Goodie Mob Reunion Documented In "The Cee Lo Life"

Cee Lo Green gets a new reality show on TBS with "The Cee Lo Life," which is set to follow him as he and the rest of the Goodie Mob work on their new album, "Age Against The Machine."

Longtime supporters of the Goodie Mob will be treated to "The Cee Lo Life," a new reality television program set to document the group's reunion, according to the Hollywood Reporter and FUSE.  

Reports indicate that the series will follow Goodie Mob as they prepare to release their reunion album, Age Against the Machine

Michael Wright, head of programming at TBS, talked about the show, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter

"This new TBS series will give viewers the chance to get to know Cee Lo Green, who is without a doubt one of the hardest working men in show business. 'The Cee Lo Life' is certain to be a smart, fun and funny journey packed with a lot of great music," Wright noted. 

Goodie Mob's Age Against the Machine will be out June 18, as reported in early April. Last year, Cee Lo spoke about the group's reunion, saying that they were "never separate from each other completely." 

The group originally formed in 1991. It consists of four members, Cee Lo, Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo. They released sevaral albums together, including their debut, 1995's Soul Food. However, in 2004, Cee Lo left the group to pursue a solo career. The group then released One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show. After years apart, their reunion album was originally meant to be called We Sell Drugs Too and it was meant to be released in 2011. Those plans were changed and now it appears Age Against the Machine will be out in June

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  • Kris

    Remember when Ceelo actually had a soul? Can you believe that the same guy who kicked... "The relentless realism regardless represents South West goes out possess the manifest that's heaven sent What's said is meant to the fullest extent No nonsense because my conscience wouldn't be content For just a little wealth, a little fame But your mind-frame will keep you living the same And it's a shame that niggas would settle with the ghetto, huh Hoes and some clothes that ain't makin what you suppose Cause your eyes close to what your contract shows in fine print, they gotta get back every cent you spent You content cuz, you do what everybody does The industry don't change you from the person you was Knee-deep in the struggle Two part-time jobs to juggle Gotta lady and a seed that you can't hardly feed Any day your life could end So you depend on the reciting and the writing When you got the spare time to spend To keep you stable, hopin one day you'll be able To be a commodity on somebody's record label Got your chance, twenty thousand dollar advance And a car, and all of a sudden you a star at the bar ballin Callin the waiter to bring one of they finest wines Then you started snortin lines Your life defines the misconception of stayin down You can't be influenced by everybody you hang round You shoulda been more appreciative of the life that you were blessed to live A hundred percent is what you got to give Cos ain't no tellin, your bullshit start smellin And you wonder why your record ain't sellin no more, endin up with no dough and no respect back in the projects in building 23, right next door to me, hehehehheheh" in the 90s is the same dude who is on fucking American Idol. It's disgusting.

    • blackicebell

      Cee-lo always been and is an incredible songwriter. His on-air personality may seem a little much at times, but musically, he's still very sharp. I don't know what you mean. If you listen to the solo albums and the Gnarl Barkley albums.. he's been very consistent in putting out quality music. And he said many times, he just saving the rhyming for the Goodie Mob album.

  • This name was removed for violating our sperm and/or bust-in-his-ass content policies

    I wanna bust in Cee-Lo's ass.

  • pedmont grassie

    pay attection when im talking too you .son of a bitches put rapper cee los face on eminems daughter hally the bitch is running arund barking at demon churches. bitches head tured around jumped rite at ya.

  • Anonymous

    TBS, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Turner Studios, from Atlanta, should be ashamed of showing a reunion of a group, from Atlanta. You can't even hate right.

  • Anonymous

    I think I'm only checking for this because OutKast is currently MIA

  • Bobyahed2dis

    GM was ok about 20 years ago but now they're gonna flop cause big tymers is getting back together, if you want some real hip hop than go pick up God forgives I Dont!!!

  • Ant

    I will be checking this out. Y'all should check out thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff on there

    • shakamoto

      Yo it is really good website they have loads of things like what is rapper favourite sock, 10 rappers that fell over etc etc

  • Anonymous

    I know you golden age boys don't wanna hear this but the goodie mob is hella overrated.

    • YaMama

      So is she. Your mama. Thought it would be better but was disappointed as she only took it on her face and didnt swallow

  • So Icy Boi!

    Goodie Mob used to be great in da 90s but dey are just a Pop/Dance group now. if you wanna support real hip hop / golden age hip hop den buy Lil Wayne's new album. support YMCMB and MMG to keep hip hop alive. swag

    • seATLien

      I agree with your first line but not the second line. Wayne used to be real hip hop, now, he's tired and flabby, but still light years ahead of the rest of young money.

  • Mink Du-Rag

    great... now we get to see in-depth footage of the process it takes for this guy to look like a damn fool! Sky Hiiiiiiigh!

  • Money First

    Dope! Can't wait to check it out and support the group!!

  • Whorida

    Shit, I think it was last year I watched a Goodie reunion on stage on TV and they were singing auto-tune and shit. If they do the same on their album, count me the fuck out.