Slaine Reacts To Boston Marathon Explosions, Reveals His Family Was Near

UPDATE: La Coka Nostra's Slaine reveals that his 4 year-old son and the boy's mother were in close proximity to today's explosions. He urges locals to stay away from landmarks and take precautions.

It has been reported that less than two hours ago (2:45pm EST), two separate explosions were witnessed near the finish line at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Two people are already reported dead, along with 22 injuries, according to CNN, from the explosions near Copley Square.

Boston, Massachusetts emcee and actor Slaine took to Facebook to reveal how these explosions affected him personally, by way of threatening the health and safety of his family, who were on site.

The member of La Coka Nostra/Special Teamz wrote the following statement:

"It's been a shitty day personally for me, but was instantly put in perspective with this bomb that just went off at The Boston Marathon finish line. Some very dear people to me were in the area at the time of the explosion. My 4 year old son was down there watching his aunt finish the race with his mother. Thank God we just found out they are all ok. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by this act of cowardice. I hope whoever did this is captured and dies a very slow painful death before they ever see any trial. Ill never understand people like this. Fuck this fucked up shithole we live in. May God Help us all."

The cause of the explosions are still being determined. No suspects have been announced.

UPDATE: Slaine added a second Facebook post, urging his Boston, Massachusetts neighbors to be alert, and arm themselves, if possible:

"All my Boston people please get to a safe place. There have been at least two more bombs in different parts of the city 100% confirmed by The Boston Globe. This appears to be an attack. Obviously we dont know all the details but stay away from landmarks and arm yourselves in a safe place if possible."

Suspects remain at large.

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  • TaZzZ

    Scary shit, props to all those who lent a hand and kept the city together. I'll never forget watching thousands of people trudge through the Commons with their heads down, the whole city literally froze. We gon bounce back, we always do. Much love to all those who were impacted and their families...

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    • Anonymous

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    • ano

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    • Mike Balls

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  • Slaine

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  • dentaldamboy

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  • Tasha

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