Logic Signs To Def Jam Records, No I.D. To Executive Produce Debut Album

The Baltimore, Maryland emcee who's been previously featured in DXnext and will appear on XXL's "2013 Freshmen Class," just joined Def Jam.

Baltimore, Maryland emcee Logic has officially signed with Def Jam Records. This morning's announcement comes less than a month after the Visionary Music Group artist and 2012 DXnext alum was pictured on the upcoming 2013 XXL "Freshmen Class" issue.

"I'm excited to take this next step in my career," said Logic in a press statement. "It's incredible for Def Jam [Records] and Visionary Music Group to work together and the opportunity to collaborate with a living legend like No I.D. is priceless. I'm very humbled to be apart of the most iconic hip hop label of all time."
"Logic has a great future ahead and we are happy to have him at Def Jam. He has the talent to be a great artist and make a strong presence in our industry ," said No I.D., EVP A&R, Def Jam Recordings and Executive Producer of Logic's forthcoming debut album.

Previously, No I.D. has been instrumental to albums from Common, Kanye West and Jhene Aiko's upcoming debut LP.

On May 7, Logic is slated to release Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever.

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  • Nah Son

    I dont listen to Crap (Cracker Rap)

  • Anonymous


  • j. riot

    this guys got talent, hopefully he stays like his mix tapes, i dont doubt no i.d. will produce a dope album

  • Anonymous

    anyone who hates on white rappers think about the double standard here: white people cannot say.. "well shit I guess country is going black." Even though they might, I am just trying to argue a point that it is supporting racism. I think that people are afraid hiphop will no longer be remembered as a music genre predominantly created by black people. As long as credit is given where it is due there is no problem with white rappers especially if it improves the art. I see people saying this guy isnt even white but I don't care regardless

    • Anonymous

      dont give em all bad names. im from wiscosnin and i know im far from a thug. i just love beatiful music so i listen to a lot of hip hop music. I dont use it as a trend. I use music more for therapeutic reasons then to try and fit in with a certain type of people. Dont get me wrong, 90% of white kids listen to rap music to be a thug like you said, but not all

    • BLACK


  • Jay

    He's not white. I know his father Bobby, who is a light skin black man. Stop with the rumors.

  • black mug

    hip hop turning white. Wow how times have changed.

    • Mall_from_the_bay

      Obviously you've never heard of the Beasties. Close minded fucks like you make me sick. Color is irrelevant in this thing of ours. If you have bars, you have bars. End of story.

  • E.T.

    I Jammed That Young Sinatra Mixtape for a few weeks. Never realized he was a white guy. Thanks for the clarity, HHDX. Personally, I think there's better talent than Logic in DMV, but I still think dude has boatloads of potential. With I.D. on your debut, it would be hard to fail.



  • Anonymous

    He's from Gaithersburg, MD. Baltimore isn't the only city in Maryland you sons of bitches. Give respect and do your homework!

  • Edward Newgate

    you shitheads talking shit about logic can suck on my balls, he's going to save hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      Right, some of these dumbasses aren't smart enough to know what a good rapper suppose to sound like anymore cause they listen to all these simple minded rappers and think that they are the best.

  • Anonymous

    Another Asher Roth faggot who will be out the industry within a year or less.

    • brian

      You arrogant fuck.. Logic is unreal, take a listen....

    • Tapeworm

      i can't stand asher roth but go listen to this dude he's got bars and he's not corny you assume cause he's white he's gonna be wack but this dude is more like AZ than asher roth when i say more like he's still not at that pedigree but he reminds me of him

    • Intelect

      He is way better than asher roth, i mean go listen to his stuff some lyrics might go over your head but the point of his music is to make you think. you don't understand something doesn't mean that it's bad.

  • mannski

    You have got to be joking. I looked at videos and don't see what people see in this guy I guess. He doesn't talk about anything.

    • Tapeworm

      he has ill skills that's all that matters whether he's conscious or gangsta it doesnt matter which has shown def jam has some degree of competence at scouting talent despite recruiting all these other new wack rappers no need for names

    • Anonymous

      And okay that's your perspective, that doesn't mean that's how everyone else sees him. your opinion is not going to make everyone just turn their perspective and say his music sucks, all your opinion is just another opinion.

  • Nathan Stripling

    Logic presents values that few artists have in the past decade: versatility, independency, a humble attitude and the work ethic of a king. I expected his major label debut a little later than this, but I'm excited to see what Logic can do for today's hip hop scene. One thing that I'm sure of.. he won't sell out. Def Jam and VMG are a collaborative effort and it will stay that way. I'm sure VMG and their attorneys were smart enough to assess that in the contract. As far as the naysayers go, his lines must go over your head. His lyricism is unprecedented. He brings something to the table not only for hip hop fans, but music lovers all of kinds.

  • kjell

    this is just sad to read. have you guys listened to his mixtapes? its real art. his lyrics and flow is amazing... you guys just talk shit withouth even giving his music a chanse

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    Whats up! I'm FlyQ the Anchor from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Coming from Butt-fuck Canada I'm short on outlets for exposure. I apologize in advance for using this method to show you my music. I just released a compilation EP and I'd love some feedback. I specialize in lyrics and story telling. Here's the link to my tape. Hope you like it! http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=467337

  • Anonymous

    One album (if he's lucky) and he's done.

  • ....

    "little bummed he signed to Def Jam tho. Hopefully they don't fuck this up too much" "DefJam Will suck the life out of him and leave him dying, as this is what they do with artist,,, this is DefJam ,,, they use to look and care for hip hop ( I mean real hip-Hop back in the nineties) but not now, they need more money " Wasn't The Blueprint released on Def Jam? Wasn't My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy released on Def Jam? Wasn't The Fix released on Def Jam? Wasn't Philadelphia Freeway released on Def Jam? Wasn't The Black Album released on Def Jam? Wasn't The College Dropout released on Def Jam? Wasn't The Pretty Toney Album released on Def Jam? Wasn't Late Registration released on Def Jam? Wasn't The B. Coming released on Def Jam? Wasn't Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 released on Def Jam? Wasn't FishScale released on Def Jam? Wasn't Hip Hop Is Dead released on Def Jam? Wasn't Game Theory released on Def Jam? Wasn't American Gangster released on Def Jam? Wasn't Graduation released on Def Jam? Wasn't Red Gone Wild: Thee Album released on Def Jam? Wasn't Love Hate released on Def Jam? Wasn't Rising Down released on Def Jam? Wasn't Year of the Gentleman released on Def Jam? Wasn't Love vs. Money released on Def Jam? Wasn't How I Got Over released on Def Jam? Wasn't Distant Relatives released on Def Jam? Wasn't Love King released on Def Jam? Wasn't Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty released on Def Jam? Wasn't Apollo Kids released on Def Jam? Wasn't Undun released on Def Jam? Wasn't Live from the Underground released on Def Jam? Wasn't channel ORANGE released on Def Jam? Wasn't Life Is Good released on Def Jam?

    • ....

      That's nothing to do with the label... Interscope didn't really do much for Kendrick...

    • Anonymous

      something alot of those have in common; they didn't sell shit. Kendrick is almost platinum with a classic album. most of those albums didnt sell shit.

  • ....

    Well K.R.I.T signed and was allowed to put out a dope project, so hopefully the same thing can happen with Logic.

  • word

    This kid is dope glad to see he will have no I.D. producing for him. A little bummed he signed to Def Jam tho. Hopefully they don't fuck this up too much. Much better than the recent garbage they've signed.

    • Tapeworm

      Agreed. who's that lil kid whos like 8 yrs old who talks about bitches and hoes and gets lil girls to twerk in his vids hes definitely no Shyheim they need to drop him and tell him to get an education then comeback when he's graduated or not at all if his lyrics are still ass

  • animalovich

    well,,, this is DefJam Will suck the life out of him and leave him dying, as this is what they do with artist,,, this is DefJam ,,, they use to look and care for hip hop ( I mean real hip-Hop back in the nineties) but not now, they need more money Coz theres lots of good artist but none (Commercial)

    • Anonymous

      No that's not necessarily true, logic has a good sense of moral values and self respect that he will not sell out and continue the cycle of using new rappers and making them trash.

  • Tribe

    I've loved this guy's sound from the first time I'd heard him. You can tell how much work and dedication is put into his music. Give him a listen! Def Jam definitely found a diamond in the rough with this guy.

  • Anonymous

    I'm wondering if you've ever even listened to his music to make a decision like that.

  • Anonymous

    body more just lost it's body count with this fag reppin y'all lol. god damn, we brazy in here whodi

  • Tapeworm

    you have achieved your racial quota def jam now drop asher roth he's corny also drop that lil kid and the rest of the mediocre rappers def jamartists should be based purely on skill

  • PF215

    SMH this is what passes as a rapper nowadays?? im just sticking with my 90's shit

    • Trevy

      Have you ever heard logic? If you really on'y listen to 90's rap then you should be an advocate for his lyricism and flair... Trolls these days.

    • animalovich

      @PF215 ,,, agree ..long live the 90s , @adamm ,,, 90s is the hip hop years,,, just ask anyone who listen to Hip-Hop Music will tell you the same, but now rap is not that good like before, and theres some good rappers and very few please do not count lil wayne as a rapper he is just an entertainer for teens who might listen to hip-hop

    • adamm

      I know you're just a troll, but you are missing out with only listening to 90s shit, especially because a lot of 90s shit is boring

  • whatupbro

    exactly...hiphopdx you had ONE JOB...ONE JOB..dude is from Gaithersburg, MD which is in Montgomery county and is 45 miles away from Baltimore

  • Calmplex

    He is NOT from Balitmore.