want. Diss us if you
dare. We could care less! We all got some E-Thuggin in us these days

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We now return you to your regularly brainwashed lives,