ScHoolboy Q Explains Theme Behind "Oxymoron"

The TDE star also talks about pressure he has following Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d. city" and how being signed to Interscope since 2011 has allowed him to work with big name producers for years.

Top Dawg Entertainment's ScHoolboy Q has been somewhat quiet about the theme for his major label debut, Oxymoron. However, in a recent interview with Fuse, the TDE emcee spoke about the album as well as the pressure he feels following Kendrick Lamar's major label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d. city

"I'm actually done," Q explained about his album before talking about the theme. "Nigga, we gon' sell drugs. Nigga, we gon' take drugs. We gon' take care of our kids...I never told nobody that about this album because I wanted people to listen to it and see what they get from it. But that's what the album is about. Stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself." 

He continued, saying that he now feels comfortable in the booth but that he still gets pressure from other sources. 

"The only pressure I got is making sure my album is better or as good as Kendrick's," he shared. Q also went on to compliment Lamar's efforts and saying he "damn near dropped a tear" when good kid was released because of how proud he is of K Dot's rise.

Q then added that he has the same production team behind him, even though it may seem a bit different.  

"I've been signed to Interscope since 2011," he said, regarding producers. "I just used the same people. Whatever sounds good." 

ScHoolboy also explained that he has worked with David Banner and Pharrell Williams, among others. 

More from the interview can be seen below.

TDE officially announced that they closed a deal with Interscope in March of 2012Oxymoron is Q's follow-up to 2012's Habits & Contradictions. The album spawned singles such as "Hands on the Wheel," featuring A$AP Rocky. The album went on to receive critical praise from various sources including a 4/5 on HipHopDX. In March, Q said the album would be coming out this year. "We gon' get these singles right, get 'em together and place everything in order. Then we gon' get it crackin' from there," he said. "I haven't leaked a record yet, so I don't wanna say too much yet until I leak the record. But Oxymoron is definitely coming this year and we gon' have some fun."

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  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule will explain Oxymoron much better



  • Anonymous

    I don't see him coming anywhere near GKMC. Sound wise I'm sure it'll be as good but then when you look at lyrics and concept.. I don't see it. He's too average. But maybe I'll be surprised.

  • Lboy

    I think this album is gonna be on the same level as GKMC IN ITS OWN WAY, and when it happens everyone on this site is gonna be on dick. Remember before GKMC dropped alot of people on this site were saying Kendrick was over-hyped, and doubting his album would live up too expectations. I specifically remember that. Then when GKMC dropped alot of the doubters bandwagoned lol. Schoolboy Q aint no super lyrical assassin but dont sleep on the energy, charisma, ad-libs, the vast ray of flows and concepts bruhh can come up with, in addition too the drive he has to FULLY step out of Kendricks shadow, cus right now hes %85 outta Kendricks shadow.

  • Anonymous

    though i do not like ya ya i think he will make a good album and i look forward to it.

    • Lboy

      yeah and remember ya ya isn't the first official single either it was just a buzz-building track. It prolly only gonna show up on the delux edition as a bonus track or some shit like that. I thought for a cliche mainstream hiphop song it sounded more original then alot of whats playing on the radio, but yeah I feel you on that.

  • dentaldamboy

    There is no pressure on Schoolgirl Q. Everyone knows he sucks and no one is expecting a good album. Kendrick Lamar is not a good comp for him...Lil B is the rapper that's on Schoolgirl Q's level.

  • Anonymous

    oxymoron probly be a sell out album action bronson better