Reebok CEO Quoted As Calling Rick Ross' Advisors "Stupid"

While Reebok's CEO Uli Becker thinks Rick Ross is a "great guy," he's skeptical of his management and PR department.

The Footwear News (FN) CEO Summit is currently taking place at Fontainebleau Miami Beach in South Florida. There, the publication and organization addressed issues in the marketplace, including trends, innovations and more.

One of the biggest stories emerging from the summit, and reported by Footwear News no less, is Reebok CEO Uli Becker addressing the brand's severing ties with rapper Rick Ross last month. The dispute emerged after protesters petitioned Reebok online and outside of retail locations, to drop Ross following his lyrics perceived to be condoning rape on Rocko's "U.E.N.O." Within two weeks, Reebok released a public statement announcing they dropped the Maybach Music Group CEO, citing differences of "values" at the core. Ross responded days later, formally apologizing to Reebok for his actions.

During the summit which kicked off on Tuesday (April 30), Uli Becker, who was photographed during his presentation, was quoted as deeming Rick Ross a "great guy," while criticizing his advisors as "stupid." Maybach Music and Def Jam Records have yet to respond to the claims.

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  • Anonymous

    hahaha so funny fatboy got kicked off reebok. Oh and to all you lil idiots saying "rick ross is boss" like seriously? do you realize how much of a faggot you guys sound like? yeah maybe he's so "boss" that he got kicked off of reebok, his only business endorsement he would probably ever have. and if he was such a "boss" like all you little idiots proclaim him to be, then why was he a correctional officer? even out of that, he talks about dealing dope "hustlin" like a "real hood nigga" while he was in some penitentiary in florida. then he comes up with a completely different persona of a drug dealer named "rick ross" oh wait, did I say he came up with that name? no he stole that name from "freeway" rick ross, the REAL drug lord who made millions from dealing cocaine. so being a correctional officer, having a completely fake rapper persona, stealing the persona and the name (and the beard) from "freeway" rick ross, and getting kicked off of reebok because he was rapping about date rape. WOW, I cannot believe how many idiots on the internet actually believe his bullcrap. Just proves how ignorant everyone is these days. Next thing you know we're gonna have a generation of idiots ending their sentences with "I'm a BAWSE" or "WE THE BEST." Just accept that rick ross is the biggest fraud in hip hop history. good thing reebok kicked his flabby lard-ass off of their roster.

  • Anonymous

    if Ross is a boss he would've handled this solution like a boss and apologized so he wouldn't have ruined his business ties with Reebok.

    • Anonymous

      So what your saying is Ross should have said I'm sorry for offending a small group of picketers who Reebok doesn't even care about to begin with? Real men don't apologize. They deny, deny, deny until they have to release a statement saying they didn't mean to offend anyone.

  • Typical

    Ross is stupid...-He's a ghetto black kid that's not use to anything, can't deal with the corporate world and has not real business advisors (not yes men) that can defuse a public blowback.

  • 00jmxxxz

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Reebok. we wear TRUKFIT. YMCMB MMG all day err day. swag

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  • Anonymous

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    Rapper Big Pooh ft joe scudda - I Am The Man

  • Anonymous

    this just stacks his Wikipedia page now he got a beef with reebok

  • xcczz1111

  • thefed

    youre dumb as fuck if you really think Ross or any artists net worth is from selling CDs dumbass. you probably around 15 or 16 huh? dumbass

  • bawse

    hey douchebag below if Ross doesn't sell any cds feel free to explain why he worth millions fuQboy?

    • Anonymous

      a piece of Gunplay, Rockie Fresh & Omarion, LMAO thats hilarious

    • Chico

      You sick-minded freak, you didnt know that rappers get paid for doing shows? You didn't know they get paid from endorsements, record sales, singles sales, ringtones, publishing, guest verses and royalties? Do you think a CEO like Ross isn't getting a peice of Wale, Meek, Gunplay, Rockie Fresh, and Omarion since they are signed to his label? Reebok already gave him a million and he's still getting bread from endorsing Ciroc and Bellaire. Ross is Boss.

    • Anonymous

      lol no one getting rich off radio spins! fuck outta here with that

    • Russell Simmons

      Radio/video spins and sales don't make niggas shit.

    • Anonymous

      Or raping Wale and Meek Mill.

    • cleva guy

      prolly from sellin dope

    • Anonymous

      its certainly not from selling records

  • Anonymous

    If Ross fans dont buy his albums what made them think they would buy $100 sneakers?

    • Anonymous

      Jeezy came out 1 year before Ross and he got a few

    • Anonymous

      How many platinum records does he have again?

    • Piggy-white

      You must be white-skinned. Ross has 4 Gold albums since 2006 and you can't count on both your pink hands how many other HipHop artists have done that since 2006 when he came in the game with his solo debut. and LOL at this geek thinking those Reebok classics cost $100

  • Anonymous

    If Ross was making Reebok any real money they would have kept him on but the fact is they just needed an excuse to drop that dead weight.

    • Anonymous

      They wouldn't have signed him if they thought he wasn't going to be able to get kids to buy their shoes.

  • wilderal

    Reebok is a crappy shoe anyway Ross should be glad they dropped him, because I didn't hear anything of them until he started marketing the shoe again. After all real men only wear designer or Nike anyway.

    • anonymouse

      ahahaha.. you're a fool. "real" men?!.. is the rest of the population fake. Real men don't write "perceived" rape lyrics, make a half assed "apology" and pretend to be a hard gangster that's really an ex-correctional officer.

    • Anonymous

      lol @ real men only wearing designer or nike maybe in fairyland

  • Anonymous

    Never understood why an athletic footwear company would want an overweight fat slob to rep their brand in the first place

    • Anonymous

      They weren't selling his flab.

    • Anonymous

      reebok doesn't have the same brand as nike or adias. other people wear them, but they aren't as popular outside athletics.

    • Anonymous

      Your mother must have smoked Meth when you were in her polluted stomach. Are you stupid enough to think that the only people that wear Reebok clothing and shoes are athletes? Intelligent people recognize that the overall majority of Americans are not fit and athletic so a smart company will market their product to people from all demographics instead of just one or are you too stupid to understand that?


      Yeah, that was kinda fukd up, an athletic wear company and a fat slob as a spokesperson. LOL..

  • dentaldamboy

    Who needs Reebok. Real ballers wear Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Luoboutin, Lanvin, Balmain and Jimmy Choo kicks.

  • Geko

    He does not have that department/Playboy

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  • Tony

    Wow lmao, this is the treatment that fraud niggas get all day every day. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good stuff too

  • Anonymous

    His totally right. I think it's his manager Gucci. I remember him saying he was the one who told William to lie about being a CO because he said the public didn't need to know. Most of Williams problems are down to the way he handles certain situations.

  • Anonymous

    Ross is stupid too though for the first 2 bullshit statements he made about the lyrics. You shouldnt need a PR advisors to tell you to make a legit apology in a reasonable amount of time before it fucks up your money.

  • Anonymous

    When your a fake studio gangsta and youve gotten away with everything he has you feel untouchable. The reality is fans make you and they can break you no matter who you are.

    • Anonymous

      Those fans made his latest album gold, so whatever is swirling around in that head of yours, just slam it into a brick wall and you should be fine.

  • Anonymous

    Who's still rocking Reebok's anyway?? I see people mainly in Jordans, Nike, or Adidas these days.