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After some early mixtape success, Mac Miller drops the video for the lead single from his debut album, "Blue Slide Park."

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  • rocky

    Some wrongful hate here, but a corny-ass video indeed.

  • Jigga4EVA

    i sucked mac Miller

  • Anonymous

    fuck mac hes wack

  • Jigga4EVA

    Mac is a beast, haters can drop dead, I heard hes ggonna be working with "Tyrael Sterling" soon, real suprising as Tyrael is just on da come up, but the collab is gonna be crazzyyyy

  • Anonymous

    anyone hating on mac miller really need to look in the mirror and realise where the hate's coming from. Homie is young, dope and bringing fun back into hip hop. He's official as fuck but yet you negative cunts wanna hate, doesn't make sense at all. But really, yur opinions don't mean shit, real shit will always prevail

  • RoadBlock

    Yeah the hate makes no sense to me at all. Dude is young and having fun with the rap game. This is a dope song and video. Looking forward to the major label debut.

  • ___

    i dont know why people be hating, this song is pretty ill

  • Rob Johnson

    video ruins the song...

  • euhm

    Pretty good , nothing special tho

  • BrownJack

    Y'all be going hard on the little homie. Okay, he's not the realest, most groundbreaking rapper out there, but I don't see how you could say he can't rap. Most of his shit ain't for me, but I can't lie and say he's wack.

  • Phil House

    i got one thing to say, there is so much worse shit out there than this every fuckin day on the radio so with that being said go hate on that and let mac do his thing hes only gonna get better...fuck wayne, drake, and anybody with lil, big, or young in front of there name

    • Mike Meraz

      Mac is dope as shyt. Not the best lyricist but he could snap. He's coming up. He's Next, along with J.Cole..not saying he's as dope as J.Cole, Cole is a genius when it comes to beats and is real as hell when it comes to rhymes. Both can become the next big things, without selling out. So let's hope they stay true! ..and Young Jeezy's trash lol..but yeah Pun and L are geniuses, specially Pun:(

    • Ed

      Phil, you're an idiot, no matter the quality of mainstream Hip Hop today, this shit is still weak, you could say that about virtually any artist because anything compared to Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka is gonna is be better.

    • Anonymous

      or young jeezy mother fucker,

    • RIP_Proof&dilla

      I hope you dont mean Big L or Big Pun

  • Adolf Hitler

    Who gave this filthy Jew a microphone?

  • brandon

    how can yall hate on this? hes doin his thing, bein real about it, havin fun and making dope music. fuck yall.

    • dj nemesis

      yea people here are haters,dude has an ill flow wtf lol switches it up similar to eminem or big L or kool g rap wud do,not much rappers can do that....an hes back in his hometown representin so u cant hate man

    • Anonymous

      ya he really has a weak flow.

    • Pinhead

      All true apart from the dope music part, c'mon son, this shit is really kinda weak.

  • Anonymous

    Man, this is kinda weak. I was expecting a lil somethin more frm dude. Theres a lot of better representatives of Hip Hop that are white cats. Why this guy gotta be caled the next Em when theres 100 better white dudes waiting in the wings. http://www.reverbnation.com/educatedadvocates Here is one great example. Give these guys their shine!

    • Maxwell3000

      I heard the song "Get Yours" from the group you posted. It was a cool song but didn't make me go, "Holy crap! Mac Miller sucks." In fact I still like Mac more. Not even a fan here.

    • dj nemesis

      the next eminem is hopsin, mac miller is more of the white suburban jewish shyheim...

    • Anonymous

      and probably the only two white rappers that he knows...yeah though I don't really like the flow can't vibe with it.

    • Anonymous

      and as alex said, NO ONE is calling him the next eminem except some old rich white dude who doesnt listen to hip hop, hes only comparing them because they are white rappers

    • no

      @Alex. Anonymous didnt call him da next eminem he said WHY is he being called da next eminem

    • Alex Hayford

      You're the only person calling him the next Eminem. Haven't heard that shit from anybody except for Donald Trump. And if you listening to Donald Trump's opinion on hip-hop, you fail. People like dude cause he's has fun with this shit, just accept it.

  • SpikeSpiegel

    I like Mac. He's having fun and you can tell through his music and his videos. I def respect that.

  • freshyboi

    what a corny video, cool wig and glasses bro! not a single memorable/quotable line in this song and the chorus sounds just like his donald trump song, real original

    • Anonymous

      i wish people would stop using his age as an excuse, hes only 18, hes just a 19 year old kid, blah blah blah when nas was his age he put out illmatic

    • dj nemesis

      i like that im 2 live but i aint uncle luke rhyme,there u go a quotable,dude isnt tupac man hes an 18 year old white kid tryna make it in the rap game,as long as he aint doin no dancing bullshit soulja boy wud do,nobody shud be hating on this,ill flow,ill beat,talkin bout ur life= real hip-hop