Ol' Dirty Bastard's Widow Explains Rock The Bells Conflict

Exclusive: Icelene Jones says she wants to work out her differences with Rock The Bells, but is willing to proceed with additional legal action, if needed.

Ol' Dirty Bastard's widow Icelene Jones has not been contacted by Rock The Bells, putting the late rapper's "appearance" at the festival's forthcoming summer run in jeopardy. Rock the Bells revealed at its press conference Tuesday (May 14) that it plans to add a new wrinkle to its shows this year by having "original digital performances" of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard with Wu-Tang Clan and the late Eazy-E with his proteges Bone thugs-n-harmony

Jones says she has filed a cease and desist against Rock The Bells in order to prohibit the use of ODB's image at Rock The Bells this year. At press time, Jones says that she had not been contacted by Rock The Bells regarding the issue and that she has not spoken to the RZA in about a week

"I’m the administrator [of ODB’s estate] and the only authority to give anyone permission to do anything like this—any likeness, any music," Icelene Jones says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "They need to come to me. I’m so available. I’m accessible. I’m easy to contact. I just want to make that understood. I’m a nice person. It’s just that people are doing things without my knowledge."

Rock The Bells provided the following statement to HipHopDX: "We are aware of the cease and desist order and will release a more in-depth statement next week. It’s our goal and desire to do this virtual performance the correct way; it’s important for all parties to feel right and good about this, so we are working on it."

Despite her issues with Rock The Bells, Icelene Jones says that she does not want to stop ODB from appearing at the concert series. "I know it’s something the fans would like," says Icelene Jones, who says she heard about ODB's appearance at the festival through the media. "I don’t want to stop anything like that. Bringing him back to life again—it would be a beautiful thing to give the fans what they want. I don’t want control or anything like that. Me and my children should be a part of it. If they really want to do it they really need to come to us and approach us respectfully."

Icelene says she has an issue with Rock The Bells because the festival had been working with ODB's mother, Cherry Jones, to coordinate his appearance at its concerts. But Icelene Jones says that ODB's mother should have put Rock The Bells in touch with her. "She should automatically let them know that [her] daughter-in-law in the is the administrator," Icelene says. Icelene and Cherry Jones went to court in 2004 for control of ODB's estate. It was awarded to Icelene.

There's also a financial component to Icelene's rift with Rock The Bells. ODB's son Young Dirty Bastard said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX that he and Icelene need to be involved in each stage of the entire process of ODB's appearance at Rock The Bells. "We want all of the control," he says. "I would love to see the contract with the paper on it. The money, that’s big business. We talking about money, that’s capitalization. We definitely want full control and authority over that."

Icelene Jones says she hopes that the issue is resolved, but she says she is willing to file an injunction if needed. "We just want to tie up the loose ends that we can all agree on and have everyone come together and work together to make this happen," she says. "My husband had a wife and children. They need to respect that and that’s all. Any man or any woman would understand that. All they have to do is contact us and we can all work together."


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  • nabiscostu

    "Jacques Coustea could never get this low." R.I.P. O.D.B.

  • www.marlosbeats.com

    I agree with her...Rock The Bells better not screw this up. marlosbeats.com

  • Anonymous

    wu tang is for the children

  • Anonymous

    ODB's estate - don't own or his control of masters or the use of them. They gona be disappointed real soon...

  • wow

    Chang is coming across as a snake. Leave the man alone, its beyond fucked up to pretend like its some sort of resurrection when its just pretty much video game motion capture and a high resolution model. Some dude just pushing a play button to rake in the dough. how are they gonna capture the essence and the mind of the unpredictable ODB.

  • Ms. McGirt

    Another sign of how shitty hip hop is these days: we have to bring back artists from the dead to sell shows. Party on, Wayne.

  • Bitch Please

    He started paying child support to this chick in 1997. Evidently he / she never filed for divorce, so she's only his wife in a legal sense, but they weren't together for damn near 7 years before his death. This woman just wants money.

  • Mike

    So.......she is saying she wants to get paid as if he would get paid if he was alive and would be at the show......Money brings out the ignorance in people let em the show free is all i would do.

    • Mike

      The son said its big business whats big about it so how bout this the rest of the WU perform play ODB verses with lighters lit and she gets NOTHING

    • mike jack

      I thouroughly disagree with that statement. Rock the bells are going to get paid, why not the mans family. I will agree only to the degree that fighting over the estate is not the best move, but i dont know their personal business, and i have no interest in it. I too am a fan of the late great ODB, but why should a corporation make money off a man and not his family because a fan feel it is wrong. Who the heck are we to determine. Last word C.R.E.A.M.....

  • You're Fired

    Yeah, she seems really desperate. Give the estate over to his mom anyway! Who cares if Rock The Bells wants to use his likeness in a hologram. STFU before i put my foot in ur a$$

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for that insightful comment Troller. And in caps even.


    there s a new dirty in town D I R T Y J E R M Dirty Jerm check him out fa da new insane shyt yo

  • Anonymous

    "his image is the business, his music, every body else is gonna" Wrong again tiny. The business was his old catelog. Granted, they're using his image, but you act like this stupid hologram is the entire show. There are other artists there. Point being, what is the family expecting exactly? So the promoters give them a few thousand, if that. That's about it. Next time keep your mouth shut on affairs that don't concern you.



  • Beast coast

    Money talks and this is an example. Good day folks.

  • Anonymous

    i love odb but i dont want some fake ass hologram, its disrespectful. fuck it why dont we bring jesus back then we can just watch old videos of him if need be

  • Anonymous

    "The money, thats big business. We talking about money, thats capitalization. We definitely want full control and authority over that." Full control lol Of what? Where to put the digital image? Once again, another rapper leaves his family without adequate means, and now they have to do stuff like this in hopes of cashing in on his name. It's pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      where to put it are u that dumb, its obvious you dont know shit about the entertainment buisness, his image is the business, his music, every body else is gonna rape his image for their pocket it sounds as if they tried some underhanded shit they are trying to pocket performance money that is due to her so I understand her actions

  • Dizzle

    Money hungry bitch.