Pennsylvania Teen Loses Michigan State Football Scholarship Due To Rap Career

A local star athlete is stripped of his football scholarship after choosing to instead focus on his rap career.

After receiving a scholarship to Michigan State University, Pennsylvania teen and local star athlete Jay Harris’ dreams of pursuing a career in Hip Hop have resulted in the Downingtown East football player and high school senior being stripped of his scholarship to the East Lansing, Michigan school.

According to Philadelphia’s The Inquirer, a Michigan State spokesperson stated that the decision to pass on Harris’ scholarship to the college was a “mutual” one. Harris even shared that the decision to pursue a rap career was one that he’s pondered over for quite some time.

“I’ve always had this in the back of my head, but never had the courage to tell my parents that this is what I want to do,” the teen athlete revealed to The Inquirer.

Harris, who goes by the stage name Jay DatBull, is currently preparing for the June 1 release of his album and also has plans on linking with Cleveland producer M. Stacks in the near future. M. Stacks has worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller and reportedly reached out to the teen personally.

“I try to take advantage of every opportunity I get, and for him to like my music and reach out to me, I really appreciated that,” said Harris.

The accompanying video to Harris’ single “DatBull 4 Life” can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    Follow your dreams mate. Regardless its what makes you happy in life not others. Props for taking such a huge step with High Risks, comes High rewards. Best of luck


    look at it this way: if his rap career doesn't work out this time around, he can attend community college, get a degree, and become an intern weed carrier like spliff star

  • Anonymous

    lmao dis nigga fuckin garbage shoulda stayed wit football

  • Fuck Pennsylvania

    LMAO nigga should have stuck on football cause he sucks at rapping

  • Anonymous

    as for education, we should all know everybody doesn't learn, they just want to pass, plenty of graduates out here broke as well as ged'ers getting good money stop talking down to him and talk to him

  • Larry Gordon

    Okay, I'm not sure why this dude didn't think he could do both. I played football in college and I knew two dudes who rapped. If you don't have the understanding of how valuable education is you do dumb shit like this. So, what did he say "Save your thousands of dollars I want to not get a free education and talk about an unrealistic depiction of life." What you mean you want to rap and not go to school, this is the dumbest dude ever, what's his twitter name, it's not too late Imma talk some sense into him.

  • Anonymous

    It's sad how messed up this young mans priorities are. Hopefully there is someone in his life that can help steer him on the right path. He obviously needs a lot of guidance.

    • Anonymous

      you may be right, but i think of all football players on scholarship that went pro from msu and decided i can't choose sides but i checked the video and realized he's an old soulja boy fan

  • Anonymous

    That's real life, people. You can't get a scholarship and not take school seriously. If anyone fucked up here, it's the "rapper".

  • Skes

    He's on DatBullShit music

  • Wait a Minute...

    let me add, I know what its like to get a free education. I got a scholarship to get my MSW and there was no way i was sabotaging that. Its a shame that no one sees the value in education anymore. Its not about getting a great job, its about broadening your horizon and continuing to learn about life, yourself and to open doors and create opportunities for oneself. As a black man I will say that some young blacks make it so easy for other races and ethnicities to succeed.The young blacks now arent competing for anything but a rep and some hood credibility.

  • Wait a minute...

    This kid is fucking idiot plain and simple. Where were his parents, family and coaches to help guide him, however you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink. At the same time, didnt Big Sean give up a scholarship to the University of Michigan to pursue music as well?...but anyway This kid gets the dummy of the millenium award.

  • WoW

    Rofl!!!! This guy sucks!!!! He passed on millions just to be broke? The "lyrics" suck so bad and lets not get started on the video. This is why hip hop is dead. If people pay close attention every "rapper" talks about the same ideas. -money,cars,hoes,booty,sex,money,drugs,chains,guns,strippers and More money- all to a different beat. The "music" now has no meaning. I had to convert to other forms of music because All rappers from 2003- present are frauds of the 80s and 90. Females included (cough, cough) niki minaj- "I am you leader" rofl Sike!! Maybe the leader of K-12th grade... :-/

    • Anonymous

      how did he pass on millions...hasn't even practiced a lick to make the michigan state team...athletes on scholarships ride the sideline too...never get drafted...guess who wasn't paying attention...lmao

  • loso

    Why this guy hanging out in a tree house?

  • Soul

    This is just plain shameful. Kid just threw his life away.

  • firehawk17

    ok he is either dope as hell or plain stupid... im going for the latter... nothing could stop him from rapping.. he could still record while playing football and possibly make it to the NFL... have financial security and selling records...smh...his parents must have looked at him and said you've got to be dumber than a athlete without a prenup... just a waste

  • Anonymous

    hes comin up like soulja & lil b

  • Chozo Ninpo

    This is by far one of the stupidest decisions that someone can make.

  • Teef

    Is this what the game has come to. In the end, this is a very stupid decision, maybe the dumbest decision of the year. He should be tried in court for a class 1 felony. But......he is a young and dumb kid who was misled somewhere by someone. Judging from the video and song, he's not a good rapper, but....when has not being a good rapper stopped people from getting signed these days. He could have easily used his scholarship to advance in the music industry with a major of his choosing at one of the top division 1 schools in the country. From the looks of the video, he probably would have got kicked out for failing a drug test, so he probably did us black folks a favor by turning down the scholarship cuz Lord knows we don't need that drama. It's sad he will look back at this decision one day and realize what a dumb ass mistake he made, so let this be a lesson to the rest of us to lead the generation under us on the right path.


    A smart young person would have thought, "Free education. Hmmm. I can go to college on a football scholarship, major in music, red shirt my first year (therefore spending 5 years on campus), and start my MBA during my 5th year. Play football AND prepare for my music career basically for FREE!!!" SMH.

  • dazeone

    Im from Philly and my bro lives up there ..he like my neohews age ..never heard of this cat on power 99 or 107.9..he is crazy ..he could have went to school and still rhymed ...He couldn't have been my son ..iIwould have beat him like the dude with the belt for his nephew with the gang signs..dude beat and rhymes are weak

  • Anonymous

    So you passed up a chance at football to be a part of a industry that is bleeding to death?? IF you had made it to the NFL the football fans wouldnt be able to download your games for free and take money out your pocket, alot of these rap niggas broke as fuck in spite of what they tell you in they songs,.... Your a fucking idiot and I hope DX keeps following this story to show the world what happens when you throw away oppurtunity to chase a pipe dream

  • Mr.RapGuy

    This guy a dumbass!

  • joja

    If thats a mirror of society, society sucks...



  • maleek

    MY NIGGA SMFH. u gave up a perfect football scholarship for this smfh. no disrespect G but u aint shit, things aint gonna go to well for u

  • chillthrills

    damn!!!,,he could of went to school,,,learned more about the music business,,came in the game with a better since of judgement,,,the weed be tellin niggas lies,,duke your music,,is non cipher kid somebody slap fire out of young dude,,,tell him to knock it off,,,,get that education,,,,,he trying to rap for the wrong reasons,,,all the bitches are in college he could of built his fan base in there,,,but nooo!,,wack rappers influence other wack rappers,,,,he isnt thinking right,,,,somebody sit this kid down and build with him,,,lord knows he needs it

  • Anonymous

    chief keef and the grown up crack babies got these niggaz all thinkin this is music! This is why the culture of hip hop is truly failing. Them old white boys in them sharp suits are rubbing there hands together laughing like dr.claw!

  • Anonymous

    the weed do went to this niggaz head=Ignorance is bless

  • really

    i cant even read the comments to this yet before i make the STATEMENT YOU FUCKED YOUR LIFE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cunnin

    You might want to rethink that decision.

  • Anonymous

    Hollllly shit ifigured for him to pass on a scholarship hed be sick...i was fuckin wrong.

  • Anonymous

    "i try to take advantage of every oppurtunity I get...except for a scholarship to play football."

  • Jason

    That's gotta be the first time I've seen a rap video with a tree house scene in it.

  • Bawse Dawg

    Jay DatBull >Tupac *throws on DatBull 4 Life white tee* *smokes weed in a car* *ditches scholarship* *is a bawse dawg*

  • Anonymous

    you guys are being harsh...this guy's just as talented as kanye if not more

  • Anonymous

    they prolly passed after they seen this video...smh. young nigganeed to focus and try to make it to tha league so he cud start his own fukin label! fuk startin from the bottom if u got Div.1 talent! (those opportunities dont normally come around twice)

  • BP

    it says teen athlete in the article right? he barely looks 18 alright. his dad or his momma for that matter must be introducing him to their leather belts every afternoon for this shit! smh! niggas would kill for a scholarship, he throws it away to smoke blunts in a car and spit like soulja boy's understudy. my lord

  • STFUUIgnants

    Lets see, he chooses a career harder to succeed at, plus politics plays a major role, also most artists get bent over. When he couldve chose a career he could control with his talent (barring injury) plus less likely to get bent over AND he couldve simutaneously kept making music, maybe left football after he was SURE his career was going to take off. How much thought did he put in this?

  • Anonymous

    lmfao..... what a dumbass nigga. he sucks at rapping...

  • Mastadon

    Why is the title of this article so negative? He didnt lose anything he CHOSE to take another path. always with the negative outlook

  • Anonymous

    is that a white guy in that video smoking with him?

  • call

    some self sacrificial shit here devotes himself to his higher power this looks caked up too get some better evidence

  • GFK

    He could of done both I think

  • Anonymous

    stupid motherfucker... someone shoulda told him not to quit his day job

  • bkstylz

    In other words, this nigga wasn't ready to give the trees up.

  • Liam

    shut the fuc up the kid said he always wanted to tell his parents but couldnt say maybe he was playing but didnt have his heart in it...he is chasing his dream get of his nuts

  • this just in.

    in 10 years when he realizes he fucked up hes gonna join the nfl concussion lawsuit

  • Brandon

    5% of the worlds population has a bachelors degree and he just gave away a free ride to obtain one.

    • Anonymous

      Degrees don't mean shit? Bullshit. They open doors. It might not even be the door your degree is in, but it does open doors. Your better off with than not. You can make it without, sure, but it make making it a little easier. Just saying.

    • Anonymous

      nobody has a degree because they aren't real

    • Anonymous

      ask all the unemployed people with degrees if they think getting that degree was worth the cost. Degrees dont mean shit these days.

  • Nuff said...

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....*Face palm* talk about dumb decisions! Poor decision for sooooooo many reasons. But he younger so i guess he gotta learn the hard way...smh. I feel bad.....good luck to him.

  • Damn

    Shoulda went for the football....

  • Stevie B

    Its sad how people are gonna just fuck up their future like this. My video is a masterpiece compared to this and it wasn't even high budget. Just the right talent involved with it. Do check it out. Peace from India

  • Anonymous

    They really need to fix all these concussions.

  • Greatest Rapper Never

    If I'm the Greatest Rapper Never then this boy is the Worst Rapper Ever!!! EVER!

  • Anonymous

    i blame chief keef

  • Anonymous

    while i don't think he should give up on rap, if he's good enough to play ball, he should just do that as well as possible and fall back on rap. he'd at least have somewhat of an angle too, similar to j.cole

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is least he had the balls to make a choice that was unconventional shout out to him. MAKE DIFFERENT AND BETTER MUSIC!!!

    • lolq

      yeah lets shout out a nigga who just tossed away a D1 scholarship to a beast school for a 'rap' career lmao.. this deserves the donkey of the day award

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking idiot.... His and his bum ass friends probably steal all of the music they listen too.... Hip Hop fans don't buy music... Bum ass niggas can't afford $10. So who the fuck is going to buy this bullshit? Another clown gives up on going to college to be a follower! SMFH! #Fail!!!!

    • nah..

      niggas can afford 10.. its just who the fuck wanna spend money on the bullshit comin out now adays..normal ppl work 2 hard to throw money away on a keef or wayne album

  • Anonymous

    u all act like he chose to rap instead of taking the scholarship

    • lol

      i think the guys being sarcastic..

    • ro

      fuckin idiot... im a rapper my damn self and even i wouldnt do this dumb shit and fuck off my future for some maybe money and he aint even good... but he smoking weed on camera like a dumbass... i can understand if he had some legit notoriety like he talkin wit meek mill and ross about mmg this nigga said m.stack... WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!!!! AND A PRODUCER TAKES MONEY OUTTA YO POCKET NOT PUT IT IN U IDIOT!!! OMG MY PPL MY PPL

    • Anonymous

      Do you know what "mutual" means dick head? SMFH!

  • d-nucks

    Of course general consensus is that this niggaz is a idiot. But i do give him props for having the balls and faith and stepping out trying to achieve his dreams. I hope it works out....cause if it dosent...and he finds himself struggling for 99 cent junior bacon cheese burgerS ,and he has to resort to working at a movie theatre or some shit.......he might kill himself. He won't be able to even watch football...especially when michigan state is on tv....and he sitting around in a popeyes chicken uniform with greasy nikes ,dusty from the chicken batter.....LMAO

  • paper like HammerMill

    O_o this nygca's friends are the worst...turned down possible NFL entourage money for struggle rap entourage money? only in PA LOL

    • 2nPac

      Or better yet...use that D1 scholarship to get a fuckin degree and have something to fall back on. Not no hood dream.

    • Anonymous

      that nigga not going to the league he better off using whatever money he get off this lame idea to hire friends as shooters are something...

  • Anonymous

    lmao at the white dude in the background throwin up signs

  • Prick James

    I'm throwing up if this nigga spittin

  • Anonymous

    damn...he skipped out on football for that?...somwhere deep inside i was hoping this nigga would sound like Nas...I bet his parents are sick......

  • Anonymous

    If this nigga makes it ima start raping.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef all over again, this kid doesn't have Don't Like tho ....

    • Anonymous

      chief keef gave up a sports scholarship? damn dat nigga talented... lol if that's the case, you hater lames must hate yourselves

  • cross

    loll dis nigga sucks. go back to playing football and hit the books retard.


    porchmonkey: = questlove Posted7 hours ago | Reply flyptondahonkey: questlovedamonkey Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: jajajajajajajajajajaja!!!! Posted7 hours ago Anonymous: seriously tthis nigga ugly. Posted8 hours ago | Reply excerpt from native son: his black ass should shave he look like some creature from zaire or congo kinshahsa Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: fuckin racist. Posted8 hours ago excerpt from native son: quest the monkey man Posted8 hours ago | Reply excerpt from native son: MOMMY! HE LOOKS LIKE AN APE> Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: wow! chicken out of everything. black people are making me ashamed. wasn't mary j blade singing crispy chicken the other day on saturday night life and nas did a song called i love fried chicken. smh Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: ugly ass porch monkey. Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: jimmy fallon: how are u today, bushy baboon ?love: Good, as long as get my crispy drum sticks with some ananas Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: this nigga look like a monkey. Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: they should use mary j blige for their commercial. lol! Posted8 hours ago | Reply bonzo's boss: i was at the zoo at the monkey place and i had a bucket of drumsticks which i was sharing with my girl. my girl in her hysteria knocked the bucket into the place where the monkeys were before i could say ?love the drumsticks had disappeared, bones and everything. my girl was like "now i know why black ppl love chicken" MARY J. BLIGE: (singing) sweet fried chicken!! CH-CH-CHickken!! I love my sweet fried chicken, soft as it can be!!! Posted8 hours ago | Reply Anonymous: doesn't he look like a morch ponkey Posted8 hours ago | Reply

  • Bene the OG

    ctfu, fail. hes wack as shit.

  • Anonymous

    He prolly smoked his first blunt over the summer and thats was where this decision manifested.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite line in the song. "Im ripping tracks up like a beats and i got words like a poet."

  • Anonymous

    questlove is still a porch monkey. check out they have some good stuff too.

  • David

    Live your dream bro. Fuck the haterz. YOLO

  • Anonymous

    Just another example of today's misguided youth. The ignorance of the people reflecting the ignorance of the music.


    Uh...Rapping isn't a career. You just do it. You might make some money, you might never see a dime...but money or fame should never be a goal for doing it anyway. It's just and option you choose to take or not from it. I wish rappers only made 40k a year from doing it and this shit would be fixed instantly. People are blindly following anything that looks like it can get you famous now and days...Sad

  • Anonymous

    His mama must be so proud.

  • gnigga_pleeze

    urban culture is destructive. he had an opportunity to make something of himself with skills god gave him, but decided to pass on that opportunity so he could follow a dream he has no natural talent in, and nothing that will make him stand out of the other 10 million black teens that think they are capable of being famous rappers. of course, he could have gone to college AND written raps on the side, but then his gangster image would be compromised. fuckin idiots man i swear.

    • Cadet Jones

      Key words "college and written raps". Even if not NFL bound he still could have gotten a degree in something, being that he would have had to pick up a major anyway, "AND written raps". Some people just don't think that far and it hurts to see.

    • Anonymous

      lmao...what ever made you think he was nfl bound...

  • rick

    if he was smart; he would have kept this part of himself under wraps but he is wack anyway so who cares. another soulja boy prodigy.

  • The F

    what a clown... shouldve went to school, get good education and be set for life!

  • wowwhatafail

    total fail. never gonna hear from this "bull" again. rather listen to soulja boy sing opera then hear this clown rap

  • dentaldamboy

    Only rappers to sell fewer units than this scrub are Puhsa T and Theodopolis London.

    • Just Think...

      ...this nigga would fit in perfectly with all the other wack niggas at YMCMB. Once he kisses Wayne on the lips he's in....that's how you got in, right?

  • ETK

    I really hope this kid knows what he's doing I guess he didn't consider the option to keep playing football, get yourself a Mac, a microphone and start spitting in your campus room?? was that not enough for him to consider? damn

  • Young Lou

    Good luck young man. I think you f*cked up big time but go with yo heart

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad he isn't wasting Michigan State's money... now they can spend it on someone that will actually care about the program... kid looks stupid anyway

  • philly!!

    This will be the last time we ever hear of Jay Harris...way to go dumbass.



  • Anonymous

    hey why those he get to be featured on Hiphopdx, for his football skills?

  • Anonymous

    take the scholarship if you care anything being at pro at something and thats football!

  • JD

    What a dumb shit. You could get an education and rap. That would be the smart thing to do. Have a fucking backup plan.

  • Anonymous

    keep you scholarship hip hop aint for you!

  • Anonymous

    who told this dude he got a chance at rap!

  • Tapeworm

    its not cool to be a rapper anymore look at retards like soulja boy gucci mane chief keef riff raff and v-nasty, anyone can get a record deal but not anyone can be a pro athlete

  • anonymous

    I don't see why he couldn't have do both. If he doesn't want to play football, fine. If he is giving up football ONLY to rap he is making a terrible decision.

  • Anonymous

    the song is terrible BUT, since he got all this exposure from turning down the scholarship, he'll be able to make a career off of haters like soulja boy and lil b. his video's already got 90,000 views and then if he's gotta a label pushing him.... all you people are gonna help prove yourselves wrong, watch

  • Brookyln


  • Ali.

    What college are you dummies at? Exactly your on the internet blogging lifeless taking shit so serious wow its his life bro.

    • Anonymous

      Well i'm a college graduate you imbecile. Why would you make a ridiculous sweeping statement like that ?

    • dis guy

      @ali is fuckin dumb lmfao. the internet is used to colleges to. how you know people dont blog from college..idiots think people on the internet are on the internet bec their bums..dont take the time to realize the internet is used all over america including college students.. which i am. smfh

    • IMhO

      so bec people are on a website (which is used by everyone in america) that means people are in college or dumb..sit all the way down

  • smh


  • Anonymous

    Please tell me this is a joke....

  • Anonymous

    IDIOT. Fucking idiot. I'm so mad at this IDIOT.

  • Anonymous

    what a fucking idiot

  • IMhO

    and hes wack..OUCH! who the fuck is his life advisor?!?!

  • wowl

    dumb nigga!! hes gonna regret that when he seens people from his school his age being drafted and making millions while hes still tryna get a record deal and pop like millions of other people are tryna do in the rap world..smfh again dumb nigga

    • wowl

      even if he didnt make it to become an athlete.. he could of used the time to get a degree so if all else failed hed be able to become successful in the real world.. some ppl like you just have to small a brain to see the big/long term picture in life.

    • wowl

      how many people you see get a D1 scholarship to michigan state to be a star athlete.. now how many people you see try to become rappers?..actually you sound pretty stupid

    • You Sound Dumb!!

      Making it in the nfl wasn't a sure thing either.. millions of ppl try to make the nba nfl etc.. so you sound stupid

  • Juvens

    Those people are not your friends young man they're probably supporting your rap career because they've been waiting on your downfall

  • Anonymous

    oh dear oh dear...

  • Tank

    If that was my son oh LAWD who knows what I am gonna do to his ass. There is no way in hell you would be able to come tell me that shit.... Oh sure son I will support you no matter what... YEAH RIGHT.... I will be like boy if you don't take that scholarship. MOVE OUT AND GET YOUR OWN PLACE.... hope you can take care of yourself.

    • Daniel

      If he was nice on the mic I would have no problem with his decision. But he is giving up a free education (which he prolly could have gotten into some classes that could've helped his rapping) for this silly shit. Homie this was more than likely a huge mistake if this is your sound.

    • werd

      cosign. esp the moving out part

  • Tank

    What a DUMB ASS!!! Whats wrong with these young guys now these days. How you gonna pass up a Scholarship just because you want to be a rapper. What he should have done is take the scholarship still play football and do the rap thing on the side in case the football career doesn't work out. Kids don't have any idea how hard it is to sell album now these days. Bad MOVE Jay Harris. I sure hope you make it in the music business cuz if you don't you are gonna regret it for the rest of your life.


    LOL this jerkoff has ZERO future in music...what an idiot...he's gonna be on suicide watch in 10 years mark my words

  • GeecheeBoi

    yeah he real dumb for that shoulda went to school try to get to the nfl then rap dumb ass

  • This generation is doomed

    Please DX let this be some sort of trolling, this article and accompanying video are tools conducted by your editors to troll us while we work...please please....

  • Anonymous

    His chances of going to school are over I mean smoking blunts live. Doesnt seem to bright to me

  • OUCH!

    this is sad sad news, this kid got a golden ticket and he messed it up with wanting to be a rapper, he can do that in his spare time. going to college specially Michigan State University is an honor.

  • Hahahahahahaha

    Should have stayed in school.

  • Hahahahahahaha

    Should have stayed with the football.


    3:26 of my life I would like to have back. And his parents should beat his dumb ass daily for making bullshit music over getting an education

  • GoReadABook

    haha....god damn. See what you did Chief Keef?

  • sweetmeat

    Fuck wrong wit that boy

  • Castro