MGK Says He Makes His Own Rules, While Macklemore "Played The Game"

MGK, formerly known as Machine Gun Kelly, also says he is "under-appreciated in Hip Hop."

MGK recently spoke about Macklemore's success following Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' prominent presense at yesterday's MTV Video Music Awards (August 25). 

"He played the game," MGK said in an interview with Hot 97. "He's a game player. You know what I'm saying? I make my own rules." 

MGK also commented on his status in Hip Hop when asked about feeling under-appreciated as a White rapper. 

"I don't even put color on it," MGK said. "I feel I'm under-appreciated in Hip Hop period. You know what I'm saying? I'm better than Black, White." 

After speaking about race in Hip Hop, MGK also spoke about Miley Cyrus' twerking. 

"Come on man," MGK said. "I've seen White girls in the hood twerking like that since I was 14. Let's not…like, America needs to stop acting so sweet man. This is crazy." 

In June 2013, MGK spoke with HipHopDX about his status as a rapper and his aspirations for the future of his legacy.

"Ultimately, I want to be the voice of my demographic and this generation," MGK said. "And I want to do that without selling my soul or having to die to prove my point." 

Video of MGK can be found below. 

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  • Anonymous

    this dick dumb as fuck!

  • dentaldamboy

    Macklemore stole thrift shop from mgk and then makes it wack. I listened to MGK's version of thrift shop and its dope. Would have made him no. 1.

    • foreal

      would've should've could've. your story is not true but even if it was, it doesnt matter. today M&RL are getting crazy radio play and going platinum. MGK is waiting for Diddy to approve his next single. you snooze you lose

  • Rumando

    MGK says he made his own rules but he's signed to Bad Boy, by Diddy's track record he won't have a long career

    • foreal

      no at all. he will maybe drop 1 album then will not be able to get out of his contract and owe Diddy money forever

  • gotta no whatsup

    mgk for rap listener the real heads wont listen to him



  • Anonymous

    I want to like MGK because he seems like such a nice genuine guy in all his interviews. He really does have a love for his fans and all that. But at the same time he never really puts out any decent material that actually grabs me so there isn't all that much to like

  • Renny

    Some of yall can't see the bear in the forest for lookin' at the tress. When Kellz said that Macklemore played the game he was right. He did Macklemore is the rapper who tells everyone that everything is ok but he doesn't even offer them progress or an idea of progression. This mufucka made a song that says "I can't change even if I tried" he offers excuses to ppl not to improve themselves just to stay where they are while Kellz is himself. He IS a wildboy he doesn't hide that but in his music he tells ppl there is MORE to achieve. He tells mufuckas live cuz all you got is now. Tells everyday ppl to reach for the Diamonds n Gold. Mack did play the game the game any rapper could play...the media is yappin about gay what do yu do to get on the pop circuit with Gaga and all the other gay supporter ppl (no offense to gay are what/who you choose to be)...make a song to defend gay ppl...problem solved everybody looks at Mack while nobody pays attention to the white boy who chooses to be himself not sayin Mack ain't just explain what Kellz meant when he said. "He played the game." Kellz speaks from a lived and self-understood spectrum but reaches out to other ppl that's why he's got the crazy ass fan base he has...ppl relate to him.

  • HandsOfTime

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  • Anonymous

    they played the game...theyre signed with diddy and failed

  • detroit niggroe

    Both these whiteboys weak as fuck. When the fuck is Lil wyte droppin a new album, and Slim drops nov. 5th right?

    • wubwubwub

      Lil Wyte just dropped an album with Jellyroll a month ago called "No Filter". They are on tour with Twiztid right now

  • Anonymous

    "HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW" Why the fuck don't you know?

  • HAHA

    How the fuck is Macklemore following rules while this bitch ass signed to Diddy? LMAO! Salty as fuck!

  • Josh

    MGK tries so hard... but he sucks.

    • white Raperzzz

      Your half right... he does try TOO hard, but he is a good rapper. He just isnt that intelligent. Hes hating on macklemore and obviously its a white rapper thing. MGK sold his soul when he signed to Diddy.

  • Rap Fan

    MGK is signed to Puffy and Bad Boy while Macklemore is doing it all independent. Last time I knew, independent meant you have no rules to follow. I think MGK is salty because he bombed and is not going to get another released album from Puff, while Macklemore doesn't need someone to tell him when or if he can release another album. MGK lost with his hating comments...

  • -

    no MGK you just haven't had any success becasue you are trying to do the same tired crazy white boy thing that everyone who came before you did, you aint eminem, your definitley not Rugged Man, your not even yelawolf, your just lame.. Mackelmore like him or not is original atleast and made his own lane,

    • itdoesntmatter

      I agree with you until you get the part about Macklemore being original. He copied a lot of other underground white rappers.

  • NW

    How are you going to say "I make my own rules" when you are signed with Puffy? Macklemore is a independent artist that put out his own music just like every other local rapper. Looks like Macklemore makes his own rules and MGK PLAYED THE GAME? Dude is a hater and sucks as a rapper. Just another white rapper that ALWAYS HAS TO HAVE BLACK PEOPLE IN HIS VIDEOS to feel more hip hop. Does MGK even have a HIT RECORD? You're signed with Puffy and don't even have a HIT RECORD? Then you definitely SUCK BALLS!

  • OnkelMichael

    MGK is a faggot...redneck white trash...degenerated....pull a gingerkenpark

  • Anonymous

    "M&RL will be laughing to the bank" But for how long? Just because he's indie doesn't mean the pavement he walks on now is golden. Anybody can grab the attention of America for 15 minutes, but does Macklemore have what it takes now to crank out album after album, with songs that will continue to sell? If MGK flops, he gets dropped, and goes to Koch. Big fucking deal. Mack is feeling the pressure, trust me. Being in the spotlight is hard fucking work.

    • foreal

      you fail to see the point, M&RL have a hit album, that is more than you can say for MGK. you are right, maybe their next album could flop, but they still have ONE platinum album. how many will MGK have? 15 minutes of fame is enough time to stack money and be smart about investing and saving. people dream of having a platinum record, not too many people made it where they are now. ask some of these has been last generation rappers what they would give to have a platinum record and be relevant. sorry to say MGK is not relevant in today's Hip Hop world. he is just another dude signed to Diddy. he needs to stop hating and make some good music

    • Anonymouse

      You realize that going Platinum off of an indie record, even AFTER giving the distribution it's cut, leaves him with close to 70% or his records sales, right? Anyone signed to a major label gets 1-2 percent of record sales. That means he is also getting a majority cut of his ticket sales and merch sales at concerts. If he is smart with his money (which is yet to be seen, but he seems more responsible than flossy rappers with maybachs and 300 dollar shoes) he can live comfortably off of this record for the rest of his life.

    • Anonymous

      "Being in the spotlight is hard fucking work." HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW

  • He really does think hes one the best rapper out lol

    This guy signed to diddy the biggest game playing money grabbing piece of shit there is wtf is he talking bout. Macklemore independent u signed ur shit away n get told what to do by Puffy. Under-appreciated no ur just a very average rapper. No one gives a fluck bout mgk or rates him as a rapper except MGK n his weirdo stans. Guy is so fuckin lame 'I make my own rules' hahaha sounds like a cheap movie a cop who didn't play by the rules. I don't give a fuck if it sounds like im hating cause I straight up don't like the guy and everyone I know aint a fan either everything he does is just so fuckin corny

  • foreal

    ALERT!!!!! HATER ALERT!! this dude is signed to the worst hip hop label, one of the worst atleast. They have not produced any good artist other than B.I.G. how are M&RL playing the game? by making music they WANT to make? they are on an indie label. They do not have people behind them like Diddy forcing them to make commercial music. If they want to make a song like Thrift Shop and Same Love and happen to get tons of radio play, so be it. M&RL will be laughing to the bank while MGK begs Diddy to release his album which will prolly get pushed back and shelved

  • Fuck Mayback

    Machine Gun (Female Name) Wishes he was Macklemore. He too busy suckin on that sell out Rick Sauce Nipples to do his own thing and even if he did it would flop..

  • Anonymous

    A decade from now, he'll go from MGK to Ned Flanders because of the Bad Boy Curse.

  • Sam Sneed

    MGK is another Bad Boy puppet, Macklemore is indy and def makes his own moves. "I want to do that without selling my soul"....should have thought about that before signing to Diddy.

  • Anonymous

    i heard mgk caught some stds or some shit

  • Chris Etrata

    Bullshit is what I call it. I tried to explain label politics in full detail but the editors keep blocking my posts.

  • Aim80

    i have TRIED, numerous times, to give MGK a chance... and every single time, Im just like ugh... he's not the WORST rapper ever, but he's definitely nothing special. At all.... a friend of mine constantly tries justifying him and sends my spotify tracks saying "THIS ones good right here, THIS one he kills it, THIS one's super lyrical...." and every time, Im like naw... not really. It makes it even worse that this dude WHINES about how "Hip Hop doesn't appreciate" him.... fool, if you were GOOD, Hip Hop would notice! Just cuz Sean Combs "noticed" doesn't mean Hip Hop did, AND it doesn't mean Hip Hop agrees with him! I feel his style is sooooo forced... it never seems natural, it's forced and just, he tries too hard. There's never a comfortable flow with him... he tries to fit a bunch of syllables into one bar, and SOMETIMES it "fits", but even when it fits, the actual substance of the lyrics are just sub par. His metaphors (if any) and similes (which are plentiful) are just basic and sub par....

    • foreal

      AMEN. i agree, check my post above. if dude was good, people would notice. MAKE GOOD MUSIC and people will play it over and over and over. he sounds like a whinny b*tch crying about another dude getting indie money, not locked into a slave contract and getting recognition. make a hit MGK, try that first.

    • Chris Etrata

      Your friend is a dickrider.

  • imho

    MGK is nice- hes def underrated bec he spits some serious shit.



  • GQ

    Sounds like a hater. Also his statement does not make sense. "Macklemore played the game" Macklemore is doing major numbers, without a major deal, with a positive message. Pretty much the exact opposite of playing the game. MGK's album flopped while on a major label probably because he is rapping about the same bull 90% of rappers talk about. Wow MGK you smoke weed? You have a lot of sex? You get money? Wow, so interesting! Stop hating clown.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly lol. What macklemore has done while staying off the major labels is actually a huge achievement. I guess what mgk means by "playing the game" is that he is successful lol

  • taylorp103

    no kelly your swept under a rug were you belong

  • Anonymous

    he might be playing the game but you sir are getting played by diddy and them lol

  • Violator

    Don't compare yourself to Macklemore just coz you both white fool. Lil Wayne been in the game since '97, and he just apologized to his fans for not being nominated for MTV VMA last night and promised to work harder. And you bitchin coz another white boy is doing your numbers Kai- o Ken x 10 right now? Grow up

  • Anonymous

    MGK has zero lyrical talent. He shouldn't even be on a major.

  • amaterasu

    white girls in the hood ? lmao

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore did it all independently so if anyone played the game its MGK with his Bad Boy deal and major label backing and support. He is just jealous he wont see 10% of the success Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have seen this past year

    • Anonymous

      You're on the Internet moron go look up a song, I don't personally like either of these guys but MGK is talking out of his ass as usual he did the same shit with Yelawolf and he got checked for opening up his big mouth

    • Anonymous

      dont promote whack rap

    • Anonymous

      i havent heard one macklemore song in my life either stop supporting or stop hating

  • Bill

    Hmm, sounds like jealousy from this punk. Didn't he sell his soul to Bad Boy? What kind of heroin is this clown on? Don't get mad that Macklemore sees his royalties and you don't see a fucking thing. Not to mention MGK's album flopped while on a major & Macklemore hit platinum being independent. So sad. Amazing when they were on the same cover of XXL MGK was on the front while Macklemore was in the back. They counted on the wrong white rapper to be successful, keep shooting that heroin buddy.

    • sp

      Agreed. MGK can't stay out of his own way. I hate his music, but enjoy watching his interviews (for all the wrong reasons). He is guaranteed to say some dumb shit that he shouldn't have said.