Kanye West Premieres "Black Skinheads" & "New Slaves" On "SNL"

Kanye West brings new songs "Black Skinheads" and "New Slaves" for his performance on the season finale of "Saturday Night Live."

As the musical guest on the season finale of "Saturday Night Live," Kanye West performed two new songs, "Black Skinheads" and "New Slaves." 

West premiered "Black Skinheads" on "SNL" only hours after debuting "New Slaves" on streets. "New Slaves" was first revealed in a video that was projected on 66 buildings around the globe

The "SNL" performances of both songs can be viewed below, as found on DDOTOMEN

No official word has been made about whether these songs are part of Kanye's next studio album. However, it appears the tracks will be featured on the disc, now thought to be titled Yeezus by several outlets. The album is also scheduled to be released June 18, according to various reports. 

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    it's articles like this that remind me why I don't have any white friends.. ___ we dont want you as a friend lmao.. go on the block find a rapper whos takes his name from a gangster and pretneds hes a big drug dealer when hes not..im sure thats who youd call a friend..a fake nig

  • white v black rappers

    black rappers- pretend to be gangsters, rob their names from real thugs, sell a nice and rap about pushin kilos white rappers- real life issues that influence their everyday life. no made up gangster names, no pretending to be this or that. thats why black ppl r mad--white ppl are better in their own cultural music than they are lmao

  • Kizman

    What I learn most about white people from reading these mostly white comments, is that they have a massive superiority complex. They're very self righteous and think they're somehow "above" the things a lot of 'black people' choose to rap about. "How dare they talk about the struggles they had to deal with at the hands of white people, how dare they rap from the perspective a person from a white created ghetto, how dare they rap about having a better life after being deprived of anything and everything their whole lives. They should act like hipsters or pick up a dictionary and use big words to impress us. We control this shit and we should dictate what they do, even though they invented and we're just guests" lol That's what you guys sound like to me. White people have forgotten that they're just guests in our house. They have gotten WAAYYYY to bold and comfortable with this shit, look at these comments. They're no longer just buying rappers music for what it is, or accepting it... They actually think they can control it. They feel entitled to our music, as if it's the natural order of the world for them to take what we have. It's kind of unbelievable to me. It's articles like this that remind me why I don't have any white friends..

    • thats funny

      whites run rap now..just accept that white people make realer music than black ppl..its the first step

    • thats funny

      coming from a race that always talk shit about every other race. go check out scarface interview. go check killer mike comments

    • Anonymous

      how are we guest in oyur house ? Also would your fucking country of the USA be so rich if you dididn't invade Iraq and stole all the oil from Mexcio ? Fucking american nigger, weather you are black or white ever been to WSHH.com and see how many black people write cracker or honkey ?


      Kizman ..You white NAUGHTY ,NAUGHTY,NAUGHTY ....Lady's and Gentleman welcome to the competitive sport of race baiting were only the sad and lonely in mom's basement survive


      Not all white people are ignorant ass racist asswipes JUST 99.9% of them trolling this site are !

    • Anonymous

      You're a racist dick head who claims ignorant comments supposedly made by white people represent the consensus. Go fuck yourself - white guy

  • lildog

    Top 5 Rappers all time 1. Ja Rule 2. Ja Rule 3. Ja Rule 4. Ja Rule 5. MF DOOM

  • blitzlegga

    once again kanye is about to shatter all the boundaries around this thing that we call hip hop and send niggaz back to the lab to catch up with his shit. kanye is light years ahead of the game . i think he may be hip hop's musical genius.....

  • Mike

    I'll admit, Kanye is a creative artist. But I will NEVER buy this cry baby's album. I predict this album to flop hence the lack of publicity. This clown is old news.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule invented water

  • Anonymous

    ja rule has already been to mars

  • Anonymous

    ja rule dont sleep he waits

  • Anonymous

    obviously kanyes a closet homo



  • Kizman

    too much spam on this website, i guess i gotta head off to Allhiphop and XXL

  • Imhotep

    All of the people posting under "anonymous" are nothing but cowardly trolls who are either hired or contracted to troll any website that promotes black empowerment. They are angry that Europeans are loosing their power all around the world and that Africans are learning their true history as the architects of civilization and the original man. Your hatred and ignorance will be the death of you. Leave Hip Hop alone...we got this.....

    • Anonymous

      Nope black Americans will feel the effects of a shifting economic landscape as well . However the people who will feel the effects the most to their psyche, are those white people who believe they have made it, just because they were born white no matter their ability's or what they have to offer society in general " YOU KNOW THE GUY'S I'M TALKING ABOUT" .

    • Anonymous

      LOLZ @ Truth...You have provided a very weak argument full of racial slurs and hatred . Prove your superior intelligence in conclusion you are saying Puppet president . Obama-Mixed race i.e half white half black is a puppet tell us something we don't know all ready . He is a puppet just like Bush before him when haven't american presidents been puppets to large corporations and special interest groups! Eminem would probably not have made it to the pinnacle he did without the heavy weight backing/help of Dre, and without proof it would have been difficult for a white guy undeniable talent or not, to have broken into the hip hop culture at the time he did mid 90s . White people have enslaved their own people read the history books ..Irish slaves is but one example . You act like it's only black people who have done evil things too people of the same skin colour . In the 30s their was a white European in Germany called Hitler who killed millions of women and children due to some twisted ideology In the early 1990s, in the Balkans millions were killed buy their fellow eastern Europeans . I agree in regards to dumb black people lusting after material bullshit in their music videos but let's not forget those leased cars,chains,girls/models are tax right off's . But let's not forget it's the record labels who dictate what kind of video or agenda is pushed to the non think public And isn't that what Kanye West is saying ? Anyway your argument is clearly just built on hatred,anger and racial stereotypes

    • Anonymous

      so black americans think you're gonna be perfectly fine, no harm will come to you and only caucasian Americans are in trouble when Russia, China, South Africa and India become economically more powerful? Think you guys might be in for a rude awakening


      Ha Ha ..You white Americans really are dumb .. Have you never heard of the Bric nations ? I will enlighten you the bric nations refers to the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and more recently South Africa . Goldman Sachs to name but one economic think tank haS speculated that by 2050 at the latest, these 5 economies will be wealthier than most of the current major economic powers." I.E Europe and the western hemisphere will no longer be the economic power houses of the world . The BRICS countries include more than 40% of the world's population and occupy over a quarter of the world's land area. That last part was important "READ IT AGAIN" Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa together are rapidly becoming a powerful economic force LOL ...You guys didn't think it would last for ever did you Europe and the West, have become lazy with a false sense of entitlement just because you were born Caucasian . P.S for those with short attention spans ..In summary you aren't nearly as important as you think you are . SPOILT BRATS !!

    • Truth

      Yeah and Africa is in much better condition then Europe and America right? You talking about NWO now? Shit then they just succeeded at getting Puppet Obama in to office again.. LOL, We evolved in to the people you try to imitate (see kanye west), All the greatest inventors, musicians, leaders, civilizations and much more have mostly been white. You think a black person invented the technology you're using right now to voice your impotent thoughts? Blacks to this very day are chopping each others limbs off, raping one another, spreading disease like no other place on earth can imagine and not to mention are the ones who originally sold their own kind as slaves to begin with and you have the nerve to say that about white people? Dumb. And how is Em not the king of rap? He would clown the shit out of pretty much all of them including this joke of a rapper. His only competition in terms of sales are Jay and Pac. And no he doesn't "owes his career to Dre and Proof", he owes his career to his undeniable talent which is what got him signed in the first place. Em's album this year will again blow Kanyes, or any others like him, out of the water. Just watch. "your greed & arrogance is your downfall".. Ha.. if that were even true, at least White people know when to be arrogant. Look at 99% of rap videos and songs made by black rappers.. materialistic, arrogant and delusional, not even in a position to be arrogant and they try, Kanye being the PERFECT example.. "I Am god" - dedicated to Kim Kardashian. LOLOL!! Inferiority complex like you black dudes hating on black chicks and only feeling successful if you can find a overweight, unwanted and sloppy white War Pig to be your girl. Yeah.

    • Imhotep

      Yes you are. Europe is in shambles. America is in shambles. Your New World Order is falling apart... Evolved? LMAO. Into what? Psychopaths, mass murderers, conquerors, pedophiles? King of rap? LMAO. There is no "King" of rap. That is a european concept. Hip Hop is a community, we have elders who reflect the people and the culture of hip hop. Inferiority complex? U mean like all the white bigoted ignorant anonymous posters who troll hip hop sites? Ne.

    • Anonymous

      and you're fading entitlement is blatant...the days of you walking in the door with a suit, a smile, & all of the solutions are over...we've experienced the incompetence of that...we have degrees and assets too...businesses...associates and affiliations... fyi...your "king" owes his career to two original men...Dre & Proof...your greed & arrogance is your downfall...it has been written in stones...gospels...testaments...scrolls...texts...the chickens are home to roost...

    • Anonymous

      we're "loosing" power all over the world eh? Maybe the first humans did originate from Africa but that doesn't change the fact that they MOVED from there and EVOLVED. "leave hip hop alone", tell that to the white dude who's the current King of rap. You're inferiority complex is shining bright.

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  • Anonymous

    I don't listen to his music so can someone explain the title "black skinheads" is it supposed to address black people who are known to bald prematurely or something?

  • Anonymous

    so having brown skin means your white now? That hoe Kim K is NOT white ya retards.. Wouldnt be suprised if she popped out a white baby though

  • BKNY Kid

    Both songs suck. Sounds like an extension of this nigga's rants over mediocre to below-average beats to me.


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  • G-funny

    thought i could check the comments to read what other people thought of it. what a mistake that was.

  • Honestly

    Holy smokes. If kanye is gonna pull the race card he's gonna do it big. Nobody cares he's dating a white chick (see: amber rose) they only care he's dating the media created/supported white chick Kardashian.....He's such a drama queen.

  • Disgruntled Negro

    this man will not stand behind any of the words he saying over these stolen musical ideas. accountability folks

    • Anonymous

      Come on disgruntled white man ...even your favourite white rapper Mr Marshall Mathers has used samples in a number of his rap songs ... O I get it if we label it stolen then we can play to the racial stereotype that all brown/black people are thieves YAWN !!!

  • Anonymous

    this man's ego is bigger than the whole industry put together kanye makes decent music - but hes such a bitch

  • TheDUke

    White skinheads will not approve

  • TheDUke

    Jackin marylin mansons steez

  • Killer mike lauren hill and scarface::

    your logic is beyond stupid if you think im white and i would be willing to make fun of my race like that dumb ass nigga

    • show and prove

      you're black huh...speak...I'll know...SPEAK...

    • Stern But Fair

      Your a stupid peasant cunt who's mom should have aborted your worthless life before you had the chance to take a breath . I bet mom is prod of you TROLL !!

  • noo

    yeah I don't believe him no more...................... this man has turned into everything he rapped about on his first and second album...... .. he is the eppitamy of a new slave .. fuck boy..

  • Anonymous

    When Ja Rule shaves his head, he turns into a black skinhead

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule got that Black skinhead DOUGH

  • Anonymous

    ja rule > Kanye

  • Anonymous

    ja rule takes care of these hoes

  • Anonymous

    Don't worry everyone, ja rule will take care of this shit

  • Killer mike lauren hill and scarface:

    dx staff keep banning my comments f u crackas

    • I AM 16

      Well stop with the race baiting you are clearly a white guy You don't need to start any controversy as a look through theses posts shows that is working just fine without your input . To be honest at this point it just looks a bit needy and pathetic

  • Stella-19

    And someone down below in the posts tried to say Hip Hop DX is not the new home of vicious racism . Looking through these posts I sadly have to disagree is kind of sad really in 2013

  • 614grind

    Just another obvious attention grab by the insecure narcissist who has never felt his "genius" was truly appreciated. Kanye West is no activist, let alone some kinda revolutionary. He's just culture pimpin right now. Remember when he stood out there with Russell Simmons observing Occupy Wall Street? He wasn't protesting or standing with the people, he was just doing some basic market analysis.

    • 3244

      They all the same they never stand for anything unless it involves Bitches,Cars,and buying Gay Fashion Designed luxury clothes

  • detroter

    its funny to see white guys on here mad cause Kanye flip it on them with the black skinheads i love it BLACK POWER lol..

  • kangay is a fraud

    - doesn't write his own shit - doesn't make his own beats - sounds like a faggot - dresses like a faggot - acts like a faggot - pro black pussy that runs with the kardashian clan - is cheating on his chick with a male european designer gets praised a genius kanye west is a fucking fool and wants to be the black freddy mercury. he IS the black freddy mercury. the fact this clown gets all this adulation is proof rap is as dumb as the people who get excited about it.

  • Anonymous

    "It seems like Hip Hop DX is the new home of RACIST WHITE GUY'S ." ^ case BEEN closed



    • Anonymous

      thats because rap is stupid and most people that are into rap are stupid. real simple. stupid people think kanye west is a genius.

    • double standard

      yeah in this one bec we got 1 assbag runnin around doing it..but hhdx is just a racism bash half the time..matter fact its only in hiphop websites i even see race thrown around all over..i never see it in other websites except rap sites..that goes for whites and blacks

  • Jolene Blades

    Jolene Blades: Lady Gaga and Kanye should record a collaborative album. Seriously. It would be absolutely awesome, and they would complement each other perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck y'all white folks. Yeezy is a Genius.

    • Anonymous

      Yawn ..The song is not about historical racism Numb Nuts stop being so overtly sensitive

    • cool

      but im sure your one of the millions of black guys here in america who says kayne is a sell out, dresses and tries 2 hard to be white..now he drops some music what has the word slave in the title so all the black guys start a rally..and still noone will purchase his music LOL..

  • 16

    Wow a lot of you white guy's are really hateful . Kanye wasn't being racist or calling out white people as a whole . He was saying that corporate america and the hip hop record labels are manipulating certain poor demographics white and black with a lot of negative role models . Chief Keef,Ross,French etc who rap about spending money on material products and promoting a fake drug dealing lifestyle I say fake because a lot of rappers really aren't living that life they claim in there music ... It's just another negative stereotype the record labels/media like to promote

  • Enlightenment

    To Whom The Majority That it Concerns, To get on this website to bash one race only shows your ignorance. Second alot of you on this website so self disgusted with this song dont comment. Its like you hate it so much why take time out your day to be bother with something that is so called beneath you. This is pure ignorance at its finest. WhiteStrongArmBrother you are purely the most ignorant one of them all who comments with " why is he trying to sound all intelligent"...i guess in your eyes he cant sound intelligent because of his skin color....im pray for cause evidently you and couple people all need help. I promise you all posting racist comments will not go out in public and say half the comments you saying on here because you hide behind screen names and other social websites...and Anonymous your name speaks for itself...hiding...

  • Anonymous

    It seems like Hip Hop DX is the new home of RACIST WHITE GUY'S .

    • Interesting

      A lot of the hateful/race related posts seem to be from white people . Just saying

    • double standard

      its obv you guys dont come here alot..bec theres race bashing consistantly from both sides on hhdx..just happens to be more white ppl on this article. its def an issue on HHDX though again blacks and whites

    • Anonymous

      Cosign. Piss drinking faggot ass confused new KKK members all over here

  • jerryc

    dude you seriously have no idea what youre talkin about. In an early freestyle I just saw on youtube Malice talking about his supplier now being his manager. Never put it on wax though. Anyway, if you know what the deal is, the Clipse longtime manager Anthony Gonzalez ended up going to jail for leading a 10 mil a year drug ring. IF thats not fuckin real then I dont know what is bro.

  • Anonymous

    when this nigga not startin controversy

  • ETK

    Jay-Z raps about other things too and has shown 10 albums worth of creativity and originality in his music. I'm not saying 'Pusha-T' should NEVER rap about drugs, if that's a part of his life then it should be a part of his material, but thats ALL this nigga raps about. I know that there has always been a major criminal element in the rap game and there always will be, but it's being exaggerated to point now where these niggas need to be checked. I don't need to see footage about Fabolous, I met the nigga in real life, BEFORE he was a rap star and he was just a well spoken nigga named Johnny that was playing basketball and trying to be Mase. He wasn't a thug then, and he's not a thug now. You can't become a thug when you're in your thirties. Just 'cause you got yes men around you with guns who are waiting for a chance to do you a favor doesn't make you a thug. It makes you a punk ass nigga that needs other grown men to keep you alive. I think you'd be surprised if you met a lot of these rappers man. They're frontin' more than you think. The guys who are the real criminals in the rap world are not in front of the cameras. When's the last time you seen an active criminal that was TRYING to get on camera? Be sensible homey. The hardest rappers I ever met were rappers that don't brag about how hard they are. Ghostface Killah, Camp Lo, Saigon, Ice-T, shit even MC Hammer would give it to one of these so-called superkillers in the industry now. Don't let 'em spook you with their fantastic tales of drug supremacy. They're lyin' son. If you spent one week around these fools you'd come back eager to tell everyone how phony it was. They always got people ready to back their stories of the time they did this and that. But you never hear the stories about the time they got their ass whooped or got robbed or got played by some dumb ass chick, or in Fab's case got BEAT UP by a chick. Shit, if I wanted to, I could put together a video that would make me look like the scariest nigga in the world and you probably could to.

  • Dentaldamboy

    I just wanted to formally declare my hatred for hoes on twitter. I cant stand how twitter gives dumb females (and men) a voice. Let me list all of my grievances with Twitter hoes (forgive the language): 1. Thirst/Thirst Traps: Im tired of these chicks on the TL being so thirsty toward celebritiesjust STOP. You arent gonna go out with Chris Brown or Kobe or Justin Timberlake (even worse when they think they are clever by targeting a C-list star). Those men are all taken and nobody wants your lame asses. Seriously, stop posting playful/sexual/naked pictures as if anyone wants you. This goes double and triple for INSTAGRAM. MEN, stop endorsing this shit! 2. Fake Knowledge: Hoes on Twitter all think they know stuff about hip-hop, philosophy, sports, etc. Im tired of this shit. Nobody asked for your dumb ass opinion on how (insert local rapper here) is killing the game or how Dwight should win NBA DPOY. It wouldnt be so bad if their opinions made any kind of sense. Furthermore, you shouldnt be giving advice on Twitter if you cant navigate how to spell regular words correctly. 3. Casual Racism: Im fucking sick and tired of the casual racism on twitter. Twitter hoes take this to the next level. Since when was it the movement for White/Asian/Spanish girls to use the niggas be like/bitches be like meme from Black twitter to degrade AA females? Furthermore, wtf are #TeamLightskin and #TeamDarkSkin? And must every picture be a crack at Black women? I mean shit 75% of these funny pics are of Black woman doing shit other races of women do but basically being criticized for being unattractive. 4. Lack of creativity: If your twitter name has some kind of bad bitch or baby or barbie/Minaj or queen in it just kill yourself. I hate you and you deserve to be hated. And I swear to God hoes on Twitter killed memes. They destroyed my enjoyment of casual memes by overusing them to nauseating levels. Is it possible for these females to have personalities that arent all cut from the same ratchet clothe. The hoe culture is so congealed you cant distinguish one from the other. Also, stop trying to emulate stars with lifestyles, fame, and money you will never reach (see: Rihanna). In conclusion, I apologize for this rant but I couldnt post it on social media for fear of being chastised. *TLDR*

  • Philip88

    Wow a lot of hateful comments from a lot of white people on this site . I didn't know a lot of you are still so angry/hateful . I listened to the song and thought it was about black people or poorer people in general being manipulated by large corporations and was also about how record labels manipulate young people with a certain image and lyrical content ... After reading some of the angry posts from KKK guy and White power it seems like their is a lot of real hate in America with black and white people .

    • 16

      Wrong wicked fire affilaite marketing site full of race baiting . In fact do a simple word search such as "I hate black people and brown people" and you will find a whole range of sites spewing racial hatred However if you would prefer to think that it is only in the hip hop community i.e blacks/browns then by all means whatever helps to make your thoughts seem more palatable to yourself . Then knock yourself enjoy

    • double standard

      you only see this bullshit on HHDx (excessive racist posts) by black and white ppl. you go to any other site..sports, cnn, world shit you never see ppl actin dumb like they do in rap websites..for w.e reason

    • Anonymous

      @dentalDamBoy How bout you shut up.Who the hell get on a hiphop site to hate on black people.

    • DentalDamBoy

      Shut the fuck up with your black whinging

  • Macklemore - The Heist (review)

    Content: 5/5 Guest Spots: 2/5 Lyrics: 4.5/5 MC: 5/5 Production: 5/5

  • what i think

    I like it.It was mad different but hot.


    Love all the racist posts from my white brothers we should all boycot this niggas music . I hate the fact that he is trying to be intelligent . Black people should just rap about shit that is important to them . Bitches,cars,designer clothes,selling drugs .

    • Anonymous

      @ double standard: love the fact you are not saying anything about the original post from (WHITE STRONG ARM POWER) that 1st anon was responding too . Selective arguments . Double Standards in-deed ..LOLZ

    • double standard

      all you fucks are stupid.. you can compare jackin styles to anything.. you can say vanilla ice and eminem try 2 be black in your culture..then you can say kayne west and weezy try to be white by wearin white cloths and skateboarding.. anyone can be racist its to easy. music shouldnt be about white and black anymore in 2013. unless the person spews obv racist shit

    • Anonymous

      You Think its cool to be racist...stop living in the past,and look at your president. If you don't like the music don't listen to it simple as that.

    • Anonymous

      And who are you to tell us this guy is wrong? Some punk ass white guy who thinks he's entitled and knows it all? Right. Why are you even here speaking on him in the first place? We ain't out there talking about Taylor Swift. WE. DON'T. CARE. You LOVE US, WATCH US, JACK OUR STYLE, then want to tell us in 2013 to let slavery go when it's YOU who seek us out to be racist. L M M F A O

    • DentalDamBoy


    • Troy...KKK

      Well said is funny when you look through all the comments it's all of us telling the blacks why this dude is wrong . And the blacks arent even defending their own so they no the truth of what we are saying

  • We are at War

    Kanye is the new Curtis Mayfield with platitudes of Quincy Jones.

  • Dave

    So Kanye West is trying to stand up for the blue collar, poor, and black? What bullshit. He bought a t-shirt for 90,000 dollars. He can do whatever he wants with his money, but he needs to stop pandering to the mouth breathers and they need to stop buying it.

  • Killer mike lauren hill and scarface

    slave these crackers let them feel how us niggas felt.

  • Mortis

    June 18 is linked to Juneteenth. #newslaves

  • wannabe

    well... lyrically....... he is no Lauryn Hill He wants to white soooooooooooo bad. ugh! His woman is all about corporate America so why is he bashing corporate america... he is corporate america too

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    So... He's on some black power shit now right after he had a baby with a white girl? Anyways, far as the music, he lost me after Graduation.

    • white is right

      @ DentalDamBoy all black people are evil good to see my fellow white brothers like you are finally waking the fuck up to reality

    • DentalDamBoy

      Tupac was a terrible man and a LIAR. Your so trendy and brainwashed you wannabe gangster, wannabe American bitch. Tupac was a GANGSTER RAPPER who encouraged an entire generation of young black men to KILL EACHOTHER. THATS NOT GOOD AT ALL. Tupac complained that RICH WHITE PEOPLE didnt give away all their money to the poor, then TUPAC gets rich and gives NOTHING TO THE POOR. Tupac was jealous of Biggie,FUCK BIGGIES WIFE, and then got him KILLED !

    • Troy ..KKK

      Middle eastern people are DESERT NIGGAS


      Blacks should not have power this is fucking America after all

    • Anonymous

      ^ No Palestinians are not numb nuts ^

    • Anonymous

      middle easterns are considered white

    • Anonymous

      Kim K is not white, she is middle eastern / brown. She probably wishes she was, same with Kanye, but neither are.

    • Anonymous

      kanye is a phony.

  • Anonymous

    kanye is to rap what he is to black empowerment.A SET BACK

    • Anonymous

      fuck so called black empowerment . They should be grateful we let them stay here . Blacks should just stay in their lane rapping about everday shit they like . Cars,clothes,bitches

  • Anonymous

    fuck cruel summer its been years nigga!

  • Anonymous

    kanye aint mesin wit her clit...clit...clit...aaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • hey there child

    synths and gay cloths are the new shit if you dont remember the eighties

  • 1word

    Kanye is his own man and dosnt listen to anybody. he gonna be president so jus wach

  • se1user

    Who the #$($ is going to listen to this crap in their car with the windows down? Embarrassing.



  • Greatest Rapper Never

    Kanye you old dirty bitch you! You just hit em with that gangster shit again didn't you! Slapped them ignorant bastards with that shit! Show um who the fuck their mother fuckin daddy is! Their real mother fuckin daddy! The one who really fucked their mother and son'd up all you little ignorant bastards!

  • Whats good nikkuh


  • jerry

    seriously enough of the street sign thing. Who fuckin cares. I'm sure youve walked into something while looking away. THe main point is that he is trying to change and show progression; but we are mostly in agreement that his old style was significantly better. This stuff is pretty weak.

  • asdf

    all of these comments are ignorant as fuck

    • Anonymous

      what you talking bout new slaves is an in depth look into modern African American society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • Anonymous

      yeah like this fool is kickin knowledge

  • Dirty Jerm

    Check out these struggle bars from my new mixtape: You know this Dirty Jerm Just got a perm Tell a bitch, to take my sperm She going to learn, how to suck my worm This Dirty Jerm Tired of bad music, don't listen to my mixtape then.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn't understand a word he said, simplistic rambling, but I did hear Kanye mention white women again. Dude has balls for that I'll give him that, considering the only white women hes been linked to were a bald stripper who said he fucked like a "lazy ape" and a underage groupie. Good luck with fatherhood though kanye, hope the kids yours.. It's normal for a celebrity who's fading to try and go for shock value and that's what kanye been doing for years now but there is no doubt he is fading in to obscurity. Mentioning that the only descent artist on his sorry ass record label left, that dude walks head down in to street signs in front of paparazzi, that a white rapper has outsold his entire musical career with just 1 album is completely unnecessary but I just did it anyways.

    • Man

      You are a fucking idiot, you can't back anything up so you make up stupid shit that people should look into like "sales" when he's been coming in at number one and selling over 400k in his first week everytime. Just shut the fuck up and keep listening to you trash ass Gucci shit.


      white is right

    • nomomommastit

      haaaaaaaaa look at you hoes! how much is this fool breakin you off? not a damn thing but you'll still spring into action right!

    • Truth

      lol.. You're in a dream world. Nobody gives a fuck about this dude, his lyrics are shit and not worth hearing and he can't even deliver them. He's a hypocrite to the largest degree and a fucking poser. Twitters in a shitstorm over ye'? His dumb hoe of a GF has twice as many twitter followers as him not to mention his sales are gonna suck as usual so wtf does that even matter? SNL had him perform cause he's a joke.. And that's all you can defend? What about his whack sales, his hoe girlfriend he's having a kid with, his G.A.R.B.A.G.E label, the fact he loves media attention but snaps on paparazzi when his bitch ass walks head first in to a street sign like a gomer then snaps. He was never big to begin with but he is most def fading, and has been for a while. You're just delusional from suckeling on his pinned nutsack.

    • ....

      Also, he isn't fading. You know someone isn't irrelevant or fading when everything he does gets people riled up. He tweeted "June Eighteen" a couple of weeks back, and sent twitter into a shitstorm.

    • ....

      You are a fucking dipshit if you couldn't hear anything he said. Your ears probably aren't worth shit, so just go ahead and slice them off. If you want to read what he said, he posted the lyrics of twitter. That's if you can read...

  • sh shh sh ha


  • Anonymous

    i like the second one even tho its cming from a hypocrite

  • jerryc

    or better yet, open your mind and listen to something other than hip-hop for a change. This is progression!!"" We like hip hop..thats why were here and thats why we liked his old stuff. It was damn good hip hop. He was pumping about 50 unbelievable songs every year through his production. He can sample pretty easily and make a great song that will last. In a time when Rap lacks great production, we want him to help it. Instead he has changed with the times to this techno half hip hop shit that isnt good. He is so big that he can get the industry back on track and instead he has molded to the new which is far worse than the old.

  • X Drop BOMBS Like Nagasaki

    Faggot music from a faggot artist for a faggot fan base, little girls, wiggers, and corporate "hip" old suits. Fuck outta here with this faggot shit. This queer ain't sending out no message, stupid sheep, he's stirring controversy...controversy=sales. Dumb-ass people, kanye fans, kill yourselves. Faggot has been fabricated since day one. Fuck puppets, real hip hop with real messages stay in the underground. deuces. any who reply, fuck yo momma. haha

    • Anonymous

      I like your response.

    • Anonymous

      kanyes cock tastes great

    • Yeah...

      It's not like DMX went on two different relationship shows, and cried his eyes out. He's not a faggot at all, and if he is, his music more than makes up for it. I mean shit, a dude that raps about fucking a corpse certainly isn't a fag, maybe if he raps 8 struggle bars that consists of girls' names with Cisqo on the hook, he'll look less like a fag. Fuck you queer.

    • Anonymous

      Lord Jamar??lmao

  • po

    p.s. 90% of these comments were bought.....#justsayin in case you aint know so [undisclosed source]

  • po

    this dude and his clique wont be relevant in a few months....... #YOUREADITFIRST

  • Esq.

    Awesome, awesome works. Wow.

  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • tn

    I agree with the comment regarding Kanye transcending hip hop now. No matter what you think about Kanye the man is a genius!!with a capital G. I am glad he has decided to push hip hop in a new direction. He always does. This man may go down as the greatest hip hop artist of all time. He has all the characteristics. An engaging personality, genius level talent,opinionated, . He is a record company's dream and dare I say the epitome of what artist doing an art form should be. He is like a modern day ODB with talent lol!

    • Anonymous

      Talented? Bullshit, my dude. These songs are all sample based and have no bridges no melody and are nothing special as far as chord progressions go. Kanye is a hack.

    • chitown

      I agree with both of you except that kanye is better than Jesus so is obvious that he's better than ODB

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! But ODB? kanye is way ahead of him in creativity and talent!

  • bevis n butt head

    lets go in that mall bevis huhuhuuhhu

  • Anonymous

    It's not hip hop without a sample or a lyric reference. I don't want Ye's opinion I want him to criticize pop culture, gender roles, and race relations but he needs references for that

  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head

    look bevis uhuhhuuhuhuhh

  • Fuck Chicago

    Both tracks are garbage, just like everything he ever did.

  • yeaaahh

    If this album lives up to the hype, which I believe it will, he will become the greatest artist of this era...not jut hip-hop...but greatest artist out of all genres in this era, PERIOD. Everyone who's complaining about the old Yeezy, go listen to his old albums then - or better yet, open your mind and listen to something other than hip-hop for a change. This is progression!!

  • mad nice

    I really liked both of those. hopefully album drops on 6/18


    fa gooood musik check out DIRTY JERM........like him on facebook, download his mixtapes on datpiff

    • Yo

      I just looked up Graye...that nigga is REAL HIPHOP ! No wack ass trap beats.hes anti-swaggots .real freestyles.battles. Connects to Wu-Tang.soulful beats. He reminds me of back in the day Thank for puttin me on

    • Kanye West

      NINO GRAYE > dirty werm


    fa goooooood musik check out DIRTY JERM....like him on facebook, download his mixtapes on datpiff


    fa gooood musik check out DIRTY JERM....like him on facebook, download his mixtapes on datpiff


    tired of bad music....check out DIRTY JERM

    • Anonymous

      Nino Graye > dirty jer lol

    • ....

      Dude, you fucking suck. You're just the usual ignorant rapper. Fuck you and your music, nobody here gives a fuck about it. If I want bad music, I'll be sure to download the pile of shit you call a mixtape. Once again, fuck you.

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      Just did, wow does that dude fuckin suck! Holy shit, I've never heard a worse rapper in my life! DIRTY JERM FUCKING SUCKS!!! And that's coming from The Greatest Rapper Never, so you know DIRTY JERM FUCKING SUCKS!!!

  • Greatest Rapper Never

    How is Kanye gonna wait until he knocks up a white woman and starts living in Beverly Hills to go through this Django Unchained phase? Shouldn't that have been like his second or third phase after nerd and hipster? You just can't go from mainstream sell out to Malcolm X, where is the transitional period? Where is the underlying career arch?? Where is the message???

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      All because I vomit on your face and take a picture of it doesn't make me Pablo Picasso, does it? straight flexin on u hoes man...

    • ETK

      his message may reside in, I dunno, his upcoming album? mo'fucka he got you reeled in if he got you likening him to Malcolm X. Kanye ain't going nowhere.

    • An intelligible black observer

      Jackson Pollack. No. Tracy Emin? Maybe. And no. Don't feel you.

    • Anonymous

      "His "message" has always been pro-black empowerment... his "truth" is we are all slaves to consumerism and capitalism and racial boundaries even/especially kanye himself." ^this they haven't been listening...case been closed...

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      Art? Just because I got shit, blood, piss, and semen all smeared onto my bed sheets every morning doesn't make it a Jackson Pollack. Ya feel me?

    • An intelligible black observer

      The "arch" is called his Art. "sellout" would presume your making art against your morals or will for money. Argue on his morals/or choices but not it's right to exist. Yeezy's art has been consistent in that respect. His "message" has always been pro-black empowerment... his "truth" is we are all slaves to consumerism and capitalism and racial boundaries even/especially kanye himself.

    • Yo

      Ur clearly another retard who does nothing but troll. How is Kanye a sell out? A black man is a black man you fuckin ignoramus. Put down ur People Magazine n listen to the art. Lame ass haters on this site.

  • Emilius

    I guess the soulful , sampled inntrumentals with great Kanye vocals are the past , now we will get only screaming prick on electro beats... I will take 1 Kanye track similar to 2005 era than 100 , 2013 Kanye tracks...

    • Anonymous

      Electro rap shit...so you weren't paying attention to the lyrics?... The production isn't even close to what the fuck ur comparing it to. Shit is dope.fuck wutchu sayin

    • Squiggs Fontaine

      yeah two songs from an album full of bullshit like these two songs... Where the Two Words bear-suit wearing nigga at? Fuck this Mad Max, electro rap shit he on!

    • Kool Herc

      You butt-hurt fans nowadays do nothing but look for something wrong. Y'all are what is killing HIPHOP. For fuck sake it's only 2 tracks....REMEMBER it's only 2 tracks from a whole ALBUM.

    • Trap Beats are for weetahds an

      Same here...

  • Dusthead Fred of Da Vein-Tappers

    I'm shocked Kanye is going so hard at white people!!! Sounds like he's kinda angry that Kim's mood swings been outdoing his...

  • YEEZUS on June 18

    Kanye never disappoints. YEEZUS is guna be album of the year

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      Well you best get to work then cuz that bitch starvin! Damn your lazy ass we need food to eat around this motha fucka! Somebody gotta get a job or some damn thing!

    • YEEZUS on June 18

      Nah bro I work for ya moms pussy....

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      Thanks for the update, are you on salary here at DX or do you just mostly work as a freelance reporter?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kanye West is unoriginal and boring. at lest we are creating original music at YMCMB. our albums always have a different sound. but Mr. Gayfish is just jackin other rappers style. 808s was a Lil Wayne copy. oh and Black Skinhead is a rock song. how original. Lil Wayne made a perfect rock ablum with Rebirth. stop copying him! swag

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      yeezus just said BALDFACE LIE!!! AAAAAAHahahahaha I love these dumb mf's on this site. Just fyi the term is BOLD FACE LIE, not baldface lie. Now that you know the difference, you can see how funny what you said was, can't you?

    • yeezus

      Man Shut the fu*k up everything u just said was a waste of space and a baldface lie.

    • Paulo

      Lil Wayne began to use auto tune extensively after 808's. Also, Rebirth was terrible...... seriously, TERRIBLE.

  • Okay..

    ...If people are thinking Black Skinheads is insanely political, then they didn't listen to or read the lyrics. They only say it's political because of the title. Shit is great though, the album is going to be amazing.

  • The N*gg@ From Anchorage Alaska aka Polar Swag Fresh

    he about to make a softer version of Nas "N**ga" album... both those songs seem to have taken the same content tone of that album!!!

    • Anonymous

      That's hardly a bad thing. Kanye being Kanye chances are he'll get more airplay for the idea, which is hardly a bad thing.

  • QBN

    New Slaves was dope, the other track just sounded like noise.. Kanye is an emo crybaby, but he usually makes good albums so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Judging by these two songs, Kanye's new album is gonna be his most political. And it sounds like another classic.

  • i dont understand

    if kayne has all this hatred for white people..why does he try so hard to be white, and accepted by white people black people dont like kaynes music, shit most black people io know dont even like kayne as a person from the shit he does n says.. hes sellin out who he sold out for bec hes sellin out..again

    • i dont understand

      ok and some white ppl 'dress black' so does that mean this songs for them.. oh yeah i forgot only white ppl are racist black ppl can never be racist or have a sterotype driven at them

    • Critical Thinker

      ^ Most black people.... LOL I guess the song is for you too...

    • meme

      SOME black people dont like his music b/c he is creative. most black people like that flashy lifestyle, gangsta shit. kanye thinks outside the box and makes music most dont do. he doesnt follow the trend of the average rapper.

    • Anonymous

      ^talks white? Dresses white?? LOL Bruh - the NEW SLAVES song is for u

    • i dont understand

      @anon-- shut up ya bum! and @wCwillim- kayne dresses white, talks white except using nigga, dates white woman, hell is rumored to be having a gay affair with a white guy.. goes to all these white ppl themed parties...then diss's white ppl when its convienent for him to do so even tho this song isnt a diss but this song is everything thats wrong with kayne..hes dissin hiimself him and lil wayne wanna be white so bad

    • Cwillim

      Kanye doesn't try to be accepted by white people at all. He never does any press, so all headlines are from paparazzi and rumors. White people just tend to appreciate his music, a lot. Thus, his fan base is largely white.

    • Anonymous

      Boy, shut yo dumb ass up.

  • lol

    kayne cant win.. he wants to be accepted by blacks so much hes makin songs for black folks who wont support his shit..tryna again style on the white man who are pretty much the only support he has..so in turn you diss the race that got you where your at in a culture surrounded by people who hate kaynes music bec its not black enuff and wont spend a dime 2 support him.. does kayne know wtf hes doing anymore?

  • dora the explora

    1 plus 4 is 22. 1 plus 4 is 22. 1 plus 4 is 22. 1 plus 4 is 22.

  • death to pop stars

    Did any of you ever think that maybe Kanye isnt a genius and you all are just stupid sheep? think about it!

  • ...

    Black Skinhead is dope. New Slaves is dope. Album is going to be great.

  • Garvey

    Black Skinhead? New Slaves? Thank Yeezy' Take em to church

    • Marcus Garvey

      Bruh...If you google my name and reference you might learn something... Which other Pop artist is dealing with these topics? Yeezy came full circle...

    • Anonymous

      thank yeezy wat the hell is a yeezy sounds like something u get in-between ur nut sack. as for church he couldn't take u there even if he had a map ? CANT RAP NEVER COULD STICK TO THE WHITE WOMAN THAT YOU HATE

    • Anonymous

      you must be a sucker ,this is not hop hip ,its just look at me im kayne pls suck my cock lol

  • SMH

    any nigga in here that think new slaves is about the black struggle and uppin black ppl are to simple to understand the lyrics..listen closer dont just read the title and think u know what the songs about..niggas need books


    Kanye is rebelling against the system like you guys are getting pussy. HE'S NOT! PROPHET

  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    News Slaves is a hot record, no denying that at all. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good videos and stuff on there

  • nignog

    new slave is just awful, terrible lyrics and an even worse beat. black skinheads sounds nice but really isn't anything impressive. i felt like kanye reached an all time high with MBDTF, but now he is obviously out of ideas and trying to be edgy. his lyrics were never that important because of his good voice and decent flow but if he wants his real fans to keep supporting him he needs to continue with the magic he found on twisted fantasy. at least go back to the soul days of his earlier releases.

  • Trollhunter 101


    • well

      until black ppl learn to rhyme more words and phrases than. 'real nigga, kilo, mob boss, gangster, all i do is sell drugs and pussy' then maybe ppl will listen 2 yall again ps half the rappers in the game only touched drugs when it was getin passed around the circle 2 enjoy

  • kanye is glam pop

    fucking trash. somebody remove this fags vocal cords and fingers please.

  • lil queers luv kanye


    • Jolene Blades

      Lady Gaga and Kanye should record a collaborative album. Seriously. It would be absolutely awesome, and they would complement each other perfectly.

    • Dude?

      So you love Lady Gaga? You like staring at chicks with dicks?

  • IMhO

    damn the 1st joint sounds hot to that beat is just wild..kayne might be back on his rap shit full go.. its nice 2 see

  • IMhO

    new slaves is crazy. that songs gonna b hot..nice beat somethin nice 2 listen 2..now if he just acts normal n not an emotional bitch i could fuck w him more

    • IMhO

      i just said i liked it ..LOL but your right media does cover celebs alot and wether your a person who cares or not you see inside their livess..and kayne more so than any other celeb acts like a bitch

    • Anonymous

      Why does someones personal life affect the way you view music. If you like his music than just like it. These days the media is too much into the personal life of people and now people base their opinions on stuff they shouldn't even know. If he has good music in your eyes than like it.

  • Rizzy Ravn

    New slaves sounds epic

  • Bigger than rap

    Fuck a rapper, Kanye is probably one of the best artists of ths era.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I talked with an angel the other day and apparently Heaven is pure chaos and hell is order and structure. Think about that guys.

  • Anonymous

    Now more hyped for this than I was already. As a young, white, OPEN-MINDED music fan this could be a very interesting album, both from a musical and lyrical POV.

  • bevis n butt head


  • mxxx4z


  • j dirty

    Pusha T is better....

    • Joe

      Pusha T is a washed up, monotone, same subject every song, can't produce, can only write drug raps rapper.

  • Anonymous

    ALL this guy is doing is spreading more hatred and racism!! Thats what the illuminati does... "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS"

    • Anonymous

      You talking about the racist man who is marrying an Armenian? His previous girlfriend was half-white, has songs with Adam Levine, makes albums with Fiona Apple's producers....He obviously hates white folks.

    • Nigga is u crazy?

      Fuck outta here with that religious non existent bullshit. Shouldn't you be in church right now fuck boy?

    • WAKUP777

      Typical ignorant idiot, doesn't deny Kanye being a racist hat filled puppet, you go and attack "christians"like there the only religion. Maybe you should read a book. REAL CHRISTIANS spread love, SATANIC assholes like devil worshipping kanye love god too.. except KANYES GOD = Gold Oil Drugs WAKE UP

    • Anonymous

      christians and religion have caused more wars than any other group on the planet. stop being a hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    no thanks!!!!!!!!! Atleast he talks about NEW WORLD ORDER.. SATANIC FUCK

  • Anonymous

    since hiphopdx always getting everything 'via ddotomen' i'm just going to go there from now on

  • Steven

    dude in the background going ham lol

  • dark111

    unoriginal, trash lyrics

    • Beez Nasty

      "Un-original"?? You are fucked up in the head son! This is as original as you can get. Yeezy will tear down the music industry again....So fuckin dope!

  • Fresco

    Black Skin Heads was tough as hell. This album is gonna be crazy.

  • Anonymous

    this makes me laugh because kanye is the whitest rapper out and most of his fan base are white

  • Anonymous

    New Slaves sounds fucking dope as fuck! Can't wait for the CDQ of it!

  • flex

    Ye is the greatest ever

  • amaterasu

    black music for black people

    • lol

      nice like any of yallgonna go support him n buy his shit anyways..lol screamin all this black this n shit not one of you in here gonna go buy it.

    • lol

      ps in new slaves..the guys callin black ppl idiots pretty much..pay attention..

  • amaterasu

    black power. the crackas gon hate this

    • lol

      well it is but it has more 2 do with black ppljust being stupid aka buyin anything thats poppin and sold 2 them instead of being themselves

    • lol

      the only thing whiteppl are laughin at is your comment..just bec the word slave is in a song doesnt mean its about black ppl lmfao..simple fuck

  • DefRx

    Worse than I thought it would be. College Dropout and Late Registration are still good. Everything since has been a close approximation to garbage.

  • 777

    This album is gonna be uncomfortable as hell for white dudes.

    • Anonymous

      not in the slightest Didn't you know the best rapper is white? Nobody listens to what Kanye says, he's been steadily declining for years. Fathering KIM K's child was icing on the cake(probably not even his kid) and the only white women he's been linked to were a bald stripper who said he fucked like a lazy ape and underage groupies

  • bevis n butt head