Ray J Comments On "I Hit It First" Being "All Love"

Ray J speaks on fans looking into "I Hit It First" too deeply, says it's "not a diss song" towards Kim Kardashian, or Kanye West.

Following last week’s release of the cover art to Ray J’s “I Hit It First” the full version of the Bobby Brackins-assisted song has finally been released and the R&B crooner turned to New York City’s Hot 97 to share his thoughts on the song he says is “all love.”

During the brief interview, the singer spoke on listeners delving too deep into the song.

“It’s a song. It’s not about that. It’s just about a concept. You know what I’m saying? People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface,” said Ray J. “I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love.”

On “I Hit It First,” Ray J seems to make mention of former girlfriend Kim Kardashian and her relationship with Kanye West as he sings, “I had her head going North and her ass going South/ But now baby chose to go West.”

Despite the song’s lyrics, Ray J informed fans that the record was made just for fun and is not a diss song.

“I think people digging into it way too deep. It’s a song. We just having fun. That’s it…It’s not a war. It’s not a diss song. We just having fun,” he revealed.

Audio from Ray J’s interview with Hot 97 can be found below (via XclusivesZone).

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  • respect

    all yall need Jesus

  • Geko

    Men don't diss a pregnant Women/Playboy

    • ^^^

      No, obviously that guy is Ray J. What a douche.

    • ^

      This person needs psychiatric help ASAP.

    • celebnewslover

      SO what if he did! the point is he is telling the truth about her!! Her actions play out in public we all knew this anyway!! her freaking own mother sold the sextape so what does that have to say about RayJ??? Hmmm... PPL are going to have opinions so go on ahead and say how you feel when we ALL KNOW THE TRUTH!! LET IT BE TOLD!!! #TEAMRAYJ #SMASHEDFIRST #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst I LOVE HIM!!! RAY J STANS STAND UP FOR YA BOY!!! KANYE....he smashed the homie "my girl a superstar all from a home movie" {{{ heard it straight from his mouth}}} NOW WHAT? #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst Its just a song we know he wasnt the 1st! but def made it sound good!! #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashdfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst #smashedfirst

  • Phill Des

    Ray J - I hit it Kanye - I killed it Ray J - I split it Kanye - I filled it Ray J - I spent half my money on that ho Kanye - Im getting half that ho's money Ray J - My (blood sister) is Brandy Kanye - I can fuck all my sisters (chloe, courtney, rob lol) Yeeezzzy wins this one


      Seriously thats gross!! get your life together smashing all the sisters including rob! EWWW something is wrong with you!! #TEAM #RAYJ tell em boo!!

  • Come On

    Not a diss?? all in good fun?? ppl digging too deep?? also the album single cover. Ray J's a moron if he thinks we're all that dumb we all know you hit it first we all seen it and heard about it one thousand times, Man this little midget is desperate for attention./..never liked this dude and still don't

    • IloveRAYj

      he's telling the freaking truth you guys seem jealous to me because youll never be with anything close to a Kim K or here sisters!! i bet you cant rap two words together!!! LMAO!! HATERS GON HATE!!! Keep adding them RAY J by the end of summer everyone will be groovin to your ****!!!!!! #smashedfirst!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule hit it first! It's scientifically proven!

  • melissa

    Ok, first of all...why is Ray J still dwelling on a bitch that let him go long ago?? Stop crying and get over it. The fact is, no matter how untalented and annoying this chic is...she got popular NOT Ray J. He really needs to find another broad to obsess over and stop being annoying hater that someone else got his leftovers and everyone else's left overs. She used to be gorgeous before her lip injections and narcissist personality took over. Ok, about Kanye, ok so he got her pregnant? Who cares? He's an idiot and so is she. Two of the most arrogant irritating disgusting self centered self absorbed assholes are having a baby together - just what the world needs. Anyway, Ray J you need to let go and move on with your life. Stop being jealous that no one gives a shit about you and let your ex and her new idiot move on. What's with all these bitch ass n*ggas not being able to let go of this ho? There's other big bottied hotties in the world time to explore.

    • Anonymous

      thats alot of effort if you care about ray J dwelling over something! you took the time out to write something along with read the blog and listen to the song so you have nothing better to do! GET A LIFE and out of ray j's! if your bored i'll be here to debate with you!!! BC its Ray J all day over here baby! I bet you watched all his shows too!!! PURE ENTERTAINMENT!! WISH IT WAS STILL ON but he's too busy making the next one about to BLOWWWWWWWWWWWW XOXOXOXxxxxxxxxxxx ya bish

  • natalia

    honestly someone commented and said ray j created kim. In a way, I agree but at the same time, I also believe she just spread her legs and got lucky. because if it wasn't ray j, im pretty sure some other black man that has money would've slept with her either way. I think ray j and his sister, Brandy are stupid just like the kardashians and I still believe till this day that brandy and ray j are linked to Whitney's death.

    • Anonymous

      you sound ridiculous! go somewhere with all that!! blaming someone for there death is taking it too far!! TEAM RAY J!! Get ya life together

  • bkstylz

    He made that ho famous and if it wasn't for him she wouldn't be where she is today. He can say whatever he wants to about it.

    • Jarron

      Ike made Tina Turner famous, should he have grounds to say whatever he wants about her. Michael Jackson's father made him famous, should it be overlooked if his father is insulting him?

  • gunnstarr

    it may not be a diss song but it was made exactly as a reference to the sex tape and the current kimye relationship-purely done for profit guaranteed by the instant attention it would garner

  • Anonymous

    It's a direct diss, man up and say what it is.

  • Ja Rule

    ja rule had a threesome with kyllie and the other one

  • Anonymous

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  • Man...

    True definition of a bitchboy, he should stop making new music and just get Mayweather to hire fulltime as a living room piano player. He would probably make more money that way.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule made Kris Jenner sweat.

  • Hype Williams

    I'm just picturing this nigga on the "I wanna be down" Brandy video leaning on the jeep, alone, in the background doing that weird shit with his hands!

  • Anonymous

    i hit Ja Rule's hole first. The shit was sweet as potato pie

  • gamestwin

    interesting that he put this song that he already had ready for damn near a year out AFTER BADASS EXPOSED HIM AND HIS GAY LOVER ALL OVER THE RADIO HMM FUNNY HOW THINGS TURN OUT AINT THEY..

  • Big Dan

    I believe him, its not a diss. Its more of a salty "damn, how the hell my career never took off and this groupie a$% bitch that was sweating me is now a huge international star. Ray J give it up. Your career will never amount to much and now that Brandi's is over as well, you have nothing to bolster yours. Anyone else think he looks fruity in the picture

  • papabearATL

    I really think this young man harbors hate and envy for her simply because her whole family has made a career off of his dick and he got a nut and maybe a few high fives from his homies. It's sad, truly and hilariously sad...

  • I Hit It To

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  • dentaldamboy

    WOW!!! Ray J just totally Ethered G.O.O.D Music as a staff, record label and a crew. I hope Pusha T is taking notes. This is how you do a diss track. Oh well, RIP to Pusha's career.

    • LMAOloveRAYJdiss

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    • Anonymous

      Pusha T never had a career, so how come you say "R.I.P.?"

    • Mathematics

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    • Riley Freeman

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    • Anonymous

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    • LOL

      So true. They were weak to begin with. They came out of nowhere and they are wack as fuck. Only MTV brainwashed teenagers, mostly white anyway, are buying their shit.

  • Ja Rule

    c'mon now Ja Rule popped that cherry

  • Anonymous

    u know kanye w his god complex gonna be very butthurt

  • Don Douglas

    Roger Rabbit hit it 1st


    He did do a great job in that tape. He was giving Kim that work! She was moaning and shit. I see you Ray J. Btw I WANT TO FUCK YOUR SISTER

  • Anonymous

    lol ray j need to stop he knows hes reaching for that hit

    • Anonymous

      def not reaching! you gonna be rockin once it hits the radio!! no escaping it now!!! everyone gonna love it!!

  • Mr Laughing out Loud

    Ray put molly in her champagne she didnt even know it he hit it first , ye hit it last kim didnt even know it

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is releasing a song called, "I Hit It Last".