Brad Paisley & LL Cool J Address Racism On "Accidental Racist"

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J speak on the Confederate flag and more on their controversial record, "Accidental Racist."

Country star Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s latest collaboration, “Accidental Racist,” was released a mere hours ago and already the song, which tackles issues of racism, is sparking a heated debate among listeners.

On the song, LL Cool J makes mention of both the Confederate flag and slavery as he raps, “If you don’t judge my do-rag/ I won’t judge your red flag/ If you don’t judge my gold chains/ I’ll forget the iron chains.”

Paisley takes a similar stance on issues of race and expresses his Southern pride as he croons, “We’re still pickin’ up the pieces, walkin’ on eggshells, fightin’ over yesterday/ And caught between Southern pride and Southern blame.”

Prior to the release of “Accidental Racist,” Paisley spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed why he chose to release such a song.

“I’m doing it because it just feels more relevant than it even did a few years ago,” Paisley explained to Entertainment Weekly. “I think that we’re going through an adolescence in America when it comes to race. You know, it’s like we’re almost grown up. You have these little moments as a country where it’s like, ‘Wow things are getting better.’ And then you have one where it’s like, ‘Wow, no they’re not.’”

A lyric video for “Accidental Racist” can be found below. The song will be featured on Paisley’s Wheelhouse album, which is due out tomorrow (April 9).

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  • Anonymous

    this is the most ass eating uncle tom nigger shi I have ever heard. embarassing

  • Serious L

    STOP TRYING TO DEFEND THIS STUPID SONG. How many of you want to get in a time machine and GO BACK to the Civil War era? How FREE would you be then? You think life is hard on you now? LOL! Forget the chains? Nah brah. WHITES and BLACKS DIED fighting those motherfucking confederate slave owning, raping, child killing, KKK, Abe Lincoln hating, BIGOTS!

  • yeaaahh

    People just couldn't wait to get offended by this song. I'm not a big fan of Country music but I do applaud the subject matter/dialogue in the song. I don't necessarily agree with forgetting - but I do think it's stupid for someone to hold a grudge over something they didn't live through. Racism is only alive because people still look for it in everything. Stop assuming and get to know people...

  • cliff

    ...forget the iron chains? Really, LL? That's our history! NEVER FORGET! We get ONE month to go hard on OUR history, and he talking about forget? Jewish people ain't going to forget! The Japenese (did I spell that right?) ain't going to forget! The confederate flag is a symbol of racism. Slavery (iron chains)is still alive yall. WTF is LL talking about? Good intentions, bad result. Every nationality on the planet embraces their history/culture and learns from it except black (AFRICAN) people. SMH....

  • Anonymous

    thats the beauty of hip hop, it can bring EVERYONE together

  • AON_HipHop

    Nice. I love both artists, I'm sure the song is dope

  • Anonymous

    Really? The confederate flag over the American flag? Fuck outta' here with that. You either rock with the American flag and what it stands for or kick rocks. Many men died to knock down what the Confederate flag stood for.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I'm that Ja Rule stan who flods pages with Ja Rule comments, but this song sucked so much even I feel to disgusted to even post ja Rule comments, damn

  • seATLien

    Here is the thing about LL. Love him or hate him, he is an icon in hip hop. He helped paved the way for modern day artist. Something that I respect him for is that he isn't afraid to go against the grain, as he did with this song. LL has put out some terrible music, but his great music, staring with his album "Bigger and Deffer" makes up for it. Other iconic artist, such as Dr. Dre, show their fear by not releasing music. LL has no problem going against the grain and taking a risk. Though I only like about a third of his music, I love that third and respect him for putting himself out there.

  • Anonymous

    I'm gonna twerk to this song.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice. I luh it. This song is a proof that we can get along.

  • Anonymous

    Woop! I just bust all over that LLcool J. I m lucky I didnt ruin my laptop.

  • Snipes, Wesley Snipes

    One time for the homie. RIP Robert E. Lee, we miss you famo.

  • OC

    it's crazy how much this song sucks

  • MB

    LL must be out of his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This coming from one of the biggest sellout's in hip hop, LL Cool J. Nobody ever judged him. Leave songs like this too Lupe or Mos Def.

  • wainevines

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