Trinidad Jame$ Responds To Joe Budden, Says He'd Rather Fight Than Diss Rappers

Trinidad Jame$ says he's "never going to diss" rappers on wax because he'd rather "throw these hands back and forth."

Trinidad Jame$ has responded to a comment made by Joe Budden in his "Lost Control" track. Budden commented on Jame$ in the selection by saying, "This ain't for bandwagon fans, sit y'all asses in the same spot / Y'all the same niggas made Trinidad Jame$ hot." 

"It’s all love," Jame$ said in an interview with King Bishop. "I make music to answer a lot of those types of questions. I don’t consider it as a diss. I’m from the streets so a nigga talking is like a nigga talking. A nigga punching, you don’t like me, nigga, you can fight me. That’s why I make the songs to let you know, if you don’t like me, nigga, you can fight me. I’m never going to diss you back, we gonna throw these hands back and forth. That’s all this is about. It's all love. I'm good."

Budden has addressed the matter on Twitter. 

Jame$ is not the first rapper to respond to Budden's "Lost Control." Joey Bada$$ also responded to a shot on the track, saying he was not moved by Budden's mention of being the only "Joey that's bad-ass." Bada$$ also called Budden "Joe Buttin" via Twitter.  

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  • jasonnns

  • r

    Why the fuck budden backtrackin on his words on twitter!!?? Stand by what u said or u a pussy motherfuka

  • Drake runs rap

    1) Age has a lot to do with it if you are young and stay consistent your fan base grows you sell more you break records you grow larger and more established 2) How many hot new artists since 2005 have came and had a big impact as drake in hiphop? How many have went double platinum and had countless hit songs like drake? no body 3) Who else in the rap game has a the buzz drake has right now? Drake is everywhere on the radio on youtube his songs get the highest views most dounloads he is the 1 talked about by mainstream music fans 4)Drake has officially set the record for most number one singles (10 total) on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. And it appears that he has 2 Chainz to thank as their collaboration, "No Lie," just hit topped the chart. With this news, Drizzy passes previous record holder, Jay-Z, who had nine chart-topping cuts. Below is a breakdown of the top four artists in this realm. And just to note: the total number, like Drizzy's 10, for example, includes both his own tracks and those he appeared on as a guest. 1. Drake [2009] - 10 (3 Lead, 7 Collaborations) 2. Jay-Z [1995] - 9 (4 Lead, 5 Collaborations) 3. Lil Wayne [1999] - 8 (3 Lead, 5 Collaborations) 4. Kanye West [2003] - 6 (3 Lead, 3 Collaborations) There you go in 4 years he has had more chart topping hits than jay z and the rest of the vets so you are the 1 claiming false. 5)Drake sold 700k in the first week last album he dropped and he has gotten more popular eminem is a vet in the game but he has lost his buzz

  • Anonymous

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  • Lavell Streets


  • dentaldamboy

    Does Wayne have the most most hip hop classics of all time? i will try to be resonable, but damn he really had one of the greatest runs in hip hop of all time unarguable classics: tha carter 2 Tha carter 3 like father like son no ceilings da drought 3 dedication 2 the suffix arguable classics: the dedication the prefix blow lilweezyana tha carter sq4 now thats 13 projects that have stood the test of time, which is essential for a project to be considered a classic. i mean the only artist/groups that i can think of right now is atcq, the roots, and yeezus but wayne still has more classics. i challenge anyone to show me a hip hop artist with more classics then birdman junior.

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne did have some good records & made an impact in hip-hop music, no denying that. Everybody was on his nuts when the Carter 3 dropped. If he died today, he'll most likely go down as a great & more than half the people talking shit about him now will be like, "Lil Wayne was dope! This this & that that, etc. etc." I'm just curious what your motivate is dentaldamboy. It's cool to be a fan, but you straight up idolize this guy like if he was god or something. Stop trying to live your life through some else & maybe people will respect your opinion a little bit more. You want a cookie or something?? You're not going to get any gold stars for be a troll homie.

    • No way this is a real argument

      your too dumb for normal society that is all.

  • >_

    little troll baby ass nigga cant put bars on a track, thats the only reason why he wont respond.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of agree with him, rap battling to me has always seemed pussy, bunch of grown men arguing with each other who really gives a fuck lol I listened to beef records when I was in high school because that's what it is, childish shit. If you motherfuckers really got a problem with each other, mett up somewhere without cameras around and handle it, otherwise quit riding each others dick with that gossip girl high school Bullshit


      It's obvious that you don't know shit about hip hop history. If Trinidad Flames or 99% of these corny ass wannabe rappers can't respond in true hip hop fashion then all of their asses need to fall back, and I mean HARD!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you're stupid.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga know damn well he aint got no hands

  • Anonymous

    Both these dudes can't fight so no doubt Joell Ortiz would be waiting in the car with a cheeseburger and a rusty .45.

  • officialstatic

    fuck trindad james he garbage a one hit wonder mr #vh1

  • Anonymous

    well he doesn't take it as a diss nor do i believe that joe was dissing him directly. and i hope trinidad really means that if you don't like him personally you can fight him instead of not liking his music because you think he sucks then you can fight him.

  • Anonymous

    As with numerous other comments here...... he wanna fight because he know he ain't got the bars to battle "Imagine if this era of hiphop had the responsibility of growing the culture like the early eras did...Hiphop would've been the "fad" that it was predicted to be back in the day. What a shame it has become" ^ co-muthafucking SIGN

    • yo

      but back in the day, the first rappers did it for the money. it really was a "fad" until people like Public Enemy came along. Sugarhill gang was a mainstream group back then. There's always been a dichotomy in hip-hop with the mainstream vs. underground.

  • Anonymous

    were getting dumber and dumber as a people........

    • fry

      what the fuck are you talking about and what does shooting people have to do with not getting dumber?

    • Anonymous

      lol, who's we? speak for yourself, I be here drudging thru the trenches, reloading & shooting, where you be at? home with the door closed hoping I kill all the enemies to make you a better life, huh? Some sucker sh*t.

  • micheal myersss

  • Anonymous

    this kid would get washed in a street fight with your average female. joe buddens cant fight either, he loses every fight and every battle. id like to see both get brutalized.

  • Anonymous

    lmao everytime joe budden mentions someones name they get all bitchy

  • your weak look at YOU

    haha fuck outta here james you wanna scrap nigga

  • Anonymous

    he gotta fight cuz he sure as hell cant outrap nobody..

  • Anonymous

    Trinidad James only said that to Joe Budden. But he didn't say anything back when Mysonne dissed him. He chooses his battles like a coward. >

  • joe

    he wants to fight cuz he knows hes gonna get his ass kicked in a rap battle

  • Anonymous

    this fuckin Big Gipp looking ass ni99a says hes not gonna dis anyone...Hey Fuckface, Hip Hop is about battling!! So back to your R&B roots.

  • Anonymous

    this skinny downsyndrome lookin faggot aint gonna hurt nobody......even joe budden. hope this waste of sperm dies soon

  • Anonymous

    why is this nigga so skinny? he was fat if you wanna fight get some muscle bitch boy

  • Anonymous

    this niggas new mixtape is booty...he about done. And he aint' beatin nobodies ass. Well maybe buddens pussy ass but I don't know if he could even take him.


    He looks like a cartoon. I aint buying the tough talk staring at the ground hiding eyes behind glasses shakey head nigga u frontin n are drugs

  • imho

    1 noone is scared of this fuckin homo lookin rapper w shit stains 2 we know the reason u say this is bec ud get ripped on a track

  • Anonymous

    nigga you fucking gay. how would you beat a man?

  • Drake

    Trinidad Jame$ come here to Toronto so I can smack the shit out of you and take your gold front and shit down to Oliver the jeweler.

  • Anonymous

    rather fight then diss because he has no lyrics , fucking wack ass bitch , hip hop dead

  • Bruce Jackson

    LOL it's not like Budden has anything to worry about

  • hahahahah

    TRANSLATION: "I suck at rapping and couldn't imagine having a shot at giving a respectable response to Budden, so I'll act like a tough guy instead knowing Budden has absolutely nothing to gain by fighting me" This is the reason that Kendrick's "diss" was blown up so much...rappers don't compete at rapping no more, they just juggle to entertain the fans like clowns. Imagine if this era of hiphop had the responsibility of growing the culture like the early eras did...Hiphop would've been the "fad" that it was predicted to be back in the day. What a shame it has become

  • Really??!!??

    Ummm what streets is this dude from? Who else from his hood is repping this? liars all liars. after Rick Ross gotta pass the flood gates opened. yall let a cop into hip hop and Trinidad James is the birthchild.

    • hahahahaha

      He's from the "rap video streets" know where it's like the movies, where you can ride around on a bike looking like Jerome from Martin and still be considered a G, where all your fantasies come true.

  • Anonymous

    hhdx is getting so slow i read about this on friday or saturday i believe

  • the dills

    kendrick lamar is the king of N.Y simply because neither Jay z or Nas responded yet.....

  • Anonymous

    Obvious proof rappers are of little use these days. Cant even rap. The artist killed hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Typical can't rap ass rapper response, can't do the job you get paid to do.

    • Less M

      worst selling/best selling who cares about how much it sold. Sales don't mean shit. Dude coulda gone Diamond....Dude garbage. All Gold was catchy but fuck everything else in his catalog

    • Jess B

      lmao!... I know right?... like didn't this n*gga have one of the worst selling albums this yr?.... lmao... #internetrappers

  • Eric Ruffer

    "Bright shadows and darkened hearts/ Technicolor dreams and bartered thoughts/ One doesn't have to admit defeat in order to believe that all is lost" - Trinidad James

  • Gay Men in the Cayman Islands

    STFU Saibot Googums Baby Buddens Will Get His Comeuppance.

  • Saibot Googums

    I met Mr. Buddens in real life 3 years ago, he is the quintessential definition of a LITTLE BITCH.