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  • Mark Seven

    Them 2 snow bunnies on da right are kinda fine. If I was Fif I'd take dem broads to my dressing room and give dem da business before I dip. I'm jus sayin...

  • Its Still Zone-4

    "Vitamin Water???...Vitamin Water???...Whats Up with Vitamin Water???...What Vitamins is in it???......THE BEST KIND!!!" LMAO!!! 50 IS MOST DEFINTELY THE BOSS!!!

  • Ceazar

    Now let me give u niggas a going up the river video Young Jeezy-Thug Motivation 101-Soul Survivor, Now it trash or toilet, and u have 24 hours to have my money.

  • cccccccccc

    This is why u got to like 50 all about business and marketing.... Smart ass dude

  • Rusty Scars

    Not a big 50 fan no more and i agree with the poster who said he is hypocritical...why im not a big fan anymore...but...this shit was funny man...50 had them old ass broads soaking wet in groupie mode...Star couldnt shut the fuck up...that was good shit....

  • bhbholla

    Can NAS just please ETHER this guy...

  • jogrind

    G-Unit is over. Fuck this fraud bitch! He was dissing Ja-Rule for his music and then he did Candyshop. Then he dissed Jay-Z for going on talk shows and now 50 is doing talk shows. Fucking hypocrite!!!!

    • Turks and Caicos


  • ASEE

    Nice interview. Seems like an alright dude. I've never liked his music though... I bet 50 could be a good lyricist if he tried, but he's more concerned about the money than creating a creative and original product. That's cool though.

  • Sean J.

    Fifty Cent should stop rapping and do shit like this

  • Monroe

    50s the fucken king no matter what.

  • david j

    Good to see fif with some intelligence. I really wouldn't mind seeing him go the intelligent business man route. I just think he'll never be as good as Jay

  • fuck gayz

    fifs actually a clever witty dude in his interviews,,,, shame he doesnt put that in his latest music

  • easy as 1,2,3

    GO 50 GO!!!

  • The GreatExposer

    Isn't this the same guy who said Jay isn't a gangsta cause gangstas don't go on Oprah? Fuck outta here 50!

  • Rachael5922

    "you don't need a masters to be a drug dealer everyone's eligible" HA HA HA that is classic :)

  • allyfe

    i hate the questions of him being a drug dealer...... its just another form of exploting him into a world hes came out of.... and alot of times these questions feed into the perception that whites already have of black people.... white people will never understand the struggle of young black people or even aknowledge what they had to endure. single parent homes,drugs,and overall poverty..... that was socially engenered by systematical white supremecy.... more whites dont have that type of struggle.... im not saying all white people but the majority are in privledge cituations and can never understand the element of black suffering.....

    • nice...

      the clever thing about 50 tho. is that he knows how to answer those questions and not make a fool of himself. jay, him and a few others can do that. that's why they can those type of interviews, like 60 min and the big headed guy from cnn with the glasses(i forgot his name) larry david, larry king. somebody help me. my point is tho, the focus is not interviewer, it's the audience. once you can go and look respectable you're good. IT'S ALL PROMOTION why you think you'd see jay-z on bill maher. and i watch bill maher too that's one of fav joints. smarten up niggas

  • RE@L T@LK

    LOL @ the Michael line. . . F!RST B!TCHE$