Mac Miller gets more excited to rap his own beats over those by others, including Just Blaze. In a recent interview, Miller expressed his appreciation for Blaze and others while saying he gets more excited to rhyme over his own production. 

"Yeah, I say yeah and Just is the homie, bruh. I have love for Just [Blaze] forever," Miller told Rise 24 when asked if he gets more excited to rap over his own tracks. "[Just Blaze is] a real friend, which is crazy, but he looked out for me early. 'Best Day Ever?' That's my second popular mixtape and he gave me a beat for a mixtape? Crazy. But I'm not gonna lie. I'd tell him to his face that I would be more excited to rap over my own beat." 

Miller's production has become more pivotal in his own career. He has made a significant change between his two album releases. Blue Slide Park featured heavy production contributions from I.D. Labs and Ritz Reynolds. Watching Movies with the Sound Off features a more diverse array of producers. Miller produces several songs under his Larry Fisherman alias but Watching Movies also has production from Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Alchemist and Chuck Inglish

In 2011, Miller explained how his relationship with Just Blaze began.

“The thing with Just was, a while ago, I came out to New York and Artie told me ‘Just Blaze wants you to come to the studio.’ And I was like, OK! Let’s go. I got there, just kicking it, not expecting to make any music - which we did,” he said then. “I just stayed there all night until like 9 in the morning. We talked a lot about music and our ideas and business with music, and his past and stories from him and stories from me and stuff.”

The album also features several guests. One guest is heard dissing Mac Miller. In his interview with Rise 24, Mac also spoke on what it was like to have Loaded Lux on his album. 

"I've always been an easy target for people to talk shit on. So, my whole thing was like, have the best shit-talker talk shit on me on my album. I thought that would be tight but it worked out perfectly. I just reached out like, 'Could I get an a capella of you dissing me for my album?' He was like, 'Hell yeah.' That's tight. He was with it completely. So he dropped that and it ended up being perfect with the vibe of the album, the 'Who the fuck is Mac Miller?' part just works perfectly. That was crazy because he hadn't heard anything off the album. He didn't know anything about the album but for some reason, he just fit perfectly." 

More from this interview can be seen below.

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