CPO Boss Hogg Names His Top 5 Most Slept-On West Coast Hip Hop Albums

The longtime N.W.A., Tupac and Tha Eastsidaz collaborator picks some albums by his former Death Row Records and Capitol Records label-mates, with a penchant for the members of one LBC trio.

After speaking with HipHopDX recently about his time and Death Row Records and appearance on Tupac's multi-platinum All Eyez On Me album, CPO Boss Hogg was asked about slept-on albums. After all, the onetime MC Ren protege went from a major label contract (with group, also known as CPO (a/k/a Capital Punishment Organization) to high-profile appearances along side Tha Eastsidaz, 'Pac and Murder Was The Case and Above The Rim soundtracks. Asked about his Top 5 Slept-On West Coast Hip Hop Albums, the Compton, California native had some interesting insights.

CPO Boss Hogg first selected an album from his onetime Capitol Records label-mate and fellow Hub City native. "King T put an album out that I would say. That cat's super-tight, and just slept-on, for real." Referring to Thy Kingdom Come, CPO was describing the album Tipsy recorded between 1996 and 1999 under the tutelage of Dr. Dre at Aftermath Entertainment. When the veteran emcee and Likwit Crew pioneer left the label, he would release Thy Kingdom Come controversially three years later, in 2002, on Greedy Green Entertainment/Mo Beatz. Despite not charting, the album still boasted appearances from Kool G Rap, Too Short and Kid Frost. Additionally, Thy Kingdom Come featured seven Dre-produced tracks, as well as board-work by DJ Quik, Ant Banks and Mike Dean. "I can't believe you asked me this question," laughed CPO, who also put down his own 1990 sole effort, which debuted on the Top 200. "I can certainly tell you which one I wouldn't pick: I wouldn't put my album [To Hell And Black] in there."

Moving from non-charting albums to platinum releases, the Boss Hogg pointed, "[Snoop Doggy Dogg's] Tha Doggfather. That got slept-on." The late 1996 sophomore (and #1) album from the Long Beach, California superstar was Snoop's final studio album released at Death Row Records, as well as his final with the "Doggy" moniker.

While Tha Doggfather's intro famously played at Dr. Dre's lack of involvement with onetime protege Snoop, CPO next highlighted an album executive produced by Dre—which like, Thy Kingdom Come, was not released by Aftermath. "A lot of people would probably disagree, but I think that Xzibit's Restless was slept-on." The late 2000 album was released on Loud Records, and Xzibit's first effort to achieve an RIAA plaque.

Next, CPO picked an album that was the first not to receive a plaque for an artist. "I also think Warren G's [Return Of The Regulator] and 213's [The Hard Way] were slept-on," said Boss Hogg, both albums Warren G projects in the early 2000s. "Warren G made an amazing album," he said of the 2001 Top 100 Universal Republic LP extensively featuring Mista Grimm, Butch Cassidy and CPO, who appeared on "They Lovin' Me Now" and "It Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You." "[Universal Records] didn't do shit with that album. I was like, 'Are you kidding me?' That was an an incredible album; it was better [than Regulate...G-Funk Era], it just didn't have the pub," said CPO, comparing Warren's fourth album to his multi-platinum 1994 debut for Def Jam Records. "It's all about pub."

Elaborating on picking 213's lone 2004 album, CPO added, "A chick stole my fuckin' CD!" Of the group of Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Nate Dogg, he said, "I always knew when those guys came together to make the record, it'd be incredible. But it was like, 'We'll do one just to do one.' It was like a fire-cracker that didn't pop." The TVT Records effort failed to receive a plaque. Additionally, Warren G refrained from production, while a burgeoning Kanye West joined Hi-Tek, Missy Elliot and Nottz on the boards. Continuing his fireworks analogy, CPO said, "It was [musically] explosive though. It should have popped. It just didn't. It should have...just why?" "The was kind of a let-down."

The group whose demo tape led to Snoop Dogg's discovery by Dr. Dre in 1991 never released another album. Nate Dogg died in March of 2011.

CPO Boss Hogg's sophomore album, iBoss, is expected to release later this year.

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  • me

    Doggfather was not that good. And I would have to say D.O.C.'s Helter Skelter was slept on. He may be from Dallas but he is a West Coast artist. The album was hated on cuz his voice was fucked up but I think it added to the album theme plus lyrics were nuts.

  • Anonymous

    This shows his lack of Hip Hop Knowledge. Ummm talkin about slept on West Coast albums and no.... Cypress Hill Temples of Boom Loot Pack etc......naming only "gansta rap" shows that this dude does not know shit about Hip hop.

    • Fulanyboy

      You speak the truth bro,it's like for him west coast hip hop = gangsta rap/P-Funk influenced.Slept on west coast albums should includes souls of mischief's 93 till infinity,the pharcyde's labcabincalifornia or jurassic 5's "J5" etc.Like u say lack of hip hop knowledge

  • Anonymous

    Doctor's Advocate is the most underrated classic....not one song is skippable

  • Whorida

    Most Slept-On West Coast Albums: Twinz "Conversation" Extra Prolific "Like It Should Be" Foesum "Perfection" K-Dee "Ass Gas Or Cash(No One Rides For Free)" Tha Alkaholiks "21 and Over" There are many many more. This is just to name a few.


    Twinz LP called Conversation is Top 3 G Funk albums all time, from 1995 produced almost completely by Warren G... If youre reading this article you'll like this album

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  • TRE

    BG Knoccout & Dresta - Real Brothas, Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food (if you consider that slept on) and so many more

    • u kno

      for real i thought that would be in there and multi platnum in which universe?

    • TRE

      i feel you i just put that because he put The Doggfather which also went platinum and Dogg Food is 10x better so i thought i'd give it some shine (plus i bet more people heard of the doggfather over doff food unfortunately). i guess ill replace it with almost any DJ Quik album or WC - Guilty by Affiliation. theres so much to choose from though it could go on forever

    • Anonymous

      That's far from slept-on, I mean c'mon their shit went number one and double platinum

  • Anonymous

    Half of these albums could be by Quik. That guy is mad slept on

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  • Jorge

    Check these slept on albums: DJ Quik's Balance and Options, Xzibit's 40 dayz and 40 nightz, daz dillingers retaliation revenge and getback

  • Anonymous

    there's a lot of slept on west coast albums. Tha alkaholiks - 21 & Over Del The Funky Homosapien - No Need For Alarm Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision South Central Cartel - every album they ever made WC & The Maad Circle - Ain't A Damn Thang Changed etc. some dope shit

  • My List

    Ice Cube - War & Peace Vol. 1 Warren G - Return of the Regulator WC - Ghetto Heisman MC Eiht - Section 8 E-40 - Loyalty and Betrayal

    • I been sleepin

      God damn that ice cube war and peace volume 1 is banging ive had it for ages never listened to it fuck ive been missing out thanks G

  • Them niggas in black the fearless 4 horsemen

    Tha Doggfather was mad slept on I fuckin love that album nothing was gonna top doggystyle but that's my second favourite snoop album ever