Alley Boy Explains Extortion In Hip Hop

Alley Boy refers to the music industry as a "follower gang," says every artist needs something to latch on to.

While the term “extortion” typically refers to a person or persons being manipulated out of their money, according to Atlanta rapper Alley Boy, a number of rappers in the industry are being extorted, but it isn’t their money they’re losing.

Alley Boy freely discussed his gripes with the music industry, an industry he referred to as “fake” and “fucked up,” during an appearance on the Forbez DVD radio show. The rapper even went on to share his thoughts on what he feels is the non-monetary based extortion that takes place in the industry, artists being extorted out of work (verses, music videos, etc.).

“The extortion don’t come through money so much. A nigga can extort you out of work. Nigga, you give a nigga a verse and a video and you that type of artist, nigga you already getting 15,000 a verse and 15 for a video. Nigga, you done gave a nigga 30,000,” Alley Boy explained. “So, you ain’t gotta give him no money. You gave him the money…It be that type of shit. A lot of these niggas don’t find they self til they get money.”

The Atlantic Records artist further commented on the music industry during his interview, referring to it as “a follower gang” filled with artists searching for something to latch on to.

“It’s a follower gang. You know what I’m saying? Everybody done been influenced by something,” said the War Cry rapper. “And some people—when they ain’t got nothing else to latch on to they’ll latch on to the wrong thang. No matter what it is, whether it’s good or bad, people want to latch on to something. If they ain’t got nothing to personally root for or represent…Then it’s so many wannabe’s. You know what I’m saying? Out of 10 niggas, it probably ain’t but one who’s solid these days.”

Video of Alley Boy’s interview with Forbez DVD can be found below.

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  • The R dot Com

    Its funny...this kid (who I Do not know) basically translated says almost the same thing that DMC said in his interview. Now cats diss this kid because he is ebonically inclined, and diss DMC because...they say he is old and salty. The bottom line is...rap is a game...a lot of suckahs with colorful so and so, um this um that...but all they are...just wick wick WACK!...KRS ONE Circa...1989. They are followers..everyone doing the same song, with the same Manny Fresh played out beats from 16yrs ago...talking the same nonsense about things they don't have and doing the same hood rats ain't no one want. That's COMMERCIAL rap today.

  • alley boy who?

    alley boy reminds of those alley cats that stay in those dark corners lurking for some food

  • Leah G. Smead

    I accept that my best friend was actually earning money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there uncle started doing this 4 only about twenty one months and as of now repayed the loans on there place and got a top of the range Chevrolet. I went here, WWW.CAN99.Com Jay Z is soooo ignorant, he cant even finish a sentence without "you know"

  • Anonymous

    niggas know what niggas in the industry is literally white mans niggas. niggas do all the work, but niggas doesnt get paid.. this nigga alley boy music good for niggas like me, nigga. real street niggas. alley boy and big gucci guwop only real niggas left in the rap game. i hope my nigga 50 cent starts being independent nigga after hes next album.. that nigga bout to make serious money, not dat nike shoebox money which u niggas may have, nigga.

  • big wolf fairfield ct richmond va

    on the run stay on the run keep that shit away from hip hop ass boy you aint shit

  • big wolf fairfield ct richmond va

    this gump ass rapper aint making no moves for real stackbundles all day

  • Michael

    when u speak proper English then u can get paid. damnit.

  • imho

    can he speak english, shit. all i got was nigga lol

  • mike

    Few people are are going to take this nigga serious while many people will not because he is not popular. That is quite sad because the popular rappers are doing garbage and when niggas like him become popular they do the same thing he is talking about. So he has to stay true to himself about his words and not to anyone.

    • Anonymous

      "So he has to stay true to himself about his words and not to anyone." da fuck u talkin about bitch????Lol


    Can someone translate this article into English for me please? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous


  • The Company Man

    "I see the hate in they face!" - Alley Boy.

  • Anonymous

    This chump says nigga alot.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is always complaining about people and things he has no control over. Make quality street music and those that relate will come. Old bitter, 'I want in' ass nigga. He's not getting extorted because no one wants a verse.

  • Anonymous

    Ross got extorted by them Gangster Disciples HARD!!!!! notice how all of those threats kind of disappeared? Ross cut the check even though he said no checks was getting cut

    • Gbeg

      Statements can bear the truth even if no sources are listed. Sources make a statement easier to accept as the truth but sources can also be false(ified), making your statement bear as much truth as the one you are calling out, imo.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for that in depth reporting. Next time list a source so your statements bear something called the truth.

  • Anonymous

    every large industry ever is full of snakes cuz snakes just follow the money, where theres money theres snakes, just like where theres bitches theres fuck niggas if you dont wanna encounter those people you cant chase the money you jus gotta let it come to you

  • COCA


  • Young Lou

    I truly feel what ALLEY BOY is saying but he has to understand the music industry as a whole has been like this for a LOOONNNGGG time!!! And it's not gonna change. If you wanna survive either a)do ya own thing and let the chips fall where they may or b)get in where you fit in. KRS ONE, SNOOP, PUBLIC ENEMY, ICE CUBE, T.I., KILLA MIKE, E 40,TOO SHORT, YUKMOUTH & C BO are all examples of some artists who made their own lane with personal success. Then you have several artists who fit the category that he describes above. Good luck ALLEY BOY. Keep making strong music and I'll keep listening