Pamela Vaull Starr’s famed quote says that we must dream big. "Reach high,” she’s famous for saying, “For stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” Andrea Jones seems to be following this quote with goals and expectations aimed at the sky.

The Puerto Rican, Black and Indian model has seen her fair share of music video sets but she isn’t trying to stop there. Jones, a trained dancer in Jazz and Ballet, a gymnast and a singer, says she wants to sell out stadiums and have albums that top the charts, lofty goals and deep dreams, indeed.

Beauty & Brains: You are a trained vocalist and you have a background in dance. When did you fall in love with the arts?
Andrea Jones: Since I was little, really, since I was probably like seven or eight, my mom’s had me in dance classes, gymnastics and cheerleading.

Beauty & Brains: What helped cultivate that appreciation for art?
Andrea Jones: It’s just been my interests, really. I’ve always been introduced to it. My mom sings. My dad sings. Being around that…I had an interest in wanting to be the center of attention.

Beauty & Brains: This is Beauty & Brains. How would you define intelligence?
Andrea Jones: Um, I guess someone that’s smart. It’s someone that’s quick-witted, knowledgeable and that makes good choices.

Beauty & Brains: There are a lot of misconceptions or stereotypes about models. Does that stigma follow you?
Andrea Jones: Not really because I don’t think anyone has misconceptions about me.

Beauty & Brains: But you’re aware of the misconceptions. Which would you say is the worst?
Andrea Jones: Um, that they don’t eat and that they do drugs. I eat a lot and I just maintain my figure. Most models that I see, they don’t eat very much because they want to weight two pounds.

Beauty & Brains: That’s now always the best route.
Andrea Jones: That’s not always the best route.

Beauty & Brains: You also mentioned drugs…
Andrea Jones: Yeah, I know a lot of girls are into that. That’s not my style.

Beauty & Brains:
What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment in life?
Andrea Jones: Um…finishing school, I mean, getting a diploma is your first greatest one. Then, I guess after that, just finally getting recognition in the modeling industry, I finally booked my first magazine layout [in a motorcycle magazine]. It’s coming out in April so I’m excited about that.

Beauty & Brains:
You said you finished school, what was your degree in?
Andrea Jones: No, I was saying it would be finishing high school. [Laughs]

Beauty & Brains: Oh, I see. So, what’s been the most significant lesson you’ve learned from in life?
Andrea Jones: Um, in general or as far as modeling goes?

Beauty & Brains: In general…
Andrea Jones: My general most significant thing I’ve learned in life is the main person you can count on is yourself. If you go through life all the time worrying about friends and putting a lot of people ahead of yourself and everything, I’ve learned that it’s not the best way to go. You have to put yourself first before anybody else.

Beauty & Brains: What experiences informed that lesson?
Andrea Jones: Probably having friends that aren’t very reliable [laughs], friends that have done things behind my back that I ended up finding out about or when I needed a favor or something...That kind of thing happens consistently throughout life and it’s forced me to kind of count on myself.

Beauty & Brains: What would you say sets you apart from other women in the same field, with similar goals?
Andrea Jones: I think a lot of people are probably trying to aim for the same thing as me, being successful in music, TV and modeling all in one. So, I don’t know what sets me apart. Probably, just that I have, definitely, a different, unique look than anybody else. So, if you see me, it’s not going to be the typical, average of what everybody else is looking for, I guess.

Beauty & Brains: You have musical aspirations, right? What is your musical style like?
Andrea Jones: Um, R&B, Hip Hop but I’m also into the Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill type of thing so with a little bit of Soul into it.

Beauty & Brains: Soul is always key. Have you started recording an album?
Andrea Jones: Yeah, I have a couple of songs done but I’ve been lazy because I’ve been wrapped up in this modeling thing. So, it’s kind of hard, going to different auditions and still having time to sit down and write. But, I’m still trying to do it!

Beauty & Brains: You’ve been in music videos like Snoop Dogg’s “Gangsta Luv.” What were those experiences like?
Andrea Jones: So much fun! I had a lot of fun doing it. I got to do [“Gangsta Luv”] with my friend. Even though it was long, drawn out hours and cold and all that stuff, it was just a really, really fun experience. You get to meet a whole bunch of people and [it’s] your opportunity to shine, even though it’s kind of background since you’re not the main artist or anything but it’s still a lot of fun and you know that it’s going to get played over and over on TV [Laughs].

Beauty & Brains: What would you say has been the reception from artists at the shoots?
Andrea Jones: Um, they hit on me! [Laughs] The artists are cool. A lot of them are kind of cocky, they know they’re artists. But overall, they are nice but I’ve gotten hit on by a couple of them. I try to be professional on the scene so I’m just like, “Thanks, but no thanks.”  They think that just because they are the artists, they can have a lot of the models that are on the set. A lot of other girls were very quick to run and go hang out with the artists… There’s some that are there to work and some that are really just groupies. The shoots end late and some of them end at three in the morning or something, they turn into 18 hour shoots or whatever. Some of the girls are like “Oh, afterparty!” But, I can’t even do that.

Beauty & Brains: So, is it worth the long hours?
Andrea Jones: It’s worth it if that’s what you like to do because the pay, especially for music videos, is not worth it at all. You can get paid $50 dollars to be shooting for 14 hours. If it’s a principle role or a main lead, then maybe you’ll make $500 or something. But unless you’re doing that, it’s really not worth it unless that’s really what you want to do and you’re willing to make the sacrifice for a little bit of money.

Beauty & Brains: And you were willing, right?
Andrea Jones: Oh, yeah, definitely, just because I want to be seen. Especially if I have a friend with me, we just make the best out of the experience and try to take a lot of pictures.

Beauty & Brains: So, what is your ultimate goal in this business?
Andrea Jones: Really, my main, main goal out of anything that I want to do is have an album that goes big but I want to sell out a stadium for myself where everybody is there because they want to see me as the main artist. That’s my main thing to reach. I want to sell out something huge, a big, big stadium.

Beauty & Brains: Now, a lot of models have a plan B. Do you have a plan if this career doesn’t work out?
Andrea Jones: Well, my mom owns a medical company, so I grew up working with her, so working with senior citizens with medical equipment and diabetic supplies. I’ve also worked at her pharmacy. If that doesn’t work out, I will be back with the family business.

Beauty & Brains: How has that experience helped you in life?
Andrea Jones: You need to be nice and you need to have a lot of patience because especially in that field, half of the time they can’t even hear you. So, you get on the phone and they have an attitude or they tell me that I talk too fast. So, I learned to slow down, pronunciate [sic] and have a lot of patience.