Evidence Releases Diamond Supply Co. Apparel & Step Brothers Song

Evidence releases a series of t-shirts with Diamond Supply Co. and drops a new song as part of the promotion for his collaboration with the clothing brand.

Evidence has teamed up with Diamond Supply Co. for a series of clothing items featuring his photography. The rapper/producer/photographer released the t-shirts yesterday (September 22). 

As part of the apparel series release, Evidence also unveiled a track from Step Brothers, his group with longtime friend and frequent collaborator Alchemist. 

The song is titled "Nothing To See/Hear" and it can be heard below via Rhymesayers, the label set to release Step Brothers' upcoming album, Lord Steppington

Within a day, the online exclusives on Diamond Supply's website, have been sold out. 

Evidence appeared for a meet-and-greet in Los Angeles, California's Diamond Supply Co. store yesterday for the series release. The Venice, California rapper spoke about this via Twitter, following the appearance.  

The t-shirts contain a series of photographs from Evidence's Instagram account. Evidence recently posted an image of those photographs. 

Evidence's photography has also been featured on HipHopDX. In May 2012, Evidence spoke with HipHopDX about his art and specifically about mobile photography

"We’ve always had phones that took pictures but now that technology is catching up, there’s actually a way to make them look decent," Evidence said. "I know a lot of real photographers and you see some iPhone pictures and people can’t tell the difference if you know how to not overkill it. It’s real easy to overkill it on the iPhone. But back to the topic, it’s making me wake up a little earlier in the morning to take a picture or something like that.  It might be the difference. A lot of times when you travel, you just see the airport, parking lot, the stage and hotel and on to the next place. Having a camera on you at all times, well, a phone but a decent one, it might make you see the cities as you get out a little more." 

During the same interview, Evidence addressed his mother's influence on his photography, given her acclaimed work as a photographer. 

"She was her own boss," Evidence said. "That always was real inspiring for me to want to be my own boss. She set up her photography studio in the garage of our house. Ironically, I have a studio in my garage at my house. I’ve done a lot of things to emulate what she did with her career without even realizing it. That’s great. And then, just the eye. I saw the way she was looking at everything and what she was shooting and stuff. I’m nowhere near, obviously, what she was doing, but I still think I’ve got the eye for it. I’m just trying to take it a little more seriously than taking pictures of my food, but at the same time not be boring. I’m trying to keep it balanced. It’s real cool. I like it a lot. The similarity is, she would always develop pictures. She’d show me A and B, like, 'Which one do you like better? Should I color this more?' I gave her a lot of opinions without even knowing just because she trusted me as a kid, to be honest. There are so many choices and filters that you can use. So, I pretty much now know what I want. I can just hit the 'Go' button instead of pondering so much." 

Evidence also spoke about how photography may influence his musical choices.

"Photography is ill," he said. "It’s definitely gonna give me a different way to look at music." 

Additionally, Evidence has announced that his photography is set to be featured at Instacanvas' 'Night Out' gallery show in Santa Monica, California in October. The event is also slated to feature photography from Atmosphere's Slug. 

Photography via Evidence's Instagram account

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