Kanye West "Yeezus" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Spotify Stream

UPDATE #2: Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Chief Keef and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon are part of Kanye West's "Yeezus" ensemble.

The mystery is finally over: Kanye West's sixth solo album will be titled Yeezus.

The rumored album name, which had been circulating for a number of weeks, was confirmed on 'Ye's own website, KanyeWest.com.

West had been building anticipation for several weeks, performing the songs "New Slaves" and "Black Skinhead" on "SNL," as well as having the "New Slaves" video projected onto dozens of buildings in various cities accross the United States simultaneously.

Kanye also released the cover art for the project:

It's not entirely clear whether the cover art is an image of a clear case with red tape, or whether the project actually will be released in a clear case. The move calls to mind Yasiin Bey's (then Mos Def's) 2006 album Tru3 Magic, which was released in a clear plastic case without a booklet, cover art, lyrics, or credits.

Another similarity between the two releases is the lack of promotion. While Yeezus certainly has garnered attention due to the projections and the "SNL" performances, it currently has no single on the radio, and reportedly will not be available for preorder.

Yeezus is set to hit stores June 18.

(June 1)

UPDATE: HipHop-N-More.com has confirmed the 10-song tracklist to Kanye West's Yeezus, which releases Tuesday (June 18). Guests include former G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi, current label artist and former Gap Band front-man Charlie Wilson, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, and Chicago, Illinois sensations Chief Keef and King L (a/k/a King Louis):

1. On Site
2. Black Skinhead
3. I Am God feat. God
4. New Slaves feat. Frank Ocean
5. Hold My Liqour feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon
6. I’m In It
7. Blood On The Leaves
8. Guilt Trip feat. Kid Cudi
9. Send It Up feat. King L
10. Bound 2 feat. Charlie Wilson

The site also obtained a photograph of Yeezus' rear insert/sticker, confirming the above listing:

A French release of the album, as posted by Amazon.com, contains four additional untitled songs. Neither Kanye West nor Def Jam Records have spoken about alternative editions of Yeezus. Much of the album was recorded in Paris, France.

(June 14)

UPDATE #2: Kanye West's sixth album, Yeezus, is now available for full stream for Spotify users:

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  • Anonymous

    Kanye West is just getting warmed up, this is a great album

  • Anonymous

    nice Kanye West, this is the best album ever made, different n creative

  • Anonymous

    its different thats why i like it

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    if you don't think this is a good rap record you dont know shit about good rap records nigga. word.

  • jessie

    kanye is gettin old retire my nigga

  • jessie

    i dont get y kanye ud ana sing bout slavery to any extent

    • Anonymous

      besides the titles of his songs and some samples he never goes in depth about any real slavery issues. he's just trying to be controversial to get attention but doesn't have enough substance to raise any issues. his verses are still all full of the average mainstream rap topics.

  • fanta

    check out my Kanye Bound 2 instrumental remake/remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5X9K5DPbbE

  • jose

    dumbest album i have ever heard the only song that is okay is new slaves other than that this album is garbage!

    • Anonymous

      Its no wonder how kanye sold so much. Look at all the media attention he was getting building up to this album dropping with Kim and his stupid little baby. And its kanye, this album sold less than his last one did first week.

    • Anonymous

      dont know how it beat born sinner and born sinner wasnt the best

  • pidgeotto

    pro: it grows on you and after careful consideration, its not like every song is juice, only half the records are genius enough to forgive him for the other half, but out of those five individuals its like a different curtain being pulled, taking you to a alternate dimension and you just think about how the fuck this fool came up with that....like does this guy go about his normal day, flat ironing his sandwhich and eating at a table made out of ivory from the rarest family of elephant and instead of pillars, this thing has teenage midgets at each corner holding it up....then whilst his eating he pauses, kim walks into the room and he puts his hand on her stomach, the baby kicks THREE times and somehow this muther fucker makes a whole album inspired by the drums he felt on some fat woman stomach.....like this dude turned his baby's kicks into music equivalent to the hardest calculus problems........lyrics wise its nothing special, but i resonated and felt what he was saying. SOUL

  • Feezus

    Dumbest album ever. I want the two minutes I spent hearing it back. Thief.

  • marco romero

    Hey people check out this design i made of Kanye West new song New Slaves http://youtu.be/ek_ABtCVQN0

  • =

    you'll like this site more if you stay out of the comment section. it's 90% nerds spreading hate. internerds (see what i did?)

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  • Anonymous

    this aint hiphop for real i downloaded it was skippin fru it n my gf was like hey u listen to sum rubbish lately.....normaly im the 1st to stick up for hiphop but wtf cud i say to rep this.....

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  • MIO

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  • Ki

    People keep talking about he's not saying anything important. Since when was it necessary to speak about serious political and social issues in rap and more importantly why would u look for a hip hop album to educate you about those things. Personally I'm tired of always hearing about the hood and people being broke. He has money and a big ego what else would you expect from his album than for that to be the basis. Personally I love the album but I will say it is for people who listen so many different types of music so if your iPod consist of only Gucci and French Montana probably not your cup of tea.

  • pete

    this guy is going crazy,this shit is traaaaaasssssssshhhh shines voice,waiting for jayzs album

  • bevis n butt head


  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    this has got to be the most predictable album of the year. no growth whatsoever. tragic.

  • dj paul k.o.m.

    Shit is trash. I cant believe niggas think this is music n this clown's a genius

  • You know what it is bitch

    It's not every day you get to see a piece of shit take a piece of shit.

  • Fresh To Def

    Yeezus is wack u feel me? I feel dirty and lifeless listening to this diva. I'd rather listen to Tony Yayo.

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded this garbage for free n feel kanye owes me money for wasting my life on this crap.

  • Phamous

    Album has some real amazing tracks... A couple Im not to fond of, but you have to have a diverse palette in music to appreciate this album. If Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane are you favorite artists then yeah... Your dumbass needs some dumbass music. Anyways, 4/5 from me...

  • Anonymous

    Dumb blacks wont like this album they dont get it....

  • NIX

    Just remember everyone, he "Keeps it 300 like the romans!" even though, ya know, the 300 were comprised of spartans, who were greek. Whom were defeated by persians, so romans had no ties to that line...swaghili.

  • dentaldamboy

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  • Anonymous

    bullshit daft punk album

  • TrollHunter


  • hachitori

    All the haters must realize that, like it or not, Yeezus is going to inform rap sonics for the foreseeable future. It's not that he did something "different", it's how he did it.

    • hachitori

      Hip hop has always been about mining other sources to make a new musical whole. Kanye started as a producer and one of his greets skills is working with others to produce new intersections of sound.

    • Anonymous

      But he didn't do anything, slick. His lyrics have no meaning, none. And all those bad ass beats are from someone else who has actual talent. Just listen to his lyrics closely, they say absolutely nothing.

  • Kanye songs

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  • Anonymous

    anybody see that commercial during the NBA Fianls. JAY Z MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL was announced. Jays new cd, if you missed it www. HipHopGood .com has it on there site. Crazy..

  • Anonymous

    Why is Kanye the only person who gets praised for doing different shit? Common did the same thing TWICE with Electric Circus (which was really good album) and Universal Mind Control (which was decent like Yeezus) and got shitted on for both. Lupe rapped to techno beats for Lasers and touched on WAY more interesting concepts than ego and pussy and got shitted on. The Roots have been infusing different genres into their music for YEARS and NOBODY takes notice. Kanye makes these lazy boring tracks and is called a genius and praised to high heaven for rapping about the SAME SHIT every mainstream rapper raps about with a bit of racial topics lightly spread through 2 tracks. Yeezus is terrible.

    • chiefzs

      I agree yezzus is terrible but so was electric circus and the pharell produced universal mind control I feel kanye usually pulls it off better but this was trash

  • Anonymous

    http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=xilk3-G864- trinidad james getting fucked in atlanta. don't believe me jay watch

  • Anonymous

    WTF @ these glowing reviews? It's like his label paid to have favorable write ups. How sad can you get?

  • Blood on Leaves

    That track is crack cocaine.... I'm on 20th spin... Trumpets are crazzzzy!!!

  • Anonymous

    This album really feels like the 1st legit Kanye album since 808s. MBDTF was classic but it was super feature heavy. The sound of this album is so ahead... This nigga Yeezy sounds like he's out of his fucking mind and its awesome. Its like the audio equivilant of watching a car wreck. I can't stop listining to this shit. Im somewhere between 4.5-5 out of 5 as of now. Either way its exactly what I wanted. A legitimate, forward-thinking addition to his already stellar discography. I already have College Dropout, etc. I need that new shit. At the end of the day, music is entertainment. And to entertain basically means to hold someones attention. Not a soul on DX can tell me that Yeezus didnt command attention from start to finish. Even the mixed reception kind of adds to the allure of the album in itself. Rock star shit in a Pop star industry. Well Done Mr. West

  • Anonymous

    man yall check out that yeezus. if not yall should check it out, you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com Cd's nice, HipHopGood has a whole bunch of other cds and music on it to. nice lil site to get the latest music and albums Ye>Cole>Mac

  • I think it's safe to say i order of best rated)

    Yeezus Watching movies with sound off Statik Seletak Born Sinner

  • sourkush

    Album is 8.5/10. I don't even care for Kanye and this new sound was awesome. It's a fresh sound so if your a die hard hip hop fan you probably wont enjoy it. But don't write something off until you listen to it a few times.

  • ghost

    I've listened to this album three times thinking that maybe it would grow on me. NEGATIVE. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT? Kanye trippin. EVERY SONG IS TERRIBLE. 0 stars if possible

    • Anonymous

      who are and do listen to any other genre than post 2005 hiphop??? If not how can you not like one song??? "Im in it" - prod Rza... don't sleep on that.

  • rmoldej

    Kanye West Yeezus dowload here now!: http://newalbumreleases.net/ba2c71/W0cRQgkeSwINX1MQFANcVhsbXgZAGlMNEllYX1cFFwIBAlAKHH4wNVd9/

  • banks3

    I downloaded Yeezus leak from here: rourl.me/fb3cf And this album is fcking awesome

  • Anonymous

    album is doooope as fuck and i do not even like kanye

  • ok

    kanye is so gay its not even funny. hes legit gay like i suck you dick gay

  • mando

    People need to understand that this is just Kanye trying something new. That's what makes Kanye such an interesting and relevant artist. If he kept making the music he made back in 2004 he would get boring quick. Yeezus isn't the greatest album ever made, infact prolly not even the best album of this year so far, but its definitely not the worst. I would give it a 8/10.

    • Anonymous

      People can do wat they want agreed. Doesn't mean they have any decent tastes... How u like 3 songs... whaat were they?

    • Anonymous

      not every song on an album is gunna be a hit, people can like songs off an album and still dislike other songs on the same album....

    • Anonymous

      Which 2 songs?? I think you are hater... born and bred. I can see how someone would dislike them album... but how do end up liking 3 songs... and not the rest of the album??? Just interested to know

    • Cunnin

      I agree! Out of 10 songs, 3 were decent/bearable. I appreciate well crafted lyrical content over actual music and it really wasn't there this time.

    • Anonymous

      LOL MORE LIKE 3/10

  • Anonymous

    I like Kanye, you put conscious back in the spotlight with "College Dropout", it wasn't a classic it had a lot of throwaway tracks, that kinda happens on all his CDs they are great CDs but they have a bit of Filler tracks which didn't need to be on the album. He should of stuck with the 4 album thing and made "Good Ass Job" by now.

    • Anonymous

      how? which concouis record was on that album??? Kanye albums been talking about the same shit... a little pro black, but mostly bithes and ego....

  • Anonymous

    His lyrics are so far removed from any level of talent, that his fanboys have now resorted to defending this no talent hack through beats alone. Which I may add, he didn't even create. You mother fuckers put the Kaynes of the world in charge of hip-hop and then have the audacity to call anyone who points out how ridiculous these clowns are, a hater. Right then lil buddy, enjoy your studio messiah.

    • Anonymous

      Posted2 hours ago Anonymous: I agree, maybe hip-hop needs to be driven back underground for awhile so it can rebuild itself and come back even stronger. If it stays on this current path, people won't know the difference between the true artist and that on a 'boss puppet'. Go easy on the language next time though, it's not just adults reading these threads. SUCK A PURPLE HARD DICK

    • Anonymous

      I agree, maybe hip-hop needs to be driven back underground for awhile so it can rebuild itself and come back even stronger. If it stays on this current path, people won't know the difference between the true artist and that on a 'boss puppet'. Go easy on the language next time though, it's not just adults reading these threads.

    • Anonymous

      shut up u weird american freak

  • Lorraine P. Cole

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  • Anonymous

    10 songs and they're all garbage.. He's done and has been for a while. No wonder he's been tryin to get so much press lately, he's gonna need as much help as he can get tryin to sell this trash

    • Anonymous

      the fuck would i care if dumb black people spend money on this trash that's their problem ..and you talk like kanye has impressive sales or something. Dude hasn't sold shit

    • Anonymous

      Its gonna go gold the first week so cry to that fuckboy.

  • Class-Act

    The number of haters here is flat out disgusting. Kanye creates ART and ya'll under appreciated niggas gotta shit on his work. What he has done here is nothing short of AMAZING. The concept, the production, the flow it is magical how it all comes together into this magnificent club banger. I heard Yeezus and I'm going to buy it on Tuesday because unlike that boring nigga J. Cole, Kanye actually created ANOTHER masterpiece album. For all you naysayers tell me what isn't revolutionary about this amazing track? Tell me what rapper has EVER rapped to anything close to this? Tell me what rapper can take such content and turn it into gold? I LOVE this album. This is up there in the upper echelon of rap albums we will remember. Definantly Kanye's best effort since MBDTF 10/10 for the song and 11/10 for the album

    • Anonymous

      ^ agreed!!!!! J.Cole is mad overrated. And it seems Yeezus is underrated... Wtf??

    • Anonymous

      Born sinner is vaccumus... surface observsations from a very good rapper but surffers from a boring (not that interesting) life story and social life... Hate it or Love - Ye continues to evole his musical tastes... I personally think Yeezus is pretty well made, lyrics could be stonger/witter... I agree Roling stars is sucking ass ... would give it 4 stars / 7.5/10 at best.

    • Kaz

      Kanye does create art and he can make classic albums like he has already done with his first three records. But everything he released after that has been sketchy. Excluding WTT with Jay-Z, Kanye's material has just been average. With this Yeezus, the concepts are weak, his flow are not keeping up with the beat and it sounds terrible. I like Kanye BUT THIS ALBUM IS WEAK!!!! You can't tell me that this album is a classic. You sound like the people at Rolling Stone calling this album great talking about 11/10. At least Cole stuck to his roots and actually improved lyrically from The Sideline Story. I will be purchasing Born Sinner because this a great album from start to finish.

  • Yasmine

    Ye was like fuck an album cover lol


    fuck all you christian cunts alah> jeesus and yeezus> jeesus

  • Gerald

    Hi. I just need to confess something. I never met dentaldamboy and in fact was cyberstalking him so I can try to rape him. I know now what I did was wrong and that he's straight and gets down on his girl amanda. I blow dudes and I keep wishing to get gangraped by YMCMB even though I know they are straight. Maybe Yeezy and Jay Z could help me out.

  • Kody

    I just listened to this...this was without a doubt the worst album i've listened to in a while. Lyrically its not bad but seriously he had Daft Punk produce the majority of it?! It sounds like a really crappy electric dance funking futuristic piece of crap. Do better Kanye. We all know you're capable of it.

    • Chris Etrata

      This isn't meant to be a full blown hiphop album. Its meant to be more electic. I thought it was pretty good actually.

  • Nuff said...

    Let me save you some time....if u a true rap fan, u will hate this album....If u into alternative shit u will love this shit....

  • Kaz

    Listening to Graduation to remind myself how great Kanye actually was. IMO this was his last exceptional album before he started all of this extreme experimenting with his music. 808's and Heartbreak was bad, MBDTF was good but some of the content was just bad. I think he is doing too much trying to incorporate different music styles to create something no one has ever heard of and make it great. Didn't work for me because Yeezus was trash. Guess Kanye doesn't care anymore.

  • Anonymous


  • Kaz

    Listening to Graduation to remind myself on how great Kanye actually is. IMO, this was Kanye's last exceptional album before he took a turn of extreme creative turns and experimenting. 808's & Heartbreak was a let down and MBDTF was good but unlike his first three albums, it had a weird dark feeling to it and not used to Kanye being like that. Yeezus was just lackluster and disappointing. Guess Kanye just doesn't care anymore. Oh well. At least J. Cole came through for me.

  • Dolo

    Got the album bootleg yesterday and it is TRASH. The beats suck, the rhymes suck, the message, if there even is a message, sucks, Kanye was never known as a dope lyricist, so im not surprised by his lack of skills in that, but cmon man, at least have some dope beats and some songs where you arnt screaming. Every song just sounds like hes whining and bitching about something.

  • martavius

    yo man yall hatin is shit now but in a couple of days yall fuckin ridin his dick shut the hell up and listen a couple more times damn yall so negative

  • Anonymous

    http://alldayhotnewmusic.blogspot. THAT RIGHT WE GOT IT FIRST!!!!! Kanye West - Yeezus" FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD NO GAMES JUST NEW MUSIC FIRST!!!!!!!! BE THE FRIST TO POST IT!!!!

  • 85tiLinfinity

    Kanye is suppose to be a so called A list producer why use Daft Punk for production? Then have his shit written by someone else....Any artistic integrity Kanye had was lost with is pile he calls an album.

  • se1user

    This album is terrible, don't even know what kind of music it is. His flow is terrible, there are no beats, and the lyrics are complete trash. Only thing worth a listen is track 7.

  • d

    production and beats good but this is not hip hop i give it a 2.5

  • 85tiLinfinity

    Shit is terrible Malik Yusef and Rhymefest wrote this album for him. How can anyone co-sign this garbage?

    • Kyle

      Magazines and editors that have barely listened to hiphop, or just dickride the popular artists (ie Rolling Stones).

  • iLLMonk

    Album was great, really surprised me https://twitter.com/iLLMonkB

    • Anonymous

      goo.. to http://alldayhotnewmusic.blogspot.... THAT RIGHT WE GOT IT FIRST!!!!! Kanye West - Yeezus" FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD NO GAMES JUST NEW MUSIC FIRST!!!!!!!! BE THE FRIST TO POST IT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did we listen to the same album guys? These lyrics suck. The flow is horrible and the content is weak as hell Art? If you want a rap group that infuses different sounds into a coherent track or album listen to the Roots. Rapping to techno beats with random soul samples isn't some magnificent genius thing. A couple years ago Lupe Fiasco released Lasers where he rapped to a lot of club beats and non-traditional rap beats and rapped about things like depression, his anti-goverment stance, freedom etc. and he got crapped on for it. Yet it was 100% better than this. I really and truely feel people like it because its Kanye not because of the music. Imagine if Nas or Jay-Z did the same album? This is an album I doubt I'd listen to much a month from now.

    • ^

      Kill yourself for dissing Lupe. FnL and The Cool are classics.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Sorry Nick. FNL was okay for debut... THe Cool?? Nah Not with that fake muslim pseduo knowlee bull Lupe be on. As for me sharing my opinon and no-one sharin my sentiments is says more about the users of this site than it does about me... I'm saying 10 tracks shouldn't issue as illmatic 10, as some had mentioned in the page. I respect you we'ren't feeling it... I'm not arging it's great or even good, but trash?? Nah bro, sounds like hate too me... I mean I've only had 2 days but I guess we will see... Send it up was in the club last night, and I aint heard a Kanye record in the club since golddigger....

    • Nicky Flash

      I guess someone didn't listen to FnL and The Cool. Just because it's the same track length as a another album doesn't mean there equal in quality of work. Illmatic is a classic where is this is straight trash. His lyrics are weak, production is all other place, flow over the beats is just awful, and he adds his garbage auto tuned voice into some songs. This album is anything but "real". If you read the other comments I'm not the only one who shares this sentiment.

    • Anonymous

      thats becuase Lupe's music generally sucks in all wways possible. I think you misisng the point.. illmatic had ten tracks. Kayne lived in japan, went to fashion school and gre up with white people. This album is about as "real" as anything he has put out... KW = POP ARTIST

    • Nicky Flash

      Preach brother preach. Couldn't agree more with your entire post so I'm not going to reiterate it. My opinion this album is easily his worst. Some of these professional reviews I'm reading are blowing me away. Thank god it was only 10 tracks because it was hard to sit through it all.

  • weeg

    only 10 songs? ONLY 10 SONGS? da fuck this nigga been doin besides being pussy whipped ol cry baby ass nigga how u only gonna put 10 songs on an album what a bitch move aint nobody tryn to hear this garbage shit.

  • Anonymous

    The album starts good, with the first three or four songs you can feel that he is doing something different that you can enjoy. But after but after "Hold my Liquor" things get either really boring or are lyrically weak, and of course auto-tune. They have a good beat or a promising start but the rest is just unbearable. So congrats to Kanye for trying something different for hip hop but he failed

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is on top of the game for over a decade now.

  • Confused

    Is Yeezus as bad as the majority of people say it is???

    • Not a hater

      It matters. I personally don't like it. It's not revolutionary he pretty much rap to techno beats with random soul samples. Lyrically its weak. His flow is weak and the content is especially weak. On songs like Black Skinhead, New Slaves or I Am a God raps about wither pussy or ego with a few bars of actual content. There are also a lot of terrible tracks like Hold My Liquor and Set It Up. On the other hand if you think Ye is a "genius" then you'd like it. I feel like people see Kanye as a genius therefore force themselves to like this trash. Seriously can you imagine Nas or even Ye's boy Jay-Z making an album like that?

  • Anonymous

    You guys should have never humored this man. He still thinks people listen to his noise because it's good.

  • Kyle

    Horrid album. Easily Kanye's worst. Just hope he gets over his severely inflated ego and goes back to his old style.


    I suck at trolling too. It's ok, don't cry, we're both losers with no lives.

  • bevis and butthead

    uhuhuhuhuhuhuh, aren't I fucking funny? i should go shoot myself since my trolling is neither funny nor creative.

    • Anonymous

      seriously its worse then fuckin dentaldamboy,at least we can make fun of his gay lover gerald. this niggas just straight annoying

  • Jacc

    LMAO 3 of the 5 top headlines are about Kanye West

  • blitzlegga

    Damn Ye, what the fuck is this album!! I fuck with Ye when he tries to push the envelope of hip hop and I have to admit that he has consistently redefined hip hop music since College Dropout. Ye changes the game whenever his albums drop and makes niggaz go back to the lab to switch shit up. But this album is not pushing the limits of hip hop music. Most of the songs don't even have music in them. This album is pushing the limits of how much you can stand Kanye's arrogance and temper tantrums. How much you can stand Kanye just screaming at you over a drum track and an eerie noise in the background. Other than "Black Skinhead", the album is garbage. And it kills me to say that about the dopest nigga in the game right now.....

  • icey

    There were some good parts of songs but the over-production and poor lyrics ruin what could have been. Example: I am a god - the vibe was cool yet at the end he inserts panting and screams. WTF, that ruins the song. Bound2 - Cool Sounding song then "I want to fuck you over the sink" WTF....ruins the song I was expecting this album to address inequality and social problems. Yet he spends the majority of the album talking about pussy. Huge Letdown.

    • Black Panther

      ^ which part?? LOL All I heard on "new slaves" was ego and weak autotune singing ruining a european sample... I love Ye'... but revolutionary he is not...

    • Anonymous

      The preview of "new slaves" seemed like some conscious shyt.

    • Black Panther

      u expected that from Kanye?? What album was that?? (you thinking of nas) Yeezy been selling art, hate it or love it

  • Anonymous

    I am god...featuring god lol

  • danielbam_@hotmail.com

    not a single good song. Kanye is getting way to full of himself

  • Fuck this shit

    Listened to this and its fuckin horrible 2 good tracks send it up and bound 2. Beats are terrible autotune rapping this shit is a joke the only trak id say is really dope is bound 2.Your not GOD kanye your a fuckin asshole pull you head outta kims asshole and start over

  • lodownj818

    i gotta admit kanye took this from lupe black cover art. and lupe has a rock group called japanese cartoon and a techno group called soundclash. idk dickriding maybee.... but the cd is cool. not his best but cool but come on 10 tracks some garbage. at least 3 or 4 bonus songs songs.

  • internet radio

    fuck this album

  • internet radio

    www.Slacker.com underground section is crazy

  • Nasstill@it

    The beats were produced using Massive and Nexus,lol! Fuck outta here Kanye, no matter what the stans say, you fell the fuck off! Born Sinner>>>>>Yeezus,and Born Sinner is wack as well.

  • Nasstill@it

    I can't believe all those stans at Rolling Stones are already saying this shit is the most inredible shit ever! You gotta love biased reviews. If kanye wants to push boundaries in music, he should start being innovative in hip-hop first. Sorry fanboys, but Yeezus might as well be his worst album to date.

  • Based to the max

    The based god > Yeezus

  • ItsMorgie

    The album is poor. Bring back the old soul Kanye. I congratulate him for trying to be innovative with an attempt to bring something new to Hip-Hop, but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    he's another level, this is not hip hop anymore, lyrical he got 3 good joints, the rest was mehh

  • dentaldamboy

    I don't know this gerald person. My love of my life is my girl, Amanda. How hard is it for all of you to believe? BTW, stop using Birdman and Wayne's names.

  • Anonymous

    I like the album. People hate, but in reality if it wasn't Kanye West releasing this (some new/underground/unheard of artist putting it out instead), then people would be all over it.

  • Poohcaneasy

    I have to say that although I expected more, after a second listen through my headphones, this is a pretty good album. It is definitely unlike anything he has ever done. But then again, that's Kanye, he always pushes the envelope. From the production, to the changes in tone (literally screaming on tracks), the album is definitely on a different stage than anybody in hip hop. As for the comparisons to the J Cole album, the only thing those albums have in common are release dates. I mean really, that let Nas down track is wack. It seems like a watered down version of Kanye's "Big Brother". And just about everything on Born Sinner is blah, blah, blah. After playing it back 2-3 times, your not going to listen to it anymore.

  • J dirty

    Nigga....If ur listenin to young money and ross,u must like listening to bitches and former cops.THAT shit dont get play in the hood.Period...Pusha T all day.

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Kanye West dont get no play in the hood, only suburban wiggers in the estates listen to him. Real niggas listen to YMCMB, 2 Chainz, Wiz and MMG!!

    • SpeakUp

      What is the point here exactly? White this, white that, fuck off with that bullshit, you degenerate twats.

    • Jake

      No one with an education listens to wayne 2 chainz or mmg. "It's a f---ing object lesson in thematic narrowness, one dumbass idea repeated over and over again," Stay feeble minded with the rest of the sheep in your herd. Oops i meant hood.

    • Bobyahed2dis

      Wrong Their concerts are full of street niggas, kanye, roots, kendrick lamar's concerts are full of white boys from the suburbs with parents who have 401k's

    • Rap Fan

      A lot of white people listen to those artists as well. Hell, their concerts are always filled with white people. So whats your point...

  • lesa

    just dont listen album with expectation of "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy" or "graduation" cause its nuthin like all his other albums.he did something different with this one and i gotta say album is really good and very inovative.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to it cause I saw Chief Keef is featured but diz album is hot garbage.

  • dgc

    this shit leaked Ayeeeeeee the album is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Anonymous

    It's not his best album, but still way better than 90% of the music put out today. People say its wack because they expected more from Kanye West. Still, got to appreciate him for trying to make something different.

  • Anonymous

    All in all, not Kanye's best, but it's different - it's original. It's new. It's unexpected. It's BIZARRE. But it's bizarre in a good way. "I'm In It", "On Site" and "Send It Up" are weak tbh (especially "I'm In It"), although "Black Skinhead", "Bound 2" and "Blood on the Leaves" in particular are the highlights that make up for it.

  • Anonymous

    Even if Kanye album sucks, folks will still buy and it will sell more then J. Cole #sadtruth

  • lamarla12

    Okay so I got a hold of this album a few hours ago and it sucks!! eveybody knows that J. Cole is taking Kanye West up on his album by releasing it on the same day "In J. Cole's Song "Forbidden fruit" he said "I'mma drop the album the same day as Kanye Just to show the boys the man now like Wany" personally i think kayne failed and being J. Cole is a smaller name artist i was expecting that much from him but see my comparison post on tumblr at http://dearfunnyliving.tumblr.com/post/53008230018/album-comparison-kanye-west-j-cole

  • se1user

    It's got no single or promotion cause it's bad. Bound 2 was sort of going College dropout and then just got bad, as did most of the album. Go back to putting samples on tracks and spitting some raw shit. What you gotta have Bon Iver on this shit for? Not really entertaining to listen to some guy call himself a god and call for croissants and then go on the autotune.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, it was weak singing in the hoook from charlie wison... just fucked up the feel. "fuck u over the sink" is cool - think "late" or "the joy".... chill out bro. Ye been fucking bitches...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Bound2 was dope until he said "I'm going to fuck you over the sink"...ruined the whole vibe.

  • YEBO

    Wayne- best rapper, best guitar player and rockman, bestskater. and a respected member of the Bloods. Only Rick Ross is realer, and noone's realer than Ross

  • L

    Bound 2 is the best track on the album, it's a solid album, not classic thought. But Bound 2 is some College Dropout type shit, great song.

    • Vigil

      I agree, but the REAL Kanye would've taken the sample and made an amazing beat around it. On Bound 2 he just looped the sample over and over and rapped over it. Lame. Most of the album sounds like half-assed garbage that he's trying to pass off as "a new artistic breakthrough", rather than actually finish it and make a real album.

    • d

      Nah was waiting for the sample drop tbh. Charlie Wilson's great on it tho. Hold My Liquor and I'm In It are GOAT tho.

  • Anonymous

    wack just like tupac

  • Anonymous

    listen to jon connor

  • Anonymous

    this album probly let nas down

  • Anonymous

    cunninlynguists have a better catalog than kanye

  • Anonymous

    another mainstream let down

  • Anonymous

    throw it in the trash with slaughterhouse

  • Anonymous

    on sight sounds like a video game

    • Anonymous

      ready my Post on tumblr http://dearfunnyliving.tumblr.com/post/53008230018/album-comparison-kanye-west-j-cole

  • BIrdman

    aye man me and wayne just got done fucking each other and when we were cuddling he told me that he thinks we should let you go. im sorry, but i have to agree. You're fired.

  • DentalDamBoy

    As an accountant for YMCMB I can confirm Kanye does not want to go to war with YMCMB. Wayne already said that if Kanye disses one more time, he will go Mel Gibson on him. The YMCMB army is built for war. Wayne a certified gangsta. He got 3 tear drops, did a bid on the island and all that. Wayne ethered rappers and even caused permanent damage to Dez Bryant's knee. Kanye is wack. All Wayne has to do is throw him a rock and Kanye will fuck his life up again

    • j dirty

      Wayne be kissin on niggas....its only a matter of time before he falls the fuck off the planet.And good riddins to that nigga

  • Nick T

    I don't think kanye is gay.....until i see substantial proof, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt....all i have seen him with is bithces...from that black chick he was engauged to....to amber rose..to kim...and i'm sure there are some random no name bitches in betwee. I remember a articel with Nicki menaj..she said that nigga be playing porn in the studio and shit.....just saying... have ya'll noticed DAMN NEAR EVERY BLACK CELEBRITY GETS A GAY RUMOR ATTACHED TO THEM? We as black people need to stop feeding into that shit. There is definately a agenda to feminize black. I'm not saying there are no gay men in the industry..but EVERYBODY ain't gay....I refuse to believe let see here are just some of the clebretits are artist that have a gay rumor Will smith Lil wayne Jay-z P-diddy Andre 3000 Birdman Kanye West Jamie Fox Quicny Jones Eddie Murphy*** (did get caught with Tranny) lol! Duane Martin Tyler Perry*** enjoys dressing like a bitch to much...lol! Ludacris TI Mase...... There are more but ya;ll get my point....its hard for me to beleive all these niggaz are gay....some might be but not all

  • Anonymous

    On the down low, I seen dentaldamboy making out wit some dude named gerald.

  • COCA


  • dj

    i think j cole had the best album this is trash right here i dont know what the hell going on with this over produced like watch the throne

  • Anonymous

    yeezys album sucks

  • Anonymous

    damn yeezy got a feature from god

  • Anonymous

    kanye west gay rapper thats where lines are drawn

    • dentaldamboy's gay lover

      Oh, dentaldamboy you so silly. Everybody already know yo tight lil shithole is my cum receptacle. You got so many of my babies swimming around in you right now, hehe.

    • dentaldamboy

      You ain't my lover. I know that because I've been with Amanda 10 years. You living in your mama's basement. You ever thought of fucking your mom?

    • dentaldamboy's gay lover

      Please stop posting comments, come over to my house dentaldamboy so I can pack your tight shithole with my hot beef injection

    • dentaldamman

      Cosign. I saw him kiss jay z. YMCMB doesnt do any of that shit.

  • Anonymous

    I like Yeezus, i got my copy from www. hiphopgood. com. They have all the shit on it, i got that born sinner and mac miller from HipHopGood Too. I think Ye got the best Cd out of the June 18th lineup

  • Tiny Asian Weiner Guy

    So you like suck dick? Come over here

  • nydomincan01

    This album was hurting my earlobes and shyt, it was by far in my opinion his first flop. i mean big flop. i mean like fish out of air flop. bound2 was like the only song that caught my interest. i hope Kanye is man enough to realize this record was shyt and he fixes it pronto and doesn't have a permanent "Aldous Snow" moment. this is his "African Child" album for real yo

    • Rap Fan

      Why would he produce beats like he did 10 years ago? Music is about progression, I use to love 90s music but people grow and stop living in the past. No producers make the same music for their whole life. I think this album is really different but still dope.

    • sandman

      damn dude nailed it right there that last song is the only decent one this album is big flop go back to producing beats lke through the wire diamonds and even all of the lights kanyeeee

  • dentaldamboy

    Aye whats up ya'll, its dentaldamboy. Im gonna let ya'll finish, but Yeezus is one of the best albums of all time, of all time. Fuck lil wayne, fuck birdman, fuck drake, this shit right here, the best of all time, of all time. P.S. I like dick. All kinds of dick, white dick, black dick, greasy mexican dick, tiny asian dick. I like the kind of dick with the vein that swirls the cock up to the tip like a lighthouse. (Ohh,ohh, ohh, Jizzes everywhere)

    • Gerald

      It's Gerald, not Amanda.

    • dentaldamboy

      I have been with amanda for 10 years so fuck outta here bitch niggy.

    • dentaldamboy's gay lover

      Hey dentaldamboy, what are you talking about? My name is not amanda, its Gerald. I thought you were cumming out with me?

    • dentaldamboy

      More lies from fake dental himself. I love vaginas. I have a girlfriend named amanda. Yeezus is wack and the lyrics seem uninspired, west seems tired, everything, except the chief keef appearance is wack.

  • Anonymous

    so icey boi finally found a job

  • Anonymous

    so late its sad

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is terrible and I'm a huge fan of his first 3 albums. The only semi-decent song is Bound2, which sounds like a very watered-down version of 'Late'. The album has overdistorted snares and the subjects are mostly pussy and ego. Both this album and MBDTF are weak and a disgrace to how good Kanye is. His first 3 albums are classic. 808s is underrated but a very good album. MBDTF and Yeezus are poor.

    • Anonymous

      MBDTF wasn't better than his first three efforts but that doesn't mean it was "weak". Too bad we heard like two-third before the actual release date thanks to G.O.O.D. Friday series, but other than that was a great LP. The critical acclaim Kanye got for that (perfect rating from Rolling Stones and XXL etc.) was deserved if you see his OVERALL career. On the other hand Yeezus is indeed weak for the first listen. Maybe later it will grow in my eyes, but it sounds like some overly artistic mash-up what's trying to be so revolutionary and different that it ends up as a total mess. Props for the sample on "New Slaves" but that's it.

  • ComeOn

    Kanye always throws off your expectations and comes up with something different. Can't take that from him. He's not only MC.. He's an artiste

    • 10th Ave

      It's a shame, all you dudes are so used to listening to Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, etc. that when something new and innovative comes around you immediately bash it! Yeezus is a complete body of work that will change the sound of hip-hop and rap music in general! People just want to hear DJ Mustard ratchet beast and it's sad!!!

    • Anonymous

      Stop it. He rapped over techno beats that's nothing special. He didn't even say nothing special. This album is NOT creative at all. It's boring as shit and overproduced out the ass.

  • Mr Ironic

    Kanye need to be drop kicked off of a tall building.

  • The Street

    Stop praising BUNCH OF FAGGOTS !!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to say it. This album is okay at best. It's experimental but it's nothing ground breaking. His flow is decent but his lyrics are wack. Such a let down. If your album is only going to be 10 songs it better be the best 10 songs you ever wrote because this album shouldn't get more than a 3 X on HHDX scale

  • admin

    Gayest Rapper & Album of All TIME

  • sun_god7

    7.5/10 Decent album sonically. Sounds like extras that did not make 808s & HBs.

  • Anonymous

    It's a good album. Not great but it's Kanye so he gets that treatment where everything he does is considered genius. 8/10 at best

  • Psychiatrist

    Gayest album of the year.

  • dentaldamman

    Damn, so many dickriders of Kayne West.

  • bevis n butt head


  • di

    YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, Kanyes Yeezus leaked out today ... you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com ... YEEZUS = 10/10 EVERYONE GET IT HipHopGood has it and they have that born sinner deluxe edition and mac millers new cd

  • sun_god7

    Next week we will see what the power of a white girl will do for album sales. lol. Not for nothing when Kanye is probably with the whitest of the white girls - he drops one New Slaves and Black Skinhead - which you can play as a background to a Black Riot. #RiotMusic

  • sun_god7

    808 & Heartbreaks turned out to be a semi-classic or a visionary album. Like it or not back then - but all the shyt from The Weeknd, Drake, Cudi & Frank Ocean sound like that album. Just sayin.

    • Anonymous

      808's is a classic? classic what? classic example of people pretending to like a garbage album because people cooler than them told them it was good?

  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure the album sale totals are based on the number of albums shipped. If Kanye does move 500k units his first week with almost no promotion from himself or the label, he's a genius...plain and simple.

    • The Spam Bot

      Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too

  • Anonymous

    "as of last week wayne has sold 476,000. kendrick has sold 921,000" Call me when Kendrick has sold 10 million + albums.

  • Anonymous

    Im a Kanye fan ..but the only reason I will cop this album is to hear Chained ft Jay Electronica...If its on the 14 song Deluxe Europeaan version Im sold

  • dentaldamman

    This album is sick and is by far Kanye's best album, it is also much better than IANAHB2!!!

  • K.S.

    Can these Labels and Artist just keep things simple? Why can't Kanye just drop 14 Tracks World wide and STOP with the nonsense? One LP has 10 songs then the release in Paris will have 14 Come on Kanye. For that bullsh*t I shouldn't cop your CD at all. By the way Mr West Leyla Ghobadi and Kim Kardashian are both gorgeous girls but not the type you mess with they both seem Money hungry and all about drama and attention.

  • TrollHunter


  • Anonymous

    its better than 808s and cupcakes

  • Vigil

    Album is way way way too experimental. I was afraid he was gonna go off the deep end and make an album that doesn't even sound like hiphop... and that's exactly what he did. It has a few decent moments. But overall the album sucks.

    • Anonymous

      ^ rofl lololol

    • Kaleb

      This album is so terrible, I'm all for experimental music but music is built for the ear, the sounds on this album make me cringe. I can see them with a strobe light blasting this in torture chambers that's the only place I see this getting rotation.

    • Anonymous

      Hiphop... this album doesnt sound like anything. Just random noise and kanye screaming.

  • Anonymous

    OMG i just listened to that chief keef song when he singing in autotune! what the fuck was kanye thinking he must be on some crazy dope maybe heroin??? fucking loser

  • Kramer

    This guy is the biggest asshole. Who cares about this shitty music

  • xx0009


  • Anonymous

    Born Sinner > Yeezus

  • dentaldamman

    Fuck the over 500k predictions from billboard. What were they going on, preorders? There's none. It may sell 200k at most which would not put it in the range of IANAHB2. It fits perfectly because Yeezus is the wackiest album from Yeezy yet.

    • Anonymous

      Chief Keef sucks.

    • dentaldamman

      The reason why its wack is because the lyrics are uninspired, just talking about himself and Kardashian, Yeezy sounds like wack when he's rapping, the production is too pop, and only Chief Keef is a worthy guest.

    • Here we GO

      People that say albums are wack usually don't even know why...you ask them...they will say "Cuz they wack" no type of nothing. just dumb

    • dentaldamman

      How about you stop criticizing my taste in music.

    • TrollHunter

      Nah your taste is definitely SUSPECT, no doubt about that. MBDTF was worse than this one.

    • dentaldamman

      I actually don't pay attention to clothing trollfuck. I only pay attention to the quality and Yeezus is the worst Yeezy album I've ever heard.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign, this album is so wack.

    • TrollAttacker

      You're definitely a faggot I've never been so sure in my life. You like all them TIGHT PANTS Crotch huggin rappers. Let me put it in your mouth I'm horny

  • TrollHunter


  • Psychiatrist

    If you like this album you're a faggot.

  • TrollHunter

    YEEZUS>>>>>MBDTF minus Dark Fantasy,Monster,Hell of a Life and Who will Survive

  • J lamar

    arrghhh man Kanye man u fell off so badly

  • 777

    Album is the GOAT. Sorry music world, Kanye just destroyed you all.

  • musical heroin

    Cunninlynguists - My Habit (I Haven't Changed)

  • wouzi

    kim k officially ends kanye's career. his album wasn't good

  • dd

    first track is named 'On Sight'. :smh:

  • zxxxx9


  • DI

    YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, Kanyes Yeezus leaked out today ... you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com ... YEEZUS = 10/10 EVERYONE GET IT HipHopGood has it and they have that born sinner deluxe edition

  • Yeezus leaked

    It leaked, torrent that bitch



  • Anonymous

    i m buying j coles album

  • Yeezoid

    Lets face it...when its all said and done Kanye will be known as the best to ever do it

  • advice for 50

    50 cent featuring Kanye west, Jay Z, Eminem, Kendrick lamar, Drake and Lloyd Banks(produced by Dr Dre (Ghost produced by Timbo)) That is the only track that will save 50 cent career

  • Nick Newman

    He's got Keef's wack ass on this shit AND its only 10 tracks. Fuck this shit, I may download but I will not be paying for this. Mac and Cole will be getting my money come Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    I thought there was gon' be a Ja Rule feature on this album? Without Ja rule this album as gonna bomb HARD.

  • WHAT?!

    .I LOVE how he supports up&coming guys like King L, Chief Keef, Travis nice he's doing that..and I heard he working with some new guy out of NY..too..for some future projects...so secret people don't even know this dudes name yet....Kanye ain't playing

  • Man

    I wish the album was longer...is it worth it yea but it's short Kanye one of them artist where you need more then 10...Chief Keef should have did 10...lol

  • Album worth 10BUCKS for 10 SONGS!!!

    omg........This album is AWESOME......end

  • -

    i'm listening to the leak and it's fuckin sick

  • Qndy

    cut the crying. You will never get the College dropout back just like you won't get the black album back. people change.

  • GodSon

    Kanye will do big numbers out of San Fran, gays love his shit...pause...lol

  • Di

    Kanyes Yeezus leaked out today ... you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com ... i havent got all the way through it yet but im likin what im hearin so far. better than i expected ill let you know how the whole album is when im done

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef and Young Chop are going to save this bullshit ass album...Its just going to be more experimental trash like 808 Heartbreak...

    • Anonymous

      And Young Chop ain't gonna save this album either with his shitty Lex Luger imitation beats.

    • Anonymous

      chief keef aint never saved no album with his downsyndrome ass nursery rhymes mumbling like he got marbles in his mouth

  • Mohamme

    The album leak was fake guys...

  • Anonymous

    that track is not very good any of it verses are horrible meaningless garbage in the club hook is not hooky and the beat is some simplistic trash upset disappointed

  • Rap Fan

    The album leaked, its sounds alright. The production is really different than a typical Hip Hop album. As far as I am concerned Kanye is trying to be out the box with this album.

  • train

    Huge fan of Kanye, but to say he's being economical providing 10 "phenomenal" tracks rather than 15 or 20 mediocre tracks is a cop out and an excuse. Currently his music bleeds maximalism so why minimize the content?

  • Sam

    I listened to the album, it's leaked. Just horrible, straight garbage!!! Why Kanye???

  • me

    kanye on that bullsh*t ... one minute it's drunken hot "white" girls, the next he on some black sh*t. dude is all over the place and will do anything for attention. #kk

  • Ghgh

    Record companies pay you for 10 tracks. Anything above that is to give fans more music. Not surprised Kanyes ingonorant ass will give u dick riders the minimum. It's amazing how you dweebs think it'll be 10 solid tracks. Hahaha..... You'll get 4-5 if you're lucky. And how the fuck this nigha compare himself to "Steve jobs?!" Hahaha..... There's about a 18billion dollar difference. And significant distance on their I.Q #negroPlease RIP S.Jobs

    • Anonymous

      Kanye from College Dropout-Graduation was my favorite rapper ever. But I have to agree. This dude is a straight clown/pompous jerk. I will be surprised if I like over 4 songs.

  • SDK


  • 10 songs 10 Bucks is not so bad..

    10 TRACKS is GOOD...because especially with someone like Kanye who CARES about the music you know they gonna be on point.....

    • Anonymous

      Exactly I think he will bring it musically, it'll be worth the money...I LOVE how he supports up&coming guys like King L, Chief Keef, Travis nice he's doing that..and I heard he working with some new guy out of NY..too..for some future projects...so secret people don't even know this dudes name yet....Kanye ain't playing

    • foreal

      808's was good, he was just in an emotional state since his mom had passed and broke up with long time girl friend. i have faith in kanye that the album will be good.



  • Where the killa tape

    Never bought a kanye album before even tho I liked his other ones cause hes just such an asshole big headed fuck I wouldn't pay money for his shit and I sure as fuck aint supporting that fuck slut kardashian pig

    • ha

      if you're not gonna "waste" your money on kanye. then why are you "wasting" time talking reading and commenting on articles about him..

  • Anon

    I hope ya'll know that 10 tracks for an album used to be the norm. I'd rather have 10 stellar tracks than 20 songs where half are mediocre and rushed.

    • Anonymous

      I personally feel 12-14 is the perfect amount. I hate when there's like 3 bonus tracks, I dont get the point of it. There are some exceptions for the 15+ tho such as: 2001 Chronic, College Dropout, Late Registration, All Eyez On Me, Life After Death, Blueprint (13?), Slim Shady LP, Stillmatic

    • Anonymous

      To be honest you are somewhat right but don't forget you do have artist or use to have artist who did more then 15 songs and it was good....alot of albums have 15 or more and they are good albums....also skits and all that do have replay value if it's good...look at 50cent or Kendrick...so it's more about who the artist is...if it's someone who cares about the music it's worth the money

    • Anonymous

      yeah with a bunch of skits, interludes intro and outros fuck all that shit it has no replay value

    • BP

      co-sign. less is more

  • Anonymous

    10 tracks? weak. wtf happened to dropping 20 track albums. rappers be getting lazy

    • ETK

      you're an idiot. why should a rapper beef up his album full of throwaway beats just to have more content. ever heard of the expression "less is more"? you're probably gonna download that shit anyway, what do you seriously have to complain about

  • Anonymous

    10 tracks no single, no promotion, the only tracks we've heard are weak, and track 3... really....... This dude is so full of himself, he probably thinks he'll go plat first week.

  • Anonymous

    ja rules new tape shits all over this

  • lol

    whywould i spend 15 to buy this when i can burn it and itll look like i bought it straight from the store.. smh

  • Dennisoc12

    Are the songs listed in alphabetical order on the sticker but put in a different order on the lp?

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    haven't we known its Yeezus for like weeks?



  • Fresh 2 Def

    come back on wednsday when my nigga wayne outsells kendrick, krit and now kanye. this our season boy! lets get it. ya bish? ya you bish!

  • Anonymous

    with each album fewer tracks his next one is gonna have like 6 songs at this rate

  • Anonymous

    kanye : im worst rapper of all time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll time

  • Anonymous

    whats a rekease????

  • OUCH!

    G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cud? um no, hes not a G.O.O.D. Music artist anymore, hes affiliated

  • gogo

    730 k first week sales

  • L.


  • Tibs

    No Jay, Nas, Game or Pusha T?? Huge Kanye fan but idk about this album.

  • Anonymous

    He will sell 500k easy out the gate. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too

  • Anonymous

    let's brake it down.....the album has no fuqin cover, no single, it has 10 tracks and chief keef is on 10% of the album....i don't see myself buying this

    • Anonymous

      maybe because people (like myself) are bitter at this dude for changing so much and became such a duchebag making less quality music

    • uh

      im so tired of reading hating ass comments. if you dont like kanye then get the fuck off his shit. i dont read or go looking for waynes shit, cus i dgaf about wayne so no reason to comment on his shit. hating ass niggas

    • Cudder

      why the f do you need to break it down, it's clear you weren't gonna buy it anyways with your BS reasons. you niggas would've been whining anyway if he put out a mainstream single with an attempt to blow through the charts. (and how the fuck does an album cover have to factor into you buying an album)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! So tired of Ye's desire to do something "different" when reality hes just doing something "worse" or "crappy"

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck is that bum ass nigga Chief Keef on the album

  • Anonymous

    Why is he trying to copy Nas with 10 tracks? And is God spitting bars on that?

  • Anonymous

    I Am God ft. God hahahahah

  • Anonymous

    bullshit cover and cover art wtf???

  • Anonymous

    Man that is the cheapest art cover ever

    • Joke(r)

      So what if he has got the money. It is a fuckin' joke of a "cover". How he manages to keep a straight face while defining it at such means he isn't a bad actor. How fuckin' big is this guys ego, what's next for him? In his head now he is probably thinking he is the conciousness that made the big-bang happen. Fuckin' money. Get outta here with that bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt say he didnt have money he said thats the cheapest fucking cover art ever and i agree! no way i would pay for that shit, no book?

    • The MAN

      kanye aint broke bish...sayin it like he don gt the money

  • Excuse my french toast

    lol everyone bringing up Ja Rule for no reason haha

  • MakaveliDaDon

    This dude is a genius...

  • rand

    pre ordered this already on his site... they had an error where it went live before it should have... i got it on download and physical disk

  • Anonymous

    50 killed kayne west career



    • Anonymous

      Just saying, I don't hate kanye nor 50

    • Anonymous

      and because he released fewer albums means kanye killed him?

    • foreal

      since their 2007 showdown (Curtis VS. Graduation) Kanye has released... 808s & Heartbreak (2008) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z) (2011) Cruel Summer (with GOOD Music) (2012) Yeezus (2013) and 50 has released... Before I Self Destruct (2009) Street King Immortal (2013) yea....50 destroyed Kanye in your own delusional world.

  • yousahoe

    Kanye a fuck boy.

  • Dentaldamboy

    Nicki is the first female rapper to sell a quadruple platinum single (super bass) Nicki is the first female rapper to sell 1.2 million records in a month (pink friday) Nicki is the first female rapper to ever do a song with Nas (Lauryn Hill doesn't count because her genre is R&B) Nicki is the first female rapper to have her albums go #1 on the charts two times in a row Nicki has only been in the game 2 years kim 17 years #nickiiswinningbitch

  • ThaKritic

    I wonder if Ja-rule knows he's gettin playin DX like thaat looool

  • Eciti

    Is this CD-R or CD-RW?

  • Anonymous

    your just a man you are not a god

  • Ja RULE

    Ja killed 50 on the streets .. ja fucked 50 up in Atlanta , ja and murder inc visited gunit at the hit factory stabbed him up , then he got a restraining order on murder inc ... then he gets shot ( are you wondering is it murder that shot you ~ jarule .... then snitched on preme and gotti now preme in jail for life ... then 50 was dissing ja for them songs , then he come out with candy shop , 21 question ect wtf ... plus no body wanted to see ja coz 50 was the new big thing at the time but listern to jarule blood in my eye album even had the oulawz rinding with nigga fuckk 50