Snoop Lion Explains What Happened With Police At 4/20 Party

Snoop Lion says everything at his party was legal.

When Snoop Lion's 4/20 party had been reportedly shut down by police by the time the rapper arrived, many assumed it was because of the likely presence of marijuana.

However, in an interview with 92.3 NOW, the Artist Formerly Known as Snoop Dogg revealed that the party had not been shut down.

“The Police tried to shut the party down. Then once I got there we had a conversation with the police and they allowed the party to continue, because it was a holiday; It was an international holiday – 4/20,” said Snoop.

“My partner pulled him [the police chief] to the side," he continued. "He was a great, great chief and he was willing to understand. We just trying to party chief. We doing a million other things, we just trying to smoke and have a good time. And the chief was like, ‘save me a couple of blizys and I’ll let y’all have your party.’ So we did that,” joked the rapper.

Snoop explained that there were no illegal substances at the party. “We all had our license and everybody was legit and the police went on by their way. We had a great time. It continued on until the break of dawn.”

Neighbors reportedly called the police on Snoop's party due to noise levels and the parking situation in the neighborhood.

Watch the interview below:

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